Full Moon FightClub – March 2013 Edition

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Revenge Slogan Must-know Zap Zone Full Moon Horoscopes for Monday (but about the whole week really) are now up…

And you can discuss where you’re at here. To recap, this is a highly intense Full Moon that stirs up emotional psych-everything and is also a provocateur for action to reform stagnant circumstances or relationships. The vibe is both ultra-deep and potentially cathartic (like stirring unresolved ye olde childhood schizz) AND massively motivational, courtesy of the Mars component.

It’s Mars-Pluto-Uranus-Cardinal Energy. Your task: to keep it HAUTE. Not just go on a mindless bitched up rant of hell at all who would block your light. And to stay out of the way of Muggles with NO idea of what powerful forces are at play this week. This is exact on Weds (times for L.A., New York, Sydney and London on the Horoscopes page) but count it as live the whole week.

It’s a Zap Zone Full Moon – this week’s events and emotions are like a microcosmic version of the macro that is the Zap Zone (Uranus square Pluto) until 2016. So newshounds might want to watch events. Others can see how their most juicy psychological dimensions are now being awoken and hopefully to be put to good use.

Yes it is super intense. No that is no excuse to wig-out. More in the Daily Horoscopes just posted and i am also going to do a rave re this in the Daily Mystic email for Monday.

Also, share here – how are you doing? I’ve had a ridiculous stream of synchronicity that i’ll put in the D.M – it’s a seriously w.t.f. time but epic if you can stare it down, process & integrate. We are all alchemists now.

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150 thoughts on “Full Moon FightClub – March 2013 Edition

  1. fmoon will be close to conjoin my sun = channeling silent-warrior.
    one person has positioned themself at flashpoint in my life. I’ve just about had enough of having projected onto me another person’s secret yearnings and insecurities, their inner conflicts, their fear and confusion (saturn is going through their 12th). their search for what they call self fulfillment and self satisfaction really is just self-obsession. no interest in looking outward toward humanity, peace, and life outside the egosphere is crock of schizz i say.

    • my car almost hit by the highest stream of lightening i have ever seen tonight … welcome to the ‘thunder zap dome’. . .

  2. yeah i got my awesome on. Sent a letter. YOLO time!

    and weirdly i feel all dainty and feminine like. I actually groomed my feet today. De-furred and painted my toe nails turquoise. The last time I painted my nails was like 2 years ago. What’s come over me?

    That and a non-stop craving for oysters rockefeller.

    so yeah…major brain damage has occured.

  3. Spend the last five days crying. It’s a weird time!
    Thank God there are also astrological reasons for my mood.
    This never happens to me, I am very grateful for my life atm and have no reason to cry.

    I think it is the Herxheimer effect too. (Or getting too absorbent of other people’s stuff, my family are having issues).

    The GAPS diet is working miraculously.. is only way to describe it.
    I have epilepsy and a.d.d. so it is excellent for me.
    But am soo emo I can only think that I am detoxing and those yeast bacterias are dying off and launching a last ditch offensive on my system.

    More importantly, my autistic son has started to talk four times as much (I not go! – correct personal pronoun plus 3 word sentences!!! Thrilling!).
    He is also calmer and sleeping more.

    It seems he might have a gene mutation causing asd behaviour. Can’t break down metals.

    If you know anyone with an autistic child by all means urge them to visit a naturopath who specialises in GAPS. I would never have believed this until I saw it myself.

    This morning he woke up and said, “I happy”.
    Excuse me while I go off and cry again.

    • aww andromeda *hugs*
      how lovely to have your boy speaking to you and telling you he is happy! xxoo

      • well done you! all that effort will be so worth it and I’m very happy to hear the obvious results on your child too – x x x

    • Yeah, this is beautiful – so lovely. Congrats on your discovery of GAPS. I’m a huge fan of gene expression through diet and lifestyle. Also, yes, the crying is likely a release of toxins. Hugs to you. xx

      • Thank you & that is good to know re the detox. Yr kids are lucky in their mum (not that I believe in luck, more that they reflect your awesomeness)! Xx.

        • yes, I think the crying could be a sort of emotional detox?

          What joy, I would be so happy to hear any of my children say that :)

      • Thank you all so much. I have read of people claiming their children’s lives being turned around by diet, but the cause being metals/phenotypes eluded me.
        It’s like I have another child, truly. His muscles aren’t like cables, much more relaxed & keeps kissing me!
        It’s just incredible.

    • Stay calm and drink apple cider vinegar and garlic juice!
      I’m detoxing right now too (juicing) and the sudden emotions are crazy…

      Awww…you are such a good mom looking out for your son and giving him the best chance at having a happy life! I’m interested in the GAPS diet myself (asperger’s dad & sis, I’m suspected but never been diagnosed and have MAJOR digestive issues). Awesome to hear it is working out so well for you guys!

      • Rache visit a naturopath & find out if you have a specific phenotype or mutation running in your gene pool. Then you will be able to take specific vitamins etc & know the exact issue. Without that info you are shooting in the dark (exxy & time consuming). It is super interesting when you get a family pattern. And thanks re the advice of the vinegar /garlic. Good luck with yr detox.

    • This is so wonderful… feeling your happiness, so pleased for you and specially for your son xx

    • You are very absorbant, I am not surprised if you are taking on others stuff. Make sure you do some protection for you. xoxo

      • Thanks doll, I will. Been removing chunks of my mum’s tension energy from my field every time I do. Time to set the intent of not bearing more pain of the world than I can handle!

    • I’m SO thrilled for you :) How lovely that your boy is getting better !

