Always Keep Your Composure…

Peter Lindbergh

“Always keep your composure; you can’t score from the penalty box and to win, you have to score.” Bobby Hull.

Composed and yet fierce in the face of the Zap Zone/Eclipse Season – yes?Β  Tornadoes, Russian Warships heading to Syria, Global Financial Fuqery – it’s all happening out there. Remember; in your own personal life, innovation (whilst remaining composed) is the strongest policy bet this season.

AND here is some advance notice of good things happening in June/July here on this site.

* My Very Own Binaural Beats Mp3 will be available via the Shop. I am always banging on about how great they are and i decided to commission the extremely talented composer Jandy Rainbow from Unisonic Ascension to do one for us.Β  The brief is that it be a relaxing, rejuvenatory and creativity/problem solving brain enhancing 20 mins Power Nap with the actual planetary transmissions from Jupiter & Uranus on there. Trippy, right?

* Jupiteria…Jupiter is going into Cancer/Kataka at the end of June – where it is exalted. So yes awesome and yes i am going to try and devise some sort of insanely affordable report re this. I am thinking just which house/sector Jupiter is in you personally & the major aspects OR Horoscopes. I am not sure yet but there will be some uber-Jupiter action in June. Jupiter will also trine Saturn AND Neptune, really augmenting the rebuild aspects of the current astro-weirding.

* A Neptune Dream Diary – you know i consider the keeping of a dream diary to be the fastest, coolest way toward self-knowing, getting more psychic and so forth. So i have created an actual hard copy, beautiful one, designed to the divine ratio and just genius. Obviously any old pad of paper will do but personally, i am always way inspired by beautiful stationery. It may be a Mars in Virgo thing.

* Bitchcraft – The Book of Lilith, my totally new e-book on Lilith complete with ephemeris is most likely due out in July…It’s going to be rad. You can also – in the meantime – get an Astro-Query (if you’re a subscriber) to find out more about your Lilith, if you desire to know about this most fascinating Dark Moon in your chart.

* My other new e-book in the works is D.I.Y. Astro Hacks – fast cool ways to read any birth chart without having to wade through untold screeds of esoteric guff. This is very dear to my Mercury in Aries, you understand.

As always, subscribers will get first info re any new devs or offerings on the site but if you are not a subscriber you can sign up to Mystic Alerts – it means you get the occasional emailing (once every month or so) of any brill offers or super-strange astro.

Image: Peter Lindbergh

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105 thoughts on “Always Keep Your Composure…

  1. My goodness, I’ve just checked my chart and my Jupiter is in Taurus, 1st house!! And my venus is in Cancer. This is gonna be big!

    • You must mean natal Jupes in Toro? because we’re they same vintage and I have Jupes in Toro in 4th. Was a great transit for me.

      Jupiter is now in Gem though… why are you getting excited about Taurus?

      Jupiter over Venus sounds good though ! :)

    • And so’s my hubby – conjunct Mars too ( he’s an aries) with Gem Moon also in the first ! Phew :-)

  2. In the words of Fat Boys Slim ” I have praise you like i should” – i know nostalgic tune and all, but really Mystic – You could not imagine, nor follow a believable script as to the shit storm going on around me at the mo. (Your Zeigeist Tarot / House reading has been delivered on time, and i loved being prepped for worse case scenarios, this month of May we have the Tower, forewarned is forearmed – your advice has become my mantra.)
    Your dailies, and words of wisdom, along with the constructive fabulousness that the Mystic commentors/contirbutors ad, are the eco fuel that is keeping me running clean and green during these zap zone times.
    Blessings one and all. xxx
    Aceness Extraordinare. x

    • I’m with Cosmic Fleece on this one…

      Your scopes were BANG ON today. Ridiculously BANG ON. Talk about keeping an eye out for treachery/Qi Vamps from the past!

      Excited about all these things!

      And yeah, this site really helps me fixed on the Awesome.

  3. Is the zap zone a good time to quit smoking, or is that the kind of thing that’s best done when nerves are less frazzled? I know it’s ALWAYS a good time to stop but I would like to set myself up for success instead of feeling overwhelmed.

    • Of course – astro supports bold change! Do you really want to keep giving money to tobacco companies? No! So stop! I am on day 6 myself. Good luck!

