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Sherry Britton Apes Men & Morons VintageWith all the thrill of this Zap Zone hyped Full Moon, we have forgotten something – Venus in Aries! Yes the Goddess of Love, Art & Beauty is in Aries, home of the brave, sign of the brash Pioneer.

So from Friday, Venus is on Uranus and then squaring Uranus and on Mars (good times if you like sudden developments, flash-crushes and extreme dating experiences) but even NOW you should be able to sense a hardcore new attitude toward love & sex etc. “HOW fuqing hard can this crap be?” you ask yourself?

Venus in Aries does not stand for any neurotic schizz. Venus in Aries applies a simple self-questionnaire to run relationships: Am I on heat? Yes/No. Am I still hot? Yes, obviously. Is the person i fancy a consenting adult with a pulse? Do I need to wax/change the sheets/ pretend to give a schizz re theatre/rugby/politics?

Venus in Aries RULES. At least until mid-April she does. Fuq complicated. Karmic? Pfft.  If you want it, ask. Or go out and be a bit more ‘who dares’ about it. Venus in Aries knows that it’s not like some epic love/lust interest is going to manifest in the living room when you’re watching Revenge stuffing your gob with organic potato crisps. Venus in Aries aspected by Uranus-Pluto-Mars straight after a Full Moon in Libra is also not going to put up with moribund, stagnant relationship rot.

You savvy?

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86 thoughts on “Venus In Awesome

  1. Ended a relationship on Sunday 24th March with someone I met in January. I enjoyed his company, yes, but his situation with his children meant that seeing each other was next to impossible…so I let go. I’m also recovering from open heart surgery, so being out and about isn’t an option, still a few weeks to go before I have enough strength and aren’t so sore. How sad that in this climate of change, there is very little I can do about my love life…

    • kick ass after your heart surgery and all! i too wonder when Librans are going to et back to normal or the new normal again. Are we always going to act like a bunch of Lemongrabs? unacceptable!
      i turned down the heat with the Perth cutie because fuck…he’s half the world away nd half my age. if i have to say a relationship is complicated, thn fuq that!

      • Yeah, totally agree! A real relationship or nothing at all. Who say’s that all us Libra gal and guys should just accept just because we’re nice? Go big or go home is my new motto. Don’t want to accept half arse relationships anymore. Our time will come. Believe.

        And thanks – wishing you a rainbow xo

  2. “Venus in Aries knows that it’s not like some epic love/lust interest is going to manifest in the living room when you’re watching Revenge stuffing your gob with organic potato crisps”

    This is excellent advice.

    • Oh dear… I didn’t read the above comment. Excellent advice UNLESS YOU’VE JUST HAD OPEN HEART SURGERY, in which case, rest up and much love and health to you! Xxxx

  3. This might explain why I was just asked do I have any children. I replied “I would like to, but I haven’t found the right guy”. He then asked “Where do I go out to meet men?” I told him where I don’t go. Such an uncomfortable conversation, it might be time to change my perfume.

  4. I’m in such a major dating rut post-love-zombie-ness/having my trust violated over and over and over. but at the same time i definitely need to be working on myself right now. but at the same time im 26 and haven’t dated in…years.


    also may go back to gogo dancing to make ends meet temporarily. ughhhhh.

    • I’m in a dating rut too and I found out over the weekend, the guy I’ve been keen on but keeping it on the DL coz he just came out of a 4 year relationship is now dating someone else! Ugh and here’s me wanting to give it some time first before declaring my intentions! Anyways, I haven’t dated in years either. And prior to the last 3 year relationship stint, it was about 5 years of no dating, no anything… So I get where you’re coming from and it’s not easy, especially when you’re in love zombie mode.

      I think having your trust violated is more of a reflection on them rather than you. I’d say it means you’re a trusting person and why should you be otherwise. It’s shame on them for violating your good nature. Don’t let other people’s problems reflect on you.

      But having said that, have a look at the guys your dating and see if there’s a pattern you keep repeating. Maybe you need to break it and go for something different! I’m usually a bit shy and modest but lately I’m being ballsy and it’s yielding some decent bites so far, no catch as yet but it’s nice to have a couple of potentials lined up 😉

      Try something new in men and work. If that fails, move country or do something exciting like that!