      And yes, yeast die off can cause the most appalling emotional reactions…. I did my anit-candida diet slowly and carefully and still spent a fortnight sobbing and wailing. I wish now I’d just done it in 4 days and been done with it !

    • Thrilled with your victories! You’ve inspired me. Looked up GAPS this morning and it’s totally accessible. I’m ready to make some changes, starting with me. Perhaps others will follow along in my wake… :-)

    • OH wonderful!!!
      It is good to cry, let it out.

      I am extremely gluten intolerant and it caused me brain symptoms that disrupted my thinking and speech, so I know it can.
      I could picture what I wanted to say, but couldn’t say it. People thought I was just really stoned, which is acceptable here. But I was sober.

      • Wow! That is intense, its so gr8 you worked it out. So many of you guys are up on this stuff. Special bunch of peeps!

    • Andromeda, OPS is an acronym i use constantly when doing bodywork for peeps to be aware that they do absorb Other Peoples Stuff (or Shizz as Myst calls it), to be aware of what belongs to us & what does not!

      Rewards are being reaped from your dedication to your babes, blessings Blossom. x

      • Thank you all so much for your words. I don’t get the time to be as supportive to you in your own times of difficulty/glory as I am too busy to write responses, but I do care, I really love you guys!
        I announced this 3 year olds birth here & a bit about the pregnancy etc & often got advice. It’s been part of my journey you blogging so far. So thanks.

        • And we’ve been learning so much from ur journey! I’d be crying for weeks if my babes were healing thru miracles…all power to you xx

    • Wow, just settled into my cubicle and eyes landed on this– and now *I’m* crying. Congratulations!

  4. I met up with a person on Friday 22nd who unexpectedly and quickly is becoming much more than an acquaintance. she is helping me in many ways than she knows. i could take this to be she is the moon drawing near my sun-north node and opposing my south node of past life connections. wild card week.

  5. Relieved to have an air-clearing conversation with Literate Leo. Not just literate but emotionally literate too. Unbelievable (good unbelievable) given my history with relationships… “You’ve come a long way, baby” it’s my catch-phrase this week. My time with Leo has felt like a pilot run, or a field-test for New Pi under controlled conditions. Green lights on all component functions. A few more routine checks and then submit the results to Brain Central. Once that’s filed, switch to All Systems Online. I think (always the reservation – so gemini).

    • fabulous Pi – bestest luck with it and yes, good communication is such a goddess-send and will help all aspects of this new ‘friendship’ – *hug*

  6. i’ve been in some sort of shaken altered state ever since being close to a head-on collision yesterday. there was a great disturbance in the force, music and mental pictures synched up and it hit me like a ton of bricks. today my 7 libra rising good friend and sharer of a definite energetic link wrote to tell me that her mother-in-law had ceased to produce blood, and that they are in a holding, waiting pattern. death everywhere. swarms of vultures. all against the backdrop of glorious, beautiful spring- flowers, warmth, the return of my love…. so trippy! we really are all alchemists now!!

    • don’t need to make this situation any more real, but wow, a gong just went off in my head reading your post. one year ago today, I was IN a head on collision. Someone fell asleep or had a seizure at the wheel veered into my lane and plowed into me. The zap of the airbags inflating, glass bouncing through the cabin, watching the a-pillar flex then bend. It was so instantaneous, I didn’t have time to react. That fuqed up my world for a while after that – part PTSD part chiropractic therapy. I checked the event chart for that day. The most notable transits for that day were sun conjunct uranus in aries both opposite Rx saturn in Libra. the saturn was right on top of my natal pluto. That moment began a twisted cathartic period in my life that is hard to recollect on…but did a whole lot of good. Glad you were able to avoid it and are A-OK.

      • oh wow, that’s intense. so glad you made it through that, gren. hard core saturn- pluto… and now you are transformed into the powerhouse and brilliance that is you today! happy anniversary i suppose… xoxoxox

    • The exact same thing happened to me yesterday! Distracted semi truck driver changed lanes without looking. Almost ran me and one other car over. Yes, super spacey, angry and grateful afterwards. Glad you are ok. Can we add “avoid muggles ON THE HIGHWAY” to ZZ protocol?

  7. So THAT’S what this is?

    Have been on a super-high vibe for weeks – espesh after last weekend’s trip to Sydney to see Abraham Hicks.

    Been really enjoying the slow unfolding of something (still not sure what) with a new Saggo man in orbit.

    Today I went crashing down after a random encounter at a child’s birthday party – a woman introduced herself to me as my ex-husband & co’s next door neighbour. She went on to wax lyrical about how well she knows my children and how my ‘lovely’ ex-husband helps her out by delivering her child to school. OK, so I can handle praise for my daughters (even though it freaks me out that strangers to me ‘know them so well’) – but FFS my ex husband has not offered to help ME (mother of his four children) in ANY way – has been the opposite of helpful/supportive/nice for YEARS. *deep breath*… Compounding my sudden crash is that so many women I know who have loving, supportive husbands whine about their temporary absences – “oh *wail* he’s been gone ten days and I’ve lost my mind” – “oh he’s been gone a whole week and won’t be back for another three and my mother could only stay three days – how will I cope with these two children?”. FUQ! I’ve been on my own for TEN YEARS. With FIVE children, a full time job, no family support etc.

    I’m bloody amazing. Clearly I never needed any help and dammit I have no reason to feel so blah and unsupported etc, but I guess the astro climate has me feeling this fragility so that I can clear it out once and for all.

    • that neighbour sounds very tactless and horrid – ANY parent would be a bit freaked out to hear someone who they don’t know, knows their children “so well”. she sounds like – at best – an insensitive busy body. you have a sound reason to feel a bit put out – but of course you won’t let it get you down! My mother was a single mother with no family support and worked full time – all power to you!!

