Happy New Hardcore Moon In Capricorn!

Hey guys – happy Hardcore New Moon in Capricorn. It’s really got its shit together – not looking back, never complain-never explain, wily, resourceful and totally over the top when it comes to clarity.

And yes the Must Know Mission Statement Horoscopes for 2013 are NEARLY DONE. Thank you in advance (and in theory lol) for your patience. As soon as they’re up i will email subscribers & put a post up here + Twitter etc. So there is no need to email me (please) in case you “missed out.”

Meanwhile, is anyone having interesting Venus-Uranus symptoms?

With this one, it’s never quite what you expect. Eg; you expect rancid but hot-after-two-glasses-of-Blue-Devil dude to rock up but instead you pull an all-nighter genius epic work-art bender. Or you think it’s all about your new fuq-off-all-i-wanna-do-is-be-Fit & Rich Radical Chastity and then you meet someone out of nowhere.

So what’s up?

Image: Miki Soto

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180 thoughts on “Happy New Hardcore Moon In Capricorn!

  1. Nada with this Sun in Virgo, Libra rising.. but sometimes things happen later than scheduled. Right now, I have been focused on me.. it’s all about me. Not feeling guilty about things I have said, done and doing. Improving my diet, getting into a workout plan, working on the finances and will begin studying for an exam in June to improve my job skills! . Making new friends and just enjoying things right now. I love my independence! xo!!

  2. omg. YES! Venus Uranus symptoms. – I dare not even say it out loud yet. I’m too scared to jinx it. But can I just say “YES. YES and OH GOD YYEEESSS!”



      • wooo hooo! I’m so feelin that:)
        I”ve finally just clicked out of the 7 dwarfs of weird emo and found my inner cool chick again. I seriously thought Miz Resolve -nerves of steel was AWOL forever but the badass bitch is back and not a moment too soon. Dare I say – I shall be taking better care of her from now on. There’s nothing like a period of inner squishy-ness and “come back Miz Badass allis forgiven, where d’you go? hair pulling to make you remember why you love your inner bitch!

  3. Simmering, just simmering, pulling in the energy after hardcore work and low energy week, letting the strong structures I’ve put in place hold me while I rest, I’m prob more on the fit and financially healthy bender than the other types… But let’s just say I’m making moves and psychological changes re Venus action in a massive way!

    • Oh wow yep.
      Hardcore work and low energy week last week? I hear that one!
      I’ll take your strong structures and raise you a schedule based on what I’m ACTUALLY capable of rather than what I’d like to be capable of.
      Yeah, it takes me about and hour to do pretty much anything. Forget those lil 20 min coffee breaks. Nothing take 20 mins.everything takes an hour if it’s worth doing.
      But hey that’s just me…

      • Yes thats prob a good idea…
        a schedule based on actually whats possible….
        Im looking at another busy week this week as far as work is concerned, and Im hoping my energy comes back to carry me through…

  4. Venus-Uranus symptoms – hell yeah!!!

    But Mystic I need help!!! I know you warned us about venus weird-ling but this has totally come out of the blue.

    Recently meet a new man. His Sun in Leo and moon in Pisces. I also have moon in Pisces to my libra Sun, we are the same age.

    He keeps asking me out and sends me txt msg’s non-stop. Very attentive. We are meeting up for coffee on Tuesday.

    The reason why I’m freaking – from your Soul Mating book – our eros / psyche comes to “The Weirding” and “Karma Drama”

    Its the Karma Drama bit that has my heart in my throat. The last two major relationships I have had are with men where we had the Karma Drama connection. Seriously the most INTENSE relationships that broke my heart. The ending with Matt is still too recent, Im still slowly recovering….do I want my world turned upside down again???

    • I guess that’s why it’s called Venusian Voodoo–it’s tricky. Take it slow, play it cool, work out if he’s WORTH “turning your world upside down” for.

      Anyway I think you answered your own question…you’re still recovering from the last break-up.

      I’ve firmly believed that anyone who is “meant to be” will be happy to wait an aeon or so until the time is right for you. Chill, chill. Heal thyself first. If he’s worth keeping, he’ll wait. Nothing wrong with just being friends first.

      Wishing you good luck with all this xx

        • Yes the ‘right’ guy will be patient…Met super lush Aries Venus on his Mc middle of Dec. He’s O/S for 5 weeks and SUPER keen… I am much like you I think, healing and wondering how did this lushness get in whilst I had the doors so sealed tight!! Anyhoo…. thus far he is super understanding re space time and healing ….. Good luck! x

          • Thank you, all the best to you too xo.

            Its true what you just said, he has turned up when I wasn’t looking forward but still looking back (trying to look forward though).

            Good luck!

      • Mystic’s – ‘Soul Mating’ book is brilliant!! Get yourself a copy pronto!

      • You can order the book from Amazon!

