Byzantine Queens Are Always In Fashion

Dolce & Gabbana Byzantine Fashion Empress Theodora

So fabulous that Dolce & Gabbana are referencing the Empress Theodora in their Fall Collection…She was a Byzantine Empress, Hooker & Actress. Not in that order. She redefined the term “self-made” and she’s also an Asteroid; number 440.

This is the original asteroid Theodora post but basically you could see it as where you can completely rise up up from the depths, vanquish your enemies and rule your realm.

Asteroid Theodora is currently conjunct Venus, in late Aquarius. Hands up who is feeling, well, Byzantine?

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62 thoughts on “Byzantine Queens Are Always In Fashion

  1. I so love this – my Theodora is conj my Jupiter in Toro (3rd house) and conj my Gem IC. Ruling my realm ! Hell yeah :-)

  2. Emotionally –Byzantine. Not such a bad thing, there’s no shortage of interesting detours, passages, steep inclines . . . I love all things Byzantine . . . and the desert’s good too when you suddenly need and want very very little.

  3. I think that puts Theodora all over my ascendant in late Aqua. No idea what that is supposed to mean but I am absolutely itching to bust out and show ’em what I’m made of. Not so much “shake your money-maker” – more “step aside people and let me show you how its really done”. Scorp Central might have a little to answer for there too…

  4. Theodora in Aries in the 5th. I have other chart indicators of rising from the dead (yes i know you said depths) connected to Pluto.

    Theodora is trine my MC, which is fantastic since my MC opposes my NN and Venus. I don’t know what to make of the oppositions but they sound annoying.

    She also sextiles the NN. So Hooker-Actress-Empress energy should be easy for me to evolve towards? (Yet apparently Prostitute-Mistress-Lover energy is all too past life and i have needed to clear it for lifetimes! Perhaps there wasn’t enough Empress.)

    • From memory i think she might be very close to asteroid Gary in my chart…dude, no, the Queen and the Tradie. 😀

      • Don’t start me on Asteroid Gary again lol – you know i love Gary, it’s like only we know about him. NOBODY ELSE USES HIM.
        Where is Gary now?

          • O.M.G that is my DESCENDANT…thinking…

            Oh and happy zillion hour long Void Moon in Virgo – i just sent the daily mystic email with a whole lotta KEEP A FUQING GRIP instructions.

            in between omni tasking i intend to binge eat kale, do hot hatha, some weights and pilates

            • lord … Mars in Virgo talking?… Hot hatha? i just slunk out of a hot ylang ylang neroli and juniper bath…my Mars in Cap is ashamed.

              I’ll bet your Descendant Gary has been frightened off to the local strip joint by all that pilates and kale.

              • erm, there is nothing to be ashamed of re haivng a neroli/juniper bath. it’s as important as anything else, (more important imo)

            • Loving your website Mystic! I’m into kale right now; all superfoods, no carbs, no sugar (means I’m juicing less fruit); white tea and I feel great. Even bad fats are better than eating sugar. xoxo o

      • For Mille…a little insight into my Lady and the Tradie story via Barry Manilow :)

        His name was Gary, he was an Asteroid

        With metal shavings in his hair and some footy shorts down to there

        He smoked drugs, held up the bar

        And while he tried to be all suave, Gary couldn’t fall in love

        His canoe was in the hall, trail bike against the kitchen wall

        They were pushing forty and were conjunct

        Who could ask for more (he was a hunk)

        Asteroid Theo, oh! Theodora

        The hottest Empress of Byzantia

        She was naughty, Number 440

        Gary was her passion, she though he was dashin’

        Theodora, she fell in love (she fell in love)

        • “Flannies and passion but rejects of fashion, Theodora! Don’t fall in love!”

          One of my bands used to play this so i could totally hear it! “With metal shavings in his hair” lol and i guess you mean footy shorts UP to there … tell me it was AFL. Barry sings Gary.

          Is your name Calypso because you are musically inclined?

          • haha, that’s a great line! thanks :)

            no, not musical – the name is a wry reference to a losing romantic scenario I was indulging in before Saturn came along and slapped me around – soon I’ll be able to change it to something real sensible!

            But i love to sing…maybe we could polish up the lyrics and perform it at the next Astrological Convention dinner?

    • Ah, Astrodienst is having a Merc Retro moment, so will get back to you on that one, Mystic.

      (World renowned astrologer, and she asks me to track asteroid Gary…Merc Retro is surely in Pisces.)

