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Buff androgynous model with swordThe Moon into Aries blasts toward Uranus, sextiles go-go Jupiter, squares Pluto and gives a swift ‘fuq you’ finger to Saturn. Fun, right? Totes time to go for it, who dares wins and all that. Plus the Uranus-Pluto action makes the next 50 hours like an encapsulation of the Zap Zone that is exact again in May. So pay attention, wise up and dial down the insecurities already. Your sleepscape is where you play out all the subliminal action going on at the mo + Gemini = talk-talk-talk. More in the Horoscopes & Daily Mystic email, always.

Image: Karlie Kloss by Steven Klein US Vogue March 2013

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74 thoughts on “Astro Amphetamine

  1. I need to get rid of the insecurities… blah!! Feeling like crappola for sending the txt.. If a Moon in Aries which is in my 6th house is what will be brewing then it seems perfect with what I am going thru.. work and health. I hadn’t been feeling well lately and kinda dragging at work becaus of it but found out I need antibiotics and some Vitamin D so.. here it begins I noticed a difference today! Woohoo!

    Good Moon in Aries and hopefully whatever good stuff is coming up soon! xo!!

    • It’s all happening in my first house…uhgggg one minute I think I’ll evaporate and the next I feel like samurai bitch ready to evolve, with a shiny steel chest plate and a gleaming sword fearlessly held high, ready to cut down anything in my way!
      I use olive leaf oil as an alternative antibiotic – works wonders for me. Have you tried it?

      • Hi Vee! Please do tell… never heard of it. I am taking mega doses of vitamins while I take these Cipro horse pills!

        I hate the updates and downs,,, consistency is my thing (Sun in Virgo).

        What else is going on with you?

        Saturn was walking thru Libra (12th) and how is in Scorpio (1st).. so I am trying to work with that activity. Still trying to pin myself down to understanding all this but catching a wee bit!!


        • I have Saturn transiting my 7th house ( Pluto in Virgo Natal )…..
          with Chiron Mercury Mars and Neptune transiting my Natal Chiron and Jupiter in my First House…. sigh :o/

          Somehow I feel I need to transform/evolve my “broken bits” into my “power force.”

          Good luck with those nasty meds and ask at your nearest health food strore re: the olive leaf!

    • Have gotten the whole business of Aries and cleared out a whole lot of shit but just been basically fired by my boss(aqua) ordering a ridiculous c omission cut (30%). So upset. What the f**k???Unfortunately asked the universe for a release from this business but didn’t expect such efficiency so fast.

  2. So this week marks the first week in 3 years that I haven’t had a planet hitting my ASC in a hard aspect. Uranus has only moved 1 degree off a conjunction with said ASC and I can already feel it. Wow. Pluto Sq ASC and Uranus Conj at the same time, do NOT recommend. For those who might have Uranus approaching I do however recommend Magnesium supplements, feel like it’s totally the Uranus antidote, my nerves felt fried, literally like I was jangling the whole time and Magnesium helped, along with Ashwagandha and self massage. I’d have short circuited without.

    I just needed to air that/celebrate somewhere where people won’t think I’m crazy! Could do with some other Aries energy, need to get stuff done.

  3. F-u to Saturn? Hells no. I’m smoking my
    last cigarette. I’m going Saturn all the way.

    BTW – monthly scopes are stellar. Have been keeping conflicts to a min even though they are popping out all over the place. I’d be tempted to scream for justice if I didn’t have the heads-up to stay cool. Killing them softly…

    • Congrats to you on quitting smoking!

      My husband is Scorpio Rising and it wasn’t until Saturn moved in to Scorp that my urging for him to quit smoking was successful. Funny, i haven’t had the same results when it comes to making a baby…maybe that’s a lesson for level two of Saturn in Scorpio.

      • Thanks – don’t feel I’ve earned congrats yet – I’ve done this one before. Good luck on the baby-making ;-). If you do get one, IMHO the first 4 years are the hardest. Babies don’t give a fuq about anything. All the best to you.

  4. I’m an Aries moon, love it when the moon is in Aries. I feel so strong and empowered and fuq you all – not so seventh house balancing act like usual. Love it! Even if it is a ZZ flavour!

  5. Greatest. Photo. Ever.

    Always love the images you select but this is the first one I have seen and had the visceral instant recognition, “This is precisely how I feel.”