        Then go home and look up the Eros / Psyche of each relationship you have had. VERY enlightening!!!

  5. Def feeling venus-uranus weirding, i am seeing someone who i have amazing sexual chemistry with whilst another dude is chasing after me, sending me gifts in the post, and offering to whisk me away for a weekend trip. not too sure what to do here. besides that, gonna get my shit together and take my blog and my writing career seriously. im done with being passive, taking guided action. thanks for all you do, mystic, as always.

  6. No Venus weirding so far but yes to the Capricorn vibe! I’m reading Primal Blueprint and getting amped bout the mars in aqua. Here I come mega health!

  7. Immediately after the new moon my Leo moon demanded new fancy undies and sparkly jewelry. Got a steal. No man on the horizon. Just vibing sexy. Lol! Thanks to MM I know how to nourish my moon.

  8. had pilates and now getting some prints framed! have been meaning to put some more artwork up in my house for
    A G E S. so impressed with myself, lol. natal venus in cap in the 8th.

  9. Saturn transiting sixth house. Forever. Boring. Flu shot, exercise, vitamins, work, cold icy heart of winter outside. The new moon broke some ice floes loose from my Iceberg of Procrastination, but so far that’s it.

    • Ha ha, broke some ice floes loose from your iceberg of procrastination… love it. Me too, finally fixed my door handle that I’ve been putting off for about six months… took me 20 mins. Also did a good new year ‘tossing out of out of date foodstuffs’ from my fridge. And started painting again… yay!

  10. Happy new moon… for me it was an early morning beach trip and private ritual, just beautiful. Renewal and clarity for my loaded Cap 5th.

      • Ha yes – finally got tired of the sound of my own complaining :)
        Something I read on Brain Pickings about ‘inspiration is for amateurs’ – can’t remember who said it but I’m sure it must have been a Cap.

        • Wow!! I love that!!! Perhaps that’s why I get incensed with people posting naff “inspirational” quotes on Facebook. Ugh!

          Cap Asc :)

        • The quote is from artist Chuck Close! – “Inspiration is for amateurs; the rest of us just show up and get to work. If you wait around for the clouds to part and a bolt of lightning to strike you in the brain, you are not going to make an awful lot of work”

          He’s not a Cap but Cancer sun, moon and venus That’s a lot of cardinal energy. He’s got a Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Taurus which would explain his work ethic, and Uranus in Taurus. Pluto/Mars/Mercury conjunction in Leo.

  11. After the new moon my ex called me up. I met him when Pluto was on my Venus in Cap, we broke up in July because of distance and drama over distance, just weren’t on the same page and our lives were both not where we wanted them to be individually either.

    I was upset with him throughout the winter and we haven’t spoken much lately, but he called up and said he had been thinking a lot about why he is the way he is and some of the comments I made about childhood, parents, and why we are the way we are and that I was kinda right about some of the stuff he did, that he was sorry. Cue jaw dropping. Underneath he’s a good guy but he definitely has some narcissistic tendencies and rarely will let his guard down or admit anything is wrong with him or his fault.

    It was a really nice conversation and this plus the last one we had finally made me feel at peace and have some closure. Being upset with someone, anyone, wears at you…even if you feel that you are in the right.

    So yeah, I guess that was my Venus-Uranus weirding. That and the fact that I didn’t get attached or have expectations like I used to after the call and that I am open to a vague kind of friendship. Now getting with the Capricorn vibe, drinking detox tea, coconut oil in hair, room vacuumed, making lists, planning domination, recommitting to career and art. I’m a natal Venus-Uranus and Tauro Aqua so I’m hoping this vibe brings more positive surprises, I could use them right about now!

    • So happy for you that you got acknowledgement and balance in the situation. And that you’re not, like, love-zombied out over it. Nice!!!

      So, the other day when you posted about the sloth, I started researching animal totems. I’m a water unicorn thing on that chart – but the Anaconda has been on my mind. Water Snake year, right? I didn’t know before – MM mentioned how irritable and weak snakes can feel before shedding – but I didn’t know snakes eyes cloud over before it completes the transition. So, the snake has no choice but to have blind faith in alchemy and transition. Creeps me out. I don’t think Virgo’s have faith in anything other than their own hard work, for real.

      Cheers to new skin for the blind and brave!

      • That’s interesting! So physically it actually mimics the initial birth process, coming into the world blind and being forced to trust to survive. I never really thought about how odd it is that the snake has this symbolic kind of transformation whether he likes it or not! A cool thing to think about or maybe meditate on…we’re all at some point in the circle of shedding skin, we might not know specifically where, but trusting is the best option.

        I want to like snakes but they freak me out. I used to dream about them all the time, like every other night but for some reason in the dreams they never scared me.

