Astro-Fuqery Alert

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It’s not just Mercury about to go Retrograde in Pisces…The next Full Moon is in Virgo (cue details mania or control dramatics) which is ruled bythe Retro-bats Mercury AND Mercury will be on Mars at the time of the Full Moon on Feb 25/26. That’s fiery & volatile astro-weirding with the potential for quick change.

Lilith, Pan, Vesta and Jupiter square the lot, just to amp it up…It’s at 11 Virgo BUT we’re all copping the effects of this intense Full Moon fracas – practically everything in the sky is involved, one way or another.Β  And it’s different for each sign/rising sign. Of course, there is also the potential for rapid growth at this time.

Hence the shift in tone you subscriber peeps will be noticing in the Horoscopes & Daily Mystic email…We’re just limbering up guys. It’s intensifying…My task: to break it down into simple, easy and workable little ways you can collaborate with these interesting times.

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97 thoughts on “Astro-Fuqery Alert

  1. Mystic: My Venus is 11 Virgo in House 1 – what does this mean for me with the FM? I am a little tense because there is a hostile Virgo Sun person in my life who is acting all weird and I am trying to avoid their fire directed my way (I’m Leo Rising and sometimes people hate the shiny Sun!). Helppppp….
    I’m thinking annual leave that week.

    • I’d see the Full Moon conjunct Venus as a fresh start/new beginning in love, relationships, beauty, money? I’m no astro expert so maybe the square would indicate that you might be more sensitive to the injustices being thrown your way (Jupiter=law, governance?) by this Virgo Sun. Maybe you’ll fight fire with fire that day and try a different approach in dealing with the Virgo Sun?

      Hopefully some more knowledgable people will chip in with interpretations and advice for you!

      • Thank you Little Fish

        The Sky’s Jupiter influence of 6 Gemini is the most beneficial for me at the moment. It’s just past my MC and trining my Sun at 8 degrees blessing inspirational partnerships and mentors supporting me as I navigate my way to higher ground r what I want because. I am supposed to be here.

  2. I’m a novice when it comes to astrology and interpreting transits but my Sun is at 11 Pisces. What potential outcomes could this Full Moon manifest, I wonder..?

    The Full Moon in Virgo opposing the Sun could indicate head and heart engaged in battle. Squaring Jupiter-Pan-Lilith: an excess of rebellion, revelry, sex and transformation? Growth through sacrifice?

  3. Hmmmm. I really love Virgo. When Virgo was in Mars it was so amazing for me. Virgo is where my midheaven is. I was so fit then. Dedicated. I wish I could go back to clean, healthy living. I wish I could make the quick change back to then. It was like that period was a quick change and then when Mars was outta there it went back to shit. Mostly I’m talking about my physicality. I don’t even know what made me think of this, but this is what I want out of my Virgo full moon. To prioritise my health again!

    • I’m feeling the same, but don’t blame Mars in Virgo. You can do it now! The astro is supporting you now as well as ever.

    • that’s an excuse, WOOHOO. Just get up and DO IT. it will hurt and it will be absolute balls but only for two weeks… then voila you’re back on track. JUST DO IT!! – Virgo sun.

  4. Excellent! That’s my birthday :)
    So it will be on my Mars, Pluto and Uranus, opposing my sun, pinging off my grand earth trine… really looking forward to that because it has been SUCH an uneventful year for me :)

    • Actually, I reckon I am doing this hard-arse astro pretty fuquing well. Today I chucked a bunch of old journals. The last two years of weeping grief over my two ended relationships. By Tuesday they’ll be landfill. And ten years worth of the same old script. Re-reading them I couldn’t believe it.
      So my own personal soap opera has a new writing team. The old guys have skulked off to a bar to blow their payouts. The new guys are opening the windows, plastering no smoking signs everywhere, bunging cushions in the photocopy room and renaming it a pop-up yoga studio. Bring on the new script.

      • Good luck, love. So good to throw out the old tired story, so hard to leave room for the new one to be unknown. We can’t tell ourselves the story of what we never knew we could have, yeah? Happy early birthday.