      • Ty & congrats!! I’ll keep your progress in mind when cravings strike. Itcanbedone, itcanbedone, itcanbedone lol…

    • well I found that it was a good time to give up headache tablets!
      Have been taking codeine based painkillers for some time (for chronic headaches not recreation) and discovered that I must have had a dependancy as I went through a detox from hell week!! pain all night long etc very dark very intense!!
      Feel so much better now, and seem to have finally worked out correct liver friendly diet to avoid the headaches in the first place.
      It suddenly all fell into place like a fairy godmother coming in and giving me all the strength and knowhow to get well.
      So I say do it you wont look back.

    • I want to quit smoking too. oh I really really do. I was thinking if there was some astro magic to give me that extra will power oomph…
      I know, just quit, but just want some juju around to keep me honest.

      • Its hard. I wanted to do cold turkey but I am using a hookah to ween myself off the smoking habit. Still having nic withdraw symptoms big time. Did you know that quitting smoking makes you constipated? How horrible is that? Smoking messes with your ability to poo! So wrong. I mean, I get its an addiction, but fuck that – can’t keep letting that petty beast win. Drinking fiber now…just saying, have a plan for it so you don’t freak about the small stuff

    • Let’s put it this way…without a Zap Zone you can only blame all pernickety behaviour / rage on the fact that you are quitting. Thus the state of giving something up is your focus, sort of like focusing on what you don’t have. Then you have the added self guilting, such as shame at weak moments.

      In a Zap Zone, however, there is a plethora of fan-hitting shit, from personal (if you’re zapping right) to communal to global. So weird days and random rage plus pouty periods come and go, without the need to say it’s all because you’re quitting cigs/pot. In other words the hard yards feel like part of a grander scheme of Metamorphosis. You focus on where you are going not what you’re going without.

      I find easy times, where nothing else is changing about the rest of my lifestyle, the hardest for quitting as the bad habit is entrenched in my routine.

      • Its true! I feel like my struggle to form new habits and destroy old ones is my personal zap zone and I’m on the front lines of the action. Its part of my larger unfolding.

  4. All of this sounds so cool. I am a whore for journals, so definitely can’t wait for the dream diary. :)

  5. OOh OOh, re: the Neptune Dream Diary…

    It IS going to be in keeping with Neptune’s frequency/colour(s) right?!

    …& available for purchase in the Mystic Online Shop, yes?!…


  6. Im Trying to but I just had a very very wierd tough night. I cant even believe this just happend. So im watching stuff online and I hear this lady crying really hard saying help me help me. which Ive heard before walking down my street Its a empty strett for the most part at night. And I thought this was gonna be easy I thought she was just drunk and crying fight with boyfriend lead her to my buildings door to call the police with the doorman if It was that severe. Turns out its very severe as I catch up to her shes bleading profusley from the head and i cant tell where else. Were on 23 and 11th now by the west side highway and shes saying help me but wont come with me. Short stocky dressed up but hard for me to move I tried picking her up I tried setter her down. She said she had to pee I said go ahead. but she didnt Then she would say get away from me and start hitting me in a drunken fashion so it wasnt hurting. Im saying come with me to the door entrance were gonna call the police, She bit me and I had to let go because it was too much, the door guys did not leave there post so im glad I got to her before she got to the west side highway where many have died crossing that thing sober. I just let her walk away because I was torn between making her think shes still being attacked and it was just Wayyy too much.

    I ran out without my phone. We have two door men so and a camera so thankgod even one guy sitting in a truck told me there gonna think you did it. So i seen the cops. they took my name down I my number asked for the buildings secruity camera. So ill probably be going to court which I friggin hate anything that has to do with police court ect ect.

    And the doormen said they seen two men and seen a screw driver on the ground. And when I got back upstairs I did see it. But I did not see the two men. Because I was focused on her and running downstairs. I have the window open always and just felt her cries were so scary i had to move.

    Anyway this is so leo NN and I feel good that I did it but man its wierd.. I try and do a good thing and then you can really get accused wrongfully thank god there is cameras around. Anyway I always said watching those live leak videos helps to not be in shock over blood and stuff one day and today it came true. I had all I could do not to freak out along with her. But im glad it wasnt with alot of ppl around becasue I felt like people were looking out there windows thinking I did it. or she was my girlfriend and I was beating her. I tried im so happy she got across that semi highway and did not get hit and hope who ever the two guys were get saturn duty real good.

