Saturday Night Leo Moon Mercury Retro Fight Club

Tippi HendrenMoon in Leo = Fabulosity no matter what.

Mercury Retrograde can go fuq itself.

Although, even a Moon in Leo can see the strategic point of being more circumspect with communications during such a time, right?

Plus with Mercury Retro near Mars in Pisces on a Full Moon weekend, peeps are either working out 2x a day & activating their nuts (so to speak) OR hitting the Blue Devil/hot idiots/Space Dust end of town.Β  (Ten Flashpoint Full Moon Must-Knows)

You can feel the edge out there. You know what it’s good to be right now? Apart from un-apologetically you? Calculating.



Image:Β  Tippi Hedren

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113 thoughts on “Saturday Night Leo Moon Mercury Retro Fight Club

  1. Hmm activate my nuts…must retrieve my cock (grav).

    Certainly unique astro advice for a Saturday evening.

  2. Venus in Leo in Fourth House. Made a collage, mint + rose + lavender iced tea, honey pancakes, finished a YA book on the French Revolution, started a bio of a Leo Romantic poet, rearranged the furniture, now watching La Dolce Vita.

    Oh, Marcello!

    • Wow VR, Thanks for the inspiration… That’s my idea of a perfect night! :)
      (Transiting Neptune trine Venus)

    • Thoughts…. Hmmm. I’m at home and not getting into trouble. Works for me. Not calculating…. Yet.

    • Whore…Whore…Whore..
      Two great minds think alike – I was cracking up at myself thinking only I could be devo enough see that – but apparently I’m in good company.

      • Think that’s from Dial M for Murder ? Or The Birds ?
        You guys really got ‘whore’ from that ? Sheesh …if its The Birds she might be hooting.

      • Saw the same word – Tippi is cool, Shambala cat rescue.
        Also, my other comment re: Virgo was monthlies, not moon – soz !

        • Tippi did a movie about lions invading a home, forget what it was called, was a very B-grade one but it gave her the love of the big cats. Guess she was over birds.
          Yes, most admirable.
          So surprised many peoples in USofA that have private collections of tigers & lions, that is not permitted in Oz.
          There is a you-tube of a white tiger and a lion that are the closest of buddies, brought up together since they were a few weeks old.

    • Yeah baby
      I’m loving the hair in this pic, the outfit, the phone and even the (smokeless) cigarette
      Too funny
      Oh wow just noticed the jewellery
      Tres Bulgari
      If you like that sort of thing:-)

  3. It look like Tipi is saying ‘who is it?’. The ciggie is freshly lit so thinking beginning of conversation.
    Telephone appropriate symbol for the mercury retro + full moon weekend.
    Am receiving bitcherel from ex via electronic means. Staying calm atm writing one straight forward msg that I copied someone else into. The text messages I have not replied to.
    Calculating? Calm? Thus far.
    Oh yeah, am doing my walking laps twice per day, with a yoga session in between. No Blue Devils here…

    • Way to go Jicky. I was speaking with a Desert healer the other day, re i still have a few rollies a day, even though taken up running…Her advice was to still go outside, sit and take the deep breaths, that is what we are craving, the stopping and deep breathing, circular breathing, where its not forced, count to three in, count to three out… Sometimes i need the simpliest easiest most logical things spelt out.. Sounds like you’re doing that with the yoga and walking. Proud of you man, hope you are too. x

      • Thank you, Cosmic Fleece. The breathing is a great idea – especially on a psychological level. Another thing that is helping me are the words of Stevie Wright whose life story was on the ABC last week. After a life of addictions to booze and heroin he pointed to his head and said (something like) all the power, all the drugs are in there…we already have them!
        It was an epiphany moment for me.
        Not to say I’m not craving. But planning on being here another 2 weeks – the longer the better really. Attending day classes – we are lucky to have a Prof once a week who is world specialist on D & A – helped with DSM classifications on alcoholism.
        Frustrating not working but a great opp for growth and hopefully change.
        Thnx again CF x

  4. I’m at home tonight with my boys while Kataka is out with her lesso mates at a gay film festival. Nuff said.
    Is Lexi around ? Is this your festival ?
    That movie the censors banned has been great publicity. Every one wants to see it now. Great work.

