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Nicolas GhesquiereI love this picture. It makes me want to have huge yellow scissors around. Just in case i need to cut something, you understand. The back to the fireplace is an interesting Feng Shui choice and he looks fierce as fuq, like someone just slunk in to try and extend a deadline he specifically – in triplicate – spelled out some several millennium earlier. 

He’s Taurus and as you know, there would be hell if a cleaner shifted anything on that desk out of alignment.

So is your desk typical of your sign? Mine is a big oak table with runes carved into it. On is my trusty iMac,  tatty ephemeris books, organic cacao lip balm (by Hurrawbest ever lip gunk, totes Vegan etc) a full spectrum light and usually my Aquarius cat Tesla. So that sounds suitably Aqua-Piscean with Moon in Libra, yes?

And yours? 

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89 thoughts on “Astro-Decor: At Your Desk

  1. Second hand industrial shelving bench (with second level full sized foot shelf) set to chest-height to see out the large triangle attic window, coupled with a second hand purple covered drafters chair. Table draped in raw Cambodian silk (the heavy weave stuff) in black, deep red and gold. A stack of books to the right – writers talking about writing stuff, a couple tarot books, the Runes book, and dream interpretations. A stack of papers to the left (writing notes, calendar of protagonist events, uni study guide) under which lives a pile of CDs of custom design mixed-tape-goodnes from super step dad. To the far left in the corner looking out over the ocean direct east is a wooden Buddha, dressed in gold, lotus position holding a small crystal and cluster of 4 tiny fabric flowers (remnants from the day I got married in a Buddhist temple nearly 10 years ago – divorced now). Thinking I should probably ditch the flowers, maybe even the crystal. There is a pen there somewhere, and a tiny bebox bluetooth speaker that connects to my Mac Book Pro laptop that sits on it’s Luxa2
    Aqua, Cap Rising, Moon in Gemini?

  2. I have my Grandmother’s writing desk. It’s very old was from a hotel in Melbourne it just holds my Mac, speakers and mouse. A Tara Moss book which I can’t finish (she dropped the ball on this one). Hello Kitty pencil case about to have a litter of sharpie kittens. My in-tray with Mystic printouts, note pad and financial budgets and medical stuff to read up on. Two drawers left side contents: computer things and right side contents: über sharp kitchen scissors, ruler and clear stick labels for organizing stuff.

  3. I have a seventies public service cast off, an adjustable gently-birch veneer table complete with battery acid stain covered in study papers, iMac and a black, viciously booted foot. The cat has its own chair. In honour of an early Mother’s day gift, I will declutter all to showcase an almost rudely lush pink cyclamen. Feng sweet!

  4. My desk has zones of chaos and zones of organization. I like sticky notes. Lots of stick notes everywhere esp down the sides of the legs of the desk. A kneeling chair for my posture. I also have desk drawer that is rigged to “explode with crap” if someone besides me tries to open it (because they don’t know the secret to opening it). It’s hilarious when someone tries to open it. I keep a battery stash of charged batteries.

  5. i have a desk but i tend not to use it. sometimes i’ll get into an organisation bender and convince myself that i’m turning virgo, but after a couple of days of sitting up straight in a chair it’s back to slouching on my bed or couch or floor with my laptop and the desk is covered with laundry. And I hate bits of paper: everything i can is digitised.
    Saggo Sun/Rising, Moon in Aquarius

      • Now I keep looking at my transitory work space and think, “I don’t have a desk, I’ve got a fuqing syndrome with its own acronym!” 😀

        • haha, I’m getting a scumbag complex too…..the lack of desk-love must explain my failure to x, y, z. Livin’ too loose, gotta tie myself to that mofo, make it mine! 😉

    • I do this too, when I’m at home! Never at the desk. Like I never eat at the kitchen table either…

    • I hate working at a desk. I usually work at a ta le. Would love to work outside instead. Maybe that’s my NN in Saggo?

