Get Up On Your Feet & Let Go Of Every Tired Excuse

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Emerald Pools Landscape paintingHey guys, there seems to be some  mis-interps of what i mean by ‘awesome’, the Zap Zone and even Uranus in Aries…See some of the comments in the previous post.

Awesome, the way i use it, is purely about the best you. Think of one of your victories or when you successfully navigated your way through fierce adversity to thrive regardless. Or when you won. Survived.  Or finished a novel. Graduated. Whatever.

That’s getting your Awesome on and it’s in you already. It doesn’t mean that life is automatically non-stop Awesome just because you are. But it does mean that you have powers, strength and magic within that you can draw on regularly. Always.  And why not? And when i refer to it in the Horoscopes, it’s in relation to something occurring astrologically that you can draw upon.  Eg: if relationship astro ain’t so hot that week, why not step back and go hard at something else that is more likely to respond.

Also, Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn (the Zap Zone) IS fierce, competitive, speedy and evolutionary. I don’t set the cosmic timetable – but i do try and help my peeps thrive through it and stay relevant. In times of rapid societal change, complacency is the last attitude to be cultivating. Even if you do dress it up in a new age kaftan. That doesn’t mean you don’t rest or you burn out. There won’t be any stress martyrs on my watch. But in fierce times, you get your best game on.  In a dark time, the eye begins to see…(Roethke)

So my sensibility is more hip-hop than hippie and definitely informed by my natal astrology – Uranian, 8th House, Mercury in Aries etc.  It’s also more Gen X/Y not so (apparently) resonant with the Pluto in Leo peeps. F.Y.I. Uranus is not in Taurus till 2018 and i have a Vicious Cycle class to attend. We Zap Zoners take fitness seriously because we know that the government, mainstream media or lifestyle guru-peeps ain’t going to do it for us – it’s all about the hot & healthy self-reliance – psychologically, psychically, physically, intellectually – a.k.a. the Awesome. It doesn’t mean we don’t sleep lol. I mean, sleep is when we astral-travel and commune with Neptune, cleanse our perception and restore our bodily functions.


Image: Adam Sorensen – the Emerald Pools

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87 thoughts on “Get Up On Your Feet & Let Go Of Every Tired Excuse

  1. You make this sound poetic and inspirational. Thank you. Wouldn’t be able to do this without this wise community.

    My sense of agency is in high gear now. Started on the career track again and getting fitter aka Insanity workout. Motto now is push thru any obstacles thru sheer determination. But being very attuned and on my toes to the fast changing Uranian times.

    No more fuqing around feeling sorry for myself. Hope Jupiter can provide even more fortune.

    • Well just fuq off then and come back later x I’m sure you’ll get over it , thanks, oh, and no offence bye

    • I’m not a fan of “meh” myself, but coping.
      I do often use ‘eek’, ‘yikes’ and ‘ai yai yai’ will occasionally use ‘woot’, and get quite disappointed when I sometimes say ‘totes’. I overuse ‘amazing’, ‘fab’ and also ‘sensational’ and in my comment below I accidentally used ‘inspiring’ twice in one sentence and totally kicked myself, but I do believe and hope we can all still be loved despite our lingo.

  2. I think hard crazy times ARE awesome, you grow, whats more awesome than that, were still human tho and you still have human limitations and a human body to take into account, I think thats more the understood rules of it

    • like, you cant make significant growth without a part of your old personality dying, thats what it is, dying, an old nasty part of you getting in the way of what you are growing into, a cancer, a tumor, a parasite, and its a part of you, and it has to die, how would that not suck, but really, I cant think of anything more awesome

  3. I just wanna say that this very sentiment is WHY I bought a Mystic subscription and am active in the comments.

    Modern life (whether via advertising, conditioning, or well-intentioned friends) consistently feeds me black-or-white, all-or-nothing, carrot-dangling philosophies or ideals and checking in here keeps me grounded and reminded that every day is a fight and winning the process itself (which includes some major losses in the struggle) is the real winning and the real capital A awesome.

    Awesome is not an ideal, Awesome is rejecting your false and escapist ideals and owning up to your flaws while still having goals that move you more toward enjoying more of life (and helping others do the same)! Even Tyra coined her own word for this: “Flawsome” (with accompanying muffin top pic (but of course it’s not even about physicality, derr)).