  5. 440 is transitioning my Aquarius 4th house (chez You + family of origin) and natally stationedi n my Sun sign Virgo 11th house (Groups, utopian visions, community You).. with both positions relating to “YOU” or me then maybe I can say yes.. I am still going through some emotional depths releasing and understanding somethings about me.. crying, crying.. but at work I might be showing my talents. My boss will be away for awhile on maternity leave and I think I need to show my stuff to see if I can handle what she is doing. This is good because I am bored.

    Question: will at the bottom of the chart page there are tables / pyramids of planet / sign activity … what do they mean or what is it trying to tell us? I know it is something to make it easier for us to see what’s going on but I just don’t know.


      • do you mean the aspect table? the triangular one on the left? you take one planet down and one across and find where they meet. the squares are squares (of course!), the triangles are trines, the circle with a line sticking out is a conjunction, the dumbbell is an opposition, the asterisk is a sextile, the Q and bQ are quintile and biquintile, and the little green upside-down table is a quincux. hope this answers your question! xox

        • that’s really helpful for me too HDQ – thanks :) I had figured out some, but not all of these!

        • Thank you so much Hidden.. it’s like “WOW” moment for me right now because I could never figure out those placements you just described. Thank you!! xo!!

      • Hi Fabby.. If you have your chart set up via try the following:

        -Open you chart. or go to Extended Chart Selection and your chart will appear (I assume you already plugged in your birth deets)
        -You will see going down the page “Birth Data” then “Methods” then “Options”..
        -Keep scrolling down the page until you get to “Additional Objects”..
        -You will see a list that you can use a side bar to scroll thru but DON’T..
        -Keep on going down a little more until you see a empty field..with “Additional Astroids” above.
        -Type in “440”
        -Scroll back up to “Methods”
        -Click on “Click here to show the chart”
        -Your chart will appear
        -Click on “with transits” above the “back to the chart selection”

        The transitioning planets and Theoradora will appear. I find it hard to find, the asteroids, but it is there. Natal position and transitioning.

        I hope this helps! xo!!

  6. I have her natally in the 7th (Sagg), just after Neptune (Scorp) which I take as a sign that my partnered future will be spectacularly better than my partnered (substance-afflicted) past :)

    ? amateur reading!

  7. Oh, hello, there 😉 Theodora is conjunct my sun, nessus and lilith (this one is a bit of a stretch – 5 degrees distance there) and opposes my true node. Such a weird party in my Virgo 4th house :) Hmm, what can I make of it?

  8. Theodora is right with Pluto at 0 Virgo- top of my chart- gotta be my outrageous Leo Moon Mother who had Sun/Pluto cazimi in Gemini.

    She was a force of nature- outrageous and conservative by turn. Born in 1920 – the year women got the vote here in the States. Nothing was off limits- yet she survived widowhood twice, held executive jobs, was adored by men, less so by women. Restraint was a mystery to her. She was def Zap Zone material. Her last boyfriend when she died at 88 was wistful recounting their exploits- LOL!

  9. She is at 10 Gem, in my 10th in my chart, and transiting just past my natal Venus in late Aqua on my DC.
    But I don’t care about her. Hello Venus in Pisces about to conj Neptune for the first time in aeons. Hello pile of planets on my Pisces planets. Hello solar return :)
    Such a great day. The first thing I saw when I left the house was a discarded snakeskin. And you should see the butterflies – on cards, on paper, everywhere. And nobody knows I use the name Chrysalis here.
    I must be mad because I am considering knocking back a highly paid full time job in The Corporation to take a tiny part time low-ish paying gig with people I love doing work I enjoy. I can only admit it here. Nobody in my real life would get it. I asked for choices. That will teach me, lol
    Such a beautiful card and gift from my husband. For the first time I believe he actually sees me. He sees me and accepts we are too different to be together, yet he can genuinely care for me from a distance. That is of course the real gift. He has let me go.
    Yes dulled with a little champagne but these are the moments when you know that even the hard bits are so worthwhile living through.

  10. oh HOW fabulous! she is conjunct my SN! fiercely independent yet ultra-humanitarian warrior queen past life (aries 11th)? dig dig dig. hm eris is transiting… chaotic phoenix potential amped!

    pondering the implications of a gary transit to my saturn. :)

  11. I don’t know if i am cool with the term ‘hooker’ in this context. i mean, i get exactly how you’re using it (courtesan-ish, tongue in cheek, modern term for ancient profession, take back the power etc), but still. something not quite right. possibly because it doesn’t quite acknowledge the gender-historical context of the times? ok ok this isn’t Byzantine History 101 i know. something. I think my lack of genetic byzantium history means that maybe i don’t vibe too well with this. frills! ornamentation! heavy dresses! in this weather? egad. i’m kind of a Norse / celtic / western europe deity
    gal. sans violated daughters, thank the goddess.

    other than that, that means Empress Theodora and Venus are both conjunct Mars in my 8th house. I’m not shagging. just busy hustling. money, projects, avoiding exercise in this rampant draining humidity – made that mistake last week and it is awful. early mornings Pi!! early!!

