The Ultimate Seventies Supermod Was Cancerian

Jerry Hall by Norman ParkinsonJerry Hall was like the reigning supermodel of the Seventies/Early 80s and so iconic, she’s more of an ultra-model. Cancerian of course.  She lived  with Grace Jones, was discovered sun-bathing on a beach in St Tropez, knew everybody, partied at Studio 54 with Warhol and hung out with Gala and Salvador Dali.

Jerry Hall

The daughter of a Texan truck driver, she emerged from a hard-hard background to enjoy the fruits of fame, the global art-party scene & rock stars; she never seemed to lose her way, surviving marriage to Mick Jagger and emerging as a beautiful, independent femme in her 50s with plenty of work modelling and acting in theatre.

Jerry Hall SirenShe never comes across as neurotic but rather always as a woman’s woman and a fierce awesome mother. She says things like “I was having a Feng Shui attack.”  Her first ever fashion shoot was with Helmut Newton, her first show was for Yves Saint Laurent. As a teen she took L.S.D, had an epiphany that she had to be a model and flew straight to Paris.

It wasn’t until she took LSD at a high school party that she began to understand her potential. “A boy gave me a quarter of a tab. I didn’t know what it was!” she says. “I actually had never taken drugs and was very nervous. And I never did take drugs [afterward] ever, ever. But I locked myself in the bathroom and spent the whole night staring in the mirror, going, ‘Oh, my God.'” She runs her fingers over the contours of her face. “All of a sudden, I thought, Wow!” And so, a few weeks before her 17th birthday, she flew to Paris. “I sort of had a turning thing. One of those moments where you decide you’re going to do something really wild. And I did it.”


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63 thoughts on “The Ultimate Seventies Supermod Was Cancerian

  1. My fav Jerry Hall quote from her book Tall Tales: “I could never be Jerry Ferry”. She is referring to her relationship with Bryan Ferry.

  2. Weird. What are her other placements? I wouldn’t think she is a strong example of a Kataka. She has very intense, defined edges to me, both in her looks and public persona. What am I not seeing that makes her so strikingly Cancerian?

    • Eveything! The entire fact that it isn’t the old “cookie cutter Cancer”!!!

      These are the Camcer posts we need. To use Mystic speak: no more sooky-goo-goo bs. The Cancers I know are the Jerrys and Giselles!

      • See, I can understand Gisele. Jerry Hall, not really. Her looks and public persona strongly jibe fire to me, perhaps Leo or Aries. Definitely not a strong Cancer vibe.

        Her contemporary Bebe Buell (not as high fashion and iconic as Jerry, but their lives share similarities) and slightly younger Phoebe Cates are two successful old-school models who seem very Cancerian to me.

        Btw, I am a Cancer myself, and weary of our cookie cutter image. But still. Fail to see how Jerry Hall is Cancerian to the hilt.

        • aries moon, sag nn, uranus, pluto-jupiter (wow! that would give an edge, yes?) in leo.

            • I’m surprised – I always put her down as having strong Saggy placements – her long and lean endless legs and her kind of long horsey face (in the most beautiful way) although of course that hair…Leo!

          • not to mention Uranus in leo too. Uranus plus tight Pluto-Jupe conjunction in Leo? Striking, totes.
            I’d always thought the height, egs, and the slightly horsey teeth – implied Sagg asc, but apparently they have now discovered that height is 80% genetic. So could be leo ascendant – would explain a lot about her lucky life, love of glamour/acting and her persona, since Ascendant is what we project outward.

        • She is very power-femme. In spite of her high profile boyfriends, her book talks a lot about her relationships with her mother & sisters. I love her, too.

          • yes, she’s so athletic and strong. Love the waterfall photo, have never seen it before. Certainly not a cringing violet Cancerian. – Also a few cancerians don’t seem to be the cringing type (Courtney Love, Debbie Harry, Frida Kahlo…)

  3. HA.
    I had a LSD moment at 19 where I knew I needed to go back to school and become a scientist. I had a mind that could be used to clean up radioactive waste and make our world safer.

    I did not do it. I have a Cancer sun as well. I became a mom and farmer instead(Ceres conjunct my midheaven and south node, all in Taurus).

  4. I love the LSD story. Because it was LSD! Not, like, doing a bunch of cocaine and thinking “I’m so sexxy” but maybe a believing in yourself more kind of thing and actually following through.

    Anyone who is friends with Grace Jones is the coolest of the cool by me.

    • On the other hand, I am SO curious about ayahuasca, have heard it’s so cleansing that it’s like a combi of tenting your mind for negative termites/full on de-cluttering so you emerge literally relieved of everything you’ve been carrying around for ages.

      I would tremble with thrill to behold myself as that free.