        • oh god… i would never work if i was near a pool… too much desire to leap in! i require total absence of distraction in order to focus (hence crisp n clear desk!). unless i was testing swimwear… hmmmm

  6. Work Desk: Monitor, box with my teacher goodness for toting from class to class, a green velcro board and velcro apron off to the side, held up by a box of Kleenex and a magazine holder to hold textbooks. My coffee cup. Calendar in the corner. Some things stapled to my cubicle walls – forms for work so I don’t lose them. A few random papers that make their way to the top when needed.

    Home desk: My internet modem, nail polish, jewelery, random things I need to scrapbook still, stationary, a file book of forms and such.

    In both instances, though, the drawers are really organized.

    10H Aries Sun/moon/Venus/Mercury, 7H Capricorn Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, 12H Gemini Mars/Jupiter/Asc

    Basically, I seem really scattered (I am) and like a hot mess, but I really do have it together underneath. :)

  7. He’s hired.
    Leo. Aveda Hand Cream, Guerlain Lipsticks i have been sent to “review”, tupperware container of carrot, asparagus and celery sticks, hot pink calculator, pile of pictures torn out for vision board update, sculptures by my daughters, phone turned off with yellow ‘do not cross crime line’ tape all around it, empty coffee cups, kikki k to do pad.

  8. Freedom furniture glass topped with modern chair and shit everywhere. That isn’t very Leo, is it? It’s the only messy thing in my life. But I know where everything is. Probably because I work on so many things all at once – it’s the fallout from a portfolio job. What is it meant to be like for Leos?

    • Well, I’m not sure, but I’m Leo and my desk is usually pretty chaotic looking. I prefer to call it organised chaos, because I have to be organised in my job, and I am, I’m a Leo, but I have a flighty way of doing it! Post it notes adorn my huge mac screen sides plus part of the desk. White simple ikea desk plus a matching shelf with all my chai and green and herbal loose leaf teas, who knows which one I’ll feel like and when. A white tin basket full of highlighters and mechanical pencils. And a huge pile of papers, folders etc on my left. On my desk at home it’s pretty much the same but the shit goes in the draw. Plus I have a white magnetic board covered in cool and creative inspirations, illustrations and quotes. And mystics postcard! And a plant in a lime green tin. And a pot plant pot painted blue full of brightly coloured stationary. I think I always buy white furnishings so the back bone is sparse and clean so when I add my bursts of colour, chaos and mess it doesn’t look so bad…

        • Ok so maybe the mess is a Leo thing … I always blame my Pisces rising!!! It’s chaos I’m not going to lie. I’m laughing out loud just looking at it :) sarasvati goddess statue ( goddess of writing AND acupuncture) my Mac. Paper EVERYWHERE! Little piles , big piles, sticky notes on top of piles!! It’s a wonder I know where everything is …. And then I pick up the laptop and write on the day bed!! 😉

  9. my tea pot – very beautiful.
    lip balm. essential oil.
    piles of handwritten notes.
    scarf/wallet/coffee beans/journal.
    nice pens and pencils scattered.
    libran moon. toro sun. leo MC.
    aiming for pretty slobbery?

  10. Mine would be straghtlined light wood with a one inch sanded glass and slow color L.E.D lights set into the wood. Two I Macs one for Video Editing with ADOBE Pro CS6 and one with Protools for music production. Studio monitors Mixer and a macbook pro laptop.

  11. A 50s Tasmanian Oak office desk – salvaged from my marriage. A stonking great Mac and top of the line HP printer – from my brother’s estate, he was a designer so natch a Mac. A proper office chair – so I’m both comfy and aligned to keep my Virgo rising happy. An empty Campbell’s soup tin with pens and pencils – again from late brother, he was an Andy Warholl nut. A little wooden statue of Krishna, a smaller buddha and another smaller Ganesha. A peacock blue anodised aluminium toast rack for business cards and a very retro 70s blue stapler. Oh, and in a tiny round frame a copy of the last photo ever taken of my brother and me.

