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An Aquarius once told me of some psychedelic trip she went on where she got to relive her whole life and see it from a more powerful, spiritual/divine perspective, all from the comfort of her own living room over the whole weekend. So i’m too Uranian to do anything ‘long haul’ like that + Neptune squares my Ascendant so one has to be careful with such substances.

BUT hey, who needs ayahuasca or its derivatives when you just sit down with some espresso shots, san pellegrino with grapefruit squeezed into it and the nifty ephemeris to do THE SATURN CLOCK. Yes it is fiddly, yes it involves some hardcore analysis of your birth chart but yes it is worth it and the results will astound you.

Doing the Saturn Clock is guaranteed to deliver some o.m.g. insights and perspective on your life that will TOTALLY help you make better decisions in the future, not to mention be wiser  now.

You need your birth chart on the screen/table, your sparkling water/espresso and if have long hair, tie it back. This is serious business. Ensure you will not be interrupted.

Looking at your chart, identify the four “angles”  – the Ascendant (aka Rising Sign), Midheaven (cusp of the 10th House) Descendant and I.C.  They are like four points on a clock and the Ascendant is exact opposite the Descendant, the I.C (cusp of the 4th House, at the bottom) is opposite the Midheaven.

So, for example, my Midheaven is 8 Scorpio – my I.C is 8 Taurus. 

Write down these numbers.  So you end up with something like Asc: 16 Aquarius, IC 8 Taurus, Dsc 16 Leo, Midheaven 8 Scorpio.

Then go to the Astro.Com Ephemeris and start with the year of your BIRTH. If you have an ephemeris book, you can just use that. Going from your birth year, track the sign Saturn is in until you hit the first of your angles. Note down the months Saturn was ON that angle. Eg; if Saturn was on 16 Leo in May 2006 and then again in November, count May to November as one block of time.

Then you move on to when Saturn is on the next angle. It will be approximately seven years apart. So if you’re looking at say 1982 you don’t need to then check 1983, 1984 and so on. Just jump to 1988/89 to find when Saturn is on your next Angle.

Once you have tracked from your birth to now, you will have a series of dates when Saturn was on various angles. Each of those dates began and ended significant eras in your life, complete with significant themes, lessons and people for each phase. There were most likely defining events at each point of the Saturn clock.

Do this and freak yourself out with the life insights and perspective gleaned from the Saturn clock. Share here. As always with D.I.Y. Astro, astro-fiends help the newbies but don’t jump in here asking peeps for chart delineations: the point of this is that you look at back at your Saturn Clocked life and YOU figure out the how and the what.


Image: Ben Holford – The Zodiac Clock – Society 6

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71 thoughts on “Freak Yourself Out With The Saturn Clock

  1. There is a really easy way to find when a planet hits a specific angle. Go to:

    We’ll use the Planets Position hunter gadget.

    So let’s say you want to find when Saturn hits 16 Aquarius. Open that link, go to the popup menu under “Saturn sign:” and select Aqua. Then in the From-To popups, put 16 in both. Click the retrograde check box so it will show you when Saturn was retrograding back over that point.

    Now scroll down to “Other settings.” Click the box “Use year interval in your search.” In the “From year”, put your birth year, that’s the earliest date you care about. The “To year” can be 2013. Click Search.

    Now it looks like nothing happened. But scroll way down. There’s the ephemeris showing the dates when Saturn first entered 16 Aqua, until the day it hit 2 Aqua. Looks like mostly 1963 and 1992, in recent years.

    The Configuration Hunter site has some really awesome tools. The aspects hunter gadget is especially cool.

    • WOW THANKS Charles! I had not heard of this…So what are your personal Saturn Clock findings?

      Personally i find poring over an actual physical ephemeris book soothing BUT i get that not everyone is like that lol

      • Quick comment about an error. Do NOT check the box marked Retrograde. It will give the wrong dates. Maybe you can edit my comment to fix that, Mystic.

        Also of course I meant that the example shows the dates from when Sat entered 16 Aqua and entered 17 Aqua (not 2 Aqua as I wrote).

      • Darn it, that Anon was me. This all works a lot better if you use Position Hunter correctly, WITHOUT the retrograde option selected.

        Wow, scrolling down the ephemeris, following Saturn under my mouse pointer, took me back to a memory I had totally forgotten, when I first used an ephemeris with an instruction book on how to do your own chart. I think I was like 10 years old. I even interpolated between the points to get it exact, just as the instructions said.