        • “We can’t tell ourselves the story of what we never knew we could have, yeah?”

          That is so deep and inspiring! your amazing!

      • Chrysalis you have a wonderful way with words! I love the thought of the writing team skulking off! hahahha! Yes we are all stars of our own TV shows and only we can do the rewrites!

      • Chrysalis,

        HA[ppy Birthday!!

        You are very brave throwing out thejournals. It great that you took the time to greive the relationships, and got it out of your system to let your heart heal. ITS FUQING HARD.

        I wish all the best for you. Just from your comments I can tell you have a lovely way with words, so I know your next script will be FABULOUS!

  5. Bleh. I’m pissed off already. Everything….is….absolutely….fine…… and yes, I am saying that through gritted teeth. Because everything IS absolutely fine.

    My creative stuff is on track.
    The homeschooling is on track.
    My health jag is on track…erm apart from the getting pissed every other night thing… because I AM NOT COPING.

    And there’s nothing wrong.

    I just feel enervated. Low. Anxious. Uncertain. Questioning all the decisions which I have worked out so painstakingly and slowly over the last few years. Bleh.

    I have a loaded 7th House at the moment, and Neptune is about to cross my descendant, plus a lot of full on conjunctions such as Pluto sitting ON my Natal Jupiter and Jupiter about to conjunct my Natal Saturn. Which is in my 10th House. As you do….

    I’m personally blaming Neptune for this feeling of disconnection. I am SO not looking forward to Saturn going retrograde. Gotta stop the booze ASAP. That and coffee is the last of my bad habits and I am over-indulging in both :(

    She says, drinking cider by the Stein…



    (I’ve felt for many years now, reading this site, that Astrology seems to happen to other people more than it does to me. Well this time its got me by the short and curlies. And in transit times like this, the only thing I can do is the thing I feel least able to do, which is to clean up my act, go to bed earlier and work harder. Bleh.)

    • PS; Oh and the bloody Oracle is being unsympathetic. You need to fix that thing Mystic. It keeps telling me to “thrive on competition” and “pay attention to details” and suchlike unhelpful stuff. It needs answers like “Take 4 Valium and go to bed for a month”…

      • Eeep. It can hear me !

        It just said “DOMESTICATE, NOURISH, NEST.”

        ..and yes, of course I am committing Oracle abuse… I’m surprised hasn’t crashed.

        • Def have a long bath and go to bed, wake up in the morn go for a walk and notice something in nature you’ve never seen before…

    • I am glad that everything is on track DT. But I am very sorry to hear that you are having trouble coping! The booze would definitely not be helping you to wake up feeling capable… but you already know that. that and the caffeine boost in the a.m… vicious circle… it does sound like you know exactly what to do. You could ask yourself “what would it take for me to [go to bed earlier…nourish.. etc]?” Everything’s going right…be good to yourself.. xx

      • *snivel*

        Thanks guys !

        I have this rock solid certainty that the key to the whole thing is to get up at 5am. Its become an almost religious thing with me – that if I can j-u-s-t do this one thing, the rest of my life will just fall into place.

        I know its a superstition, but getting up early means going to bed early, and clean, which means waking up fresh, which means having some time to meditate and get my head straight before the day starts, which means being calmer and more energised, which means needing less coffee, and not getting to the end of the day and needing a stiff drink.

        You’re right – I am thrashing myself and running in ever decreasing circles.

        Hot bath and bed sounds really good !

        • OMG I totally agree! about the 5am thing. That’s FIVE whole hours before 10am! Do I do it? NO!! And ooee look at the time, half past midnight… *grr / sigh*

        • jah. quit the booze, get up at 5 – is there someone you can walk with? – and have 1 coffee a day. that’s a start. sometimes the stuff going on inside is not just about the astro too…maybe some other healing type work? I was there with the no coping just a week ago, and I empathise. but i got some help and now I’m great, well…good goign on great :) hope you can crawl, nay, stride out of it with self-belief and serenity. preferably before 6am πŸ˜‰

          • Yeah I agree, sometimes there is something in the background which needs some introspection or a few walks on the beach / park / pillow time to work its way through what it needs to. Sometimes we’re not even aware of exactly what the problem is, it’s like cloudy weather, it’s just there…we just go with it and scale back the expectations we have of ourselves for a while, look after ourselves / not judge too harshly. until we feel like we can get back on the horse. And even then it doesn’t have to be a whipping fest to full gallop again. easy does it.