    • I think it’s fantastic, I honestly don’t know how you do it, with the demanding job you do as well. My neighbour, and good friend where I used to live was single with 5 daughters, oldest now 22 and youngest 9 this year, and she is a Chinese year Rooster (I think you are too?)…

      She said there is a LOT of feminine energy to contend with in the house at times

        • I don’t think we have ever met, I figured that you were a Rooster from one of the posts over the years mentioning that you were born in ’69, and noted it because i thought it interesting that you have similar astro to my friend, tho she is Cancerian, w Taurus moon/ Rooster. A strong, interesting and outspoken individual she is…

          I follow Chinese astrology also. I am a wood snake, as is MM and a few others on here

    • It’s OK to feel fragile, you do a lot. If it gets a bit heavier than usual, remember your supporters here. Kudos to you, kudos to your life!

    • hey, I completely get your reaction to that incident – and how it tweaked your feelings of being unsupported, which you do have reason to feel btw because it sounds like you are! I have an ex who has been actively UNhelpful for years too, as I stoically do what I can to raise his children in a stable loving home. Pfft you are amazing, I know because I’m struggling to do it with 2 less children than you.

      Interestingly I’m a Rooster too, in response to Veronica’s post, and Scorpio with Taurus Moon. Funny how similar our circumstances sound.


  8. I was going to have a little freak out about all the astro hitting my ascendant and fourth house at the same time the ex returns from OS. But I won’t now…. :)

  9. Not sure if I can avoid the mindless bitched-up rant of hell at those who block my light, as that might be a bit much to ask, but I will try.

  10. Having a hard time. Things are up in the air with home and work and that is causing financial stress.

    Last week was a bit chaotic as I was dealing with the above and then had a mid-week interlude with a guy, which was significant for me because I hadn’t been sexual with someone for over a year, but it was also not overall the most positive interaction, bit extreme, too. There was alcohol and we stayed up all night. I really don’t have the energy for all that..
    Then Friday night had another flirt with a guy and left him my card, which was forward of me, wouldn’t have done without being fueled by alcohol. It’s been a long while since I had a man in my life and I guess somehow this past week was my sort of lame attempt to see what that might be like again.. Also, I think it was a distraction from more important things at hand, like my job possibly ending and the fact that I have only a week to find a new housemate so I’ll have enough money to pay rent on the first of the month….it just never ends. I can’t get ahead here….run ragged, lonely, not making any money, way-too-expensive city…….serendipity was an article about stopping the glorification of being ‘busy’, called ‘The Busy Trap’. So refreshing. Made me want to move away from this city asap..

    Also, was already a bitch. Told this guy off at the bar last night after being very patient for quite awhile while he mocked my profession (acupuncture), then I just sort of snapped and told him I treat 50 patients a week at a public health clinic and it’s heavy and we are seeing some very dire health conditions, and it’s nothing to be made fun of and yes, acupuncture ‘works’. Didn’t call him any names, and was not disrespectful of him, but was standing up for myself, righteous indignation, but kind of intense because I’d had some wine already. Ugh…

    Too much input. Overwhelmed. Not feeling ‘ready’ for this full moon week….I’m all over the place…..help!

    • I love acupuncture and it’s an honorable profession. Good for you setting him straight. He sounds like an uncaring, ignorant idiot!

      • Thanks for your vote of confidence about acupuncture! Glad you like it, too! :)

        Forgot to say in my original post that the full moon will be in my 4th house, in opposition to all that stuff in Aries which is transiting my 10th house and my natal Saturn at 8 degrees Aries……yikes!

        I guess it makes sense that career and home stuff is ‘up’ for me. Very de-stabilizing, though, on the material/survival level.

        • I second the vote on acupuncture. It has worked so well on me recently, when medicine did not. You don’t have to defend yourself to idiots…let them rot

          All the worry about home stuff is scary indeed, I have had a lot of it recently because old sources of work have dried up, and I have my first mortgage. I have been scraping through, and managing despite heaps of fears of disaster, by selling things I no longer need, looking for other types of work etc. And I recognise that i have had these terrible fears before, at the beginning of different stages of my life, and I’m still here…

          Perhaps you can visualise bringing up all the fears to be healed? Affirm that you deserve to be supported and loved by the universe and also figure out where you can let go (of objects, situations etc) so that you can move on to the next stage freely and easily

          • Thanks for the advice. I think I am being confronted by these fears and it is, as you say, an opportunity to heal them.

            Sometimes when I’m overwhelmed or paralyzed with fear, i forget that I am connected to the universe and can connect to that support. I think fear shrinks us into ourselves and isolates and separates us from our own power and in turn the power of the universe. Reconnecting tonight with some mantras….

            Also, just today I got a new housemate in, so at least that’s taken care of for now. I’m trying not to worry that somehow it will fall through…. I’ve got to get over worrying worst case scenarios, even though I’ve lived through many..

            • flowerchild, so glad you’ve got your housemate worked out! What you said about fear really hits to the whole point of what’s going on and how it can limit us. It’s especially hard for those of us that have those worst case scenarios and thinking burned into us. Thanks for boiling it down into such a beautiful point and call to action!

