Water Problems?

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Hi Mystic,

I sometimes feel like I am too watery for this world. I am a Sun and Rising Cancer with a Scorpio moon ugggh oh and have a Pisces mid heaven. With not a drop of earth in my birth chart I sometimes feel like a fish, err/ mermaid out of water.

Besides the obvious sensitivity issues (I’ve been told i’m way too sensitive many times, by my Capricorn father obv) and compassion issues (asking my parents if we could bring every homeless person we saw home with us when i was little) and don’t even get me started on the emotions water signs must endure, life on this earthly planet can be tough for some of us crabby and other sea creatures and tends to cramp our serene style.

I find Proper office clothes to be unbearably constricting and almost itchy, paperwork and bills give me heart palpitations and making scheduled plans of any sort either with friends or for doctor appointments ie are you free on march 30th for dinner could cause a mini panic attack. whereby my totally
planned and scheduled Virgo and Leo friends don’t understand why I can’t commit to a dinner date 1 month in advance!

Maybe I’ll want to gaze at the stars that particular evening or take a bikram yoga class, drink some wine and watch the real housewives of whatever. Who knows? Maybe the non committing to plans part has to do with all the Gemini and Libra I got going on In the rest of my chart but either way I feel like I am from another planet. Do all water signs feel like this???

Anyways, just felt that i needed to write this to you. Love your site mystic! It’s my savior.
Water Problems

Dear Water Problems,

Okay i have the Sun and my fair share of planets in Pisces and i DO Relate to a lot of this, okay, all of it. Except the bills. Love paying bills (Saturn in 2nd House gets off on it) BUT i always pinned it to my being strongly Uranian – Aquarius Rising & all.ย  Let’s thrash this out – who can relate/not relate to this syndrome and what would you call your key astro signature? If you don’t know your chart, just say your sign. Is this a Water Problem?ย 

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113 thoughts on “Water Problems?

  1. Wow that’s interesting chart there. Is your Pisces MC in the 9th?
    Your chart is ruled by the Moon which would amplify poetic, compassion, sensitivity, watery stuff. A blessing is my thought.

    • Hi Anon! Your comment caught my eye because I have a Pisces MC in the 9th — where I also have an Aqua moon.

      Can you help me connect the dots on how a 9th MC Pisces would mean a Moon-ruled chart? Astro-newb here and haven’t come across anything like that yet.


      • It’s the first house cusp ruler that is your chart ruler Arrow. i.e Water Problems has Cancer Ascendant (first house cusp); Cancer is ruled by the Moon therefore her chart ruler is the Moon. And she happens to have her natal Moon in the first house amplifying this. But just say your Asc is in Leo for example, your chart ruler would be the Sun no matter what your actual Sun sign. Look for major aspects to your chart ruler, its house placement etc. Here’s a brief run down on the signs and their rulers: Aries – Mars; Taurus – Venus; Gemini – Mercury; Cancer – Moon; Leo – Sun; Virgo – Mercury (and asteroid Ceres); Libra – Venus; Scorpio – Pluto; Sagittarius – Jupiter; Capricorn – Saturn; Aquarius – Uranus and Pisces – Neptune. Hope that helps x

    • Wow thanks that sounds beautiful and poetic I really do try to see this as a blessing. I’m not sure if my Pisces mc in in the ninth? How do you know?

  2. I relate to ALL of Water Problems’ post … I have Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury & Saturn ALL in Pisces in the 8th house … and Kataka asc in 12th. I can be a sooky sooky la-la sometimes but am feeling very “fire-sign like” at mo – am speaking up, not taking rejections to heart, verbalising opinions without fear of being shot down in flames … and at other times I come home after work, get into the fetal position and ball … for no reason – I find crying cleansing – fab for skin tone :-) thanx for your post WP –

    • thanks Fishy La-La. It can be harder for us water peeps to assert ourselves but once we do watch out!!
      I can totally relate with the crying cleansing. It can be very therapeutic.

  3. Water problems, I hear you..
    Im Kataka sun, Sagg rising and Scorp moon..
    Very watery, emotional, I over empathise with others, and bills! I dont pay them until everything is disconnected! I havent married the father of my children, the only thing Ive managed to commit to is my work.
    I used to run an orphanage in Egypt and I would adopt any stray I can find.
    And I love a bath! ( my think tank),
    Yours in water..

  4. I don’t have any fire in my chart – I try to correct it by placing candles nearby.

    Perhaps you too could balance your chart by activating your physical surroundings? Just a thought…

    Mystic, I’d have never associate Saturn in 2nd House with paying bills, thought it was Cap Moon. So, it is actually my Saturn in the 2nd House foaming at the mouth if I miss the “first” day of bills – I even paid in advance..

    • Aha, Cap house 2 here, and i’m a bit weird and often pay in advance of due dates, just in case Pisces takes over and i forget what month it is, but i never actually do.

    • I’m obsessed with paying bills on time. I hate “owing people money”, which is why I still rent vs. buying a house. For a house I would need a ridiculous loan amount and that makes me nervous but renting is like throwing a large sum of money out every month; year after year. The price of property is crazy in DC.

      Anyway, I have Nothing in the 2nd (Cancer/Leo), Saturn (Scorpio) in the 5th.

      I only have one planet in an earth sign and it’s in my 7th house. Lots of water but I’m terribly responsible and grounded. I barely know how to have conventional “fun”.

      Thank you Mars conjunct Saturn in 5th/6th!

    • I have Cap moon but Neptune in the 2nd and I’m terrible with remembering to pay bills. I’ve set up most of my regular ones to go out of my bank account automatically, otherwise I just “file” them in a drawer and forget all about them. Cap moon makes me generally careful with what I spend money on, but I hate sitting down and actually going through financial stuff in detail. Neptune likes money to just flow in and out like the tide.