            • totes Pi, I think there’s masses that goes on below the conscious level! tough to work through things when you don’t even know what they are!!

              i guess there’s a skill of awareness that can get us close to some of it, but the booze won’t help with that…

        • Yeh I agree d. Triffid…. I woke up at five on Thursday because I had to leave the house at 6…. So lovely to do yoga at that time, and while I had such a big day I was ok! I love watching the earth wake up to, I get a real energy boost from it, yet when I’m tired I try and snatch those extra 2 hours until 7 am…. but SyU up late doing not much…. Weird cycle…. Love exercising for up to 2 hours in the morn, then I know I’m on fire!

    • Ouch. I do NOT want Pluto sitting on my Jupiter. Sounds perverse. hugs

      We don’t all get to do the same astro, you know? Looking back, I realize – wow, not everyone has to live through Pluto on the IC. And “has to live through” is what it felt like.

      Do the 5am thing. Just. F-ing. Do. It. You know you’re right about it.

    • Domestic Triffic. I empathize with you whole heartedly. A while back I had a loaded 7th house as well and the feeling is just one of absolute defeated resignment. The feeling of alone-ness abandonment isolation is self implicated. It felt better once I started working on the relationships I had with my family and friends and realized that you really can’t change the circumstance that brought the pain or poisen in the frist place, but you can change the way you deal with it. Change your heart and look around you.

  6. My natal Jupiter is at 11 Pisces, 6th house and makes the tip of a yod with my Virgo Sun/Venus. So, maybe this moon is like the yod getting inverted back into my 12th? Who knows. Strange dreams continue. I am making peace with my feelings. Or rather, I am accepting that I feel. And just flowing with whatever comes up. Because it all comes and goes – the pain, the craving, the need – there’s so little to do when you just watch them roll by.

    Day two smoke free. Normal temperature returning to my hands and feet. I am looking forward to freaking my colleagues out with my calm ability to quit cold turkey. But, time tells that story. No one needs to watch the duck’s feet under water to appreciate how they glide, right?

    Addictions are kind of a gift. I know its weird, but how often in life do you get to stop doing something and have that change your confidence level immediately – to make a choice to not do something – and to have that change your life. Its all about being empowered to choose and addiction helps you recognize that choice several times a minute at times. Lol. Good luck to others trying to kick a habit. The moon is on our side!

    • I read the number one thing that helps smokers quite is jogging regularly, because after going for a run smoking would just feel gross, not that you need to do anything in particular, just thought I would leave that tidbit in case you didnt know, good luck 12hv, you can do it!

      • Thanks! I’ve been feeling so shitty lately that not smoking feels good. As long as I don’t get so drunk or stoned that I forget I quit, I think I’ll be alright. I do want to exercise more too.

        • well if you have been meaning to pick up an exercise habit, now would be the perfect time, my friends are all smokers, so we talk about this alot, all in the hypothetical of course,im starting to think most smokers have an escape plan of sorts, glad to hear your acting on yours, hope your peers do freak out, a casual delivery of, oh ya smoking? ya I quite that, like, a year ago, I thought I told you? I do things like that a lot, I went months after having my braces removed without anyone noticing, then I kinda forgot, and it was so gradual my friends didnt go, where are your braces? they just were like… didnt you used to have braces? probably the least satisfying little surprise I played on people

      • I bought Wii Fit today for my exercise plan. I had such a crap evening, but I don’t want to smoke. I don’t want to do it anymore. Got yelled at at work. Now stoned, had a few drinks, had a few doughnuts, and don’t want to smoke. I think the quitting is going to stick.

    • Well done 12hv. Quitting smoking is hard but so worth it.

