Saturn In Scorpio Squats To Eliminate

Daryl Hannah squatting by pool

So i was hanging at Pilates (literally) when i overheard Aries Pilates Instructor telling someone that “colonics are finished, completely 20th Century and the same with all those stupid cleanses.”  The gist: Elimination IS stunningly important for anti-aging, vitality & to avoid hideous health irks. All anyone need do is get a Squatty Potty. This easily re-creates the desirable paleo-caveperson squat style & angle & voila: total elimination & speedy transit. “All the best people do this,” said Aries Pilate Instructor.

I get it. Totes. It’s so genius in its simplicity and, well, obviousness. But it is also so sensationally Saturn in Scorpio. Somewhere recently i referred to this transit as being like a psychic colonic and here is this for synchronicity. We have to find the most obvious and logical way to make eliminating the negative/no longer needed just happen. Because it’s natural.


Image: Clan of the Cave Bear

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80 thoughts on “Saturn In Scorpio Squats To Eliminate

  1. or, you could move to a non-western country?

    i read a while ago about toilet fixtures that you can buy, like a kind of footstool [chortle] that makes you squat properlike. maybe this is the same thing? haven’t looked at the link.
    PS colonics eew rather drink that gnarly Pico Prep that you take before a colonoscopy. it’s all a bit scatological really

    • It’s true. When I was in India the toilet bowls have a wide platform on either side so you can squat on them. I can’t say I actually used it in that fashion though hehe

      • No bank tellers squat ina powder room with hot pink powderd unicorn feces sprinked around just enough to hide the fact where they sit for 8 hours a day is corrupt..


    \bring on eliimination
    and illumination
    am gonna dream now all the answers
    to my questions
    if you dont nip things in the bud
    now then you always lagging behind
    my sister always saying pilates
    so i will go and try it
    noticed the n/node is one with
    s/node i have in scor

  3. Hahaha! Love it! this rings v true to me! after Bd hoochie Juice, it is always I who will go almost anywhere. Partly coz of my dodgy bladder, but also coz then I just dont care… Much to some peoples either amusement, or disgust.
    Part of me also thinks its a double standand. men will pee anywhere… but if girls do it….hahaha!

  4. Ha ha! ‘All the best people do this’!

    I am hooked on the idea of a squatty potty, or at least employing a footstool in a similar fashion.

  5. how would Daryl Hannah feel about being invoked in a post about pooing? or is she a Saturn in Scorp veteran and thus eminently qualified to discuss elimination, of all varieties…

  6. I have scorp ascendant, I love talking about correct elimination, in fact I’m prob a bit obsessed about it… plan to get squat toilet, did home enemas on the weekend, feels so good to get it all out ya know!

    but the psychic cleanse hey… Now that’s gonna take a bit of work, and I can feel the tension building, I gotta stay chilled don’t wanna break my style…

  7. yes!!
    my motto, which i have also taught my girls… “always squat with a view”
    and i always get up on the seat and squat.
    wherever i am…. whhaaat!!
    too much information?
    healthy eliminator

  8. or you can just get footstools and use those before shelling out for one of those to see if you like it. i have a lowered toilet so i can optionally squat if i choose.

    • Yeah, I’ve tried the footstool route and they don’t work near as good as my Squatty Potty. It’s designed perfectly for the task, I (heart) it and it was only 35 bucks, well worth it

  9. What is it with today and shit talk? Various communications re BS yucko and now this
    I thought of colonics as something pregnant women had before birth, or something a porno star does before shooting ASex, oh or someone with eating disorder both ends, anorexia, bulimia, all about evacuation
    Maybe a shitstorm brewing…………………….

    • hmmm best to be open minded.
      What’s happens when our lovely garbage collectors go on strike?

      If your poo smells you’ve got a problem. Flatulence= poor dietary choices.

      Have you noticed how the obese are generaly emotionally toxic… That’s cause there garbage system is backed up and rotting!

      I felt amazing after my colonics.
      I want to know if breaking down toxins/ waste products in my body is not working/ sluggish or indeed not functioning properly. Deal with it or I guarantee you’ll have many embarrasing visitis in hospital with HIDEOUS ramifications that I shall protect you from.
      Praise! To the disposal of waste correctly. Your attitude is why we pour it into the ocean.
      No lies or ignorance in this transit.