      • Yeah! The problem is I met the guy who violated my trust and I love zombied out over when I ran off on a round-the-world trip alone trying to escape my problems and find out who I really was. So now I am trying to build a bit more of a foundation before I do that again!

        I feel your pain re: not speaking up fast enough. I’m shy and this is a huge part of my problem; the ballsy preadatory types get through to me and the more shy or good-natured ones don’t approach (apparently I am intimidating, so I am told) and I am so shy that I don’t either.

        A phd neuroscientist I briefly met last summer who expressed interest in me and is newly re-single reached out and invited me to a thing is speaking at on synesthesia (a topic I love!) on Thursday night at a nightlife event at the aquarium/museum. But I am afraid it will be awkward if I go alone.. Argh. I am like Amelie, ruining my own life through petrifying shyness and being too complacent living in my own fantasies.

        Maybe I will go and keep your newly ballsy self in mind as my spirit animal. lol

        • shoot i have the same problem.
          the only guys who talk to me are:
          arrogant pricks who aren’t scared of anything or the insane or stupid who don’t know they are “supposed” to be scared.

          i once had a “karmic” conversation…I know i am *that* pathetic…. yeh…not even karmic sex or karmic relationship… 2 yrs ago with some man who wan’t afraid of me. He wasn’t arrogant or stupid. he might be insane or taken but I lack data. It just felt so good to be in the presence of someone who understood me. it was like being in a divine presence. it was better than sex. sex is ruined after talking to this guy. ..and the sad thing is i haven’t found another one like him. i keep looking. surely he can’t be the only one.

        • you should go! just go! it’s better if you go alone so you two can take it anywhere it wants to go unhindered….come on! Venus in Mars, remember? Anyone who can make a living go go dancing can do this :)

          • Agreed – go along, prepare mentally to just go home afterwards – take the invitation at face value – he thinks you’d be interested in the topic, and you are x

          • you know I meant Venus in Aries don’t you!

            sheesh. Venus in Mars….I must need some action 😉

  5. I was stalking Uranian Scorp and accidentially re-friended him on Facebook. Whatever. We had a chat recently and he said he was lonely and I told him to go find a girl on the beach to fuq and he said he was tired of that. It was during Mercury retro dark moon. He said he has a dark rider on his back that steers him wrong. I told him all he needed was to smudge and take a salt bath. And he said “or jump in the ocean” which sums up the end of that conversation the last time we had it, which we both recognized.

    I don’t understand it. Haven’t had sex in ages. He’s hundreds of miles away, no good prospect there. But I want to ask him why it isn’t enough anymore to just get laid? Right now, to me, it seems to me like that should be good enough. But I have such social anxiety about it. Trading DNA, germs and karma. You’ve got to have good, solid eye contact with someone for that. And what would I see in them? I freak myself out.

    I accepted a job offer today. The rejected one guilted me. So instead of being happy about my new job, I’m thinking “fuq, what if I made the wrong decision.” Getting fired really fuqed with my self esteem.

    • Aw hun, I feel for you.

      Regarding this new job, relax and open your arms to the possibility. Like seriously, the environment of your last job (I’ve been reading your comments) was SHIT. Time to move on, gather what you’ve learn write them out and start fresh.

      You’re never making the wrong decision, remember. Always. A. Silver. Lining.

        • LOL! Thanks. It was pretty bad to get fired for being a Virgo, but I have to own what I can in the situation and improve. I have to get my game face on a go meet a client today. No time to mope, so that’s good.

          • Don’t feel bad….I’m one of those Mars-Uranus-Pluto in Virgo in the 6th…my co-workers either 1) hate me because my work ethic makes them look bad (when in actuality, I feel I’m coasting…for realz) 2) my attention to detail… i.e. can’t roll with errors and sloppy work ethics; makes THEM think of me as “a company person”, not to be trusted. How about THAT for a permanent zap zone challenge? Lol

    • I know what you mean…being un and under employed has messed with my confidence big time too (see: additionally affecting my ability to date/overcome trust issues).

      You got a job though! You got offered two!!! No wrong decisions, just opportunities leading to opportunities.

