Aqua Soul Rhythm

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Happy Sun into Aquarius!  It is joining Mercury, Eros & Mars – breaking the intense Capricorn circuit that was productive but a bit heavy for some, no?  Also, Mercury and the Sun are in sextile to Uranus – ruler of Aqua – so genius ideas, emancipation, busting out of your personal ruts and eureka moment realizations all RULE!

Square Saturn, of course, and lining up for a crazy-bats Full Moon but you can’t have everything. Or maybe you CAN but some fairly drastic changes have got to happen first – sans denial, procrastination or same-old, same-old ways styles of operating. Some peeps are super resistance to this new Ultra vibe. And maybe even not that invested in YOUR evolution, lest it threaten their stasis. THIS is the challenge of the moment – more in the Daily Mystic email for Monday.

Also – i am doing the Scheduler, up in Feb and the reason it is taking so long is that i am making it so it is always a YEAR ahead. So obviously this takes time. You will be to click on a date in  – say – November and check it out. IN the meantime, the 2013 Must-Know Mission Statement Horoscopes are obviously available.

Happy Aqua-Uranian Radical Change scheming!

Image: Rod Luff – this rad work is for sale!

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  1. I dont think I can handle any more realizations, I cant even tell if they are a good thing any more, like, I cant tell if I should double down and break through to the other side, or stop here, the further I go the more unstable it all feels, I cant tell if its like the really messed up part before things get better, or maybe I am messing myself up here, I dont even know any more, im like, 5 huge realizations in to this thing, and it hasnt stopped, ugghh, luckily, some solid plans are hazily forming in my mind, but I cant pick which one of those to do either, we’ll see I guess


      My feeling is that this is when you have to surrender to it all, be nice to yourself and keep some strength and humor about you as a reserve for anything ‘new’ coming your way!!


    • I know what you mean. Sometimes the line between intuition x curiosity and schizophrenia gets blurry and feels scary (not saying you are schizophrenic, just referring to any kind of heightened thought whether delusional or not and speaking from my own experiences and tendencies). If you feel like you are bracing for the next aftershock or crescendo try and relax into it, if that makes sense. Don’t expect it to be more intense or decide it has to be (as I have done :/ ).

      My break through happened after a literal breakdown. I couldn’t take anymore and I just stopped, gave up, surrendered. I didn’t get out of bed for four days. I didn’t make any grand plans to do anything, including drink water or shower. Finally when I got to the deepest point of Not Giving a Flying Fuck about Anything (especially my future) I woke up on day five and had a renewed desire to live and built u

      • *built up from there, slowly, moment by moment.

        whoops. :)
        Hope you feel better soon, I know how irritating it can be for people to give advice on how to feel when you just CAN’T and are in a loop so please don’t interpret me as being preachy. [[big hugs]]

      • thank you so much, thats the kind of scared I have been feeling, at the beginning, yay realizations, but after a while I feel technically crazy, scribbling things down everywhere, typing up all these realizations(I had to make a folder, to put all the word docs I have) , and then all by myself, its really comforting to hear you got through it ok, I have had a few breakdowns, I dont even know what this is leading to

    • AND, the craziest thing ever happened today, I had this panicky intense urge to talk to someone, anyone, about what I was going through, even if they didnt get it, so I went on that chat thing omegle, and the person I get just so happens to be going through the EXACT SAME THING(we agreed it was meant to be somehow), like he was guessing things I have never even told anyone, it was like meeting another me, except he was more jaded and depressed(he is the me that failed and also didnt meet really good friends), he gave me a link to chakra meditation stuff he said helped him most, and I have been meaning to do that, and he gave me advice, but I dont know if I should take it, hes been in this longer, but he hasnt gotten out of it yet, he has yet to escape, I dont want to make my prison more comfortable or get a good routine going, I want to get the fuq out of here, I want to bust out, and he does not share my attitude, he says he was right were I was and it didnt work, but I dunno if I should heed his caution, also talking to another me has started another round of realizations, of course, but it was really surreal, it was like when you meet someone and reminisce about a tv show you have both seen, and you know that part, ha ha that was a good part, it was like that but with, I dunno, this problem I have, its like everything in the air, the energy, is just getting more and more intense, anywho, sorry for talking about this even more, not talking about my problem directly this time, just something noteworthy

      • My advice David is to get into some heavy physical activity, leave your mind at home and just get into it .
        When I was younger surfing, football, running whatever, always helped to calm my mind and put things into perspective.
        I’m pretty sure that your issues are not unlike the issues faced by all young men. The great thing is you have plenty of time to work them out. I’m mid 50s and well, some issues take a lifetime, and should.
        Realizations happen in minutes, seconds, when you least expect them, they don’t take hours.
        Good luck to you.