      • Yeah! I’m intrigued as well. I’ve known people who do/have done it and they say it’s like being reborn (which is to say not entirely pleasurable but with huge benefits afterward).

        I have not done LSD as my mom’s side has a very predominant history of schizophrenia (yup…100% Irish) but once on mushrooms I bought my first plane ticket to travel alone internationally on a complete whim and it changed my life. I’ve heard others with similar psychedelic inspired moments of clarity. But then I’ve known some to keep chasing and chasing that epiphany but never act on it in reality.

      • My Sag sister just did a week in South America at an ayahuasca lodge. She loved it, felt totally safe. She lives in Baltimore and said it wasn’t too expensive to go from the states.

      • Let’s meet in Ecuador and do it, Aya is nicknamed ‘The Goddess of the Vine’. Apparently one sees a multidimensional Gaia and all the plants talk to you, tell you their uses in medicine-healing.
        Suppose to cure all addictions and anyone suffering depression. Think it activates our own natural supply of DMT, known as the Spirit Molecule.

        Le Pharmacie du Bon Dieu is an amazing book.

        True LSD is visionary, de-conditions, sweeps away the cobwebs, but not the chemical mixes that pass for it in the streets over the last 20 years.

        • I’M IN!! sounds fabulous, enlightening & I’ve been dreaming of going to south america for ages…

          • I’M IN TOO!, been wanting to try Aya for ever so long…I enjoyed my few LSD experiences, definitely opened my perception premanently

      • One quibble – there’s a fairly strict diet which goes with it – for two or three months beforehand.

        I would seriously suggest looking into the biochemistry of it before going for it – its not like a Shamanistic version of dropping a tab – this shit fucks with your biochemistry at a very deep level. The Shaman training which goes with it is not to purify the mind, its to stop the body vomiting itself inside out 😀

  5. Astro interp is an art. Jerry is temperance…carefully adjusting and readjusting the water and the fire…the ballet of being with a powerful man you actually love. Her confidence allowed her to embrace her Sun in Kataka and reflect adoration back to her Sun king. She is a masterful mama-love Kataka and in Kataka time justice trumps temperance. There is much to be learned from Jerry Hall.

  6. The first pic conveys reckless abandonment to me and I love it!

    Such an inspiring shot.

  7. i have an epic infatuation with a cancerian boy right now. I actually feel ridiculously L-zombie esque about this and i kind of can’t take it. i have venus in scorp in the 8th, he’s got pluto right on it. He is So intuitive /deep/wise and its soooo attractive to me… i need to get over it as it seems improbable at best. but GOD DAMN i havent seen someone so sexy in a long time. i never even thought much about cancerians before this which is why its funny they’re all on here now

    i actually have moon in the first so i consider my self ‘moony’… [aquarian style] but whats interesting is that when i took LSD the first time it completely changed what i thought was ‘important’ to think about. basically i saw Time differently and got sent travelling through the 5th dimension, which i haven’t been able to leave since then 😉 lol i literally haven’t stopped thinking/writing/learning about Time as a concept since then. maybe its Time for more acid who knows haaaaahahhahhah

    • Snap. Hooked on a Cancer man too. Hooked!!!! What is it about him? He’s so staid and placid and sweet and dedicated family man ish. Yeah, married so impossible. I’m also L-Zombie-esque which is very un-Cap (and I’d imagine especially un-Venus-in-Cap.) A Kataka guy is doing this to me?

      I don’t know his exact birth date so I haven’t done his chart. But something of his must be on something of mine big time. I’m a Kataka moon (complete sook stereotype Kataka moon). He’s the first man in ages who has made me feel like love, lust, passion, loyalty, admiration, etc, is possible still. I’m not that old but I really had given up on such concepts. Cynic that I am.

      Kataka man. Who’da thunk it? And he’s a professor. Sigh. Professor Kataka. So many very wrong fantasies to go with that… But we’re good mates and that’s working for me because we can drink together like buddies and I can play ‘best gal pal’ even when I’m drunk so I’m in no danger of messing up.

      • I can have love zombie tendencies (only once I’m really invested, which is rare) and I’m a Venus in Cap. But square Mars in Aries. :(

        Do you feel like with Venus in Capricorn you can sometimes be especially drawn to the image or idea of a situation? I can be really bad with that. Like it wasn’t love zombie-ing out over a guy in this one case but over my friend/mentor’s whole setup — the gorgeous apartment with the hip art everywhere, her perfect wardrobe and hair, fashion design business, friends over all the time, cute toddler running around, rich husband, etc. I think I was 21 or 22. And I didn’t actually WANT that at the time nor would I be able to pull it off, but the idea of it was so so appealing that I was attached to it and it became my goal or something.

