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I’ve never actually taken Prozac but i loved Elizabeth Wurtzel’s Prozac Nation it was iconic in its day, of course. And then i even tried to read her later book Bitch – In Praise Of Difficult Women. I wanted to like it! But despite flashes of Awesome, most of read like she’d blown the advance money on Space Dust and that her contract somehow stipulated that nobody edit the copy. 

But anyway now she’s done this 5000 word plus rant for New York Magazine (Elizabeth Wurtzel Confronts Her One Night Stand Of A Life) on being 45 and freaked out – basically – but with loads of asides so strange and up herself that its strange reading. The 300 + comments with the piece are a revelation, way more interesting than the rant. 

The rant is not so much must-read as must-skim. It’s informative – it’s like negative inspiration. And yes, i realize that the lady has mental health issues – but i realized i’d never checked out her chart:

She’s Libra Rising – yes, classic beauty. She’s Leo (Sun-Jupiter in her 10th House so prominent) and you know, she is renowned for being sort of genius but insanely self-absorbed. Her Moon is in Gemini….okay so beauty and eloquence with the Libra-Gemini thing and renown – Leo in the 10th House but why so Low Leo? Her New York piece linked above is kind of crazily Lower Leo – name dropping handbags, neighborhoods & celebrities whilst decrying how fuqed up and at risk she is. She also did a crazy-bats piece in Harpers Bazaar, brilliantly summarized (and linked to) here, attacking younger women.

She does have Mars & Neptune in Scorpio square her Sun/Jupiter (fixed squares are always hard to see if you’re in them yourself) AND this latest rant comes just as Saturn hits on her Mars in Scorpio. So it’s bringing up everything…


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85 thoughts on “Lower Leo Genius

  1. I can’t believe I lived through the nineties without having to take Prozac but now have to take it for vicious PMDD (ultra terrible PMS).

    It basically saved my life and the lives of all around me.

    Whoever the inventor is, bless their cotton socks.

    • Hey VenusRising, am sure you’ve already done all this but here it is anyway: I was prescribed the same thing for PMDD a couple of years ago. I took it for a while but then had to have blood tests checking my levels (something unrelated). It came back that I was completely depleted of Vit B12, Iron and Vit D. Once levels were high again I went off the SSRIs and hey presto, years of trauma was over. Not sure why PMS doc never tested those levels – he only tested hormones which all came back fine. Just thought I’d mention it in case.

      • Girl, thank you one million times & god bless!

        This has been a really long path for me, a year and a half out of my life, with misdiagnoses etc that made things harder than they needed to be. Absolutely harrowing. Nobody asks right questions & no holistic approach, even by GP & gynos at hospital. Psychologist treated me for trauma & never once looked up my condition to see its symptoms.

        I will get these checked out – cannot thank you enough xx

        • great advice – also might be worth looking to neurotransmitters because SSRIs make serotonin cycle better (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors). They were extremely effective for me after years of physiological trauma (akin to PMS) – the basis of which was finally diagnosed (age 45) as sleep apnea. Apnea interferes with serotonin production (as well as adrenaline) which of course makes one hyper sensitive to stress. in short, keep looking for the underlying reason and good luck x x

        • No problem at all – just make sure they check your storage iron (ferritin) – which needs to be at at least 80 – an not just your ‘circulating iron’. They are different things xx

  2. As a leo with libra rising of similar vintage this bitch terrifies me. to me she is symptomatic of The Bubble. She honestly got a hermes handbag over all other obvious expenses? if that was a battle playing the pokies they would be blasted but it is just as stupid and irresponsible. She is awful and gives a bad name to all Leos. Decent hair though.

  3. In two days my progressed Sun will join my progressed Moon in Leo, making me an honorary Leo..

    Now that I skimmed this self-absorbed rant, am scared.

    • Ha! That’s hilarious! Not all leos are horrible, so no need for fear. I’m a leo sun, leo rising, and aries moon and believe me, it IS possible to rise above the potential pitfalls. Be aware and enjoy!

