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coverSo i decided to put Soulmating up with the Saturn-Pluto sextile so it is available NOW…44,000 words & 343 pages of awesome info on the so-called Soulmating Asteroids of Eros & Psyche + how you can use them to hack your love life. So to speak. The book is more sooky goo-goo than that lol – it is the digital version of my 2003 hard copy book. There are delineations of Eros and Psyche for each sign and each gender, how they fit with your Sun Sign, just loads of into and a really cool ephemeris for quick reference. PLUS you can search it. Pay what you want for it but hey, any $$$ goes to the site, the Tarot App & my Anti-Fuqwit Fund.  It’s instant download so please look for the link – it might take longer than the other e-books on there as it is a big unit! Go here to see/get it.

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      • I don’t know what it is either but happy to be a primary investor or possibly even on the board

    • I bought this e-book and love it. After poking around the internet on a lazy sunday afternoon I stumbled across something that bothered me. I found a site on the internet that has copied your words almost verbatim, without crediting you at all. I’m sure this happens a lot. Anyway I now understand why you would need an anti-fuqwit fund. I hope I am mistaken. I emailed you the link.

      • okay wonderful! i already have it! mystic changed my life wen i purchased her book in hollywood, ca i remember that day clearly. i was 19.

        • okay wonderful! i already have it! mystic changed my life wen i purchased her book in hollywood, ca i remember that day clearly. i was 19.

  1. I love this book! It was my bible for a certain period of time, 2009 – 2012…

    • Me too…my sister got it for me as a bday present a couple of years back. Amazing info and the way Mystic writes always makes me laugh!

    • Just scanned through for the pertinent bits, looking forward to the rest THANK YOU MYSTIC!!! Wish I had paid more. Completely explained my confusion over soulmate Libra Sun dude with Eros and Psyche in Aquarius, aka the most confusing possible human. Every bit of it totally accurate from describing how we met and everything.

      • My BF is a Libran with Psyche/Eros in Aqua – I have Psyche in Aqua (hello) and Eros in Leo (as well as my Sun/Circe). My Sun is conjunct his Mars in Leo which I think helps – I don’t find him confusing at all, just irresistably gorgeous and at times infuriating (but put that down to his Libran energy or his Jupiter/Moon/Saturn in Virgo). Love LOVE the updated version of this book which I never owned but paid many overdue library fees on. Thanks Mystic!!

        • Oh ffs, not anon – i have no idea why this happens all the time lately, my computer not remembering me!

  2. Am getting different results from the chart at the end of the book vs. astrodienst, ideas on which one to go with?

    • You mean different interp results from MM book to Astrodienst?? Personally I’ve found astrodienst partner synastry interps to be a little contradictory at times, and a bit damning, though some bits are spot on.

      I think you read both, absorb and see what sits best with you. But I have to say MM Soulmating book is like psychic dating recon, there’s stuff I’ve read there that I wouldn’t have thought but was SO true.

      • THIS!!!! Astrodienst can be too dry too IMO. I was not impressed with their dailies the way I was with MM.

    • The ephemeris is every ten days as otherwise book would have been too big for most people to download so probably Eros/Psyche changed signs in between the two dates. It does say somewhere that if there is a sign change in the middle, to fine tune it with astrodienst but it should all be the same data. ALTHOUGH, some ephemerides differ a bit.

    • When I first got the book back in 2003 I thought my Psyche was in Virgo. But when checked with Astrodienst some couple/few years later turned out it’s *just* gone into Libra, bang on 0 degree. Like MM said, otherwise the book would’ve been too big.

      I still get a kick out of this book, great work! :)

    • It’s what resonates in your body mind & soul-spirt.
      Astrodienst is a little dry & brittle, i only like it for the Maps
      & Mathmatics.
      Viva la difference.

  3. waiting for new moon mercury retro ending to get new things waited this long i know its slow,
    i been messed up too much by mercury driving up and down many
    times to be told by a smug guy that the eyptian cotton sheets have not arrived for the second week. why i even bothered but you never know.
    i been investigating the 12th house and modern astrology see it in a much more helpful light
    The 12th House—Comparing old school astrology to modern view astrology
    “Things you cannot see” The modern way says that 12th house is the house of career.
    people who have positions of influence or fame have 12th house planets.

    • 12th as career? Really? I agree that old school astro is WAY too down on the 12th – and the 8th. Actually most of it is down lol. But career?

      And Actil make the best sheets i.m.o and i have Moon in Libra credentials

      • thanks for the sheet info here is the astro i saw
        Contemporary astrologer Maurice Fernandez makes even stronger claims for 12th house planets. [4] According to Fernandez, people who have positions of influence or fame will more often have an emphasized 12th house than a strong 10th. Since the 12th house rules both the collective unconscious and the masses, planets here indicate the potential to tune in to what’s popular and have an effect on a wide audience. They may also bear the burden of mass projection, sacrificing the personal life to become a product or symbol. Think of the different measures of fame the following 12th house Suns have achieved: Ghandi, Madonna, George Bush, and Rodney King.