    Accepting and being aware of the paradox of the ebb and flow of astrology and the always-there-but-sometimes-more-accessible concept of free choice is comforting to me and I appreciate all the advice I’ve gotten from benevolent strangers through this site and try to do the same for others who are having a rough go.

  4. well, i am a pluto in leo peep and MM your words totally resonate with me. would have got lost a few times without them. and i get it about the awesome. thanks!

  5. I’m one of the generation that’s not quite Baby Boomer – Pluto in Leo – and not quite Gen X. My answer to the defining Baby Boomer question “Where were you when Kennedy was killed?” is at Kindergarten. Apparently the defining question for Gen X is “Where were you when Kurt Cobain died?” That day I was probably doing tuck shop.

    Having said that, I totally get “The Awesome” :) After the bloody, bloody Saturn in Libra shite of the last few years, and the Zap Zone shite just kicking off – defined for me by the election of Campbell Newman here in Queensland, government ain’t gonna look after any of us – finding and maintaining my awesome is the only way to go.

    • Yep, and Tony Abbot on the way, honestly nothing has terrified me more for many years. God help us.

      • God?? ..fingers crossed David :)

        I see Abbot as a kind of harmless carnie like the rest of the LNP..
        _Brandis on the other hand is probably the greatest threat to Australia’s biota, landscape, culture and freedom.. in all of our history to date.
        I’d love an astro SWOT on the creature.

    • noone’s ever asked me where i was when Cobain died and honestly, it would sound totally suck, but across generations the question of where we were and what we were doing when Twin Towers were bombed has come up often. Everyone remembers.

  6. Back in the days when I had my head firmly shoved up my ass I would’ve found all this stuff threatening too – well I mean c’mon – I used to find everything threatening. And attack is the best defense no?

    These days my personal evolution has merged with what appears to be a more global trend. Self honesty, self awareness, acceptance of self including all the flaws, dumping of the delusions and fantasies, embracing what “is” not what I think things “should” be, knocking addictions, habits, old ideas and old ways of operating on the head … these are all the themes that are playing out in my life which resonate with what Mystic talks about on this blog.

    It’s not about being a pseudo-happy mung bean always positive and all that hippy crap. It’s about being authentic – no freakin matter what AND getting rewarded and validated for it much more quickly in this astro climate than in previous status-quo oriented times.

    That does not include playing the victim and sitting around blaming everyone/society because the world isn’t playing ball with my world view, or because I’m getting challenged and struggling to handle it. Aries says “toughen up and DEAL WITH IT.” Even if that means paying for therapy so I can go and have a good old cry and then get help processing emotional stuff that I can’t handle on my own.

    • Amen, lady. To me I interpret that as almost the essence of it…that you will maybe have a harder time in the external world in terms of social pressures at the expense of this authenticity. But when you get into the flow of it the lack of approval does not even mean anything anymore…

    • Very much agree with this. It all comes down to attitude. A victim mentality serves nobody and is a long, vicious cycle but people get comfortable within it.

  7. Just finished reading all the replies to my comment on the last post! Wasn’t expecting such an interest!

    I think it was all good advice really. both the pro- and against “the Awesome”.

  8. I am enjoying the sea change for one. These years are so liberating compared to the electric eel constant zapping of the Uranus in Pisces/sag in Pluto period. In the zap zone I am no longer getting zapped.

    Now I need to find a viable career where I can be happy and fulfilled.

    Btw everyone tells me I look good.

  9. I typed up part of today’s Gemini daily – in colours and snazzy font – and have bunged it on the wall because I think the metaphor of hustling for the life you want is really what Jupiter in the first is all about. Not waiting for it to come to you…but going after it and riding the good vibe of Jupiter (while being aware of its potential to not know when to stop).

    I also think that being your best self is the only way to fly but think of it as a marathon, or a journey that begins with one step and requires several thousand more to complete.

    While it’s highly unlikely that anyone quotes Winston Churchill these days, his motto of ‘never never never give up’ is powerful.

