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Hey wasn’t N.Z giving the go-ahead to marriage equality a genius manifestation of Zap Zone energy, in amongst all the chaos and pain?

Mercury on Uranus today is likewise epic – squaring Pluto as well – it’s switching brains onto the Z.Z. bigtime.  Some more than others and it is different for everyone, obviously see your Scopes for specifics BUT in general think breakthrough, rut-fuqer ideas.

Conversations too. Why tolerate muddy, resentful, low-rent murk thinking?  Rut Consciousness and The Awesome cannot co-exist in the same brain. Got it?

Also – two things: 

(1) IF you gift subscribe someone (email me to do this, it’s easier) or subscribe this weekend, i will send you one of my fabulous Olaf Hajek posters in the mail.

(2) the 2013 Mission Statement Horoscopes are coming down by the end of the weekend – something so sensational is going up in its stead around the Full Moon that you will scream – so if you want Horoscopes, strike soon. They are literally going – you know i like to declutter for clarity.


Image: Chase Kunz – Space Jam – Society 6

34 thoughts on “Uranian Space Jam

  1. I have a few days of merc sun Venus uranus mars all in my 10th Aries conj mc , natal merc and sun, finally got a big business ‘hit’ yesterday after virtually 3 months of stunned mullet nada. Phew.

  2. When does this transit ebb away?

    Feeling too restless for my own good – couldn’t sleep a wink, tired of the same-old-same-old thoughts/expectations/ideas furniture circulating in my brain.

    They say resting your brain is good for creativity…

    Merc-Uranus now sextile natal Mercury, a brain rest will wait until this transit is over.

  3. I’m not gay, nor a NZ’er by birth, but i’ve lived here in NZ almost my entire life and I’m quite fucking proud of the place for going ahead and manifesting marriage equality.

    My only disappointment was that none of the gay couples I know got engaged in the aftermath hehe

    • Ha, I was listening to an interview with the minister responsible for the legislation. He was riding high with all the kudos. He has apparently been declared an official gay icon. He came across all goo goo , loved up. What a political coup. New Zealand leads the way, as usual, while its big brother Aus, just looks stupid.

      • NZ is very good at that, however that’s not to say we have our bugger-ups as well. I don’t know the details but some legislation making it unlawful to protest at sea or whatever it is was passed at the same time. Distraction tactics at play me thinks.

        Interesting thing for NZ to do considering we have a legacy of not taking any maritime shit. We booted US warships out of our waters good and proper back in the day with a flotilla of civilian vessels as I remember :D

        • john key went back on that last year some time when he rejoined anzus so there is definitely something going on with the maritime legislation – get ready to see some nuclear powered ships in the harbour and Sea Shepherd being gimped by the government.

        • MY shift came this morning, a turning point: I must not start the day reading The Daily Mail on-line for breakfast and play the yoga dvd instead.
          Procrastination or waiting for the lightening strike. So it’s Uranus i can thank for the switch to the sacred witch :-)

          Instead of wondering wtf is happening in America and would it truly come under the heading of Karma and pay more attention to my NOrth Node sitting over natal Chiron in 11th house that means concentrate on
          my amazing bodywork skills. But first i must realize i still have them.
          In cowgirl analogy, it’s like getting back on the horse after 12 months hiatus. The grooming alone is energy intensive let alone the horse!

          Finally figured out why the Virgo’s in my life annoy me. They are controlling. Impinging. THeir lesson to learn about Saggs, mine to accept it.
          Femme Ruthless’ January site is a literate feast and summary of love & life. Read it on a Sunday morning. Formidable writers are Angel and Mystic.
          Alchemist in a liaison with a Saggo Man. They are. Men. Me too!
          Love their honesty, shoot from the hip.
          ‘want to see the fastest draw in the West?’
          ‘Want to see it again’?

        • Rainbow Warrior? Any one remember?
          NZ is hot so to speak.
          Some of th best alternaitive therapists, some very edgy peeps waay outta mainstream.

      • The minister who has been called a gay icon, Maurice Williamson, isn’t the minister in charge of the legislation, it was an opposition MP, Louisa Wall who introduced the Bill into the house.

        Williamson’s speech, however, was awesome, loved his comeback to the Catholic priest who told him he was going to burn in the fires of hell, haha. It gave me a bit of faith in our politicians here in NZ!

        Come on Australia, time to follow suit!

      • NZ gave chicks the vote well before Australia did, too. On Tue i heard that two blokes we know got engaged recently and i wondered if they would go to nz to marry.

  4. Yep, super clarity…my mind decluttered. BTW I am an amortal–the test affirmed it all. Uranus on my Asc sticks its nose into everything.

  5. OMG YES! Let’s look at the more positive ways this Zap got Zoned. NZ Gay marriage, check. A partial, but gay youths allowed in the Boy’s Scout, half a check.