        • I was going to suggest something similar, David (s). I like the Gurdjieffen idea of dividing yourself into three centres, a thinking centre, a feeling centre and a moving/physical centre. When my head gets too much for me I try to spend a lot more time in my emotional/feeling centre, and less time in my head. I usually find that despite the dire scenarios that might be running rampant through my mind, I am mostly more than comfortable in my emotional self, sans troubling thoughts. Listening to music is a great way to sink into your emotional centre, and put your emotions onto a delightful melody. Usually for me this results however in some sort ‘bright spark’ idea that comes out of nowhere and sees me up and off down another tangent. Learning to turn off your thought is probably the most useful skills one can acquire, but you generally need to put your attention somewhere, so into the body or into your emotions. Usually one centre is dying for some attention.

        • I agree, this has helped me infinitely and when I stop I regress.
          And watch this! So absurd, but it actually works.

      • guys, its genuine advice, good advice, and what I was considering doing, I already work out every other day, and was considering upping the ante, but pleas please trust me, I know what your saying, but this is a problem, a big problem, I am not socially healthy nor have I ever been by any stretch of the imagination, I am not in a good place right now, and I might be able to get out of here, this rut I have lived in for as long as I can remember, this isnt overacting to normal things, its a real personal problem I am going through, please believe me here, I have a shot to escape, dont assure me its not so bad in here after all, please dont do that, its all really complicated, I cant even begin to explain myself

        • also, im not constantly suffering, I can chill out or take a breather, usually I am taking it easy, none the less things are getting tougher, but its not like my whole day is like that

          • David, here is a great place to share thoughts and growth and lapses etc. but there’s a point where there’s only so much astro fiending you can do to resolve things and find a way to move forward. That is when it’s a good time to find someone to talk to face to face. If you really are feeling the way I sense you are feeling please find a quality counsellor – your campus may even have one.

            This is sometimes hard for people to do, but believe me, having someone to talk to who is able to help you find ways to manage your situation is the best thing in the world a person can do for themselves. It doesn’t mean you’re ‘mental’ or unstable or anything like that. We all need a bit of a hand sometimes. Life can be pretty complicated, especially for a young man who is so clearly of above-average smarts. Please consider this route as an option / means of escape.

            • im sorry for bring this here anon, I tried not to, I didnt even say much at first, im trying my hardest to keep it platonicish to keep from getting in to it, but then I have to explain myself, and suddenly I am typing tons of stuff on here, im really sorry guys, ugggh, ill, ill just quarantine myself for a bit as far as posting here goes until a month or so, im sorry guys, I like hanging out, and I dont mean to get heavy, really I dont

              • no need for apologies – just wanted to table that as an option for you to consider. Heavy is fine – it wasn’t about wanting to silence you or not wanting to hear it, it was about knowing that sometimes talking to someone can help to find the tools you need to cope with change. Look after yourself OK?

              • It occurred to me that you might associate ‘counsellor’ with some kind of all-in let’s get medicated and numb ourselves so we can drone on regardless thing as some people have mentioned below, so I thought I’d share one of my successful counselling missions to de-mystify it.

                I was miserable, felt like I may as well be dead because I could see no way anything was ever going to get better etc. DARK and confused (saturn / uranus transit). Saw a psychologist convinced I must have some torrid thing from childhood haunting me or something. Two visits in I realised things were all hinging around my location as opposed to me – I just needed to move away from the city I was living in because the ‘culture’ (I’m being diplomatic) and weather were not to my liking and I wasn’t comfortable with the overall ‘feel’ of the place. Genius – but weird because ‘on paper’ the city I was in was perfect for me and my interests! Left soon after and life has been good ever since. I just needed someone who was able to shine a light on the core issues so I could make informed decisions. No medication etc was ever mentioned. I wasn’t ‘mental’ or unstable etc, just in a can’t see the forest for the trees situation. We all go there at some point. So if you ever feel as though you might benefit from something like that don’t fell as though there’s anything ‘wrong’ with you or that you’re ‘sick’ etc. From what I can tell (textual comms are not easy to grasp sometimes) what’s happening to you seems pretty normal, maybe just a bit overwhelming when you’re living away from home without the usual support systems in place to aid you in adapting to the changes is all I was concerned about xxx