  5. Had my first fab day in like fuqing foreves today.
    Coffee and a clearing of the air with a girlfriend, saw my psy-chick, sold some negative associations/memories jewelery and now I’m settling in for a Spartacus marathon.
    But thanks to all this Saturn sh*t I am still very on edge and nervy – hence the bods, blood and guts distraction.
    This Scorp just cannot, for the life of her, shake this annoying background noise in my subconscious of impending doom…

    • The impending doom of your old life…that’s tres Saturn Zai. Actually the perfect description of an early Saturn pass.

      • Yep – tho this time I’m determined to play it all “once bitten twice sly”
        And Mystic was right on as usual – this full moon weekend is full of Ghosts (haunting memories of long lost lovers and running into peeps you thought/wish were fuqin dead)… cross over into the light already!

        • Hi Zai, did the Sparticus weekend couple of weeks back with the gallons of blood splashing the screen. Have finished the 3 series & noticed how pumped up they became with each one. LOVED that NZ bloke & his full frontal nudity, his was darker :-)
          HOW did it get past censors????

          • Jupiter’s cock! – Bow-chick-a-wow-wow, Gladiator style.
            Once you get past the lame first episode and all its “AAACT-IIING”!, it’s pretty awesome.
            And YAY to all the uncensored jiggly bits…

        • Zai, also
          when you finish Sparticus, watch The Borgias x 2 series. The most amazing costumes & with the exposure about Benedict & his ‘forced’ retirement, most interesting inside info on the papacy.
          Ha those Romans, makes me want to go to Italy faster than quick for the beauty, the architecture and the decadence.

  6. Fabulousity no matter what is right.
    So I have to a shoot in a remote part of London for this model wrestling team I joined last weekend – I had to do my own hair and make up (nooooo from the crowd!)
    So miss thing here gets up at 4:30am after 3 and a bit hours sleep to set hair in rollers, check outfit, drink coffee, check train times etc and of course, part closures on the central line mean I need to take a bus from tumbleweed east to Hainaut-on-chips-berry-west or whatever.
    No sweat. Madame Vierge avec Venus en Leo has is all figured out.
    Hair only took 2 hours, make up 45 minutes. Lana Del Rey WISHES she looked this good baby:).
    Gets on tube, takes correct bus and arrives at boxing studio to find it locked.
    Can I really be the first person here?
    Calls agency…
    Shoot is tomorrow …


    Always good to have a practice run where early mornings, convoluted public transports to unfamiliar locations and fab hair are concerned. No?

    And yes. It’s the second time THIS WEEK I’ve turned up a day early for an event. Happy mercury retro peeps. My hair looks amazing btw. Used more hairspray than the cast of Dynasty this morning:-)

    How’s THAT for merc retro chic?


    Was chanting “it’s official, I’m an idiot!” until I saw this post.

    Dizzy Vierge avec fab hair

    • Darling Cat, i’ll send you a diary that beeps the correct times & dates for your appointments, will save you on cabs, buses & tubes!

      • O, I want one!!

        Cat – I well remember the misery of the tube, especially the Central and Northern Lines. Ogden Nash used to make up words for the tube from placenames – the uncomfortably warm, humid feeling you get from sitting on a tube seat recently vacated: Shoeburyness – there was also another one for the blast of fetid, eggy air that came up the tunnel before a train arrived, but I can’t remember what it was. Ah, memories..Good luck for your shoot tomorrow.

  7. I am on the working out 2x a day end of the spectrum, but I have no nuts to be activated. Eh.

    And I totally vowed to myself to uphold communication embargo against someone with the exception of neccessary admin stuff for the duration of the retrograde.

  8. Guys – nuts as in walnuts & brazils etc – apparently 1000x more healthier once activated. eg; Soaked. Or you can purchase them already activated.

    What did you THINK I meant?

