Charlotte Olympia Zodiac Shoes

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Astrology ShoesSo i don’t know if i would actually wear these Zodiac Shoes (i’m more intrigued by the Reebok classic series or trying the new Adidas Breeze) BUT these look divinely made & obviously a fabulous conversation point. In fact, fuq it, they should be compulsory so that we know what sign everyone is. What do you think?

Charlotte Olympia herself is a Gemini, odd as this the one item of 12 where the design seems less lucid.


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26 thoughts on “Charlotte Olympia Zodiac Shoes

    • £500.00?! Omg. No wonder I liked them.

      Well, there’s goes that idea.

      They do look well made and are cute. Not a fan of the little heel though. Would be even cuter if they were complete flats.

  1. Virgo stuff is always ugly. I’d rather wear Aries or Scorpio. People would be confused.

  2. You know those red hot metal shoes they put on witches in the middle ages? Yeah, I would probably prefer them to these £500 shoes.

    As for wearing your symbol, well, hmm. The other day I saw an older woman who had a pronounced hump. Atop that rounded hunch she had a faded Leo astro symbol. So many shades of wrong!

    Leo as a lion tho is a really ott emblem to wear, a bit antique royal naff. A Scorpion is very classic – especially that Drive jacket of Ryan Gosling’s.

    The nicest way to wear yr sign I have seen here has to be as jewellery (Ram horns & mer goats in gold stand out as faves).

  3. lol! i want it to be a secret! toy prize in every container!

    i hae underwear with libra symbols. i figure if you are that close…

  4. I think it would be more intriguing to have the zodiac sign on the sole or insole…

  5. No way I’d ever wear them but I like the litte nose ring detail on the bull.

    I feel like the astro-identifying tatts I see most often are Scorpio or Sagg.

  6. I wouldn’t wear them {shudders} but it would take a person of much poise and personality to pull these off.

    I took a look at Cap. Not bad, I like the Goat design. Don’t like the Leo though. For some reason it doesn’t strike me as regal at all. It’s too plush toy, cutesy even! My Leo Rising recoils.

  7. I kind of like the ones for Aquarius, the design for the glyph, but I prob wouldn’t wear them, either. Not really my style.
    No worry of that, anyway, as I couldn’t afford them. They’d be something like $800+ USD.

  8. Scorpio in Sun, Merc, and Neptune, so I had to look at the Scorpio shoes, of course, and…


    Besides the absurd price tag, it’s just too much advertising for my taste. Doesn’t fit in with the whole stealth/subtlety/mystery thing we’ve got going on. Unless it’s good jewelry or a well-done tattoo, or the aforementioned Drive jacket on Gosling, seeing my symbol out there and obvious like that is a turn-off.

    Also, bright blue? For Scorpios? How could she have possibly settled on bright blue for us? Okay, water sign, but BRIGHT blue?!

  9. horrors!! they look like a gemini whim design to me- fun in a theoretical sense, an experiment with getting into different style-minds, why not? but to actually wear… hee hee hee. but i’m probably biased- flats, all flats, are right up there with crocs and khaki pants and bad perms and retro 80s scrunchies in my fashion hierarchy of hideousness.

  10. Leo stuff needs to stop being orange. I have never known any Leo of any gender to even remotely like orange; personally I find it rather hideous.

    Gold looks somewhat nice on its own, but add a golden lion as as accent against regal purple and its a win :)

    • This Leo quite likes orange, I can wear a pale citrus orange, but the deeper shades don’t suit. Love me umber, but cannot. Tbh I usually wear turquoise, aquamarine, jade & forest greens, grey and white/black.

      Orange is quite individual, I think it is why I attempt it on occasion.

    • I’m Leo Rising and I personally like and rock orange as a statement piece.

      Not necessarily a garish neonish orange, there are different shades and tones of orange from warm to bright to rich to muted, as well as blending into more yellow or reddish tones too.

      Though I must admit it is a relatively recent love, I used to hate orange all the way into my late 20s.

  11. hmm. The saggi ones appeal most to me. the bold yellow, and also because they have the least ‘twee’ astro enamel symbol. I reckon I could make them work. the style is borderline faux-suede slippers imo… but the gold and a couple of other things sort of takes the edge off, maybe. I think the symbols could be more simple – or less chunky on the toe? I don’t know.. personally i am wierd about clunky toe ornamentation on shoes: bows, tassels, whatever, it never feels quite right for me. I don’t know anyone who has $750AUD to blow on a pair of shoes (except maybe my shopaholic surgeon relative)