        • literally, I am on the verge of being able to interact with people normally without internally flipping out, or interact socially without fear or this weird sense of trying to hide, I dont want to hide anymore, I dont want to be scared and try to just survive and get by without people noticing, I want to get better, I want to be the full healthy me, and I am close, and not in the finding out whats wrong with me way, but the doing something about it way

          • Oh I get it, you’re surfacing – sorry please ignore the above comment – but if you ever need help with transmuting anything that is an inherent part of who you are or have always been for whatever reason – nature or nurture, please consider some time with a trained professional. It’s not a big deal, but changing the habits of a lifetime is a VERY big deal and occasionally peeps need a hand with that stuff. Look after yourself young man.

            • oops, too late I guess, but yah thats where I am at now, changing my habits, but they are also weirdly a part of me, and i dont know how else to be, but I will manage something, im here godamit, im right here and so close

              • psychedelics (or, failing that, lots of pot), a dark room, and music. enter thy cave, alone. don’t try to fight it. ride the wave out-pretending it’s not there will only smash you down. you’re in vision quest territory… it is only our disconnected culture that sees this as “wrong” instead of a normal and necessary stage of life. yes it is scary, but you’ve gotta own that fear- it is what makes you. also, do you have access to a pool? swimming laps is an amazing meditative exercise for not just the body but the soul. especially for a piscean. xoxox

              • David, I hope you dont mind me popping in. I also have been feeling the intensity of the ‘times’, and quite literally have said myself, and heard others say how these ‘realisations are coming thick and fast, and its seriously intense, think I want it to stop’. At these times, especially if we are feeling socially isolated its so easy to slip into head head head. Rather than trusting that once the realisations have come, (and yes, the really freakin hard ones that give our ego a battering), the changes will come and integrate without needing us to analyse them further…And perhaps, as I am finding, and a few peeps have suggested here – get into your body, be mindful about your physicality, or immerse in some beautiful things, and that integration will come. I agree with so many of the above posts. I also have sought help from a professional counsellor, and also non traditional forms, and also simple meditation that involves focusing on ‘what is’ can be really grounding. I have found having somewhere to place your thoughts and have them acknowledged in person has enabled huge releases. Its amazing what a nod of the head towards your experience can do to help you accept your humanity…..and your magnificance. I wish you compassion.

                • I walk in nature allmost every single day. Nature is very healing and grounding.

                  I call it my “sane” time.

                  And music, lots of music.

                  Listening to In a Gadda da Vida by Iron Butterfly..1968

                  Apparently, the singer was on LSD and slurred the words as they were supposed to be “in the Garden of Eden”..

                  ha, funny as shit.

                  Song is 17 mins long..

                  Please take care David…we love you. x

          • David a friend of mine suffers from the same thing. She have just started seeing a shrink. Don’t be too proud, it can work wonders. Also the other comments are great. Lots of excersise very important for shifting depression. And eat really well. Stay of sugar and alcohol. Book in to see someone today you will feel better taking that step. And if they suggest, consider medication. It is there for a reason and helps. Just remember alot of people go through this you are not alone. :)

  2. Heyyy Mystic – my god has it been intense!!!! I was all work, work, work like a mo-fo and then SPLAT mega emotional deep pullings and NOW shockwave stuck and procrastination!!!!


    With that in mind after reading this I am going to pick myself up STOP procrastinating and change course so the next two weeks, which are MEGA important turn out GOOD

    xxx THANKS

  3. I am feeling this!!! Birthday coming up, rounding the corner to upper twenties. 25 was a rough one. A very rough one. The second half of 24 leading into it was a nightmare. I think 26 is going to be amazing, and I — if I am honest — definitely have pessimist leanings.

    I’ve let go of a lot this Capricorn season and am ready to revamp pretty much everything. We all say we want freedom, but then it’s funny how we cling… It sounds silly and woo woo but my first piece of orgonite came a week ago and my mood and luck has shifted noticeably. Other recent winners: L-Phenylalanine and SAM-e for depression/ADHD, cutting contact with toxic people (thus making them bribe you to try and regain control, but not falling for it), and binaural beats combined with EMDR.