        Not fair, you get WATER UNICORN? Whenever there’s some kind of totem/spirit animal thing aligned with astrology I am always something doofy, like the aforementioned sloth (which I DO love, though) or an otter or a hedgehog. lol

        • Sloths are badass. Narwhals: “Nourishing others, an affinity with themes of cold and coldness, ‘deep and meaningful’, resisting captivity, poking holes in the theories of others, a desperation for freedom.”

          So that’s me.

          Snakes freak me out. I’m not screamy or paranoid about them, but can’t imagine having one as a pet and enjoying that. But…yeah…getting rebirth on a whole new level from it. About ingesting venom too, and becoming a healer from that. Its like, healer for addicts too in that way. This article explains it better: http://spiritlodge.yuku.com/topic/951#.UPDdiXffWNM

          rock on, sloth!

  12. Just into the third week of our annual family holiday. Basically lying on the beach, eating well and totally relaxing.
    It’s like the astro has gone on holidays too, letting me be.

  13. went for quiet drink down at local, hottest boy at bar swans over to bang into me and apologize via holding me for way too long. Housemates nicker. We go to new local and meet awesome new people. ex drama psychic scissors ahoy. love for future, not so damned maybe. Business future, looking greener. evil slog from hell phase 1, done. Holiday soon please.

  14. Lovin it ! Had rad biz idea into reality 5 point plan brainstorm with twin last night and looking forward to big breakthrough year ahead creatively and thoroughly feeling clean slate re love life I am ready for the new epoch

  15. Doing the radical chastity while focusing on work, manifesting moolah, etc.. I can’t be derailed.
    but a hawt guy trying to sell a product shined up my car. He was a dead ringer for joseph gordon-levitt except maybe a tad shorter. I wish i had $25 to blow on what he was selling. Alas this lass is keeping an eye on the budget!

    I started a new green candle money spell today too

  16. well I have been mentioning it but this astro has seen me reunited with my favorite ex-sweetie. best-friend vibes. tons of synastry like crazy too. his natal sun and my natal moon at 9 Libra- exact square to pluto at 9 cap… I’m pluto opp venus, while he has brutal exact pluto-venus conjunction … only makes sense that we would be drawn back together at this time… it’s like we really need each other right now

  17. The truth has just been revealed to me about a new Sagg love interest, who gave me reason to doubt.
    So whilst waiting for important career devs to begin – I get a sleazy realization about a time-wasting scenario that ‘was in the way of progress’ instead .
    After making yet more excuses and going awol earlier in the week, I decided I’d feel a lot happier with myself if I got my super-sleuth hat on and get some answers via the chat room Sagg frequents and assume a false ID.
    Let’s just say we have ‘communicated’, I now have his number (which he gives out to all and sundry) and all my suspicions confirmed. He is none the wiser, but a much sadder individual in my eyes. If that makes me a love zombie, then so be it.
    Moving on now!

    • I don’t think that makes you a love zombie!

      I think that makes you smart! You clearly dodged a bullet.

      Good luck xo

    • not a zombie at all just sneaky in a good way. As a scorpio, I am a fan of a certain amount of investigation. It’s amazingly good to know some things in advance. Love the line about time wasting sleaze. It’s a giant percentage of the ‘attention’ I get so it’s good to break it down into what is. I am also on same mission. x

    • If you were a love zombie you’d be crapping on about how its really just his inner child is wounded and acting out but that the love between you is divine nonetheless.

      Good to know now. Intimacy and manipulative liars don’t mix. Now you have space for better people to enter your life. Good luck.

      • so true. good for you.
        It’s best to find out now, then later.
        Good luck to you with a new love interest that deserves you!

    • clever you. So the opposite of a love zombie. A love zombie would be ignoring the bad stuff and clinging to the dead/dying love. You are free because you faced the truth of the situation. Just don’t get get sucked back in. That would the love zombie thing to do. x

  18. Does anyone else here find that their ‘moon cycle’ begins on the exact day and even hour of the new moon?

    Sorry for the diversion. Couldn’t feel happier about the new moon, feeling more safe, energetic and positive already.

    • yes that’s totally normal to either start + or minus 3 days of the new or full moon if you aren’t on hormones if you are healthy.

    • Mine is a somewhat irregular cycle but it’s always aligned with something! Was simultaneous with nutty eclipse 11/13/12. most recent one exactly simultaneous with moon opposite natal sun.

      • yep, bleeding with the new moon and letting a lot of crap, recent and old, go with the flow :)

  19. AM experiencing the Saturn newly conjunct MC canvas manoeuvre, whereby one is not-so-tactfully reminded that there are plans and P.L.A.N.S., with only the latter being acceptable.

  20. NOT feeling any Venusian Voodoo as yet, in spite of Uranus transiting my Venus. Saturn is opposite my sun, you know.

    I HAVE been feverishly fixing my feng shui since I woke up on New Year’s Day. Today I went to a garden centre and got new plants and pots. Moved the spiky yukkas away from my front door, replaced them with lovely frangipani’s in grecian-style pots. Placed a large white pot in my relationship sector with two gorgeous ficus plants in it.