    • Well I am allergic to any kind of nut, so I really do not have any nuts in my home in any form πŸ˜‰

    • HAhahaha Well, I Know what I’m thinking Now, nice visual, thanks for that lol

      Mystic, moon manifesto made me laugh – you lay it on the line for Virgos -Astro coach takes no prisoners,lol. Made me think of the Howler missive when outta line at Hogwarts.

    • *cough cough* in the US, “getting your nuts” can be slang for an orgasm. I thought “Yeah!” :)

      But, I’m a double Sag, Gem Rising, I’m sure I’m the only one who thought that.

  9. Ugh first night in in over a year. Don’t mind it….. sorta…

    NOW, did anyone else become a massive downer this afternoon, massive overload of negative moody feelings. So weird.

    • No.. actually for me (Sun in Virgo) yesterday was a great day. Lots of energy and felt so much better than I have in a couple of months! I hope it continues. No drinking last night.. woohoo..

      Oh and is it night time where you are. I see you posted at 10:30 pm (2/23) and I am responding to you at 6:45 pm (2/23). So, is it 2/24 for you right now? LOL!!

      • You know what I’ve had the best two weeks too! Just crashed and burned yesterday. And yes, WHEN you wrote that it was 24/2! πŸ˜‰

    • OMG yes! In fact I was so apathetically bummed out I fuqed off from work early. Considering colleague A takes every second day off for “stress leave” and colleague B took the day off to “rest her knee” (WTF?) and I’m the only one who puts in unpaid overtime I figured it was justified.

      And I’m staying in tonight too. Despite needing to get laid. Seriously. But it’s pouring rain and that doesn’t bode well for Leonine tresses.

        • Count me into that need and I agree.. it can’t be just anyone. The one I want I think is in “crazy” mode. Boy did those crazies come out this w/e. I had to delete one FB friend because he was so rude. Bye!! The one I want seems pissed off for some reason.. so I quietly step away then run. xo!!

    • Yes! Think I spent the afternoon/evening crying every time I found myself solo. Sobbed my heart out.

  10. Calculating.. tick, tick, tick.. Going to lay low after my duck and roll event last night! haha!! xo!!

    • I didn’t practice what I preached.. I did not lay low.. I just couldn’t do it. I actually had a great w/e. Kept calm, fabulous and will not take recent hits personally. I am collecting enough info to say that it is not worth it.

      As I posted a response to someone I think the crazies did come out. I had to delete a FB friend and the one I like seems pissed off for some reason. Oh well… keep on stepping.


  11. Sun and merc in Leo in the 6 th. absolutely writing up a storm sorting through ebook ideas for work projects! i have more achieved tonight than in months ….. My hair however is appalling!! Greasy swept back grey showing through ugh!! But I did at least make a hair apt today!! No sign of hoochie here !

  12. *nods* I agree with the current astro. It’s like I can’t even defend myself to myself because I see nothing wrong with being me.

    But yes, watching my mouth. Natal Merc Rx, always get heaps more talkative during Merc Rx periods. Even if I’m just talking to myself.

  13. I’m glad you posted about Leo vibes. I swear I am feeling different ever since my progressed Asc moved into Leo. (Prog moon into Toro around the same time.). I have no money UGH, so I only left the house to window shop today… a girl can dream! Have applied for another job today, so we’ll see. It’ll take up my weekends but it’s not as though I am going out a lot anyway! Helloo hermit Pisces. Also googling Top Ten thigh exercises, I am totally over not having svelte legs in this hot, humid city, where short clothing is beyond essential. IMO. free the Legs!

    • Pi, my progressed Sun moved into Leo recently. Life feels certainly regal, even if there is not much going on. Is this how Leos feel all the time? How fun :-)

      • I know! it’s nice. Especially for Pisceans (I can never remember, are you a pisces too Quad?) who sort of float around not really caring to wrangle situations to make them fit our expectations – it’s like a self esteem injection too. lol. I had a moment of recognition recently where the passing thought “Art can be in everything that you do, not just “Art”!” so, it was an ‘art of living’ appreciation moment.