    • Anyways Im off to bed its 445 am I thought being I had no planets Id be out of the zap zone but guess not, sorry for posting the truth but its really what happend and my friends are sleeping so nobody was answering. Of course I was raised on courts and proceddings from a little boy so this is bringing up Chiron issues and mars planet of violence is in wide orb to it.. and never had good experience with the system. So im jarred now that I had to give info…. Not like I ever did anything I just hate them mostly. They were even laughing telling jokes to themselves through most of it. Not of the situation but stuff in there personal life. It was like the fact someone was stabbed wasnt even respected relevent. There desenitized which is what the illumninated ones want. Anyway this is my truth and if its too scorp moonish I really could careless. Obviously Ill always have a crisis be near crisis existance and if people cant handle it they should probably not study astrology. Its a all encompassing profession.

      • Gosh, I hope that you are ok. That sounded really intense.
        Fill yourself full of light, and know that at least you are fully present and walking through all of this wide awake.

      • yeah i agree, it sounds like you did the best you could in a very freaky situation. take care..

      • glad you could help her. Do not worry, just tell the truth to the cops and courts. You’ll be ok.
        It’s hard helping drunken, drugged victims.

        • thanks guys….Yea so the cops havent called me so thats good but my building manager and she said the cops came and got the video and said shes form another city.. she went had a few drinks and then got mugged and just couldnt tell who I was.. If she would have been hit by a car or worse I would have felt guiltly for not going out. But at least I slept ok last night. I mean I kinda realize why cops use tazers now. Moving a human being is alot harder than I thought.. For the life of me I could not get her away from that intersection, but from my window she looked so small thought it would be easy to calm her down and bring her in.

      • Whoa. Intense. Glad it turned out ok-ish. Very ish. A good grounding sesh might be very helpful- give the violence you’ve absorbed back to the earth… Xoxo

  7. i asked my therapist to tell me what mental illness i have
    she said i am
    split personality!
    but could it be that having so much mutable in my chart
    and opposition from pisces to virgo making me this way??

    • Anonymous, ‘split personality’ is not a valid psychiatric diagnosis, it is a symptom of other disorders (MPD or DID). Have you just used that term for the blog or did the therapist really say that? Is the therapist a psychiatrist? If not they should not be making a diagnosis on any psychiatric level.

  8. just looked it up on google and i not relate that much
    i not hear voices. i have 27 aspects in my chart
    i think astrology answers things more than pschologists

  9. i have some disorder as i impulsively post things and then freak out after!
    Look, she said it flippantly and she also said i am very fluid. I really feel it affects me having all my planets bar a few in mutable. I need composure i need grace. thanks for responding, don’t feel so outcast now. x

    • Flippant, huh! Split personality gets confused in popular culture with illnesses such as Schizophrenia due to films like Psycho, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Fatal Attraction etc – great films but really misrepresent people with mental health issues and brands them as dangerous crazies. Schizophrenia does not mean one has a split personality – biggest misunderstanding in the culture.
      The therapist might be better off teaching you some grounding techniques such as Mindfulness rather than using terminology that can get interpreted the wrong way. Take care x

  10. thanks for that. it is a complex subject esp when you overwhelmed by lots of other health things. Nothing a million dollars would not fix that is
    in this case. Who is so normal anyway?

  11. Tame Impala Mind Mischief is all i gotta say…

    Feels like my life is ready to blow,
    Me and my love we’ll take it slow
    I hope she knows that I’ll love her long,
    I just don’t know where the hell I belong

    How optimism led me astray,
    Two hundred things I took the wrong way
    But I saw her love gauge running low,
    I tried to fill but it overflowed

    Feels like my life is ready to blow,
    Me and my love we’ll take it slow
    I hope she knows that I’ll love her long,
    I just don’t know where the hell I belong

    She remembers my name
    Could be blown way out, way out
    It’s all going to change
    She remembers my name

    But she was only messing around,
    Please, no more playing with my heart
    Ooh, go with Mr. Right just for once
    Ooh, no more mischief with my mind

    Then it all just came out
    Guess I’ll hold it in next time

    No more getting it wrong,
    I’ll be frozen here on.
    If forever we’ll see,
    But no more guessing for me

    Oh, I was just so sure of everything
    Ooh, that’s what you get for dreaming aloud
    Oh, the day that words are clearer to me

    “Mind Mischief” as written by Kevin Parker

  12. With absolute gratefulness for the wonderful things Jupiter being on my sun et al has brought into my life, I sincerely hope and wish for Saturn to have its opportunity to support me tonne fit and lean…. How long have I got? when does Saturn move into sag?

      • Thanks scorpbot a whole year and a half, shizz! if I can do high Saturn and be a fitness freak I wil cope, but if I get any less of a social life I will be worried.