        Anyway, Mystic, you and I are like antipodes. You have your ASC at 16 Aqua, I have my DSC at 15 Aqua.

        So my Saturn years were:

        63 DSC
        69 MC
        76-77 ASC
        83 IC
        92 DSC
        99 MC
        06 ASC
        12-13 IC

        Yeah, I’m going through a Saturn transit to my IC right now. I thought it was finished last year, but now it’s going to retrograde and pass that degree again in May, and then exit finally in August.

        There were significant events right on those angles. I have often said if I could pick one year to live over again, over and over forever, it would be 1977: the year Punk broke.

        • Hi Charles, any chance you can help me with this question. I obviously worked with that site last night and the results were spot on to the events that have occurred on the dates provided.. NOW, I went back just out of curiosity and the dates changed. I keep on plugging in the numbers from my chart to just to see and the dates I posted below in a separate thread are not coming up.

          Yikes… Thanks for your help if you can!

          • You got Configuration Hunter working last night, using my correction, to NOT use the retrograde checkbox, and now today the data doesn’t match what you got last night?

            This sounds like what I did, when I mistakenly checked the Retrograde box. That will give you SOME of the times that Saturn is in that degree, but only the retrogrades. Many transits of angles will not have retrogrades at all. Let’s not get into orbital mechanics too deeply here.

            Something must be different in the way you operated the Configuration Hunter. That’s all I can figure. It is kind of tricky to operate. For example, I just tried it and forgot to use the time range, and it spit out some dates starting in 641AD.

            You could just use Config Hunter to point you to the correct year of the Swiss Ephemeris and check through that manually. That’s how I discovered the CH listing only including Rx was incomplete.

            If I have misunderstood your question, let me know.

            • Hi Charles.. No luck. Still the wrong dates.. weird! My other placements work but not for my rising sign.

              Yes, you understood my questions correctly but I did something wrong that gave me the right results.. LOL!!

              Thank you! :)

              • Well keep poking at Config Hunter and maybe read the docs, it’s not exactly obvious how to run it, which is why I gave such detailed instructions.. and why it can go wrong with one little check box.

                I found it helpful to go around the zodiac like Mystic recommended, and look at each angle, about 7 years apart. Config Hunter should get you into that range somewhere. Also note that CH will only display 150 lines of data so don’t get too huge a range, like into the future 50 years, or it will not display all the data.

    • I think I am doing something wrong..

      Followed the steps and clicked retrograde and the month / year results had nothing major occur.

      When I followed the steps and didn’t click retrograde a lot of month / year events had major hits. But under my AC / Libra only.

      Am I being an anal virgo?

      Both ways of searching for this info was fun! :)

      • Just to clarify for you, V’Elle, clicking Retrograde only gives you the dates it was retrograde. Leaving it clicked shows all times it was in that degree, including Rx. Obviously no planet ever enters a degree retrograde for the first time that orbit.

        I apologize for the inconvenience caused by my error. Should have doublechecked. Now I’m triple-checking against the Swiss Ephemeris that Mystic linked to, and it is all in agreement.

        • No worries.. Thank you for showing us that link. I enjoyed researching this piece of astro from Mystic both ways.

          So interesting…


        • Anon, the dates that came up by deselecting Rx. on from Configuration Hunger compared with the dates i got from the Ephemeris Mystic linked it all makes sense! n_n

          i thought i was doing something wrong too but after deselecting Rx, it backed up the Ephemeris work i did, before using the hunter gadget!

          • Anon was me (oops again) and yeah, I triple checked and it matches the Swiss Ephemeris if you uncheck the Rx box.

            • And darn it, it is a rule of the internet that you invariably make an error while making a correction. Leaving it UNclicked shows all the dates, not just the retrogrades.

  2. AYA? There is an Equadorian meet in April with a couple of shaman’s, one local, one Australian. How i would love to be there, partake and see the goddess of the vine come to life in front of me. No an expresso doesn’t do it for me, neither does san pellagrino holy water make a jaguar appear.

  3. Hmmmm…not sure I learned anything at all.
    Looks like a loser clock.

    @ my MC in ’79 & 2008. In ’79 my best friend left and I became a class outcast permanently.
    In 2008, crappy breakup and consequential string of endless rejections from guys. Father died. Also moved again.

    @ my IC in 1995. Moved a lot. Moved for the better. Escaped asshole who tried to stab me.