  12. Pisces Sun/Aries Moon/Cancer Asc.

    It’s a TINY cheap $20 pale balserwood thing. 2009 white Macbook, to the left giant over-ear headphones, two deliciously hard-cover notebooks, one blue, one black (one for general ideas, one for therapy.) Flight confirmations for 3+ months in a pile with pages ripped out of notebooks and ridiculous drawings – they all have to ‘go’ someplace, just.. Not yet. Instant camera, Diana mini lomography camera (cause they’re pretty) and a pink lotus tea-light holder. Above all this is a hand painted canvas of a Medusa in a bold cartoony 80’s style, and a cork pinboard covered in things I’ve picked up on my explorations – postcards, business cards, a letter from my grandmother, polaroids, Lush soap wrapping, and a silver leaf pendant that fell off a broken necklace. My desk chair cost more than all that put together, a huge hulking black high-backed thing I got because it was really wide and I like to cross my legs Indian-style when I’m working.

  13. that is a very good interview btw with nicolas ghesquiere. how come guys can wear a white t-shirt and look so fab? especially someone in fashion – imagine what a woman designer would have to wear to be deemed fab!

    • the 10th house Venus aries in me says, “… Also wear a white t-shirt, obviously. and do a shit-hot job :D”

  14. White laminate/chrome French kitchen table (with a handy cutlery drawer underneath to hold pens etc), a massive Mac screen (doubles as my tv), a silver hard drive holding all my movie/tv files, a dark wood androgynous being from PNG with cowrie shells for eyes, a faux Eames aluminium series chair (white), and a pouty siamese fighter (red) in a big glass jar.

    No scraps of paper, lists or notes (well, not today anyway).

    Virgo/Capricorn Asc/Taurus moon

  15. Hot desking has become my reality. New job as meant 3 desk moves in 5 days. i just packed up my stuff ito one tray voila! my other job I was moved into a very noisy coner so I am hot desking there too. Home desk = couch or bed.
    Don’t care anymore . As long as I have my heaphones, highlighter, my diary, pad and pen I’m happy.

  16. Back to work ??? I ain’t going anywhere with Nic… *shudder*

  17. cheap, long but skinny, desk mat with month calendar for writing in astro deets and anything else important. To right hand side is a red lamp. To left hand side is a framed print with ‘deep down I’m very superficial’.

    Black swivel chair on wheels, not full back but does the trick.

    Moving out from desk, there are four large plastic containers on wheels (with covers) on floor. to right of desk is a black metal folding stool with red covered books and topped with a red buddha.

    On wall are motivational sayings, eg ‘Be daring, be different…’ from Cecil Beaton, a quote from Mystic in one of the gem dailies a while ago that took my fancy, one from Wordburner ‘Replace what ifs and should haves…’

    Overhead, a tuned set of chimes that I rattle regularly during the day.

    Also work on couch or on bed as appropriate, laptop in its proper place (on a pillow or cushion so its a bit closer than lap) with feet up on cushions. Both bedroom and lounge room are light, so nice to work in.

    water bottle, pot of tea, music…I’m in heaven.

    Gem Sun, Aqua Rising (hence word art), Pisces moon

  18. Ha hahaha i’m using a desk that is not my own and is in someone else’s office. I switch to incognito mode to check out Mystic in between other more ‘acceptable office-like’ stuff…is that Piscean/Sag Ascendant, perhaps? You know, temporary, on-the-move and sneaky enough? :)

    • Actually i just noticed your table is oak, Mystic, and i remember my recently sold antique table was oak…a lovely wood…a card i drew recently when asking advice was The Oak Men…wisdom, deep experience and the patient grace of timelessness.

  19. Absolutely nothing except my Mac. Possibly a notebook but only if I’m transferring handwritten notes to a digital document. Aquarian Moon, you understand. No clutter. Aries Sun: no fuqing around.

  20. I have the hurraw black cherry. I.only bought it recently and I’m impressed how good it is

    • I’ve got the Cinnamon one. It’s fab. I just want to eat it. 😀

      I want to get the coffee one now… and the Liquorice and the coconut.