        • Nope, am Gem/Pisces rising. It should take a while for Leo effect to show itself, but am definitely less Kataka-ish now, am reading more about art. And I recently discovered my fab vocation would be “photojournalist”. :-)

          • that’s right, we’re sort of reversed sun/asc astro..
            It’s funny, have had prog asc in Kataka for so long (natal is 23 gem) that it’s a part of me, how do I even know how to recognise it! I suppose being more conscious of what’s changing in how I relate to the world, then comparing that to the previous 30ish years..!?

              • Leo Socialite is an excellent example imo :) wherever she is… seriously I needed life education and self esteem lessons from Leos about 20 years ago… but now will have to do!

    • a leo rising with a taurus moon is just delicious! i’m saddened to have to wait 5 years to i get a taste of the lioness. had hoped to be a leo before 40, but alas. is not to be.

      have just started wearing short skirts again. free legs are so liberating! and people are so nice! haha. 😯 free the legs!!

      • yes since you put it like that, [leo rising / toro moon], i really do seem like a different person! haha that mercury energy is always there tho, don’t know if progressed everything trumps sun-mercury and gemini rising. interesting… *starts walking a mile in Leo / Toro shoes* mmm shoes

  14. How to work the current astro? Hmm, tonight seems to be a good time to color my hair. And a good time read a book on art or photography. Merc Rx brought three projects to my desk waiting to be revised.

    Moon in Leo is a fav time of feline diva, too. She ups her mojo to top levels.

  15. Jupiter is almost exact trine my SUN! And I just came across a job that I’d totes relocate to U.S to do. I’m so doing my Moon these days. Got my hair (cute) cut and dyed, also, to celebrate an important personal milestone and props for making the best decisions ever about charting my lifeboat to calmer water.

  16. i going n-u-t-s as i crossed a few arseholes now they dishing dirt and i getting the bad vibes sent my way, like a bad episode of the twilight series. find that i not liking the bad vibes sent my way
    none of this wld have be a worry if i had kept private and to myself
    then i go and tell this dodgey friend that i getting bad vibes of some shits and now she acting all distant, i told her and she was friends with one of the haters and now she acting different and i never chased her friendship she thinks nothing of talking to others on the phone and i left standing there, for at least half n hr…..
    now she blowing me off!!!
    i feel a real distrust now for others
    how they get yo when yo weak
    i cld die for all they care yet they want that
    and thanks god for the good ones
    who i need to concentrate on for gods sake
    and the i ching said i shld ignore it as they feed of it
    so i say the those haters
    fuck you all i did nothing except expose weakness
    and they savage they can kill my whole arsehole!!!!

  17. Omg! I got totally full Mooned and it came up from out of view and arsed me…. I’ve just had a hot bath w Epsom salts and pain relief, just went and got some magnesium, chocolate and a cup of tea so kinda settling… Feel like I need horse tranquilizer! I’ve just spent a good 5 hours feeling like I was going to explode, and actually burnt from the sun and aching throbbing legs at the same time, it was full on! all while trying to hold a casual dinner party!

    it started this morning w my mum and sister coming to visit, I was so excited to have them come and share my new home as my mum had never been here…. Que demanding younger sister, with major post op needs hence my wanting to come and stay, but did not expect the punk resenting help version of her, that groaned about most things, and basically depressed… Que anxious mother trying to make everyone happy and w big sag mouth saying the wrong thing over and over and over again!

    started the day not letting it break my style and continued w plans somewhat thwarted by the dynamics… As the day wore on I feel like I became the monster bigger and worse than their annoying, frustrating and demanding personalities, because I am so not used to being around it, I questioned and from trying light heartedly to point out that my mum had just asked me three questions at once, to throwing my hands in the air with absolute exasperation at 10pm tonight after numerous superficial psychological wounds, in front of my workmate, that once my poor guest left I stated I felt stressed I could not answer so many (irrelevant) questions at one and I need some space!

    add to that a fucking hot day, like late thirties, tried to get lots of stuff done, tried to revel in the time ably loved ones and share as much as possible while encouraging them to express their needs, get this, asking my mum to please help herself and then she just dosnt! But then insists she will! oh it effin went on… And even now I think this text sounds like I’m the asshole…. But please understand I love them so much, but find both unconscious of how’s they effect others…. And in a way both very dependant also… Gawd, anyway its been hell! now compounded by my thoughts about it….