  5. I can definitely relate to the sensitivity (not that anyone can tell), the compassion (I just spent the past 3 hours on a depression forum trying to help out others), and the hefty emotions? Oooohhh boy. Do not get me started.

    I don’t feel like a fish/mermaid out of water, I feel a bit like a tourist from an alternate dimension who’s forgotten how to get home. Or maybe I’m here to do research. Still figuring that one out.

    I think this is to be expected of me, given my astro. Sun conjunct Neptune and Uranus in Cap, moon in the 8th (square mars and pluto). The only water in my chart is my Pluto in Scorp. I’m otherwise heavy on the earth and fire.

  6. Hello, Moon Sister..I feel for you honey, har har.. but seriously I do. As a child I found my own Cancer sun much too overwhelming – yes, even with an Aqua Moon/Virgo Rising so I can just imagine there are days you feel practically sea sick! All that tuning in, atmospheric pick up and generally feeling emotionally borderless can be trying.

    My Scorp Rising Cancer GF has a Pisces Moon, coupled with a Venusian Virgo – so her particular struggle is having all this emotional churning and being disinclined to really share it, mainly as she describes it, it’s a bit like wading through mud – sticky, sloshy, messy. However, she is also obviously very gifted in the very same ways she feels disabled i.e. will call me the second I think of her, picks up everyone else’s nuances (her own is a bit harder to do), incredibly understanding and compassionate, the list goes on.

    I’ve sort of adopted a two-speed emo policy, that is I do the things I need to do to deal with the world, not so much out of obligation but because it allows me to preserve the space I need to enjoy and relish my Moon-iness…which along with my actual moon being in Aqua also has serious space needs. I’ve also view this as a filtering issue, I accept for instance that there are people happily going about the world gleaning less information in general – some of whom it would take a wrecking ball to make a point with. Out of the 100% of info coming in, they probably get to soak up 40% of that. Ignorance is bliss so on and so forth.

    I’m never going to be one of those people, and that’s okay. I get 120% out of that 100, and some days it will always be too much. But for the most part I also tend to think, thank the Goddess it’s me who gets that – because it requires sensitivity and compassion to hold all that responsibly and kindly. Even more so to feel your way into actions that later explain why you know something other people don’t.

    I think as long as you protect your space and find a way to cherish your needs, even if your friends have to be put upon to deal with your “quirks”, then I’m sure whatever burden all this water places on you will eventually get channeled (or already is) in a way that they can value this as part of the bigger parcel of wonderful you-ness, vs. being branded a deplorably unscheduled water sign. But they have to take that cue from you. The feelings will come and go, but you need to embrace the undoubtable fact that this will always be you and that’s OK!

    And come on, other certifiably insane peeps have been loved for less so why not us Moony Mermaids no?

    • well said, as always. And it’s true. Do your friends come running to you when they are having a breakdown, a kind listening ear or need a shoulder to cry on? I bet they do.

    • Thanks, Pi – and Hells, Yah! My friends think I’m a combo-therapist-recon spy-psychic-lawyer-type. Oh, and they also want a hot meal while we’re at it. I can’t even remember the time my services stopped at “there-there”.. needless to say I really do try to pick my friends.

      The funniest conversation I had about all this sensitivity was with the same GF – as when our peeps who benefit so much from it lavishly, also complain when they have to deal with it during our less giving moments. Like seriously? Because it’s exactly the same thing they enjoy that they must at times, well.. endure. Small price I say, haha..

      Crikey I wish I had a friend like me I could physically go to when I’m not quite there. Needless to say, I nor my GF would ever hold anyone to the same service standards, but sigh..it would be nice.

      • By crikey..you’re starting to sound like an aussie! ๐Ÿ˜‰

        I learnt that to be a proper friend, I needed to patiently accept my friends (perceived) flaws as well as the qualities that I appreciate in them, all the time…otherwise I would just be another shallow mutha. And turning the mirror on myself, I realised (so wise, Pi! lololol) I must have you know, at least one teeny little habit that annoys the crap out of others. So it would only be fitting to give others as much leeway as they must be giving me but not telling me they were doing it. Perhaps rolling their eyes at me when I wasn’t looking, but anyway. where was I? ah yes. appreciating the good parts, slip-slidin around the less good parts.

      • also, there must be at least one person out there who can give you the Kataka star-care-treatment that you need at times… xx

      • You said it Pi honey.. btw Aqua Moon is really big on the As Is acceptance. As for my getting the Star Kataka Treatment (gawd that sounds like a spa thingy), I end up getting it in parts from different sources.. for instance, the Lovely Libran sister is great for travels, hot meals, shopping & mending stuff provided I don’t go way too deep into talk about FEELINGS or it just bums her out.

        However, my other Scorp Bestie Carmen San Diego can’t get enough of the gritty underbelly depth insights, the muckier the better. So in the big scheme of things I ought not complain really.. and probably take a cue from your slippin’ and slidin’ methodology :)

        • FA you are inspiring. If you were my bestie I would be dolling out the champers and tissues to you as I would appreciate your gems. i have learnt so much about Moon in aqua from you which is great as the SO is very moony in aqua espesh around the full moon. and space ha! you could drive a truck through it. TU

  7. Yes, can definitely relate. Have Pisces sun and kataka ascendent. Lacking earth but Leo moon is my savour sometimes :)
    Am just about to start Neptune/sun conjunction until 2015 and can already feel myself becoming super sensitive to anything and everything… Eek!

  8. Hahaha! This is why I have always felt that my birth time, which places me at 6 degrees Virgo, may not be quite accurate.. Ler’s just say that, as a small child, I would whip off my fake sunglasses at the slightest provocation, toss my hair and proclaim, I am ze movie star! complete with French accent.

    My chart is the opposite of yours, water girl. I’m all earth and fire with just the tiniest bit of air and a drop of water. I have to rely on my stomach (Taurus moon) to guide my emotions. It’s probably why I always fall for water guys. Sigh.