    It is all looking utterly beautiful.

    Tomorrow it’s off to buy a rug and replace the sofa I now think of as ‘The Divorce Sofa’ on account of it being a parting gift from Dastardly Leo Ex husband.

    I do plan on doing some Venus-Uranus type personal development on Monday when I go for Matrix Re-imprinting. Going to clear out whatever the fuq is blocking me from having the relationship I want.

    Happy New Moon everyone. Now get to work.


    • Good for you and good luck! Its taken me YEARS to get rid of all the divorce era stuff. I keep finding more. Like, dishes…replaced some of those this dark moon. Looking at stuff differently now. Like, not just does something need to be OK or useful, but is the Qi of the object vibing right or its tossed. Chipped and cracked dishes must go – and along with them the memory of when/why I bought them.

      If nothing else, you will feel better Qi in your home and that DOES make a difference, romance or no.

      • Yes indeed. I do have a dilemma over a very valuable thing that was a wedding gift. I think I need to hide it somewhere until one of my offspring comes of age (and give it to her). I admit to being attached to the things (such as Eames dining chairs, Rolex watch) I came out of the marriage with as I lost all other assets. Tricky.

        Still, it is wonderful to be clutter-free.

    • Oh goodness yes, anything called the ‘divorce sofa’ can’t be good for attracting a new relationship! I hope you find the perfect Taurean Seduct-o-Rama Sofa to replace it very soon :)

        • Sell it. Cash carries well. You have style and taste and powers of regeneration. It belongs to a life and set of values that no longer belong to you. You can wiped the slate clean and still go haute style. On your own.

          Decluttering has unforseen benefits. Now, I notice, every time I rid myself of something low Qi – something that brings down my fresh vibe – later I discover something valuable. Its synchronistic and requires faith.

  21. I gotta say I am just LOVING THIS ENERGY. THE BEST ASTRO to say TOODLES to old habits and psych.

    This is all over the aries scopes about us Ram folks having a genuis idea every 3 seconds and getting our biz on.

    THIS IS HAPPENING. Shat is happening. I had this lightening bolt of genuis concept that I am implementing as we speak. FB page, networking and have enrolled into a course. IT’S ON it is so on… thank goodness I deserve this I’ve been wanting inspiration and execution of Biz for such a long time now.

    In terms of love. Oh la la. I am dating. It’s interesting keepin’ it light and flirty totally working for me, besides I’m too biz getting my biz on.

    Re: Old Love… not so old? Reinvented our relationship in a way that is less constricting more Aquarian if I must put a label on it. & this new approach is working wonders.

    Good times Good times!

  22. Checking in:

    This dark moon was heavy and I was one of the airy ones who had weights around my ankles.

    But defo new realms in art and image, and thank god for the new moon.

    All good.

    No venus-uranus yet – still nothing after Saturn in Libra dealt with my stellium.

  23. Is it possible I’ve been under the influence of this transit for a couple of weeks? I planned to spend these school holidays writing my still unfinished novel but have found myself in hardcore renovating mode instead. I’d been wondering wtf was wrong with me but Venus-Uranus explains it!

  24. OMG I’ve just realised I’ve been doing hardcore capricorn money-making-success-CEO-aspiring resolutions! Fuq sometimes I hate it how your posts are so right.

    • heh heh – i read my dailies and routinely say WHERE IS THE SPY-CAM IN MY LIFE?

      to person with partner just out of closet – be grateful babe! i have friends locked up in full brokeback mountain michelle williams sad wife gay hub mode crying, smoking, more crying, only luxurious waterfront mansions with super gay guys in denial DESPITE you know, them actually “dating” other men.
      dudes refuse to say anything is wrong. refuse to talk about it . blah blah blah. terrified of losing status. So dark ages and awful mess. okay it is one friend and one waterfront mansion husband etc BUT count yourself lucky your man is open enough to talk about it.

      • never understood that denial in the face of being caught with one’s hand in the till, so to speak.

        but yeah the status thing, i get that i suppose – not personally – I grew up in a houseful of aquarian types who laugh in the face of (undeserved / material) status –
        we invest so much in things that then keep us as miserable prisoners – social status, property, relationships…give me freedom

  25. Funny…I’ve been off the love train for a while after a super-dramatic relationship with a hot but unbalanced party guy…focusing on work and school, getting ready to apply to med school…then bam! I kind of find myself falling for a nice guy. Not my type: loyal, smart, compassionate. Out of nowhere. So weird for me. Hmmm…

  26. Not feeling any different yet.

    I have Venus at 6 degrees Capricorn, so all those planets are mowing over it right now. Pluto has been on there pretty good for awhile.

