Bamboo Is Brilliant Feng Shui

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Bamboo is brilliant Feng Shui because it’s green, living and resilient as fuq. For a symbol of thrusting growth, prosperity and ever-green Awesome, you need look no further than this beloved “cure” of Feng Shui masters. And mistresses.

I love having bamboo around in simple transparent glass vases as it seems so clean & simple but packs a powerful thwack if you’re into the Housewitchery.

It’s not dead – cut flowers are in the process of dying – so it’s symbolic of tremendous life force and it is obviously not the hideocrity of the bonsai.

Even pictures of bamboo growing are considered fab.

Plus, bamboo is cheaper decor-wise (because it lives so long) and 1000x more eco friendly than cut flowers. Some say that when you place bamboo in your home, you are inviting in the soul or the spirit of the bamboo – a new guide, if you will.

Bamboo Feng Shui

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174 thoughts on “Bamboo Is Brilliant Feng Shui

    • i have to say i like eating bamboo myself. i suck at growing those things. they always get that white mildew on them eventually.

  1. I swear by 4 sticks of bamboo for writing /research – put in right place in house and off you go. I’ve also notice that this combo works well for general friendliness of peeps…don’t know why…

      • You’ll need to work that out based on flying stars for year (and it helps to know about your own house ‘period stars’). Mine is in south east corner this year. Was in east last year. Well over 300,000 words written in this period, including published book, four longer research reports, around 30 shorter reports, plus 180+ blog posts on my website.

        • I understand that four was a number not used by the Chinese because saying ‘four’ sounds like death in that language. When i research four ‘bamboo’ sticks – there is never a reference except to not buy or give 4 stick bamboo to people because of the death reference.

        • Wow!!! What do you write about, if you don’t mind me asking?

          I would loveeeeeee this! Great tip, thanks!

          I’d love to get into more of an organised groove with my writing aspirations. Do you have a strong mercury placement in your chart?

  2. I’ve got Bamboo sheets, so soft, and silky to sleep on. No bamboo plants though because there’s no area of my Palace that needs wood element. I just need metal, metal, and more fuqing metal, Oh, and a water feature…

      • I have bamboo pajamas, lovely pink from Acacia. They don’t sell them anymore, but so soft and cool in the summer. Bamboo sheets would be so nice.

    • I love the image that conjures.

      Would love someone to feng my place. Nightmare I am sure. I only know how to not clutter and beautify basics nothing cure like.

      What is the system that you are working off there Saturnalien?

      • I use traditional Flying Star Feng Shui. I started doing a course about 2 years ago but when it came time to ‘feng my new palace’ I decided I still only know enough about it to be dangerous, so I ended up getting one of my course tutors to do a professional consult.

      • I kick in every time with this one :) Mystic has a freind called Liz Wiggins who does remote consults and who does disounts for Mystic subscribers. She’s GREAT ! Her work has made a massive difference to our place :D

        …although Mr Squeaky has an obsession with the lucky bamboo, so I’ve had to move it from the centre of the house to the North West corner of the Family Room, on top of the airconditioner where he can’t reach/upend/destroy it…..

  3. I love real bamboo! Tastes great. Great fabric. Great for building. Just all round great!

    That “lucky bamboo” not so much – buy the regular plant at a third the price for twice as many shoots, trim it down nicely and don’t pay ridiculous amounts for it as an imposter “bamboo”.

    • yeah it’s weird how it’s referred to as bamboo / chinese lucky plant (no disrespect to mystic – I love these feng shui cure posts) it’s dracaena and it’s african – bamboo is a grass that grows in China. I grow the dracaena in fish bowls, I like it because it gives a strong vertical line in the water and the leaves grow out the top of the bowl. I always wanted to put lotuses in with it so I could have floating flowers as well.

