Are All Gemini Guys Man-Children?

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Dear Mystic,

Are all Gemini guys man-children? They’re so exhausting! One minute they’re there in your life, inviting you out to parties and cuddling up… the next, after making time to help you with something they immediately run away from any kind of “friendship” commitment… This last one isn’t the first, though there haven’t been that many in my life, true. I’ve decided to say screw this guy, let him do whatever he wants… If I hear from him again, I’d be surprised honestly. He can’t make any kind of plan whatsoever, even if you suggest something to him a day or two before you have to throw it at him 2 hours before it starts the day of, so he can feel like he gets to jump off to freedom or whatever. But then you say, “Thanks for helping me out, it means a lot” it turns into “I already have a sister; I don’t need another one.” I’m sorry, what? I was just saying thanks for being awesome. As far as the man-children bit goes (sorry to deviate), the ones I’ve known, even if they’re doing something responsible and following their dreams and passions, etc, they all dream of running back to something they used to do involving either clubbing or dicking around. This is definitely a problem for some with Aries in their chart, but more pronounced in Gemini.

HELP! How do I deal with this?


My Dear Confused,

Seriously – Gemini Men, to me, are up there with the Large Hadron Particle Collider in terms of pomp, expense (psychic) and general batshit insanity.Β  YES if the thing gets turned on right and recomposes the universe or brings on time travel or something, it will be great. I think. But in the meantime…seriously?Β 

Although, having said that, may i suggest you date an Aquarius to truly have your senses warped? So, okay. You don’t sound like this has turned you into a Love Zombie – yet – so that’s excellent. You also don’t say what sign YOU are, which would help. So how is the ‘screw this guy, let him do whatever he wants’ etc etc plan working out?Β  It’s brilliant in that you get to retain your dignity, mystery and sanity.Β 

Can i also say that the “i already have a sister” line when you were just being polite/nice seems a bit douchie.

Balance: Gemini Guys have sexy darting Mercurial eyes, they tell excellent anecdotes & are excellent at foreplay.

In some cases foreplay or phone sex IS all there is but never mind that. Once i got a really sad email from a girl who was fending off Love Zombie-hood after an ill fated dalliance with a GG and she wrote that he was but “a figment, a whisper and a promise, in the end like an alien sweet scent on the evening breeze.”

They often say/act like they don’t want to be pinned down (like a poor little butterfly, gassed in a jar and stuck up on some wall) but then wind up in a domestic gulag, their every move more or less monitored and scrutinized for signs of insubordination. Weird that.

What does everyone else think? Thoughts from Gemini Guys welcome…


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221 thoughts on “Are All Gemini Guys Man-Children?

  1. I’m developing a prejudice against Gemini’s of both genders. Its like trying to catch a fish in a creek with your bare hands – why bother? They just want to move. Alas, my daughter is Gemini rising, so I must see the good side of this. They’re entertaining, but so damned flighty its exhausting!!

    Its like, they abuse the powers of Mercury – and, yes, I am being judgmental and prudish and one sided to make the point that I am Virgo.

    I wonder if Taureans and Librans feel the same way about Venus – like there is a right way to use it and the other team just doesn’t get the ruler right?

    • There are def. bad Libras out there. I’ve met some. Venus can be a dark mofo twisting the hearts of others to their cause.

      • True. I just like the idea of a cage match of sorts over sign ruler. Virgos versus Gemini. Libra versus Taurus. And, old rulers too, so Pisces can fight Sagittarius for powers of Jupiter and Aquarians can battle Capricorns for Saturn’s realization. lol

        Geminis just never seem able to mix entertainment with reason, you know? Like – why can’t it be fun and valid at the same time? God, I am SUCH a Virgo, lol.

        • I too have noticed this. A few Gems I did know want zero responsibility want someone else to pay for everything and V.I.P. access to everything but unwilling to treat anyone else the same.
          Since, then I keep my distance from them. They are drinking party buddies not close friends now.
          I’ve met a few Gem guys over the years since. It is indeed odd.

          • The two Gems I knew weren’t lovers but close male friends. Not a love zombie situation. But still frustrating regardless.
            My best friend was a Scorpion male and Virgo male. They understand loyalty. (or so it seems)

            • I have some wonderfully close, loyal Gemini friends actually, all of them have a heavy Cancer/Toro theme though so perhaps that helps. I couldn’t date one though. I way too much of a Scorp for their flightiness. On a par with Libra men and Sag men in the do not go near list, too many bad experiences.

              • I have seen the dark side of Virgo. And I have tons of Virgo in my chart- shadow self?

                • We all have dark sides unfortunately some are more dark or low vibing than others.

                • The dark side of Virgo? As opposed to low? I’m Leo Sun, Scorp rising, Taurus Moon, but I have a heavy stellium in Virgo. I hate things to be out of order, but not sure it can get much darker than that.

                  • ooh, the way a Virgo can speak sometimes – the guilt trips – as if one was being imperfect just to cause them pain. I’d say that’s the dark side of Virgo. Sometimes I overhear myself and thing “holy crap, that’s cold and demanding!” Never made friends with a Virgo.

                    • Well, I”m a Gemini with Moon in Virgo, so that’s pretty much the best of both worlds, innit? LOL.

        • the virgo and the taurus would win. but only because the gem would not see the point and wander off and the libra would, well, be a libra. :)

          • I disagree. Virgos super power is applied logic, which some are immune to. Then comes lo-Virgo with crushing guilt trips. Gems would have the panel laughing. Laughter wins. Taureans would be too slow to show their beauty-working while Libra would show up vein stunning. Libra’s win. Now…I MUST fanatsize about Aquas and Caps on Saturn. :-)

            • sure i guess if you’re going lo-virg and high-gem… in an even hi-hi or lo-lo match i stand by my assessment. you might be right about the libra-toro. depends how long the lead up was! :)

              cap-aqua for saturn is fun fun fun to fantasize about. my money’s on the cap only because i can’t see aqua fighting for… saturn? hee hee.

        • I’ve had good luck with some female Gems. I’ve been long lasting friends with some, not so much with others. My longest lasting female friends have been Gems.

          So a female Gem who had talked me into being her biz partner aeons ago, talked really big and tough…so SERIOUS about us going into biz together. She is Gem Sun with Toro Moon and ASC. Then the last semester, she met an Aries chick that was more her style…i.e. Aries chick was a trust fund baby and thus had oodles to spend on rent and decor of the biz. Suddenly I was cut out of the biz plan! I wasn’t even included as a hanger-on!
          But she got her just desserts! Aries chick was mega successful, because how can you not be when you have more $$ than God to throw at a biz, Gem failed to bring in clients and was KICKED OUT by Aries chick within 2 years! Then Aries chick asked me if I wanted to be her biz partner. hahah… I said no of course…. My biz partner is another Libra and a Crab! Strange i know! But it works!

        • OMGosh.. 12th.. your words coming out of my mouth exactly. LOL!! It guess it is a Virgo thing. :)

      • I think there are a lot of bad ones under any sign as well. I believe in the energy & the spot on descriptions of the personalities of the differ signs & that one can try to connect to another without so many psychological hurdles getting in the way by matching birth dates & sign+sign=SOME common traits & or complementing ones to start out a friendship. But honestly I think the energy of evil in the world is starting to affect the energy of the cosmos. In Western Culture given the history of social structures & social norms being changed by laws being passed so quickly, human minds & subconscience beliefs & attitudes don’t change as fast as the law. We are still very much a misogynistic society. The sexual revolution & the feminist movement on top of graphic media & now instantious virtural access to the graphic exploitative, violent portrayl of women has young & older men alike doumbfounded. They don’t have any respect for anyone, let alone females. Friendship starts with a liking of someone & decent human courtsey & respect for oneanother.Not a couple of shots on top the drinks & the, what are they calling it nowadays? “Hook Up.” in the parking lot & learn names after the psycial energy has worn off from the harmones being shared. Human beings were made to need touch. I’m not even saying the hook up produced intercorse or oral sex of any kind. Just the groaping & sucking eachothers face off & the hands moving on eachother is enough. {not implying you did any of that either Confused } It is the mindset of society reeking havoic on the minds of young & old alike. Free sex pass it around. It’s everywhere. They’re trying to sell liquid plumber with it for God’s sake! Women & Men in a society where two decades worth of blow & go hook ups are socially acceptable. No friendship necessary. The human race don’t even have to know oneanother, much-less have any respect for eachother. In the process having no self-respect, but that lesson isn’t learned until way later. All of this mingling & meeting is happening bass-ackwards & a secular opt out option is a new App….so to speak, in human behavior. Society’s loose attitude toward psycial human relations is taking the humanism out of mating, dating, cuddling & the idea that we are to respect or have empathy for one another is slowly being obliterated. Why should a man have to court a female nowadays? He can do the clubbing & get his stress relief took care of without having to become emotionally available or help do anything for a lady. He can jet off & just go get a psycial hook up with another female & she won’t need any help, any kind of commitment or cuddle time. That is what the explotation of sex has done. But the masters of disaster in Hollywood & T.V. & media pumping out the porn, sex & violence have forgotten one element……The mind, soul & spirit are attached to the human bodies having sex. They are more involved than the warm flesh organs going at it. And we are all doing it at some point, humans are going to have sex-I think alot of us like it. They are selling our kids & us out. Of course men are going to take that offer up, total joy to their raging hard pulse. Men will screw anything at the drop of a dime, they can’t hardly help it in past decades, it’s a free for all now! They have never been as in tune with emotional investment as women have been regarding such matters-that are of the heart-the heart is involved, emotions, respect, cuddle time is involved when healthy people get it on. I guess the powers that be peddling sex for money forgotten about all of that! Least they forget also that on occasion a little human is procreated in the process. Men are hard wired to hunt, eat, screw, sleep & poop. If they can do all of that & not be a friend, communicate or have to cuddle or help out-they are in paradise. Don’t let no one tell ya differant. It don’t matter what sign they are born under, if the chance to screw with NSA is in their face the’ll do it. IMO that is where that imature mindset & comment, ” I already have a sister, don’t need, bla…bla…bla…” Yeah! Whatever……came from. The sorry mindset being programed in the mens minds by a greedy non-empathetic culture that is slowly reducing the act of two human beings having sex to nothing more than a mechanical feels good in the moment act for the me, me, me generation. You young ladies will have to change all of this madness. Don’t put up with it. Kick his A**to the curb. Hold your head up high. He wasn’t your friend to begin with. He just led you to think he was to see where the cuddle time might have taken him! They have been programed for thousands of years to get laid & they’ll lie to do it. Young or as I have learned getting up in age myself, or old-as long as the blood is still pumping & the penis head is thumping for some bumping, they’ll say anything to not have to rub themselves for that all consuming mind-blowing over rated stress relief. You ain’t his sister……GOOD. You tell him, you’re not his friend & he no longer rents any space in your mind for free anymore. The next REAL MAN that gets space in there will be making an investment, because life is short & your time is priceless. Your company & confident, beautiful presence is a mere bonus to the REAL MAN that knows how & has the skills to appreciate the total package! Took me a long time to figure out people, not just guys & born on any day can only treat you in a manner in which you will allow them to do so. I still have to stop & remind myself that I have the right to choose who will & will not be in my presence. I decide that, not them- -ME ! In 40+ years I’ve learned to do it a WHOLE lot quicker. Peace Out! You find you a match on the birth charts to have some common traits to build a friendship with someone in the beginning. When you finally find whom you think is that special man, I promise you-in order to co-habitate with him as perfect as he will seem to be-you will still have to set him straight from time to time & you will have to train him somewhat. They hunt, eat, sleep, screw & poop! They can’t help it, they just made that way. The guys got the muscle. We women have the heart & the brains that keeps the whole circle of life flowing.