    @ my AC in 1987. Fell in love for the first time. Of course unrequited.

    @my DC in 2002. I moved into the house of the man i thought would be my husband. Sadly, didn’t work out even after huge astro-predictions thought this would be “the one”. It wasn’t. 6 years flushed down toilet.

    • Yeah, loser clock for me too.
      Age 5: started school. Every single kid my age hated my guts. Eventually got held back a year because they blamed it on me.

      Age 14: can’t think of anything significant.

      Age 21: this is the only significant one: fell in love with fellow going through his first Saturn return, while Saturn was on my descendant.

      Age 27-28: nothing really happened during this time other than my dad getting sicker–he died the next year around his Saturn return.

  4. Very interesting. But most of the major events for me occurred under my rising sign Libra. The other 3 didn’t have anything major..

    I also did not click on “retrograde” that listed the following that had major hits!

    AC / Libra 21
    10/2009 – my first feeling of not feeling like a victim after being dumped by the toro/gem and met someone else shortly after
    11/2009 – nothing major
    03/2010 – kicked out of a business that I was transitioning into after a layoff of 18 years of employment.
    04/2010 – decided to move far away / start my life over
    07/2010 – moved my butt away / started my life over


    • how was your last summer? saturn was at 22 libra ALL bloody summer it seemed like… well, ok, all june and july… remember? *shudders*

      • For me: Summer June / July 2012? Y’know, I can’t even remember. I was SO unhappy, working at a company kicking me to the curb, no money and bored since November 2011. That is when I danced the Saturn swing in Libra. It was painful. Then when Saturn hit Scorpio in October 2012.. BANG.. life changed again for the better. However, I feel like the Saturn swing is back in town. I sure hope not.


  5. The last major angle was with my DV, Saturn at 17 degrees Libra in Jan/Feb 2011 and then again in September. I can’t honestly recall anything significant in early 2011. September 2011, I was one month into a new job, which I can see as near the start of an era of true responsibility (as opposed to just responsibility on paper) and another level of finances.

  6. well, I am excited because Saturn is 2 degrees off my Desc and if there is a new era in the wings, baby, BRING. IT. ON.

    • oh i will come back and do the fun work bit researching the clock later but right now Mars is in Aries and I have shit to do :)

  7. Holy fuq. I have Saturn at 16 Cancer in 10th house natal, so it was on my MC around conception time. I was the youngest of 8 and born in a part of the country that – for whatever reason – my family found embarassing to have on my birth certificate. My parents had to rent two apparents while waiting for a home to be built; my Dad got a job there, so they had to live there. Two apartments – it embarassed my sisters who were in high school – that’s kind of resonating with the dream I had of two Saturn museums last night.

    Saturn hit my AC, I was in kindergarten, my neice was born. I realized I was closer to the generation following mine than my own family in age. Felt like my age put me in no man’s land.

    Saturn hit my IC, 13. Ugh. Dropped my whole social group and hung with the bad kids for the next several years. Chiron was on my MC at the time. Painful days of outward rebellion and loads of running away. IC in Sag.

    DC – first time I went to Morocco with my ex husband. Pisces rules my 7th.
    Also around the time I had what I thought was final interaction with Sag/Cap moon soul mate. But he popped in again next time Saturn was on my AC. That was hellish.

    MC – First time I asked my husband for a divorce. We ended up buying a condo in the city together. Around that time I went into business for myself. Have a hard time pinning anything to a month. Active few years.

    I still don’t think I’ve learned any of those lessons.

    • that just sounds really unusual why you wouldn’t put the birth location down on the birth certificate. it’s not like it get’s announced to the world publicly. were you born in north korea or something, or moonshiner appalachik? I have a citizenship card, i remember having to produce it for my first real job and did feel a bit shy. did you travel a lot a child, maybe you don’t want to deal with your saturn during an unpredictable life juncture or while your unsettled and in transit somehow. but rather in one place and whole. maybe that’s it? curious, where does your neptune line cross. mine has helped sort myself out during bad times and detox. the dreams are more intense though.

      • They put it on the certificate. My Mom planned to cross state lines so I would have a different city/state recorded, but didn’t do that in the end.

        My Neptune line goes through Albaquerque New Mexico. Not sure where else. I have a heavy 12th house and Neptune near my NN. Don’t think I need any more Neptune in my life. I’d rather live on a Venus line.