  9. I strongly vibe with the not wishing to commit to a thing more than two weeks in advance. But. I think I have forced myself to become better at it, because most people require the ability to commit to planned social engagements and they have busy lives / it’s polite to let them know whether I can attend / I really hate it when my dearest friends fuq me around when I am planning something, I really want them there, and they don’t come through with the love a.k.a. show up. So I figure I should treat people as I would like to be treated.

    that aside, proper office clothes (depending on how you define this exactly) make me nauseous. Then again, there are nice clothes that are not silk nighties / shibori hemp tunic dresses… and then there are poly-cotton poplin shirts from Big W and pilled, shiny polyester-viscose trousers that make one’s ass look like you haven’t walked up a set of stairs for 8 years even though one is running every day. Then again, I have not touched my “office clothes” for nigh two years and I get chills if I have to contemplate wearing them… but I believe this is guilt by association, because I can only visualise fluorescent lighting and office partitions and hard-wearing nylon carpet when I look at my work clothes, even though they are very nice. It’s like they are a neutral-toned curtain specially designed to mute out the peaks and troughs of my personality. I get it, but I don’t like it.

    Totally agree about insensitivity of other elements. Growing up as the only water sign in my household was – in hindsight – very hard going. Being around more empathic types is like going for a swim after a long, hot day.

    dunno if this helps. my chart is also pretty strong in other elements but a pisces sun is a pisces sun imo.

    • oh and i forgot to say that the commitment -phobia might be my gemini rising.

    • You know what shits me about “proper” office clothes? Is that sometimes you get aholes who think wearing shoulder pads and the rote pantsuit means they actually know what they’re talking about. Wot is that? I have padded shoulders therefore I know?

      So my protest is equally about authenticity constriction. But I suppose it would be way too alarming for some slithery types to come in full snake skin, sigh.. My office clothes are more about what looks good, is expressive and appropriate – though some may debate my 5 inch red patent pumps as that.

      I laughed at your Beige Curtain description, my Lovely Libran sister went Full Yuppie during her time – she even decorated her bedroom in gasp, beige and mauve. Naturally I busted in there to ask when the elevator music was coming on, it was so bland. This was part of my subversive tirade against The Man which I almost regretted subjecting her to, until she one day told me I was right about her being corporatey not being so bueno.

      I give the empathic types a total node, I love having that too, it’s like finally being able to breathe.. however I also have to confess I’ve been accused of being a man when a GF gets super emotional. I’m not any less sensitive, but at that moment, I think I need to give her center stage and provide some balance by stepping back, you know?

        • a nod to your Freudian!

          for a moment I thought you wrote “authenticity construction” which is fitting, given what i have been reading lately is all about the, you know, construction of power and authority etc etc, derrida foucault and so on. haha.

          I am all for manning up when melodrama threatens – I think that’s when the Cap moon steps in..a great quote I read once is “Never grow a wishbone where a backbone ought to be.”

          • Haha.. I can just imagine Cap Moon going, Holy Barnacles, get a grip on yourself Man!

            I actually do work with a younger Capricorn who does precisely that. Like it or not she deems wobbliness as an imposition to others, while not actually coming across unsympathetic.

  10. I think it might be nice to be more consistently watery, rather than the inner tumult caused by competing signs.

    Cancer Sun Venus Mercury a few asteroids all get a bit emotional but Cap rising and Leo Mars pride wants no one to see how hurt I am and Aries Moon says harden the fuq up. That’s squares for ya!

    I also hate committing to distant future plans with friends… Who knows how I will feel two weeks on Thursday. I dunno if I can go on the group cruise in September… I might have met the love of my life and be three months preggo at that stage. But if it’s all happening tomorrow watch me quadruple book myself!

    Future doctor, hairdresser, beautician appointments! Hell no! If I can walk in I feel far more comfortable.

    Not work though. Virgo tenth house, MC. If it’s a work commitment I’ll book it in three years in advance an have every detail checked and balanced.

    But the emotions! Oh the emotions. And… The emotions!!!! And the moods. My house is full of Crabs. Me, father, brother, dog… All living at number 69 (I kid you not). My mum, a Gemini, ran out arms flailing years ago “you bloody Cancers!”

    • Ha ha! I live at no. 69 with a postcode that ends in 69 ๐Ÿ˜‰ Have been so highly emotional since I’ve lived here (that would be coming up on 11 years now.)

      I always thought my Saggo Mars made me uncommitable. Hate commitment. Get nausea at the very thought of dates marked in on the calendar. I usually cancel appointments because they just feel wrong. Or I get so panic-attacky about them for some reason. I’d rather do stuff when I’m ready and confident. But that would probably mean I’d never do anything ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Oddly, with Cap Sun (2nd house), plus Cap Merc, Venus (3rd house) I tend to be stick-in -the-mud/ commitment queen with writing stuff and house stuff. Once I settle in a place, I nest. I HATE moving.

      Over-emotive – YES! And getting worse as I get older. Is that us becoming more like our moon sign as is supposed to happen? Or do we become more like our Sun? I can’t remember which theory is correct. Oh, I have Kataka moon with MC and Saturn there too. Bloody water.

      And I too have squares. Pluto and Asc in Libra squaring lots. I’m a walking contradiction and eternally confused. Very hard for ppl to figure me out and even harder for me to explain myself. I just am a mass of contradiction. No wonder I’m single (but I love it! As long as I have my animals and trees to hug and my comfy home to hide away in…)

      But I hate water. Hate being wet, actually. So I guess that’s at odds with strong Kataka influence otherwise. That’d be my messed up squarey- oppositiony chart for ya. Ugh.

      • I can dig that EQ not wanting to get wet. Even tho I live near the beach I never go in. I serioulsy think ‘I don’t want to mess up my hair’. Is that wacko? I can watch it for ages tho

    • haha the emotions! I have a Scorp mom and a Pisces dad my poor Capricorn father thinks we are all nuts. I also love walk in beauty places. the best!