  2. Gemini guys were written off the menu like 15 years ago. I’ll take an adorable Aqua guy with all their unpredictable (and yet predictable to me) quirks any day. Gemini men = a mindfuq that is not worth the price paid. If I have them around it is for friends only.

    although, I’ve noticed ever since I’ve written them off the menu, they keep chasing me now.

    The last Gem guy to drag my heart around was like almost 50 yrs old (so about a 20 yr age diff) but a in-shape, smart, and with it guy. We worked at the same lab but diff depts. He ate Mc Donald’s every freaking day and was a general uncommited mess. He ended up marrying a ditzy nurse my age after dumping me, saying I was too young for him. Gem guys always talk like they want an intellectual equal, but in truth they want a cutie that is less intelligent than they are. So if your Gem guy doesn’t like you and it’s not because you are too clingy; it’s because you are too smart.

      • Yes ive experienced this…it’s like I’m an interesting and exotic experiment

    • Ahh with all respect I too have completely crossed out Gemini men off the menu completely and have experienced two destroyed friendships with gemini women ..yet I’m an Aquarian with a Gemini i m aware of the child adult complex..could a fellow person clarify why I’m suppose to be compatible with geminis and yet I run away screaming…? And where are all the available librans?

      • if it makes you feel any better Im not compatible with my fellow Librans either except as friends. It really sucks. I think the males and females of same sign can either be too similar and thus annoy each other. im not sure.

  3. I don’t know – it depends on the moon sign I think. I am a Gemini female with Cap Moon, so loyalty is sexy for me. On the other hand, I had had a Qi Vamp in my life who was a Gem with Gem Moon – so exhausting, it was all about her life.

    This Gem guy problem may be more prevalent than the sun sign – a lot of guys are trotting around as if they are the newest reincarnation of Peter Pan.

    • yes, it could be a generational issue and would love to know about their mother issues. Are women babying their sons?

      • Mother issues are very likely. In some cultures, male sons are prized – perhaps a status symbol for mothers, ergo you have a country full of hyper-inflated male egos, all groomed delicately by their mothers.

        • I moved to a large regional city in NSW, and was really fascinated to note how many mothers seemed to baby their sons – washing, cooking for them, practically choosing their girlfriend. Seemed like the only way they knew how to exercise their power was through manipulating their sons, definitely

          • That seems really creepy to me.
            I do not date men that are still attached to their mother’s apron strings. I just don’t get it.

      • Interesting. I did not raise my Virgo Sun/Gem rising/Moon son (notice the rising Moon?) *long story, but suffice to say I was financially and authoritatively overpowered by the narcissistic Pisces woman who did raise him* He’s a sweetheart, but a huge flake and expects people to do things for him. Not arrogant in the least, just can’t do anything for himself. He’ll be dependent on someone for a very long time, and probably single. Gorgeous man, but what modern woman wants to be with a baby-man? I cry over this, believe it or not. What a waste. His first, last, and only gf was a Scorpio who tried to help him, but realized he would never be able to give her the stability (home? family?) that she requires. Sad, indeed.

        • It sounds like the adoptive narcissist mother did this to keep him close by and not have him leave “home”. It’s really sad actually.
          I’ve dated one and met his mom she was insanely jealous of all of his gf’s and interfere in his life. She got drunk and told me she was in love with her adopted son. I broke it off with him after that. Too creepy for me.

          • Ewwww. But you described it to a T. She definitely wants him home and told him last year that she didn’t want him to date because a gf would ‘steal’ him from her. I say Karma is a bitch and she will take what she’s owed.

    • one of my best friends is like that- gem rising with like a 0.003 degree libra sun and sag moon. completely unaware of ANYONE else’s life and total qi vamp. it has made me aware of my own tendencies in that direction, a good shadow mirror, but still. exhausting.

      • ah and the virgo with gem moon too. she’s even worse! i agree, a solid moon is key for stabilizing the mercurial energy.

    • the infantalising is a cultural and capitalist trend as much as it is the classic mother issues thing with the peter pan scenario. Corporations are specifically targeting and mining those ‘issues’ there’s money in it.

      So many good reasons not to be a fuq up.

  4. Just invite them to your parties. They look cute choosing hors d’oeuvres for their little plates !

    • They are worth knowing as friends because they know everybody! Useful for getting a new job or getting an introduction to somebody new!

      • Yeah but they think of you the same way as in your valued for what you can do for them. Grosses me out. I’m terminally sincere. They are great for parties!!

        • Ding! Terminally sincere. Oh, I love that. I too struggle with geminis because I am, like you, terminally sincere. But right – great at parties and for knowing everybody.

      • Yes, I totally agree Electric Eel. I live with my Pisces rising Gem bestie (Kataka Moon). He never ceases to amaze with his ideas, connections and general awesomeness. Can’t comment re hetero relationship though. People say we act like a married couple without the sex, his words too. He’s a bit overprotective and possessive at times which I’ll put down to his Kataka Moon and Mars.

  5. Better friends than lovers is the GG mantra here. One of my worst experiences was with a Gemini dude, that was some years ago, he had serious ADD, thought stalking and rejection was a kind of foreplay not at all mental or abusive. There is a whole story about how he invited me to a party, then cracked it when I rocked up saying I was too into him, tried to pretend this was a really exclusive place (leo rising) we broke it off there and I caught a plane to another city to go to a friends gig and he ended up at the same party followed me on a plane 3 hours later so he could try and get in with my crowd at this event to boost his Djing career. He had nowhere to sleep so I had to find him somewhere or he was going to sleep on the street. He partied for 2 days and was barely conscious by the time I threw him in a cab in which he went mental at me for taking the phone off him to give the cab driver an address so I knew he would get to his friends house and the airport. He was screaming at me “you’re a whore” when I pushed the door shut. I get a phone call a day later from my flat (I lived alone) and freaked out. I had given him my key to water my plants and he was in there sleeping in my bed for 2 days saying how much he loved me and missed me. Not one sorry for having put me or my friends out, the fact we broke up when I got to see this other face (it appeared at the 4 week mark I broke it off at 6) or calling me a whore and verbally abusing me or that it was weird to stalk me interstate and try to move in on my social circles. I was polite until I got my key and then I cut it. He left me notes in the security grill of my door on his way to uni in the morning and went to every party I was at for ages afterwards just to turn up. It was part competition part fuck you part social climbing whore.

    I took a massive step out of dating after that to make sure I screened more carefully. So to answer your question, I know this is a concentrated version but the constant hot cold endless texting and competitiveness, childish put downs out of nowhere and general mental case is something I see in a lot of GG or men with strong GG signature. As a mercury girl I keep it strictly friends despite my Asc being in gemini and get on with gem girls really really well.

    • My long term Crab had Merc/Venus in Gem and boy oh boy was he competitive with me, treated me like a sibling, ran totally hot and cold AND the endless put downs. Plus he could never sit still, drove me nuts. Did love him as he was lovely in a lot of ways, although he’s still guilting me about our break up almost 5 years ago, Crab super power.

      Some of the best GF’s I’ve had have been Gems, usually with the watery Merc to match mine, they make me laugh til I cry!!

      • Ugh! Crab with Mercury and Venus in Gemini. Just had one of those. Totally love him (still) but he was an arsehole.

        • This sounds like my ex-roommate. Same astro sig. Absolutely gorgeous guy, sensitive, sweet, and loved to cook. But a stone-cold disaster with women and relationships. Always broke it off with them out of nowhere for reasons he would never relay to them. Ugh…always felt sorry for his girls!

    • oh yes! Very right on the money. I forgot to mention they are either social stair climbers or will dump your ass if you don’t have a social network they deem worthy or run with the “wrong crowd”. Social standing is very important to them.

      and yes you got to see the Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde Gem….ugh… It’s like getting to date 2 guys for the price of one.

      • he was actually trying to get in with my friends which I only noticed when we broke up and I felt so gross and a bit duh that I had not noticed this before. I watch for things like this now. lesson learned.

      • plus I was way out of his league and he tried to treat me like shit to control me. very bad game play.

        • Ah that pick-up artiste stuff! I just don’t understand it. As soon as people do that “neg” garbage to me, they get it right back in their face.

    • Friend I broke up with this summer was Gemini Leo rising. She totally valued peeps for their name value. Didn’t give a crap about character. Gross. A Leo would be 1) the name you wished you could drop or 2) someone who gets a say in what your name is worth. Mix it with Gem and there is just no discrimination.

      • Channelled well that can be a wonderful mix though, they are in sextile with each other. I have dear friend who is Sun Gem, Leo Moon. Lilith, Vesta Rising.
        He works doing carpentry and art installations at Trance Dance Parties all over Europe.
        He is a natural shaman and completely ADHD, never slows down his gypsy life and the world is his oyster for dancing in.

    • Holy shit I’m so sorry that happened to you Ms.!
      What a fuqtard he was!!!!!! I’m actually feeling enraged right now that a person thought he could do all that pas-agg shit and more to another human being!!! Good for you you got out well and at least got smth out of it.

  6. And then there is my boyfriend – Aquarius Sun, Gemini Moon. Notoriously unable to commit before he met me (together for more than a year and blissful, thanks!) But yeah: not an easy one to “pin down.”
    Perhaps it helps that his Mars/Saturn (con. in Scorpio) is directly conjunct my Venus?

    I will say this, though: my favorite people have Gemini Moons. Might be easier to deal with than the Sun (although one of my besties is a double Gem, Sun/Moon, and she is superfun!)
    Being a Libra sun, Leo Moon (and a five-planet stellium in Libra), I have a lot of love for the Gems! I’m never bored, and they don’t care if I’m playing games on my phone while I’m talking to them, ;-D

  7. WOW..I can’t wait to get my cocktail and read more. This story is exactly what I am dealing with the toro/gem I have been with. He doesn’t want any obligation, responsibility or appearances with a girl indicating he is in a relationship. He has done that with me so many times. He had me meet his friends a while back that I made the mistake that he was putting on the leve of more than friends, had pictures take of all four of us (couples) and he posted on FB and edited me out the picture. He accused me of saying something a year ago that made him do that. I get let him go. That is what I do with him. I don’t cause drama, I let him act out his aggressions but he just sticks. I like the idea of not being a committed relationship but he projects onto me saying that I do. I can’t wait to see if he gets into a relationship with someone because I am definitely not the one for him. I am not cutie, I am smart and extremely independent. As far as I know he doesn’t like to be chased but I wonder if that is what he really wants … confinement in a relationship. Let’s see. And so I wait and read on to everyone else’s posts..

    Thanks for sending the question to Mystic. xo!!

  8. Generally, yes, when a man tells me he’s a Gemini I run the other direction. I would have them around if say, I were a nun in need of intellectual stimulation or pop snapshots of current events sort of thing. I try to avoid them but my Merc in Gem is like me speaking their mother tongue. The Sewer in fact had Gemini Rising.

    I’m also saying this having had a history of firsts with the lot, the first boy who ever demanded a kiss from me was a Gemini – he also btw, had a gf at the time and ended up asking me out as I was a “dare” by his mates. As in, “ask the witchy hot-scary smart foreign girl out we dare you” type thing.

    He later however confessed that he was awed at my numerous positive qualities, promptly became insanely possessive/jealous ( we had to sit in all classes next to each other TOUCHING or else) as well as wracked with guilt at his deception. Almost in tears, he confessed his other relationship who incidentally, was totes gulag-prison matron material. Could he, he sniffed, possibly at all keep both of us?