      • My SN is in Leo – I tried hard to leave Leo pride behind… Maybe that is the challenge, to be haute Leo :-)

    • Yes, you should be afraid. Very afraid. From now on when you are in a good mood you will have to ask others if it is true you are happy or is it a narcissistic momentary pride high, we are not very objective like that.
      At least for you it is temporary..

      • I am becoming “slightly” obsessed with my hair..
        My SN in Leo used to signal by “here I am here and you should look at me” when I was a child. Now it is more “you are my tribe, so you should roar” kind of leadership – the grace of aging, thankfully..

  4. Yes, Saturn is doing its number on her. I’m the same age and although my life is completely different, ever since Saturn entered into Scorpio I’ve felt this driving urgency to not waste time and to make sure I’m doing the things that will make for a complete life.

    • I feel your pain. Turning 30 in August, pregnant with first child and I’ve been in the “is this really what I am supposed to be doing” soul searching mode since November.

      • Congratulations on your baby! (Or if I was Wurtzl, your “brocade of civility and padlock of security”, lol!)

      • good luck and blessings! however your soul search pans out, you will never regret your child :)

  5. i read this last night and stayed up late going through all the comments. i’m honestly having a hard time understanding all the vitriol. i found the piece to be rather honest and well-written. however, it did read more like a personal journal entry, and i question the intent of the editors for publishing this.

    • I’m with you, I don’t undertand the hate at all, it’s not like a recent newspaper piece where some upper middle class twit cried poor because she and her brood were holidaying in Munich rather than Brazil since the crash. What gives, she owns her choices and gives a really honest account of the place they’ve led her too. I think she’s Brave, and yeah genius; “quarelling with normal”, I know that place despite having nothing in common with her.

      • Agreed, but the kind of drivel best ignored. Like someone said recently (about that piece by the upper middle class twit, actually) often these things are there as clickbait, deliberately inflammatory pieces to raise the temperature of people on Twitter. It’s all a bit Wildean, better to be talked about, even in the most uncomplimentary terms, than not. And of course there are thousands of pimply male subeditors more than happy to start off another round of feminism’s lipstick and sex conflagration. Really there’s nothing they like more than seein the womenz ripping into each other.

        • I’m with you – I didn’t think the piece was bad. Maybe a tad long, but I thought it was well written enough, honest enough. I can see the Sun-Jupiter thing coming through – terrified of being tied down and super sensitive to needing to feel free. Yes it is choose your path, choose your consequences, but I can’t see that she is blaming other people for where she is, really. – Can’t see why she attracts the vitriol. But then some of the comments in the thread are very kind as well.

          Didn’t read the Harpers Bazaar article but the “excellent summary / commentary” by Bianca whatsit, I didn’t think much of at all.

  6. Is it me or are we inundated these days with low/unstable/sick life forms receiving attention/shite loads of money/notoriety to parade or otherwise pass off their f’d up lives as worth of our time?

    Truly….are there not more interesting/intriguing and jolly peeps doing interesting/intriguing and jolly things than bothering with self-absorbed, neurotic wannabees who, for some reason, receive waaaay more attention than they deserve?

    Or has the Zap Zone deadened our brains/senses so much that they have become the new standard?

    Talk about low Qi…. sheesh!

    • couldn’t agree with this more…and yet, I am at least partly guilty for it as well. Because I read the stuff, have a shudder of disgust, then move on. I also read the tales of interesting, dynamic people accomplishing great things. Maybe we need this yin-yang to feel normal?
      Cat Marnell is an especially vile example of this. She also does the “excruciatingly honest” writing style…in her case, all about her drug addictions, how she quite xoJane.com to do drugs full-time, and how she’s been rewarded for this with big jobs from Vice magazine and book deals. She’s a low low Virgo former health/beauty editor of all things. Why is it low Virgos are often the slovenliest of all, the most likely to live in filth and despair. So opposite of how they’re sposed to be!!!!
      She’d make an interesting astro study for MM too.