    My life has been against the wall stressful for quite awhile. Not in a good mood most of the time which is really difficult for my interpersonal relations. No love or intimacy in my life right now and can’t imagine letting any in during the state I’m in. Still feeling bleak……..nothing has lifted yet since the new moon…..I’m hoping something will shift…….been kind of depressed….still tired, too…

  27. Yeah, in late December, I discovered my fiancé was gay, got laid off THEN moved out of his place into a place with a person who doesn’t seem to be concerned with domestic hygiene. I’m starting to pull it back together but it was kinda rough for a moment. This cycle should end as soon as possible…

    • Being in the closet is one thing, taking someone else in there is just too much. Non ?
      You must love him to have thought about spending your life with him, and you must feel betrayed. OMG imagine how he feels.
      One day you’ll see it as a great escape.

    • Hi Anon, I don’t really want to be a poster girl for this sitch but I have talked a lot about it here so thought I would chime in. I feel for you… apparently it is a lot more common than you would think. I’m unpicking a long marriage to a repressed gay man and as you’d imagine there are many emotions involved. If this only happened late December then kudos to you for having the strength to deal with all these major challenges at once.
      What helped me re the marriage was to accept I would feel a variety of emotions – sadness, grief, anger, and to try and accept them as they bubble up, feel them and let them go. Some days I do better than other days, and that’s ok too. I know in the long run you’ll be glad it happened before the marriage and not years into it. Wishing you continued strength.

  28. Magic epic day of moving house. In the new digs and feeling at peace with the world, after a long, long, long incubation.

  29. Nothing at all yet but the day is super young (5:00 a.m.). Boyfriend is sick so am on nurse duty for the weekend.

  30. Strange day.

    Initially satisfying overcoming remnant procrastination, but later slipping into wistful ruminating on unstable relationship that finally ended (for the umpteenth and final! time) back in November, complete with reading emails from late 2010. So not really feeling that don’t-look-back during that moment of weakness. Eventually made it to the pool for exercise and prepared nice healthy meal so upswing at the end, followed by unrewarding browsing of dating site.. perhaps it’s not my time yet.

    Know that eventually something will shift, but it’s going to be the product of my work as well as the planets.

  31. I live with a Cap Moon, so void Cap Moon hardships hit me harder – for 48 hours, status anxiety was galloping in my mind. As soon as la Luna moved into Aqua, I could gather the insights. But it was hard.

    Venus-Uranus pinging? Feeling, noticing nothing yet, but I would like to be in the fit & rich track.

  32. I slept hard until 1pm, does that count for anything? sleeping off yesterday’s inexplicable fatigue.

    Ambivalent Leo still being all nice and things. Personal Crisis averted. That sure was a funny patch I was going thru. Moon was also conjunct natal moon in last-gasp of Cap, it was all very NOT GOOD ENOUGH PI
    (altho not just me by the sound of the comments)

    nothing sleep and cleaning and exercise doesn’t fix. to paraphrase a Virgo (12V i think).. clean something and you’ll feel better.
    or what another virgo said (sorry I can’t remember whom) “cleaning things until the bad goes away”

    social – and moneymaking – mojo has deserted me. Not what I expect with a 7th house loaded with a transiting Solar System. Like, pathetically weak at hustling right now. WTF. This is NOT helpful?! finally there are people appearing in my life who I think are excellent, and/or opportune meetings with career types, and the urge to stay under a rock or in only limited, select company is stronger than ever. This had better change and soon.
    Baby steps, Pi..

  33. Definitely a magical capricorn day. Went from love zombie (putting me in a depression all week) to person with a work opportunity who can put things in perspective.

    • Hmmm.. you got me thinking. Still in learning mode with this chart stuff but now I wonder how most of the planets living in my 11th house should be doing. It’s interesting to see that the 11th house is all about friends, goals for the future and groups. And that is exactly what I am doing now. All 3.

      Thanks for posting this! xo!

      • Saturn is on my midheaven and Neptune and I’m dreding the opposition to Jupiter in my home sector.

        • 12th, what do you think will be brought up in the home sector for you? Still trying to learn the intricacies of astrology (i.e. Saturn at your midheaven) so I ask questions.

          I hope it isn’t as bad as you think! xo!

  34. With the Dark Moon, as a capricorn kept nickpicking and thinking of things I need to make better, and feeling unhappy with what i have done so far, and my moods were all over the place……Then yesterday night, I fixed my resume sent it out to a couple of jobs, reserved a seat for a class I need to improve my image for work and decided to go ahead and get all my papers ready for remodification for my home so I dont lose it. So in short getting it all together in every aspect of my life and if something isn’t right moving on or getting something better thats my goal…..I feel like a nympho overly zealous, and my mind doesnt seem to stop thinking of everything that needs to be done……

  35. I have been pondering Venus, after seeing this interesting chart by Boots Hart:


    I checked my personal transits, there is all sorts of Venus action, like Venus sextile Neptune, Venus trine MC, Mars sextile Venus, etc. Dammit I have been stuck at home all week, deathly ill with the flu, I can’t even get out of bed, so all this Venus voodoo is going to waste.