    I’m coming away from all these events feeling like these are all part of a single conversation that ties disparate parts. And that positive things won’t necessarily come in one holy beam of light, but in a very down to the bone, painfully Plutonic surgically precise series of cuts for every piece of hidden rot, especially the ones we’ve long stopped recognizing.

    Texas for instance, has always found California’s environmental regs & gun laws to be “hippie overkill”, but I think this awful explosion will force more vigorous audits and controls over chemical processing, and make parts of the country that generally pooh-pooh these concerns pay more attention.

    That it comes so close after the bombing makes me feel like the double blow of pain is informing us about how we are hurt by others and how we continue to hurt ourselves. Is one more sorrowful than the other? Of course not. Everyone loses.

    We’re violated by terrorism and equally as violated by how we prioritize business over health and safety. Clearly, after Wall Street, the GFC, and everything else, we need to understand the questions can only be answered if we go all way down to the core of how and why we do things, who and what we are – and how we need to move forth from that.

    Like they say, change only comes after acceptance.

    • What we must not sucumb to as a population, is ‘acquired helplessness’ via media manipulation.
      You stay safe Beautiful, thinking of you.
      Being a Kataka, falling into the sea is no problem for you.
      If you need to bolt……..here we are :-)x Love U.
      Arms open to protect you from the system you are in.
      That sounds sooo 70′s :-)
      Back to The Hunger Games. Has’nt THAT filtered thro’ the to the Zietgiest.

      • I just watched the Hunger Games the other day. The best part of the movie, imho, was Lenny Kravitz gold eye liner.

    • And i am finally viewing the Hunger Games………….

      Hidden Dragon-Crouching (what sign are you?).
      Have you ever listened to John Trudell?
      He has a track called Bombs over Baghdad where there is a line: ‘And God just remains silent’.
      It’s been going through my head since being bombarded with all these lessons for humanity that are mushrooming,
      literally pushing up and out like a ‘room.

      • i am a gemmy, o winged one. :) and when i saw the first eq it was right after boston and conspiratorial gemrising went OOH, iran, retaliation! the scalar warfare has begun! but then they kept happening. the whole planet ringing life a bell. wonder i we went through something in space? some weird galactic dark matter vortex… 8O

        i had never heard of john trudell, and he totally made my morning. thank you. :) i think the gods may be speaking louder, shouting even. banging on the doors. mushrooming, yes. as in cloud, too. so salut! for strange times…

  6. Transiting uranus in 12th house in my astro. I did an reading on me and this leo i clashed with. It ends up that i have attracted him into my life to conquer my weak mars as i have been over the top in the way i react to him. So yay for emotional maturity. The tao has been soothing my soul and the iching. difficulties, difficulties, not your fault. the way is open. Joy. Anyway i realized with all this uranus energy, i gotta start being unconditional love. no more bogan ego. wish me luck. zap zone fever.

  7. Uranus direct ploughing through virgin Aries turf pretty much anything of an explosive nature could happen–and has. Hello Taurus–a palpable relief. I’m really looking forward to Jupiter getting into Cancer. Jupes in Gemini is doing my head in. Edgy energy with Lilith and Vesta! I’m also pleased the Sun has now overtaken Mars–at last.

  8. I dream of flitting off from this east coast capital and living down under, but it would never work with my girl’s visitation with her Dad. She’s Persephone and I am Demeter. I only get her half time. I can’t move too far from Hades. I envy the ZZ compliance of the other side.

    So, I forget if it was the Libra scope or Virgo – I read both signs since I am 4 degrees off from Libra rising. Anyway, MM said by Friday we’d know if someone is interested in making a move. So, who is in my email box Friday morning? Uranian Scorp. I’ve been e-flirting with that guy for THREE YEARS now. Giving it all up, really. Something must shake loose in my Aries area, right? Aries is my 7th/8th house.

    Also, the new job I have – the people are empathic and a bit goofy and sincerely nice. Went to lunch yesterday and learned one is on Adderall the other on Xanax, you know, to “feel normal.” I dream of a world where being empathic isn’t viewed/treated as a medical illness. At least I am closer to my kind. And, the work is hard. I like hard work.

    I haven’t been on the blog as much of late. Hope all the lovelies here are doing well, even if the world is on fire.

    • ” I dream of a world where being empathic isn’t viewed/treated as a medical illness.”

      I share your dream. Everyone is overmedicated and still unhappy.

      • yes this is big, so important… so far off. we do it to ourselves as much as it’s imposed from the outside… maybe more. so many layers of conditioning.

        i’m really, really thrilled that things are going so well for you! it all sounds completely brilliant. well, except the stuck part. but the us will eventually become zap zone compliant, with a maximum of kicking and screaming, i’m sure. maybe when uranus gets to 13 to square its sirius sun?

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