  21. Well after the zapper crazy, dark moon, new moon, eclipse crazy everything chucked my desk out! Now, ink bottles rest on my grandmothers old bed side cabinet with a bung latch but stunning slab of marble for a top…light box on an old bedside nurses table (adjustable height-ugly but small and obscured my light box) computer where I have to stand to work it, easel I have to stand to work at. Didn’t want to share wooden floorspace with the monstrosity that swamped my head down and clogged my work room….cancer sun, aqua rising here.

  22. I have a bog standard office desk at work kept anally neat (Virgo tenth house). At home I used to work in bed or at the dinner table despite having a desk – again anally neat due to lack of use.

    My father used to sit with his back close to the fire as a child to make him vomit.

  23. My desk is inside with the Mac & printer and office papers I’m actually quite allergic to. Threat notices, bills, kids passwords they scrawled on said papers. My real desk is out on the verandah where i can view my garden recovering from a still going 9 month summer that’s eased up slightly. It is lettered with books, astrology, dream dictionary, tarot cards in their fancy tin, sunscreen, toe nail polish stuff, phone, iPad, keys. Gets sorted once a week. I’m rarely inside to wash & sleep only. Like a bloke with his shed lol.

    • Littered even. I can’t do TV anymore hence being outside, it bores and angers me. It’s depressing. Another quote from Dylan Moran. I channel hopped…never mind right OT there.

  24. My wonderfull 19 year old leo/sag rising son is sprawled all over my solid timber desk planiing his camino trail trip!! JOY!!!!

  25. Extremely organised and uncluttered; unlike my hellish bedroom behind me (safely out of sight). I can always lay my hands on the resources I need. Flash drive, stapler, hole punch, 2B pencil, paperclips, wall calendar. Textbooks at my elbow. srsly do NOT borrow my stationery without returning it yesterday, lol. Dictionary and thesaurus (Oxford; Roget’s; IN PRINT not online) within arm’s reach.

    scribble pad to note down random thoughts before they devour my evening.

    Gem rising, sun-merc conjunct, cap moon… Pisces sun .. oil burner with extensive essential oil collection near to hand.

  26. That photo is truly hideous. The angle, the attitude, the junk, the fireplace, the copperart wood bucket, the scissors, the everything.

    And this guy ran my beloved Balenciaga???

    • I agree!!! It doesn’t appeal to me either. The font, the layout and the colours – so drab!

      I just want to straighten the fireplace.

      Love the yellow scissors though. :)

    • Yes, Virgolicious, i even loathe the scissors and i like yellow. The hairy arms have to go… ah, skinned for the meat tray perhaps.

    • There is nothing right with this cover. Except maybe his expression. And then only for a laugh.

  27. Ooooooh kitties! Our Aries Ginger Cat IS the desk! He knows right where your eye goes and flops there. LOL!

    My minivan is where I write, pay bills, escape. Cuz my desk is too cluttered…

    Pix of peeps cover my desk- mostly other side travelers. Nn/ Mercury /Moon in Libra in 12th- photos of Brittany Coast, Nova Scotia. Esoteric books astro, tarot, 2 volumes National Geographics leather bound and gilt edged by great grandfather qabala, EFT, books on being organized- which I keep losing… Rex Stout, Gore Vidal books from Mum.

    But what I want- a stand up desk for my Gemo Mars retro in 7th so I can flit around and do Pilates while I write!! I HATE sitting!! Saturn in Sag- and Libra stellium progressed to Sag.

    I have many pens/crayons (heavenly scent)/ pencils… My beloved sister and I prowled office supply and stationery shops.Crammed drawers with pix- kids family Detroit in good old days. (Merc /Moon Libra conj Nep/Jup in 12th Scorpio) and I rock imitating signatures. I can write like the person in talking to- even my Irish Grams who I never met.I keep it haute- no doubt forged the King’s seal in past! LOL!

    Yes I know I need to purge- the past peeps visit my dreams- (didn’t someone mention these visits in the Dark Dark Moon thread?) and I have bit by bit. My cousin and I are the last matriarchs all too young.