  4. And shoots of green grass always resemble new beginnings for me, walking in it…. and trickling streams in forrests.

  5. I am really drawn to bamboo so planted a whole strip of them in front garden – they look awesome and have a great vibe …

  6. There’s a whole genre of Asian art just of bamboo paintings. The leaves of bamboo were considered especially suited to calligraphy with a brush, so many bamboo paintings have large sections of writing, usually a poem. It was considered essential to draw the leaves and stems expressively but simply, which became an exercise in Zen.

    Here’s a good example from approximately the 17th century in China:

  7. There’s bamboo quilt batting. It is incredibly easy to work with. You place it between the two layers of fabric and it does not move. Sits still while you sew. Feels very earthy.

  8. I’ve got some on my desk at the new job and some on my table at home. Funny thing: at my new job I work in two different offices and in both my desk faces my best direction.

  9. It makes really great Eco floorboards too! I prefer having pot plants in the house to cut flowers, cheaper and last longer. My mum planted bamboo as a privacy screener to hide the neighbours house along the fence. I’ll have to pay her a visit and get a bit for my house!

  10. Bril! Oddly enough, I have been wanting a bamboo plant for my office space, which definitely needs fend-shui-Ed in a big way :)

  11. Kataka wife makes bamboo nibs and pens for her school art students. The ink work is amazing. Beautiful drawing tool.

    Bamboo and hemp have so many applications for flooring, fibre and building materials. Both grow quickly and easily , why use natural forests of hardwoods.

  12. I have a baby bamboo plant inside, its so lovely… It did suffer when I went away. For a few days on a dry windy weekend… So its been outside with the ferns to try and rejuvenate its had some seaweed fertiliser and has some new growth… Does anyone know if I should cut it back to encourage new growth….

    Next bamboo goal is to get some big black bamboo for some big pots, as a renter I need to take with me… But I am inspired by a friend who has trees in pOts she moves around… im living indoor plants soo much! definitely bring life into my space….

  13. Bamboo has the tensile strength of steel I read. Only prob for building is the chemicals applied to seal it with are toxic.
    Used it to build cabins on the coast of where I used to live in South America. Everything rusts & spoils in the salty sea air.
    Made me appreciate concrete.

    • The process of making fabric with bamboo fibre is also toxic and because the fibres are extruded I doubt they retain the strength inherent in the plant in its natural state. Hemp is a more sustainable choice for textiles due to its long, strong fibre. The sustainability of bamboo fibre is a bit of a greenwash.

      • I’d been wondering for a while how ‘soft and silky’ bamboo fabric could come from a plant that has the tensile strength of steel – lots of chemicals and industrial processes that’s how.

        Also a word of caution about planting bamboo out in the garden. Make sure it’s a clumping variety and even then make sure it’s VERY well contained. Many a tear has been shed and lots of dollars spent eradicating running varieties taking over gardens and also invading neighboring gardens.

        Having said that I love the look of bamboo and am gonna get me some :)

        • I planted clumping and it is still there 15 years later . Friends thought I was crazy. I didn’t water it or touch it and it shaded beautifully. I did plant a non clumping one and left it in its pot but it broke out and I found shoots 5 metres away in the neighbour’s garden Contain in concrete- it is super strong but beautiful.
          Loved the creaking sound it makes in the wind.

    • Lol, isn’t that true. Funny, I always felt that way about cut flowers. I’ve always hated getting flowers, as lovely as they are, they strike me as so symbolic of death. Worst gift ever.

      • Flowers are total omens of death, but I still LOVE getting them. I’m pretty Plutoic and Libran and to me, flowers softly say “its true that nothing lasts forever, but it can be beautiful while it does”

        • By Libran, I mean I have 4 planets in Libra. Libra rules my 2nd house and Saturn is transiting there and I am realizing how much beauty is a personal value to me. Now, how to have beauty and save at the same time…figuring that one out, lol

      • “Pluto would like you to know its not just cut flowers that are dying.” HEART.

        AriesLove, I always hated getting flowers, but never interpreted it quite that way. It was more either:

        a.) a gentleman getting me flowers because he’s being romantic, which introduces this awkward moment where, if this occurs in my home I have to STOP everything I’m doing to find a vase and arrange the flowers in it because I can’t exactly just set them down and forget about them. If outside the home I’m expected to… what… just hold onto them?

        or b.) a gentleman getting me flowers because he pissed me the fuq off and is trying to make amends, in which case: what the hell do flowers have to do with the reason I’m mad? NOTHING.