    Like pets? Nuh-uh, sorry no can do said my sensible 14 yr old self. Ergo he then decides if he can’t have me, he would hate me. That sparked the next 6 years of both high school and uni (he went to the same one), where we dared not speak to each other but had friends on each side complaining about the disgusting thick in the air chemistry they wish we would just resolve by bonking each other. He went on to have neat little gf’s he could take home to mother, and I remained the hot school witch guys were too scared to ask out, though a mate once consoled me by saying I was in the top 5 for masturbatory fodder. Hmm, I said, there is that.

    I thought this had been resolved, sort of at least until one night we were all at a uni party where people started throwing cake and we found ourselves alone in the kitchen. Where he decided to address it by throwing me against the wall and to be indelicate, eating my entire face in a shocking fit of passion. I was too flabbergasted to say anything but did manage to ask him what he thought he was doing. Out came this confessional torrent about how he’d wanted me all these years etc etc… couldn’t finish the conversation as we heard people coming in.

    Cue the next week in school and he’s all shame-faced regrets. I didn’t bother to seek him out anyway. He’d spent too much time hating me for liking me..and I always felt sad that my first ever BF was in essence a sodding bigamist, who stayed obsessed with me for years but never bothered to really get to know me.

    I don’t want to generalize about other Gemini Men, but I’m going to have to go with EEL on this one, if they don’t like you, it really is because you’re way too smart. And for some reason, they’re way clingier with me than I ever am with them as well as being quite conservative.

    If you’d like the ultimate head fuq however, I’d say go for it.

    • I found that too … that Gems for such non-commital peeps seem to be rather clingy themselves with a touch of self-indulgence. They want to be able to add you to their harem not have you add them to yours.

    • Ms., I was reading about that GG experience you had and gawd, how could I forget a particularly infamous GG experience my Nubian Toro friend had.

      Her baby-daddy as we call it, is a totes GG. He’d plan surprises for her asking for my help whilst massively flirting. It was a bit monumentally stupid, did he think we never talked? Anyway, I kept my distance.

      Fast forward a few years later and they were in court bitterly battling over child support. HE tried to portray her as the ultimate crazy black woman by producing photographic evidence she busted his head. Admittedly they did have a few enraged scenes to where she had absolutely no glass ware left in her house, but saying she assaulted him to the point of stitches was you know, quite a bit of story telling.

      Also, the rage was inspired by his cheating while she was heavy with child. In any case, she somehow remembers he’d just been to a water polo meet and his little club has a newsletter where yes, they feature such incidents. She borrows a mobile from some stranger in the hallway, calls moi (of course) and in less than 10 minutes I’d faxed over the article to the judges’ chambers.

      Cue incredulous silence in the court room. Like really? Yes. that’s how far his man-childness went.

      • Hardcore.
        This is more than my experience though I was like 26 and we were together for 6 weeks? not a kid and a ring etc.

  9. having had plenty of long-term gemini boyfriends, all i can say is geminis mostly need … another gemini. also, being a mutable sign helps a lot in dealing with them, i think! just gotta go with the flow of the insane all! yes, they can be exhausting, and no, they do not want to ever sit still. if you can work with that though, then that’s all there is to it, you’ve got a relationship! it’s kind of like sagittarians with their need for freedom, i guess. that’s how you keep ’em! … with freedom.

    would i want to be with another one? admittedly no, not really. i’m tired! but i don’t feel they are hard to figure out at all.

  10. I’m a Gemini Lover.
    My longest crush ever was on a Gemini i worked with. I loved not only the talking, but the silence shared. There maybe could have been something if i pursued,but if you’re not that into me, youre not that into me and i can live with that and let it go.

    I find Gemini women outstanding in their humor, depth, belief in magic, brightness, and light, Maybe having Moon, Saturn Mars and Venus lets you see a little bit under the surface,.. I dont know, but i hold in high regard with much respect and appreciation the Gemini women i know. They shine ever so bright, and i am attracted to them always.

    There are some outstanding Gemini women who contribute on this Blog, that i find myself always looking out for. They can be breezy and light, insightful and intuitive. Bless them.

    I have a Gemini cousin, who is in heaven as his job at 41, is running some raceway track, where he gets to time cars, and do them up and make big vroom vroom sounds all day. He also has his depths though.

    At 16 he was a passenger in a car that his friend form the gym was driving and crashed, his friend died, his friend was follower of Islam, my cousin started spending time visiting his family alot, as this was their only son. he converted and married a young Muslim woman, they have 5 kids and are funny to be around… the banter is very child like…but in an innocent fun way.
    He’s been to Mecca about 5 times, and is like another kid in his own family…speaks Arabic and is generous with his knowledge on a range of things. He also speaks all gadgetry and computer / mac / pc talk…and cant tell if our yawning through the ins and outs of it.

    So i love them dearly, but i like being the mercurial one in a relationship i guess.

    • Why thankyou – we are actually lovely, we’re just a bit incomprehensible (as I’ve been told by all my men – and I tend to attract Capricorns – what the?!)

      So, Gemini Sun here, with a Gemini brother, and yes, even I would find him insane if I had to go out with him. He’s in his early 30’s and just does not seem to know what he wants. When he’s into a chick, oh my god, the lengths he will go to. But capable of dropping them at the swish of another skirt.

      HOWEVER – I’d like to say two other things about my Gem bro. He’s awesome. He;s incredibly smart, beautiful looking, wicked sense of humour, a good cook, a total adventurer, very gentle, very caring, wonderful with kids, not at all scared of family responsibilities, and just a fantastic guy. And I think when the right woman comes along, he will stop looking.

      The other thing is – he reminds everyone HEAVILY of our dad in his behaviour towards women. Our Dad the incredibly Capricornian Capricorn – not an ounce of Gemini flesh anywhere on him.

      I would wonder deeply about the parentage of many of these guys. And yes, his mum totally babied him and still does…….

      Women – make an oath now, for the future good of our sex, if you have male children, bring ’em up right and don’t spoil them just because they are a bit hopeless and have big eyes….

      • Totes agree!! Make them do their beds, learn to cook and have a part time job : ) and be respectful to older people

    • Thank goodness someone likes us, phew! I am a gem fem sun, leo rising, and virgo moon and am a one woman woman….I don’t know what you are all on about, except that we gem’s get better with age, I was a scatterbrain as a young person, all over the shop, then met a virgo who stabalised me and was in that relationship for 25 years, a period of freedom for four years, and now with a damn fine Cappy….Love it…My son is a gem though, and I can see the scattiness in him…but so incredibly good looking, sorry girls….I think you are right about the boys…..eekkkk

    • I love Gems too Cosmic Fleece! Is it an Aries Sun thing? Ladies or Men I’m not fussy. I find them so much crazy fun, totally full of energy and I think they’re the wittiest of all :)

  11. I’m a Leo female dating a Gemini male (both Scorpio rising) for about a year now, and I honestly have no complaints. I’m completely in love with my partner. His past is something that made me a little cautious at first (partying, sleeping around, etc.) but he’s proven to me that I have nothing to worry about. Flirting is something that will go on with a Gemini partner but having confidence in the relationship overrules it every time.

  12. My husband is an Aries with a Gemini moon in the first house ( Taurus rising mars there – fortunately). He was mid-forties when I met him. I remember one day having a conversation with him where he completely contradicted himself & felt so clearly like I was sat there with 2 completely different people – which one is he today? Taurus? – therefore means it long-term or Aries and so it’s a flash in the pan? It makes life interesting!
    I’ve got loads of Virgo & mercury conjunct my sun ( in Libra), my chinese sign is the monkey – so when I throw off my Virgoan inhibitions I can usually keep up – often I’m one step ahead – secretively, scorp rising, he loves the surprise of being caught off guard.
    Astrology is so important in understanding Gemini’s, they really do have two distinct personalities ( or more ) – accept that & you’ll be fine. Pull them up on it & they may just borrow one of yours to make a point :-)
    Our daughter is a double Gemini ( pluto rising ), ( as was his mother & my Grandmother) – our biggest challenge has been teaching her where reality ends & fantasy begins, so that she can function in the real world without crushing her elfin butterfly spirit.
    Yes I get frustrated at times by the geminis in my life, but I wouldn’t change them at all ‘cos, life is so much lighter, logic is different & yes so is the truth.

    • borrow one of you personalities to make a point- yes!! perfect! plus this will just happen anyway.

  13. I’m in a relationship with a Gem Guy. Mind, he is 4 years younger but yes, eternally a man-child. Nothing you can do about that. And forget about asking them to sit still for two minutes. In the case of dealing with it. Any slight is never really thought through and intentional, that ‘sister quip’ will most likely be forgotten about and he probably said that without thinking. I wouldn’t take it to heart. It’s when they brood that you have a problem.

    Gem guys have zip and ping when they think and talk. But honestly, sometimes it is so lightening fast they really have not thought through what they said.

  14. i dunno, it makes me want to go out and find a gem guy. reading all this just makes me go, “yeah, of course, so…?” second nature! maybe we really do just need each other. hmmm, a gem friend told me this morning he thinks he’s in love with me. a musician too. with girlfriend though. and in another state. still… his mars-venus IS on my sn…

    • This sun sign things are too hard to be right on. It’s all in the mixer. Gems mixed with water are totally different than Gems with fire and no earth in their charts.

  15. I’m not sure about all Gemini men but my sister’s boyfriend is a Gemini. “Man child” is a very kind description of what can be a pretty tricky, icky personality.

  16. Simply: from a girl who is as Gemini as they come – YES. My most recent Gem experience ended because WE ARE TOO DAMN SIMILAR AND IMPOSSIBLE/ AFRAID TO COMMIT. Gemini – Gemini relationships are exciting but unpredictable and ultimately fizzle out because you reach exactly these kinds of impasse/ power struggles. Strangely now I have a committed boyfriend who I’m obviously wild about (Aries btw), he’s interested again, as was another Gem ex just the other night. FFS!!!

  17. I am dating one at the moment..but it hasn’t been for long enough for me to feel equipped to answer this properly. He is driving me mildly nuts though. Still my last two have been Aqua so am sort of used to it…

    Perhaps I’ll try the ‘screw this guy’ approach for a bit. x

  18. Well….I’m about to marry a Gemini guy! He is a talker and tells the best stories and we met via masses of communication. Perfect for my Sagg sun.

    But the big caveat is he is an 8th house Gem with a Sun-Saturn conjunction and a Scorpio rising. So he has this awesome depth, insight, and perspective on things. He is very observant and mindful. Yes he’s a man-child (and took ages to get to this point) but in the best ways- he is youthful in his appearance, he has fresh ideas and energy, and will never be an old codger πŸ˜€

    It’s like all the best gemini parts grounded in serious intensity, commitment, and responsibility. i think he’s just damn wonderful…but I’m biased :)

  19. Aries sun, gem rising, gem moon.
    I think this blog is often driven by gem risings , and virgo suns, a lot of us around here. Let’s face it we have an opinion on any little thing and a broad knowledge of many varied subjects.
    That’s what makes the world an interesting place in my opinion.
    As far as one on one relationships I find the 7th house is where the truth lies, not the sun sign. In my case that’s Capricorn with Saturn in there so stability and seriousness that goes with the highly agile mental state.
    My gem sun son, 9, has an extraordinary mind that easily outwits adults in the most humorous ways, while also having an incredibly generous emotional love for friends and family. I think he’ll be a great catch one day for a woman who appreciates mental gymnastics over stolid stability. He’s already a man child in so many ways.
    If any of you lovely young women are looking for a relationship that lasts for a lifetime just think about whether you prefer a man whose mind gets set at 18 and never really changes (Taurus , cap )
    Or a life with someone who continues to develop and sees the world like a child, where anything is possible. hellooooo !

    • My daughter is a multiple Aries, Gem rising, Moon in Taurus. Pluto in the 7th. Of course I think she’s perfect! She’s got the magic mix.

