Water Snaking It In 2013

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F.Y.I. the new CHINESE Year is the Year of the Water Snake and in Flying Star Feng Shui it is when all the ‘stars’ fly back to their original places...It’s the beginning of a new nine year cycle & actually an even longer one.

I’m not a Feng Shui expert – i leave that up to my amazing Feng Shui Mistress Liz Wiggins (she can remote consult you no matter where you are on Gaia, she just needs a proper floor plan & the date that your building was ‘born’ on) – but i DO get that this is a rad time to clear your crap, ditch the excess, boof up your Qi and generally prep to get your Awesome on.

Obviously, i am an extreme minimalist & i am perfectly capable of uncluttering for pleasure BUT even if you hate it, consider having a crack at it before Feb 4 2013. Or getting a consult.  Chinese Witchcraft is powerful stuff (because their herbalism, learning and magic never got fuqed with or deleted by the witch-burnings/vatican etc like Western Wicca did, basically) and if they say the Flying Stars are lining up to do some crazy juju that will aid those willing to make their mojo happen, i’m there.

It’s the perfect compliment to the Zap Zone, actually.

And remember: Feng Shui is NOT just bunging a Buddha in the corner and wafting some incense around (though that’s nice, obviously) it is Acupuncture in Space. YOUR space. Pictures should empower you and affirm who you are, not be bunged up on the wall so as not to offend someone or because you don’t want to ‘waste’ your purchase. Clothes should signify you in the now – not you once upon a time. Clutter, grot, dirt & broken shit attract Qi Vampires.

Enchant your home, your very realm and re-infuse moxy back into la vie en YOU.

Image: Lena Sokol – Society 6

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59 thoughts on “Water Snaking It In 2013

  1. I am tearing the house apart as we speak. Everything not pinned down is going out. It also keeps me busy and stops me thinking about a certain someone. Suddenly all this accumulated stuff seems very irrelevant.

    • Me too! Irrelevant is the perfect word.

      Total image makeover in general happening. Cannot happen fast enough. Sun Virgo conjunct Pluto 1st, Saturn & Jupiter conjunct in Cap 5th.

      • I am as well. New Year, new me. I’m ditching years worth of things I just had to keep but now can’t wait to be clean of all this stuff.

        • Doing the same thing- who knew that we never really needed any of that crap? Although I occasionally get this feeling of being swamped by the clutter I am chucking .Still enjoying the flinging of stuff though and deciding what I really want in my life.

  2. Decluttering my wardrobe/jewellry/makeup/handbag/shoes – thanks Virgo moon – you’ve inspired me to get off my bum today and start planning….
    Hosting heaps of planets in my 10th house currently, imminent major career reboot within days, year of the snake (65) and numerolgy year 8, 2013 is looking like a major rebirth.

  3. Akshully some of their “witchcraft” and information did get affected by the Communist revolution. Many things that mentioned the supernatural like “spirits” and stuff got burned/ hidden/confiscated.

    • Also, I just learnt that the Kua number calculations were altered about 1,200 years to give women a separate (and incorrect) Kua number. A lot of the big feng shui names are still using the altered and flawed system. Apparently, the male calculation applies to everyone. Result for me, is that I’m a not the Kua number I thought I was and have been using the wrong elements and directions for years… actually, after some cognitive dissonance upon learning this, I’ve realised that my true Kua number is the one with the elements, colours, and directions I go for intuitively, so I’m quite happy I don’t have to force myself to use elements etc that didn’t feel natural but were ‘supposed’ to be good for me according to my modernised female Kua number.

    • Yes it was but that was a LOT later than the witchburnings etc so their medicine and other learning was able to develop and not be destroyed. The people also had more means to flee in many cases.

      • Feng Shui has survived because the diaspora (Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, etc. etc.) took it with them on various occasions in history. Of course, that has brought some new local flavours or emphases at times, but it is fundamentally what it was.

        Much as the Communists rejected it for decades (and officially still think of it as bunkum or at least an historical curiosity), the mainland retains ancient and not-so-ancient architecture based on Feng Shui principlces. It was sort of force of habit.