      • I know the feeling. I came up with a business card system. Works like this:

        Walk up to hot person.

        Slip business card into hand/pocket with email address/phone number and interesting “job title” (e.g. Private Investigator, Diva, Professional Enigma, Torture Expert).

        Walk away.

        If they’re interested, they’ll contact you. No words necessary. If they turn out to be bonkers, you can always put them off by talking business. “I actually run a small company, we specialise in wholesale building supplies. Are you interested in ordering any timber joists?”

        • Damn, that’s actually really hot!
          And if I think about how I would feel if someone did that to me it would be only positive (i.e. intrigued, flattered, impressed, etc.)

          • with the right person, sparks could fly. i hated it done to me. esp if i felt the cards were “enchanted” in anyway. i had to burn cards And ritually cleanse my hand. sort of a new age spiritual hand sanitizer.

            • I had a guy do this to me, it was a huge turn off because, it comes across as a player and really smarmy. But, it might be different from a hot chick vs a guy.
              It’ll get their attention though.

                • matter of fact guys do this often, just given a business card/date during sxsw.
                  I think it’s a whole different vibe from a cool/hot chick. 😉

    • congrats on the job thing.

      i feel ya on the luv thang. i wish i could be those free flitting love-the-one-your-with types who can just fuck anything that moves too. life would be so much easier.

      • I feel like – especially since I have a kid – I have to have a super casual (sex) relationship, or something serious. What I really want is a partner. Ugh. At least I have Uranus in my 7th house right now. If its going to shift something for me, its going to be in partnerships. Being as I don’t really have any right now, there’s no where but up.

  6. I have natal Venus in Aries, in the 1st house. Been rockin it a lot lately. And I’ve been totally grateful for this extra oomph.

    And as far as fuqing away with the complicated: YES. If someone has insecurities re relationships and stuff, I’m sorry and I sympathize/ am there to hear them out (Pisces Moonie), but there’s no chance in hell for us. Not saying I don’t fall for those myself, but the faster I can get over them, the better. Gets in the way of love, and that’s what’s most important.

  7. YAY! I have Venus in Aries (stationary direct at 10 degrees) natally so I’ll be LOVING it.

    Also, Mars & Uranus are conjunct my natal Venus any moment now. I’m feeling kinda magnetic.

  8. Love Zombie shizz is such a thing of the past for me.

    This Venus in Aries is AMAZE.

    How fuqing hard can this shizz be! Not hard at all I tell you…
    hmmm Excited for this Friday being Aqua rising and my love interests being double Aqua hum hum hum!

    • Ps. LOVE THIS POST it’s so motivational and to the point. Wish I had Venus Aries natally… haha MIND YOU I do have progressed venus in Aries prehaps that’s what’s triggering all this goodiness

  9. Have totally been doing the self-questionnaire!

    “Do you want to see him again?” -yes
    “Do you want a relationship?” -yes
    “Are these two wants reconcilable?” -no
    “Are there other hot men in existence?” -yes
    “Would you still go him for a bit of action despite lack of relationship viability?” -hell yes!
    “Should you be the one to contact him for such a rendezvous?” -hell no! Don’t wanna look despo.

    Analysis: instant gratification is awesome but is a backward step at this point. Feelings slowly die and to some degree this is merely an ego issue.

    • Good plan!! No contact right? It’s interesting how there are other hot men out there and we just choose one that is not available! Is that the case with this guy you want?

      I have seen your posts before but I can’t remember the details! :(

  10. Bahahaha – that’s great Mystic – and spot on! I love having my Venus in Aries :)

  11. Ugh! I need something to change/ clarify/ smack me in the face! I’m in love and it’s HORRRRRIBLE!!!!!!!

    Sensible Cap/Venus in Cap here has fallen totally madly in love with a Cancerian Professor. He’s just divine, even by my impossible standards, and over the past week while we’ve been battling an eco war in the courts (on the same side, obvs), I’ve discovered he’s my soul mate/ hero/ ideal man. He’s just so… smart and compassionate and driven and yet gentle and we have the same brain and same life philosophies and he’s so… so… Oh how could one word this…