    • Gems do tend to be knowledgeable. Every one I’ve known well has also had a significant interest in the spiritual world. Lovely eyes too. And very reliable.

      The downside?? A sudden and unpredictable coldness even though very family orientated.

      • … and no dicking around either. Very focused, even the one that runs a night club.

    • yes capricorn 7th sagg dsc here too, like the late gem rising gang on here. late ‘marriage’ and saturn austerity over mercury 5th house affairs.

  20. Have been married to a Gem for over 25 years. What a ride it has been. Never know where you are or who they are with….strange people but was just a ball of fun in the beginning but so complicated. Me being a Taurus. Have always had Gem people around me. Have Venus in Gemini. Have wanted to leave but never managed it. So i stay and just go about my business and dont try and figure him out as its totally impossible!!

  21. I have Gem NN so find myself drawn to some Gems. I imagine like all signs there are good and bad expressions of the energy.
    I love my Gem women friends. They are a breath of fresh air – funny, witty, childlike enthusiasm for life, they ‘get’ me. Yes some are flaky but I’m a Piscean so no judgement :)
    I haven’t had a lot of success with Gem men. First love was a Gem man and the thing that pissed me off about him was his total inability to commit to anything more than an hour ahead of time. He ended up marrying a gulag type and was married to her for 15 years.
    My former lover was Cap with Gem rising and he had all the best bits of Gem grounded by all his Cap stuff. He was smart, funny, witty beyond belief, amazing communicator, wonderful writer. He had the ability to totally disarm me if I was angry about something. Never known anyone like him actually. He was all ‘you’re the love of my life’, married to a gulag type but ultimately went back to her. He pursued me for months after we broke up but when he decided to cut ties, he was gone in a puff of smoke :)
    The psycho man I’ve ever been with was a Gem, total tantrum-y man child with mother issues.
    My husband has Gem moon. Great surface communicator, loves an audience, but emotionally bereft.

  22. Yes but in different ways and to a different extent. Sometimes they can be just amazing companions that make you laugh but very reliable in any other situation (had a relationship like that), or I know others that are clingy and all around weird. I think that a Gemini sun is very interesting as it gives the person a chance to be charming enough to get away with many things until they only use their charm for that and turn into sleaze-balls. Sorry to hear about your experience but it happens, don’t completely write them off – there are cool Gemini guys out there.
    But I love my Gemini friends (my ascendant is in Gemini so I might just find a way with them)

  23. LOL In a moment of absolutely understandable frustration, I once told Crazy Miss Gemini, “I’m a Taurus, so when I make a date, it’s carved in stone. You’re a Gemini, so when you make a date, it’s written in the wind.”

  24. Really not my experience.
    My partner is Gemini Sun in 4th.
    He has not only Sun, but also Mercury, Venus & Saturn in Gem – but in the 5th. So you’d think he’d be a player, right?

    Moon in Cancer. Sun in 4th. Rising Aqua.
    He is all about using his Gem qualities to build and create with his hands, woodwork, guitar and cooking.

    (Mind you I am Gem Rising and he says I change so completely and so often it’s all he can do to keep track of me).

    • Quicksilver you are Andromeda.
      Love to know your new name, le esprit boggles at the possibilities :-).
      Your husband is a bijoux.

      • Un bijou? Together we are Bijoux? Thank you for introducing me to this word! I love it.
        You already know my new name – I sending it to you mentally – don’t tell!! Lol.

    • saturn can work well with mercury / venus and temper them, while they too can help lighten the saturnine load. it’s a convivial combination in my experience – even more so with aquarius rising I suspect unless there were squares. you found one with an anchor πŸ˜€

      • Thank you! Yes his anchor is good, but he can cast sail at a moments notice too, which I suspect is what keeps us on keel (ok, ok, I’ll stop now) πŸ˜€ .

  25. ‘Thanks, i already have a sister’ in manspeak is ‘i’m used to this they ask a lot of favours but i cannot sleep with them’. So reverse it coz you need to with manspeak to tell you he is interested but doesn’t want to be your turn to guy’.

    Treat Gems a bit like you would a Sagg, but Elsewhere for them is mental not geographic. Be absolutley non committal and laugh with him and at him.

  26. my thoughts on the Peter-Pan take on Gemini males: they’re fun, light, hilarious, great conversationalists, talented, consistent bright-witty mood. My current has Gemini Moon and is totally mercurial and loves little tricks, but his energy can grate with my leisurely planets. Adult female geminis in my life are a bit less grounded and 1 even got sent to me (by fam) when her life came undone.

    My best friend as a child, a gemini, totally loyal and wonderful, still contacts me out of the blue during a mercury retrograde or after a dream, and we always pick up where we left off.

  27. I am a Gem Sun, with Mercury, Venus, and Chiron in Gemini 4th house; Aqua Rising (although I think my NN & Mars in Pisces dominates that at times). Just on the opposite side of my chart, I have Uranus and Neptune in Sag; 9/10th house cusp. My moon is in Cancer, 5th house. I am an artist, teacher, and wife (husband is Aries Sun & Moon; NN in Gemini – SN in Sag. Our Mars and Venus are bang on each other).

    Most of my friends are Aries, Leos, Capricorns, Libras, Scorpios. I have a real love and respect for Aries & Caps – because they are DO-ers. I have yet to meet a Virgo I like (microscoping nitpicking is terribly annoying and not representative of the bigger picture and a waste of time for me).

    Now, as a Gemini, with these attributes, I will say this:

    – I am very fickle. I did not notice this until my fire sign friends have pointed this out – I like to flicker between decisions. BUT DO YOU KNOW WHY?! — IT’S BECAUSE GEMINIS SEE *ALL* THE POSSIBILITIES. All roads lead to fuckin’ home. SO we are complacent with whatever. It will work out. Why limit to one thing at a time? It will still lead to wherever it needs to go. We see all sides of the coin. One does not simply make a choice.

    – I am really fast to see through bullshit and what needs to just get done. This astounded professors and colleagues across very high profile organizations and world renowned universities. Howard Gardner himself called me, while laughing, “A match to my logic – you are like quicksilver you have the whole thing figured it out before you have it started in your own ideas.” We just see it. We multitask because we are already “over” something. (Sidenote: we shamelessly name drop. Why? Because we’ve worked hard to get there. It’s part of our love of networking).

    – I love networking. I love to devote any accumulated knowledge to enhance the ideas and knowledge of others. It just awesome. Parties, networking sessions, etc. I love it all. I love talking to all sorts of people – I love people. And …

    – My ONLY discrimination and flake out policy is based on this: if you are insecure, insincere, rude, wishy washy, or plain maliciously fickle and insecure in secret in that passive aggressive high school way, racist, stubborn, express your hangups, talk your ass off without caring about the other person, judgemental, nitpicky, etc. – I am done with you. I want nothing to do with you. Your problems and their dominance are a waste of my time and your own. Again, I see through bullshit.

    – I am loyal to a T for all those who are open and honest with themselves and others. That to me, is living your life – to be truly engaged.

    – Gemini men – I am embarrassed by them. I find them to be the scum of the Earth as their entire being is disclosed in the flake out policy. I could never date one. I know them before I meet them. I stay away.

    – There is nothing like a low-Virgo, low-Gemini, or a low-Libra to set Geminis off in a fury of rage.

    – Capricorns and Aries and Leos are just admirably real and go-getters. I love those people. They just take pride and grounding in just getting shit done.

    There, I said it!

        • Great! So if we were to arm wrestle – my nit-picking versus your name-dropping – I may be able to win Mercury now that you’re worn down? Lol! I agree with everything you wrote.

          • yes yes yes yes yes !! bahahaha. I am sure there is a reality where nitpicking and flippant attitudes can work together. Maybe in a supermarket. ;D ;D ;D ;D

    • Totally relate! (Leo Sun, Gem Asc, Scorp Moon)
      And I do think like you say that many lo Gem traits really exasperating to a nice Gem, perhaps more than other sign’s as they are the things they recognise as trip wires on their own journey. And lazy Gems especially in an emotional sense are really tiresome.
      But the Mercurials that get the life we are living is an emotional game/program really live life with curiosity and joie de vivre and are heat seeking missiles for fun!

    • Beautiful! That fourth point especially is what I love about the best part of Gemini.

      This from Aries Sun/Leo rising gal

      • My kindred! It’s with the fire signs I can talk the best types of analytical smack about the worst types of people. Because, you know, Gems loveeeee gossip.

    • Well said!!

      -Gem with Cap moon and Scorp rising. Even though I talk bullshit, I can see right through it.

    • This sounds like me to a tee. Maybe it’s a Gem sun/Aqua rising thing? I drop people without warning with these attributes….to them it seems out of nowhere, but really I’ve been boiling under the surface for months or even years:

      “My ONLY discrimination and flake out policy is based on this: if you are insecure, insincere, rude, wishy washy, or plain maliciously fickle and insecure in secret in that passive aggressive high school way, racist, stubborn, express your hangups, talk your ass off without caring about the other person, judgemental, nitpicky, etc. – I am done with you. I want nothing to do with you. Your problems and their dominance are a waste of my time and your own. Again, I see through bullshit.”

      Oh, an add self-entitlement to that. Biggest pet peeve EVER!

      • Haha yes! I drop them without warning. My Aries husband asks why I don’t “confront” them. I reply, “My absence is confrontational enough. I like to punish people for their idiocy by leaving them stunned and confused. Like an octopus ‘poofs’ ink to run away from opponents.” He finds this puzzlingly charming. I like … hidden revenge.

        Self-entitlement is a huge one. Thank you for adding it. My head spins around people who think they are absolutely entitled to anything — oh, and ESPECIALLY those who play out the “my life is so terribly horrible so you HAVE to feel sorry for me types”. Shut the front door. Are you living in war? Are you living in a realm where you cannot even complain freely to me? Than stop.

        If I have informations that deny your “entitlement” you are going to get. shut. down.

        • Also on that note, I think Virgos and Geminis are in good cahoots when it comes to playing the most factual devil’s advocates.

      • Haha I wish I was! I like when Leos fluff their manes around. My BFF is a serious Leo, and I let her whip her hair around and fiddle for her lipstick and reapply and sparkle away as we gossip. I get a thrill of it as I send tweets exicitedly while she talks to me and I look at all the other people in the room. It’s like some sort of magic we are creating. But I digress.

    • My final words also in defense of Geminis “abandoning people” is also this —

      For Haute Geminis, when we disappear, we see this as an act of love. We don’t want to be the person to help you figure YOUR life out because it’s NOT OURS. We lose patience because of that, which can easily be seen as “responsibility”. The fact of the matter is, if we know you are going through a hard time, we will only really want to talk to you about it maybe once, and then maybe a follow up later. Why? Because we already know what you need, but we need YOU to realize that on your OWN. So we peace out. We give you a retreat. This is tough love. It’s like an invisible ticket to India. Find revelation in your logic. We do it to the hyperdrive – which is why we are probably those people zipping through a supermarket with a trolley about a million times over.

      – LOW Geminis just flip and leave. They can’t handle it because they, really, can’t handle themselves. They create masks and live already in the find explosive thread between those two realities of choices and peoples — whereas a Haute Gem has transcended choice and decides to leave it as an existential crisis that proves valuable to the other person. Low Gems are like aloof sociopaths – they have no idea they are deceitful because they are deceiving themselves and not even knowing it. These are the real “liars”.

      • if being a haute gem involves name-dropping, constant texting, gossip, networking, and abandoning your friends when they need you through some kind of self righteous morality code, i think i shall proudly declare myself an aloof sociopathic low gem. no thank you.