    I bridge three centuries- vividly remember my grand and greats describing pre techy life and my own days of living summmer outside, swimming , rowing boat, fishing, catching bugs. Being present and at wonder in nature. Singing with Mitch Miller’s LP records- anyone remember those?

    Sigh. Time to drive kiddos to school- and zap zone my kitchen counters! LOL!

    Mystic you and your circle make my Monday! We are 12 hours behind you and I avidly read to be ready!

    Xx Kat

  28. The home office is very earthy, like my 2nd & 10th houses; but unlike my 2nd & 10th (which are empty planetarily), it’s full of fire, water, & airy bits. Chock full, but scientifically ordered– like a library. Keep your voice down.

    My desk is u-shaped, my chair is high-backed with arm rests. Very cockpit feeling. Flanked by speakers & a dashboard of lights. Considering today’s flight plan…

  29. My desk is more of a table that houses things so they don’t live on the floor. My desk is a portable universe and sometimes my actual bed or a cafe

  30. There is waaay too much on my desk as i dislike sitting as well, so it consequently delayed.Most of the ‘to do’ is avoided by the manyana syndrome =tomorrow.
    The last day of my life is going to be ridiculously busy.
    Sagg sun Cap asc Libran moon

    Airbook, Macbook (unwell), 3 diaries, 50 A4′ sheets full of notes-ideas, moon calendar, day book, last 3 months telstra bills, mobile, land-phone, Waterman fountain pen, 2 x 0.5 & 2 x 0.8 mitsubishi pens, 2 scissors, nail care, client cards, printer on wheels under table and March’s Vanity Fair, none of it touched, ‘cept the keypad on airbook :-)
    To the left of me is outside where i constantly want to be hence avoidance of all the above.

  31. hahaha @Pegasus “the last day of my life is going to be ridiculously busy”

    over here it’s a smallish, distinctly mid-century looking desk that came from the parents, who probably found it at a farm auction. On it: vintage desk lamp with adjustable stem, dandelion puff paperweight, empty water bottle (local water company), picture cut out of an art magazine: b/w photo of a dancer, blurred from her motion, juxtaposed with a small rectangle of red-orange-black textile. Lots of white around both images. I find it very soothing to look at. a ceramic cup (made by one of my yoga students) for pens and scissors. a blue & clear sake cup that held fennel seeds but is now empty. a list written on the back of an envelope. notes from my phone calls yesterday. spiralbound sketchbook open to notes for my website, on top of normal notebook with notes on yoga classes.

    Aries sun, Aqua rising, Cancer moon.

  32. I don’t work at my desk, but I have one. Its an old school teachers desk, the metal drawers and laminate wood top. On it is a red roto-dial phone (doesn’t work), a writers lamp, some pen holder, and a collection of old recorders. Its a rough recreation of my father’s study – more the feel of it than a duplicate. He has a Mar-Neptune opposition and used to record all phone calls coming into and out of the house. So, I sit at that desk to remind myself I am boss now. Its more like a film set than a place to work.

  33. Mine is a typical Gemini desk. My Sony laptop sits on an oak desk- of course this Gem will not follow the masses by using a Mac. I’ve got lots of pens and pencils stuck in various holders, and the state of my mind is always reflected on the desk. A tidy mind= a tidy desk, and vice versa

  34. I am laughing at myself re the internal recoil-with-horror feelings when I read the comments about feral, unkempt desks that are not on-task, and then sooo soothed when I read the air-sign-type desks that actually function and carry a minimum of crap. aahhh

  35. Chocolate brown desk (Cap Moon), a picture of Green Tara + ylang ylang on (Pisces rising), laptop, ipad, dictionary, notebooks, pens (Gem Sun)

  36. I think i have a compressed air duster fetish. I have way to many of them and I hoard them. maybe I just like the way they go psssshh…or it is quite handy when you’re hyper ventilating and you need a housewitch cure at work.