        • I had those same associations until my sister got a mastectomy and received tons of flowers and they all seemed to say “you’re dead, you just haven’t realized it yet, same as me.” Morbid, really morbid, but still beautiful.

          • Ooof… I never thought of it that way. I’ve been around a lot of sickness, but the sad slow kind that happens over weeks and months in dark rooms, the kind where everyone’s attention has been drawn back to their own lives and flowers stop coming in. But I can definitely see how it would be freaky to be recovering from surgery and surrounded by all these flowers like some sick pre-funeral arrangement.

            • I’m sure it was no one’s intent, to make her feel like she was at her own funeral, but that’s how it felt and it was awkward. But, now I think flowers are signs of death all the time. On the plant or off the plant – they’re designed to be temporary, just there to replace the plant, reproduction. Still beautiful, like my sister is/was :-)

              • I always think of flowers a bringing in new life and growth. I love getting flowers and if I bring flowers, I help getting a vase and trimming the stems. One of my favorite memories of my childhood is walking in the woods with my grandfather, picking posies for my mother and grandmother. But maybe being Sun, Pluto,Mercury, and Uranus in 8th house Virgo I think of life and death differently about what is life and what is death? hmm

  14. I had a bamboo shoot in my old office and it kept dying. I would replace it, and it would die later. I n retrospect, i take it as a sign that I needed to get out of that office environment.

  15. Never really got the flowers in a vase thing. Despite being vegan I have a strange horror/lust fascination with taxidermy and surgery, which I hear is bad feng, but then I would die of boredom in a nice beige house so how to you feng a pluto driven 4th house and scorpio on a saturn bender? hehe.
    I would be much more stoked with live herb garden or nifty wall live garden thing. I love how much eco design is jumping forward to kill 90s anti aesthetics hippiedom.

    • Darkling, my taste tends towards the macarbe too and I wasn’t exactly delighted at the prospect of having to go all beige or pretty in order to avoid bad chi flowing through my palace…

      So I was very happy to be forwarded a link written by a well-respected Feng Shui Master regarding Feng Shui paranoia…

      “Paintings or décor

      Paintings are a form of art and expression. There are no rules on what you can have on the walls because it has nothing to do with Feng Shui. If you love Gothic art or movie posters of ‘Saw’ or ‘The Omen’ and want to display them in your home, by all means, go ahead. It doesn’t make your home haunted. Remember: Buy inspiration, not superstition.” – Joey yap

      If stuffed animals inspire you and make you happier than naff unicorn statuettes, no problem! x

      • I like this :)
        I also know I can;t be the only one suspicious ;) x

        I only use taxedermy as an example, as it all just feels like a ploy to whitewash everyone’s homes in neutral colours as not ‘unbalance’ or disturb the chi type thing. More rental sales than lived in. I get that same mistrust i do from bible bashers, like, where is the personal expression in that? not that I have to worry mind you. i live in a sharehouse in hackney so someone not trashing my kitchen every evening would be a nice cure. There are 2 of us trying to make it nicer and the rest is beyond my control, did the red tape thing last time in the bathroom as a cure and every one sniggered bitchily.

  16. “hideocrity”?! lol! maybe it’s a Cap thing to like bonsai — something that grows slowly but surely.

    I’m not too into bamboo plants, but bamboo products (there are even keyboards and mice!) are awesome.

    As far as plants in the home… I’m more of a fern/orchid/succulent arrangement in a mini-planter/african violets kind of gal. I lived for a few months with a Libra who DID NOT ALLOW living plants in the home — only cut flowers. She required fresh bouquets surrounding her at all times, and if they died it literally affected her mood to the point where it was best just to buy her a new bunch of flowers. Better yet, buy the flowers singly and arrange them yourself — that got Libra bonus points.