  28. I just love this thread!! Everything written has taught me so much. My fear being with the toro / gem I have been hanging with for over 3 years is that I am not good enough for him but what I realize it is just his style. He has / will do it to others. I like him. I like that he is not predictable, takes his time and plays hard to get. I have been just adapting to his cold personality. He hides a lot but then shows up flying with colors. I was always worried he was depressed or bi-polar but it’s the gem split.

    Did I say I loved this threadt! Thank you! xo!!

    • the gem split definitely doesn’t preclude depressed or bipolar… in fact, they might be an integral part of it. what’s his moon in? and by the way what’s yours? in my experience it’s sort of a cycle. it’s so easy for us to intellectualize emotion that it becomes both a habit and an expectation from the peer group, so when emotions do come they are compartmentalized and downplayed by all, you know? when the world sees you as cold, it’s hard not to play that role. stuff gets bottled up. not in a brooding way but in a, you know, gem way… on to other things, wheee… personality as a shield. but the feelings don’t go away, so when they eventually get overwhelming you’re left with this superficial social network and no real support system that recognizes that side of you. reaching out is so… deep. we really are eternal children, and in the zodiac wheel there has been no water yet. deep is scary. and unknown. because of this it’s easy to fall into depression- inevitable maybe. the cure is true connection, acceptance of the not so light and fun gem bits, and love. your guy is lucky to have you as you seem to be practicing the unconditional kind. xoxo

      • Hi Hidden.. my moon is in Leo. I don’t know his! He can be so up and down and I can feel it. I do feel he gets depressed because “I think” he is so hurt that he lost his Dad when he was younger and then he went thru a divorce. If Gem’s are so family based these 2 losses probably kicked him to the curb “hence” he doesn’t want a commitment in addition to being a gem. What a combo. So, yes I unconditional love this guy. I can’t explain it and I don’t know if he would understand it. It is very sad because he seems to want it but overwhelming emotions of being “obligated” takes over and then he is gone. He didn’t want me around during the Holidays and led me to believe he is seeing someone else but maybe we can get together for a drink. So I let him go and had a fantastic fime during Christmas and New Years! If he calls I don’t know what I am gonna do. I feel like I should put have better boundaries but then again I just want to play! I don’t know I guess we will see what happens. I am always planning with options!

        It is so funny I honestly thought I was nuts regarding how this toro / gem was acting but boy he is a Gemini to a capital T. His Mother is his one and only relationship obligation. He makes that very clear to everyone. No one steps on those toes. He is a good son! I just wonder if his Mother prevents him from seeing anyone. I don’t know her but she is an amazing woman.

  29. Gem moon here and I can agree with it all – so so fickle that by the time I make a decision I am over it already!! Restless as, love to network and talk and cannot help but to impart some kind of knowledge in every convo I have. Have the best, most long term non committed relationships with gem sun boyfriends, somehow they are the only ones who get it! Luckily my Leo sun and scorp rising give me some kind of focus, but underneath it all is ADD to the max!!

    • Wow, you just confirmed for me how I have felt with the toro / gem I have been with. It has been the best non-commited relationship for me. I don’t know if we would work well together in a committed relationship. I would like to give it a try but I am sun in Virgo, Libra rising so it could end everything we have had since 2010. He is tuff to figure out but this thread has taught me a lot!

      Thanks for your honesty! xo!!

  30. I don’t have much experience with Gemini men in relationships, although Aquarians don’t bother me in the least (my husband is Aqua rising/Moon). Aside from that, my Gem rising/Moon son was the only son (out of four) to not respond to my HNY/be careful message. He’s also the only one who breaks his promises and can’t be taken at face value.

  31. Oh, this is so fabulous.
    a) last bf was a Gemini, my first ever. All of the above true. I shifted countries to be with him (and now thank him for being the catalyst) but he darted and ducked and whinged about being constrained and had me trained so I only contacted him when he wasn’t working (about five days a month) – until I finally he’d been skyping daily (whatever the circumstance) with a girl on the other side of the world that he’d bonked once for more than a year .
    b) he now has the girl on the other side of the world – but she monitors his every move and whinges constantly if he won’t skype with her at 2 am after he’s worked an 14 – 16 hour day (he’s a Tour Leader) and he’s not allowed to post photos on FB of him with any other woman under the age of 60 .. and they bicker endlessly and break up every week and he has enough charm and presence to say to me wistfully (he’s a buddhist) that it’s Kharma
    c) my next and current bf is an Aquarius … and as for my senses … I’ve forgotten what reality is or whether it even exists…. now they are seriously weird … LOL
    d) with either Gems or Aquarians – it’s difficult to get bored … πŸ˜‰

  32. I’m a Scorp Sun, Taurus Moon/Rising.

    The only GG I “dated” would NOT stop contacting me – what a turn-off.

    Meanwhile, for some reason elusive Aquarimen are driving me crazy atm!

  33. My opinion? My current LTR (5 yr) is a SCORPrisingGEMsunPISCESmoon child-man, that does have SOME good qualities, but compared to the four previous gems I’ve dated in my life, he’s the best of a bad string of ’em….and that’s not saying much, unfortunately. His bad points? lazy, noncommittal, stubborn, selfish, self-centered, absolutely capable of verbal meanness (just to one up), non-generous with his emotions and terrible in the sack. Speaking of the sack….why HAVEN’T I…yet? Not financially capable to go it alone as of yet, but ’tis one of my New Year Rez’s and am working FURIOUSLY on it. Thank goddess I can press on from day to day, ignoring most of the bs….(to be continued).

  34. Will never go near either Geminis or Aquarians again… my Gemini friend was in a relationship with a Gemini Sun & Ascendent – even she could not deal with the bullshit this person put her through. Having witnessed this drama from beginning through various break-ups, returns, blah blah, to the end finally, I met a Gemini guy who came on strong, couldn’t get rid of him whilst he was in town, promised to keep in touch, etc, etc, didn’t hear another word until a year or so later when he e-mailed to see if I was still around and still single as he was going to be back in town! I replied that yes, I was still single, and no, not interested, and reminded him where to find the sleaziest bar in town!

    As for Aquarians – well…. The father of my son is a narcissistic Aqua abuser, who continues to use my little boy post-separation in any way he can to upset and control me. No boundaries, no compunction in abusing me in front of a baby whilst together, no problem with coaching him to lie to me, no problem with not turning up to access visits just to annoy me, no matter how that might affect my son. This is mostly the narcissist acting, however I have never heard so much bullshit about “what really is going on in the world” from one person – Aquarians may be forward thinking, but you couldn’t make up some of the rubbish this one came up with.

    • Aquarians can be masters of mind games. Their version of reality is as slippery as an eel- not that I’ve ever handled one (an eel, that is).

      The difference between the males and females is, the males seem to be completely unaware of the making shit up. The females, though, are- they can be out-and-out liars.

      YMMV, of course.

      • From what I’ve researched about narcissists, they fully believe their own lies!

    • I once allowed myself to be emotionally abused by a narcassistic aquarian sad …I’m sorry this has happened to you

      • Thanks Ms Aquarian, you are right too, in some way I did allow this abuse (physical, verbal, psychological too) to a certain point, part of my own path of learning, I guess – but by the time I tried to get out it was too late… anyway, out now physically but the drama continues…

  35. Off topic, rather excited as we have a new little cousin in the family as of this morning! Amazing chart.
    Jupiter in Gem trine Mars in Aqua is really lucky according to MM.
    The lovely poppet is Mars Rising in Aqua – Sun conj Pluto in Cappy trining Moon in Virgo. She has NN, MC conj Sat. in Scorp.
    Total corporate warrior goddess vibe!

  36. You would think, as an Aries, I could grok with the Gem easy-breezy… but with a Scorpio moon, there’s just no way. The intensity scares the shit out of them.

    Had two Gemini lovers, and two male friends… oh and yes that other Gem FWB… we do best, I’ve found, either as friends- not too close- or very casual lovers. They just don’t have the sexual stamina or attention span to keep up with me, first of all. But the flightiness… the split personality… infuriates my Scorpio depths in a more involved scenario.

    Had a mad crush on a Gemini Sun/Venus/Mercury with Aqua moon, for a year. It didn’t get off the ground, obviously, and now I’m glad of it.

    One other thing I’ve noticed with those split male Gems- their dark side, their Mr. Hyde, can very easily sabotage them without their (Dr. Jeckyl) knowledge. If they’re not self-aware, conscious individuals, boy- just stand back and watch the self-destruction. Witnessing this phenomenon is actually what got me sold on astrology so many years ago. It was just uncanny.

    • And yes- ManChild, to a one, even the ones I don’t know well, or are others’ BFs.

    • I think Gems are a little freaked by Scorps. It’s very intense. We are also a little spooked by Plutonic individuals, but, I think among those of us who have mastered the Jekyll Hyde phenomenon, we find Plutonics wonderful.

  37. I don’t think Gem guys are so bad… but I’ve not been in a relationship with one.

    I dislike intensely people who are childish in the sense of not taking responsibility for themselves though. Not being a ‘grownup’ can be good and bad… like the Gem frivolity, lots of talking/communicating, and wittiness!

  38. Disclaimer: I’ve only gone out with one Gem guy.
    He had moon in Cancer and Venus in Cancer. He really wasn’t scared of commitment, and the only thing that was “man-child” about him was his conversational style, which was understandable since it was in Gem.
    I agree with Quadrupled, it depends on his moon sign, and a host of other astro stuff, and the usual stuff, how compatible and/or far along each person is in the evolving journey; how far along as contrasted with each other that is.
    The Gem guy I was with knew from early on that he was the wanting human kids type, and that he was only interested in living in Melbourne for the rest of his life, and he was 21. Me being a TCK/TCA, and not wanting human children biologically, that felt totes claustrophobic. (I’d always known since I was a little girl that I’d adopt, always, and he was staunchly against adopting, the sperm ego thing to me)
    Different upbringing and his parents had been together for donkey’s years. Mind you, his dad’s also a Gem and still in love with the wife. I don’t know dad’s astro info apart from his Sun.

    That’s my two cents’ worth about what I know about Gem guys. :)

  39. Yes.

    Throw me a Gem guy, and we’ll degrade to children for HOURS. Talking about boogers and filling out application forms with “I am AWESOME” from “AWESOME LAND”. I’ve actually done this while queueing up at the customs.

    Or we’ll be on a beer hunt and can wander around because there really is no such thing as being “lost”, only finding another path we haven’t found. But that only works with other gems. Saggis don’t apply. I guess because my fellow Gem and I will be talking bullshit as we wander around.

    Then I don’t see them for ages, no contact really or even so, over the internet (because Gems and the internet? Argh…) and then we get back together and bam! Children again.

    But date one? No way. It’s exhausting and I need stability.

  40. I’m a Capricorn gal, and to date, Gemini men are the only ones blacklisted in my little black book. I dated a multiple conjunct Gemini last year and fell for the expertly woven, coldly intellectual facade — left a perfectly good relationship for this man and moved out of state to be with him. His world turned out to be such a comfortably shallow prison to me, all about the parties and lunches and shopping and I’ll be damned if the guy put in ONE full day of work the entire time I knew him. He treated me like a Barbie doll in the stage play of his life, just another prop to be moved to and fro. When I told him his world felt like a vacation to me, somehow detached from real life, and that I couldn’t take it anymore, he said, “Oh. okay.” And that was it. I cried, he never shed a tear and wanted to continue sleeping together until I moved out. The next week, he dropped me off at the airport and kissed me goodbye like he would see me soon — and emailed me for sex the next time he was in town!

    Learned my lesson, very moved on. :)

  41. As a gemini I have to say all this stereotyping is tedious.
    You think you can tie us down or box us in with words? Funny.

  42. What can I say? … It’s tough being insanely popular, a borderline genius, talented in the arts, performing, public speaking and writing AND try to look interested when some boring git wants to crap on about the loan repayments.