        (That said, I.M.Pei’s Bank of China (?) building in Hong Kong was a notable departure from Feng Shui principles in a community that was highly Feng Shui literate)

  4. This year I’ll be moving into a place of my own – no other beings interfering with my Qi! (Well, that’s what ork has promised me)…. But it’s an apartment. I’ve always wondered how that works with Feng Shui.

    Also……… I live in two houses. My work house for 10 days, and my family house for 4 days. How on Earth does that factor in? Good Feng Shui for 4 days and bad (not that it’s bad to live with the fam – but it is HOARDER central…. not like the hoarders show on tv, but, lots of old stuff everywhere.)

    Totally, convincing my Dad to have a garage sale soon -maybe I should aim before Chinese New Year (unlikely due to his renovations though).

    • Oops that was meant to read good fengu for ten days and bad for four. Went off on a random tangent.

      Also, majorly decluttered my email – yeah, totally counts imo.

      • I went on an email decluttering frenzy today too – totally felt zapped when someone said I was not ‘busy’ today?! I fecking hate that when you work on a bloordy computer & some people don’t see the ‘work’ bit – or even have a clue what it means to spend most of your working hours in front of a screen – I need an out I think – A NON-SCREEN BASED ONE. oops caps lock.

    • ah- beware the ork. he has lied to me so many times i’m convinced he leads you straight to sauron’s fortress. which may or may not be where you need to go. 😉

        • ah, i thought you meant the oracle. carry on then! and congrats and good luck with the move. :)

  5. as a fire snake i approve this message. and will get down to it posthaste. my house is a disaster.

    so i’m really, really tempted to paint a gigantic dripping red pentacle on my living room wall. i have no idea why but the thought seized me yesterday and is still here. can that be done in an ironic way? i mean i love and respect pentacles but would never dream of doing something so teenage male shock value cheese, in the living room of all places! mars in aqua (which is SO fab) t-squaring my toro-uranus axis i think is behind it. but it would be the south quadant, so fire…!! hee hee likely not going to do it but if saturn wasn’t sitting on my uranus it would probably be done already. :)

    • my insight as i walked into my house this morning after the school drop-off was that it stunk. a closed-up warm smell. a snake cage smell to be precise. which makes perfect sense re the shedding quote of mystic’s as i’ve been completely unable to function for a week almost now. please, please year of the water snake be kind to us snakes, and may our accumulated grand-cycle skins finally shed for good!

  6. Happy to be back in my own snake territory for the year. Unfortunately any positive de-cluttering/feng shui planning is on a dreadful hiatus as I’m still currently living with an ex-boyfriend and his friends until I can fly home at the end of the month. The feng shui here is soul crushing and the peeps equally low-vibe. I need my home back.

  7. yep spent new years day morning cleaning out/detoxing my fridge & reconfiguring the compost/recycling/rubbish bin system…in one of her classic punk poetry tracks Patti Smith sings something epic about the disposal of waste being one of the main concerns of our species…she made it sound so cool…

  8. In backward order I’m planning my ideal home, revising domestic fiscal policy, subscribing to horoscopes.

  9. Oh Im an ox and i get along very well with snakes : )

    Decluttered inbox like a mad woman this afternoon in the last 30min of work to have a break from all the intense work of the day… great way to wind down…

    Thanks for reminding about stuff gathering energy… Ive got a few things to move on, and need a space for all my creative pursuits…

  10. Re: dating drought

    “Someone younger, gorgeous and smitten is in the wings”

    Please don’t toy with me, Oracle!
    Have absolutely no idea who this could be…

  11. Interesting…I just calculated my Personal year using numerology for last birthday, a 1 – new beginnings including the beginning of new 9 year cycle, and upcoming birthday is an 11, a master number…from february onwards, many insights, psychic development, illuminations, etc.

    So yes, definitely more clutter going before early february!