  13. composure.. check. forewarned is forearmed!

    Question.. In late May, I have Venus, Jupiter and Mercury all conjunct my Asc, and favourable aspects with natal Venus & Mars. However, Asc conjunction squares my pisces sun / merc.

    Couple of weeks later, sun conjunct Jupiter about 5 degrees past my asc, Venus-Merc in Kataka exactly trine my Sun-Mercury.

    So these look pretty good for kicking off or pitching new image / heart’s desire type things.

    Would anyone have thoughts about whether that big conjunction on my ascendant square my sun could be problematic in some way? stumbling blocks? Moon in cap wants to foresee all potential difficulties and have management plan in place.


    • That sounds like fun! I would guess if you normally have any tension between your ascendant – how your present yourself/self image and your sun – true self/how you shine (?) it could be exacerbated.

      • thanks anon. Will make sure i retain brain function and check in with Sun accordingly

        Just realised that there is a big water trine when Jupiter-Sun, Neptune and Saturn form that big water trine at 5 degrees ish around mid June. Saturn and Neptune both retro. I wonder if that’s a ‘false start’ flag… hmm.

        thanks. x

    • Given the planets involved and all the positive aspects happening at the same time I wouldn’t stress about it at all (in fact I’d see it as a positive – you’re probably be less likely to cruise out and waste the Venus/Jupiter energies if you’ve got the square forcing a bit of action at the same time). Of course I can’t see your whole chart, but I sense it will be a good time for you :)

      • You could honour Cappy Moon by putting it in charge of self-discipline, rad planning and during that period. (Jupiter can tend towards biting off more than you can chew if Saturn energies aren’t used to weigh up what’s worth expanding and what is just going to leave you overwhelmed… something like that – sorry I’m tired!)

    • I’m currently having my Jupiter asc conjunction, while Jupiter sextiles my sun I’ll tell you in a week how it went, so far so good, only trouble is so many around me having mini dramas I don’t really have anyone to enjoy with. I’ll keep looking though, I could happily chat to a post right now….blah blah blah , I’m just full of it.

    • I’m currently having my Jupiter asc conjunction, while Jupiter sextiles my sun I’ll tell you in a week how it went, so far so good, only trouble is so many around me having mini dramas I don’t really have anyone to enjoy with. I’ll keep looking though, I could happily chat to a post right now….blah blah blah , I’m just full of it.

      • hey now, nothing wrong with chatting to a post every now and then πŸ˜€
        i’m seeing your jupiter transit thus: you’re this guy on a high in the corner at a party, smiling beatifically ay everything around him, except everyone else is stressing out because they’re not on what you’re on πŸ˜‰

      • Oh how i love and admire your work David, ”happily chat to a post right now..blah blah blah”. I don’t need to read another thing online today. x

        PS a few weeks/months back you gave (Prowlin’ i think) some sound advice, re (well i read it as…) getting rid of crap clilents and focusing on a big one, one you want, and the rest will fall into place….Thank you David. You allowed me to let go of some chaff, keep the wheat, and pick up an ace client, who was a trailblazer in her day (the 60’s,70’s and 80’s) with special needs children, she wasnt ”blessed’ with children of her own, and is/was such a lateral thinker, and loves sharing her stories, as i love listening to them.

        She has recently lost her husband – a week after i lost my Dad, and we were able to be there for each other, and have a little cry over tea and scones together … (she insists i come in for tea and scones after i finish her ”vogue living” garden) …Im yet to ask her birthday..trying to work it out myself…

        I would have knocked her back, if i didnt read those words form you, as i couldnt fit her in.

        • Aww a Vogue Living garden and a cup of tea with an interesting lady. How wonderful!! πŸ˜€
          You must tell us her sign if you ever find out.

      • Enjoy the Jupes Davidl!
        I did Juputer over Midheaven a couple of months ago and it was seriously fab. Had a job interview on the day it was exact, and yes… Got the job!

    • Jupiter on my AC a few weeks ago provoked an identity crisis. Anything crossing my AC does that- perhaps identity crisis is simply (or complexly!) the nature of Gemini rising. So I would imagine that lineup might do the same? But once it’s over you’re in the gravy. Jupe on my sun right now and it lightens the energy considerably. Also, squares from Venus are lovely regardless, so I’d agree that it sounds like a blessing. :)

      • Ooh, cool. Yes blogs seem to be the home of gem rising types :) feel like I am well across my (perpetual) identity crisis, so will bear in mind..maybe something new will come up..eek πŸ˜‰

  14. Super stoked about the Astro Hacks. Will help me a great deal!

  15. I love the idea of D.I.Y. Astro Hacks! I always have trouble finding the meaning of the planets in my houses and am extremely looking forward to it.