  6. for someone who is a pisces-gemini mix this upcoming stuff is really exciting, for the mere fact it at least looks eventful, im still super sick, and barely able to keep up with what I have to do, and couldnt go to class today or yesterday, so I cant really enjoy the aries burst going on right now, hopefully I get better, I keep thinking, am I that bad? no, it cant be that bad, then I try and get work done or do something and, yup, im sick, lab tomorrow and a test on thurs, and plans to visit home on the weekend, that would be a toughie on full health, I dunno how im going to fair considering im this sick, but its all good, ill get better

    • if it’s the flu that everyone in my half of the state has gotten (you’re in socal, yeah?), it really is that bad. sleep and hydrate and fuggetabout everything else. people will understand. xoxox

      • im…in college(is that social?), I have lab tomorrow, and a test on thurs, so, ill have to go to those, and I think it is the flu, tryin to drink as much water as I can

        • ha ha, no, SOuthern CALifornia. obviously you’re not or you would have gotten that. sorry! and be well!

    • I am Pisces asc and gem moon, and just can’t quite connect with Aries sun at the mo – I too am laid-up and sick! Been feeling super sensitive, but at the same time knowing I don’t want to blame others for my sensitivity.

      I say you should stay home tomorrow if you need to. I have learned that when you’re honestly sick, you should not pretend that you’re well. People tend to fall into line when you say “sorry, I’m out of action” and you stick to it. Just communicate as best you can. All the best.

  7. has anyone heard Yael Naiu – Toxic
    i reckon its the love zombie anthem
    dont underestimate therapy….
    (originally by Britney Spears)

    Baby, can’t you see
    I’m falling
    A guy like you
    Should wear a warning
    It’s dangerous
    I’m fallin’

    There’s no escape
    I can’t wait
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    Baby, give me it
    You’re dangerous
    I’m lovin’ it

    Too high
    Can’t come down
    Losing my head
    Spinning ’round and ’round
    Do you feel me now

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    You’re toxic I’m slipping under
    With a taste of a poison paradise
    I’m addicted to you
    Don’t you know that you’re toxic
    And I love what you do
    Don’t you know that you’re toxic

    It’s getting late
    To give you up
    I took a sip
    From my devil’s cup
    It’s taking over me

    Too high
    Can’t come down
    It’s in the air
    And it’s all around
    Can you feel me now

    With a taste of your lips
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    You’re toxic I’m slipping under
    With a taste of a poison paradise
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    Don’t you know that you’re toxic
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    Don’t you know that you’re toxic

    Don’t you know that you’re toxic

    With a taste of your lips
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    Intoxicate me now
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    Intoxicate me now
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    I think I’m ready now

  8. Saturn on my Scorpi ASC and Venus trine my Venus. Sun is on my Aqua IC opp MC. After our MMA class more sparring at a PTA meeting. A mean girl mum verbally bitch slapped a student. I went into Scorpio ninja mode and politrly shut down the mom. Why was I the only one defending this girl? The other kids there thanked me. This is why I avoid meetings! LOL!

  9. at about the time the moon went into Aries I got hit by a wave of delirious ….happy! that was welcome :) also lovin the pic – those pants! she’s like a ninja in silk.

  10. Oh my GODDESS, it has been ALL SYSTEMS GO all fuqing day. Am I the only one doing any work around here? SOOoo knackered!!

    *note to self don’t get too scattered*

    My word the Daily Mystic is BANG ON again as usual!

    • Yah, it’s all up on my career sector. Total focus and intensity, not much directed elsewhere (i.e. I’d rather be working on v-day alone), so somehow the inner me is feeling nourished as it has been status starved or something. So going with it, blindly, faithfully, saturn I trust in zero control, hands off the wheel.

  11. loooooove aries moon! though so far it’s just meant that the kids have been hyped and not in any mood to go to bed. and ok, the gloom i’ve been swimming in for the past few days is lifting. zz really is fully brill.

    and another sword! am i just suddenly aware of them or do you have a blade fetish lately, m??? it’s FABULOUS. :) :) :)

    • I love this pic as I do love women with swords! MM is so amazing in how she uses these amazing images.
      Hiddendragonqueen what is the other sword pic you refer too? I have not seen it. I love the bow ‘ arrow one that was recent but sword ???!!