      • Some of us have no trouble evacuating if you live well and eat well whats wrong with letting your body work?

  10. A long, long time ago when I was at uni our class was asked to place our names on a list choosing which dates we preferred to go on a field trip. There were two field trips and the class needed to split into two groups.

    I was part of a fairly large social group at the time and someone put all of our names down for one of the field trips. And on top of the list he put the words “The Beautiful People”.

    Of course it was a joke but it was an ‘in joke’ that we all giggled about. The truth was that we actually did think that we were funnier, more interesting and yes better looking than the others. And they were boring, straight and of course, not as good looking as us. At the time I was quite uncomfortable with the joke but not strong enough to stand up and say anything. I was just pleased to be included with “The Beautiful People”.

    The head of our department saw the list and told us that at least one person from our group had to swap to the other group to balance the numbers. In the end my best mate at the time put his hand up to go with the others.

    And he made it clear that it wasn’t a sacrifice or something he was doing reluctantly. He wanted to go with the others!

    I admired him for that. Still do.

    He’s an Aries.

    PS I think squatting is the best way to poo. But the Aries instructor is full of it.

    • “I think squatting is the best way to poo. But the Aries instructor is full of it.” My thought exactly.

      I have Sun squared Uranus and Venus in Aquarius. Moon in Aries. If my instructor of *anything* gave me the “all the best people are doing it” line, I’d have turned on my heel and walked straight out to there.

      Cleanses are so yesterday, but apparently status consciousness is forever, right, lady?

      • Hear hear! Smug instructors giving advice from outside their field of competency give me the shits. Irony intended.

  11. squattng is great way to get rid of gas to plus keeps hips flexy . millions of asians who you see sqatting anywhere and everywhere ( when in Asia that is) can’t be wrong.

  12. I’m down with proper elimination and bowel health in general but talking about it makes my Libra stelium feel weird.

  13. Love this post and pic.

    I do indeed feel as if Saturn in Scorpio has been helping me get ish out … It’s a little overwhelming at times and depressing (still coping with mentioning my father without breaking into a sob) but I think this is the most “real” transit I’ve ever felt. I reluctantly/excitedly say “bring it”.

    I think I’m either going to start therapy during this transit or seriously need it afterwards, just to help with processing everything.

  14. Ha! too funny! I’m dating an Aries yoga instructor right now and this gives me SUCH a giggle!!! All the squatting talk also reminds me of a convo with a client at the end of an acupuncture treatment at the retreat where I work…. fancy man client suddenly says out of the blue as I’m doing lovely finishing scalp flourishes…. “so do you squat?’ seriously he just blurted!! And when I stumbled for a response quietly thinking wtf? He’s like you know in exercise and stuff….. apparently he was totally blown away that people did other things with their bodies than walk upright and sit down on chairs….. so um yup…. I squat! Who thought Saturn at a sense of humour hey? :)

  15. Yups, pretty common in Asian countries. Just used a squat toilet at the mall today. Heh.

    When I was in Russia my Brazilian friends freaked at the squat toilet, they’d never used one before.

    It took me a long while to learn how to squat properly…I can never really squat with my feet flat on the ground.

    • Because they didn’t have toilets to sit on, and humans all over the world without toilets squat…. Unfortunately the western toilet can be linked to all manner of digestive and bowel probe due to the kink in the bowel that stays when we sit as opposed to squatting… The fact is that most westerners or toilet users not squatters are still full of shit! ha, even after they’ve been to. The loo…

      • Oooooh the things I learn on here!!! am gonna figure out how i can get squatting!! LOL HAHA – Always did think most peple I meet are of full of shit :) thanks for the lesson anon xxx

  16. Have been living in China for just over ten years. Have found squat position for eliminations the most natural, energy effient and funnily enough, hygienic process for such um… matters. Have argued this on many occasions with expat mates. Multiple Cap. It’s practical.

  17. Preferred method for the young Aqua/Leo Rising/Scorp Moon here at home. The younger Ram/Leo Rising/Gem Moon is slowly catching on, with a few, ummm disasters…Whatever comes naturally i reckon.

    • Yes, I see iPhone issues, how the hell would I keep up with Mystic, catch up on my email and text etc ?

  18. I crapped in a bucket for a year, due to the worst-septic-tank-in-the-world and the fact that I couldn’t afford to get it fixed. That bucket was brilliant, due to the fact that it didn’t suddenly overflow without warning (unlike the toilet).