    Happy birthday Aqua people!

      • I was on adderall (first and last time on meds…[[shudder]]) to finish off my last semester of school. I love school but perfectionist/daydreamer tendencies keep me from completing things… By the end of the semester I was doubling up on doses and crashing on the weekends just to keep up the pace. Adderall wreaks havoc on your body with the cortisol rollercoaster and I knew that once my responsibilities lightened I needed to stop for my own health and sanity.

        I threw the remaining pills out when school stopped even though I was scared I would be a nonfunctioning zombie without them. A naturopath type recommended the L-Phen to cushion the crash and transition and I’m impressed! It’s a calm, focused, attentive energy. Not at all cracked out like stimulants or coffee. But make sure you have it on an empty stomach first thing. I take it with the SAM-e and lemon water first thing and it really helps.

  4. Hmmm, so maybe this astro weather explains, after hearing about this for the first time ever yesterday, waking this morning deciding this was for me, and getting in touch with Gemini Sister, Gemini Cousin, Katakan Cousin and Saggo Cousin, and suggesting that this would be a great ‘family bonding’ activity to do together in Sydney in October ? – We’re all in ! – Huzzah !! Perfect Aries activity !

    • OMG tough mudder maybe that’s it… my physical goal for 2013. Need something to get me out of this sludge. (and then back into it mwaha) “How to work Venus in Aries, part I” lol
      my Hot Czech Guy-Friend did this last year.

      • I hear you Pi,
        I need a believable reason to amp up the physical fitness, to get into running seriously, and focus. The only one in the Fam not convinced completely is the Saggie Pie, she’s like ”Electric shocks ? why would someone even think that up? and why would people agree to run through” …
        Hey any idea how long your hot Czech-Guy friend needed to recover afterwards …I reckon register ! Then shit yourself about OMG what have i done, i’ve gotta start training seriously like now !! argh .. which is pretty much what happened here…xx mwa

      • ”Chubby Jones” is a great starting point. She does free running podcasts, ”From Couch to 5k’, and moving upwards…brilliant taste in indie music.

        Pisces rising in me has been googling ”best running shoes for Tough Mudder”.

        best of luck beautiful
        (Theres also the Mothers Day 4k run a goodie to aim for ) – I think you’re in Oz ?

      • See you there beautiful ! – We’re not ready for Aprils one we’re doing October …
        I thought of you when i was ‘researching/googling” for this, you’ve been training for this for well over a year already BG, you would Ace this !! xxx

  5. Shit. I’m finding this all tough. It’s been years of evolving and intermittent stasis. I’m back at stasis. Extreme stasis. Can’t get out of bed stasis.

    I keep seeing everyone around me get the things they want. They’ve worked hard, no doubt about it. But where’s my reward for all the hard work? I don’t know how much longer I can wait.

      • Yes, but everytime I find it fate goes and takes it away again.


        I’ll be curious mid-2013 to hear how everyone who had a 2013 reading from Mystic is travelling. Mine said it looks like I’ll have two men! Wouldn’t that be a nice change.

  6. guys, I keep being an excessive bummer on here, for real, I never meant to be, I think I will just lay low for a while, its just all of the bad stuff is half good news to me, im sorry for getting too heavy, and I think maybe I am just gonna see myself out as far as posting goes for a bit till things with me calm down, its not as bad as it seems trust me, love you guys, dont worry about me, im a trooper, and im sorry for the crazy I have been bringing as of late, hope you guys are handling things well and make it through your stuff too, im sure you will all handle it like pros

    • A lot of us are on a bit of a downer. My posts don’t even make sense half the time! Anyway, as everyone says all the time, we’re all on here for each other. Sometimes to debate posts, sometimes to kick each others arses back into gear. And times like now, to listen and offer kind words.

        • no, not above- all very good advice. someone a few posts back told him to stop posting and get a diary because they were tired of reading his thoughts. that’s the anon jerk i was referring to.

    • HeyHo David,
      Don’t leave us man.
      I feel like having someone to love and love you back would make all the difference.
      ‘Just keep swimming, Just keep swimming’. xx (to quote Dory from Finding Nemo – yes, it’s school holidays here and the kidlettes are home – thus the Finding Nemo quote) xx
      It;s been in my thoughts for a while (yes, i am even bossy in those) ”David should enrol in some sort of course he would never think of, like a Community gardening or Vegetarian/ Thai cooking class…get out of his comfort zone, and amongst some chicks’ .. .there ive said it, i hope i havent offended, love peace and lentils.