    • I love this pic as I do love women with swords! MM is so amazing in how she uses these amazing images.
      Hiddendragonqueen please tell me what is the other sword pic you refer too? I have not seen it. I love the bow ‘ arrow one that was recent but sword ???!! Thanks muchlyx

      • there was the woman on the horse last week, and the kate moss w/helmet and fencing blade shortly before that. i guess 3 isn’t SO many actually, but whatever. go back a few pages and you’ll find them. :)

    • Had a bizarre set of dreams last night. Cant’ really make sense of them. But, they do confirm that I am lucky I didn’t get what I thought I wanted last year.

  12. What’s up with men and driving today? Some are acting like flaming idiots at the steering wheel. buh!

  13. I _finally_ get a job interview after a month of sending out applications to roles that have already been filled internally.
    Do an excellent interview. Laughing, nodding, happy handshaking, all brilliant (far cry from the disaster of the last one). Strode out of there thinking I had my mojo back and it was quietly confident it was in the bag. Two hours later they call me to say I don’t have the job. They gave it to someone more experienced.
    Went to productively swim my anger off (thank you Jupiter and your immovable 3 kilos from nowhere. No job. Just fat. Brilliant) and got my leg cut open by ANOTHER PERSON’S TOENAIL.
    Meanwhile, a position I didn’t get has sent me a cadet role that requires post grad done in tandem.
    So. Universe. What the Fuq Do You Want Me To Do Here?

      • But yes to what? There are no jobs in my field currently, I need work and I do like the idea of post grad but it’s a field I have never considered before. And I haven’t been _offered_ the cadetship. It’s just other option for writing my 9th application (and extensive research into courses) this month that may result in all the others, which is sweet FA.
        It’s like anytime I think I am good enough for something I get a slap in the face, laughter and told ‘don’t be silly, of course not’.
        MM’s horoscopes said not entertain insecurities today, but it’s proving too difficult.

        • honey its HARD right now. The universe and whatever but we are in the middle of a total job crisis for so many people. There are no jobs in my field is actually really relevant for a lot of people, so many people are going back to school and then coming to find this again as well. It’s not a universe decision its about survival and people are having to make all kinds of changes to survive, very real conversations in UK and US, people are being driven out of town as no one can afford to live anymore unless you are on a certain wage. Don’t beat yourself up because the climate is so rough and limited right now for the usual channels. It’s finding and fighting as hard as you need or fucking the whole thing off or moving country or pushing contacts or whatever that needs to be done. I have no idea what you do but I do know that it’s not going to get better in a hurry so we better have a B plan x

          • So true MS. The changes required are beyond most peoples ken & they are not willing to make those changes.
            There are some dire predictions around and it will need some really foreword thinking to adapt to substituting what is taken for granted and invent new ways of being in the world.
            Am glad of my age, i have had the best the material world had to offer before scarcity, mentioning ‘scarcity’, it is a change of brain lanes to think ‘abundance’ instead.
            Inventing your own profession may be the way to go.
            Very best of Jupiterian Luck. x

  14. Fuq yeah!
    A modern day Jean’Arc with red gloves – burgundy leather actually. Fab.
    Just how I’m feeling. Up at 4am to chant, literally SPRANG out of bed this morning. Feeling mildly short tempered in a “not willing to put up with any crap” kind of way. Especially from the guys in my life for some reason. Zero tolerance for BS. St Virgo is dead. Long live Queen Lilith! X
    Rock on peeps

  15. Alot of the planets are ganging up in Aries my 5th house. I have Neptune, Chiron, Mars and Mercury transiting.. and I have Saturn and Chiron natally.. what am I missing other than the other planets?

    Do I have to read all descriptions of each planet? Or how do I narrow into what is really going on. I think I need my chart read! xo!

  16. Hmph. I’m just falling apart fast at the moment. Tv gone bang. DVD player gone bang. Fridge gone bang. No money. Children NOT COOPERATING. Desperate dreams of running away to Italy the only thing keeping me going.

    Oh and my favourite brand of champagne has taken a turn for the worse. I hate it when that happens.

    • hmm…interim solutions: play charades instead of TV… engaged kids, ready made entertainment, … failing that use DVD on computer… beg/borrow/steal large esky, like those ones from BCF that you could fit your kids into – just fill with ice and park it in the backyard! will buy you some time to replace fridge. all highly practical right? lol *pats self on back*

    • Sounds like you’re getting a bout of what I had – electric/washer/heat/plumbing/car breakdowns so far this year. Now fighting with the home owners association for a right to park a borrowed car in my neighborhood.