  11. This is what happens when gemini meets cancer.

    My sister hates the mention of money, doesn’t vote, or pay taxes, or even file the forms for centrelink, hasn’t spoken to our father for a year because it makes her feel anxious cause she can’t stand asking him for money, hates deadlines or practical tasks, no liscence, doesnt returns calls or texts, lives off my money, keeps failing her studies cause she get too anxious to enrol, cant keep a job because she rebels when she feels pressured, goes months without showering but gets offended if you puke from the stench or even mention it!

    she is a gem sun then cancer moon/venus/mars Scorp rising. The gem makes her hate responsibility, the cancer makes her emotional about her discomfort so she only does things when it feels right and gets anxious from the pressure, and the Scorpio rising makes her rebel and fuq people off if they pressure her or tell her to shower.

    • Those issues sound way beyond astro, is she depressed? Because I can only imagine someone in that state or worse doing all of the above.

    • I have Gem moon and rising, and relate to this somewhat. I’m not a fan of responsibility but I’m fairly responsible, however, I get very anxious until the task is done. I dislike people having expectations of me it feels very restrictive and then I worry about letting people down (Cancer Sun, Venus, and Mercury).

      Yet, I care greatly about appearances and being liked (Sun conjunct Venus) so the no showering thing I don’t get as well as the not working, paying taxes, voting…

      Your sis sounds as if she’s overwhelmed with the world and is slowly retreating into her shell but she also sounds young (since you mentioned University, I think), so hopefully she’ll figure it all out. Lots of water is complicated. You feel sooo much often too much.

      I wouldn’t rule out depression.

      • Totally relate, except for not showering, which makes me think depression goes with all of this description.

    • No she is not depressed but i guess She just went through a weird hippy stage where she felt that practical things didn’t matter because she empathised with homeless people and ppl in poverty. She loves uni and thank god showers regularly now. It’s was really strange and it only would happen at uni holidays and was super organised and tidy at uni. I read that angelina jolie and johnny depp and Leno kravitz go through unhigenic stages too so I thought it was a gemini thing. Anyway she is totally happy just got all emo on the human rights front. But she keeps failing uni cause she wants to have fun all the time. I think she thinks all that adult stuff called responsibility will come but her party yrs in youth won’t last forever so she is bingeing on the fun.

  12. Too much water can be a problem. I have Mars/Saturn conjuct in Cancer and Venus/Jupiter plus most major asteroids in Pisces. I have (sort of) enough earth to balance it – Sun , Moon, Merc (but doesn’t earth & water just make mud?) enough air (ascendent, pluto, uranus), but very little fire in my chart. Too much water makes it tough sometimes to FEEL so much. It’s a struggle. And lack of fire sometimes makes it hard to motivate oneself out of the depths of one’s emotions.

  13. Wow that IS watery. I feel very balanced in comparison!
    I am very water-y – all my Pisces, Neptune in Scorp – but I have a lot of earth, including my kick-arse all-girl band Cap Moon and the Asteroids, in a grand earth trine w Uranus/Pluto and Jupe.
    Can’t make bookings ahead. Except hair appointments which are booked 12 months in advance. (Leo rising).
    Psychically super-sensitive.
    Would bring all the stray animals home to care for them if I could.
    Too sensitive, too active an imagination, do creative work for a living.
    I hate office clothes, I sneer at the conformity. I waft around in my Piscean get-ups and floor them all with how sharp I turn out to be. I do have fuq-off black suits/heels for when I need to channel my Cap. My Leo rising also gives excellent meeting :)
    My work ethic is all my earth, tho. I work like a demon, I need to or else I get depressed. In my 20s however, I was a career drinker.
    Balancing my earth and water has been my major challenge of the past couple of years. I’m getting better at it.

      • Ah well I will try not to bang on too much in my usual vague style :)
        For me it’s accepting that working hard at a goal and for my material success is a form of relaxation. I do better mentally than if I waft around untethered and dreamy. I found it hard to accept w my Cap moon that spreadsheets and weights might be ‘fun’ lol but it turns out to be true. I find that if I work my grand earth trine, my Piscean wateriness works much better for me and I’m less likely to go lo Neptune. However, I can’t do crap jobs/corporate grind – it worsens my depression. So I’m basically trying to do what Mystic calls ‘pragmatic visionary’: start with what the Piscean wants and set the grand earth trine to work on achieving it. It keeps them both happy x

  14. I’ll comment briefly. Always hated proper office clothes, rarely wore them or would do so unconventionally.

    Noncommittal – particularly the further out a date is… eg what are you doing on October 12? Who the hell knows right?

    Ambivalent about bills, pay them of course and on time, but it’s just a thing that has to be done.

    Sun – Saggi
    Moon – Cap
    Asc – Toro

    Planets in all 4 elements but earth is the most stacked.

    So Saggi is an obvious rebel when the climate suggests one needs to look or behave a certain way and in my experience earth is actually ok with corporate attire…I was for about 5 minutes and some of it’s cool but it’s physically restrictive and yes itchy and uncomfortable.

    Have to acknowledge the sensiitivity thing with water but I confess I can be, but inconsistently so. Perhaps that is true of all of us. I also know a few Caps that are almost hypersensitive but their exterior would belie that truth.

    Just to clarify my interp of sensitivity.. it’s about reaction to external stimulus and how it affects us but it can be felt personally eg in relation to a response from someone or can be related to picking up on moods, vibrations etc and inadvertantly perceiving them to be your own.

    • *briefly* ?? I’ll suggest that be natal Merc rets activated.. usually happens like that irrespective of current placement.

    • I love Caps. I think they are super emo but they express it through responsibility.

  15. I can relate. Not to the water problems. But being Virgo/Virgo rising with Gemini midheaven and Gemini SN I have mental problems. Cannot stop analyzing. Sucks. It’s hard having the same sun and rising sign, I suppose. It’s like having only a hammer in a tool box.