        Now I’m realizing how silly it is and that you have to enjoy your partner in the moment and let it go wherever it goes…not be choosing because of future lifestyle. Or maybe I will change back after my Saturn return…lol

        • And this sounds like I was jealous or being all Single White Female if read literally but I swear I was happy for her! Like I just loved being around their whole family and was extremely flattered that she hired me and wanted me as a friend.

          • I know exactly what you mean. I see what ppl have, the whole package, and I go ‘yes, I’d like that thanks.’ And the image thing is so important, sometimes more than the person. Is that evil? But for example, Professor Kataka is saving the world with renewable energy and we’re working on a community issue together (how I met him.) If he wasn’t that – say if he was an office dude or something not so grand as a world-changer – I wonder if my feelings would be the same. Ugh, I don’t think it’s shallow, it’s really important to me. It makes me work harder, try to be better myself, improve my own lot in life. I want to IMPRESS them. If someone is ‘below’ me, I don’t feel that challenge.

            I’m Mars in Saggo so I’m terribly restless and not into long term stuff (actually, been a bachelorette for 2 years now. Freedom is sooo nice.) But my Kataka moon is a bit needy. Such a conflicting mess of a chart.

            (And PS, Ms Rache, I wanted to thank you personally for mentioning maladaptive daydreaming in one of your posts recently. You have no idea what benefit that has been. Out of curiosity, I researched it and it has helped me so much with a personal issue I’ve been struggling with since toddler-dom that I didn’t even know was a ‘thing’. So thank you for sharing your life here on MM and inadvertently changing mine for the better. xxxxx)

      • His node on your node?
        Honey, he is symbolising the type of man you want.
        You can’t have him but now you will settle for nothing less than what suits you in your future :-)
        He has set you up to ASPIRE, beautiful, huh?

        • Oh yes!!! My flatmate calls him my 85% perfect man. It definitely is an aspirational thing. And friendship can be forever so I’m planning on cherishing this. (And his wife is an awesome woman and Prof Kataka is a feminist so it’s all good.)


      • Venus in cap, lyra constellation / fixed stars… previously mentioned falling for a married person too, their sun was on my natal venus, my sun on theirs…complicated to say the least as it did feel as though fate had stepped in…his wife and my husband were very upset, there was no affair, but a very mutually intense relationship, we were tied up in business, it was inspirational and very emotionally painful yet carthatic and also the best experience to know what was right and what should not be…”Tis better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all”….moon in cancer (10th) square aries saturn (7th)

        • Jerry Hall is the reason I completed my fashion degree post 80s club escapism and then ended up in industry working for leading design houses, run by some of incredibly colourful characters…Amazing women and men…Some pure criminal, others visionary…

  8. You can really see the ‘Cardinal’ when a Cancer like Jerry or Gisele becomes the IT girl. :) Just rulin’ the world from a place of emotional stability … wasn’t Mystic saying crabs are the MOST together emotional peeps? Once they harness that awesome feely-feeling potential, I guess they gain all the ‘potential’ they need. lol

    Yeah, way to go Jerry. :)

  9. Crabs with lots of fire or fire moons or fire asc are not always obviously Crabs

    I call them Crabs with Brightly Coloured Shells – they do more of the “Look at me” than hiding under a rock. They tend to be quite vulnerable as their instinct is to have a shell but their fire begs it to be noticed 😉

    Princess Diana, her son William and the USA are all Cancerians with Saggy ASC (like me!)

    This blend gives an irresistible but not obvious promise of mothering/nuturing…I always attract men who want mothering but I am the least maternal person you’ve seen or met (don’t cook, no Cancerian boobies, don’t fuss) I’m an out and out Sag but underneath that I still have that deep intuitive caring mother type thing I guess!!

    • Leo merc and Sagg moon here. People never pick me for a Cancer unless they know a lot about astrology and have hung around me for awhile – particularly in the domestic environment. Personally I would’ve thunk that the boobs were a dead giveaway ….


      • Ha ha I know a Cancer Sun Sag Moon Leo Merc and she has boobage too

        but me no – I’m very saggy asc long and lean, people never believe I’m a crab even when I tell them, plus I have my Jupiter ruler in Leo too – just so much fire

        But I know I’m a crab, I sense it (and love it) :)

  10. Not a Cancerian but am loving this Cancer bender we’re all on. Think it’s hilarious. I do have my moon in the first house in Aquarius. Am a very detached parent but my children’s well-being comes before everyone and everything else. Without question. Also married and divorced a Cancerian. He has always venerated me as our children’s mother. Bless him.

    Bring on the Taurus bender next!