    • Its a gift when someone is real. Its a gift to be able to help someone. Trust that the people that matter would never think that you stepped over the line and have been a downer. Reality rocks. As does compassion – and I wish it for you x

      • I agree, I keep coming back to the comments on MM because the people are so honest and compassionate. Which you are too. :)

    • David, you are really really really Piscean. I love reading your posts, all kinds, and you express how i often feel quite well, better than i can.

      Yeah, exercise, get out of your comfort zone with a workshop/class thing you’ve never done before. i second the idea that speaking to a professional doesn’t mean you’re mad or anything, or too dumb to work it out. It’s also really important to look at your nutrition. I recall you saying something about going on spinach binges once..? Get your vitamin and mineral intake through a super balanced diet that’s just right for you, and don’t neglect it. Brain humming engines can make you need more of certain nutrients. Honour your bod, David. It can make a big difference to your outlook.

    • David i don’t know whether you want solutions or sympathy.
      You are certainly getting plenty of both A Good therapist to help disperse the self absorption? A good job to distract you from yourself?

      • pegasus, I hope I have not appeared self absorbed, I have posted here too much, but I have not posted everything I was going through or come here with pre meditated intent, I just came here expecting i dont know what, I hope it does not appear like I am some weirdo freaking out at his own shadow and trying to “solve” the self,or some overly dramatic neurotic attention seeker. its a really specific real thing, and I am now on the verge of changing it, I am sorry for the overexposure thus far, but this does not reflect all of my existence, and I keep myself pretty busy and am doing something about my problem and seeing someone, but it is an actual problem, im sorry your tired of it, and like I said, you wont have to worry about it anymore as far as posting here goes

    • thanks everyone(including the stuff above), you guys are great, look, I am deeply embarrassed by this, but I am already seeing a professional, just recently, but couldnt over the winter break and then other stuff, I will heed/consider everyone advice, and I do intend to not post again for a while, im sure some people are rightfully annoyed by all of this, I am still sorry, and I hope you guys dont think I am just being dramatic, I cant fully explain it, its not the place, but I am going through something I swear, a whole big thing I have summarized and selectively told you about to avoid getting in to it needlessly. you guys have been great, thank you so much you dont even know, your opinions and takes on things have helped a lot through this whole thing and even now, you really have helped, and i thank all of you from the bottom of my heart

      • While Pegs may cut to the core, to some extent, Jesus Christ, no need to be so aburpt with someones feelings or process..But do understand the Sagg…

        David, you are young and doing beautfully. Of course we will doubt and second guess ourselves…

        Yes, take a step back and tell the world to fuq off..

        Talk about a miracle.. :) x

  7. How lovely! Even if the sun is opposing mine. :)

    In other news, my Leo Cap Asc friend & the Cap Gal will have a babe now!
    Both cut off contact with their families due to neg reactions.
    He went back to his job in Asia and now she says come back.

    She also says it is unacceptable he doesn’t find a job where he at least $150K in Oz.
    She doesn’t want to have to move from her exxy house.

  8. What did I organise for the full moon? My first ever birthday party! Taken me 40 something years to doing one. If its so bats I’m expecting police attendance, gate crashers, night in the lock up & general mayhem…..could be fun lol.

    • Outta sight! Keep a small medical kit on hand, and a few bedding options. Party guests should have total right to get out of hand on a full moon night, but of course the hostess ever prepared, is gracious, attentive and unflappable, even when drunk as a monkey’s uncle.

      Have a beautiful birthday, Savannah!

      • I recommend nominating a friend to be your manager for the night. Y’know check food, drink, stock amenities, direct people – or you will event managing not partying. Good luck!

    • Thank you so much for well wishes :) and suggestions all will be put in place. I got broken into over the last few weeks twice, they took my Bose portable dock so we are going to use our cars for music lol. My brother will make a great mediator/doorman he’ll keep the peace. I don’t care if there’s 5 or 50 attendees.