    Funny thing is I would try and relax and then tune in to find I was burning up, and in physical pain, and incredibly hot and uncomfortable and get this – most effin stupidly – cooking with the oven!

    thanks a lot crazy moon!

    • oh I meant to point out that I hadvjust had two blissfully relaxing days and this was a bit of a shock to the system!

      • Im going to blame the effin stars or this terrible astro this weekend, on top of all that last night it all came out tonight, and wonderfully the loved ones involved were defensive, in denial, and have broken my heart, and head…. But I understand its a lot to ask to ask people to reflect on their behaviour…. So I become the asshole… The alone asshole…. Fark! so effin intense! I recognise I had expectations, I wanted to create a loving peaceful relaxed space for them and myself but was totally thrown by their behaviour. Fark! I’m so scared I’ve created a big rift…… Thanks astro you got me big time, my heart is slaughtered, my head is numb, and my body aches…. Btw I end up being anonymous because from my mobile my username never shows….

  18. Yesterday I got a super fever(worse than any fever I could remember before), cold chills, body aches, and I felt weaker then I ever have in my life, I thought I was over the flu, its been a week, I even did my workouts this week, but I guess it came back somehow, my dad said he had the flu and it came back 3 times, ugggh, im almost out of food and laundry(I was planning to see to it today) and cant do anything about it because I am sick, im better now, but I still dont feel up to doing anything, I think the worst is over tho, and luckily I didnt get any weird fever dreams like last time, and merc retro is being real bad, I have jeans I ordered that have been here in my city but weirdly undelivered(it goes out for delivery and then just, doesnt) for all of february, my new phone upgrade I ordered in the mail weeks and weeks ago still has not come in, my credit card got shut down because a few other cards got compromised, and thats in the mail too, and then I have had trouble visiting home due to various complications, hopefully something good will come of it, but I doubt it, cant wait till its over and things go back to a normalish state, and its weird, I have merc retro in pisces aspecting neptune natally, you would think it wouldnt hit me this bad geez

    • Maybe it’s just a sign to rest. That’s a good way to spend a Saturday. Take care of yourself first. Hope the rest sorts itself out too.

    • I’m sick too. :(
      Gonna ride out the full moon in bed I think.
      Maybe it’s for the best!

      • ya, I had to spend all day in bed too, uggh, cant do anything else tho, still at that weird midway point where I have to rest and cant eat much but dont feel too too bad, aw well

    • well you did say you were expecting the pisceaning to be eventful. πŸ˜‰ ask and ye shall receive.

      sorry for flaking off on our conversation yesterday. in true gemini in pisces fashion i flitted off into another realm via escapism. πŸ˜‰ but did not mean to abandon you.

      • its all good, and from one mutable to another, by eventful, this isnt what I had in mind ha

  19. … hmmm Shall I blame Mercury retro squaring my MC or the Moon tripping conjunct my Mars for a pepper mill blowout into my recipe and all over my kitchen yesterday? I was picking those little fqrs out for 40+ min. Yes, well it did serve to keep me focused while using my very sharp knives. I’ll take it as a fair warning and blessing.

  20. “You know what it’s good to be right now? Apart from un-apologetically you? Calculating.” Thank you, Mystic! This is just what I needed to hear.

    I signed up for Krav Maga classes, ordered a book called “The Bond: How to Fix Your Falling-Down World” and scheduled a hair cut. I’m trying to grok the insights that have hammered me in the past week without being a gimp about it. My Virgoness could guilt out over “failing” at work whereas my Leo moon could, if I let her, really enjoy the drama of it all.

    All this Pisces in the sky is challenging me to “go with the flow” in a way I never have before. I have to accept I have no idea what I am doing.