  16. Wow! Hack, Dream Diary, Lilith and best of all the music of the planets!
    Love that Mercury in Aries ability to dream big, get stuff done.
    You have been working hard MM. I am looking forward to all these offerings very much. πŸ˜›

  17. Wow! Hacks! Jupiter!!

    Mystic – you have me drooling here expectantly. ZZ suddenly looks cooler than eva!

    Jupiter is conj my Sun atm. My life is expanding on the one side, shrinking in other sides.. I love when things show themselves as they are, no second-guessing, no benefit-of-doubt.. A lot of signs on what needs to go (in the medium-term)..

    I always thought Guru Jupiter as a bit disappointing when it comes to delivery, right now he is smacking my life like Saturn-in-disguise.

    • Yeah I have the same feelings about him. Definitely not all benefic. When my friend’s hubby tried to kill himself, Jupiter was two degrees off his sun. Whatever it is that you’ve been bottling up will come spurting out at you, good or bad…

    • that’s interesting – I was thinking today how Saturn on my Sun acted a bit like Jupiter! It wasn’t all give stuff up, etc. – although that was happening too – but it was also about honour yourself, claim what is yours, etc. I feel what it did for me was partly to allow myself to feel OK about experiencing what came to me even if that wasn’t the best thing for other people. I’ve always been crippled by how what I did or got might be undesirable for others. I finally came to feel like I didn’t care, I knew what I wanted and I allowed myself to accept that. it was liberating and a relief.

  18. Looking forward to the binaural beats (I’ve got some Jandy Rainbow ones in my collection already.)

    I wish you could commission some supersonic binaural beats that had magical dog-silencing qualities. One of the dogs over the back fence has been nutting off at nothing for 4 hours straight – I think it’s having its very own zap zone moment.

    • *Woof woof* :)

      That dog must have moon in Sagg. I started feeling a bit emo last night. Always do whenever moon is in Sagg. It conjuncts my moon (11th) and South Node (12th). Can feel the full moon building…

      • Well it does look like a horse disguised as a dog… Shame you don’t live next door to me, you could have consoled each other in your emo-ness all night!

          • I don’t know what it is, I think he’s probably a great dane cross – but he’s far from majestic! He’s got a giant chumpy head with mega cute face attached though πŸ˜€

  19. Yes, that huge monster tornado in Oklahoma was right on the day the ZZ went exact. Can’t help but think it’s just crazy to rebuild there…it was already hit ten years ago. Energy has it’s patterns…

    • I was just thinking that, In the future I believe the most of the plains will be designated to the gods of wind. So kids and familys can stop going through these scary deaths.
      I mean some places just dont really need to be so inhabitated if they show so much instability. But we cant even get our monetary fairness with eachother right let alone look at whats fair with nature.

      And then u have people who think rebuilding is some form of courage in the face of the elements when your really just making that decision for your kids too who have no idea what a tornado even is. I wish some people could let go of there sentimentality for the areas there raised.. We are in the age of information, hopefully were gonna use it wisley.

    • Interesting book I read called Man in Amnesia , author Velikovsky, a friend of Einstein , brilliant mind.
      His theory is that people have some mechanism to forget earth changes, massive natural disaster events that reside in our genetic memory. Like a form of group amnesia. Written in the 30’s his prime example was rebuilding towns in places like Kansas and Oklahoma that regularly get hit by tornadoes.
      It’s been going on for 150 years this knock down, rebuild thing in that area. His timeline is approx 6-7 years before people start saying , oh , there’s a nice piece of land , going cheap, let’s build a house there …totally fooling themselves that the next tornado just isn’t going to come, like , what tornado ?

      • Sorry, written in the 50’s , full name ‘Mankind in Amnesia’. Oops , anyway, brilliant book.

        • Sounds like an interesting read. Humans are conveniently forgetful in the wake of recurring natural disasters. The area in Japan the tsunami hit in 2011 had warning markers saying “do not build below this level” put there centuries ago. And then there’s poor old Christchurch…

          • I was born in Wichita Kansas and remember the storm cellar when I was about 1 yr old cuz we had to go down in there. My parents moved to Cali about then and we never went back.

            My grandparents, in Missouri, had a storm cellar and as teens, me and sis took showers in there as gramps had set one up for us as 100 yr old house didn’t have one.