    Thanks for the affirmation :)

  12. A soul sister of mine told me that this year will be a good year for me, since I’m a Fire Snake. Not that she’s a Feng Shui expert, but she is fab on Qi Gong, acupuncture, etc. so she knows enough, certainly more than me. Additionally, I was also born during Snake hours.
    After a very “challenging” 2012, I’m resolutely hopeful, and besides, I trust her anyway. :) She said I chose the Fire Snake plus Snake hours plus Scorpio rising because I was strong; I don’t know, I certainly feel very tender still, open exposed raw, which isn’t the best thing with Pisces moon already in my makeup, but hey, apparently it’s all growth. *snort/cackle/giggle/cry/scream/all*

    In the early hours of this morning I did my rebirth meditation/ritual for the new me and my new name, and afterward did the first Tarot reading of 2013, and HOLY FUQING MOTHER OF THE MULTIVERSE………I understood it on the instinctive level, cellular, all the chakra levels come to think of it, and was beyond grateful.
    And the 3 cards for January 2013 were also similarly pozzo – again, beyond grateful.
    Still though, considering the year preceeding it, it’s very much bittersweet, almost as if it’s too high a price to pay…….

    So we shall see.

  13. Have been involved in learning Feng Shui for years. I believe it does work. SO, I need to get going. I started cleaning up last night. When I was looking for my new apartment I chose an apartment that the front door was facing the woods. Dark, dark entrance. I went home and freaked out. I called my FS friend and she said get a new place. So I did. Front door in my new place is much better.

    Feng Shui is also a theory that I cannot grasp easily like astrology. I need clear rules and I can follow. To many additives and I cannot focus. LOL!!

    Don’t forget sage burning. I love doing that!

    • Really wanted to sage burn in the house I’m in now… We have the world’s most super sensitive fire alarms though. We can’t make toast, no joke, without setting off the alarms.

      • Hate those stupid alarms!! First time I moved into my current abode I baked some pumpkin in the oven and the alarm went off. Was so pissed off I removed the battery. Will put it back when I move out. Don’t care!

  14. Happy New Year and dont forget about Freecycle! It is an international Yahoo group whereby you connect with your local version eg ‘Freecycle Kingston’ and you dont exchange nor sell nor give under conditions, but just give away- you ‘offer’ and or you ‘wanted’. That’s it! People just take it away!

  15. Heaps of my clients found 2012 really challenging and whilst doing their annual updates for 2013 the majority are looking at a heaps better year ahead – phew. This of course is dependent on your own Chinesd astrology but the Flying Stars generally seem workable for a lot more than in 2012. I just spent this week with my sister in law from Melbourne. Her house just “felt” right when I walked in. I then did the Flying Stars and it is a brilliant home – One of the best homes I have analyzed from a Feng Shui perspective. We spent the week clutter clearing – cleaning windows – oiling outdoor furniture – weeding – and changing furniture around. It was awesome. I arrived home tonight to start in my own place. I have already moved my lounge room and study around – and my daughter has just done a massive clean out of her room. So personally think 2013 is going to be EPIC – make sure your environment supports you!!!

    Oh and in reference to favorable directions I don’t pay too much attention to Ming Guas as there are more important aspects to take into account.

    • Wow, thanks for letting us know 2012 has been challenging for a lot of your clients too, Liz! :)
      I’m putting in an order soon for the new Chinese new year for my little unit.
      Can’t wait!
      In the meantime, will get some proper space clearing done for the unit as well.

    • Cheers for the heads up on Ming Guas. The Feng Shui Master who told me about the alteration in how they are calculated for women puts flying stars as priority – I just thought it was interesting information as so many people (including myself at one stage) follow the Ba Zhai school, and when I was, I felt like I was forcing myself to use my so called Kua number elements, directions etc but using the original system, the elements, colours, and directions all feel perfectly natural to me.

    • Hi Liz, nice to see you again. Just wondering if you can tell me what is the reason for the date of birth of the house? and does what the house is physically made of effect things? Like terrace houses that are all connected and have iron spikes on the railings – I’ve been staring at them for days wondering what their game is. Are they shars or whatever you call the bad vibes? They are a good colour though I have gleaned from books.