    He lives nearby and is married to an awesome AWESOME woman who I’m friends with (another Kataka) and she hasn’t been able to be part of the trial for the past week due to work commitments. So. Prof Kataka and I have been traveling into court together, passing notes and whispered comments during the trial, going off on guerrilla photo missions to capture vital info for our barrister, discussing the case at length over vino (at his place while his wife’s there so it’s nothing dodgy) and so we’ve gotten really close in a ‘wow if this was a girl we’d be absolute best friends’ kinda way. And my heart is just DYING. He even ticks all my Capricorn boxes, especially the ‘changing the world’ one because he’s at the head of some spesh climate change research. So he is actually trying to really truly properly change the world. And he doesn’t give a shit about money because “life is about the principle.” And he thinks I’m really funny. And I think he really does like me too because he always sits next to me in group situations and (thinking back over the past year that I’ve known him) we always end up talking together for hours long after everyone else has gone from a neighbourhood bbq, eco meeting, etc. But it’s not sleazy. It’s just so right. We just get along.

    Worse, on Sunday night, I had a catch up with wifey while Prof Kataka was out. A massive storm ripped through the city and he got home just in time. I love storms and wanted to sit out in it so, lo and behold, Prof Kataka insisted we do because he adored storms and studied lightning (or some shit) which was really interesting. Of course it was. He could belch and I’d find it interesting. Wifey was off tending to the kids and occasionally stuck her head out to join in the convo but she was quite happy to leave us in peace. As she should be because Prof Kataka and I are so civil and responsible and grown-up. We both emoted about our lives as we got half-drenched in awe of the mighty monsoon. And it was one of the most fuqing romantic things I’ve ever experienced in my entire existence. My skin was actually buzzing and it had nothing to do with the lightning. And it’s completely, platonically, heart-wrenchingly, impossible. IMPOSSIBLE.

    Yes, thank you universe for sending me my great love. Finally. There he is, right there. Incredible and inspiring with the right about of endearing flaws. And I can never have him. And I would NEVER make a move, never never, and I would never stand for him to do the same. NEVER. I find infidelity a complete turn-off and I couldn’t bring myself to do it. But FUQ, really?????? How the fuq is any guy in the rest of time going to stack up to Prof amazing world-changer identical-soul unattainable Kataka? Huhhh????? Huhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh???

    Fuq you Pluto in Cap conjunct my sun square everything :(

    • In my past I had a similar situ. She was happily partnered, we worked together, long hours. In my case her partner was a DHead so in a way it was even more compelling.
      In the end I had to create a fantasy that would switch me off.
      What I did was imagine that she smelled like fish while naked…yep, gross right…childish maybe… But it worked. The object of your desire has something about him that is undesirable, something that would turn you right off , what is it ? You need aversion therapy…even an imagined one for now.

      • One more thing I’ll add.
        One of the reasons he is who he is , is his wife …she is shining her light onto him and he is expressing it. I’ve seen it many times before.
        Many of his qualities are hers. The number of men that fade to grey once their wives have left or been left is an interesting phenomena. You’re probably as much in love with her attributes as his and in some partnerships it’s hard to distinguish which partner is the source.
        What would be a safe thing in my books, would be to tell them both, when they are together how much you love and admire ‘them’. It will open the door to you being able to express your feelings.

        • Yes. All very good points. I absolutely believe the situation is as it is BECAUSE he is married. SHE is awesome and he happens to be too because they have been nurturing their mutual awesome for years. Hell, they’re both born in the same week. Yes, thank you for raising that very real point, Mr davidl. Noted in Nikko pen across my brain.

          Treat them as a ‘they’ is an excellent tactic. Only see him if she’s there. Couple. I would’ve have met him if not for her.

          • Been there, too much pain, lots of regret, and big smack in the face with reality…Not my place to interfere between married people regardless of innuendo, promises, imagined or genuine…at least I had a cold shock before I fell into a bottomless abyss…and barely managed a graceful exit, on polite terms…good luck…you also just might happen to renew something wonderful between them, and realise another dimension to you… Venus capricorn on fixed star Lyra constellation…

        • “One of the reasons he is who he is , is his wife …she is shining her light onto him and he is expressing it. I’ve seen it many times before.”

          beautiful insights

    • You are totes capable of finding someone SO MUCH MORE AWESOME than Prof. Kataka.