    • I bet you would really like krav maga classes if you have pluto mars, i have pluto mars(but its a minor aspect, tight, but still a minor aspect), and if I dont work out on the regular then I start getting real pent up and kind of get this foul mood and everyone bothers me way more then they should and all of a sudden I just hate everything, and the feeling of being totally spent and empty energy wise is just the best thing ever,

      Anywho, good luck with everything, and sometimes, when you go with the flow, everything ends up working out in the end and falling in to place, its weird tho, it reminds me of this thing I heard, of how they trained swordsmen in asia(forget where, but they were practitioners of zen), and before they gave them a sword and started all that stuff, they would make them sweep, and at random moments would come out and attack them with various objects, and all they had to defend themselves was a broom, and of course, the recruit or apprentice or whatever would become paranoid, at any moment, from any direction, they could be attacked, they were never safe, so they would be on the look out and try to see it coming, try to fight back, but eventually, somehow, they give up, they realize they wouldnt be able to see it coming, and if it happened it would happen and they would deal with it then, and then they got it, and suddenly could defend themselves better and training would begin, the point being apparently, that they were focusing on various corners when paranoid, maybe hell come from over there, or over there or over there, and this wears you down, and while your paying attention to one area, you have all the other areas vulnerable, only when you dont pay attention to anything in particular could you be ready to react and spot the attacker in time, that always kind of struck me as piscean, you have to just be ok with the fact anything can go wrong if you want to properly and in zen fashion smoothly deal with it, especially in chaotic uncertain times

      • Thanks for this. It reminds me of the feeling I had in my dream of trying to navigate my car without being able to see through the windows. There is a lot going on outside and very little I control. I can only respond to what goes bump.

      • I think you’ve got it, d5379. that’s an excellent example of being present…We can’t predict or spend our lives worrying about what the future holds. We can simply go through our days doing our jobs to the best of our abilities, and be relaxed knowing that we can and will deal with problems as they arise, and not before. we can pre-empt certain issues and “head them off at the pass” by being proactive, but other than that, if something comes up , trusting that we can handle it!

  21. My Merc is sextile my MC so I’m feeling assertive as fuq. Done with slow moving outdated peeps – points finger at human resources, recruiters blowing smoke up my ass or insistently sending stuff my way that isn’t on my agenda, noticing that I have an unusual amount of spunk and beguiling strategery of late. Hopefully it will help me in my professional relations area as it has blown up in the past several weeks. Still trying to pick the right job in the right location for the right price – now resorting to intuition to make a good decision, but not before I exhaust every conventional avenue to make it any easier.

    I guess I would consider myself extremely energetic twitchy nutso in the fitness slash career sectors. Thrilled it’s not self destructive induced burnout psyche implosion of past full moons. Also the pesky uranus opposite saturn has dropped from my chart so smooth sailing??

    • Addendum. I’ve read the word “calculating” several times on this post alone and all I can picture is an abacus, you know the highly precise hand calculator the chinese have. maybe it’s got something to do with the retrograde or any retrograde. things just take longer to materialize, like your precious answer you want so badly to solve. but just like an abacus, it will take manual labor exacting focus and some patience to derive the outcome. random thoughts.

      • Certainly feels that way for me. Laborious and slow moving. Buy I think come eclipse season, things will be very different.

  22. Surrender, surrender, eat chocolate, drink good coffee,letting my childhood run like a movie in my head, a series of shorts that are so dated now, not me anymore.

  23. spent all day curled under duvet, curtains drawn, debated chucking job for third time in three days, eventually settled for telling myself never to take anything seriously again. cant even watch TV as its too emotionally draining. all my plans for fame & acclaim? Fuq em. My new ambition is to get buzzed & play video games.

  24. I’m at the nuts end of scale trying to rev up to write a prop for a prospective client. so Sat night was light on the hooch etc. Great night sleep too. so where can i look for motivation in my chart?