  36. Amazing! Woke up today with total clarity re a creative project that has been simmering away for two years. Now that’s back on the growing list of things I want to make I just want to GET TO WORK. What weekend? YEAH! :)

  37. Exhausted but enthusiastic about uni work – 4th House capricorn – full of natal planets…still newbie to understanding all this but i assume that parental pressure is due to transits occuring in this house – and regarding 7th House issues.

    I feel like a puppet, a toy for my parents – i’m craving and aching for freedom – to be able to make a few choices of my own and be supported yet still respect them for all they’ve done for me. Currently in the middle of a patient and adoring bf and parents. I’m lost for words…i’ve been hurt in the past and when i finally let go it was an amazing liberating experience especially because of the hurt he caused but this time its different – i presume it’ll be harder to let go because of how beautiful our connection is.

    Hmmm…venusian voodoo? Where art tho?

  38. Ex-lover is finally leaving town. We’re not even together but still I’ve spent days feeling totally bipolar over the situation. I’m relieved, I won’t be bumping into him anymore. But I’m also absolutely, gut wrenchingly devastated. *cue* waking up in the middle of the night sobbing. He’ll be gone in two days.

    • This was not the Venusian Voodoo I signed up for. I wanted the happy version where I meet a hot new spunk. Not usher in the first new moon crying at random. This isn’t the intention I wanted to set for my next six months. I keep telling myself to focus on the fact that now I do have the space to meet someone new and worthy – but I loved him, I can’t pretend it doesn’t affect me.

      • It’s ok to love. We are all here looking for it, right? It’s a deep philosophical question: why should loving someone unconditional hurt us? The answer to that is freedom. Trust the process and give yourself faith.

      • It’s ok to feel, hon. It’s normal to mourn something that you cared deeply about. Am I right in thinking you’re a Cap moon? Soz I don’t remember. But maybe do your moon and see if it helps? x

        • Cappy rising. Very difficult being a Kataka Sun (loaded seventh house). Ugh! Anyway. I suppose I have been doing my moon. Aries. (Mmmmm, my life is a t square). Basically demanding he see me before he goes, which I think he will. Neither of us can help ourselves. But yeah, once he’s gone I’ll be spartaning up and back to número uno, Aries style. Hitting the field work despite the 40 degree days helps too. Trying to follow Leichhardt’s trail as best I can while out surveying. Pretty fun actually.

          • the crying thing…that’s the real goodbye. acceptance. when our back foot leaves the other lilypad as we step onto the new one. xxx

          • Wow that’s a LOT of cardinal energy you have onside… interesting that he is moving on geographically which will create all kinds of space for someone new, and you involved in surveying/mapping, charting new courses. I like the synergy of all that. Blessings on those journeys x

            • good luck woohoo and I hope you do get to see him – love hurts and as Pi says, moving onto the next lilypad…btw I am very interested in your work on Leichhardt – are there any links to the project/research you feel u could post here?

  39. A guy I briefly dated last year dashed in (just a phone convo or 2), and this is one very Uranian lad! My Uranian vibe was also turned on: it was nice to hear from him, but I can’t be bothered by flaky people!

    I’m also enjoying (yes, enjoying) just plain dating 3 guys (one who lives a thousand miles away). After surviving Saturn’ looong transit in my 5th house Libra, I don’t feel like getting worked up over any relationship!

    • I don’t feel like getting worked up by any relationship either, I don’t even think I have it in me? but before, gee whizz jelly fish it was my life, I was ALL about relationships lovey dovey crappy bull.

      Saturn demolished my eight house.

      Nice to know someone else feels this way lol.

  40. I’m not sure what it is but I’m completely ant-love (of others) at the moment. It all seems so silly to me… I’m very much about me and what I want.

    • Me too GC! I woke up early this morning bothered by my family. I just don’t care about them right now. I have tried so hard to get them to be a family and it is just not the family that I want. And right now it has been all about me. If you aren’t happy with me.. oh well!

      Going out with some “new” friends tonight so I am happy about that. Yesterday was dragging my feet but got myself together and went out to lunch near the beach then went to the beach to rest and think. Love my time near the water. I still can’t believe I am back. Let’s see what this year brings!


      • bless you dear – sounds lovely and excellent to be out with new friends – feel totes the same re family ATM – I hope you decide to create your own rather than trying to fix the others or get them to behave :)

  41. whoa looks like scorpios are getting hit pretty hard by Saturn.

    Scorp genius Aaron Swartz who invented RSS feeds hung himself recently. :( Sadness. He was only 26 y.o.

