Mars-Venus Bats Alert

Holy Aphrodite, it’s been a while since we’ve had a good old style Mars-Venus bit of weirding…you know, right?  And even when we have had it, the civilized & mature mate/date paradigm was in the way helping us set healthy boundaries.

So get this: On Feb 1/2, Mars zips into Pisces & Venus into Aquarius. This has huge potential for batty, surreal couplings, bizarre love triangles and strange but hopefully productive loving. Mars & Venus rule romancing, especially the more sexual end of it. Aquarius & Pisces are ravingly unconventional.  It’s hard to call. We could all be just too individuated to get it on. Oh and Mercury will be retrograde for much of this.

It’s also part of a build up toward the early April Mars-Venus conjunction in Aries: many a bold new beginning will be made then AND it’s when Jupiter resolves lingering love/lust merde from 2012. 

So I’m, like, channeling psychically here, some of you may want to change the bedsheets or even invest in a little bit of a wax & polish, yes?

For info on the various Mars-Venus in bed combos, check the Sleazometer (bonus pulp smut illos lol) & this post re Mars-Venus synastry.

Who’s ready? Who’s sitting out this round and just gonna focus on Zap Zone evolutionary Awesome?  Who’s sensing that they’re about to get surprised by a little bit of something surreal, enticing & hyper-real?

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134 thoughts on “Mars-Venus Bats Alert

  1. Batty, surreal couplings and bizarre love triangles. Mmm. Hope my breathing and energy levels are back up by then. Haven’t we had the sexy library conversation here before?

    Love that she’s still got her specs on, but really love the book in his hand, like he went to reach for his library card and WHOMP love struck him down and ripped his shirt off (without him letting go of the book, right? French cuffs?)

    • Yes! I’m wondering about their signs. Here’s my off-the-(French)-cuff interp:
      She’s a Cap w Virgo rising – glasses still on, matching underwear. It’s the Cap rising on top :)
      He’s Pisces w rising. It’s his first novel, published years ago to critical acclaim, but he’s never written another one. He was walking home after a gin bender, stumbled into the fiction section, found one of the few remaining copies. She told him off for making too much noise, which he took as a cosmic sign they were fated.
      She’s happy to shag him to name drop at book club (Leo moon?). He says it’s sexier if he doesn’t know her name, because mentally he’s already given her a backstory and starring role in his second novel.
      They’ll both do it on the floor on condition the book doesn’t get, ah, messed up :)

        • Noo Caps like it on top in the workplace but their fantasy sex life is with the hired help being in charge – aka masochistic in the bedroom – although she might have been ordered to be on top. (this is all thanks to MM on Sleazometer btw).

      • The Pisces – the gin, being told off is a sign, the first and only novel…but best of all, “don’t tell me your name”, as she already has a backstory. COuld i pretend i’m Taurus or something for a moment? That is too much.

        Cap Virgo Rising has protected herself from the grubby floor using the Pisces.

        Astrolarious, Chrysalis.

        • Yes Mille, I think she’s also got her elbows in his (waxed? that would make him a Virgo lol) armpits to stop any splinters.
          Soz. This is the laugh I badly needed today. Lit theory be fuqued! Pulp is my forte.

          • lmao that WOULD make him a Virgo.

            I am getting earth vibes from this whole image. Probably her matching lingerie (as already noted). Also that she has an almost tender and contemplative look on her face (not 100% absorbed in the moment…either air or earth sign) and that despite having a hot, nearly naked lady on him he’s still got an anxious grip on that book.

        • huge guffaw Mhile.You took the edge off my anxiety as Im off to a funeral today. many thanks

          • Best for handling self and others at funeral, lovely. Grief does strange things to some people. No wonder there is drinking afterwards. Having said that may your goodbyes be a sweet release, and your sadness be its own comfort. Hugs x

  2. Oh my.. this is what I want.. but not the triangle scenario. I doubt it is gonna happen so I a keep on stepping. I have no interest in shagging a stranger. That is not me. Sun in Virgo / Libra rising / Moon in Leo.

      • haha
        I am not into sex with strangers either (tried it, can’t get into it) but sometimes I think that I could if it happened in a more thrilling or unexpected situation. Like I don’t wanna meet someone in a bar and go home and bang them, but if some guy and I were making eyes at each other in the library and he followed me down a book wall I might start making out with him and go for a zipless fuck situation (okay, not in the library at that point! lol).