      • Flying Star Feng Shui is like reading the homes horoscope so you must know when it was “born” or constructed. The Qi is mapped in the house once the roof goes on. Different materials will def affect the energy. In Feng Shui everything is made up of the 5 elements and this includes materials. That being said it really depends on the resident – what is beautiful to one person is not to another so this also needs to be taken into account.

        • thanks – the spikes remind me of arrows being shot victorious into the sky so I guess they’re OK then.

  16. Decluttering is my new high. I began a few months back and am still going, getting progressively braver with each round. It is so liberating. The insights astound me on a daily basis, particularly getting rid of gifts I’ve never liked. I haven’t seen any great external changes yet. I’m not one of those stories they quote in books that go ‘I moved three plants and swept my front porch then I won Lotto’. I love the principles of all this but I don’t really know much about feng shui, could it be working behind the scenes to bring about the change I desire, just not quick enough for my Uranus-Pluto conj in Virgo??? :)
    I’ve thought about getting a feng shui consult but as I don’t want to live in that house with that man, I can’t see the point! I want to extract myself as smoothly as possible. I’m cleaning and decluttering and intention-ing to that end, but putting my focus onto visualising the house that will come next.
    I’ve noticed how attuned I’ve become to house energy. He is obsessed with the past, won’t let go of a thing. I can’t go into his office any more, I actually feel the energy sticking to me like cobwebs. Would love to take down the wedding photos but he’d hit the roof. Will tackle that soon.
    In yet another blindingly obvious metaphor, I never liked the house, but I went against my instincts and told myself I’d get used to it. Now it feels sad, a house of ghosts.

    • Your man isn’t a Tautus by any chance is he? They hate letting go of their stuff!

  17. This is so cool to hear as I’ve got so much feng shui action going on at home right now. I bought a consult for my bday, which was the end of my Pluto-trine-Venus transit. Honestly, its a lot to absorb and its still sinking in. I reviewed the map of my house and realized my love sector was where I was storing crap, like the paint cans or paperwork that needs to be sorted. Funny how that manifests as my love life is a dead zone. Been sorting all my stuff into sectors – salt lamp, crystals, house plants where I need mountain and electronics, lava lamp, etc where I need water. Its coming together nicely. Not really focused on just the love sector at the moment, but feeling the flow. Feng shui – I could rant. Its such a back-burner thing – like I can’t really understanding it consciously, it has to seep in and it has even though I don’t really “believe” in it. It has changed the way I view my house. My home is no longer a place for me to project my crap. Its a place for me to welcome nature and the power of the universe in a flow that nourishes me. My daughter made a couple of phoenix pictures this weekend. They’re wonderful. Now, I want a tortoise, dragon, and unicorn – artwork for all the magical animals, carefully placed by sector. Virgo moon much?

    My daughter’s room is awesome and full of good juju. She said a ghost was tripping her. She’s mentioned it a few times. So we did sage smudge of the whole house together. Funny thing – she said ghosts never go into the bathroom. Think that’s true? Anyway, when I meditated that night, I had the feeling that I kicked Uranian Scorp out of my house. If that’s how it went down, so be it. No one is going to block my awesome, damn it!

  18. Torro Lover just finished moving his stuff from storage to my house, so we did the opposite of unclutter.
    oh well.
    We have gotten rid of things and are going to continue to.
    I don’t like stuff much.

  19. I don’t have much stuff anymore but maybe I’ll have a crack at re-decorating…day before my bday. 😀

    I ordered an orgonite piece as an experiment (I’m totally onboard w/ William Reich when it comes to the armoring/body is necessary in psychology stuff, but dunno about orgone boxes/materials). Anyone have any experience with this stuff? I wanted a fresh start and thought ehhh fuck it, maybe it’ll work as a placebo or a visual reminder at the very least.

    • Love Reich’s quote ‘the free flow of erotic energy through the body is a sign of good mental health’.
      It’s on an old brochure of mine as i read all his works.
      His violet ‘orgone energy’ i have seen frequently when doing kundalini bodywork..