  16. I can very much relate to … “can’t commit to a dinner date 1 month in advance!” … I’m even shaky committing a week before ๐Ÿ˜‰ Gotta see how I feel ‘on the day’ (Scorp Asc/Moon; Cancer MC; Pisces signature). I’ve read that certain activities are good for ‘grounding’ when low/no earth in chart: gardening, walking barefoot on grass/beach; bush/nature walks; cooking; yoga; massage/aromatherapy; eating root vegetables :)

    • I love all of the grounding activities you’ve mentioned and do them instinctively. Love the feel of grass on bare feet. I have practically no earth placements (just one).

  17. Yep…. all water and air here…. so get it. Earth is overrated maybe?

  18. I get the feelings described, and i do them too but differently. The only water in my chart is Pisces Sun but it’s in that leonine 5th house. Thank goodness because of the heavy 12th house too. Dominated by fire. Then earth. And Uranus aspects all my personal planets: Moon, Merc, Mars, Venus, even Saturn and Jupiter. (Jup is conjunct my Asc in Sag so yeah, it’s personal to me!) I think Uranus is a great motivator. He’s a mover and shaker in your chart, although yes the energy can get neurotic.

  19. I could have written the 3rd para – office ANYTHING freaks me out, paperwork is my least favourite thing and plans = anxieties.

    I started work in a new place this week….one of those open-plan office things with “hubs” and windows that don’t open. It’s ghastly, like my form of organism cannot survive under those conditions. I looked at other people working away and wondered how they could not be, like, dying. Or at least choosing to be elsewhere. Lucky I don’t have to spend much time there :/

    I only have sun, neptune, lilith & NN in water (that i know of). The rest is split between Air & Earth, but I hear ya. Saturn in Scorp is helping though – do you notice a difference?

    • oooh, “breakout areas” too. It’s like when animals at the zoo have a new fake tree installed… sure, it’s an improvement… but it’s still the zoo… and if there’s a corporate intranet site, I ..oops, there’s that rash again

      • Yes – modern offices, SO insidious. Oppression in the guise of freedom. You said you are reading Foucault et al, well I think of the modern office space and its jargon as a 21st century incarnation of Bentham’s panopticon

    • They’re probably not dying because the windows don’t open.Relate to the office vibe dislike completely.

      • lol, Mystic could run a poll….what sign thrives in those things?

        who DESIGNS them?!

        • exactly CS. I am contemplating applying for a job in one of these offices and it makes my skin crawl. I would suffocate not being able to see a window let alone look out one.

  20. Sun, Mercury, Uranus, 5th House in Scorpio. Moon, Ascendant, Jupiter In Cancer. 9th House in Pisces.

    I wish I could turn it off, it’s like I can feel everything everyone is feeling. I can tell the instant someone has changed their mood. I pick up every scent of a feeling and some days I wish I didn’t care as much as I do. I spent a lot of my younger life toning down my ability to empathise and help others. But now I’m older I just can’t help myself and feel that it’s me and not everyone is like me. On the flip side I am a very good negotiator I can tap into peeps emotions and give them a strong sense of understanding, especially helpful with my children. And my eyes, it’s like I burn through people like I can see straight through them to their heart and head. When I have eye contact with another person it feels intense. I wish I was lighter, less intense, more fun. My Gemini mother is always reminding me of the qualities I don’t have…

    I’ve never been a fan of tight clothes I like to look good but be comfortable. I’m organised and get things done. I don’t make a lot of plans with peeps but I do like to wake up on the weekends and do something different something that my senses can take in…

    • You absolutely nailed the description of the Scorpio gaze. Every Scorpio I’ve ever encountered from my father to a blind date had it.

      It’s energizing and a little overwhelming as well. It’s as if they know you, and if you can vibe with the intensity, it’s super comforting; like a silent bond or bid of confidence just between the two of you.

      Yeah, I’m a fan … It just never works out with me and Scorps though. Pity.

      • oh bless GemCrab :) I’m a Scorp and it never worked out between me and my Gem friend either. It wasn’t the Gemini part so much but her Libra moon (super annoying – too flighty ) and Crab rising (wet blanket clingy).

    • this makes me miss the Outdoorsy Multi-Scorp. They’re the only species who ‘get’ everything down to the most subtle wisp of communication or activity. aaaarrhhh…. there’s no need to try and communicate because it just happens. I’m cool with intensity, as long as it’s productive and not angry/self-defeating/damaging paranoia. Healthy Scorps seem to know where the line is (or at least hide it more effectively).

    • PS think of all the talents you DO have as a result of your Scorpiness. There’s gemini champagne fun, and then there’s Scorpio fun. You’d probably be the first person I’d call if we were friends and I needed to embark on a top-secret mission. If everyone were gemini…omg

  21. saturn pisces scorpio mars

    would not ever in my wildest dreams consider living in a house without a bath

    I cry pretty much every day at some point when traversing difficult periods.

    there are a lot of difficult periods.

    aries rising, virgo sun assures everybody that the ship is sailing without a hitch.

    this can feel ridiculous but it seems to be a protective barrier for the emo tsunami residing within at times.

    totally relate to the social sitch.

    just keep swimming! x

  22. have lots of earth in water houses lots of neptune i knew a cancer wth water asc scorp she a hard bitch so dont think water is nice they often bitchy!
    this astro these days is very sensitive

  23. I have no Water in my chart (I think). Lots of Earth and quite a bit of Fire. I do however relate to your dislike of advanced scheduling. I like to keep my calendar more open than others and as you say, maybe that night in a month’s time you’ll feel more like a yoga class or TV date rather than social affairs.

  24. Too much water for what ? A weakness is a strength in the wrong place. Placement is Saturn. Containment is Saturn. i have loads of Saturn……
    Look to your goals, apply your Mars and fly with it. Use your water to inspire you, some people never escape and never feel inspired. How about helping other people discover their creativity?