        • I have done crazy bats sexual meetups.. but not at this point in my life. If it was with the toro/gem.. I wouldn’t have a problem with it. I trust him. But since I haven’t heard from him or have an longing for him I am just a dud! That’s ok.. I like my spirit right now. I have single guy friends I am hanging with and have thought.. “hmmm.. would he be worth it”.. I can’t do it. The morning after crap.. LOL!! xo!!

      • I for some reason what to be reactive. Sudden change of energy with socializing. Maybe I am tired.. I can’t answer your question though. Not even make suggestions. Sorry! xo!!

        • I also want to be reactive. I’ve been doing proactive for long enough. Why can’t they just come to me…. Like this torrential Queensland rain.

  3. Ruh roh.

    Ex tried calling me up today to apologize and invite me to South America with him. No, dude. I’m not a girl-for-hire when it’s convenient. Felt SO good to stand up for myself (for once) and genuinely not care or wonder “what if…” in any capacity.

    So I feel like I killed off that Mars-Venus weirding possibility, but I have a meeting with my department advisor who was my professor who I had a fling with last semester…next week. I HAVE to have this meeting, my units are all completed but I need to turn in paperwork and get a letter from him in order to **officially** graduate. Turns out homeboy had a girlfriend. Haven’t seen him in more than a month, hope it doesn’t get weird. :/

    Personally I’m just hoping that the Aqua vibe and Mars on my Mercury just makes me stay on the creativity/actualization train. Eff romance right now.

  4. I’m a Pisces sun and my Venus/DSC is 29 Cap but for some reason, its the earliest degrees of Aquarius that seem to be my sensitive spot. So Venus fluttering by is sure to put my head in a spin.

    It’s my Aqua ex’s birthday that weekend. He has invited along. And much to the disapproval of (some) friends, I was contemplating going… Bats Alert in full effect it seems

  5. Love this pic! Love the back story too Chysalis! Well I’m enjoying a loverly long distance (as per MM Pisces astro? ) 5 week thing (after a steamy two week fling) with a gorgeous Aries (truly his arms are amazing!) AND his Merc is in pisces – on my asc opp my venus and my merc is opp his Mars… this must mean something… and both my mars and his venus are in Taurus… yes as per the sleazometer this is HOT HOT HOT!!
    We are being super Haute at the moment and its really yummy skypeing emailing great friendship banter and it feels like there is delicious potential for this to be something real…..
    He comes back half way through Feb so heres hoping we get a dose of crazybats yum action on the way to seeing if it withstands the April check in!
    I hope at least some of you are having as much fun! x

    • Awwhh you’re in the funnest part! ^__^

      It sounds like you’ve struck a perfect balance between being into one another and letting the other know but not getting all swept away (as I am notoriously wont to do in travel romance). Good luck!!!

        • Thanks gang! Ill let you know if it continues to be somehow hot and haute or if we enter crazy bats territory!! Fun either way it would seem! 😉

  6. Hmmm, call me crazy, but I think there may be a little ‘somethin’-somethin’ brewing, with the guy who recently bought the two quaint little cinemas in my area.

    It caught me by surprise because I’ve been busy writing/reclusing at home for like, well months…. & was kinda forced out into the public eye on Tuesday night to see a movie, by the insistent girlfriend on an impulsive fly-by visit, from out of town.

    Anyway, Enjoyed the movie & it was a relatively seamless transition, under cover of darkness, fittingly, from my studio at home, to the comfort of the quaint little cinema…

    All was pleasantly uneventful until upon leaving, I felt around for my keys & couldnt feel them in my pocket. So, nonchalantly, i sauntered back into the cinema to check around my seat.

    Meanwhile, Cute cinema-owner guy was engaged in doing a final sweep of the cinema for anything out of the ordinary & appeared bemused by my re-appearance. We chatted as we scanned the area I’d been sitting in.

    No keys anywhere to be found of course, but it had afforded me a great opportunity to ask awkwardly, if I could relieve him of one of his movie posters. I’m really not one of those geeky movie nuts, especially one that’d capture riveting & unforgettable movie moments in a tacky glossy poster memento.

