Sacred Geometry Couture

Occult Clothing Flower of LifeALL fashion should be this magic – this is the Flower/Seed of Life – considered one of the most enchanted designs of all.  It’s completely Golden Ratio and referencing the orbit of Venus. Da Vinci (Taurus, Sagg Rising, Moon in Pisces) was obsessed with it.

Jean-Pierre Braganza says his influences are sci-fi, Game of Thrones & the Occult. Rad. I want a t-shirt of this to hype the Awesome.

Leonardo Da Vinci Flower Of Life DrawingImages: Jean-Pierre Braganza & Leonardo Da Vinci

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27 thoughts on “Sacred Geometry Couture

  1. Unrelated question that I don’t want to email pester mystic about but….
    If I were to buy a car this week in the build up to imminent retro, is it just as bad as buying a car during the retro?
    My old barina is about to splutter out of working order. Everything on it is failing piece by piece. I don’t know if it’ll survive through the retro that’s looming. But I’m hesitant to sign off on new one or new debt in case I get the old retro hoodoo

    • the general idea is to triple check everything, and allow for delays and double-backs and things like that? Check the conditions of the sale contract, the fine print, bring a knowledgeable friend, get everything in hard copy duplicate as well as emailed to you, insurance, you get the idea

      or just wait and see what the beep beep barina does, maybe it will break down right in front of you next cool car which happens to be For Sale :)

      it’s not like the universe will implode, after all you’ve probably done important things before when merc was retro, you just didn’t know that it was.

      • Thank you. Thats the reassurance I needed. I know it comes down to common sense but with every choice I tend to “phone a friend”.
        Will quadruple check everything!!!

    • I will be selling my worldly possessions, including the car. It’s not as if i have a choice about this, unless i wish to reverse or delay my Huge Life Changing Decision. In other words, choosing to Stay Stuq, in which case you know what i’ll be!

      Honestly, i would not be clinging on to a car that is waiting for Merc Retro. You can be diligent about details transacting on a new car, but no amount of diligence is going to stop an ol’ bomb from falling apart. And probably at a most inconvenient time.

      Good luck to us both, eh.

  2. very cool. i love how when you pop up the pic the flowers swirl- they are twitching to the bassline i’m listening to. :) :) :)

  3. LIKE! Very COOL!

    I love sacred geometry, flower of life, and I’m obsessed with the crop circles. There’s a really cool documentary about crop circles called Star Dreams. Check it out..

  4. I want to like this because I love the principals and also believe in magical fashion (is there a better word for that?? it sounds like the worst end of hippie) but I do struggle with the aesthetic component of a lot of things so I tend to make them less literal. He has done really well with this print but it’s hard to use this sort of thing well.

    My fantasy pluto dress is getting made soon btw :)

    • I tend to agree… it’s kind of obvious – i mean it’s not as though *I* have a label and am sending models down the catwalk wearing my designs (one day..!) but there are many more creative ways to represent geometric forms than a digi fabric print … having said that it’s always easier to criticise something that already exists… now i have a gazilion idea… FOCUS pi…

      • sometimes obvious is good I mean its how you can ID it’s just some concepts are fantastic life models and sacred with symbols that are kind of meh let down aesthetically. No dis to anyone showing their designs just discussing the difficulty of this topic as I have thought about this a lot in design,

        • yes exactly. difficult to strike the balance between being not being coy about what you are representing, [ = bold statement? new idea for some people? important to the designer? it suits their idea for the thing? etc], versus putting too fine [blunt?] a point on it

    • i do hope we see the pluto dress appear on a future thread (no pun intended) with wicked captioning by Mystic, illustrating some hilarious astro phenomenon du jour.

      • I’d love to see a Pluto dress.

        I suspect its hard to make sacred geometry – the apparent patterns – wearable since we are sacred geometry ourselves. So the overlap on different grids creates dissonance. Like – these are kind of lined up with her chakras and swirling, deconstructed, at her feet. But its all too obvious for street wear unless it was cropped to a t like MM said.

        I do like what Paloma Picasso did with the jewelry line she did for Tiffany. I love zellige – the Moroccan mosaic patterns – and she was one of the few to use them faithfully and in a way that made good design sense. But jewelry is an easier way to wear symbols and raw geometry.

        I was really into the abstract. But now I want a collection of animal graphic tees that correspond to my animal totems. I have LOADS of animal totems in mind. I noticed the collective is gobbling up snake totems in all sorts of varieties, so I suspect that trend is bigger than me.

  5. Just a matter of time before the flower of life was made into a garment to wear. Wow!
    Transportational sleep wear, add some drops of Artemisia & wake up in the 7th dimension.

  6. The Keys of Enoch has much about the flower of life & sacred geometry. Once you know it, it seems to appear everywhere in many churches.
    High Magic indeed.
    Drunvallo Melchizadech’s book is a follow up read that some may be interested in.
    A framed Da Vinci’s vetruvian man was placed above my worktable when Pluto entered Sagg. It’s been well honoured as it created my curiosity about the human body.

  7. I am not much into patterns, but I really like this!

    Venus conjunct Saturn means I like very classical styles, not much in the way of busy patterns either.

    But Sacred Geometry seems very much in Saturn’s domain?!

  8. i am so thrilled to learn da vinci’s stats. i am taurus sun, saggo rising and libra moon.