        • oops i meant moon/line, well mine is next to neptune which probably means peace through dreaming. funny fact, i picked up my new car in albuquerque, and it was blue. i’ve dubbed it esperanza – hope :)

          • ok, thanks!!! well… hum it seems that to take advantage of my really glorious hotspots I should either move to the northernmost part of alaska, northeast siberia, or SUDAN… um… ok well… then… lol…

    • no i feel you. It wasn’t really like a lesson. felt more like a hit-and-run accident you can’t prepare for to be honest.

      I’m actually wondering if that theory of the shadow period of saturn transits is actually where stuff really happens. Because my Saturn return was great for the most part but everything sort of fell to crap about 2-3 yrs afterwards.

      • Couldn’t agree more! I go for Saturn as much as I can through my personality. So Saturn transists seem to come and build me up than slam me to bits as a reminder of all the things I cannot control.

  8. I was born during a retro period in Libra, and the next time that occurred was during 2010-12. The sabian interpretation basically warns against qi vamp females and the resulting failed interludes and accidents in the mountains — 3/12 a head on collision that was out of my control. Also my descendent ephemeris lines up in 2012 as well. I decided to quit my job in pursuit of some quixotic bender and a road trip, left my friends and family. Some of the best and worst times of my life. Towards the end of that period, I found mystic and started the transformation and healing process.

  9. This made so much sense to me. I looked at it and saw some really significant parts of my life unfurl, relating to the really important events in life like births and deaths. The births of children made eery sense. It really made me realise being within a vortex and stepping outside and being able to recognise more the whys of my intuition. This was not something that I had done before, but I think I can really remember the way these times felt and the energy around these events. That is always just intuitive but this allowed a metonymic way of looking at it. There was a lot of synastry too. I actually had to stop looking forward as I started wondering too much about my next Saturn Ascendant transit, which is Cap. That’s at the end of this decade. I spooked myself and went a few more beyond that. Maybe I found this timeclock so relevant as it is my Ascendant so I’m familiar with Saturn energy.

      • It helps put things into perspective.

        The next transit: maybe I’m so spooked because the last one that I just went through involved a really signficant death three days into that transit. The next one? Who could be too sure, but it’s actually a really significant Saturn return. I’m thinking it will be the beginning of something major around then. Will have to harness it!

        • Need to get this right. That’s the date of the obituary, I have it sitting in front of me. Maybe let it run free, the death occured the day before this transit begun. But my God it is freaky.

  10. Wow, I actually did this, and some of it makes a lot of sense. Other dates I will have to check old diaries to see what was going on at the time.

    Seriously, Jan 2008. I had the most horrendous boss I’ve ever worked for. Saturn was on my descendant (8 degrees Virgo) and it was truly the most difficult time ever.

  11. Wow!

    AC Cancer ~ 2004: Married very young, and my father and husband’s father each died unexpectedly that year.

    DC Cap ~ 1990: Severe abuse began at home.

    MC Pisces~ 1994: Both my grandmothers died, and I went to a foster home for 6 months where I was abused.

    IC Virgo ~ 2008: Bad things fell away, great things began, and my husband and I started planning our move up north, which has transformed our lives.

    Thank you, Mystic and Charles!

  12. DC 29 saggo, February 1988. Age seven. If I remember correctly this is the same time Chiron was on my AC. in the fall of 1988 was the big family relocation from the San Francisco bay area suburbs to rural Oregon.

    MC 8 pisces, retrograde lasting from April 1994 (my 13th birthday) through January 1995. So, Jr. High 7th-8th grades. Jr. High sucked for me lol. I was a smart, special sixth grader whom teachers adored, but somehow by 7th grade teachers seemed to hate me, so, I would skip class and smoke cigarettes and listen to my walkman- I had casette tapes of Green Day and the Cranberries.

    AC 29 gemini- stationed retrograde on this exact degree October 2002, passed June 2003. This was a really dramatic, but really fun time in my life. Cool friends, loving college, tragic romance lol. I’m sure I was a big drama queen at the time but I remember this time as my first era of freedom, awakening, loving life etc.

    IC 8 virgo- again stationed retrograde on this exact degree November 2007, passed August 2008. This was also Pluto on my DC/into capricorn, the beginning of my relationship with the psycho Capricorn who would become my abuser/daugher’s dad in 2010. During this time period I was really not doing a lot besides having sex and fighting. I worked at an upscale liquor store with a metalhead, a neanderthal, a werewolf, and a kind yet nasty skank.