    But uncharacteristically, there was apparently something about a tiger on a boat in the ocean, that somehow captivated/compelled me enough, to ask if I could commandeer a poster… & on reflection, it WOULD compliment my eclectic, peacock feather infused, Boho/BritishIndian/Tropical/(loosely) Safari style/d, home… I guess.

    Cute cinema owner guy & I had a surprisingly warm exchange, lingered rather obviously too long while introducing ourselves & shaking/holding (?) hands, with far too much tingly electric chemistry stuff happening & embarrassingly amounts of much smiling & enjoyment, in exchanging contact details.

    It really was all très Piscean/Neptunian.

    • Thanks guys!
      (Oops my gravitar slipped off)

      I’m still a bit gun-shy from the last couple of pseudo relationships (Edgy Saggo/Aries Artist & the ill-fated Spanish Leo Fireman) but its been a long time reclusing between drinks & I get the feeling I shouldn’t squander any more of this Neptune trine Venus transit, lest I send the wrong message out to the Universe.

      Time to creek open the clam shell & make my way out, in prep for taking my position on top of it (à la Birth of Venus), rather than crouched comfortably within it.

      It’s an ongoing process…

  7. Defo no triangles thank you! (although according to Liz Greene there’s always some sort of triangles, even if the 3rd point isn’t human. For the purposes of this post, NO triangles please, human or otherwise, thank you very much!)

    I’m kind of torn, part of me is bleh, meh, like, I couldn’t be bothered, as if anything’s gonna happen, you know? Besides, I’m busy with me/self stuff, focusing on job-biz-career and building things back up in general.
    The other part is like, wheeeeeee, what’s gonna happen!?! I just KNOW the intended your Oma told you about (back in 2006 ffs) is very near, can’t you feel it??? AND he lives here, remember! So come on!

    The meh part just bitchslaps the excited one, but to no avail.
    And annoyingly, the excited one doesn’t run on simply blind faith, it’s a more bone-deep knowing, trusting in the multiverse type thing, which the bleh finds distasteful really, since it’s busy with the aforementioned stuff.

    Anyone else of two minds about this? Or even the possibility of one?

    • UPV.. i think I am on the same page as you. I have been on cloud 9 for a couple of months now with my social life brewing big time… just all time fun, meeting new friends and such. But sometimes when I am driving to work (45 minute drive) I am a legend. LOL!! Looking good, feeling good and hoping for some activity. But today I am feeling sad… not sure why. Maybe because of the anticipation of a big event this w/e that I won’t be invited to but on the flip side I was hoping they wouldn’t invite me so I don’t know maybe I am just twisted with emotions twirling around. ugh!! I have no social plans this w/e.. maybe making my first homemade pizze and getting my ass to be a runner. A different side of “ME” w/e. BUT, let’s see what happens. I just hope I am prepared for the rug to be pulled from under my feet if it is gonna happen. (sorry folks.. I miss the toro/gem). [running out of the room and slamming the door shut]!! :) xo!!

      • to expound, i am trying very hard to trust the knowing. how can i learn to trust anyone else if i can’t even trust myself? is it ever wrong?? or do we just sabotage it by second guessing and trying to direct it? it’s interesting and difficult and i feel like i’m at newborn stage. the meh side is just meh. cynical and practical. bitchslaps galore. what is the balance?

        • Yes and hells to the yes on the balance thing, hdq. I find that I’m called to do my grounding meditation again, as I often do when I feel like my sonar’s muddled, esp. with the upcoming Mercury rx in Pisces, affecting my moon and op sun, square my Neptune. I feel that I need to have all the sonar and multiversal guidance as I’m open to, you know?
          I try to be not too much in the head, and likewise not too much in the heart, striking a balance has become a thing, though again, I’m mindful for *that* not to become unbalanced and become an obsession (if you see my chart it ain’t difficult when I get stuck on smth for it to become a blind-driving force 😆 )

    • Yes yes!!…

      I’m totally in two minds…
      In fact i’m sure that’s one of the prerequisites for being a Libran.

      I love my home, its really coming together now, having moved in only a few short months ago, & I’m so grateful for & completely loving having my own space….Which is undoubtably adding to the ‘being in two minds’ thing.

      I’m far more dedicated to me & my practical creative/spiritual projects, ‘do-gooder’ ventures, & the expanding of my general Awesome, particularly re: innovating work/biz/income from chez Lib/Cap.