    • Thanks for saying that. I like bonsai too. They make me think of a survey of life, like looking across a landscape from above. And living with one (that could potentially outlive you) is a powerful thing to contemplate.

      • For some reason this reminded me of people who keep parrots as pets. What happens if you get a Macaw at age 50, knowing they can live for up to a HUNDRED years? Do you put the bird in your will?

        Sorry, totally tangent prone this evening.

        • Depending on local laws, you may be required to include a parrot in your will to make sure someone will care for it – or whatever exotic species it is you want to adopt – that may out live you.

          PS – I love bonsai

    • “hideocrity”?! yeah I thought the same. How is bonsai any more hideous than two cut sticks of bamboo in a glass jar?! “shock: And those “lucky” plants are ugly.

      I LOVE BONSAI !! :) and cut flowers. If I was rich I’d have cut flowers in my home at all times! Especially peonies… so pretty. :)

      I adore succulents too.

      Cap rising. Venus in Libra

      • “two cut sticks of bamboo in a glass jar” hahahaha! My feelings exactly… they are just awkward.

        mmmm peonies. I miss having a garden!

        • :) I would so love a garden! I’m an apartment dweller and I miss having a balcony. Current abode doesn’t have one. Hence the bonsai purchase. Can’t wait to move into my new pad later in the year and start the potted plant collection.

          I was reading an article about Claude Monet on the weekend. He claimed he was only good for two things – painting and gardening. Of course he was master of both! :)

          • sounds like something to look forward to! This year I’ve been living in a basement apartment that doesn’t get enough light from its single window even for shade plants… and with a cat that will eat/knock over everything. Depressed me like whoa.

            Love that anecdote about Monet… maybe in another life I’ll be able to do nothing but paint and garden. :)

      • lol! i used to call those lucky bamboo “stoner bonsai”. because it’s as if someone wanted to make cool shapes and then just gave up. i know they come in spirals but it looks so …um… idk.

  17. This plant is not true bamboo. It just looks like it which is why they call it that. Yes bamboo is awesome and is a eco friendly renewable source. Bamboo does not just take over – unless you buy the ‘running’ type and that is very restricted now. Clumping or single is the go. So all is well with bamboo.

      • Are Agave good luck then?
        Have 9 i grew from seed, took 6 months maybe 9 to sprout. In large terra cotta pots in a row and now 3 food tall. They would be huge if in the earthen ground as they seem to tailor themselves to the space allotted.
        Feng says not to have spikey plants outside you door but i consider them my protection from unwanted visitors.
        A friend said they are worth much money, but not for sale coz they my babies i’m proud of doing from seed :-)

  18. I’ve got an agave cutting growing in a vase. It’s awesome, still growing strong after 4 years! & like you Mystic I love it cos it’s a gorgeous living thing & certainly more cost-effective than cut flowers. Cost bit more at the beginning but well worth it.

  19. Chinatown has bamboo for less than $1.00 and big ones too. It’s easy to buy a bunch, I guess I will now. I hear that the number 9 is a lucky money number, like 9 bamboos? I have my beautiful white flowers in the cylindrical green vase in that exact degree! We shall see. So I guess the bamboo will go in the wealth house in that specific corner of my home, which is presently occupied with a yellow rose at this time.

  20. Right. I’m gonna go ahead and put it right out there –
    Feng Shui gives me the Flying (Star) Sh*ts.
    Sure, I like things tidy and some semblance of order…but come on, we can’t all rock beige (barf) and this one chair in a room crap. *shudder*
    I like my stuff, my especially my DARK stuff.
    And lets face it, EVERYTHING on this planet is in some form of decay – why fear it?
    Rant over, thank-you.

    • :lol: Agree! I hate Feng Shui too. Just HATE it. It’s bollocks! And yes, I have tried it – a “professional” Feng’d my home. Nothing happened. It doesn’t work for me.

      • Interesting, so questions I have are:
        Does Feng Shui work for everyone? Is it the practitioner who was faulty?
        Are the areas needing improvement in a person’s life always related to Feng Shui on some level?