    Anyway, I noticed no noticeable health differences from crapping in a bucket.

  19. Dude, I totally use this method and it really works. I had chronic…erm…issues and this + supplements + exercise + hydration is the answer!

    In my quest to find a solution I tried colonics, and they were helpful in getting all the old stuff out, but they don’t actually solve the issue itself.

    Also: Aries fitness instructors are just the best, right? There was this one girl at my old hot yoga place who was brilliant — just a living, breathing embodiment of everything she preached and smart enough to take the Bikram dogma with a grain of salt and suggest healthy modifications. She made you want to come back to class just to have some of her own glow rub off on you! I guess she had over a decade as a successful financial analyst career but decided to pursue her yoga passion instead…now she manages a few select clients’ portfolios and does the holistic health/yoga stuff too. So cool to see someone who has it all through hard work and honesty.

  20. Yup – it works! Knew about it from living in Asia and when a friend was having problems due to (unfortunately necessary) painkillers, this was the only thing that worked.
    Can fake it somewhat on an ordinary loo by tip-toeing, leaning forward and looking upwards (need to make your own adjustments – you’ll feel when its right).
    I know it’s a crappy subject, but it helped my friend so much when he was seriously ill and beyond treatment other than painkillers. It’s worth knowing about this.

  21. I suspect the reason you feel great after a colonoscopy is the anesthetic they give you, not the effect of being cleaned out. One moment I’m lying on the gurney, chatting with the nurses, the next I wake up in Recovery. Some stuff. The liquid they give you to clean you out, however, is revolting. The hardest part is getting it down, and keeping it there. My last one the doctor gave me a prescription for something called MoviPrep, which is a slight improvement on some of the others (one is called GoLytely. Love the names). It’s supposed to taste like lemonaide; it does not, it tastes like Joy dishwashing liquid. It does the job, though. Thank God it’s only once every five years…

    • My GP recommended tablets as an alternative to the gunk you drink. Made it less unpleasant.

      • I wish mine would. Unfortunately, he says that if you don’t get enough water with the tablets, you can get kidney damage. So all he will prescribe is the dishwashing gunk.

  22. Remember a diet high in soluble and insoluble fibre (legumes, vegetables, whole grains, bran things), a lot of water, all good for your insides. Also those yoga positions and yes the squatting help to massage around your internal organs / lower intestine.

  23. Spooky, I had the same thought myself about ‘position’ this morning, thinking that even some posh restaurants in Rome have squat loos. And I am currently reading Clan of the Cave Bear!

  24. Addiction is kicking my ass right now. Did you know quitting smoking can make you constipated? Makes no sense, but true.

    Hell with surprises day at work. More to come there. Just trying to stay quit. Finding that under each unfulfilled craving I find a lost, hurt feeling. Week two is harder than week one.

    • BTW – squatting is – I suspect – what the jellaba/kaftan look is all about. In Morocco the world is a toilet with equal access provided to both genders. Morocco has every kind of toilet – from Turkish (squat) to the old throne toilet and bidet. So many different ways to flush too. My Leo ex will never give up his throne. No matter circumstances. We’ve switched accommodations over such things.

    • Constipation is one of the most common symptoms of quitting smoking. Nicotine stimulates the bowels in a similar way that coffee does. Chinese herbs and acupuncture can sometimes help with this and more.

      • I don’t remember this from last time I quit. I’ll try to get acupuncture on the schedule.

      • lol! I was just going to tell her to add a couple 8 oz cups of coffee to her daily diet. Beyond keeping one regular, it’s apparently associated with a host of other health benefits.
        according to the literature, some of these include:
        lowered risk of heart failure, type 2 diabetes, depression(!), colorectal cancer, and liver cirrhosis
        : )

    • Week two is soooo much harder than week one! Around week three and a half things become better in a real way. No matter what the addiction happens to be.

      I had extreme problems with this when I quit a medication (like…I was traveling alone and I didn’t shit for almost a month and showed up 105 lbs will a starving African child belly in a Dutch naturopath’s office crying and I broke her colonic machine). Do not take laxatives! You will get on a purge cycle/addiction and they will make it worse. The things that worked best for me when things were really bad and not moving at all on their own were electrolyte drinks, yerba maté, and high doses of magnesium oxide and/or vitamin C. Both draw water into the bowel tract and the vit. C will help detoxify the residue from smoking and help with cravings.