  11. Wow. My Multi Conjunct Scorp Father is dying, we have days at most, there is bullshit going on with his ex wife (of 20 years, not on friendly terms, she’s gold digging – i havent had the heart to remind her he alcoholic gambling man,umm remember thats why you booted him out there are no treasures – i almost tripped into the drama but reined in/let it go instead, tomorrow i boot her out of his home, and remind her i am next of kin, you can fuq off now, after she told me that tomorrow is not a good day to come back to visit ! She’s lucky she didnt get a punch in the face, instead, a deep breathe and a polite but firm ‘do not open pandoras box’ tone reply of ”We are his children and we will be here)

    i have his tight circle of friends and family behind me – i would not have presumed to do this by myself, i am being told over and over by Scorps – aside from his twin, a sister too, and closest longest friend – Get her away from his things, he would be ”mortified” with her going through his papers/books/letters/life !,
    we have repaired our past, and i am in constant contact with his identical twin on other side of world who is unable to fly at this time, today when i was talking with him, i burst into tears and said ”I’m so sorry you are losing your twin”…it was a moment.

    What is the collective noun for a bunch of Scorps ?
    An Armory perhaps ? I feel protected, supported and like the Next of Kin honor has been earnt.

    I want him to know that he is not alone, that my Gemmie sister and I are here, in his pockets of lucidity.

    So Mystic, thank you, thank you thank you,
    for sharing your knowledge with us openly here,
    and through your dailies – for a pittance i might add.
    You are worth quadrupule your weight in gold.

    • *she took his wallet keys and phone from hospital, let herself into his home and is staying there unknown to him.
      admittedly with son to him, who returns to his home tomorrow and she wants to stay to ”sort out his superannuation” hmmm. I think not Cancerian.

      …Will be re reading Mystics words before seeing her tomorrow !

      • bless you dear – sounds like you are doing everything you can, and doing it RIGHT – strength and best wishes for this trying, significant time – get the locks changed if you have any time to do so!! And no matter what the astro, the impending loss of a parent is gonna be huge – I remember when Mum died it was like a huge incoming wave – ‘known’ at a deep psych level, yet unfamiliar too. *hugs*

      • Oh blessings cosmic lady, you are sounding so grounded and strong. Hugs to you, the vamp ex is lucky to have such a mature person as yourself to deal with, good luck, xx.

    • Love and strength to you, Cosmic. So glad you have your sister with you to share this time, to bear witness to each other’s experience. x

    • Hello!? Solid front of family fortress is what you need and deserve. This sort of behavior brings to mind those battlefield corpse looters, rooting through pockets and shirtwaists for trinkets and bits. What’s next? Any chance your da’s got gold fillings?? Better post a sentry by his head! Sorry for the graphic, but it’s vile behavior. Awful.

      Power to you CF.

      • Dear Whimsy,
        Re Gold teeth, my sister and I joked re this the first day after we saw her, she had asked his friend to get Dad to sign a blank will and that she would’ve fill it out! Classy huh.

        • Classy? What class/caste would that be?? Jaw-droppingly stupid and obvious. Talk about telegraphing your intentions! If it weren’t your own kin it’d be comically delusional!

          (Wow. Are you sure this isn’t an episode of Jersey Shore?)

    • love to you and your family as you walk through this transition. perhaps if you throw a bucket of water on the ex she will melt? xoxoxox

    • *hugs* hang tight and strong. That people can be so low at times like this is sickening, but sadly way too common. Protect your dad and his things, but don’t let her steal the time you have left with your dad as well.

    • wow, all the best to you…I’m glad you have your Armory of Scorps (cute btw) to stand by you. I’m with Quin, just change the locks pronto xx

  12. I love this post Mystic. I am totally psyched for this full moon week. I too have been experiencing major wtf sychronicity that feels more like synchrodestiny. I am also suddenly surrounded by people who are achieving their version of zap zone awesome and it’s so inspiring to be connected to people who are amped and future-ready… oh yes and then there are those who are desperately resisting change and trying to keep the sttaus quo.. I choose to keep a wide berth from these folk! Brutal but necessary. I think Machiavelli was a Taurus and I can feel this energy in me right now.

    • Yes, I am totally feeling a competitive Machiavellian/strategic streak counter to my usual Taurean resistance to change. Sounds like your return to land is going well. ^__^ I loved reading that btw; love that whole series.

      • Thanks Rache. Yes I am going all unashamedly Machiavellian now that I am back on land – my mother earth!! Glad I’m not the only Toro with this newfound ruthless streak!

    • back on mother earth? no more the bends? so reading your post is reflective of my own position now. found that i’ve got a progressed moon and MC conjunct both sync’ed up in Aquarius and loving it, expect my taurean side is bit hesitant since staying awesome means pushing and clawing thru some of conventional safe boundaries of day to day life, while trying affect the world around me to evolve is tough as nails. gonna take some major buoys to stay afloat ha.

  13. Broke but working this astro hard. Full moon on in my 6th house of Libra. Health & habits and everything I Saturn’d out over when Scorpio was there.

    Yesterday I cashed in on a bunch of beauty store gift cards and saw a threading lady. Got my eyebrows done pro for the first time. Juicing & doing a parasite cleanse. Working hard on brushing up my skills and sending out resumes. I’m actually really getting off on all this Saturn stuff but need to get another contract or a job quick!

    • you go juicing girl. i was on a big green smoothie kick a year ago. i’m jacking now…as in jumping jacks insanity style.

  14. Oooh thanks mm! I know its not very original, but this possibly profound provacative and cathartic will require lots of energy and open clear heartedness…. I’m just going to have to excercise as much as I can and be as Zen as possible to avoid pass agg… Prepare my mind daily fo possible asseholes….

    • So I’ve stuck to my plan so far… I’m amazed already today how I’ve got the old emo coming up, like one of the most hardcore emotions, plus the mega energy to just go for it! I got so much work done today, and I’ve taken the afternoon off for some self care as well…. More emo coming up, and solution thoughts enter pretty soon after with a plan…. Listening to a lot of create abundance stuff at the mo… And one of the keys is to be in a state of joy or happiness, or something that feels good…. I also think its important to look at the pain and suffering and investigate reality… But to learn and quickly apply to plan of action… So while I’ve got intense emotions and prob premenstrual I am so motivated towards creating my dreams into my daily life that I don’t get too hooked, its only taken 20 yrs ha!