      Italy you say?

      • Timbuku sounds quite an interesting place to be if not Portafino.

        I want to stay in Toarmina-Guiardino in Sicily before i die. Swim in the B-Grade movie blue sea & eat at the restaurant that is in a cave overlooking the Med.

  17. So here we go round the dating bush … episode 2.

    His sun on my aqua mars and north node. My sun on his cancer north node. His mars conjunct my saggo moon. And moon conjunct neptune in the composite chart .. and he’s got a spiritual bent. Not opposed to astrology.

    *shrugs* may as well give it a go ….

        • So your Sun on his SN and MC? Could be a prior or past/alternate reality situation going on there and something having to do with life direction.

          If your Sun on his MC, there is something there about his life direction and you having a part in it to some extent as far as perhaps helping him or being an example in some way.

          • My Moon was two degrees the THT’s MC…My massage work is everything his did not end up being (as he has done massage) and for that I feel for him…I remember he said one time “you did 8 hours massage today, huh?”

            • Look to where his Moon (ruler of Cancer obviously) is located and the shape it’s in.

              THT’s Saturn (ruler of his Cap MC) is in Toro, 12th. Very crystallized (fixed) energy for a 12th house placement and he is a recluse.

              Hey, over him…so into my spirital work but I did extensive study of his chart and offer this Prowls as food for thought as how to hopefully put it together a bit. x

  18. I’m feeling the best I have in awhile. Clear, inspired, productive, but zen focus…not so much amphetamine focus. :)

    I’ve been getting better at not fighting my astro and am reaping the benefits already. I’m never gonna be a dynamic Sagg or a Gemini or a Leo. Taurus rising/moon + 8th/12th house = I just have to accept that in order to be a happy person I have to have schedules and dance classes and healthy gourmet food and chiros on call and writing every day and be on alert for self-righteous moments and couch marathons.

  19. I could use this astro amphetamine! saturn on my moon plus opposite my sun. work is hitting too hard, my self esteem is plummeting. I had the killer flu, and I am travelling all month. I have NO clue how and if i’ll make it through. Give me astro amphetamine now! and whats going on with virgo? im virgo rising and im falling into one of those picky fits…i look into the mirror and i want to cry.. not to mention I packed my entire closet for work travel!

    • all I can say is “sleep as much as you can, take your days one hour at a time” hope you feel better xxx

  20. yesterday was the last day of carnival in rio. just wanna tell you a story.

    my hubby (scorpio sun/asc/moon/mars) and i (sun in aries, moon aqua, mars libra/ asc saggo/scorpio jupiter) went last monday to party on street “blocos” wearing our awesomwe costumes and drinking as much beer and we could.

    we left home at 9 pm monday. at 10 am , yesterday, i was exasuted and could not stay awake anymore, so i left scorpio hubby (who was wild and extremely drunk) in the street with his friends. his cell phone battery died so i could not contact him, and he made no effort to phone me and say “hey, i don’t wanna go home but i’m still alive, no worries”.

    i called tons of people to hear about him. At 6 pm yesterday he eventually got home. i was crying and sobbing, fearing he might passed out alone in the street, hit by a car, got into a fight, or anything like that. Then he looked at me and said “last time i saw you, you were sitting on taxi driver’s lap”.

    This is where the bad astro anphetamine begins. I slapped him in the face and broke some stuff.

    i have neptune in 1st house , uranus 12th conjunct ascendant, sun in aries, so don’t mess me after i have alchool and no deal of sleep…

    Scorpio husband is quiet and silent playing his revenge.

    • I have to comment on this because if you were a man describing hitting your wife – who you left drunk in the street – after she came home there would be no shortage of outrage about your behavior. Domestic violence is unacceptable. I don’t care what your gender. Hope you both can work on healing and reasonable expectations for each other. Good luck.

  21. Yesterday sucked. Moon in Aries made us weird and volatile. NO FUN>
    Yes, insecurities got the better of Taurus and I. sigh…..
    restless, bad dreams, insomnia.
    Thankfully I believe tides have turned for him and work. fingers crossed.

    • oh yea….Aries in my 8th house. Yesterday got the worst horrid headache during sex. Piercing pain that left me crying afterwards.
      I had handled something poorly earlier and then boyfriend handled this poorly. Crap.
      But all was well again by nighttime.