    • How sad, they really are getting hit. My multi-scorp mum is in the middle the nervous breakdown that had to happen.
      Being moon in scorp, does this mean this year will be an emotional year do you think? I am guessing so.

      • yeah i’m scorp moon too. I think Mystic said Saturn on your moon is depressing or something because she just went through that.

        I just know so many Scorps put on a brave face and all. :( i just worry…. We Libras whine all the time over a little astrological ‘toe stub’, but Scorps….shoot…. you don’t know if they are hurting….

        • Until they fall apart.. Well, Plutonic Peeps will have to support each other a bit this year.
          Tolerance for the intolerable!

        • aww, feeling the love Electric. Nice to know you care about us. 😀

          ’tis true, we do put on a brave face. It’s hard for us to be”light”. We’re uber sensitive and need lots of cave time to process the deep, intense emotions. Wouldn’t dream of dumping that on anyone 😯

          Besides, I can’t stand talking about feelings *shudder*. Maybe that’s my Cap asc & Moon in Saggo signature though.

          • Thought about my Scorp mother on w/e and realised that Scorpio’s are THE most sensitive sign, super feelings.
            Awestruck i am about this.

  42. Venus Voodoo my rump! Venus Claus I don’t believe in you.
    You’re a cute little imaginary story told to romantic hopefuls.

      • My Bah-Humbuggery wasn’t actually about me for once. I was consoling a Crab friend. Her Scorp Man is blowing hot and cold on her. His actions tell me he is in love with her…calling her all the time…bothering her all the time. I mean she hasn’t had normal time to hang out with her friends since he showed up on the scene. Now he wants time out to figure out things. *eye roll*

        • sounds venus-uranian and like he needs her to draw some boundaries while he flip flops around like a hold cold wet fish or child who can’t make up their mind or concentrate for very long hopefully saturn in his sign will be grounding
          #very uranian problem.

        • Scorpios sure like to feel the world revolves around them. It doesn’t, that’s Leo’s job. :)

        • careful with those attention-demanding types. poor boundary ID. his AND hers. she might be better off saying “take all the time you need.. I may or may not be here when you figure out whatever it is you want.” then making and keeping time for her own life. everyone is more attractive when we’re not totally available I think? it’s the supply/demand thing. scorps are yum in general, hope it all works out for her.

          • to be honest, i think a part of her welcomes it. As fas as she’s concerned, the big love of her life got away, so she feels anything else is just not gonna measure up. I can tell she doesn’t enjoy the way he looks physically. He’s not a bad looking guy, but he’s not hot in a way that she would care. I can tell this is true because she never talks about how good looking he is when she used to do that for all her other guys in the past. Us Saggo rising types are particular about looks.

        • that’s less astro more psychology imo. the aqua was the same in many respects. deeply insecure people will drag you to their level to play, sun sign irrelevant.

    • Venus came to me in the form of a play date. A lot of people in my area – best schools in the USA – drug their kids (ADHD) and stress over performance metrics. I was nervous about mingling with them, but I invited them over and scored. Parents are Northern Californians married 20 years – Leo/Taurus rising Gem moon wife, really empathic, Pisces-Pisces rising husband whose Mom is a physic healer and Dad is his best friend.

      Not Qi Vamps AT ALL! And they reminded me of my dreams. We talked for 6 hours while our girls played wild.

      I wanted to move to Northern California this summer. Saturn in my second house is setting the time line. But…I felt closer to my dream today. And if I could choose between my dream home and community and a hot love zombie affair – its a no-brainer! MY dreams matter here. You know? Its like I forgot them and they came by for a play date today. I’m so fucking mutable. And ranting. Ha!

      Venus wears many faces.

        • I started getting a buzz from it. Ha! So not sexy at all, right? Talking to a couple, hosting kids. But, at least I know there are new people out there – people I never met, things I’ve never done, places I’ve never seen – that energize me.

      • northern california would be honored to have you grace her with your presence. your new friends sound lovely. they really are worth their weight in gold… so rare and wonderful!

  43. The energy has shifted so much. Its way more than I can articulate. The gap between those who bring the Awesome and Qi Vamps is getting so much starker. I can’t longer tolerate objects that are made begrudgingly. Like ordering pizza. I’m a single Mom. I do it all the time. But the other night – I felt pain on the pizza. Hard to articulate. It created conflict – having that pizza in my life – in unforseen ways. Its not a diet thing. Its about how its produced. Chain store, provides no health care, shit like that. Can’t tolerate it. If its not made with love, I don’t want it around me.

    • I get ya on the pizza with no love. Down with factory farms and mass produced rubbish! Tired of eating the sweat and tears of the over worked and underpaid.

    • Cool bananas Mystic 😎 but credit should go to Chrysalis for mentioning it in the first place :)
      My moon in Saggo/mars in Virgo just had to get to the source.