  15. I’m going against the grain here sorta.. Tell people I love them, just straight shit. You deal with it. Take it or leave it. I’ll know by the end of the week. Good or bad time I just feel the need to. Kataka moon & rising. It’s been a hard time this year.

  16. Good to know there is an astrological reason for my sudden dip of mood and energy, and there I was thinking, “Damn I just got over two weeks of high fever and tonsillitis! Surely there can’t be more where that came from!” I just suddenly woke up feeling moody and borderline depressed today and was wondering why. Luckily it’s not enough to set me back in terms of work anymore, seven years of severe depression does give one resilience in some ways to its attacks.

    Intuitively, I’ve been led towards the news as well over the past 48 hours. MM have you heard of the Tunisian Amina? That’s definitely part of the ZZ, no? Now I’m testing out all these iPhone apps to figure out which one is best for me to track the news with without being inundated. Looking forward to reading tomorrow’s email.

    So what has all this extreme astro been stirring up for me? Insecurities and inadequacies definitely. My greatest nemeses. The plan? Keep on working, keep on churning out the good stuff. There is nothing like focusing on the task at hand, which is to keep working, to get over periods of inadequacy and fear.

  17. The FM is in my 7th, close to natal Uranus, which is getting pulverized by Uranus-Pluto ZZ.

    I need my Saturn lessons this week, I sense Neptune will muddy the waters. If all I can do is to show up in life, then I will.

    • I have been managing OK on my own – withdrew from all actual and potential irritants but I spent the day extending support to a Virgo and a Libra, both zapped by the FM vibe and now I am exhausted. Too bad, because getting enough sleep until Thursday would help a lot.

    • Hey Quad, I just came back to this post cos I realised the FM is right on my natal Uranus at 6 Libra and i wondered if anyone else had that going on and what it might point to…..

      By the by, I’ve almost had a nervous breakdown due to working for a lazy grifter whose incompetence is making it hard for me to do a good job. I perhaps should’ve kept my mouth shut but I just couldn’t. We’re confusing people we’re supposed to be teaching due to his poor planning and delivery. I pushed my point strongly and got him to restructure in a way that will help but I almost had a nervous breakdown yesterday when I had to meet with him and he said “are you OK this term?”. Yeah dude, I was totally fine before I had to deal with this BS. The problem is not about me being OK, the problem is you! Pity I need the $ so much. I contemplated walking away from the job but now I hope the changes I suggested make it more workable. The next thing is to take the fallout somewhere haute. I’m afraid I succumbed to a wigged out rant. oops, hope I can take the ZZ….

  18. Full moon on my first house Pluto. Pluto is transiting my fourth, so I am spending time finishing home renovations. Went to breakfast with my neighbor yesterday, who commented it only took us 8 years to do that. I’m trying to reach out more! My daughter is on vacation with her Dad for the next few weeks. I miss her. I verbal accepted two job offers on Friday and can’t stop stressing about which way to go on Monday. Nothing sexy going on. At all. Just so stressed out that my body is showing signs. Going to get some exercise and ride it out.

    • maybe this next two weeks will be good for you 12hv to have some quality personal time to yourself. you miss your little girl sure, but you take train all your energy and focus on yourself and fix up everything, and the astro is pointing to the home first. not saying you do, but having to put up a strong mommy front sometimes is draining, you can well just be yourself. swear throw shit and put needles into your uncool interviewer voodoo dolls

      • didn’t you have a dream? one was a bucket of cold oil, one a wedding dress…now I guess you have to figure out which job is which…maybe pull a tarot card for each option

        • I did have that dream! Its weird because I keep looking for omens on which job I should take, but it continues to be both of them. I feel stuck in a period of extended negotiations. I hate negotiating, but must. Today it occured to me some people may enjoy having multiple options, but its been driving me crazy.

      • I don’t have a Mommy-persona-facade, so that’s not a problem. But I did finish stenciling a ceiling today!

  19. All my hard efforts are coming to fruition and it feels like, fuq yes. Thank you. I deserve this and I can’t wait to charge forward in my persuits.

    This Aries energy is working phenomenally with me :)

    Lots of friendships are under the light. Clarity is happening everywhere. It’s good. Feels right for once :)

  20. My dad, would say, “From the School of Horrible Example” when seeing off the chart extreme behavior.

    Two dear mums I know had hooch fueled black outs and terrorized their kids.

    Witnessing PTSD mayhem and wreckage.

    Professor Umbridge reigned for a day and fired our best employee.

    Local news covers aftermath of bad drug induced teen rampage bad off -off Broadway- with the moral don’t buy fake drugs in gas stations!

    Instead of joining in/freaking out I..

    Did an EFT session on abundance and then won an auction bid on not just a basket of divine Libra loving elixirs- but a freaking huge gift card to a spa!!!! The gift card was a total shock !!Leaps of faith off the star deck!Woo hoo!!

    Drive super defensively- flow and leave gaps. – barely missed some major crunches.

    Give Gratitude for the Libran Zap Zone!! I twigged that I rock at matching energies.

    Banished my terror of asking for stuff. Pluto is rocking the 2nd. On my MC at birth. Cultivate worth and occupy space.

    Purged old family patterns and possessions.

    Ended the dead family zombie reunion. Old sign- Stay for free as long as you like- (Libra on the 12th with Saturn on my Scorpi 1st.) New sign- Closed for renovations- under new management.