        • Thank you, I have strong 12th and 10th and am very intuitive in terms of ideas for projects in my work.

          • 8th House as Career, that sounds like me plus some subtle other Scorpionic stuff like node & Chiron.
            Designer deaths are my next area to create as it needs 10 years preparation
            to die blissfully & well dressed.

        • Singer Morrisey called Madonna, McDonna
          so she has become a product and is more shy in real life.
          12th house do get projected upon.

  4. I’m not sure where else you could get advice on progressed moon, love life, zap zone and a dark moon bitch corner, PLUS good manchester tips xx

  5. I have just pulled the hard version out of my witch book cabinet. I really didn’t get it when i bought the book. Thanks to this site i do now! So not only am I sun, moon and mercury cancer I also have psyche & eros…hmmm need to go find out what degree….

  6. Oh Mystic your timing is so perfect, proving again that you channel the divine. I am literally just home from an event that threatened to turn me into a love zombie and I chose instead to speak as Lilith. Now I earn the right to read your wisdom on soul mating. Lol I also spoke about earning wisdom! Thank you so much xx

  7. OK, so I’m totally tipsy – most unlike me – but whateves. Current Affair chasing peeps around our community, guy at work I told to pull his head in now literally HISSES at me every time I come near, girlfriend/trainer dislocated her toe, witnessed horror smash complete with dead dude, sh*t trip to the dentist, months of kissing arse appear to have amounted to naught, and lights and electricals flickering on and off etc… oh and the whole North Korean Thang. WTF?! – someone please just crop dust this entire planet with Valium or something! AAARRGH!

    • Zaiborg, can we be friends? Your smoldering assessment of current crumpled state of affairs has devastated my earth rays…I’m pulled into your tractor beam…

    • hisses at you?? some people…

      Thanks for drawing the N korea thing to my attention, somehow missed the news on that today.

      • The faint hissing I’m sure is an involuntary response he’s not even aware of! It’d be funny if I didn’t know what a psycho he was – we got into a HUGE fight over him killing little sparrows with a broom and laughing about it – I went OFF mate! He also has a facial tic – pretty sure he is a Daemon! Apologies for the Rant-Bomb last night peeps, Friday had been a very, very, very, Bad Day.

        • Killing birds!?? For fun!?! Fuq! He isn’t even worthy of the ledge that they shit on. I would have laid into him as well, and broken the broom in half if need be. Then kept hitting *him* with it and see how he liked it.

          • um, by ‘ laid into him’ i mean having strong words with him, not beating him violently, although cruelty to animals might merit such an act. FTR I do not think that’s hypocritical.

  8. downloading now, will re-do later with $$. thanks mystic. still looking out for the guy who thinks I am his type (and where I reciprocate the feeling, for a change). I am starting to inkle that I might not be the Leo’s ideal, hmm

  9. Oh Mystic it is absolutely incredible! I’m Psyche in Gem and Eros in Cap. Terrified of the dull and terrify the wimps ha. And matching up with my man’s Eros and Psyche? I laughed out loud. Too true, Mystic, too true, as usual you are genius and goddess. Thank you so much!

  10. I can’t download anything because my daughter’s laptop has no applications and I no longer have a work computer. How merc retro hellish is that?

  11. Wow this explains so much about me. Eros in Aqua. LOL. I’m doomed.

    • I hear you! Psyche in Aqua, Eros in Scorp. As if being a Scorp with Venus in Libra and Saggo moon square Uranus, Mars in Virgo, Cap Asc wasn’t complicated enough! :)

  12. Wow this mercury Rx is messing with me big time. It all started with my car needing a pink slip, I had to return the car 4 times because each time I’d pick it up it wouldn’t drive? Has cost me thousands! Work is so crap I cant even discuss it and for my Saturday morning pleasure I just got up at 6am for a call to New York i was really looking forward to BUT I had gotten the time wrong so I was blasted by this woman I had thought so highly of previously.

    I consoled myself that I could now read MM’s ebook over a cuppa, but now it won’t download on my iPad or my computer? Enough already!

    Bring on March 18th! Now please!

    • Hey TJ

      Not sure if it helps but I had to press add to cart about 5 times on my iPad before it worked.

  13. Me: psche in Taurus exactly conjunct my ceres.
    The description fits me perfectly….every word.
    Eros in Libra…..weird. The description makes sense although doesn’t strike deep. I have never been with a Libra, but recently discovered Torro has Libra rising(not obvious).