      What you’ve written here about addiction is the single best piece of wisdom I’ve ever read about it, and I’ve read a lot. It’s genius xxx

      • Thanks, Chrysalis! Its been on my mind for a long time and, for whatever reason, I’m finally doing it now. Feels good. There is so much in life I can’t control. But what I eat or consume – I CAN control that. Go full moon in Virgo!! :-)

    • Yippe you’re free 12HV! Good shit.

      (BTW, if you get ciggie cravings after smoking weed, sucking on a mint will most likely kill it – a handy unsolicited hint from one who knows.)

      • Thanks for the tip. I love mints. And, can I just say, I am soo happy to be not-the-smelly-one in the elevator. I HATE the smell of cigs on clothing. Ewww. I feel like going up to people and telling them to smell me now. Ha!!

        • I hear you on happiness at not being the smelly one. I’ve been doing weekly workshops lately and one of the women attending always rocks up late absolutely reeking of ciggies, it’s so fuqing gross (and really detracts from her general gorgeousness). I shudder to think I once got around stinkbombing peeps like that. Yucko.

  7. I have no planets in Virgo but Virgo is on the cusp of my fourth house.

    Sigh. I’m headed home the weekend before the full moon. I hate going home. Always very pointless and stressful.

    Boyfriend is headed home for that weekend as well and he has a Venus, Uranus, and Pluto in Virgo, twelfth house.

    This could be interesting.

  8. Call me psychotic, but I’m beginning to become a fan of astro fuqery. More shit gets done during those times, especially in terms of breaking free of what’s been holding me back. (This Full Moon will be in my 6th house and trining my Mercury in Taurus. Cue work ethic shifts?)

    Maybe I’m finally up to speed with the Zap Zone battlefield?

    • You have to do what you have to do. Who knows? It may work out brilliantly. Good luck!

  9. Just great…..
    My house has been on mercury retrograde for 6 months now…one car, appliance, phone, gadget, etc after another. NO MORE.

    Plus things have gotten tense here. Have been having a hard time.
    This falls in my first house.

  10. MORE intense? But… but, I thought things were already supposed to be intense, what the hells gonna happen now??
    Naw im just kidding, bring it on, I guess, good news, im getting a bit better from the flu, yaaaaaay, also, I feel better in other ways too, ways I cant even intellectualize, not cause they are that ineffable, more like, I dont really care anymore, also two of my roomies are going to start doing steroids, isnt that so fucked up? He was saying all these benefits I was pretty sure werent true, its super complicated(to the degree people my age shouldnt be messing around with it), super sketchy, it grows not just your muscles but your organs too, which is gross and dangerous, and its just dumb, if you put the time in you can get as muscular as you want, you dont need to be freaking statuesque here, but whateva, also im not sure but im pretty sure it doesnt strengthen ligaments/joints at all, so your muscles will be crazy super strong(to the degree the growth might stretch your skin), but your joints will still be shit, which makes you more injury prone, I, on the other hand, am taking the super long way to build muscle, which particularly strengthens joints/ligaments, so in a way, ill still beat them, maybe i wont see payoff for a year or two unlike these assholes, but slow and steady still wins damnit, its metaphysical!

    • also im happier, in a mundane way, even though its on paper the worst situation of my life, so theres that too, yaaaaaay

      • David,

        Most Girls I know learn to diet as early as they learn they have nipples. What the female race learns after is this: NO NOT FUQ WITH NATURE. At the end of the day the best you can do is be the healthiest version of yourself.

        The body reads stress in different forms as the same. The times when I was my fittest and I ate fish and veggies, I was under a lot of psychic stress. And I actual put on weight, its like all the cortisol put my body in survival mode. And when the stress went away but was I no longer working out or eating clean I lost all this weight. No matter what you look like, if you are unhappy it shows. (and visa-versa).

        I suspect that the roids would put stress on the body. I know that it has been associated with unnatural fat under the nipples, pimples all over the body and gentital shrinkage (yes you read this right, your penis can shrink).

        No vanity goes unpunished. And you attract your equal.