      Also try hot lemon water as soon as you wake up and laying on your stomach. I hope some of this helps you…I know how uncomfortable it can be especially when it gets really bad and nothing is working. And it’s embarassing to talk about and the mainstream docs will just push laxatives. :(

    • If you want to move a whole lot fast (and I’m not recommending it), the lemon maple syrup cayenne pepper fasting cleanse can draino your plumbing quick. I needed a bucket – hrmm maybe the adult or pet xlarge diapers probably woulda worked better, since I couldn’t get to the porcelain fast enough.

      Anyways, kicking the addiction is hard. I’m trying to quit smoking as well. Weening off it instead of stopping cold. I still need it for something. Chiron shit from the past, bad relationships, poor money choices. But I started this two month super cardio ass kicker workout everyday and it reminds me every time I do it that I need to stop with the cigs. What’s contradictory is that fact that I’m really active and fit by default, but have the lust for poison.

  25. Thanks for this. It’s all these lost hurt feelings coming up – addiction is so powerful in trying to manage feelings. I’m trying to just balance out feeling again. I’m crying a lot an eatting more than usual. I’m in a really stressful week at work. My car is still at the mechanics. I’m almost certain I have cigs in the glove box.

    • We <3 you!!!
      The nature of life is addiction — it's not going anywhere. Don't feel ashamed, we are all addicts because we are all humans! It's forever a balancing act and being conscious of it at all means your already a step ahead.

      • Thanks, Rache. The community we have on this blog is a life saver – truly. What a blessing you all are! xoxoxo. Now…time to write out that daily fix Gren turned me onto the other day: “Neptune in Pisces restores dignity to the sign of Pisces…”

        Pisces is my 6th/7th house…its time to kick this habit!

  26. This is perfect. Thanks for sharing. I may turn it into a handwriting assignment so I remember why it is I am not smoking again. It’s so strange because I don’t want to smoke but part of me is dying because of that. I read somewhere that you have to make time to mourn when you quit. I feel that today. I hope I don’t cry all over work tomorrow.

    • Hello gorgeous, i have no advice i’m afraid. It does help to label the hurt feeling as something coming up that smoking pushed away, so it doesn’t engulf me as something of import.

      And sometimes i say to myself, Let’s be gentle on this girl today. That makes me cry then as it’s not something i grew up with. Probably you too, from what i read.

      I can give you lots of love and online hugs, 12HV. You are here with us, and even though it’s an odd way to meet we are all real people. Very real people here. Lots of love and gentle hugs xxx

    • !2th after endless quit attempts using cognitive therapy
      have found ‘anger’ is the deep reason, yet i have an extremely long fuse.
      The other reason is my mother smoked whilst i was in utero.
      By the time i’m ready to depart life i shall be ciggie free, well that’s the goal :-)

      Osho tells of a way to quit, it’s called The Stop Technique, apparently Giudjeff used it in his classes about Awareness.

      • Made another day cig free. Addiction is an emotional issue for sure. Anger is one of the most socially unacceptable emotions and there are lots of emotions about that. Lots of emotions. Addiction says “STOP HAVING THIS FEELING NOW” but it’s really – on it’s own – such a little feeling.

  27. Well I must be greatly attuned to the stars of eliminating blockages. I have finally realised the horror of office politics when working at the fam court in 2005 and the brutality of politics in a teaching environment in 2011 (and a few other horrors in that year) are holding me back from progressing in a workplace environment. I’ve started counselling to pick off the scabs of ‘healing’ to pull out the splinters so I can ‘move on’ toward being open to workplace relationships- again. Should be quite a journey. There’s a lot to revisit.

  28. Efficient, cut-through haute shit, Saturn in Scorp. Don’t stoop to poop. Haute shit or get off the pot.

    Happy Merc Rx, bitches.

      • Lol how that ankle?

        I see no one cutting through shit here, worshipping it continuously actually….

        When are u guys gonna give the illuminati industry a rest?

        • Ah yes: we do have eyes that see, don’t we?

          The ankle! I had to let it go: it was slowing me down. Gnawed it off just above the knee, replaced the leg with an automatic rifle I paid cash for at the local gun show sans background check– god bless the USA! Slayed 20 zombies the first day.