  7. Love the response to the Harpers article.

    I think we can officially put Elizabeth Wurtzel in the “Qi Vampire” category. That’s not to say I’m anti-Wurtzel. I enjoy reading her, her opinions and insights (but I enjoy going to comedy clubs for the exact same reason).

    • Sorry, I was typing without thinking. I don’t find her insightful. “Insight” was the wrong word for me to use. Perhaps…. I enjoy reading her perspective, rather.

  8. tacky. SO tacky. what makes some depressives isolate themselves, vs. the Wurtzel types who will attempt suicide at a house party, howling that no one loves them while a dozen folks fawn/cater ugh. SO SO tacky.

    • cannot decide which is tackier: being afflicted by a mental illness that causes one to “act out” to the inconvenience of others at parties, or lacking empathy for those struggling to cope with debilitating illnesses.

      • I have two decades of depression and panic attacks behind me, and I took prozac from the ages of 14 to 22, after a suicide attempt at age 14. Chiron had just transited my natal Jupiter Saturn Moon conjunction in 4th house Libra. So I understand better than you think. Wurtzel has a full-blown personality disorder and it bugs me that she’s the poster girl for depression, clearly the least of her problems.

        • I’m sorry to hear of your struggles with mental health concerns. I’ve struggled, too, which is why I think it’s important to keep in mind that everyone struggles differently and to try to have empathy for one another and where we’re at in our own healing processes. I haven’t read Prozac Nation, but did think, based on reading the NYmag article, that she may have some undiagnosed personality disorder. PD is notoriously hard to diagnose, mostly because one suffering with PD lacks insight into their situation (a hallmark of mental illness) and therefore does not seek treatment.

          The reason I enjoyed reading her article is because it seemed to me like she was making the most honest attempt that she is currently capable of at examining her life and the choices she’s made. Regardless of her motivations for doing so, I think it shows a certain amount of bravery/audacity for choosing to publish this a public forum. So while I don’t agree with everything she’s written, I do admire her ability to accomplish what she has accomplished. Millions of people suffer from mental illness, but how many sit down to write best-selling memoirs that get optioned into movies starring Christina Ricci? How many graduate from Harvard, from Yale Law (even if she did get in, to her own admission, more on credentials and less on aptitude)?

          I know I didn’t do any of those things. My mental illness caused me to drop out of college and put me on the verge of homelessness for many years. And I have been judged for this by family, friends, strangers alike. So I try to reserve judgment on other’s struggles and admire anyone who is able to accomplish anything while suffering from mental illness.

  9. Ah, I read “Bitch…” a while ago – as a 20 something seeking moral support / how-to for being generally difficult and rebellious, LOL. But I agree mystic it needed a solid edit – was sort of a collection of cobbled together anecdotes and opinion, ish, i mean there were some good parts, but it could have been really powerhouse and juicy, fomenting rebellion etc. hmm

    • I think it is her character that needs a solid edit, the editor can’t edit her out of an article about herself unfortunately!

  10. Only skimmed the links, but underneath all the harshness battiness she has some points I agree with somewhat. As a 25 year old, it is mindboggling to see others my age (or younger!) let themselves go, and from a health standpoint it’s horrifying.

  11. What a silly woman. Poor thing is a deluded female Pan-type who couldn’t believe she was gonna grow up.
    She chose heroin, no strings sex & the Law over financial stability, companionship and a life.

    She didn’t do law for fun, she did because she wanted people to know how clever she is. If she was clever, she would get to work and start preparing for her lonely dotage as it appears she has no friends or family within cooee and can no longer afford the good stuff.

    Ah well, that’s what you get for following your “pure heart”!

    MM, maybe we need a triptych, a Scorpionic Leo type who is balanced and selfless? :) Between the Living Doll & this Prozac Doll this Plutonic Moon Gem Asc Leo is losing faith!

    • Charlize Theron is stunningly Leo-Scorpio and a complete genius who works with some very dark material as well as being totally glamor pussy

      • *Sigh of relief* Thank you, that is better.

