Tallulah Aqua

Today is the birthday of the multi-Aqua actress Tallulah Bankhead – she achieved stardom in theatre, radio & cinema but was best known for being a brazen individualist, a gin-swilling, Space-Dust snorting, hard-living, blatantly bisexual nudist, wit and eccentric. A rebel from a renowned political family, she was alarmingly candid in her husky baritone of a Southern drawl and had dozens of pets – including a lion, monkey & a parrot named Gaylord.

Said to be the inspiration for Cruella De Ville (looks and vibe wise, not for her animal policy) The woman was insanely quotable:

I’ve tried several varieties of sex. The conventional position makes me claustrophobic and the others give me a stiff neck or lockjaw.


[on seeing a former lover for the first time in years] I thought I told you to wait in the car.


My father warned me about men and booze, but he never mentioned a word about women and cocaine.


So she was Sun, Mars and Mercury in Aquarius, Moon in Scorpio and Virgo Rising. Neptune reigned high at the top of her chart conjunct the Midheaven, trine her Mars and opposite Uranus. She was, of course, a total Neptunian above all else, embodying both the Haute & Low aspects of this slippery, magical planet.  Fame. Glam. Talent. Charisma. Alcoholic Demons. Such a strong Neptune guarantees the legend lives on.


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27 thoughts on “Tallulah Aqua

  1. Awesome! Today is my birthday, too! Glad to know I share a birthday with such a legend! What an interesting person she was!

    I don’t think I quite match up, though….ha ha! I have Sun and Merc in Aqua, then Pisces moon and Mars, and Crab rising. I have Mars conjunct my midheaven. I’m quite eccentric, too, but not in any way I’ve put to very good use..

    I have that horrendous Mars/Pluto opposition aspect. The way that played out in the world the day I was born is that the Tet Offensive happened in the Vietnam war. So I’m imprinted with *that* astro. Not so auspicious, kinda heavy…

    • Happy Birthday flower child :). Yes Tallulah was amazing & so individual with no apologies for being that way.

      I’m sun, mercury & Venus Aqua & crab rising too. Not an easy combo. But hey it’s who I am.

      • My tween girl has Moon/Mercury/Neptune/
        Uranus in Aqua with Crab Rising. Pisces Sun. By turn funky chic artist, fab dresser, writer, wise woman and sensitive Moon child. She rocks! Very competent beyond her nearly 12 Earth years. Re:animals- they adore her. She has a bunny, Guinea Pigs and our beloved ginger felines. Cool kid!

    • Happy Birthday ((big hugs)) ok not hugs for an Aqua . maybe weird but cool handshake.

  2. Love Aquarians. Wonder about their propensity for animal entourages – Tallulah, but also Lord Byron and Paris Hilton.

    Maybe they are beyond humans : ) It’s so lovely.

    • My nephew is Aqua Rising with Uranus conjunct the Ascendant no less and animals just flock to him.

  3. I ache for this women. Flamboyant, witty and ravishing to boot.

    At a premiere screening of a Montgomery Clift film, a woman turned to her and said…
    “apparently he’s a homosexual”,
    Tallulah replied…
    “I wouldn’t know darling, he’s never sucked my c**k”.

  4. Despite loathe for animal cruelty I do love the image of Cruella (minus fur) and I wish Cruella was a little more bisexual gin swinging coke fiend, even for disney. Love the car line to the ex. We would have hung out :)

  5. Share same sun, moon and rising sign. I’m not even remotely as interesting.
    Tho I get the pet / animal thing. Unconditional love, loyalty and a way to learn to return that with calm and patience. I think even the dog whisperer guy is an aqua. Plus if you do something weird a pet doesn’t judge or laugh. 😉

  6. Eek! Was a little worried for a minute… I’m sun, mars and mercury aqua too… and rising (which reminds me – I don’t mind jewellery… nothing around my fingers or wrists though and nothing fussy)…. luckily don’t have the neptune thing going on and moon is in leo.

  7. “I’m as pure as the driven slush” – my fave Tallulah quote. Oh, how I would have loved to have had just a bit of her attitude in my younger days.

    I do admire that ‘fuq you, and fuq you all’ attitude so many Aquarians of my acquaintance do so well.

  8. Daily Mystic and kataka scopes are SUCH useful things to read at the moment Mystic, thank u xx Pi

  9. sigh… fuqin legend.
    still wonder what Gone With the Wind would have been like with her as Scarlett. it’s my understanding Tallulah wanted that role very much.

  10. According to Dick Cavett, Bankhead met Chico Marx at a party; Chico said to her, “You know, I really want to fuck you.” She replied, “And so you shall, you old-fashioned boy.”

  11. Beyond fabulous. I simply have no words. Except to ask if I may create a permalink to that Tallulah blog. It needs to be front and centre of this drab and dreary drivel that passes for media and I’d like to help make that happen.

  12. What is it with Aquas and their love of being nude? To my aqua friends out there I raise a glass to you. Tallulah sounds like my kinda gal.

  13. What constitutes a strong planet, in this case, Neptune? Is it high positioning in the chart? Certain aspects? Both?