      So all’s going very well BUT this feeling of an impending relationship, definitely has me feeling a bit squeamish/nauseous.

      I feel it’s/he’s not far off… & then there’s the matter of the tiny free 5 minute reading I had at a little garden party a couple of years ago. The reader had said that “everything would happen in a short period of time, in two years from now… First I would get my own place/home, then things would happen quite quickly & consecutively. I’d meet my partner & then have a couple of children. It all starts with the house…”

      …And sure enough, as unlikely & impossible as it had seemed at the time, I now have my home. And despite the silly little reading, I feel/sense what’s coming & it definitely isn’t the ‘career only’ trajectory I had planned for myself.

      What to do when the Multiverse has other plans?!… Acquiesce willingly?… Does the Multiverse really know best?… & is it really necessary for me to physically give birth to a human baby or two? Who will tend to the mess & noise & needs, while I’m busy conceptualizing & innovating, building/soul mining/excavating?…

      I’ve traversed being in two minds & moved onto being in twenty.

      • Absolute congrats on your new home Star!!! So pleased for you! 😀 Major spiffiness!!

        My progressed Sun has been in Libra for some time, so I have a taste of your Libran adventures to a degree.

        And wow huh? Wild what the Multiverse does and we do the best we can…not being sarky or anything.
        Speaking of two children, years and years ago I had my Tarot read professionally. I came in wondering if I should end it with the guy I was with (and yes, I already kind of knew the answer, but as with these things, and I was 19/20 then). Funnily enough, in the Multiverse funny kind of way, the reading ended up letting me know not so much about the guy I was with, but about another one! It was the Sun card, so a blond male and apparently I was to have two kids with him. I protested vehemently, since I’ve never wanted hoomin kids, and I felt offended at the suggestion.
        In hindsight, some years later, yes, I did end up with a Leo-rising male (the Sun card, natch) and we adopted two rescue dogs together…..I suppose the reading didn’t specify what species our kids were…….

        What spooks me is that a clairvoyant (who is also my teacher) told me last year that she saw this clear energy of a sweet little boy, and she asked if I had a son….I burst out laughing!!!!! 1)Still don’t want hoomin kids, 2)ever since I was a little girl, I’ve *always* thought of adopting, never physically giving birth, just never called me as it were and 3)ethically for my own personal point of view I’m of the ZPG (zero population growth) proponent and believer.
        I asked her if she was sure it was homo sapien, since I already am blessed with a sweet little boy (canine, plus a sweet little girl – from the previous relationship with Leo-rising male), and yep, she was sure.
        That still baffles me to this day tbh.
        I still very much aspire to my own home, which will be back in Europe, and I’ve been collecting so many info things for it, for the nest.
        See, you were told that the starter point was the house; for me the starter point was meeting him (he whom 3 clairvoyants and my guide of an Oma has seen…daunting…).

        Your questions Star are beautiful, I find, as they paint a picture of the process within. My questions, well, sometimes I can’t sleep because of them. 😆

  8. Heh timing. LOVE the pulp smut illustrations.
    God. I just got back (to earth) from date with the smoking hot Capricorn. Let’s say it was successful, the fact we had some fantastic conversations with actual value checks and proper get-to-know-you style dating. “I want to go slow with you”, cool. Didn’t end up that way but the sentiment was there and we managed half the eve totally behaved. Can’t girl out on the astro sleeze as I am yet to know vital info but nailed it down to aries moon and venus sagg, mars and asc will be determined by birth time. I am loving the in control swooning vibe. Dating Cap advise?

    • my experience with cap males is that they are control freaks but mindblowing sex if you concede where/when/how. cap female friends are all brilliant lifestyle-as-art types and/or have that stable type of job that my Aries Sun Gemini rising self can only wonder about..

      • Agreed. Had some quite literally mind blowing sex with Cap males but also some serious control scenarios, plus the Cap-Sag combo seems to produce some highly Narcissistic tendencies. Not that it would put me off going there again!! Hell no. Cap women are forever trying to sort my life out, my flightiness with regards to career stuff drives them n.u.t.s.

        • should I just run?

          being a scorp, I feel like most of my life has been an exercise in power dynamics and the art of them so control does not bother me, in fact I prefer it to flighty. Cap IS my 7th but I haven’t dated one since my early years so I am out of practice with their value code. He is actually quite shy.. though the sagg is bonding (4 planets, we share venus) and aries moon is not shy of a strong woman but even I have to admit the combo on paper is potential qi nightmare or haute swoon material.