  25. I can def relate to the non committal thing. Why would I commit to something a month, or even a week later when I might feel like doing something else that day? I cannot plan anything 6 months in advance. Like I literally can’t see past August right now, can even consider it, because who knows what I’ll feel like?
    I also leather bills and paper work, I think I’m an organised person but in a chaotic way and things lie super and health insurance and to just go in the boring file (yes I have a file called that)

    I put a lot of this down to my aqua rising, I have Uranus in sag as well. I have a cancer moon thoug and that does come thorough strongly, I think I like to be alone at certain times which is why I can’t commit to going out next Friday because I might just need to be in my own head space. My chart is mostly fire then air, but I do have the cancer moon and a bit of scorp going on.

    I probably don’t have the same compassion levels though, I lack patience in general. I used to be very sensitive as a child but thankfully I’m growing into my Leo sun!

  26. The emotional tides and tidal waves, whirlpools and eddies can be exhausting.

    Have MC + Jupe in Pisces,
    Merc, Venus, Saturn in Cancer
    Moon in Scorpio 6th House

    MM told me my Scorp Moon in the 6th made working for others very difficult, that I was too sensitive. It’s true too! The office flickering lights upset me, the mouldy feel of the air con on my skin dries me out and makes my eyes hurt.

    Happily my Leo Sun is pretty robust (if self conscious) and my Gem Rising makes for chattyness so I can kind of cover up my introverted tendencies for brief periods.
    I have one planet in Earth, Mars.

    Where is your Sun placed? Perhaps you have some Earthy Houses you could work with.

    My other way to ‘earth’ is get crystalline. The earth’s molten core is an iron crystal – hematite. If you feel you need grounding, get yourself a bucket of raw hematite, it’s cheap. You can place it around your house in the garden in a grid or in your home artfully placed.
    Also get jewellery – it’s very attractive and silvery.
    Black tourmaline is like a Saturn stone, very protective, holds things in place, also jasper is very warm and earthy. Another favourite of mine is Mookaite, it is a kind of jasper native to Australia. It has a sound like the drone of bees on a summer day to me. Above the earth, but a deep vibration, very earth goddessy. Plus fluorite can be a light way to hold the matrix in place if you are feeling slippery.

    The nature of earth is to be true to itself, hold form and structure and ‘be’ in the moment, so the beauty of your inner sylph can be very supported by crystalline rocks.

    Good luck watery one!

    • What stones would be good for the inverse to help an earthy type get in touch with water?

      • Selenite, moonstone, pearls, maybe Lemurian crystals for their super Yin qualities. Elestials are very angelic, not watery per se, but high & fine frequency, as is opal aura quartz.

        Different more cosmic quality but the tektites (meteorites) can be piercing & fast which can lighten Earth. Libyan Gold & moldovite are more like Air I guess in that respect.
        Aquamarine is very oceanic but it is like holding on to seaweed while being pulled by the tide, being ‘rooted’ in water. If that makes sense, :)

  27. I’m watery with 2 planets in kataka, 1 in scorpido, and nilch in pisces. Out of all of em’ I feel more pisces cause of my 12th house.

  28. I have this problem. I’m all water and air. A smidgen of fire, and no earth except for in minor placements.

  29. Mystic I love the photo that could literally be a picture of me at the beach! I’m so glad so many of you can relate.( this is water problems, just with a different name) I love the suggestions re: adding more earth to my surroundings through gardening, yoga etc. I definitely find myself attracted to earthy guys probably to make up for that part I’m lacking but then getting annoyed when they bore me.
    Fallen angel I totally get what you’re saying about doing what you have to do and then kind of giving your self space. I find its hard to be around so many people all of the time soaking up all of their emotions like a sponge so giving myself some alone time afterwards is necessary.

  30. I dunno, I have sun, moon, ascendant in Sagittarius and I’m generally highly sensitive, emotional, and don’t like to commit to hard-and-fast plans. It’s possibly more hormonal than sign-related. There’s a huge range of sensitivity in everybody, and I haven’t observed that it’s sign-specific.

  31. God, I feel this poor thing. I can’t imagine what would happen if I at least didn’t have Virgo rising to keep me grounded. When left to my own devices, I drown in my thoughts and emotions, dark and deep, Pisces sun and Scorpio moon. Mercury and Uranus in Pisces and Scorpio, respectively. Also, Mystic, I knew you were some kind of water!

  32. I think it Mystic Mystic Feng Shui Whiz Liz who said something along the lines of, if you walk past an area in the home / piece of furniture, and feel your shoulders slumping down, or an almost twitch somewhere, or an ”erg”, what ever is making that happen has to go, it’s interfering with your Qi.

    If my calendar is like, the feeling flattens me.. My favourite month is a month with no commitments, that is free to make it up as we go along. Im more of a ” Hey tomorrow you wanna go …..” (Pisces Rising) – Had attributed to Mars/Venus/Saturn in Moon in Gemini in the past though.

    • Wow – apologies for bumbling intro there … typical Aries typing.