  25. I have been completely distracted by twin sis and beautiful twin nephews – extra sweet and gentle toros – “Roman Holiday” (Gregory Peck,,,,how sexy is he!) night in and up early for trash and treasure/fruit and veg market heaven ( hello Mt Gravatt markets you are so the business!) now to make stock and repot aaaahhhh I guess you could call it soul mining

  26. all is fine despite astro weirding – calm about the world, treatment in hair, making do pretty well in a lean period…however, I look at the calendar and I just want to be able to rip February off it. Stalled. Bring on March :)

  27. I had the dream of the most lovely, drenching rain and then me trying to find my way home but getting lost. The dream dictionary told me the rain meant forgiveness, sadness, and renewal. The getting lost part is self-explanatory.

    Everything’s fine for me at the moment, since it’s just now Sat night where I live. A bit too full of energy, a bit emo, but getting work done anyway. Not really full moon until Monday, which is when I may risk freaking out. Too much going on next week.

  28. I had a fab evening at a party, I looked great and so did my hair :) (Leo rising).
    Yes I may have been a bit on the garrulous side, may have bagged the hub too often to friends, but I didn’t disgrace myself and I was unapologetically me. Being Leo rising I was at least witty :)
    BUT have decided that I’m doing a ‘dryathlon’ in March. Too much anger/resentment re dead marriage lurking just underneath the surface, waiting for a glass of hooch to let it loose. Don’t want to be THAT woman.

    • glad you looked awesome and had an excellent time, chrysalis!

      Dryathlon’s a great idea…work out that resentment in other, healthier ways…lots of hi-energy exercise, see a good therapist, sure a few good acid-tongued bitch sessions with a solid confidante, Rise Above, but you know all this :)

      PS .how are those wings coming along?

      • Yeah I’ve recently noticed that I have tremendous amounts of anger/resentment/pain about the hub. I know it will pass – just part of the process, but still it’s hard. I was hoping to avoid it by being super mature about all my decisions :) All this bizzo with Mars/Chiron/Neptune piled up on my Pisces sun, I am not getting away with it that easily. My friends are amazing but it’s a fine line between needing to talk and being the energy drain. Weight training, cardio and budget spreadsheets will be my new drugs of choice. xxx

  29. on the hoochie side of the tracks i’m afraid. the pull this last week has been incredibly strong- pisces has made me quite motivated… to get out of the here and now. space cookie, hot toddy, chocolate, incredible music, fire, solitude. iz good. so much processing going on. the work is suffering but the Work is not. i went to an aura workshop today and got a picture. bright emerald green. heart chakra wide open in a period of intense new growth and rejuvenation but very very vulnerable. definitely spot on.

    happy 11 degree pluto lovelies!! xoxox

    • me TOO. but I can’t decide between shiny high heels [ugh so impractical when you have to walk 5 blocks to change buses but damn i love them], silk pencil skirts and Big Hair, or ksubi jeans two sizes too big, singlet, and Big Hair. And new sunglasses πŸ˜€ and more surfing and retrieving my thighs from under all the fat. lololol

        • Heels are fantastic but murder on the feet if you get cheap ill fitting heels, invest in a lovely pair and treasure them. Big heels are nice but a kitten heel can look super hot if you do a retro kick to your big hair. Big heels don’t suit everyone and are annoying to walk in on australian pavements/pt. My saving mantra is play with your hair work on the body.

  30. After a really tough week, Saturday night was a breeze thankfully! I woke up with great hair (why can’t that happen all the time?) Had a blast at work where I got to mingle with alot of fun people-the first time in awhile. AND got a new job prospect. Maybe things are looking up this Merc Retro. :)

  31. SO all of the above. working out constantly, destroying all obstacles, telling parasites to find a new host, myself 100% without a single fuq given; and not only calculating, but calculating with complete psychic clarity. All this with a slight melancholy. And it all really snuck up on me :)

  32. Sunday expo with Merc Retro turned out pretty trad as retro goes afterall! I realised I had to go one step back after the last two steps forwards to the drawing board on a few major biz issues.
    Clarity & learning, going to wait till April to re-launch I think, as the Astro of MM advises Leo’s.

  33. So crazy because I’ve literally been working out 2 times a day this weekend and wondering what the fuq is wrong with me. Happy to know I’ve been doing this right!