    I really don’t know what all to make of this… any thoughts?

  13. When Saturn was on my IC, my younger brother was born and we moved across the country for my Dad’s work. Had to adjust to a new setting, starting school, and not being an only-child any more.

    Saturn on my DC brought upon years of bullying, feeling like a social outcast, much anxiety and depression.

    Saturn on my MC was shortly after I started university. It was mainly a time of learning how to learn, how to stay on top of coursework while still maintaining a life, that kind of stuff.

    Saturn will be on my ascendant in 2017, and it will linger there for a good couple of months. I should be graduated by then (I hope), so that will be interesting.

    I’m more interested in my Saturn return, though, which I checked out since it’s only 3 years after Saturn crosses my AC. I have most of my planets in Capricorn (Sun, Uranus, Neptune, Venus, NN and Saturn), so it’s going to be a fun year. Mars is going to be in Cap for the first bit of the year, Jupiter hangs out there all year, and Pluto will be over my Saturn-Venus-NN conjunction. Sounds like fun.

  14. ic- 2 months old. i wonder if there was a formative experience?
    dc- 9-10. the move. helllacious. also that year i was midway through the pluto version of current saturn transit, prog pluto went direct, and prog rising and sun entered cancer. so hard to blame only on saturn.
    mc-15. formative month spent hiking the appalachian trail with my little brother. actually had a high school boyfriend and crumbs of social acceptance. weird.
    ac- 25. got shit together and did the work thing for the first time. responsibility. like a boss.
    ic- 29. rebounded from pseudo-commune servant disaster and quasi homelessness with child to make happy little hippie home/farm gardening dream-come-true.


  15. Our brains are pattern seeking missiles but yeah:

    IC aged 15months: arrival of first sibling (within days of conjunction)
    DC aged 9 moved into step family (Saturn in angular house)
    MC aged 14: passing of first sibling, change of status at school (within weeks)
    AC aged 21: first year of married life and work post uni, (within four months)
    IC etc: pregnant with second child on family farm
    DC: family upheavals concerning second child, mother, MIL, cancer, drought
    MC: passing of MIL (within weeks), takes on outside job (months later)
    Saturn conjunct moon in tenth coincides with elder care issues and end of marriage. Interesting.

  16. The last it was on any of my degrees was 2006/07 on my DC Leo 18 degrees
    2006 was a really shitty year, 2007 was like the growth away from that and the definite start of a new era in the second half.
    Before that it was on my IC Taurus 13 degrees in 1999/2000, nothing overly significant that I can recall, I was in high school and hating it. No independence, no inspiration, no goals. Pretty much cocooned inside my own head and in the bubble world of private school. Yuk.
    Before that, only AC Aqua 18 degrees when I was 7. I moved schools and that’s all I remember. I think I got the chicken pox too.
    It has never been in my MC Scorpio 13 degrees. Although I just checked future years as Mystic had said my Saturn return was coming up and yep it’s on my MC this year in October for 5 days and again in November for 3.
    I don’t get why it’s only for a few days? And if its my Saturn return next year shouldn’t it be in one of these then too?

  17. Isn’t there some Yod going on with Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter in the skies right now? I had a dream about Pluto last night. Can’t remember much beyond me metamorphosizing in metaphorical mulch again. How do you do Saturn and Pluto and Jupiter together? Those are the players that always seem to do me.

  18. I found something significant every time Saturn crossed an angle:

    MC: moved to Canada from England
    ASC: moved from east to west coast at age 10.
    IC: left home
    DC: pregnant with first child
    MC: met 2nd husband, still married 33 years later
    ASC: moved to small town for a few years
    IC: first published in The Mountain Astrologer
    DC: first husband died; quit day jobs forever
    MC: heavily involved in local political/environmental issue

    Next up: Saturn crossing my ASC next year …

  19. Natal Saturn conjunct natal sun in Cancer in 11th house…….

    The Saturn clock is always ticking for me. Darn it. Even in the depths of my Neptune moments.

    The biggest obvious change for me was with my MC.

    Midheaven at 28*Taurus…..July 2000 one month pregnant with twins. NOV 2000 getting really big.
    April 2001….Twins one years old. My entire life had changed. Massively.