        • Simple answer: How can ANY one thing work for everyone? Then the whole world would be an entire planet of ‘beige’. It takes more than one colour to make a rainbow!

          All I know to be true for ME is:
          Messy house = Messy head.

          If things need fixing in my life I take steps to fix ‘em.

          Yours truly,
          Scorpy premenstrual cranky pants.
          *pops another Ferrero Rocher in mouth and throws wrapper on floor in defiance*

        • Andy, Feng Shui is just a part of the picture – no true Feng Shui Master would claim that ‘fenging’ your house is going to solve all your problems or make you immune to your fate (as per your astrology chart)…

          Also, I would, much like a bad astrology reading, I would tend to question the practioner more than the practice if it didn’t work for me. (There are more quacks than genuine Masters out there.)

            • I had a feeling that was the case. It would be inappropriate for me to comment on that here. I used someone else for mine. That’s all I’m saying.

        • Andromeda, maybe I’m too pragmatic to believe. When I received my Feng Shui report there was a section in there about having to believe it works. Hmph. What’s the point of that? Wy can’t it work on its own!!!

          Putting a water feature in your work area at home isn’t going to get you a promotion at work. A lot of blood sweat and tears will. That’s the beauty of Saturn: work hard, get results. That’s my Cap Asc talking. People have over the years said to me: “you’re so lucky” NO! I worked my arse off for everything I have (Saturn in 2nd house). It wasn’t due to magic.

          And I refuse to believe that my non-existent love life is due to bad Feng Shui! Back in my 20′s and 30′s I was very “lucky” and I didn’t even know what Feng Shui was. And I had so much rubbish under my bed.

          I blame anti(social) media and Neptune in Aqua era. It’s changed everything. Heaven forbid actually bumping into someone in real life and starting up a conversation. Everyone’s too busy tweeting, texting, facebooking etc. And I’m guilty of it too. That’s why I make an effort to put my phone away and chat-chat to peeps. Saggo moon loves it. What was my point? LOL. I’ve gone off on a tangent.

          Anyway, my Leo sister has alway wanted to get married and have kids. She’s never been into astrology or Feng Shui but she does have a packed 7th house, so maybe it was destined. I have an empty 7th, maybe it’s not meant for me in this life..

          • I can’t tell much about this life, my area of interest is in the other ones. :)
            Still, I am feeling your pain and am saddened at your description of your 7th. As NN in 7th, it is my deepest fear you are describing. I sometimes fight visions of my current life going up in smoke (you know those awful stories you read about crashes, fires) I guard my thoughts not wanting to manifest!
            I have an empty 12th, yet it’s all I ever had been interested in (Piscean MC/Neptune in 6th/workplace tho).
            Where is Libra, where is Venus etc in your chart Scorpbot?
            Your pragmatism re Feng Shui is healthy & realistic having spoken to Feng practitioners! Some go in and stick a crystal in the window, charge 3 grand & leave.
            I tend to be more into the energy work of houses. For eg. I am not happy about the smart meter being installed. No, I don’t think I need more microwave range radiowaves next to my autistic son’s bedroom thanks.. Actually I am about to buy an emf reader.
            But as for the colours, etc. I just think that it is such a personal diagnosis, that higher guidance needs to come in and if a practitioner cannot access that for a client there is a problem.

            Did a space clearing the other day for a girl, there was a real problem energy which moved on, but that ain’t got shit to do with the furniture.

            • The other life. :D I hear you. I have Saggo Sth node there.
              My libra Venus is in 9th house. Squares my Cap Asc. Too self sufficient perhaps

          • I have that empty 7th house going on as well…. starting to embrace the idea of going through life without a partner. Not that I lack for options, but truth be told, I’m less happy with one!

            • Empty 7th myself. My DC is 26 Pisces, which is “New Moon decides its time for people to go ahead with their different projects” in sabian symbols. I wish I had a partner…we could save more $ that way.