    Amazing forum and hostess!!!!

    Forever thankful!!!!

    • “Cultivate worth and occupy space.”

      Thank you for this. It resonated straight to my heart. I’m going to carry this around with me as a mantra in the lead-up to the Full Moon.

      • Metaphors stalk me ! When detangling tween’s rue tangled tresses- I untwist the strands from the bottom. Then untangle. Then cut with good scissors. It’s the mirror opposite of prepping thread to spin.

        Take frequent breaks and isolate one problem area. Yes/ drink tea and pause!!!

        Doing haute Neptune/Moon/Jupiter multi-faith choirs with sensei maestro. He told us to cut our vocal notes with the sharpest scissors! Talk about Saturn in Scorpio!!! LOL!!

        Have you explored Flower Essences? They are def Haute Neptune / Scorpio trine- Aussies can access the best of these. Much more limited selections in the States. Sigh.

  21. Low energy yesterday.. was on the couch for most of the day with tears! Now that the toro/gem has contacted me I am stumped. I have a feeling he is using me but then again I think to myself could this be fun. That is what I am trying to get an the bottom of. I am going to see if he will meet to talk about what he is doing. He will probably start throwing darts at me to get me to back away. I have my armor on! LOL!! :)

      • Thanks Quin.. yes.. time for some boundaries for me. What will I get out of this that will make me happy? I said this to him as he wanted to do something with me. He wants one thing and I want another. He asked me how things were going with the plan and my response was “I am struggling” because we aren’t on the same page. It is so hard with this guy!


    • i want to say the toro/gem wants craves affection. I suspect it’s some sort of combo LZ-Qi vamp behavior, but don’t think it is nefarious, just a masked broadcasting. ask him bluntly what he intends. he might be looking at you as the cruise ship while he’s emotionally stranded on the deserted island. and this coming from a progressed toro/gem here ;).

      • Hi Gren.. Thanks for commenting. It always helps to hear what a toro/gem thinks! I sure wish this guy was open to discussing what he wants! He is very sensitive. I honestly think he wants a relationship, maybe not with me, but someone with consistency so that he can have the affection he wants. But he gets freaked out about minor contact. He initiates but once you respond he steps away. He said he would contact me today but no such luck.. so I will let him go. Easter is coming up and he gets sensitive when the “family” events come up and he knows he doesn’t want a girl around because they aren’t family. He is an injured bird that just won’t try to heal. But then again he keeps on contacting me. In my opinion I think he is trying to heal.. but .. who knows! You can’t push him (or a toro / gem).


        • hi Ellie. He definitely likes you in a more than intellectual way. He’s probably is enfatuated but is really shy to commit. You say he’s kind of a wounded bird? When I was like that it was tough to truly open up when all I wanted to do was release everything. Its the stubbornness and play the scenario out in my head a million times before initiating any major contact.As MM would put it hyper gush an talk a hot mercury game but weird about initiating. Yea way bats and confusing.that’s in haute. I’ve done it too. The family thing is not being comfortable with ya yet, thinks its a complication. But don’t fret its not anything you do quite opposite. He’s just trying yo place you in the order of his life. So set boundaries if you wish to see this play out and be frank with him without taking too much of the mystery out. Toro/gems are worth it if you have the patience to deal with our trivialities. Sorry if grammer errors. I’m mobile.

  22. This Moon conjuncts my Venus and opposes my Saturn. I’ve been in a state of emotional turmoil and change with my family of origin since last Monday, as I prepare to move cross country for a new job. There was a cathartic shift on Friday, so while I still feel very vulnerable, I also feel like healing is taking place.

    Issues of self-worth and money are coming up. Also proper boundaries and not trying to keep people in your life only by pleasing them.

    Saturn is there in the background telling me I’ve got to proceed brick by brick and take the long view. Manifest more Queen of Swords energy.

  23. On the personal-physical level, I have chin acne, diarrhea, and a weird black period. It only flowed like a day, but mainly, its just dark spots. Its gross, but moon-cycle relevant.

    I need to chill the fuq out.

    • Black period? that’s no good. That’s old blood from your previous cycle not expelled. :( Raspberry leaf tea helps me when i get those.

    • Weird period for me too.. usually on full-moon but almost a week early this month and super bright and painless. Could be due to new practice of “female deer exercise”. Highly recommend to wmyn peeps with pms and pain, but mostly seems to balance hormones and that is cause of chin acne.

      i have been fixin to start a cleanse as i read so many above but am concerned about the intensity of full moon and throwing more on the fire w more fragility. Could be why the period has come different because it is a purging on it own.

      • Huh — period weirdness here, too. All looked normal, but was a week and a half early.

        I very recently cleaned up my eating habits (even vegetarians can eat crappy!) and got back on track with a fitness routine, so I’m wondering if that’s what caused it. As in, my uterus didn’t want to be left out of the fun and decided to release what was there and start fresh, too. *shrug*

        12th House Virgo, I hope you feel better very quickly. Am also recommending the raspberry leaf tea.

        • Thank you. I am going to buy rasberry tea tomorrow. I knew peeps here would have tips on what to do!

          • i was taught that black blood signifies the emotional release of things long held onto. maybe the verbal offers and the realization of your own power in the situation have allowed you to let go of some of the worry and stress? you sound like you are beginning an out breath. smoke pot, paint, and releeeeeaaase! xoxoxox

            • I agree with the emotional release thing! My Cranio Sacral Therapist is like a god to me – she’s been treating me for this and a whole lot of other crap, and my cycle went totally haywire for 2 months. And it was all down to emotional release – and my heart chakra opening.