  11. I like Jerry Hall. A strong woman, indeed. I remember one quote though.. She played Mrs Robinson naked on stage in ‘The Graduate’ in London. A disappointed reviewer said all he could see was ‘Two fried eggs in the gloaming’. Not a mention of her acting ability.. Just trying to get an ogle in :)

    I’ve got an early Cancer Sun and late Ascendant – it’s certainly a trying time but liberating too. So my Libran Moon (conj Mars in 4th house) is particularly strong being the chart and sun ruler and in its own house.

    Medical astrology: I had my chart read and the astrologer remarked that the Moon/Mars conjunction could describe the anaemia that I’ve had re. uterine fibroid. (iron/mars – 4th house-womb). All that creativity needs to be birthed too, so to speak, so have taken up painting classes again. Interesting articles on Zap zones with the cardinal signs Mystic. Thanks :)

    P.S. sorry to bore people with medical details – I just thought it strange how Cancer, and its ruler Moon/Mars in 4th house could be interpreted.

  12. Kataka wifey was a model in her younger years. Although quite slim, she had (has) curves to die for. Advertising directors would use those curves , rarely her full body to define the product, a lot of shoots were done by the ocean, or water. Does anyone remember the Kool Mints ad ?

  13. Loved Jerry Hall in the 70s/early 80s. I remember reading an interview with her somewhere, and she talked about how she had been a wallflower/mousy type/ignored by boys until she bleached her hair. In my teenage mind I figured as I too was a wallflower/mousy type/ignored by boys, all I needed was a packet of Industrio-Blonde Home Job from the chemist and all would be well. Needless to say it was a total disaster. I’m Leo rising – I hair, therefore I am – so I spent almost a day and indecent amounts of money at the hairdressers having my tiger stripes fixed up :)
    I still love Jerry… she seems to be her own woman, living on her own terms, strong, deep, makes things happen, and that would seem to be the embodiment of a cardinal water sign, imo.

  14. she even has an eiffel tower upon her cap. only a cardinal moon ruled sun could get away with that.

  15. I have Sun in Kataka and Moon in Capricorn. I’d like to know how to read and work my double Taurus Mars and Venus in the 3rd House. I’ve found MM’s Cosmic Love Tips to be very helpful.

  16. I had a beautiful yoga class today – just me and the teacher and another woman. We went over time, and then were chatting for a while afterwards. The teacher said she was a Cancerian and said ‘I love to be near water’ talking about a day out at the beach with her kids recently. I didn’t like her at first but she has really grown on me. She also said she was widowed at 21 with two babies and had to be strong for years to look after them, much later realised how wounded she was and started her healing journey. Beautiful, compassionate and strong.

  17. My favourite shot of Jerry Hall is of her breastfeeding her son with that total “Yeah ?” look on her face.

    I also really enjoyed her interview with Clive James. At one point she’s talking about modelling and just turns her head, looks straight at camera, and flashes a perfect smile. You could have taken that screenshot and put it straight on the cover of Vogue – a total pro !

    I don’t usually have a lot of time for models (apart from an odd obsession with Miranda Kerr I can’t explain, except to suggest that one day her body might split open and a ravening beast from the 6th Circle emerge – there’s something just ever so slightly *off* about her and I can’t pin it down)… ahem, but I digress. I DO have a lot of time for Jerry Hall – she’s clever, and smart; fierce, proud and canny. I have to honestly say her looks are the least interesting thing about her.

  18. interesting astro for the weekend… Ive had such opposites of emotions… But have loved the Venus mars energy… my crush has developed big time, and lets just say I have a lot of energy! which is having to be channeled into excercise or I might go nuts… Ive just had a communication difficulty with someone very dear to me, an elder in my life, and that has compounded a very big issue I’m dealing w… Not feeling understood by loved ones! so the push and pull is intense but I’ve realised all I can do is go with it and work out hard!

    • OH.. PS. I just participated in a filming of a commercial as an “extra”… first time for me. I have always wanted to do something like that. It was a good time!

  19. My favourite JH quote
    “My mother said it was simple to keep a man, you must be a maid in the living room, a cook in the kitchen and a whore in the bedroom. I said I’d hire the other two and take care of the bedroom bit” ha!

    • That is similar to her book quote. To keep a man happy you must be a maid in the kitchen and a whore in the bedroom, but I got those two confused. I love her wit.

  20. Best job: I once worked with a girl whose first job, after graduating with a nursing degree, was as nanny to Jerry Hall and Mick Jagger (all the best to you, if you happen to be reading this !!!)

    so, hard life, travelling the world on the Voodoo Lounge tour, as you do.

    She said Jerry Hall and the other Stones women were surprisingly grounded…. that when in Australia, Jerry in particular liked nothing better than to get out into nature and the national parks …. while the guys were out doing promos and whatever

    I’m generally NOT into supermodels and all the body image crap that goes with that, but jerry seems to be her own woman, which is totally to be admired.