              • lol, I used to feel that way about having a partner, “gosh, it’s just not fair that life is cheaper and more affordable with an S.O.” … But I stayed in crap live-in relationships long enough to have a change of heart. Not having to make life and financial decisions by committee is priceless. Hell, I get irritated even having to jointly decide what to have for dinner. *cough* Can’t say it makes me a sympathetic character, but c’est la vie.

                • LOL, so true. I love my independence but with Saturn transiting in my 2nd, I am into all options that can help me save $. That’s my romantic fantasy, lol!

                • :lol: you crack me up saturnsayshi.

                  I feel that irritation about food choices. “dinner?…. I had dinner yesterday… “Hmph.

                  The monotony of it all.

                  • <3

                    one of my favorite quotes:

                    "Any idiot can face a crisis — it's day to day living that wears you out."

                    – Anton Chekhov

                  • Too true! Love it!! and not just day to day… Life to life if you’re an old soul. Haha.

                    I find with quotes I like that there’s often shared astro. As with Chekhov.

                    He’s an Aqua / moon in Aries and Merc in CAP! :) venus in Pisces. Knew he’d have some Cap.

    • lol! I don’t disagree, but coming from a family with at least one certifiable hoarder, I’ve taken a lot of comfort in the “decluttering” aspects of Feng Shui. I like the idea of keeping everything organized and in working order…. but the more woo-woo “put a red ribbon under your bed for a goooood time” type crap is ridiculous.

      And breaking down rooms into baguas inevitably makes the EMPTY center of the room/house the most important unifying area, when really I’d just like some damn walking space and not worry about trying to introduce the Earth element or the color yellow or whatever crap.

      So there you go.

        • guilty as charged, scorpbot! Cap sun/Aqua moon/Saggo rising. Outer planets all having a party in my first house.

            • heehee, thanks! I can’t complain, altho I’m glad to have venus in pisces for some watery influence. I’d be way cold without it. let’s see, you’re… scorp sun/saggo moon/cap asc? trade ya! I’d love to trade my signs around… have an aqua sun, sag moon and cap rising.

              • wish I was colder. Haha… Wouldn’t have to worry about sex all the time and I wish I didn’t have Venus in Libra. That’s the fly in the ointment – that need to be partnered and going all love zombie when I see someone good looking. UGH. My Scorp/Saggo/Cap rising would be quite content being alone.

                Would’t trade my Saggo moon for anything or my Cap asc. Aqua sun would be cool or a Cap sun. I love Caps!!

    • Feng Shui is not about beige and having one chair!

      There’s so much bullshit new age superstitious information out there, some of it being perpetuated by so-called professionals (big names too) so they can make extra money selling you naff Chinese folk cures, and so many people calling themselves professionals in an unregulated industry it’s no fuqing wonder people think it’s a crock of shit. Argh.

      • See, this is the point of argument I am most interested in, as I have a deeply healthy respect for certain practices I am open to this, and i am aware of the total bollucks newage whitewash on magicial law that equally irritates me, which is why I ask you about this to get some decent information about the practice. Anyone who is smart enough to not be conned into the allure of beige BS and talk about the actual dynamics has my attention. Frustrated as you are, this is a very good argument to have and a safe place to discuss this as MM has her own style on Astro as well, which you point out, is another area of question in those that get it and those spinning total shit.x

  21. thanks Mystic, I have been wondering where to plant some in my yard. You can grow bamboo on your property outside too. It comes in many different varieties. I think it will make a nice natural fence.
    But now wall paper and carpets, yes..since I know nothing of decor, i really apreciate these tid bits of advice:)
    I am going out to buy my a little plant in a vase today..

  22. I hate this model’s clothing. I want to fix it for her. It looks like she’s holding cardboard against her skin and it may fall at any moment. The “check out my neck, I’m sexy and chill” vibe makes no sense with clothing so uncomfortably ill-fitting.