        Girls are attracted to men who are confident in themselves and their body. Not the sort of confidence that you can fake, by impressing others or being showy. Im talking self-love. The most attrcative people accept and love themselves independent of societal approval. (I am a head-to-toe attractive girl and the men that I have been attracted to in the past were not objectively attractive by any standards, and Im a libra). When you make a real connection with someone every part of them is beautiful.

        • I could not agree more with everything you wrote here. I am also a head to toe attractive libra female and I have had a very similar experience to yours vis a vis the link between weight and depression. Also very similar re: men.

        • thats really comforting, what you said, sometimes I worry bout that, girl wise, I know i just need to meet the right person, but sometimes you just wonder when that gonna happen, I dont worry as much anymore tho

          • David5379,

            I wish that I could give you some insight but I am far from the right person to enlighten anyone on this matter, and Im only 22 and have never had a relationship. However, I have a lot of libra and in me and analyse attraction dynamics/ideal relationships more than I wish to admit. So all I can offer is the knowledge that these longings/concerns/fears and frustrations are universal (at some stage of people’s lives anyway). It indicates that you care and value finding the right person. When you are in college (where people tend to play status games) it can seem as though you are the only one, and its easy for everyone else, therefore something must be inherently deficient in you. WRONG. Everyone has their own struggle or are learning differnt lessons. Im a firm believer in karmic connections and that you attract your equal. So I presume that you are so uniquely special and advanced that the pool of people you connect with is naturally smaller. Its because your psyche knows that it deserves its equal.

            • thanks purelibra, your probably right, I was thinking something similar recently, how couples are usually the same type of people, and if so, my type would be just as rare as me, I just have to be patient I spose, thanks :)

          • purelibra’s right too DL, be the healthiest version of yourself you can be (mentally as well as physically) and eventually the smart girls figure out where it’s at. Don’t stress.. be as forgiving of yourself as you would your best friend. If this helps too, one of my best friends at university / college was a really slim guy, he was very conscious of his thin physique. He decided to get into martial arts (wing chun, i think a bit like Aikido). He wasn’t a mega tough guy or anything but he liked the idea of the training and being easily able to defend himself ‘around town’ (there were a lot of meat-headed tough guys around) and learn about the culture that it comes from at the same time. Along with that came a super-fit, incredibly ripped bod. He was still tall and slim but every square inch was muscle, basically. Take care.

    • Had to comment to this because I have known people in the past that have used/abused them and they all regret it now. Never remotely had anything to do with them except maybe creatine (supplemant/enhancement) for when I played ball in high school. I wanted to run faster, build more stamina, kick a ball harder. But I wanted to cheat the natural process and get a shortcut because it was easier. It needs water to work, a lot of it so I was constantly dehydrated, had headaches, elevated stress. Kicked that shit fast. Learned to do it naturally, and found that staying lean with less mass made my performance go up instead. So Yeah say no to the ‘roids david. why would you subject your body and mind to that poison. I understand the desire to bulk up and look like you could crush a soda can with your bicep but are you willing to subject your health to for …except to maybe crush a soda can with your bicep(!) You can bet them that you will have a better power to bulk/weight ratio in the end. That might be fun for you. If you win, they stop being such house slobs.

      • well, I wont be living with these people in half a year so dunno bout that, but dont worry ide never do steroids ever ever ever

  11. Virgo Sun/Mercury/Lilith. Libra Rising.
    I am feeling… accomplished. Calmer and happier within myself than I have been in a while. Sleeping better. I also feel more shrewd and clear about a few things that have been puzzling me for a while, as though a cloud of uncertainty has been lifted. I cannot explain it.

    Has to be said I am greatly anticipating this upcoming astro to get my awesome well and truly On. Also weirdly feeling more attractive, but I suspect that’s apropos of very little at all.

  12. I dunno. I’m a bit with DT above. Everything is good. Nothing is too intense. I have a fabulous job, fantastic friends, my life is excellent and yet I feel dissatisfied. Things are constantly changing, there isn’t stagnation. I don’t have any urge to up and leave because this life I’m living now is what I want right now.

    However, I’m pretty sure I know the source of my feelings. I want someone to share it all with. Someone who isn’t a friend or family member. Someone to cuddle up to at night. It’s the missing element. *sigh*

  13. “the potential for rapid growth”


    As i drop the baggage of worldly goods, i aim to drop my baggage.