      I speak from experience with a Leo Botanist. Time, space and perspective. Get away from prof Kataka and follow your dreams and you’ll meet people who MORE than stack up to him.

      • Haha, the wife in this situation is a botanist 😉

        Thank you, Lux (etc). Time, space and perspective DOES cure all and being completely rational about it all, there’s x billion people out there and I will find a wonderful, available guy. xx

        • I think it’s about listing out/ noting the qualities you liked and putting those on the list.

          Met up with guy I met last year in April – the chemistry is there, but again he is married and I’ve been through the married men thing in my 20s and don’t recommend it for a Pisces Moon, Cancer Venus gal like me (even though i’m Gem Sun and Aqua rising and should be savvy and cool. I’m not. I’m a romantic pure and simple. Now in my 40s I’m after available. But I understand the take your breath away moment. The connection moment. I’ve been swaying between being completely on song with career stuff and then in woo woo land re my feelings since seeing him again last week. Total head and heart fuq.

          • Noooo, not the list !!!! It’s so many unlistable things, the language of attraction is not English .
            It’s a transcendentexperience. You can’t write one of those out ?

              • Transcendentexperience. It deserves to be one word.

                And the buzz, the physical flicker in the chest cavity. And the weird skin prickling when he touches me. That shit I haven’t experienced before and it’s scary. Hence I’m so confused/ astounded by this whole thing.

      • I think she’s a bit ‘churchy’ so perhaps that wouldn’t go down so well. Ha. Go down. Yeah, my head’s in that space right now.

        Having dinner with them this Sat night which will be fun. Fun. Platonic fun. Nothing more. Good friends. Yep, keep telling myself that as I count down the days and forget what deadlines I have…

    • It’s the qualities you find in him, you either have or want to integrate in yourself. You’ll find another soulmate that will be single.
      My friends tend to fall for the bad boy musician that plays guitar, secretly they want to play guitar themselves but are too afraid.

      • yes! I was going to say exactly the same thing! Like I want a guy with a boat, so actually I should just get a boat myself….

        stay cool EG, this will bring you something positive to work/grow with however it pans out xx

  12. *hugs*

    The guy in my orbit right now was married this time last year. I refused to let it be anything more than an inappropriate crush until I learned of his separation.

    So I know how you feel. Hang in there xx

    • So how’s it going with him? Is he definitely ‘not with her’ anymore and you’re in with a shot? Or have the dynamics changed so it’s no longer attractive?

  13. Yes… But why are these married people looking to me? Married= no go sunshine.
    I have had 3 seperate individuals let me know their available since Oct.. It might be Venus in Aries but I’m not about cause anyone pain.

  14. Mystic, according to your scheduler, Venus goes into Aries on 15 April 2013. Do you mean Venus goes into Taurus then?
    I gotta know, I’m scheduling something venus + taurus related!

    Thanks xx

  15. Yep. had enough shilly-shallying. Fuq Complicated? I don’t even Text Complicated! lol

    I suspect venus in aries wouldn’t ‘pretend to be interested’ in something, that sounds like a slippery catch-all libra thing. V in A – basing this purely on my own experience – would be more like, “ok, cool, spelunking. I have no idea what that involves. Is it fun?”

    anyway. the Venus in Libra – Kataka rising friend of mine – it just wasn’t working. Textbook case of Venus in Aries-Venus in Libra interaction. plus more incompatible astro. fine, all good, but not working. Such is life. I am a sensitive pisces, but all this consideration and caring was getting a bit much for me right now and my otherwise acceptable abruptness (at times) was starting to wear on my special friend. His cagey non-reveal of anything was starting to wear on me. so, off we go back to our own universes…! but staying friends maybe.

    • wow, sorry for the bitchy comment re ‘slippery catch-all libra’ – starting to try to understand libras better – but sometimes srsly grr i struggle.

      • its ok. libras are one of the hardest signs to understand because we are the only non-living sign. we have trouble understanding ourselves too.

        • I was just having a bit of a brain-melt earlier. I read some really interesting comments about the Libran diplomacy MO – strangely enough helped me to understand my heavily Libra-influenced mum too.