            • I like that idea. I went to yoga today and felt naseuous. When I put my hand to my belly, it felt like a snake moving inside. Ugh. Some kind of metamorphosis going on for me right now. I swear, things shift in December. Not sure how to describe it. But its like now is when the material/physical world is starting to re-org itself. Disorienting phase for me for sure.

  24. Torro and I have made it a year now! Pretty amazing.

    We have good friends tweaking out, doing bad drugs, too many drugs.
    My friends daughter is still in a coma, so praying every day.

    Have had lots of energy, working, chores.

    • yay for you and Toro! See your life is different now. I barely recognize the old Catfish Moon who was all like I’ll never meet anybody.

      • :) Thanks EEL!

        Life is good, but my 12 year old Pisces boy is going through stuff.
        Always something right?

  25. After catching up on everyone’s posts, decided to check where it will effect me – oh right ON my mars/ north node conjunction! Main thing for me ATM is increased self respect and assertion in friendships. Apparently my progressed Venus has moved out of 30 years in Virgo and into libra two weeks ago. Hopefully this full moon in libra will amp this ….

  26. So I gets the engine rebuilt on my dear old vintage car, then I’m driving along and it breaks down.

    I get out to check it (probably a lead come loose), and like a flash a bloke in a 4WD jumps the kerb, Aries-style, opens the boot, and starts ripping bits out of the engine!

    I’m like “Um, are you a mechanic?”.
    “No” he replies, pulling out the rotor and scraping it on the road. I say “I just paid 2 grand to have this re-built, I hope you’re going to put that back!”.

    When he pulls out a spark plug, I start praying “Dear God, let this maniac drop dead on the spot!”

    He says something about the solenoid, which I take as a positive sign, seeing as he knows what it’s called at least, and then voila, he discovers a loose lead, re-connects it and my baby starts again.

    Full moon nuttiness? Good fortune? I got his number anyway, as apparently he does spray-painting and my car could use a coat.

    • whoa that’s some crazy hollywood shit. did he look like jason statham? actually, from my experience on older cars, it’s always the distributor and the leads to them.

  27. Back from 3 weeks at the yoga ranch sur la mer & analysing the changes
    that have occurred between CowGirl & Aquaman in their marriage after 10 years of wedded bliss. Checked their chart & she has Scorpio rising to his Aries one. THAT explained what i witnessed & heard!
    The new underground rail system being built 4 houses away x 7 days a week is punishing, needing ear plugs or i-pod to muffle until August. To top that, there is a visitor next door who talks on her mobile for HOURS at a time in a gratingly loud cigarette voice. She starts at 6.30 am waking me & she is the last voice hear going to bed as windows are open during summer-autumn. Then you say beware of flash points. Is screaming shut the fuq up not advisable? Is there a polite way of yelling ‘Quiet’?
    Damn, biting the bullet is bad for the teeth, turning the other cheek finances physios. AND retail therapy not advised?
    I’m a goner……………………..

    • try telling her (tactfully) that you can hear EVERY word – works on all types except narcissists!

    • lol yes ask her how her sister’s hysterectomy went, or something else very personal that you’ve overheard 😀


    THE WAY you wake up dictates your day so i got down to the sea
    and then i did yoga for an hour. What a difference and i just want to fight negativity with tooth and nail.
    I made big mistake with getting entangled with next door to me and they being kicked out and psychically attacking me like nobodies business.
    Then i found some cute 60’s crucifixes and they have work and i am going to get through these hard times by getting fit once and for all i have a goal now.

  29. For the first time in my whole life I do not feel afraid. I just returned from three weeks on Kauai and I’m positively smothered in smushy aloha vibes, so it might wear off, but honestly, there’s some kind of new Overarching pattern having to do with addiction/awareness/food obsessing, fear of just freaking LIVING my good life that I feel is shifting in my awareness towards long range planning, huge love of others, work is a privilege not drudgery, and I can RELAX and it won’t kill me. This all is brand new. Im trying to keep it intact by not worrying it’ll all disappear….. May the force be with all of us!

      • I will gladly beam you some, 12th house Virgo. Saturn is ruling my whole world these days so I am designed to add things to my to do list and getter done!! It’s a whole new world for me and for you too!!!! do tell the coordinates of your psyche so I can get this RELAX and LET YOUR GOOD LIFE PLAY mojo to the right spot!!

  30. Emo-ish weekend feelings but the weekend itself was good.

    Did wake up this morning thinking that I should forgive someone his poor decision making. Sigh.

    Other than that I’m a workaholic at the moment – all systems go in the 6th house.

  31. Totally feeling the effects of the looming Full Moon! I’ve spent the last few weeks trying (successfully) to emotionally distance myself from the Aqua/Leo “love of my life” – processing all the rubbish that came with the “I need to sort out my life” statement from him. Certainly helped that he was interstate working for a few weeks and now out west working for weeks on end, and not physically in the same city as me right now.

    He wanted no contact for a while, but has been texting me and apologising for not being in contact. WT? I gave up on his promise of him calling me weeks ago. Worked to a place where I am not a LZ and haven’t initiated contact – but now he’s contacting me & communicating like all the drama of his life, the ex gf and in particular, my heartbreak hasn’t happened!!! And is wanting to meet up again asap?!

    I’ve kept comms light & friendly, haven’t delved deeply until today. After a text from him at midnight last night (that I responded to in my light manner this morning), I’ve realised that I’ve had it, and I’m done with the pussy footing around – I don’t care if you’re having a tough time – are you back with the ex gf? And as pathetic as this is, why am I the only person you blocked on FB? Man up and be straight with me. I’ve dealt with all the other BS in my life, time he did too! The push / pull of this man is enough to do me in, and unfortunately I’m still in love with him.