        This seems a little harsh now I read back on it. Probably because she does remind me of myself.

          • Ha ha, well it’s a blur.
            Managing full moon parties and refusing marriage offers while dancing the night away took its toll… 😉

    • I’m being criticized for harboring no sympathy for this loon, and I have my share of mental health outburts including a suicide attempt in 1996. I just cannot stand folks who build their public personas out of their mental health issues and expect attention/sympathy/celebration. UGH. TACKY.

      • Fair point. It is distasteful that she is out there getting paid to write these disturbing missives glorifying her cracked view point that has lead her to misery.. It is kind of eay to see her failures & yet we empathise & also want her to just shut up & get help too.
        I think some people decline in a less… leo way.

  12. I liked parts of the article and I related a lot. I’m 25 and the inability to be an adult thing resonated…although I am trying. Also the “I only have today” depressed person mentality and trying to get happiness wherever you can hit home.

    I think it’s insanely hypocritcal for her to hate on women for being supported by men if they choose and then say she’s soooooo unhappy and alone and broke. It’s like lady — you’re surviving by writing self-indulgent books. And there’s nothing wrong with that! But don’t think you’re above stay at home moms or morally and intellectually superior to most women or something.

  13. Ugh. Crazy housemate that I just evicted was a low-Leo, also seemed to be going through some sort of mid-life crisis, as she’s about the same age as Wurtzel, and had mental health issues beyond just the mid-life crisis. She was a formidable character!

    • I thought about you. The way Wurtzel writes seemed like having a female stalker was a bit like having a Birkin bag. I’m glad you’re free of the psycho.

      As for this “genius” lo-Leo writer – I just don’t get it. I get told I am a deep thinker, but I read/scanned her writing and it made absolutely no sense whatsoever to me. Nothing to say about it. Nice that she fessed up to doing heroin or whatever, but…just makes no sense…train wreck of a human being…sad.

    • I’ve been thinking about you too and hoping you got the housemate out of your space. Is she gone for good? How does it feel? Hope you’re able to get some truly deep, restful sleep and then do a thorough physical and energetic cleansing of your place.

  14. Yeah, she’s gone for good! Yay! I feel relief but I’m reeling, emotionally and financially, from it all. I feel a lot of anger and I’m seeing a therapist about it.

    I have been cleansing the space, physically and on the energy level. It feels like I will have to continually cleanse it for awhile, but also ‘re-claim’ it for myself, put my own energy into it.

    Thanks for thinking of me! :)

    • I never commented, but am glad for you too! You sounded so calm in that terrible time, kudos. Post traumatic stress a little inevitable now you can finally let and go, relax and feel .. Luckily you have rest orders from MM & the Void Moon. Take care.

    • So pleased crazy housemate is gone! Take care of yourself and your space now Anon.

  15. i actually liked her a lot, and related to much of her story. the comments made be dig her even more- she definitely pushed some buttons… nooo my wife is not a prostitute! oh you’re so irresponsible! how will you ever retire? hee hee. i’m not sure that she would disagree with any of these negative assessments… in fact, it seems to me that this is her point, to say yes, i’m crazy, yes, i’m irresponsible and hypocritical and egotistical and a walking destruction factory, and NO, i will not put on the facade. i will be honest and messy and childlike and so what, it’s a valid choice. more power to her. i imagine kerouac and the like were treated with similar disdain. pffft.

    • definitely could have used an editor though. your dog…? ok. and the other article she wrote is just sad… lashing out from a place of wounding. :(

  16. I can say I just don’t get Wurtzel at all; I don’t get why she feels a need to toot her horn so much for barely doing anything at all. However, the resounding articles written to cut her down, I get even less. Almost seems like most of those were about Gen X values that Gen Y and younger hate, like “getting dressed up” or “being responsible”.

    I also looked at a picture of Bianca Ozeri who thinks she is the hotness with Carrie Bradshaw curls…wtf???um..ok….and she’s not that hot that she can put down Wurtzel at 45. Just saying…. pot calling kettle….
    I hate it when women get into tearing each other down articles.