    Torro lover: Eros in Kataka . Good description of him. I have Kataka sun 3* away.
    Psyche in Scorpio. Describes me perfect. ha. My north node in scorpio and Jupiter in the 8th.

    looking up the past ones…well this explains a lot!!! No wonder I couldn’t stand a couple of them!!!

    • Sounds good ;) . His Eros, your Sun in Cancer same as my partner and I (except in Leo).
      Do you think the masculine nature of a woman’s Sun and man’s Eros together seems harmonious? Or too yang?
      I mean he is not exactly like Mars, he is more adoring than martial.
      Am trying to work out the compatibility of the other planets with Eros…

      • I think it is harmonious. I fully appreciate and love that part of him. I saw it in him when a lot of people don’t and it is one of the reasons I fell in love with him. HE cooks and loves kids and is very aware of my moods.

      • Yes I do too think it works. I think cafeastro would say that our Suns shine a light on their Eros – that has gotta to feel good for them! ;)
        Never date a man who doesn’t cook I say. :)

        • and if a man’s Sun shines on my Psyche that’s gotta feel good too, huh?

          • Oh yes….
            Forgot to write that….Torro’s sun is 1* conjunct my Psyche in Taurus.

            We are peas in a pod in so many ways.

  14. You’re so awesome Mystic!!!! I read this book when it first came out and here I’m reading it again. I forgot about it all these years. My eros is in scorpio and psyche in gemini. It gets complicated but it’s never boring. Thank you. My soulmate, the timing is bad, we have the yin yang and cat (we’re soulmates but more siblings right now). The one who adores me is a star and diamond. combination. This is one of the most fun relationship breakdowns I’ve ever read. And it’s right on! Thank you again, Mystic.

  15. My relationship compatibility with my man is The Star.
    He’s double Aqua both Eros-Psyche conjunct and is mega-progressive, utopian ideals, unconventional, heady, can be a bit frosty (I like that says my Cap Eros-Sun combination). This has given me some depth which has given me a lift.
    My Psyche is Conjunct my Sun-NN by 2 degrees orb. Very lovely place to have Psyche but has been somewhat confusing. Eros Trine my Moon. Eros conjunct Trans Pluto which is Trine my Venus. Thank You xxx

    • I have Aqua Descendant where my Man’s Eros-Psyche is. I wonder if his Pluto conjuncts my Psyche-Sun-NN. My Psyche-Sun-NN is in his 11th house natural ruler is Aqua. WOWing out at this depth of Synastry.

  16. Have always thought why have the love of ONE man when you can have the love of MANY.
    Yet i want to see people as loving pairs, perhaps a Noah’s Ark symbology, 2 of each species :-)

    • Every one is so different and even I think I have been different at different times in my life.. but right now I happy to share the responsibility of dishes, bills and so on with one person. With Eros in Taurus I probably really need that the person, as MM says, be around for the day to day stuff to feel like it is love.

  17. I guess conjunctions show a bit of drama and this is for my Gem guy & I:

    His Eros is in Leo conjunct my Sun
    My Psyche is in Aqua conjunct his Rising

    His Psyche is in Scorpio near my Moon in same
    My Eros is the odd one out – in Taurus! Conjunct his IC.

  18. Absolutely loved it!! Accurate and I found very helpful with any LZ attacks!!

    Thank you!! xo!!

  19. well i guess i can comment since my soulmate du jour finally contacted me today. he is way worse off than i’d imagined. doctor-sponsored addiction is awful- such a trap! makin’ money for big pharma. haRUMPH.

    my cap eros on his nn/dc sextile his scorp psyche on my vertex/uranus- pure magick. my virgo psyche on-ish his ic sextile his psyche- also fab! his 29 leo eros + my 0 virgo pallas….screeech… captain we may be running into a bit of turbulence. the cool-headed virgin and the egomaniacal sex god. does athena have a hidden wild side? do i get to move one planet- just one!- when no one’s looking??

  20. Ex’s birthday is tomorrow. FINALLY got a birth time from him — he has a Gemini rising conjunct his Mars in Gemini, all trine his Venus and Mercury in Aquarius. The mythological charm is finally explained astrologically.

    He is a Pisces and has sun conjunct midheaven like me…interesting…

    I swear I’m not love zombie-ing out. But homeboy is trying to butter me up again I think…I just got a package in the mail of these YSL suede pumps I was lusting after from him as a late b-day gift. Which is nice and all but I’m not breaking form and making it mean anything but a nice gesture!

    • Hi Raché,

      What are your ideas about what the Sun conjunct Midheaven means?

      • I know that we’re both kind of perfectionists. x__x His identity is his work and he values being an entrepreneur and a creative type to the point of idiocy sometimes because he is such an idealist yet a risk-taker.