  10. Yes! The Awesome is on! Manifest what you want and it’ll get back to you.

    I’ve got a job! After being unemployed for 2 months. 😀 And all I really wanted other than a job was to work in an office. Because I always wondered what office people do…

    I guess I call it complacency but I knew with Jupiter in Gem that things will work out so it was just a matter of waiting and not pushing too hard on things I wasn’t keen on doing, being secure that being me is ok.

    Thank you Mystic!

  11. you mean i can’t just sit on my couch, eating chili kettle potato chips and ben and jerry’s maple tree hugger, and use the power of my mind to manifest a hot bod a la ‘the secret’? 😉 wtf man?!?!?!?! 😉
    (just kidding, obvs)

    • As advised before charles, in this i can help, but i am in South Oz, you would have to get here somehow

      I will check back to see if you are interested.

      • I appreciate the offer of Taurus foot care but I have no way to get on the same continent as you. My shoes are as big as boats but they won’t get me across the Pacific.

        I haven’t bought new shoes in over 20 years, other than a pair of running shoes about 5 years ago. I actually went shoe shopping online a few days ago. I determined that I could afford a new pair of shoes at my next paycheck. Then I just got a notice that my car insurance payment is due. Oh well, no shoes til next month. I really wanted to replace my 20+ year old Doc Martens.

        But this is all part of the Awesome of Taurus. We are always up on our feet, no matter what.

    • Hahahaha. I bought new shoes today after throwing all my old pairs out last night…. Pairs that were literally disintegrating… I was in denial about how unwearable they were.

      Now I have a nice pretty new pair.

  12. I appreciate you, Mystic, precisely BECAUSE you seem to get that the foundation of reality is bliss, and our mission here on earth is to realize this. Your personal definition of bliss includes Vogue Italia… mine doesn’t, lol, but if I didn’t like it there are lots of other astrology blogs. Did not understand those comments in previous post, like you owe the general public an astrology blog that appeals to everyone. Blessings

    • I like this evocation of bliss. I’m in a similar boat to Anon – this summer has been a struggle…some days having food on the table has been a relief, and there are other, bigger stresses – so I empathise with her. But i have learned that this is more bearable when I can approximate a state of bliss. Serenity, love, and sometimes, fleetingly! happiness. I can’t always maintain that. Sometimes I go low. However, I know I feel better and can manage better when I’m there so I do what I can to manifest it….which atm is to meditate. Then all else that I know is good come more easily.

      Coincidentally i watched Carl Dreyer’s The Passion of Joan of Arc today and thought of y’all. That girl certainly was true to her bliss, but she had many a good cry too (well, at least in his version).

      Peace xx

  13. To be honest, my own opinion of this has been that if indeed one is TRULY focused on finding the awesome, the flow, the sweet spot, whatever the term is that you use, semantics shouldn’t be a deterrent. I’m bloody glad MM clarified (yet again) but at the same time, yes sure, not all of it is going to vibe aptly to an enormous audience. But as in anything, I think you take what you can use and leave the rest for later.

    Personally I’ve found that our teachers/learning hide behind the guise of so many things, people and situations, some of which are not at all immediately helpful or positive. The difference is you, and the ruthlessness and determination with which you extract matter relevant to you and your life. It’s your “how”, your “why”, your life. Even your determination has it’s own character – mine btw had frequent bouts of meditating on the couch. Own your process.

    2012 was an extremely hardworking year for me in all aspects, finances, work, belief, love in all forms, and while I was eventually able to put some distance from being in survival mode, I told myself I would never forget that feeling because there’s definitely power in choosing to persevere despite fear and worry. Now, I find myself listening more deeply to even the most loathsome characters/annoying situations because I’m looking for the truth I’m meant to hear and doing my best not to give in to the distractions offered.

    I think that peace and understanding are root, creative powers and it can open you up to beyond the here and now to be ready for the opportunities you may not even foresee. MM’s advise about the Zap Zone protocol has been about getting closer to all the truths around us and most importantly, to the truth of who we are.

  14. Talking about sleep … dreamed about Tarot again, this time some lady did me a full spread, shame my boy is quite furious waking me up and stuff runs out of mind faster then I can grip it.

    I swear those were the most beautiful tarot cards I’ve (n)ever seen before.