          • No! Just approach with caution. I’m with you on the control front, plus a 7th house Saturn so the whole Cap in love isn’t a problem for me. It was very complicated in both instances but I don’t think you can really predict. One of my best male friends is a Cap with moon in Leo, so ridiculously shy with women and has the highest moral code, they do so love what’s ‘right’! and ‘proper’, even the more seemingly unconventional ones.

            • Ummm for me…..never again. Soon to be ex-husband is Cap/Sagg cusp and has all of the above control freakery in spades……never again

            • all the fire he’s holding is a bit the opposite of patience and restraint lol but yes, go slow and enjoy the ride.

          • Cap is also my 7th house, so if you are thinking, “this Cap dude is awesome/smart/successful in all the ways I’m not so being around him will make me more awesome too via osmosis,” RUN. He will end up telling you how to dress, and micro managing your personal space, and by the way, he hates your best friend.

    • I find myself very attracted to Capricorns (good mix of goofy but have their shit together, intelligent, serious where it counts) but yes, they often have some control freaky tendencies and as a stubborn double Taurus there’s too much take on both sides for it to work log term. I find them mysterious, unexpectedly deep…

      I also think that especially w caps you have to stand your ground, they will test you!!! And if you stand up for what you believe they respect you more. Or at all. lol

      • sounds good actually. I can’t respect anyone if they don’t hold their ground with me. x

    • Ditto on the asteroid-blowing sex haha.. Control issues? can teach that boy about control Ms, snicker.

      Oh yeah, our Cap is a slow-goer, glacially-paced type of fellow. Reference my somewhat sweet cum whingy write up on him a few threads ago. They DO value the courtship/flirtation, and actually the WORK it takes to gain you.

      There are, I think, subtle masochistic tendencies in them (imagine?!) which seems at odds with the whole control thing, but not really. They like things being paced, because they need to know you’re a stayer. I also think they’re intensely practical, so they can act the lover but won’t settle if the relationship doesn’t meet their parameters (have fun guessing what those are haha).

      • ah FA you get me 😉
        will do, I love your rants xx

        I have NO idea if this dude wants a future or anything, I doubt we have even thought about it tbh but I am keen to be around to get to know him. I only just met him and I want to see what he’s made of before I start thinking such things if at all, and he is like 4/5 years younger than me so it’s not exactly ideal but he’s so hot/nice I had to check it out..

    • Just a note on the Venus sharing potential you mention to say that I have had/ have a few Venus conjunction connections – friends and a lover – and find it a really beautiful loving synastry.

      • It is not a strong conjunction but def there, 5 degrees and about the same for my moon actually too but same sign is still nice and a loose conjunction too.

      • thanks though, venus venus sound nice though no? and I get that friend vibe too, just loving not nec sexual.

    • Congrats for managing to not go sliding off your chair 😉

      About 90% of the males I’ve ever had relationships with with/shagged have been Capricorns. All insanely good in bed, but I’ve never had a control freak issue with any of them (I look to Pluto/Venus, squares oppositions in natal chart for control freakery, occasionally hard aspects with Pluto/Moon – not Sun signs). xx

      • ha, yeah well..
        I have to agree, I look for hard pluto and mars aspects for fuqery, sun signs don’t really bother me, like if this was a scorpio and I said scop men, it would be all this and that but really I am a giant spider myself so who’s to say what. all about the synastry agreed. at least we are all unanimous about the sex. it’s the only part of me that is carnivorous

    • You had me at smoking hot capricorn… i really would have the worst advice on this :) But i do think a Scorpio lady hulk transformer has definitely got the strength power and control to equal Capricorn. Not knowing him however, it’s the equal thing that is the key. Someone who is YOUR true equal doesn’t play power games or freak the fq out if it doesn’t end his way. Your true equal and you will always have real work to do when it comes to power and strength and trust, and that work is fun and delicious and so so worthy. Get a feel for that in this man and you’ll know it.

      Just thought of something: the Disappointing Scorp must have run up hard against my Mars in Cap (or strong t squared Mars) from the start. He could be a real hard worker and hero but used his Venus Rising to get away with and charm, so often he was sulky and surprised that i cut straight through that. I guess a Venus Rising Scorp’s power is something never called into question before :) That’s just in case the Scorp Cap dynamic thread in my story might have any meaning for you. MATURITY is the bottom line. Each needs to be gracious.