    (Gem Asc/Saturn)

  43. Virgo Sun, Gem Moon 9th. I have no experience with Gem men high or low and I hate to say it, but I’d be hard-pressed to ever invite one into my life. My experience with a multiple Gem woman colors that decision.

    She was: a multiple rape-survivor, stalked while on assignment overseas, mistreated and harassed by her last 5 landlords/flatmates, enduring a hostile work environment, suffering from fibromyalgia, suffering from crippling anxiety attacks that kept her on sick leave for a year, being spied on by a former colleague, being sexually harassed by a higher-up, being spied on by a former boyfriend, being overworked by a jealous boss, being persecuted by HR for being ill, only doing drugs to calm her home sickness, no longer screwing her drug dealer, not really stalking her physicianS, not really stalking the married men she fuqed, getting this latest abortion because her birth control was faulty, definitely the same age as me, paying those loans back, not sure why that person was no longer speaking to her, only relocating to Europe because her HR tormentors refused to renew her visa.

    All of this is a small part of the 13 year bullshitfest I survived with the lowest, bottom feeding Gemini ever. NOTE: all of the above are lies and were exposed, accidentally and to her horror, by nutcase herself. She had a stunningly inauspicious name as well, everyone would comment on it, only to discover how apt it was too late – not Lilith.

    I called this active predator a close friend, and due to constant travel and personal weakness ignored the revolving door of burned friends, boyfriends, careers, apartments (restraining orders, eviction notices and terminations) that followed this woman. Her Dr. Jekyll seemed a good-natured, beautiful, saucy, cosmopolitan intellectual, who charmed her way into university programs, money, huge international organizations and the lives of unsuspecting friends, lovers and admirers.

    The Hyde was her only true face: a pathological liar that lured suckers in with tragic or outrageously funny stories (LIES) about her life, blew her cash on drugs, mercilessly gossiped/lied/laughed about the poor sods she conned/fuqed/extorted out of cash, Qi, promotions and favors. And was happiest when instantaneously morphing from good-time Charlene to emo-psych torturer who irreparably ruined reputations and lives in the most vile ways. Her final departure from an internationally renowned organization and this country was a hastily covered scandal. We hit it off from the start! We’d talk for hours about politics, social theory and men. We’d dance and drink all night and laugh and collaborate for hours on end. Scraping this sea sludge was the best part of my Saturn in Libra and I thank the cosmos, but me and Gems are naturally as thick as thieves and I still find it frightening that I was friends with this toxic dump. I’ve worked hard to root out any low Gem behavior of my own and to run far away when I catch the faintest whiff of it. But I don’t trust myself around Gems & hard Mercs, we’re so used to and attracted by the same charm and spontaneity and intellectual pursuits and lax responsibility. Me and Earth are lovely together though!

    • Scary…sounds almost exactly like a Gem friend named Lisa I dumped last year. Inconspicuous name that is actually very apt: Lies-a. :) she even has fibromyalgia! Or so she says…

      • Difficult-to-diagnose disorders that can be blamed for perpetual mood swings, flakiness, neediness – sounds about right.

        Lies-a, nice!

        ‘Its’ name also starts with an “L” after a notorious Greek succubus and queen of Libya and is coincidentally the title of an extraordinary Keats poem on the distortion of reality and the fatal allure of illusion.

  44. Oh Geminis. Have I had more than enough of them.

    I have a close friend, a mega Pisces, and whenever we bring up a new love interest, we guess the sign. I finally share the dislike my friend has for Geminis in general.

    My mum is a Gemini, and although we’re fine, with other Geminis? No thank you. They’re all yap and no listen. Mega interested at first and then repulsed if you say so much as hi because they can’t stand the commitment that never was. Needless to say, I have had more than enough of the Gemini fickleness. Good riddance.

  45. Ha! The short answer is YES!
    My own personal classic Gemini male anecdote goes something like this. After 21 days of whirlwind dating Mr Gemini sun, gemini rising, venus in gemini, mars in Leo (lol what were you expecting:) takes me to Paris to celebrate my birthday. Man wakes me up after 3 hours on my birthday morning to break up with me because he was “falling in love with me” LITERALLY DUMPS ME IN A HOTEL ROOM IN PARIS ON MY FUQUING BIRTHDAY. After 2 weeks of deafening silence from him and much heartbreak from me HE’S BACK and this time HE’S A LOVE ZOMBIE. To the horror of my friends I gave him another chance THEY REALLY ARE THAT CHARMING. Turns out our gemini male is living with someone and oh wait the plot thickens…. Not interested? That’s funny, neither am I. Can’t think why. What a catch. I need to get his number blocked because we’re back to the night of the loving dead with my poor old telephone. Qu’elle creep.. yeah if anyone else wants to go 3 rounds with a man child I’d say go ahead. It’s one way to burn a LOT OF CALORIES!

  46. Yes. See also lying, cheating, two faced and sleazy dodgers of responsibility. Gemini girls, on the other hand, are excellent. Why is this so?

  47. Scorpio Sun/Virgo Moon/Libra Rising… after having my senses warped by an Aquarius (and a Virgo), I danced with a Gem (pun intended) for almost 15 years to every song, but the tango. Our record suddenly stopped on New Year’s Day ’97, when he got cold feet and ran away… into exactly that… cue the Beattle’s Back in the USSR…

  48. Gemini is the MOST intelligent, happiest, liveliest sign of the zodiac,
    and people envy us because of this, so let me tell you something,
    to ALL of you here: we DON’T care and we DON’T give a F**K!
    we enjoy life and know how to have fun, no one is better than us, and if I had the chance to change my sign to one of the other signs, I would NEVER do it, this is who we are, people can accept this OR not. I’m not going to change myself for anyone.

    • In many respects you truly are, Lol! Sorry my post may have come off as a low-Gem toxic shyte purge. I suppose the limelight on any one sign brings out the low-[insert sign] loathing from battle weary and scarred survivors everywhere – just ask Libras, Scorps, Virgos and Pisces!

    • No don’t change. There is so much positive stuff about Geminis! So much good. But there’s a fine line between selfishness and “being carefree”. Selfishness is stuff like leaving people with STDs or unintended pregnancies and trying to skate off like you’re not part of the problem. I think one can be light-hearted and open-ended without being irresponsible.

  49. This Kataka sun, leo moon, virgo rising with mercury in gemini has never ever dated a gemini man. Never will.
    NO attraction at all.

    Never dated an Aquarius either, never will. Mars in Aquarius dude scarred me enough.

  50. Um, so hi, I’m the one who asked the question MM blogged. :)

    About me: Aries sun/moon/venus/merc in 10H, Gemini rising/mars.jup in 12H.
    About him: Gem Sun/Venus, Cap moon, Scorp Mars

    (Sorry for the late response, but I’m in the US, so…)

    I wanted to let you guys in on the “Screw this guy” approach. And mutable woes.

    Whatever happened with Gem dude? Well, he’s back home in Italy for the holidays and won’t be back in the US for another couple of days. We’ve talked once since then, bemoaning how hard it is to screw a guy. Because yes, as the quintessential Gemini, he’s truly 50/50 bisexual. Ironically, as he’s really thin with soft, beautiful skin (really, and a part of him hates it) he likes his men to look like Tarzan and sound like Jane. I personally love that detail. πŸ˜‰ But yeah, I caught him up on some global news, mostly US and local. But he wanted to sleep with me the first week and a half I knew him, until he realized I wasn’t going to. Now we’re just friends, if you can *quite* call it that. He acts like an older brother, always parenting and such (Cap moon, maybe?) but yeah. Also is kind of douchey, but comes ALIVE in groups. Of women he knows. Anywho, screw this guy. πŸ˜‰

    On 12/20 I met a Virgo at a group dinner, who was on his last night in town. Oh yeah, he’s foreign too, because my Uranus in 7H Cap and 9H NN in Pisces has begun to demand this semi-recently: Ukranian, living in Germany. (yes, he’s gorgeous, and his accent is so adorable. Perfect.) His Sag moon and Leo Venus/Mars in this instance mean we just *click.* He comes on to *me*, which is such a rarity as I’m the one to chase, and I love it. Leo Venus, you guys aren’t nearly as coy and subtle as you think you are; anyone from a 4-mile radius can tell you’re interested when you are. But me, as a Ramzilla? It’s adorable, sincere, and lovely – especially paired with the Virgo perfectionism, he was a total gentleman. When the group breaks up and it’s just us talking, he goes to hug me goodbye in the most overly-sincere way possible: cheek-to-cheek for a good five seconds, ending with holding my hand (subconsciously? who knows). He can’t stay, as he’s staying with acquaintances who very soon text him to ask if he’s coming back that night. We’re in the same circles, and they *know* he missed the bus to go back with them to talk to me. He starts worrying about being a good guest, making his flight, packing… Completely Virgoing out, basically. But this entire time, he can’t make himself let go of my hand. Every time he tries, he reweaves his fingers through mine. We kiss, we whisper a conversation against each other’s lips as lovers who have known each other for a long time do. He knows I’m moving out of country soon, so he begs me to meet him in Germany on my way. When I say I simply can’t afford it, he immediately insists he’ll come back and visit me, as he was “planning on coming back anyway,” implying obv. it would just happen sooner than he originally thought. Our foreheads press together, and it feels like we’re a perfect circle. This moment is perfect, beautiful. They write film scripts about this moment, and they sell. We can’t stop kissing, time and space loses its meaning; it’s all about holding each other, joyous in the simple discovery of meeting each other. But he mumbles against my lips, “This is getting out of hand,” withdraws completely, won’t look me in the eye anymore, and bolts. The “Screw this guy” approach meant I leave him to finish his vacation as he tours the eastern US coast, and as he hit Berlin for NYE before heading back home, I leave him to have his last few days. I’ve had slight acknowledgment since then, and I used to say I had a slight “feeling” or whatever, but.. I can’t afford to think like that, you know? He’ll do whatever he does, and I’ve to live my life like nothing’s happened, like a piece of my heart isn’t passed out drunk somewhere in Germany.

    Enter the Russian-Mongolian next, who was totally “not” a rebound from my Mischa. Met him at a party two days later, realized he was a Cancer, acted accordingly. Worked. Got a number, and texted him that night, “In case you were wondering, I like coffee. :)” He gets back to me the next afternoon, asking me out to tea – but I’m working, so I ask if he can do a late tea. We go to a Persian restaurant, eat and smoke hookah. He tries to sleep with me, figures out I won’t, now we’re just friends. I think? Asked him out to burgers a few days ago, he thought I meant as part of a group where I meant us hanging out over burgers/beer. So I told him where others were meeting, told him not to worry about it, probably sounded really miffed/offended (I was), and now we aren’t talking? Don’t know what’s going on there. I may or may not go to the group thing tonight where he’ll be, as I’m kind of peopled out AND avoiding…

    The Leo with Aries Mars & Virgo Venus, Libra moon. The Mongolian and I hit up a tiny house party at this guy’s house (American, thanks), and once I broke out the food I’d made (never tell a Russian you’ll cook something for him, because he takes you up on it in full) and booze I’d brought, and made them turn off the awful movie they were watching (the 3 that were there hang out together all the time), I was the perfect Aries who got the party started, by kind of making everyone talk to each other. Booze was passed around, the music was turned up, and it was bliss. The food scraped clean, the alcohol consumed entirely, and we danced for 6 hours. At 7:30 AM I crawl into bed with the Leo (man, of course) after having asked if he minded… 5 people sleeping in a tiny house? Yeah, I’m sharing with as few people as possible if I can help it. It’s completely platonic but still somehow affectionate, though we of course don’t cuddle or anything. Just sleep for an hour or two and talk. He texts me at 8:30 that night, telling me he enjoyed waking up next to me. I divert it. I text him yesterday afternoon saying the same, and it gets weird. We both nonverbally agree to ignore it, as it’s an uncomfortable thing, but this is something that’s been growing slowly over a few months. We’ll dance around the suggestion of sleeping together and never have sex.