    Asc 3* Virgo….August 1978….Barely 3 years old. 1st memories of my life are from around this time. Some of my earliest memories include psychic dreams.
    Sept 2007, March 2008, June 2008….this was during the last year and a half of my marriage. We were together another 6 months after the last hit. Work and no play, unhappy. blah.

    IC 28* Scorpio…..Feb 1985, Nov. 1985…..Being of puberty??? Went through huge growth spurt after this and a year later got my first period. Coming up!!!….Dec 2014, July 2015.

    Desc…3*Pisces….Feb 1994….partying hard, stupid boys, not working, not going to school. But at the end of the year I met the man I married and had kids with.

    • All this investigating and I just realized Saturn is currently sitting on my boyfriend’s natal moon on the exact degree.
      I remember Mystic discussing this while she was going through it. Wow…that explains a lot.

      • Saturn crossing his MC was massive for him too…..boss was arrested, he was questioned, subpoenaed, but found uninvolved, lost high paying job, mother of his child cheated on him and their relationship ended. He became a single dad of a baby just turning 1 who lived with him half time.

        Saturn over his asc was him finally admitting his relationship with girlfriend was over, with her taking her son who called him dad away, all this after he lost his house.

        over IC…teenager with things not good at home. Moved out after bad scene a couple years later.

        Des….1st serious girlfriend and him had broken up, he was single. Couple of years later met the mother of the kid.

        what loss….man, Saturn is really rough on him.

        • I love how astro can support compassion in relationships. Nice that you talked the exercise through with him.

  20. So, I’ve never been sure of my birthtime (within about 3 hours max), and I’m thinking would this be a way to work it out, going backwards, if you know what I mean? or is it not that precise?

  21. Very interesting . . . So, it’s the date for when Saturn first hit that degree even if it later went Rx?

    • Not necessarily, in my experience. My last big event happened when Saturn crossed my Ascendant not the first time, but the second, after it had been retrograde.

  22. Holy mother of god, this was mind-blowing.

    The MC/IC line proved uneventful, at least for external events. But the ASC/DSC line…

    April, 1991:

    The most pivotal event of my young life: I began working for CR, a much older artist, who would become my mentor, and the biggest influence on my life beside my mother. In fact, she called herself my Art Mother.
    Also, made the painting that defined who I would become as an artist.

    Saturn exact on Descendant, not that month- that WEEK.

    February, 2006:

    While visiting CR in her retirement condo in Florida, she dies of a heart attack, leaving me as one of the executors of her will. It was a huge undertaking and the beginning of a whole new chapter in my life.
    Also, just before she dies, she looks at my latest work and tells me I am ready to go out and promote my work- that it has finally matured.

    Saturn exact on Ascendant, not that month- that WEEK.

    Mind. Officially Blown.

    Isn’t Saturn the “teacher”? Funny, that.

  23. Are some crossings better than others… I hope so! For me

    IC Scorpio – 1984. Big move from country to city. In grade 1. New school in the middle of the year. Little overwhelming – Relatives kissing me on the cheek that I didn’t remember. Due again in Nov 2013….

    ASC Aqua – 1992/1993 – Can’t really remember. Grade 9 and 10. Wanted out of my cliquey private girls school and to go to the local state school. Hated mum because she wouldn’t let me. Still think it would have been a good move. Not friends with any of those girls anymore… A few months off meeting the high school/uni boyfriend.

    MC Taurus 1999/2000 – Broke up with the high school/uni long term (7 years?) boyfriend. Was a good move. Knew it then and still know it now. Interestingly he was a Taurus. Nearly finished undergrad.

    DC Leo 2006/2007 – Lots going on. Came back to Australia, went out with a boy who didn’t suit me at all (can’t remember what point I was trying to make with that one), working ft and completing Masters (changing career) after contracting EBV in Burma. EBV knocked me for 6, remember being tired for years after.

    That was fun!

    Although I’m nervous about November….

  24. Please help!!!!!!

    My mind is all over the shop, I can’t work it out – feeling totally inept lol

    Birthdate – 1st October, 1964

    Asc 11 Leo
    Desc 11 Aqua

    MC 27 Taurus
    IC 27 Scorpio

    Thank you, thank tou, thank you

  25. Time was invented because of memory…that is what karma is and why this reality seems nearly frozen and why we only live a hundred years instead of being immortal as we were meant to be…and living in the moment…like a wave of bliss that rises and falls.

    Pain is born of karma, still, it is not because of the karma but attachment to the perception…