    • Yeah, as much as her HB piece was a self-satisfied thought bubble that should never have escaped her skull, the virulent personal abuse in response is worse IMO. It’s almost funny, someone writes something judgemental about a trend, not cool, I get it, but the waves of very personal vitriol – that’s somehow justified? I don’t get it at all.

    • Agreed re Bianca Ozeri – I was picturing the yoga sex goddess. Lol people’s self-aggradisement just kills me. I’m kind of over the whole ‘you’re not a real woman if you don’t wear lipstick every time you step out your front door’ schtick too. I just want to take contemporary feminist debate (at least the mainstream of it) and drown it in a river to be honest.

  17. I started and did not finish any of her books due to feeling entirely ‘meh’ about the whole thing. She looks like she still has her 90s drug skin in that shot.

  18. I have a dear friend who was very very beautiful in her 20’s, started studying law, married a millionaire she met at uni, left him, went to live in India for a year in an Ashram, studied yoga, became a yoga teacher (a good one) made good money, spent it often on designer bags and big rent on beautiful apartments, had a string of different tortured relationships etc offered some very interesting jobs did them for a while, left them. Went back to uni, went to the bar, now practicing, and moved back to her parents. Multilple piscean, a touch of leo, I think, and aquarius.

    I took her to lunch for her 50th, and she was reflecting that her beautiful niece was starting on a princess path, expecting everything would be handed to her, and it would be, for a while, but no thought for what may come later.

    And my little sis to a lesser extent, is a sobering princess, post divorce (she left husband feeling very stifled for years, i kept dreaming how unhappy she was but wouldn’t admit), no property or husband or degree to earn good money in her mid forties, but she has me, and her beautiful son. I worry about her, and she won’t talk about stuff, doesn’t want to deal, but it is also her journey.

  19. Forget her and the hair, how good is today’s image for the daily horo! It is pure poetry in motion

  20. I thought the HB essay was really interesting and honest. Some of her issues I could immediately see in myself and other friends and associates from the 90’s. I had a similar phase in the early 90’s when all my world came crashing down and I was left with my self and my ‘ethics’ and not much else. Let’s face it she made something of her self from nothing to start with other than her brain and her chutzpah at a time and a place where she could have as she said ended up dead or trapped in an unhappy relationship.
    The vitriol from other women ? Ha, women can be so cruel to each other in ways that men can’t. Women rule in that arena for sure.
    And why couldn’t she find that relationship that leads to family and stability ? Hellloooo ! Cause men are scared of smart attractive women with ethics , surely you guys get that ?

    • I wonder sometimes if this is why Leos and Aquas are good for each other, in the ways that Scorps/Toros, Pisces / Virgos // OK all the opposites…

      but to Leo/Aqua combo. And this sort of relates to DL’s comment. A strong Aqua type would like the flair and drama, and could handle the psych meltdowns… Aqua gets bored if there’s no one to stir the pot, or argue with, and if you have “no opinion”..? Impossible, no one has no opinion! So along comes Leo, with capacity for (or at least unerstanding of) flair / drama / psych meltdowns, also those fixed sign opinions, and a love of rising to the challenge.

      Anyway I don’t know where i am heading with all of this, but maybe the point is that I think she’d get along with Aquarian types. Obviously I have NO evidence for this other than my piss-weak case above, nor have I read the articles in question.

      • It’s one of those things that makes no sense but is considered sensible when choosing a wife or mother of your children. It’s primal.
        Is this smart attractive creative ethical woman who is her own boss going to be happy and put up with me and my shit and children and all the work that that entails as well as her own dreams and directions ? The sperm says ..Hmmm, not sure ? She may dominate my DNA ? and expose my dragging knuckles.

        • My virgo friend proclaimed the exact same thing of his future wife the other day. Primal.

    • Men scared of smart,attractive women with ethics you say….. Could explain why I am single at the mo (or Venus in Leo in 12th house – keeping out of the way of power tripping users is more like it)

  21. I actually really liked this article and I think she was being self-deprecating (mostly). She knows she’s squandered it all, she’s failed, and that’s it.