    • whoops, the ‘daughter’ reference was in relation to the celtic Boadiccea, which i deleted in my comment but neglected to re-read and edit accordingly

    • actually, sorry gem rising person replying to themselves once again, i realised that i identify much more strongly with the warrior / nature goddesses rather than the queenly types. south node in aries 10th house? aries stellium? 9th house sun?

      • possibly because i see the queenly types as not really doing much other than sitting around and manipulating / being manipulated. makes me itchy. even though that’s pretty much what power is.. the money or the gun.

  12. Mine is in Pisces house 10
    sextile Mercury house 12
    sextile Neptune house 8
    trine Chiron house 2

    right now Theodora is conjuncting my Aquarius Mars house 10, sextile my Sun Aries house 11
    Think I see this playing out. I have a decision to make…try to be more independent and live with my friend, or keep living with my folks to save money.

  13. Hmmm.. interesting turn of events for me. As some of you have known by my thread on the toro/gem who I will always love.. it is finally over. He defriended me tonight. Why? I have not idea since we haven’t seen each other since November, he did play some psychological games with me last w/e, I ignored it and then asked a question about something he specializes in and he basically said he didn’t know.. well.. in other words he’s pissed at me. What I found out was that he somehow has / had access to my computer and is able to watch my activity. And this has nothing to do with posts! So knowing that I played with it knowng the consequences… he defriended me. So.. I got what I wanted. Kinda of immature but that is how he always played the game. I am sure I will find out more as time goes on but with this asteroid, Full Moon, mercury retrograde.. this was the time for it to happen. I am keeping to my awesome power.. not feeling the hit right now but will in a couple of months or when I see new things posted about him through our large mutual friends group but will keep on stepping..

    So, I think I hear some applause from the back row?? from some of my “peeps” here who tried so hard to get me over him! LOL!! It will be interesting to see where my life takes me now knowing that he is long gone! xo!!

      • [what has that got to do with theodora] = completely rise up up from the depths, vanquish your enemies and rule your realm…

        Theordora is transitioning my:
        (1) Aquarius 4th house (chez You + family of origin)
        (2) natally stationedi n my Sun sign Virgo 11th house (Groups, utopian visions, community You)..

        Both positions relating to “YOU” or me

        That is what I did! I dealt with “me”.. As he plays my enemy I now can rule my realm knowing that he is a wounded soul. It was just proof for me that (1) he was secretly watching me and (2) he would use anything against me to say that I am a bad person. He is a computer specialist and a retired cop.

        I think there is enough Theodora there.. don’t you think?

        And.. there was a lot of feedback from people here about my story. I will always love him. But I need confirmation on things that I was wondering about.


  14. Theodora on the ascendant in Gemini, 12th House.

    Gemini in the 12th is a weird enough concept alone: “A person with a twelfth house Gemini has a turning inward to the subjective and subconscious reasons behind what happens to people”.

    This sounds a lot like my Mercury in Cancer.

    Theodora being Gemini and Piscean and on my Ascendant makes me feel like a real regal smutty lady of Intrigue, like those posh ladies who love rough trade, haha!! And it shows!

  15. In the natal chart Theodora is 18 deg aquarius in 7th (with squares to mars and sun in 9th and 10th) so it has just transited over that spot. At 22 deg, Theodora currently squares the natal mars, merc, MC, chiron in 10th and trines venus in 11th. It’s going to cross my moon at 25 degrees aquarius (7th house). The squares to my 10th house are highlighting being stuck with work. Really miserable. The chiron aspect has been very challenging. Past lives have been coming up for a few weeks. I know some of my past lives but two weeks ago I went to have a reading pertaining to work in past lives to help find a way forward. Also with neptune and chiron transiting my 8th house the past life stuff feels urgent. It’s like I need to know everything I can possibly find out. This reading happened when Theodora transited it’s position in the natal chart. In the reading the past life that came up was one where I worked for both family and myself and was successful ‘ruling the realm’ I guess. I ran a family business for two lifetimes but felt the need for something more. The business was a fish market type thing in 1800s cornwall- very piscean. It’s jsut funny that chiron and neptune are in pisces now…I traveled to Sicily and France and branched out into olives and wine or cider and did quite well. Basically when something was lost something was replaced. There was always something there at the right time. I haven’t joined all of the dots yet or worked out how it relates to now but it’s very interesting and maybe more insights will come.