    Anyway, I’m just ranting because THERE’S AN OWL in the lobby at work! A mini-petting zoo – alpaca, turtle, lizard, bugs…but the owl really got me. How can I work when there’s an owl around I could be hanging out with? lol. The guy who cares for it is a former drug dealer who went to 33 funerals in one year and just had enough. Now, he saves raptors. Pure poetry.

    • His organization is taking over a former youth detention center in the inner city and turning it into a raptor reserve. LOVE!!!!

      • I got to pet an owl. I am so excited I feel like laughing/crying/peeing my pants. No work is getting done today, lol.

          • I am jealous of my own self right now, lol. I read some astro scope the other day that said I should pay attention to messages in the coming weeks and notice what falls in my lap. (sound advice for all times) Anyway, I realize nature makes me so freaking happy. I’m getting to know my Sagittarius North Node.

            • Talk about a spirit guide coming right up to meetcha. I’d be terrified of losing a finger!

              I’m that way with nature…. put me on an open hiking trail with nothing but wildflowers and clouds to keep me company and you’ve never met a happier person. (Mars conj. Asc in Saggo, plus Saturn/Uranus in Saggo — I have to WALK IT OUT OR ELSE). Put me in the confines of regular life with bills and routines and you’ve never met a more desolate person, I get all caged-Jupiter/Uranus, sad-Saturn, low Pluto-y. I saw a bobcat hunting at dusk outside an abandoned church the other day and it was magic. Looked right at me, didn’t give a fuq and kept on with its thing. So rad.

              • I was nervous about petting it. I went up to it about 3 times first. So cool! The omens this week – so far I realize, nature just makes me feel better, happier, more capable, more beautiful. I like fancy stuff, but its only time in nature that recharges my batteries. Noise, pollution, frays my nerves. I was sitting by the creek the other day and snapped a new profile photo. People were all like “beautiful!” and I’m thinking “huh?” but I realize I looked beautiful because I was really happy inside, like nature shining through my face. Ahhh….its good to know what fuels me.

                • There is a wetland behind our house, and I have had purple swamphens and big ibis in the backyard in the last few days : ). Last week i counted about 60 black swans in the lake across the road, sunning themselves on the rocks with the pelicans….
                  It makes me so happy to live with the sound of birds all around me

                  • Sounds lovely! I was listening to the birds in the swampy area behind my house the other day. I thought “I don’t know what they’re saying, but I am sure they aren’t calling out “why, why?” So peaceful.

        • was it a barn owl? i think i read somewhere that it is akin to having the justice or balanced scales tarot card. they are the only creature i see at night that produces the goosebumps and shivers in a good way. they are so spectral and those eyes. love them. never been able to pet one. how did it feel? closest encounter with anything raptor like were when i saw a pair of two feet+ brown eagles tearing into a freshly killed coyote in southern ca years ago. that was stunning. drove up a deserted road and there they were not 10 feet away.

          • I think it was a barn owl or perhaps a Eurasian eagle owl. Not really sure. So cool, it had black eyebrow-looking feathers. It felt really, really, soft. The guy let people pet it very gently right on its breast area, which is a garbage disposal like portion where they grind up the animal and then spit out the pellet. He said you can recreate what your bird ate from the pellets. Anyway, it was soft and felt kind of hollow in that area.

            • Also, the owl was used in some show or something and flew into an electrical wire so its wing is damaged. I think that’s why he uses it for education instead of releasing it back into the wild. Man, I GOT TO PET AN OWL! I’m still giddy about it, lol

        • owls are amazing animals (as are all animals). I am glad that you had the opportunity to meet one. This could be my own ideology here, but I think an ideal sagg NN activity (also esp for a 12th house virgo! which means 6th house Pisces!) would be to contribute to making the world a better place for our little feathered / furry / scaly / leathery / finned friends. :)

  23. One of the things I loved in Lynn V. Andrews books (she’s a Pisces by the way), is that she was sitting out back of her house in meditation and listening to the wind in the bamboo trees when she heard her Native American Teacher call to her for another teaching…

  24. ~For a symbol of thrusting growth~

    Yeah, she rubbin’ some “boo” extract on her lymph nodes so she will fit into her dress..