  33. I lack air in my chart and have only Leo Sun and Sag MC fire energy (and also Ceres conj Lilith in Sag 10th house; Aries POF 2nd house). But I have noticed over the past couple of years that I thrive around air people, all three signs, especially if they have other planets that hit on mine. My Sun and Jupiter are not strongly aspected in my chart but I have major connections with people whose planets/points (eg Asc) hit on my Sun/Jups (my son (Leo venus conj my Sun; my daughter Taurus Moon conj my Jups; my BF’s Leo Mars conj my Sun and his Taurus Asc conj my Jups; and it works for other planets too). They energise me and we just flow together. Also as suggested above activating elements lacking in you chart in your environment is a great antidote, eg candles for fire, walking barefoot or gardening for earth. I lack air mostly (only Venus in Gemini but 4th house cusp also) but since finding myself surrounded by air peeps I seem to be happily evolving – multiple Aqua daughter, Libra Sun/Pluto BF, multi-Gem BFF; and my study group is a fab mix of fire and air – Gem/Sag/Aqua/Aries – we have a ball together and really get shit happening. From a very watery Lion xx

  34. You may be out of step with the human world WP but the natural world is full of water and water creatues and gazillions of litres of ocean. Our body is 80% water . Therre would be no life at all if not for water. I say embrace your watery nature and be happy you don’t have to live in a world full of deadlines and frustration and expectations and humans ewwww.
    I may just do the same of my airy nature for which I’ve been bullied for a lot- for being an ‘air head’.Unfotunately I live in a fiery corporate world but took a break last weekend by myself.and went to a roaring wild part of the coast- it was magnificent and so uplifting.

  35. I don’t think I have water problems astrologically BUT today.. holy water hole.. At home had work done on my water heater (new one coming) and my dish disposal that left water in my dishwasher causing it to smell like you wouldn’t believe. Well the maintenance guy put bleach in the dishwasher, turned it on and told me to let it run through it’s cycle. So off I go to take a shower.. LOL! How many water situations in one day.. I get out of the shower.. my cat is hunting me down meowing.. which is normal but I just let him be. I go into the kitchen.. leaking ALL over my kitchen is water with suds.. Thank you little kitty who needed to get into the laundry room to poop but couldn’t. Anywho… I was a tinsy weensy bit upset when I went into managment to complain. Mind you this is the 5th repair request for the water heater and disposal so.. I was fuming all morning..

    So, does this qualify for what is happening right now? xo!!

    • Oh.. and while I was at home, at work they had a fire drill because the construction workers broke a fire sprinkler setting off the fire alarm.

  36. I am also all water with a little air and no earth or fire… I too am ultra sensitive to the mood and I can just feel people…I work in HR and people just want to tell me all their stories… And I did a thing called ‘strengths finder’ and my top 2 were futuristic and empathy and so now my boss somewhat writes me off as the touchy/feely HR stereotype.. My husband is a Sag and I remember this observation from Linda Goodman’s love signs …. Sag will often boil the water of the Pisces … So true …. I also find it hard to ” let go” of my hurt, even tho my mind wants to move on, it can take me years to get over a little thing…so annoying sometimes…

  37. My mom is a double Cancer with a lot of water and my little sister is a libra but everything else in her chart is in Scorpio or Pisces. I have a lot of sympathy for you hyperwater-y types because the world is structured around encouraging people to be more Earth/Fire-y, rewards action and stability over creativity and compassion.

    I am an INFP and virtually everything is in the 8th or 12th house, + Mercury and Jupiter in Pisces but have a lot of earth and fire to balance it out. I see people like my mom, someone so compassionate and childlike and beautiful…who never was able to own her true self or bring her gifts out into the world because the world did not validate her strengths and make her confident. Now she keeps busy with a small-time animal rescue at the house but is very medicated for anxiety and spends much of her time on the couch. I guess what I am trying to say is that THE WORLD NEEDS WATER PEOPLE! Don’t let people guilt you into trying to conform into ways that make you happy and uncomfortable and believe in yourself. You are special.

    And fuck scheduling social things way in advance. I’m a triple fixed person and even I hate that. Spontaneous meetups or one or two days in advance are so much better imo.

  38. I have lots of water too, but I also have Earth. thankfully.

    I can totally relate though…Cancer sun and Saturn, 12th house moon and venus, Scorpio north node and IC….moon trine Neptune.

    I hate plans, scheduled dates.

    my ex had lots of water and no earth. I found him impossible to have a stable relationship with.

  39. Water Problems–
    Here are my thoughts from a fellow mistress of the deep:

    Too sensitive? No. You are highly sensitive, which is different. It means you are tuned in to frequencies others can’t even conceive of. This is a gift, if you can learn how to both open and close your boundaries.

    Office constriction? No shit. Get out of there as soon as possible. Water gillies are many things, but they are not cut out for the drudge. The best thing you can do for yourself is something that is soul-fulfilling. Preferably in a space that does NOT use fleurescent lighting.

    Commitment is a toughie–I know exactly how you feel. I always drive myself everywhere I go, thereby always having my own exit. And also, just practice throwing caution to the wind and saying yes. I wouldn’t offer this advice if I wasn’t immersed in it myself.

    Of course you are from another planet. But why ever should that mean that you cannot navigate yourself with your head high in this one?
    Revel in your reverie.
    Best to you.

  40. I hear you and feel for you. Got a lot of water in my chart too.

    Best tip? Hang out with an Aries for a while. When stumped, ask for advice and follow it. There ain’t nothing like fire to counteract the water.

    Yeah, work on boundary setting as well.

    • Love hanging with my Aries best friend and her Aries husband -tots with u on the asking their advice and then following it. Fire signs are some of my faves!

    • I’m a moon-ruled (Crab rising) Aquarian and have a powerful aversion to making social dates ahead of time..like Water Problems I wonder how I might possibly know what I will feel like doing in a week’s/month’s time. I find the idea of committing to something I may not want to do on the day (and maybe letting others down by either bailing out last minute or by having a ‘not quite there’ manner) almost horrifying. No problems with bill paying though – Virgo moon and lots of Cap take care of that with pleasure :)

      • ! i’ve got moon in aqua, rising, and i feel the saaaame way!! dont like to decide on things too much! merc in libra trine my rising too lol. ive got a decent amt of water too.

        i’m kind of a flake/space and not on time always(i dont believe in the western conception of ‘time’) but i’mvirgo sun-mars so [usually at the very last [[calculated perfectly;)] minute] i AM ON MY SHIT! RAAAAA

        air sign stuff +water = one very thick cloud to pay bills in but wonderful to meditate on :)

  41. I too relate and am probably from another planet but wouldn’t have it any other way! I love my emotions, sensitivity, empathy and creativity… And at times am hiding in my home or beneath a quiet veneer or cleansing w tears or a soak… But isn’t it great to feel so deeply and to be so alive! Sun in Cancer, Moon in Pisces – also no earth but a lot of fire!