      • I had some tough sun/mars/merc with the aqua so I will look for things now. I reckon I can hold my own too, ladyhulk and all. thanks mille. He’s all fire inside anyway. 4 planets in sadge, venus uranus conjunct, jupiter neptune and moon in aries.

    • Share mixtapes…don’t let him control you…stay somewhat mysterious, and do your own thing.

      I got stuck in a bit of a rut with my Cap ex. But then, I was never good at controlling others. So my adive is keep it fresh and fun—they like trying new things, but only once you’ve pushed them into it.

    • Yeay!!!!!! Good for you for the successful date!! :)

      I’ve been pursued by a Cap male last year, and from that experience I learned that he was quietly confident, upfront with the pursuing but not at all arrogant, just doing his thing. Mind, his Mars is also in Cap. With his Scorpio moon he was emotionally strong and honest, (which after my experience with my Cancer bestie aka ex-very2x-nearly-lover whose moon in Cap, it was SUCH a nice change!!)
      I did feel some control thing, but not in a negative way. I held my ground, lay down the boundary lines as it were and he was respectful. Also, he’s the sort who’s been doing self-evolving thing so that adds another dimension, regardless of sun/moon/etc signs. I *really* appreciated that he wasn’t scared to plumb depths, his or mine. (it was such a nice change from the Cancer male, and I found him to be very control freaky actually – better friend than partner; although he’s stagnant, of the ZZ kind, and he actually used the word stagnant)

      Am now a fan of Cap males, if the one from last year was anything to go by. :)
      (yes2x, with all the usual addition of synastry and composite, their evolvement level, all that jazz)

  9. Are people going pass/aggressive right now? I think I missed something. I am experiencing people being extremely sensitive and drama like. WTHeck.. I cannot stand people who ask a question, you respond with suggestions and they throw it back directly at you that says “why did you do that”.. what is wrong with you. Don’t ask the question if you can’t handle the suggestions.. geez.. I cannot deal with small minded people right now. I am in a place where I am just free wheeling it. My gosh.. I am steamed right now. Like I said I am laying low! xo!!

  10. something definitely brewing, destination obvious, but I cannot predict when or how! his moon sextile my venus, my moon sextile his mars. need to learn how to check charts for a past life thing! hello!

    HEY I am an Aries Sun with Mars and Venus conjunt! How often does that happen??????

      • With Jupiter going direct, there will be plenty of other things to do. All these nice looking stars passing by is sad, but not life-threatening :-)

        • yeah – I am DEFO sitting it out – so sick of LZ on/off binge I don’t need any excuse to get ‘hopeful’ – am concentrating on my awesome (hello, where are you??)

  11. No triangles EVER again thank you very much!

    I’m past my saturn return. I’ll wait for my Uranus opposition for that one.

    Wouldn’t mind a little flirtation at the very least el universo.


    • I’ve got a Uranus opposition going on…NOTHING is happening romantically for me. I no longer believe in astro indicating romance AT ALL.

      • Jeez, I don’t know what to say – I thought it was a foregone conclusion – maybe wait for Jupes to go direct in a few days.

        I guess with Uranus involved its never what, or when, you expected.

        • I guess. I haven’t gotten laid since Uranus entered my 7th house (its been years). But, Uranus (5 Aries) isn’t quite opposing my natal Uranus, which is 25 Libra. So, maybe I have another few years to wait? Whatever. I’m not waiting. I’m feeling very over it all right now. Jupiter, Neptune, over all of them. Saturn can stay with me because Saturn delivers.

  12. My romantic life is an arid desert of dullness, a veritable wilderness of lovelessness. I prayed for this and now I’m SO bored. This is literally the first time in my life there has been this level of nothing. On the one hand I have all this brain space to concentrate on ‘other stuff’ which is really useful and kind of great but I’m not used to it. I’m fairly sure it’s what I need but something, some little hint of anything would be nice.

    • “something manageable” is the mantra of busy people who still need the occasional distraction.