    So, you know, screw those guys.

    I can’t say the approach is “effective” exactly, but it’s so much easier on *me*. So no complaints there.

    • That’s really funny πŸ˜€ (it reminds me of my twenties – aries sun, merc, venus etc)

  51. I’m a bit tired of us Gems getting so much of a bad rap: it’s like the low version of us is all anyone ever talks about, but how is a low Gemini any worse than an egomaniacal, social-climbing low Leo, for example, or a vicious, toxic, vengeful female low-Scorp? I’ve been more burned by those 2 types than any low Geminis.

    That said, don’t think I could date a GG. Too flighty for me and I need someone a bit more stable. I also had to laugh at MM’s description of my Aqua rising needing a sig other to serve as a sort of pagan totem for me to demon around. HAHAHA! I even told my Libran boyfriend about that, who had to agree I sometimes do that.

    That said…..I’ve had the best sex ever with GGs. It was never a dating potential situation….just really awesome sex, usually in some sort of unusual circumstance, like a lightning-fast, spontaneous pick-up, or my fondest memory……a young, gorgeous GG lifeguard who would only come see me during the day, for nooners between lifeguard shifts. Ahhhhhhh…..still features prominently in my fantasy life, if I ever go there. I even tried to rekindle with him during the brief time I was single and actually wanting that type of contact, but alas…..stupid Facebook hid my message from him til months later because we weren’t FB friends. Now he’s a porn-fantasy worthy police officer and coastguard. Y-U-M.

  52. Poor you Gemini-man!!! *giggle the gals!
    Not that he cares… he is too busy putting together a fabulous outfit to go hit the Town with, this is after he has presented fun and wild ideas at a meeting, finished with a flourishing back-flip! You weren’t expecting that were you??
    If you’re boring – he will tell you and then suggest why not vamp up your hair, make-up, culinary life or dance moves??
    He is inspired by film, magestic women (if she can do a hot number on the dance floor – even better!!), will remember witty sayings/dialogue/anecdotes from even the most boring of conversations AND has a soundtrack always playing in his head to go with his life…. at.any.particular.moment.including.NOW!!
    There are always ideas to be shared, explored and sabotaged against a wall, and then some more….you just have to laugh. The gemini man loves to laugh. Comedy in any form is appreciated.
    If he has a scorpio presence in his chart – think Prince – passion for music, funky dance moves and fashion. If he has Gemini in multiple planets – think the other Prince – William, coy – a boy, isn’t into the Establishment and loves a good chuckle and boogie at a friends wedding!
    A gemini man with Virgo… wow! This time your going to be hit with details! details! details!… but infused with COLOUR, pomp, and the damndest dressing down you have ever been subjected to if you tick him off (or fail to compliment his new outfit).
    With any Gemini man… remember its okay for him to be annoyed at you, but don’t tell him otherwise when he has annoyed you….
    After all, ideas push boundaries and when your having fun creating you don’t want to put up with boring stuck in the muds. No sireee!!!
    The ultimate poster-boy for the Gemini Man – Clint Eastwood! Has aged well, doesn’t say much – but when he does it can go off with a BANG! And admits that he likes a well cut suit – followed by quirky details where it only matters to him.
    So you see.. there is always pluses hanging out with a cowboy-Gemini… *Are you smiling now????

    *A Gemini Man, who has Gemini male friends with all or some of the traits listed above.

    • ….And this one from our original Gemini Lad from Chicago…
      Mister Kanye West:
      “Pump up the volume, dance, dance
      Don’t give Kanye a chance
      Cuz I’m a Gemini with two sides and two rides
      Y’all talkin’ business, I’m peepin’ her thighs!!!!”

      *Laugh! See…. he’s doing business, dancing, AND being a Ladies man! *wink

      • How erudite is Kayne, what a wordsmith & now to create a child with another flaming intellectual who’s words are gold. What an addition to the evolution of humanity it will be.


          • N.B.
            The point with Mister K. West… (which is reflective of Gemini’s)
            is: Take it. OR Leave it. No love lost. Mercury being their ruler is that it’s all in the Mind… Their point: that they have left an impression on the mind… good/bad…affirmative/negative… pros/cons… = duality.

            • yeah I understand the concept of duality. Still don’t like Kanye or the other shallow K AND hip hop culture. And other signs are just as capable of leaving an impression on the mind as Geminis

              BTW. I have nothing against Gems. There’s good ones and bad ones just like the other signs. It all depends on the other planetary placements.

              • Hear, hear!!! Ain’t that the truth!
                Couldn’t be bothered saying this to Gems who got hot and bothered by the generalizations. Fuq me, if this were 100% all Tauruses, for example, would be stodgy, but hey, pity one of my soul friends who’s Taurus sun with Gem scattered! Beautiful effing woman she is! :)

  53. Let me add that I generally love female Gems….well, until I don’t. LOL. Very fun to hang with and plenty to talk about. But yes…I’ve found that these friendships can have short shelf lives. If you’re ever in an actual crisis and need real support? Forget about it unless you’ve got a haute Gem.

    Here’s an example: I was going through a very tough, painful break-up. Me and female Gem friend had trip to Vegas planned for an escape. She proceeded, the month before, to spend all her money on frivolous stuff, like speakers for her TV, and a really fugly new couch. Next thing you know, she tells me she’s “too broke” to go. I call bullshit and she finally reveals that our mutal Aqua friend told her she was a “piece of shit” for not telling me her REAL reason: that she basically thought I was too emotionally unstable from my breakup and therefore we’d fight. Note that I was always the “sane” one in this group of friends. The one everyone would call the day after a hot mess night out to: give people rides, help them find their missing belongings, cars, dignity, etc. The stable one. But god forbid I express any unpretty emotions.
    Ugh….needless to say, I finally said “screw ’em” to this group. no one past the age of 25 should have any use for friends like that.

  54. “god forbid I express any unpretty emotions”

    Oh spot on!!

    Librans are even worse in this instance. Everything has to be pretty, pretty light and fluffy and don’t go any deeper or they’ll change the subject or leave the room!

  55. Well, I hate to do this, but here’s my 5c worth…

    All the ones I’ve met harbor a pretty healthy “inner-child”, usually expressed via a love of kiddie movies/cartoons, toys, video games, skateboarding, gadgets and other knick-knackery.

    Believe, me I’d know…Gems are my biggest weakness.

    They’ve all also tended to be commitment-phobic—that is until you swish your hair, vibe dis-interested and say “I’m not looking for a relationship right now” and then they suddenly start talking about weddings–drives you MAD.

    I’m sure there are exceptions to the rule, plus the rising, mars and moon signs tend to amp-up or water-down the mix in different directions. So really, don’t blame the Gem, blame the mixture!!!!

    However the lack of planning thing smacks of pisces? The Gems I know are actually quite organised.

    Quite frankly the bloke in question sounds like he’s not worth a brass razoo. I’d give him the cold treatment. Anyway, who wants to hang out with a disorganised fuqwit who can’t take a compliment?

    • Organized is an understatement… the toro/gem I have is spotless and is so organized he packed up his / Mom’s house in 4 days and moved her with 2 weeks. Hello… he knows how to get it done. It made me jealous that he was that organized.. I wish we could spend more time together so I could learn more. Love him and always will even though he won’t commit! Having the best time with him. It’s just my inner burns that is ruining things. It has nothing to do with him.. it has to do with me not knowing what I want but to just enjoy him. LOL!! He’s a good soul! I don’t care what anyone says! :)

      • You do know what you want! You aren’t being truthful with yourself sweetie. You want a relationship & he doesn’t. But you are in love & you will take whatever you can get & say ok. You are deep in the heart of Love Zombie Land. I lived there a while, it’s rocky terrain, best not lose your path. In the end only you are there for you… Also, try to date men whose mothers are objective about their sons. It has been proven to make the son’s relationships more successful! Take care VE, you sound very caring for others.

        • “try to date men whose mothers are objective about their sons. It has been proven to make the son’s relationships more successful!” I cannot begin to express how absolutely spot-on this is! This should be mandatory advice for all young women! The ex-mother in law raised 2 men who abuse women, a woman who tolerated an abusive relationship for 15 years, and another woman who condoned her brother’s abusive behaviour because “he was such a kind and gentle soul” – yet all she has to say is that when he’s not drinking he’s fine.

  56. I am Gem Sun girlie with a Gem Sun boyfriend! I so dislike this reputation we get, alas there must be some truth to the matter!
    I think the person who said Geminis should date Geminis is right on the money, honey. We seem to be quite compatible and happy! :)

    • Yeah, I am said gemiman in a resolution ship with the lovely gemilady Emily the Gemini artist.. I think that geminis may well be flighty and afraid of initial commitment, however upon making up our minds we are very loyal.. Thanks for almost getting me in trouble with emily! Ha

  57. I’m married to a Gemini man, actually, and I’m actually quite content with the arrangement.

    In spite of one major flaw and one major incident (which he knows was a dumb thing to pull, and which he knows will be a deal breaker if it happens again) I’ve found my relationship with him to be easy and pleasant through every stage.

    By every stage, I mean every stage. I’ve known him for fifteen years now, and we have been acquaintances, friends, flirty friends, boyfriend-girlfriend, and then eventually we married. By the time we got married, people were basically rolling their eyes about how long it took us to get there, but neither one of us saw the rush to jump into “eternal bliss,” and frankly, the act of legally marrying didn’t really change much of anything at home.

    Ultimately, my Gemini man has been, simultaneously, my best friend, my lover, and protector as well. Yes, he can be elusive and hard to pin down because he disappears into his head on a regular basis, but it gives me plenty of personal space, and he’s always been right there whenever I’ve ever TRULY needed him.

    Through our relationship, we’ve been through some pretty miserable things together, and even though it’s been challenging, we’ve also both grown from it, and there’s no one else I would rather have as my life-long partner.

    (To expand, he’s a Gemini sun, Virgo asc. Aries moon whereas I’m a Leo sun, Cap asc. Aquarius moon.)

    • That’s because he has a Virgo AC. (joke…maybe….)

      Glad you have found the best partner for you!

      What’s your astro?

      • I’m a Leo sun, Cap asc. Aquarius moon.

        To be honest, I wasn’t actually interested in dating at all until I met him. I was too busy pursuing my ambitions and doing charitable work to be too bothered with any relationship that might take my attention away from those activities. Then I met this guy, and he was interesting.

        Truthfully, I didn’t want to date him at first. I just wanted to talk to him because he was interesting. That’s how we ended up being friends. We started dating and eventually we married because we didn’t really see a reason not to.

        I definitely think other parts of his chart stabilize some of his Gemini tendencies. I see his Gemini side all the time, and while there have historically been frustrations arising from that, he’s never been an overtly “harmful,” type of Gemini. (I’ve also interacted with the harmful type, and they are pretty awful.) He’s a constant multi-tasker who often struggles with feelings of restlessness and who can be a little elusive in the sense that he often escapes into his own thoughts and/or activities. He is, however, shy, punctual, detail oriented, fastidious, and perfectionist in certain areas. He’s also surprisingly emotionally demonstrative with a self admitted romantic streak.

        He’s also surprisingly proud.

        Additionally, my Gemini husband is a little bit older than I am. Since his Saturn return, a lot of the problematic aspects of his nature have become highly subdued due to changes in his career that have given him a resource — working with machines/working with his hands — to have an outlet for some of his energy that way, and he’s been less prone to those periods of evasiveness and restlessness. (He has always struggled with a restlessness that he himself describes as “frustrating.”)