          Freemasonry has us, not the other way around. It’s in my blood, you see? Give me a pile of bricks and a wheelbarrow full of mortar, and I’ll lay you a brick shithouse in 10 mins flat. The style of commode is up to the customer. Makes me no difference.

  29. when i was 8-9yrs old at boarding school Wentworth Falls, Blue Mts, in woodwork class i made a small footstool for my mum. she had one leg straightened with metal rod (screwed into femur & tibia) in operation aged 16 to enable her to walk after polio. as a footstool, twas not quite big enough for her need. i lived in India in 1973 and after returning to Oz, for over 30yrs i have used the brown wooden stool to rest my feet when seated on the throne. perfect & so apt

  30. Of the benefit of “boutique colonics” or colonic boutiques, I can’t say. All sorts of concoctions are available of which the user must be convinced are worthy…backed by the sales pitch. I accidentally found the coffee colonic. My late wife had cancer and after a year of traditional treatments not looking good, she independently began researching non-traditional treatments. To this end, we found ourselves watching a PBS special about non-traditional cancer treatments. It wasn’t terribly unusual except the doctor was treating patients with high dosages of vitamins and minerals and little more. The additional treatment suggestion was a cooled to body temperature, coffee colonic, if possible to be taken as many as 5 times a day.

    The idea behind this was that the body needs to have an efficient way to exchange the blood volume as it passed through the liver. I learned far more about the liver during my wife’s illness than I ever wanted to know. Among these things, the liver was unlike other organs that mostly do one specialized thing in the body. The liver has a generalized function to cleanse or “filter” the blood and the liver can specifically affect the amount of gall going into the small intestine. Of the “filtering” or cleansing job of the liver, it is known that an inefficient liver can cause an overall detrimental affect on one’s health. If the liver is exposed to impurities or toxins in the blood and can’t filter them because the tissue is holding too much toxins, it can’t fully cleanse the blood volume as it passes through that organ – which is much as a quart of blood per hour.

    The idea of the coffee colonic seemed simple. Perhaps other colonic aspire to the same thing but as I was in and out of doctor’s offices, I came in contact with the rather routine medical illustrations of human anatomy. In one concerning the circulatory system of blood. Observing it, it was clear that a complex system of viens and arteries connect the liver and the colon.

    As such, the idea was that as the molecules of coffee were too large to pass into the blood stream, the molecules of caffeine could pass through the tissue wall of the colon, be exchanged with the blood flow to and from the liver and it would be this stimulating effect on the liver into acting more as it should act and this had the effect of helping clear the toxins stored in that tissue where the absorption would be more complete. This would leave the liver able to cleanse the blood more thoroughly and remove more toxins, in this incident, to have the blood volume returning healthier blood to the body…and it case model, to an area of cancer where healthier blood can do good things.

    I think it’s worthwhile, aside from the odd glances of mentioning that one does a coffee colonic in my own experience, is what’s happening in terms of pathology. There are several important caveats in resorting to this treatment. One, if the gall duct has been resected to the small intestine surgically, this type of colonic could result in an undesirable amount of gall in the small intestine. Two, one may be taking a medication that clears the body in the hepatic process. (the liver)
    Medications clear the body either through the liver or the kidneys and almost all of them leave behind some degree of toxins, our normal intake of food produces toxins and if we can eliminate effectively those toxins stay in the body longer. If taking a medication that clears through the liver, the serum level of that medication could the compromised downwardly and the effect could be weakened. So, these are important considerations.
    However, for me, the coffee colonic is here to stay. It’s a retention clyster in that one to lie down and change from the right, back and left postions and then eliminate. The suggestion is 5 minutes in each position.

    In terms of benefits, the caffeine has never made me jumpy or nervous in the same way some may experience caffeine when ingested orally. Rather, as I do it at night, that tired sense of fatigue is drawn away and it’s easier on the stool which can be more difficult for men as they age. I am certain my liver is operating efficiently. At this level, I’ve had to take my own advice about the medications that clear through my liver. The serum level of one medication went down and my doctor had to up the dosage due to the fact that my now more healthy liver was stripping out the medication from my blood. So, there are serious concerns with colonics and it’s wise to study them prior to use.

    What is this stuff going into my bowel?
    Can it break the tissue to blood barrier?
    And if so, what are the effects?

    Well meaning Aires Pilate instructors aside, I’ll study these issues myself rather than relying on empirical information or passing tones on trends.

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