      Just the level of honesty sometimes does not equate the outcome. Local hospitality flirty session maybe? xx

      • Good point. I’d settle for an internet intrigue, you know, just something for the mind to wander when it’s in need of distracting from all the serious ‘get a life’ stuffs. It’ll come when it should I suppose! x

  13. sitting out this round. I’m currently going through a love sucks futility crisis.
    might as well focus on the self when there is no one worthy.

  14. LOL, this is my marriage. I’m Aqua and I married a Pisces. We’re pretty bats, but it’s all normal, right? My Saturn in Scorp in the 6th house has certainly been put to the test, since he broke his leg and I’m caring for him. If I didn’t have a Virgo moon which seems to be okay with at-home nurse care, I think they’d have to cart me off to the funny farm. :)

  15. My better half (Virgo, naturally!) and I have been going through the sexual doldrums for a while now, I hope this weirding doesn’t pass us by…. But speaking of weirding – what a coincidence! Was checking out a musicians chart today to gets some clues about being a Haute Libra and noticed something familiar – turns out über famous, decades older dude and I have Sexual Napalm! That would weirding indeed!

  16. I looked ahead at this, I am SO excited for it, venus mars conjunction is going to happen right exactly on my venus, while there is jupiter going over my moon again, but, its also when chiron is exact on my sun, my comeuppance is at hand Im sure

  17. Pisces Mars will square my natal moon and my ascendant. Neptune is already squaring them. I feel drained and wine is super yummy. Poor moon.

      • Yes. tut tut artist. Backstrap shoud be thicker and the shoulder should join the backstrap. Ditto crabby about my lack of Mars-Venus action. The old waiting for a call which is not going to come (Unless hell freezes over). Trying not to think about it and let go and move on.

    • Didn’t catch the strap, but I’m disturbed by the book. I fully expect him to conk her on the head with it. Wth?

      Useless prop after the shirts are off.

    • Yes i did notice it several times, but in Pisces fashion i edited it out of my vision by looking at the knickers, breast and foot more. That book weapon look is disturbing but i wondered if it was just my crazy mind!

      Can you imagine wearing a bra with a strap that ends in front where it begins, effectively looping around your shoulder??

        • 😀 twisted strap nightmare…the moebius strap…you can never untwist it because it will cease to exist… men might like it better than the hook and eye.

          • Yes a Moebius strap bra is either a clever chastity device or a toy to confound curious Geminis and Aquas.

  18. This picture is the reason I pay £500 per year to be a member of the London Library. Sexiest place EVER. Virgo sun, mars and mercury with VENUS IN LEO, sag moon and sag rising. Cardigans, chesterfield sofas, horn rimmed spectacles and the smell of musty books. Come on! No one goes there for the actual BOOKS do they?
    We all have ipads….
    I know where I’ll be cruising er I mean researching this weekend.

    • Hahahahaha! Is it every Virgos’ fantasy or what? Love this image……aaahhhh trashy yet literary

      • hihihihhiihiihihi
        oh well. I’m utterly fixated on a smokin hot taurus sun guy with a moon in aqua, mars in cancer and venus in aries. My Venus in Leo, she’s NOT HAPPY about all this having to wait for him (since Oct 2011) -ahem! I’ll be in a frenzy of changing sheets, waxing and polishing because come this weirding wknd then if not him, some other poor but lucky unsuspecting fellow is going to bear the brunt of my pent up desires…. I may just pick him up at the London Library “snikers”

        • Oh good luck with those! I dumped a Toro Sun: Aqua Moon back in 2010. Stubborn is an understatement.

    • I love libraries ~ utlra cool, chic and sexy (Libra Sun, Venus-Mercury-Asc Virgo, Mars Taurus, Moon Cancer).

      • yup, trashy yet literary IS EVERY VIRGO’s secret fantasy. It’s not a dumpster, it’s a nice, clean hell almost a place of worship for us. What could be sexier?
        Ahhh a place where people BORROW books too. No filthy lucre changing hands. This is a place of trust, of community. And yes. SEX in a library is forbotten -we would have to be very very quiet! All virgos are closet kinksters….. roll on weekend! ROLL ON!!! lol

        • ThIs is the first Virgo fantasy I’ve heard that I can actually agree with totally.

    • As discussed some time ago on the thread i linked to way above, libraries send me into some hot spin. I’ve only Pluto and Lilith in Virgo, so i suspect it’s my 3rd house Venus, unless it’s the Capricorn thing again.