    The 8 of Cups (only know it was that card cause I counted) where glass chalices on a table, some of them broken, one card was a woman in a luxurious bathtub … one of the Ten’s was a sea of stars (weirdly enough, I think this was ment to be a cup card as well)

  15. MM, with ‘the awesome’ you’re trying to tell us that the locus of control and power is within ourselves, which is empowering. And it’s about our own personal best, not in relation to anyone else, which is also empowering. And our awesome changes from day to day. It’s all fluid…. You are trying to help us raise our vibrations, and that’s great!
    Your blog and all the folks on here have been such a great support and guidance to me, and have really helped me through the past six months or so, possibly more so than anyone or anything else in my offline life. Thank you!

  16. echoing everyone else in thanks. the advice and perspective dispensed here have been life-altering, no exaggeration. i routinely fall into doom and gloom spirals, and the take-no-prisoners kick-ass positivity is a quick fix out that builds into a deeper healing. inspirational and properly edgy- you cannot take it any way but seriously, but in a fun, fearless, doable yet stretchy way. plus i’ve found so many artists and musicians! and the fashion pics i absolutely adore- i am far too lazy, frugal, and feminist to ever buy these mags, but love the ideas, and they percolate…

    • That’s how I feel! Nothing causes ennui like enlightenment. You see all is One and Love and Infinity and Bliss and then you still have to go about cleaning your mess and engaging with all that’s mundane. There’s no being “above” it all around here. You’ve got to engage. And sometimes, I have a hard time seeing why. I’m dead and alive already. Can I get off this merry go round?

      At least, there is glamour here. Absurdity and glamour. I come here for that, and for the community, of course. I’ve got exposed to great art and great people here, not just great astrology.

  17. when I was a kid, everything was about a burning sense of authenticity, I have that same feeling again but with all the hangup and navigation of adulthood.

  18. After 3 years of Saturn in Libra and a major, extensive, completely life-changing life change I am in my new place and Astral travelling most nights. Feeling so good during the day. Today I felt the Awesome. I knew it would come. It is here.

    • I just wanted to say that astral traveling can be unsafe because if you are leaving your body at night demons can slip in. I know someone who had to fight a demon that had slipped in to take back control.

      • Yeah, I agree here. Just because something is spiritual doesn’t mean its safe, good, or wise. The power moment is you in your body. That’s where manifestation happens and there’s lots of energy out there in the universe that would like the chance to be here, now, physically.

  19. fierce alright very sat scorp retro
    i think peeps act their s/ node
    i know virgo s/node are a nightmare to deal wth
    yr not allowed to make a mistake
    or they go berserk esp. toto with wth pluto sq mars
    i saving my sol by reading wayne dwyer
    nobody can rattle yo if peace is yr m.o
    eliminate the types that are not fair
    been doing mayan astro
    very revealing and i know i good sort.

  20. All I can say right now…..brilliant take on it, no matter how hard. It’s taking it up to all of us, some more than others.

  21. Left meditation group this evening to see a waxing moon shaded red by smoke with a planet right next to it; the Moon Jupiter conjunction – I am bowled over by The Awesome. Great site, great contributors. Thanks MM.

  22. What does awesome mean to me?

    It means that even though my life is stuck for now, I can still try and force myself to be positive, dream of awesome to come and ultimately believe that I am awesome and worthy of an awesome life. Even though I can’t physically bring about zap zone change right now, I know that as soon as I have the opportunity I can tap into the potential of awesome. THERE WAS NO SUCH POTENTIAL when SATURN WAS IN LIBRA. It delivered on its promise to tear down unstable structures, only i never had any stable ones so i lost everything. So I’m just grateful that the awesome is there I’ve just got to tap into it.

  23. I like your use of “awesome”. Personally I have had lots of big and small major changes in the past few months. I am liking the new me in it’s awesomeness. 😉

  24. Reminds me of what my daughter said the other day “Mom, you don’t have to buy Feng Shui. Its your life that is magical.” I was shocked, and got self-reflective about it cause she hit on something. Sometimes I do feel like I have to make some problem right. But its a problem that isn’t there. Like – in Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy – the answer to the ultimate question is 42. So what’s the ultimate question? Are humans on a quest to find the ultimate question? When I get caught in that loop I have to make space to see the problem isn’t there. That I am OK and awesome right now. All this spiritual angst goes through my mind. Then, my daughter asks me to buy her some jewelry (Taurus moon), lol.