        There are times where he can be like a child, but I sometimes have that tendency too, so I can’t really take issue with it. At times, we do take turn playing “parent,” to each other and other times we simply “play” together. Considering that I’m continually pulled into a “parent” role in most spheres of life as it is, taking on an occasional parent role for someone who genuinely loves me is a welcome change from doing it “because that’s what needs done,” and the opportunity to have youthful fun with him is relaxing and freeing for me.

  58. I’ve experienced a roller coaster ride in, around, up through & below the depths of HELL with this Gemini. I have been surfing & reading about his sign & my sign. {I’m a Libra } I’m reading all these great character attributes that Gemini have & If I didn’t know any better I’d think he lied about his birthdate. Why not? Everything else has been a lie. I’m sure he is an exception to most of the male Gemini populaion. He is beyond messed up with his actions & verbal communication towards me. He does not seem evil, I’ve known some evil players in my 46 years. This man is 57years old as of June 6th. He was abused in his youth & or is hiding something about himself. It is also his addiction to porn adding to the problem as well. I found the reports on what the instant available access to porn is doing to the hard-core porn addicts. What it is doing to their minds & bodies. NOT PRETTY & this ole man has been yanking to it longer than most of you ladies have been born. I’m convienced my ride with him was made worse by a Gemini with a servere comorbid triple-dual-diagnosis-X10 of a personality disorder & psychological disorders, that aren’t addressed & given his age, he is not aware of. Narcissistic Schizoid issues with a COMPLETE lack of intimacy-emotional & physcial. I’m certain he hasn’t had the skills to reach for any human emotion in decades. If ever he had the chance to form any type of interpersonal skills in the formative years of his youth. At 1st I took it *so* personal, but after reading & educating myself I know it isn’t just behavior reserved for me, he treats anyone around him that he can get away with treating like that. He is not a criminal, he’s an accomplished self-employed way upper middle class citizen. He isn’t materialistic, lives in the middle of nowhere with sparce decor & few appliances, just the basic things needed in a home to live. No computer, no cell phone. He’s a single-dad with a 17 year old boy. I can’t fathom that his ex tiring of his hostile disdane & verbal abuse leaving him 8 years ago is the reason he is in the condition he is in. It’s not possible. I know little of his childhood, but what I do know is the family dynamics were a clinical abusive set-up for failure. The defense mechanisms & projection he displays now more than likely saved an abused little boy’s life. I understand all of these things I have read & it is indeed the sadest thing I’ve witnessed happening to & going on inside a man. His parent’s are dead as well as his siblings. I don’t think he’ll ever become educated about the way his life began & how that beginning was the reason his psychie & most if not all of his relationships have been destroyed before it or they had time to form. It is beyond heartbreaking. IDK what to do. We now have this vast amount of research & clinical medical evidence about abuse, neglect & psychological medical help available nowadays at our fingertips & he’ll never know or have a chance to have some form of piece before he leaves this earth. I think that if I printed the info out & made him a folder with just the soft points highlighted & presented it in the most caring humanistic way possible, the gravity of it all & it possibly reminding him of some trauma he experienced a lifetime ago could send him over the edge. This is BAD, real BAD situation. He isn’t violent, has never made a move to lay hands on me or even hurt me sexually. He’s the clinical case study of the broken sole inside a shell that barks loud to protect a true self-that he is unaware exists. It still exist in his subconscience barely. His super-ego punishes him hourly to remind him that, that boy is still there. The child trapped forever in a very grown aged man’s tired body. To know what I know by learing what I have about these terrible psychological wounds children can be hammered with during formative years during childhood & to feel as though I can only stand by & know some of the answers that might help him with his confusion is like someone cut my voice box out & then told me to scream for help for a school bus on fire. I have no words to express witnessing such emotional, spiritual warfare. I’m talking bad ladies. I know he received beatings, a lot of kids back then did, it was the thing to do. Socially acceptable. Beatings-not-spankings-they a differance. I know he is geneticly predisposed to mental imparment due to his mother’s medical history & hospitalizations. His sister died in her late 40’s of cancer & never held a job her whole life. His father was a drunk & he had a 1/2 brother from one of he father’s affaris. That is all I know & it took two years to know this very little. I heard the scant family history at night as he mumbled falling asleep the one day a week that I would be with him. He isn’t a drunk or mean-so-to-speak when we would have our one night of single parent, no kids allowed date night. Thank you for your time in reading my deliema. IDK what to do, but I have to figure out something. Because unbeknownest to this broken man is a 17 year old boy that is fast approaching have a life of tormoil just like his father. He’s already in trouble with the laws & has no work ethic, of which his father can’t understand because that broken man is on top of that boy taking him to work after school every day after the boy eats a homecooked meal his father comes in to cook at 2:30 every afternoon. A boy in a mans body making a very good living, doing what he can to be a single dad without so much the skills ever taught to him to be a healthy, tween, teen, young man or man. He’s winging it, day after day in a shell with a destroyed spirit & a confused mind. It is bad. Given the mothers history, I would not be surprised if he as an infant was’t left in a baby bed crying from birth till 12-18 months of age in the year 1955. That man feels the confusion too. He’ll sit there out the blue & say there isn’t a damn thing wrong with him, he’s not crazy, he grew up hearing people say his mom was crazy & he knows he damn well isn’t! He cites his accomplishments in his work field & his upper income as proof. He can feel it, but he not know what it is that is the darkness inside himself. His ex told him he was a F***ing weirdo wanting to live out there by himself when she left & has thus told their son how crazy he is & he needs help, bla…bla…bla…But promply returned the son a few months later for him to raise 8 years ago. HELP???? Do I go to a counsler & ask he/she what to do? I said it was BAD, few sentences back. Don’t you think there something I can figure out to do to introduce the education to him so that his son & he can have some closure & decent father son rapport before the man dies? And no I don’t want to be Ms. Co-dependent fix it all & everybody be all happy. Closure & happy two differ things. They are the ones hurting & confused. My grief witnessing the situation is nothing compared to their hellish reality. Knowledge is power. Remember this is a 57 year old working man that has stated to me that once someone is labeled with a mental problem, quote ” it’s all over.” He was raised & brought up during a time in history where that was the minset of the social culture. Shush……Don’t tell nobody your ma-ma is sick. Thus leading to all of the abuse & death women & children suffered in a place called home in America. It wasn’t until about 20 years ago that society gave mom & kids some protection, started to try anyway. You know I can’t tell this man about all of the information & education wating to be printed & introduced to he & his son. He won’t accept it, he won’t hear it. I’ve seen him fly off into a virtural 6 year old fit over me not having a hamburger for him ready in time. So, am I to just sit by & move forward with my future life & know two more generations of that familys men go down the drain? Three when his son goes out & knocks somebody up! Will it be four? When does it stop? How does it stop? And I had always heard Gemini & Libra was a good match. HELP? Any input at this point would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for taking time to listen/read my post. God Bless or Your Higher Power Bless you.

  59. I’ve just freshly started dating a Gem. The first ever. My kids’ father is a Taur/Gem cusper with both Gem in Venus and Mars. Total whacko. However, I won’t complain, because that’s tacky. lol

    I’m a Pi sun/moon/mer with Venus in Cap, Mars in Taurus…Taurus Rising, Gem in the first house. Yep…have fun with that astrologers and I can confirm that I am extremely humanistic, lovinig, idealistic, and at the same time THE single most hardest working woman in my circle with a well decorated home that I entertain in quite often, as well as use to make extra money. Lol Love kids, my freedom, success, traveling, cooking, eating…YUM…have to work out on a regular to manage my waistline and quell my nervous energy, typical Scorp/Pluto ruling the 7th house (Intense partnerships that are almost death do part us)…blah blah blah. Yes, it’s all true.

    Here it is…I get the distinct feeling that the Gem guy who I’m seeing gets a kick out of coming OFF as a player, but really isn’t. Does that make any sense? He’s a Gem Sun/Merc, Venus in Cancer, Mars in Aries. I don’t have an accurate birth time so moon and rising TBD.

    I think, however, that Gem men remind us ladies of two important standards.

    1. You’re not obligated to give a man sex for anything…diamond ring included. Lol I don’t care how many times he makes you laugh, takes you out to dinner, or listens to your bad day stories. You shouldn’t feel obligated to give him anything but a courteous “Thank you” or “I had fun” or “let’s do this again”. PERIOD. Now, I love sex so this is not coming from a prudish standpoint which leads me to point out the second standard….

    2. If you don’t feel like you can completely trust him to continue the relationship with dignity, respect, loyalty, and kindness after you’ve had sex….you can always have sex with someone else. LMBO!!!! Yes, I am saying that if you get the sense that a man is leading you down the rabbit hole with all of the niceties that lead to sex now a days, you can continue a traditional courtship with him, letting him prove himself and have a fling with someone else. Ummm…if you don’t know that he’s trustworthy then I don’t give a ding dong what your relationship “status” is, you’re not in a committed relationship. Give it up Boo…you’re not, whether you realize it or not. He’s not your knight in shinning armor or your next baby daddy or your plus one at the next 15 office Christmas parties to come. He can’t be, because he hasn’t PROVEN himself to be. In that case, you need to wake up and treat the relationship at its current level….”getting to know one another” and if you want to be sure that he is going to respect you after you’ve drooled all over his pillow after a night of what you imagine would be hot steamy sex, BUT your loins are on fire and can’t take it anymore…fling it off with someone else. It’s called discretion and shouldn’t be considered cheating if he hasn’t PROVEN that he’s the one.

    Ladies…Gemini men remind us that we need to quit committing to men before they’ve proven that they are WORTH it. Quit putting a priceless tag on his loyalty that you’re trying to earn when you know you’re totally worth it and invest your time in setting up a relating style that makes him prove that he values you before you give him whatever it is that you consider to be “your everything”. His willingness to spend time with you makes sense if he thinks you’re pretty and is already getting sex. DUH!?!?!? That is not committment either. So many times we think a man is committed because we’re getting his “time”. Ummm…where else is it going to go? To another woman? Doubt it and if it’s going to several women already…then he definitely can’t be the one. lol As one single woman, we are often times way more head over heels over the moon about that one guy than we imagine other women are….trust me. If he IS interacting with that many women, then you don’t stand a chance at ever being anything special anyways…not because you’re not special, but I can just hear him telling the guys, “But they’re ALL special in their own little ways.” Get what I’m saying?

    I’ve dabbled in doing the above…I didn’t go all in, but dabbled in it and thankfully I pulled back the reigns and packed my playground up, took it home, and reprioritized my life (typical venus in cap lol) the way it SHOULD have been. Now the Cap Sun, Gem moon, Venus in Sagittarius is lamenting watching me talk about a Gem sun, Venus in Cap with a HUGE smile on my face that he USED to get. Lol ha ha ha ha Yes, I think it’s funny and that is coming from a Pi moon who has a depth of empathy. Empathy shouldn’t equal committment or loyalty and being there completely when a man hasn’t finished proving himself.

    And for godsake, quit making the first move on guys who appear to be shy and then complain about it when they don’t commit. Shy = scared and if he’s not brave enough to make the first move towards sex, please don’t think that he’s ever going to be brave enough to make the first move towards committment. Where do they do that at?? He’s a man, not a woman. WOMEN may hesitate to make the first move sexually, but aren’t afraid to make the first move in committment. We are wired that way, circluar. Men are extremely linear. The way he starts is definitely the way he’s going to finish.

    Men with heavy Gemini energy are more man-like (typical male behaviors, actions, thoughts, etc) than any of the zodiac I’ve seen. Linear. They may be twins going in the opposite direction at any given time, but it’s still linear.