  37. LOL I just spent the weekend doing a Taurean desk cleaning. Oh it’s beautiful. I’ll tell you about it, but first, there is a significant point from Mystic’s picture. Those are not just “big yellow scissors.” Those are Fiskars, a world-reknown brand of excellently ergonomic scissors from Finland. Of course a Taurus like me would have a pair of Fiskars (amongst the 6 other types of scissors I have within arm’s reach of my desk).

    Now the Taurean desk cleaning is a daunting process. It accumulates too many things, but everything must have a proper place. So when the desk gets out of control, there is no choice but to do it systematically, and redo everything from scratch.

    FIrst we must sort work implements like pencils, scissors, rulers, etc. The every day essentials go into my Hello Kitty pencil bag. Less frequently used but still essential pens, X-Acto blades, markers, etc. go into my ceramic pencil holder with the seal of my alma mater, which somehow has been on my desk for 35 years.
    Now the tools are sorted. There’s a ton of paperwork here. I’ll stack that all up and take it over to Desk #2 where I’ll sort it out separately and put it into files before it can go back on my desk (or preferably in my file drawers.
    Time to clean the actual desk. Start by clearing the left side of the desk, and putting all the crap on the right. Once I can see half the desktop, it’s time for a deep treatment of wood polish and wax. Gotta make sure not to get any spray wax on the monitor, so I turn it out of the way. Now arrange the left side of the desk, move all the crap off the right, and polish that side of the desk. Then clean all computer stuff with Endust for Electronics, to stop that plastic crap from attracting dust by static electricity (you could not believe how much of an improvement this makes in your computer work environment). Now everything can to back in place. I’ll show you a pic, notice the beautiful bare wood desktop on the left where all the work comes in, then my Mac mini, and in front, my eyeglasses case. I’m always switching between my reading glasses and my computer glasses. Behind the 30″ display is my graphics tablet and two very nice speakers, then 4Tb of disk storage on the right, and finally a scanner. In front of it, my tape and stapler, some note pads and post-its, and my Hello Kitty pencil case. Oh and there’s my coffee cup, it says “Canvas,” it was a promotional cup from a sofware product in about 1985. Oh it’s sitting on a gold and leather coaster, emblazoned with the seal of my alma mater. Behind it, my ~1975 pencil holder with the gold seal on it.

    It’s a pretty basic work flow, which only goes astray once there’s too much crap on my desk. Work comes in on the big left empty space. Computer work on the middle. Scanner on the right for digital filing of completed work, stapler and tape for filing documents as needed. Not pictured to the immediate right, on the floor: document shredder.

    Now I’ll show you a pic of how that all looks.

    That is a 6ft by 3ft solid oak desktop. Lovely shine, isn’t it? It took 6 people and a dolly to move this desk into this room, and we had to take the door off the hinges just to get another extra inch of space to get it through the door. It might never come out of this room again.

    Now THAT is a Taurus desk.

    • You had me at hello Kitty pencil bag. I kid you not that’s the first thing I saw in your wall of text. Hey looks like you could use aduster too

      • Ha. This came up before, so I have previously posted a pic of my Hello Kitty pencil case. I always point out it is the Men’s case because it is black. There were two of this design, the women’s case was pink.

        • Charles. Me thinks your Men’s Hello Kitty pencil case has put my Women’s Hello Kitty pencil case up the kitty puss duff.
          Totally love that case. I’ve been a slave to the Hello Kitty cult since the early 80’s. Was given this red Hello Kitty hair brush that my brother got from Hong Kong.
          I am in the process of turning an aromatherapy practitioners box into a paint storage box, vibing Margaret Ollie’s studio space.

  38. When I saw the room in this pic from a previous post:

    Yea my desk/room is more or less very similar. Lots of clutter everywhere (although it does drive me nuts), books especially. Like Ray Bradbury, also a Leo with moon in Saggo, and entirely in agreement with the sentiment ”If a cluttered desk signs a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?”

  39. aries. messy. but still rather decorated…..i’m an artist though, what do you want from me!

  40. Using a retro 60’s breakfast nook next to my kitchen as my office.
    2mt x 2mt space with padded seat fixed to wall that opens for storage.
    The seat is always covered with laundry.