    Wish I could get to yoga tonight! Why do I allow his contact to rattle me, each and every time???

      • I’m trying not to succumb to Full Moon madness. I’ve taken heed of my scope – keeping comms simple! A day for brutal honesty – got that right MM!!! Time will tell if and how he responds to my request for “brutal honesty”.

  32. Hyped. 4 planets in Libra, rising Aries. Sad about an Aries sun, Libra moon person but what’s new? I doubt this full moon will change half a lifetime of being a massive jerk over one person. I’d get drunk all week if I could.

    • bless you Charley – hang in there and remember, people with sun opposite moon are often troubled in terms of reconciling their sun and moon, ie character and emotion (speaking from experience, virgo sun, pisces moon….) *hug*

  33. Events that happened/I put in motion/outcomes of some things in the last half year or so that seemed “so much bigger than me”, (which def were at the time), now don’t seem so big.

    Makes me happy because I can get up and work on stuff (that I’m more conscious of now) and I feel better about myself.

    The thing is, stuff happens and it’s, “didn’t see that coming” and we have to react and it makes us stronger but first we need to rest and breathe and process but sometimes there isn’t time. (but it still has to happen at some point in life or it will happen again.) A wise friend told me.
    “Sometimes we’ll never know the ‘why’ just the ‘what’.
    (as in what “what have I learned ?”)

    What’s going on with March astro and the Yods they keep talking about.
    “Finger of God.” Anybody up on this ?


    I am usually so good at being a fluffy person, I do have that Stellium in Scorpio, but I channel it into obsessively reading newspapers and dietary advice…..

    So I went with the Intuitive eating because I realised that being Paleo was making me Orthorexic.

    I’ve been stuffing myself with booze, bread, ice cream and Nutella 😀 Its fabulous. I’ve also been doing the Mooji thang – just letting go of a desire to plan and to make happen……

    But amidst all this very healthy loosening up, it appears that my facade has slipped a little and my fangs are starting to emerge…. I still have enough social nous to keep the Beast quiet; but OH MY GODDE I AM SURROUNDED BY STUPID PEOPLE. And ANNOYING PEOPLE. And other people who just PISS ME OFF.

    And I am so not like this usually. I’ve been through the Mill and back and usually pride myself on my non-judgementalness and willingness to listen to every person who crosses my path.

    The problem is that the Universe knows my weaknesses and is throwing judgemental, arrogant, privileged, annoying pricks at me. TWO yesterday !! Both “weekend Dad” types who couldn’t cope with Mr Squeaky being a toddler and made huffing noises at me. GRRRRR. A) Its passive aggressive and b) he likes playing with water. Get over it.

    … and more illness in the family. I reckon I could set up Base Camp in Freo Hospital. Its a bloody 40 minute drive each way so just painfully tiring on top of everything else.

    Oh and it looks like Mr Squeaky may well be on the ASD spectrum; and while I can see the good of the GAPS diet, I looked at it and went “Nup. I’ll go crazy again”. I suspect I’ll have to at some point, but I need to get my head straight first.

    …and all I want to do is to meditate and work on getting my ducks in a row, because I’ve realised that straining to organise eveything from a position of weakness leads to madness and burnout; even if the organisation will help in and of itself.

    I need to be calm and clear first and then I will be able to clearly perceive what needs to be organised and what will flow with minimum structure; but I don’t have the structure in my life which will allow me to take this time to get my head straight. :/

    Once I untangle this Gordian knot (or do you just cut Gordian knots ?) I will tackle world peace and then run for President. In the meantime I need a cup of tea and an early night !!

    • Mental note to self – and that is I need to do some organisation, but *not to make plans* – that is the key…

    • thanks for this, I feel similar – usually chilled, but canNOT tolerate stupidity atm.

      good luck with the clarity….my brain is gone to mush under the strain of so many obligations, but hope it will pass soon and I will get organised again!

  35. I didn’t astroplan this but if I had looked at the astro I wouldn’t have been here, potential ZZ snafus etc. Here being shacked up at a deserted beach town with my Pluto/Sun Libran man until Easter Monday. But I’m sooo happy I’m here. FM falls in my 8th and his 5th and our composite 7th house – intense deep connection – tick. After a year together I didn’t think the sex could get any better but it’s mind blowing for both of us. Yes there is the Mars/Sun synastry and Eros/Psyche connection in Aqua, but I’m thinking Uranus/Mars in Aries is trining my Sun, his Mars in Leo and the Chiron/Saturn is making a lot of +ve hits of both our charts. Plus we have Aries rising on our Composite with Libran DC/7th house. Sun is out, beach is calling. Happy Full Moon Mystic trippers :-)

  36. This Gemini Rising/Crab Peep Sun, Mercury, Venus/Taurus Moon is freaking out. I’ve been in a very undefined, not so much paid well or respected position, but that gave me a ton of freedom for just a few months, that I gained after escaping a string of bad bosses. The not being noticed thing felt better than abuse.

    I have been making it worth and uncovering my self worth for the first time and suddenly out of the blue have been head hunted by an amazing company offering me double the salary.

    I’ve certainly worked for it, and I think got the offer because I rolled in there calm, cool and collected and was entirely open and honest, and entirely myself. I have never felt so lucky or grateful!

    But those full moon doubts are setting in and making me question the unknowns (this started during Mercury Retrograde). I worry about leaving new found friends in a lurch, making people angry that won’t be expecting this (I didn’t expect this either!) Is it time to leave the old self behind and jump on an earned opportunity or fear that which could be too good to be true? I’m trying not to stay stuck and be fucqed, it’s hard even when the universe is trying to make it easy.

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