    This for me was a really timely read. Like looking in a mirror 10 years from now if I had taken a slightly different path 15 years ago – when I decided it was necessary to find meaning in life to combat incredibly deep depression that probably started at age 12.

    Since then I have recklessly thrown myself into every single situation I could, until I started to learn to feel, and until I started to repeat mistakes. And by then I could feel and could stop repeating mistakes.

    And now I may not have any of the assets she doesn’t have either, but I sure as hell don’t feel like I wasted life or lost people by my rechlessness, and I never (intentionally) hurt anybody – just myself, until i learnt how to stop doing that too.

    Elizabeth, your writing is great, I understand where you’re coming from, but babe, like a Deborah Harry that just wasn’t, you got it wrong sweetie. you lost me in the second-last paragraph. It IS possible to live a free life without ever having to conform in your head – it is possible to do all the things you think you did, it is possible to fly. You sacrifice a lot, but these are sacrifices you choose.

    But it is not anybody else’s choice or anybody else’s fault or any problem with society that you have ended up as a sad, broken doll. I am totally free, I’ve lived my life for the moment for almost exactly the same reasons that you did, but I consider myself an adult, and I am still totally free. And I am ecstatic. I have terribly difficult times (like, yes, last year…) but they don’t define me.

    The missing link is responsibility. With freedom comes responsibility. If you never learn this, and it looks like you never have, then you weren’t looking very hard or very deeply.

    You’ve still got time.

    • Well said but I’d say theissing thing is self esteem. I know she gets crap for being full of herself but I don’t see it. I see someone who recognizes her failure but seeks externals to make sense of it. Sad. But! As you wrote, freedom doesn’t have to be emptiness.

  22. The strangest thing about that article was the footnote:

    This article originally appeared in the January 14, 2013 issue of New York Magazine.

    !! /proofreader

    I kind of feel sorry for her, but also like I would hate her if I met her IRL.

  23. Look, I could barely skim it..but speaking of 90’s or the 80’s for that matter, wasn’t there an unnamed genre (I say unnamed as I’m unaware of what it may be exactly except for the fact that I’m sure it exists) when a whole bunch of New-Yorkie self-help/loathing writing/films came out. I get that the French are existentialist but at least they pepper it with charm?

    I suppose she’s just doing what she does. And being honest in her own way about it. Maybe it’s just her way of talking about something she can’t quite let go of..

  24. HA! And Meh. *yawn* I never did read her memoirs. Just didn’t appeal to me. What’s scary is that she was born the day after me :/

  25. Fabulous example of the lower Leo genius, I washed my (forgive the pun) hair of a few in the crazy year that was 2012. Now on summer break, and in a new year I have time and space to read blog comments (did I see one from you in there MM?). And I think of the a-hole I would have been if I had not become a mother. Last night I dreamt that I had followed a women into the sea, she was holding a baby which she dropped into water. She kept walking as I scrambled to find the submerged baby. I couldn’t find it and looked up to see that out in the deeper waters the woman had turned into a large brown bear. Back in the shallows the baby had become a man wearing his swaddling cloth as a hood, hiding half his face. Then I woke up.

    I read the bear as mother and alongside the reading of this article within a blog and the comments and as a fellow 45 yo woman and writer I want to say that you can live life as a free spirit and still be a mother. Oh and as a writer I would say to Elizabeth keep your friends close and your editors closer! LOL.

    • omg check out the william blake tarot…i cannot remember the card right now but there is one in the minor arcana that has a bear hooded man walking to a doorway from darkness. I saw it immediately on reading the last part of your dream. The first part is your image but the last part seems heavily archetypal, in a jungian fashion.

  26. “Looking great is a matter of feminism. ”
    FFS :/

    There is so much work still to be done!!!

  27. All I can say is…she’s got the CRAZY EYES!

    Sorry, but nothing about her says classic beauty to me. Was cute back in her day, though.