            Anyway, Mother grew up in Joplin MIssouri and it was hit hard about three years ago.

            Seth had said that peeps that like a certain kind of excitement live in these areas. Perhaps they forgot about that decision, consciously, and yeah David, have amnesia 😯 or somethin’

            Saw your post about Jupiter being on the Asc. I had forgot about that as it will be at 26 Gem…

            I still want to lose more weight…yipes…but being conjunct Mars for a bit as well should be helpful…

            • News saying that recent tornado was unique in terms of intensity…Going from a 1 on the scale to a 5 in 10 mins…They can tell by the debris apparently.

              Thats Uranus and Pluto for ya no?

              As well tho, humanity’s psyche creates the weather and so what is the weather mirroring back to us in terms of what we’re putting into it and/or clearing from the subconscious..

      • Velikovsky, I know that name. I wonder if that same determination to assume we can outdo the forces of nature (LOL) is the same corner of thinking that assumes climate change is no biggie. It’s like wilful blindness, our timeline for planning is rarely more than 5-10 years – just look at politics or business vision – australian politics and the NBN – as though the data and comms will somehow face the same demands in 2045 as it will in 2013

        ok so am off track, but it strikes me as the same self centred shortsightedness and long term fiscal IRresponsibility

  20. OH MY GOODNESS! Mystic Binaural Beats!! YES PLEASE! Hanging out for that mp3!!!!! Woop!

  21. A tornado is composed, isn’t it? Meteorologically speaking, that is. And from a distance, it certainly looks composed. Graceful, even.

    An EF5 more than a mile wide, on the ground for 40 mins, for 17-18 miles. Plowed straight through two elementary schools, scoured the lives of 50,000 people. They’re saying that it packed more of a punch than the Hiroshima bomb. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around how something that monstrous just drops out of the sky from nowhere, and how so many people survived it… why more young kids killed in their classrooms this school year…

    But anyway, composure: yes. In spades.

    And here I was last week thinking all my adrenaline rushing was my fledgling paleo ways! Fuq it: I’m eating cheese & bread tonight.

    • LOVE the symbol of the Uranus/Pluto square!!

      Would look cool on a t-shirt :)

  22. Jupiter approaching my Midheaven. Have a phone interview at 1 today. But all I want is to go into business for myself. Shessh

    • Good luck 12th house!

      Yeah, I know what you mean. Have a few tricks and Aces up my sleeve and givin’ it a go. Mind you it will not be overnight…Like you say “sheesh”…Why the hell not!!

      • Did you see Lexicorn’s post above? He said when Jupes went over his midheaven he got the job…

        • I did see that! I question if I want the job or not. The interview went well. The guy said he’d like to meet in person. So, we’ll see. I have to trust Spirit to open up the path for me. That was the intention I seeded in the last eclipse.

          Good luck with what you got cooking!

          • Thanks. I’m considering last Monday 5/20 my ultimate
            “transformation day” and never going back to the old!

            • Good luck for your interview 12HV. I was going say something before about is this the right fit for you. But I held back on saying anything because I still question my intuition.
              Sweetpea I love where you at. You made me realise I’ve been neglecting my Moon processes…thank you x

              • Yeah, I don’t think it is the right place for me. I am trying to follow the advice of the horoscopes for Virog which is to embrace change and not be pass-ag about it. Its hard because I don’t want to quit unless I know how I am going to pay my bills, and I have a hard time acting like I care about being here doing nothing.

  23. thank you Mystic,
    I plum forgot about Jupiter heading in to Cancer.
    In Gemini, Jupiter has been a little hard on me. What with all the head banging and words flying around my head like buzzing kids, work mates, and clients…
    I find that Jupiter in gemini brought out all my fifth house stuff (I have gemini there)
    and as usual, my words having to be tempered alittle when speaking to lower types..I may have spoken out more with this i should..Jupiter in cancer is my 6th house and part of my seventh.. I think work will be awesome this next year. I will focus on my cooking again and work on making croissants the right way untill I master that skill. One year is enough, right?
    love you

  24. I almost never comment, but i did some searching and wound up here
    Always Keep Your Composure… – Mystic Medusa. And I do have
    2 questions for you if you tend not to mind. Could it be simply me or does it
    look like a few of these comments come across as if they are left by brain dead individuals?

    πŸ˜› And, if you are posting at other online sites, I’d like to follow everything new you have to post.
    Would you list of all of your communal pages like your Facebook page,
    twitter feed, or linkedin profile?

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