          • All this action is your 10th too Pi ? We have quite the similar house structure hmmm ?
            Do all people with the same rising have the same house structure ? if we are born in similar latitude.
            When I think about that I realize that the rising is probably more influential than the sun sign. And where your born is also pretty important. So although your a Pisces and I’m an Aries our house structure and our birth lat. possibly make us more similar than people of the same sun sign.

        • Non living? As in, represented by the scales…. Never thought about it like that. That would make Aqua the other non-living sign. Makes sense.

          • I think you could mean inanimate objects.
            Libra is the only inanimate sign. They cloak their feelings with venus. Aqua has a living person with the water flow thing happening. Libra is about the principals n’ ideals.

  16. i took a chance. i put my awesome on in bright obvious display. they’re gonna bite or no. if not, then it’s back to the drawing board.

  17. My Venus is always in Aries. It gets me into trouble. SOOOO want the book the girl in the pic is reading.

  18. Wow.. I practically did this to myself today… Driving myself to distraction with hot fantasies about the married man, put myself through a reality check… Would you tell this person (in a very Venus in Aries kind of way – not very seductive) that I cant stop thinking about them and want to make love to them…. Probably not! Would you just want to have sex? Yes and no, would you wantva relationship? Not a cheating one no way! Would you want to seduce them, yes! … I listened to something the other day which was talking about manifesting relationshipwith ease…. Surely this would be too hard, how hard, are they hhere right now? ……… No…. Reality check!

  19. Things are de-lish with no physical contact yet. I can’t wait! We just have way too much fun together! I wish he wanted more! xo!!

  20. Trying to understand my Libra man!! Just shocked at how low he went in the way he spoke to me and then turned it around and said how could i have replied with the things i said to a man who has been there for me for 8 months and is ready to move things to a deeper level. I believe its my fault thati didnt catch him out on this pattern of comunication that developed. In the converzation my every last word was analysed and i felt really put down.

    when things are going good hes soo sweet but as soon as we hit an obstacle its the silent tratment or just being plain rude or excuses. Ive put it down to the fact that its a LDR but thats no excuse for rudeness.

  21. Love? Sex? To misquote somebody whose name I forget, who was talking about novels, not love: “it’s a total crapshoot. You can’t even hope for it.” Honestly, I am over even pining for it. Whatever. Hmpf.
    Although I suppose I do recognise that I am finally grieving the end of my marriage and I just want to be left alone to do it in peace. Love can go fuq itself while I get on with making money, fixing my health and being kind to my poor aching heart.
    All this Aries energy is agreeing with me tho’, I am winning at work, making myself indispensable. In all relationships I am standing up for myself and kicking arse (yes, at the same time – that’ll be the yoga lol)

  22. Yes, I savvy. Put paid to the worst thing I ever met, Now I’m over it as a love affair, zombie (me), shite sucking vampire (he) is going, “shiz, should I kick his arse up so that this whole thing could mean something?” Instinct says no. Karmic life force would like to give one more… Na, you’re right. Sucked a little too hard as a demon to be welcomed into a fold of rightness. That’s the trub with arseholes – us angels can see the goodness – and have a little bit of difficulty shutting the door that says “nope, actually, you dont deserve to come in at all”. What a shame. he would so like to have been included, but he decided to exclude. And I have better things to do.

  23. No-one mentioned Sherry Britton. Googled her and saw the most amazing body & life. An IQ of 165. Whatta woman.
    Said she stripped but didn’t tease. Love it!

  24. Yes, I too have natal Venus in Aries it’s in my 10th House, so I am hoping that this will rock some major league stuff out for me, (as in PLEASE!) whilst trining off my Mars in Sagg in the 6th (feeling a work gym vibe coming on). Have had severe career rigor mortis for awhile so hoping this will shift thanks to having a tenth house lit up like a beacon. Uranus is up there too aspecting my Sun/Mercury – Mars opposition, and my progressed moon just went across my ascendant, so again, surely, I should be getting my game on. Feeling a need to go all Lleyton Hewitt and yell out ‘Come on!’ to the universe – that’s all a bit Venus in Aries isn’t it? Apparently so is hit and run sex, or so an astrologer told me once. Might account for some roadkill in my life relationship wise but hey, past is past right?

    ‘Come on!’