  20. Any easy feng shui tips for keeping out psychic energy vamps? To keep toxic people at bay? Money and creativity and good energy flowing inward instead?
    I have been a magnet for the vampyres lately- not loving it. Christmas seemed to bring out the toxic energy from my past and some family members who dislike me.
    Dealing with Chiron transiting 4th House in Pisces it’s been really intense! Sibling rivalry and realizing that my brother and sister were dead serious when they said they wish I was never born.

  21. To keep streamlined my rule is something new in -something old out to keep it that way, but THE SHED!
    Two friends have so much of their stuff stored there it’s a little annoying
    as apart from saving them storage fees it’s against my hoarding policy and often it impinges on my zen vibe knowing it’s there.All i have in the shed is a collection of empty suitcases, just in case and, about 20 collected empty picture frames, just in case.
    Stuff just weighs my psyche down as it doesn’t allow a fast getaway to elsewhere. Elsewhere being my fave place to be next to airport and
    did i mention beach? :-)
    Feng Shui? It’s instinctive with me ,fortunately, perhaps from years in Asian countries? My Jupiter in Sagg serves me well, i really can make a silk purse from a sows’ ear.

    • Jupiter in Pisces 6th house. Cleaning/decluttering by moon phase is a bliss I wouldn’t have known without Mystic.

  22. I am staying with some lovely people on the Sunshine Coast. In the last two days I have mopped around the wooden verandahs, swept the back concreted areas where the dogs eat, vacuumed the rugs that hadn’t been done since before Christmas and have my eye on a dirty kitchen exhaust cover. I am now photographing and listing some items that they want to sell. Great helping others clean up and declutter if they’re willing.

  23. funny to see this…i spent all yesterday evening rearranging and decluttering my bedroom to better attract love and harmony…it already feels amazing. next…new pink sheets.

  24. Best thing about the last 9 year cycle,

    MM’s literary and astrological joys

    Thanks MM

  25. mmmm well moved a few months out of the ‘Saturn House’ (Oct 2009 – Aug 2012) which really was unpleasant but fuqing growthful, but fuqing painful and shite.
    …back to point, moved into lovely post Saturn home and have not unpacked much and have replaced as much furniture as I can afford but REALLY don’t want to unpack anything else. Would rather just live sparsly than face that stuff. I guess it bad juju to leave it packed up though. So I guess by Feb 4 I must face and bid farewell to what I can not re-integrate or said stuff may cause trouble festering away out of site in shed??
    Crap, I know its true but I am really not in the mood for it and cannot foresee me ever being int he mood to do that :(
    Thanks for the heads up though, for the sake of my future mojo, I may find a way to do this.

  26. True to form for Saturn in Scorpio hanging out in my Sixth House, I’ve decided to adapt a spreadsheet I found on a sewing blog to keep track of the clothes I own and what I need to buy in the coming year.

    I’ve been needing to transform my wardrobe and the way I express myself through my clothes for several years, but now I’m finally taking action about it. I’ve hidden behind an outdated conception of my appearance based on childhood messages, but Uranus transiting the Saturn end of my Venus-Saturn opposition is telling me to shake that up and look at myself in a new light.

    This was an issue that came up at the Solar Eclipse in Scorpio in November. Boy, that eclipse has had a long ripple effect for me.

  27. OK OK i don’t have “clutter, grot, dirt and broken shit” as Mystic puts it but as a lover of art, image and word i do have a lot of paper. I was once a magazine addict. I culled heavily when i stopped buying them but deemed those that remain as eminently re-readable, UNTIL…

    You know it is certainly time to reexamine your attachment to your magazine collection when you open one issue to the olfactory assault of a perfume sample for…eecchhh…paco fqing rabanne from… *cough* 1996.

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  30. Historically, feng shui was widely used to orient buildings—often spiritually significant structures such as tombs, but also dwellings and other structures—in an auspicious manner. Depending on the particular style of feng shui being used, an auspicious site could be determined by reference to local features such as bodies of water, stars, or a compass. Feng shui was suppressed in China during the cultural revolution in the 1960s, but since then has increased in popularity.,^

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