    Next stop? Her bf…haha

    OMG, wanted to mention Mystic that I read what you had said about past life lovers and the eclipse ~after~ my dream of me and the THT (Triple Horned Taurus). Too accurate…

    Yes, we were doing it. Still say who needs a real man when you can have a dream bf as dream bf keeps probs to a minimum :) ..His Aries Venus on my Sun and SN, no doubt he was a past (or alternate/simultaneous…yadda) life lover…

    And then there was another very raunchy dream of someone else and I was well, doing an oral thing but his weenie was bent…haha…

    Bent outta shape? Who, me or him? lol

  25. another thanks Mystic … I have been lusting after , researching & planning my garden around BAMBOO ….. & now I know why !!!!!! XXX

  26. As far as i know up until 17 years ago, the Feng was arranged to the northern hemisphere. A Buddhist temple were having much trouble building in a spot i KNEW to be magical energy, in fact once pictured world wide as a super scenic beach, and was being built using Feng Shui principles so i called them on it because it should have been streamlined, no glitches whatsoever! Although it looks more like a ranch than a temple on a hill.
    Adelaide was designed accordiing to Feng as the founder was ex governor of Penang with Chinese wife. I say it’s upside down city because of the difference between northern & southern hemisphere energy. If there is a wrong way to do things then that way is chosen.
    Ridiculous, and why i call it Adders as in the snake and others call it ‘Delayed. It is on the end tail of the Great Rainbow Serpent that resides according to native culture, in the Flinders Ranges and breathes hot dry air over us in summer.

    I use what is easy and what has legs like a crystal above the entrance door, a crystal wrapped in red tissue in my wallet. Am no way wealthy but also never short of money for any of my needs, or even wants except for a return to ‘my island home’ to live out my sunset years.
    And NO clutter, even then no clutter is too much for a multi-Sagg.

    • This reminds me of Kataka daughter guess because she always brings me flowers…or her husband does now.

      Cut flowers are used as offerings to the Goddess in the Puja ceremony but bamboo is as Mystic says, not dying.

      Still, cut flowers simply go back to the ethers of the angelics or deva energies..They are as “burnt offerings” (that of physical manifestation, Maya, to the GG as when set upon the alter of the Most High, they are burnt in that light/energy..they cannot withstand another words and so karma, even something so simple as a flower, is “burnt” and offered back whence it came…Just like me and you eventually ;) )

      • Christ’s image was left on the Shroud of Turin as his physical body (it’s density) was “burnt” in the Divine Light as His Soul decended down thru His Crown Chakra in order that He transform physical reality as He did so…

        And so a Body of Light was created and He Ascended…He showed the steps another words as did Mohammed, Buddha..they all come from the same tradtion of Masters…

        Sorry to go on…it’s only

  27. As a Feng Shui Consultant I can recommend using bamboo to help support your romance energy as well as help harmonise challenging energy relating to robbery and lawsuits depending on where the energy in the building is located. 3 sticks is good to use and mine generally last 1 – 2 years. I use filtered water and sometimes a specific bamboo liquid fertiliser as well. Ikea sometimes stock them otherwise your local florist should be able to get them in for you. Bunnings sometimes has them too but usually in soil – they are best used in a glass vase with water – not with earth or pebbles.

      • Thanks Rosie – I have a few of my favourite quotes on my website as you can see – most are from the amazing Ghandi – a very wise old soul. Take care – Carolyn

  28. I have some feng shui questions!!!!!!!!

    If I use a futon as my bed and thus have it up against the wall lengthways with spaces to either side- does this still count as following the feng shui guideline of having spaces to either side of your bed?

    OR is it different because it is lengthways? Is there something else you should do if it is a futon? I know if I place my bed like this I will be sleeping parallel to the wall………. My room is such a weird shape!


    • HI Rosie – It is best to have your head against a solid wall as this provides support when you sleep. Having space on either side of your bed is not essential but having a bedhead is very important as is sleeping with a solid wall behind you. Hope that makes things clearer for you.

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