    Plain old wood writing desk with one drawer.
    Charred black on brown & covered in coffee rings, paint flecks, biro stabs, curious groves & scratches .

    Red fabric document holder and Mac.
    Mug of tea & coaster on window sill.

    Dante Rosetti’s ‘Prosperpine’ overlooks my desk.
    Cork pinboard next to that with Chinese calendar, a set of Queens from a deck of cards, various notes.
    A jade fabric Chinese umbrella hung in the corner (under which lives my fave black house spider with a huge web and all her babies).

    Next to the desk is a 4 drawer black filing cabinet with my red document trays on top & a set of tiny shabby black drawers.
    That belonged to my Grandfather (envelopes, pens etc.) and on top of that sits a garden hawk from bunnings, staring balefully at those who would enter my space!

    • Sun: Leo, Asc: Gem, Moon: Scorpio (plus stellium in Cancer).

      Must say, it seems I am working the water in regards to decor etc.

      • Here is a pic of a spiderling! I cannot send you one of course, that would be a spiderlingnapping & I am not risking that with Mama so intimately close.

        Do you know they live for 2 years? That’s quite a life span..

        Btw, I forgot to note that next to my Bunnings Falcon, I have a loose set of Rider-Waite Tarot, black tourmaline (to absorb negative frequencies) and an amethyst generator!

    • Love paint flecks and splatters on a desk!!

      I had a huge Dante Rossetti’s ‘Proserpine’ print from Tate Gallery hanging in my home for most of 80’s to early 90’s. My sister brought it back from London for me.
      Love the Pre-Raphaelite period of art. So beautiful.

      The jade fabric Chinese umbrella sounds lovely too. I love green! 😀

  41. I think mine is a combo of Cap sac, Sagg moon, Virgo Mars

    In the last three years I’ve changed desks 4 times!! (Saggo moon square Uranus?). Every time I relocate, the desk needs changing as it doesn’t suit the new abode or layout of the room. Currently it’s the tiniest desk I’ve ever had – I’ve downsized from a one bedroom to a studio apartment. The desk is made of recycled/repurposed wood. So there’s only room for my Mac, a wacom tablet, a pen and notepad and a cardboard pencil holder covered in an antique map (Saggo moon).

    Three post-it-notes on my computer – a list of music to explore, one with dates of bills due (Cap asc likes to pay bills on time) and one with a list of exotic locations in faraway places to look up on google maps.

    The desk has no draws :( Damn it I love draws! I’ve got a small cane desk of draws next to the desk with more pen holders. I’m crazy about pen holders!! (Virgo stellium) and a stack of notepads – all within arms reach. I love taking notes. The process of writing things down helps me remember. I’m not crazy about doing it electronically.
    Bought an industrial chrome swivel stool to replace my chair. So much better!!

    To my right I’ve got artists’ cards from exhibitions blue-tacked to my wall.

    I wonder about the history of this desk. It had that gorgeous sawdust smell for weeks after I bought it. The surface is smooth but it has flaws and little grooves. I love the fact that I can imbue the desk with my energy over time and I won’t care if I spill my tea over it. It will just add character. An added bonus is that I can’t see any dust !!! (important for a Mars Virgo). Previous desk was black and I was constantly cleaning it!

    • Yes, a Scorpioness must have a drawer, a drawer is a secret place, essential.
      I love my rough, charred paint splatty desk too. It’s got a free ‘n’ easy, loved quality.

  42. i love this post !!
    wish i could see the rune desk.
    sag, aqua rising, taurus moon :
    my desk is a black obelisk style plane 2001 space odyssey on two black metal sawhorses.
    i have some sweet witchy stones on it like lapis, pyrite, and mangano calcite; some wax drippings from candles, nail polish remover/nail care items, old topo chico bottle (mexican soda water) and a the illuminatus trilogy to prop up my monitor whilst watching movies. also a mousepad that looks like a turkish rug from a “big lebowski” gift pack haha and some old schedules. and bulletproof coffee!!