    Doing this over the last couple of weeks, psyching up, has been hard. I see myself giving all sorts of reasons to hang on to this and that. But i see through my own whiny bullshit, even while i know it’s natural and normal, and i needn’t give myself a hard time over it, just come to grips. But i hate being with myself at those times! Whoah so tiring.

    Yet it’s all absolutely going to come together. I am so well supported: here, my friends in this town and around the country, my eccentric family. The astro is the craziest, and i think imagine having all that worry and fear with NOTHING REAL TO WORRY ABOUT? What a headfq. At least i have a big project. A Piscean and Sagittarian favourite, in fact: project Blow Dodge City.


    *hoofs it round in circles*


    *grins* πŸ˜€ πŸ˜†

  14. Merc Retro in my house means Dr Aqua (Natal Capricorn Mercury Retro in 8th house) devotes spare time looking for a new car and me (Natal Kataka Mercury in 4th house) devoting my spare time looking for a new house.

    I noticed this pattern two or three Merc Retro’s ago.

    Anyone else do this?

  15. This totally freaked me out! Then I read the monthlies and totally freaked out more!! Mainly because they were really all about what I am doing right now, just weirdly accurate – down to the flippin’ snow leopard pic.
    (My Mac won’t change screen savers and I have even googled the location of the mountain range it has become so part of my daily world).
    My favourite line from the ‘scopes was, “Feng Shui your heart”, *sigh* gorgeous! Leo’s, that for us.

    Feeling a bit inundated, web designer not producing the work in time for any changes before the Merc Retro, haven’t seen flyers yet, and my coworker is having meltdowns over logos and typeface of our combined work. No, I really can’t do purple copperplate on pale blue, sorry!

    Mercury/Mars will be exactly square my Asc in Gem the day of the full moon. The day Merc goes retro I will be working in public for the first time, I hope it all goes sweet and smooth!

  16. Oh wow, Mercury Retrograde just struck hard. Hilarious though.
    Working in an online chat environment I managed to send some private anonymous stuff…to the absolute wrong person, complete with inappropriate comments.

  17. north node near Bitch Goddess? Brilliant. Starting a 12 step study on the 26th. Running into the astro-storm, not away :)

  18. I gave this friend a lift home some time ago and then when i got home she rang me to say that she discovered she got nits. Now, months later my head is itching badly all nite. I go to a few chemists and most say they not see anything, nobody can tell me if i have nits or not. i ratty today and texted my landlord to say i am sick of him having junk everywhere its fucking with my feng shui. He tauras and he blasted me and said i can move out or shut up. Lucky i was with t his mystical being who walks around in white with a cane and just being in her cancer sun presence was healing. She stopped the raging aries rising and got me to be in my heart. Then the landlord sent a nice text back. I guess i just dreading saturn retrograde coming. With mercury retro it already feels like i am not going anywhere fast. stuck in a rut alright. Wish i was rich

  19. Remind me to be away from my all-air mother that weekend. I physically feel her anxiety and negativity whenever she escalates herself to that state, A sensation right at my solar plexus. It radiates from her at times. Caught myself a few months ago just grabbing for the nearest food and scoffing it without thinking when she started tweaking about something, and it clicked – this was what I was doing throughout childhood and adolescence, anxiety eating hence = fat kid. Also grew up thinking I was the one who had to try and make her feel better. Obviously to no avail, these people have to fix themselves, which interestingly is something I learnt in my LZ relationships with men, but never applied to this core relationship with Mother. Hmm, that’s new: I am not responsible for my mother’s happiness. Some people are hard work to be around sometimes, they have no idea of what they put out there. it’s a lot of work to maintain the joy and positivity / care-free approach when you’re standing next to a part-time black hole.

    • She has her reasons as do we all, of course, but it’s all in how we approach and deal with which is the key.

      • Have you considered she is just venting? That she doesn’t expect you to fix her? Some people are natural ‘throwers’. they dont cope so they throw stuff, or emotions out there in order to expell them. theyre not caused by you. they cant be fixed by you either.Just a thought.