      I adore old leather, the feel of a tight skirt, the smell of antiquarian tomes. My Sagittarius planets almost feel the rule of silence as a kind of bondage. Venus in Aqua gets highly turned on by literature.

      Wish i could get Lucky at the London Library!

  19. Universe surprise me!!!! I am feeling a delicious anticipation lately and am ready for some Mars/Venus action!!!

  20. urgh. Actually, I’m busy with non-love things from now until… later. I don’t think I can handle sex and romance right now very well after all! Overload.

  21. it looks like the april conjunction will be really interesting. every single planet will be giving me a major transit. usually there’s one or two on the sidelines. wow. plus pluto is stationary and goes retro later that week. lunar return chart says self-reinvention. phoenix! here’s hoping! venus in aqua i’m warily excited for. it will do… something.

  22. Oh, goody, goody!!! “…some of you may want to change the bedsheets or even invest in a little bit of a wax & polish, yes” YES!

    Thanks for the heads up, Mystic!

  23. I have Sun in Aqua and Mars in Pisces, natally, so it would seem this current Mars/Venus placement should light up something…? My Mars is exact conjunct my MC, so maybe it will just light up some career stuff….. My Sun is in the 8th house, though, so Venus transiting there could spark something..? Who knows……it’s been years anyway, so I’ve already waited a long time. Saturn is also transiting my 5th right now, so the love/romance part of my life could continue to be the wasteland it’s been for many years now. I am supremely alone.

    Also, some love zombie stuff has reared its head again just in the past few days. It’s been a long time since that old thing has come up, and I kind of know why it’s coming up, but anyway……..this was one of those ‘out there’ situations where the connection existed more in telepathy.
    At the time, which started in 2006, I had consulted some psychics about the situation because I found it confusing, and they had each said I would reunite with this person, and told me all sorts of things they saw that indicated coming together with this person, but then this person has since started a relationship with someone else and so many of the things the psychics said they saw in the future this person doing with me, and feeling toward me, actually turned out to be true of their subsequent relationship with this other person, not with me. So basically the psychics lied to me….they saw accurately what was going to happen, but attributed it to happening with me, when in fact it was going to happen with someone else. I don’t think they were mistaken, because I consulted one of them, in particular, many many times. I believe I was consciously lied to.
    I don’t know if this explanation was easy to follow, but it basically added another layer of pain and shame and disappointment onto the situation for me. I pretty much moved on from the whole thing a couple years ago, but every once in a while it floats back around, mostly in the form of anger toward myself for believing the psychics and also some anger at them for repeatedly lying to me. I feel so stupid……. they sold me a lie, but I bought it, and I feel ashamed.
    The telepathy I had with this person was real, but it was what it was in the moment and I shouldn’t have thought it would lead to something more I had desired in the future.
    And of course, insult to injury, the person he did enter into a relationship with is much younger and more beautiful than me, as well as is extremely wealthy.
    This was a very interesting situation with the telepathy and all, but in the end, it’s been one of the biggest slaps in the face I’ve ever experienced in my life.
    It’s one of the contributing reasons for why I haven’t been able to properly have a relationship with anyone ‘real’ for years now, because I feel messed up in the head from the whole experience.

    Comments are welcome, for sure!

    • Sorry to hear this. I don’t think the psychics lied. They picked up on this man clearly, but the timeline that has been played out isn’t with you. It’s like hearing stations on the radio that intermingle & cut out here and there.
      Eg I had a psychic tell me that my current hub’s ex is ‘a snake’ that she has two kids & we will end up with custody. What ACTUALLY happened was MY ex’s (who is good friends with my hub) bro’s two kids nearly ended up with us (drugs) & separately, yes, my hub’s ex is in fact born in the year of the Snake.
      It is a sorry mistake for you to have had someone else’s reading tho & get yr hopes up. Good luck!

  24. Oh lord. I have mars in Pisces & Venus in aqua as it is. I dread to think what I’m in store for!

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  26. It is kind of true what they say about us librarians.

    Despite popular perceptions, I have yet to catch anyone doing it in the stacks. I’m starting to think it’s an urban legend.

    Although I’m a librarian, I have yet to have sex in the library, but I’ve carnally enjoyed a couple beautiful male librarians and professors in the duration of my career…

    **…wickedly smiles behind her cateye glasses**