        I have always admired and loved his visionary nature but after knowing him for so long I have also seen the tradeoffs and the darker side of it. I see myself turning into this kind of person and it is who I want to be, but I hope that I’ve learned some lessons from him and always value the substance/reality over keeping up some kind of image and chasing a dream while everything falls apart at the expense of it.

          • yep, sun in the 10th. i hear it is a good placement and i definitely think it can be powerful and awesome but when your identity/ego (sun) is that tied into what you DO then i think you can run into issues.

  21. Looks like I need to download this, have to get the awesome back in my jack of hearts. wonder why everyone i ever love goes away in the end, it’s probably me…shite. looking forward to some epic enlightenment, seminal clairvoyance, and snark meter explosive.

  22. Wonderful ! I have the book, but is missing pages – on my aspect, so I can finally flesh it out completely !

  23. Got the e-book… now the question is… is it possible for me to hunt down a hardcopy version? :P

    (Its my overindulgent Saggo + always-wanting-to-have-a-spare-just-in-case Cancer Rising talking here)

  24. Got it downloaded! Horoscope for Virgo today was spot on. A flirty chat unearthed new insights. He reached out for me. His eros and my psyche in Aquarius. My eros in Gemini, his psyche in Libra. We def connect, but its pretty airy. I’m not love zombing over this one.

    No work/admin clarity yet. I did get a new insight on self-branding and have three chances to pitch my awesome at three interviews next week. Glad the first offer didn’t come back as final yet. I would have said yes before I shopped around more.

    BTW – wasn’t the last new moon in Pisces? Seems like I’ve had two 6th house new moons this month.

  25. Hey guys – i just fixed a glitch in the e-book, some of the 1950s ephemeris did not load props. It is fixed now so if you want version 3 it is up there now.

    And thank you for the lovely comments! Adoring the Aqua Moon

    • Hi M! X

      Triple Cancer flake con nymphomaniac blonde exposed!

      Free man again!

      Have new abode in huge 70’s beach house seeking house mates…

      I am going to turn this negative into a blessing in disguise and carry on.

      Soulmateing I doubt the concept myself but will keep an open mind.

      Now a theory that I can grasp is Morphic Resonance.

      P.S. I have enrolled in a degree! Professional Writing and Publishing via Curtain. I love it!

      P.P.S. Surfs up! Cyclone swell on its way just in time for the Noosa Festival Of Surfing. WhooHoo.

      Damon, not Daemon…

  26. So what do you do with an Eros in Taurus when you aren’t at the “pull him into the sheets/grass” stage yet? :p

      • Well, actually … I am not much of a kitchen guru, sigh.

        That leaves me with the scent, or getting more casually tactile then I am accostumed to, I suppose.
        Wear green maybe :p

  27. I don’t know how much I believe in the whole Psyche/Eros thing. It seemed like a lot of the relationships I were in before 25 were filled Psyche/Eros conj and opposition. I actually had a double whammy of my Psy/Sun/Neptune conj his Eros with my Eros conj his Psy/Moon- ended horribly (I can not stress horrible enough). Since I have been getting older the Psyche/Eros pairings have completely died down. Maybe the softer ones are best?

    I hope it works better for others! :)

  28. Ok, how does this work in a same sex situation? Which is the “His” & which is the “Hers”? Is it just up to individual couples to decide who’s more butch & who’s more fem? E.g., if you’re an Aries lez, does that automatically make you a “His”? And if you’re a gay Virgo, does that make you the “Hers”? Because you get diff descriptions of couplings depending on who’s the his & who’s the hers; that makes four possible descriptions, or two pairs, per coupling. Furthermore, I heard that if you figure in wind shear & velocity you can glimpse a duo’s earning potential, but I can’t get past the whole gender biz.

    • LOL!! don’t forget to take into account atmospheric pressure. the variation in the Earth’s magnetic field in relation to latitude.

    • LOL!! don’t forget to take into account atmospheric pressure, and the variation in Earth’s magnetic field in relation to latitude.

    • Noticed this comment after my own – yeah it’s kinda hard for those of us who are LGBTQ to fit into this model. Feel a bit sad that all couples chosen to illustrate soul mating are heterosexual and cis gendered. Hard not to feel left out…

  29. WOW Mystic! Amazing. We are the fated “instant love’ destined to be together, which is also how we feel. Checked the relationship previous which too ringged with the same sentiment, but was terribly saturated with love zombie. Still, a karmic bind that,errr.. had a lot of working out to be done! Great book mystic. Thanks for that – I had been wondering if it was merely all a dream!

  30. Hmmm, all feels a wee bit heteronormative with the him/her combinations;any advice for those of us who are not heterosexual or cis gendered? Cool book otherwise.

  31. awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!! It made me laugh it was so accurate! have it square in my chart ??? what does that mean??? like venus sq. mars. triangle relationships???

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