        • thanks – that helps to understand. Still prefer not to be around when she’s like that though. It’s terribly draining even if I am repeating the mantra “this is not my fault or my problem” over and over etc

          • It may help if you can state your borders objectively to her. I don’t know the details, but maybe you can try to communicate clearly since you can feel (and suffer) from what’s going on. It can help with the borders.

    • My ex husband did the same thing to me. I am sure he was just venting and its not big deal as far as those things go, but his venting did make me sick. I started noticing it when I got on a health kick – that my solar plexus would get all this pressure around him – and I figured if I could stay healthy and aware then it wouldn’t matter – I’d just process the pain for both of us. Didn’t work out.

      • That’s interesting that you noticed something similar, 12th house virgo. I will let her know more clearly what’s going on for me when she behaves in a certain way.

  20. Wow… i have 5th house Pisces where all the action is… Fantasising of having sex w the married landlord, just committed to taking a puppy… reconnecting w friends…. Held two babies recently! what else!

    • Actually the more I tune into this the more amazing it is…many ships coming in at the same time, so to speak…. In one sense it could just be that way, as it is that way when they’re all out to sea and I’m feeling high and dry on the land…. But is it also due to saying yes to life in its current manifestation, which I resisted so hard! oh the mystery : )

  21. My friends have just brought their beautiful baby into this world! I don’t know what this astro will mean as I don’t have a birth time for her yet but I’m looking forward to getting to know the person she is going to become!

    • CONGRATS!!!!! what an exciting journey you are going to embark upon, treasure every moment!!! You will have a lovely inquisitive intilegent aqua girl in your hands, how remarkable!!! I wish you and your family the best of luck bringing her into this world and preparing her for life!

      Best Wishes! Does she have a name yet?

  22. Lovely, it will be snuggled between jupiter and lilith. I’ve been paying attention Mystic, bit nervous about the house stuff as my Libra housemate with competition issues is becoming prone to bouts of angst being that I am pioneering on my biz front AND a hot new lover (the cap is coming along nicely..) so I am trying to detrigger any trigger points, as for work, who knows?? the place is crawling with issues. I have noticed being more aloof and unavailable is making it much easier to swim around.

  23. all my favourite people are on rapid growth at the moment, I have had such a weird time lately, stories hilarious but a bit too personal for blogland, random health event landed me in hospital which I am recovering now. Moving on personally in light years and a vision for the future (though not the detailed biz plan I had in mind sadly, though its moving even if a snail could lap it or so it feels) though everything on a personal level is rapid and fluid.

    • Wishing you a speedy recovery Ms… business plan will pick up steam again when the time is right (I’m there too with the slow moving business shit, but in tha past week or so have come across a whole new angle on business shit that will work out better in the long run so I’m glad I haven’t pushed ahead – hoping some fresh genius insight will find you too doll!) xxx

    • It’s a very fluid and weird time. And a completely strange mix of rapid flux and slow moving on projects of note. It’s frustrating to be slowed down when you have shit to do, inner and outer! But i like that the randomerie is hilarious…it means you’ve all got a good take on life. Wishing you a speedy recovery, Ms, and if not speedy then complete.

      A Capricorn starting a new biz was expressing frustration with the pace late last year and right at the start of Jan, but seems to have an interesting attitude now, taking it as a learning curve, almost a practice run. He wants it to succeed but has detached from the outcome of the business now, saying that whether or not it profits as he envisaged, it will still be a success for him because it’s his first business and he’s learning so much by setting it up and running it through its stages. So even if it isn’t what he planned it to be, he’s just better set up for the next business.

      Freaking Caps. His business is actually up and running now. One of my Reset People…when i remember to press the reset button and actually absorb the wisdom.

      • sadly I am not at the learning curve stage yet it’s been out of my hands web things, its taken up so much time but we are getting there now. much love

    • What the fuq was today and why didn’t anyone warn me about it? Horrible AND emotional, such a no mojo mix. Honestly, maybe the scheduler warned me. I didn’t check. But today was horrible. Commiserating.