    We’re humans. We have to give space and respect to the human personality. It is what it is.

    I was wondering how MM would deal with the criticism. Dealing with criticism is something I’m working on.Know when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em, like the Kenny Roger’s song goes. I suspect I am dealing with a school-yard bully running a corner of the office. Trying to pace myself on solutioning that. Sometimes the need to defend your work is the only feedback you get that your work is relevant at all.

  25. Also, I noticed distinct shift points in the collective energy. There was one in December – like Armageddon happened again. I think we live through Armageddon’s pretty frequently these days. I should keep a notebook. Anyway, these energy shifts generally align with massive astro events. And the cycles seem to be getting closer together. Anyway, I’ve been doing energy work, meditation, etc for the past three years work on self-healing. Inner healing focus. But I noticed, I HAVE to make changes to bring my body along too. I HAVE to bring the physical self along to the higher vibe. That’s all metaphysical, but physical…we DO have to care for our physical self.

    Anyway, MM pushes on that with her Mars female warrior talk. No I’m never going to be a martial artist, but we have to rock the physical if we want to play this game too.

  26. So spot on!
    I’ve lost 20 pounds from avoiding(I say avoid cause I cheat sometimes) gluten, and working out regularly.
    It’s kind of funny cause I can’t afford to replace everything in my wardrobe yet. So sometimes I will be in public with baggy pants that used to be skinny jeans on me. Haha. And for the winter my friend and I have a gym membership. But come spring we are quitting the gym and back to running for us! I can run 3 miles now!
    Been getting more into cooking too. Gluten free cooking of course. Though I do make pies around the holidays.
    And I have gotten into astral travel and meditation in the summer. And the beginning of zap zone, I got really into gem healing.

    Right now Uranus is
    Sextile my Gemini Asc

    Pluto is
    Trine Mercury Taurus house 12
    Conjunction Uranus house 8
    Conjunction Neptune house 8

    I’ve been seeing people close to me get their awesome on too!

  27. I like a Uranus in the 8th house- we are in sync. MIne is in Gemini with Jupiter fast illuminating it.
    And “awesome” to me, means informed and awake; not necessarily having a blast. So- thanks for explaining and thanks for the wake up calls. xo

    • Agree. Not always a blast. I like how MM makes “awake and aware” seem like hardcore glamour. I’m sure, even if we don’t feel glamours day by day, she sees us as such.

  28. I don’t have any problem with fierce independence, in fact I’ve thrived on it since I lost my parents as a teenager. And the zap zone has seen me make a major life move which, in the middle of this economic crisis, looks stupid, stupid, stupid to everyone else looking on from the outside. However, I really have a problem with what appears to be the erosion of our social conscience. Look at poor Obama trying to get a ‘free’ health system up in the USA, and the devastation of the social services sector in Queensland under new political leadership. We seem to be happy to erode the system when we don’t need it but want it to be there when we do. Like in the 1920s when the Crash occurred and so many lost everything. It was then that the social welfare mentality emerged and we realised that we needed a system that stops solid, hard-working people from falling into abject poverty. So I’m hoping the zap zone will not erode but revitalise a tired approach to welfare and inspire us to look beyond self to the collective. Uranus is after all a symbol of humanitarianism.

    Sorry about the preaching but it seemed appropriate for a saturn-turning-retrograde day 😉

  29. Hmmm, I didn’t see the discussion /debate but my Moon-Mars defender-of-my-kin sensors must have blipped…
    Mysty, that was the most inspiring and wonderful description of your Awesome short-hand yet! Love your work, and we are all more awesome (whether or not we choose to self-identify as such) for your witty and wise words in these trying-inspiring times xx

  30. My chart is almost all water/earth and I have Sun conjunct Neptune. I can spend far too much time lying on my couch, daydreaming my life away. Mystic Medusa is like a personal trainer for how to live your best life. Not a perfect life, but the life that’s the truest expression of each of us. I like her no-nonsense, no whining permitted approach. If you want to accomplish things in life, you’ve got to put in the hard work!

    And she is hands down the best astrologer out there for grokking Saturn. Thanks to her I’m surviving and moving forward as Saturn opposes my Moon.