  42. I have sun in cancer, scorp moon & pisces ascendant, with a few other planets in earth & fire signs, but no air. I move between emotions very quickly, but for some reason, tend to be very detached from my feelings, it’s like I’m emotional but logical at the same time. I can turn on the waterworks very easily, and I still get over attached to inanimate objects, to the extent of giving them personalities and feelings, and get guilty if I have to chuck them.

    I’m not exactly sure how the lack of air signs affect me though.

  43. Sun, moon, merc in Scorpio (11th & 12th house) … Couldn’t agree more with everything you mention. I don’t posses a single bit of earth in my chart. My Sag rising carries me through the rough water, but man… When I’m mad – steaming, fuming mad!

  44. *raises hand*

    I can relate!!

    I find it hard to commit in advance, too. Things change so much for me on a regular basis. Makes me nervous to plan something too far in advance….wanted to go to this cool gig coming up in July but it’s like….July?! God knows what will be happening by then…. I do miss out on a lot of stuff because of this. Also, in the moment I can be very ambivalent about things…I have to be in just the right mood to do something even if that something is just about to happen…

    Pisces stellium, including Moon, Mars, MC, Chiron….Merc gets pulled in there a little bit at 29 Aqua.

    Crab rising…

    Aqua Sun in the 8th..

    Lots of water, but then have Venus in Cap and Jupiter/Uranus/Pluto in Virgo, so there is some grounding in my life… In fact, I do mundane and physical things to ground myself because I can go out on a way-out Piscean journey and the bit of Earth I have in my chart tethers me back in when I get too out-there….I can feel this push/pull happening all the time.

  45. Cancer Sun, Rising sign, grandtrine in Water & Pisces MH/chiron/Saturn.

    I think sometimes too much water can make you go round and round on a never ending treadmill of ‘What did she mean when she said ‘Good morning’ in that tone of voice??” or “I’m going to get fired and lose my home and job and end up a bag lady” etc. etc.

    I have found action helps i.e. swimming, dancing, also drawing, poetry, just getting out and about. Children always lift me up. If you don’t like your office job, check out a watery job instead – pisces/cancer/scorp may suggest teaching/therapy/special ed.

    Good luck!

  46. Yes I relate.

    Asc 6 Merc 7 Chiron11 Sun22 Jupiter24 ALL in Pisces. Every planet seems lined up in there at the moment? Chiron return/ Neptune upon my Ascendant etc blah blah

    But this is the bit that hurts…

    As a Piscean I have always had a bath or gone for a surf or drunk the whole bottle of wine to soothe the soul but none of this is working at the moment.

    Instead I am favouring abstinence and sponge baths.

    How is this possible?

    Are there any other Pisceans creeped out by water at the moment?

  47. Well this about sums up 90% of my life issues, even with an earth moon (that sits in the watery 8th house), an earth Jupiter, and an earth Asc. Sun, Merc, Chiron, Juno in Cancer w/ Pluto in Scorpio and a loaded 12th house. My sun and moon being in the solar return 12t house this year haven’t helped either. I hibernate to get lost in my own world, I procrastinate like hell, and I’ve basically had to “learn” to do things like remembering to clock in and out of work and paying bills on time (speaking of….my loan!). This is also helping me to understand why things always get delayed between me and a certain Scorpio w/ a Pisces Moon. Geez.

    Btw Mystic + Daughter, I know this is late bur thanks so much for the postcard! I really appreciated it!!!

  48. I can definitely relate! Especially with scheduled plans/events/appointments. It’s difficult to pin down where I may be in a month’s time, or more likely, how I’ll feel about going to said event/appointment/etc. If the feeling of being restricted is too overwhelming, I’ll flee. Once, this included a cross-country road trip.

    So, I relate. Oh yes, I do.

    My astro- Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter in Pisces with Cancer Rising.

  49. I’ve got Gem sun, Lib asc. and have a Grand Water Trine. I COMPLETELY relate to you Water Problems. Full on panic attack once because my friends nor family acknowledged my 18th birthday and my sensitivity meter shot through the roof (but alas my friends/family threw me a surprise bday party the next weekend).
    Also when I was a child I would get so sad (almost to the point of crying) when I thought about people being alone. Whenever there was a flower to wish on I would wish that every single person on this planet had at least one friend. How much sappier can you get?
    But I agree with the other commenters… being sensitive is a curse and a gift. But I think it makes us ultimately strong. And we get to experience the world in a very subtle and amazing way!
    Keeping active sometimes calms my nerves but being in a body of water always does the trick! They need to figure out a way to live underwater already! (mermaids don’t talk and they can swim away so easy if they don’t like something!). Ahh to dream.

  50. Definitely relate, specially to the sensitivity issues and making plans in advance… for exactly the same reasons: HOW on earth am I supposed to know what I will want to do that date in advance!!

    The funny thing is, though I’ve certainly been accused of being very sensitive, I’ve also been accused of being too cold (venus in aquarius?).
    Sun in pisces, moon in scorpio, crab rising… how’s that for a triple (water) whamy? :)

  51. Also on the sensitivity being a gift and a curse… couldn’t agree more. I once cried during a long distance commercial because the people in the commercial had their families far away… One of my more cynic friends (ex leo bf) once said that he would do anything in his power to protect me (referring to my sensitivity) from this world, because he could simply not tolerate me giving that up for any reason. That was nice :)

  52. No earth planets—scorpio signature chart, but sun in 2nd annd saturn in the 6th….Aquar rising …Most people think I’m the most practical person they know….don’t like being pinned down to time commitments though.