  44. Yes, Uranus and Venus were up to their hijinx when I knocked on the THT’s door. So my surprise on him this time instead of the other way around altho I hadn’t even thought of that.

    Venus was in hard (square) aspect to my Mercury with trans Uranus and his Chiron-NN and loosely my Sun his Venus in Aries.

    I’ve kept charts on everything since I met him and Venus is always the catalyst it seems.

    • Well, along with Uranus that is.

      When we met, trans Venus was in late degrees Virgo on his Pluto, Jupiter and SN, also conjunct his 0 deg Libra Uranus. He had had his Uranus opposition no too long before that…

      And so those were square my Gem Asc and Mars…

      Venus/Mars/Asc and Uranus set up that day…

      TROPIC of SCORP and VERONICA from the other thread..thanks guys…

      I chuckled about your coffee TofS (as I sit in a coffee house using the wireless). He said he doesn’t drink coffee in the morning and I said “well, that sounds boring” lol

      Gosh, I hope he’s picked up that I joke alot…if not he may think I’m psycho… :)

      • Can just add that Saturn at 10 Scorp is exactly opposite his Sun and Asc…

        Part of me had felt a bit sorry for him and then oh hell no, he’s got two games going on two different screens…

        Haha, ladies, don’t let your emos reel you in too much and imagine they’re sitting around on the pitty pot…some may be but this one was not…Must be the fire stuff…

        Said “basketball can be exciting”…he said IT IS exciting and rubbed hin hands together…He had a small bet going…

        • and also , hey, know I SHOULD NOT HAVE gone to the casino last night but won 1600.00

          then lost it all except for gas money…..haha. Old habits die hard baby and this year they not going down without a fight…As long as I keep walking and meditating I’ll be alright…

          Imagine having banned yourself from the casino like four years ago and if so, when you win a jackpot and they need to call the attendent to come get your id/info so they can pay…

          But if you are banned, self wise or other, they will HANDCUFF you and take you to jail…literally…

          My heart was racing…I sat there and prayed to every Ascended Master and angel I could think of…please lord, I don’t want to go to jail tonigh! lol

              • Last Wed night, after work, was at the convenience store across the street.

                While at the counter, a man walked in and I heard “what time is it?”

                I turned and said “time is running out”…

                lol…We then carried the convo outside. He ended up being a Toro and wanted a ride to the casino…(I actually had not been in quite some time..)..

                Had him open his jacket and patted him down a bit, then put my notebook computer in the trunk..Said “I’m a massage therapist and can choke you to death” (all in fun/jest…sorta..lol)

                Gave him a ride to the casino and went in with him. He was chill…so good looking…3 yrs older, weather beaten but still you could tell he was the shit in his day..

                I only played my tips…and he got me a hot chocolate…Then later I dropped him off at his place…

                THIS is what happens when Uranus is on your Mercury trine Sagg Jupiter in 6th…Life is just so non boring…x

                I have his number and birth info….He was born in 57, Seattle Washington…late May…don’r remember presently but there IS something to those Toro men… 😉 He said “maybe we can be companions”..

                • And he just praised this 72 yr old woman he travelled the world with. He apparently seemed taken with her kitchen skills…for reals…

                  When I saw the Toro last time, he said he was hungry but that he didn’t have “good food” presently in the kitchen …

                  You better believe I’m going to be making him some sort of stew…

                  So two for two that shit is real…(a way to a man’s heart is thru his stomach…at least with the Toro’s it seems)

                  • Patty Smyth…I Am the Warrior…

                    A Katka..

                    I heard ya Prowlin, Nat and lil Aries mom…jjesus my mind went b lank..

                    haven’t done her whole chart

                    • Love the honky tonk..

                      Dad born dirt popr on a farm afterall circa

                      gosh I love him so much..and will be so sad when he leaves this earth..He’s 79 now..

  45. i think it’s really funny that as part of my new moon ritual i recited the hymn to pan, and just now the oracle told me to find pan by transit (which i haven’t checked in a while). he’s right on my ac. almost to the minute. holy synchronicity!
    my new moon was great. venus-uranus so far has meant i make a vision board at a gathering where only a few magazines were provided and most of them were really really bad catalogs, so my vision board came out of cosmo. haha! it’s all sex and lust and super-cheese but hey, it’s going to work. epic sex for all of us… no more focusing on this celibacy thing! also ex’s gf is moving out and i am happy- she was authoritarian and i wasn’t happy leaving the girls with her and neither were they. so bonus. complicating bonus. venusian voodoo has yet to happen but a new term begins tomorrow, so here’s hoping the eros grand trine does the trick! or at least clarifies last year’s mess. ugh. venus pluto you got some ‘splainin’ to do.

    • Cool re pan – he is like lusty woodsman rising then!?

      Also good re ex’s gal, if yr girls don’t like her.. Hm.