  9. have been kept awake by holiday peeps in the place behind where i stay
    for three days i have knocked on their door and whinged at them
    tonite as i headed of to annoy them
    the rv i had on, one of the actors said to the other
    yr not popular cause your always angry
    WTF!!! the moon on my north node


    so i stomp over there and finally five of them came to the door and i was offered a drink of scotch
    oh god did i need that being straight and sober is NOT easy

    i been of the weed for ten days now and tense as…

    there is abt 20 italian blokes staying at this place and 16 of them are gemini
    and then i saw it, i have gemini envy
    being overly earthy
    how cool to be air
    light and breezy

    one of them has sag moon and saw thru me
    and said that i was in need of attention!!
    yes it is true
    being a spinster is hard yo know
    they were so sweet
    and one of them wants a reading
    after the strippers leave
    yes i am of to see the strippers they hired
    i will be a gemini tonight
    for one nite
    i will be free of 6 planets in virgo
    and i not even have to die
    gehave been kept awake by holiday peeps in the place behind where i stay
    for three days i have knocked on their door and whinged at them
    tonite as i headed of to annoy them
    the rv i had on, one of the actors said to the other
    yr not popular cause your always angry
    WTF!!! the moon on my north node


    so i stomp over there and finally five of them came to the door and i was offered a drink of scotch
    oh god did i need that being straight and sober is NOT easy

    i been of the weed for ten days now and tense as…

    there is abt 20 italian blokes staying at this place and 16 of them are gemini
    and then i saw it, i have gemini envy
    being overly earthy
    how cool to be air
    light and breezy

    one of them has sag moon and saw thru me
    and said that i was in need of attention!!
    yes it is true
    being a spinster is hard yo know
    they were so sweet
    and one of them wants a reading
    after the strippers leave
    yes i am of to see the strippers they hired
    i will be a gemini tonight
    for one nite
    i will be free of 6 planets in virgo
    and i not even have to die
    air signs are so blessed

  10. Wow,… that image maybe a bit much for some..
    how fantastic?
    I’m not quite sure exactly what that core colour in there is because green/blue cusps are probably the most indefinable but I always tell my daughter that Aquamarine is my favourite colour.

    Thanks Mystic

    And David; Davidl is bang on with the advice to ‘get extra physical’..

    you’re in LA no? Theres heaps of community/school vegie gardens rolling in that city from what I gather ..
    I’d get into them in ya spare time…works for me. :)

  11. I have had this sneaking feeling since Friday that everything I have worked and planned for over the past year is really meant to be. Moved house last weekend. Crazy times for the past year+ but feeling SO GOOD now. Spent almost all weekend unpacking with energy that came from somewhere out of this world. I even did the ironing today and liked it!! Love Sun in Aquarius. Love, love, love.

    • I moved too but only rooms, now I don’t live in a matchbox I am feeling so much more,, human? I wake up happy, the space is inspiring me, friend confessed to calling my room “the cell”. Best to you and your new nest x

    • Libra9.. I am with you. I was thinking the same thing. I moved by butt 1000 miles away from family and found that my new location has been overwhelmingly beautiful. I can’t believe. Yes, November 2011 – Ocotber 2012 was INTENSE but I found a new job, moved back to my area where I moved to in 2010 (had to move in 2011 for a job) and NOW this time around I have friends showing up out of the word work.. It’s amazing. I met new friends yesterday.. so much in common and she is excited to find someone to hang out with to. SO, what I am getting at is I honestly think I was meant to be in this area. God / Universe wanted me here and he made it happen.

      Right now, I am having a ball of a time. I am a little concerned with NOT being focused on work so that I what I have been thinking about all last week. I need to change. (i.e. leave my cell phone in my purse so that I can’t see if an email, FB post and/or gmail email came in). I feel like I am not doing my job.

      Anywhooo.. Thanks for posting. I am with you! xo!

  12. I laughed when I saw this topic, because today I moved my computer out of my study to write in the living room, and keep an eye on our puppies so they don’t rip the room apart (as they have done in the past) and created enough space in my workroom to start artwork. I’ve tidied both bedrooms, cleaned the kitchen and bathroom, started burning some nice essential oils,talked my husband into banging a couple of nails in the walls (I always stuff it), put a bright blue sarong as a cover over the table with a plant to cheer it up and hung a couple of my own paintings which are nice and bright. Got fed up with the lack of colour in our front room and the whole apartment feels energised. I feel terrific, better than I’ve done in a long time, had some good nights’ sleep and I’m raring to go.

  13. Aqua is my 8th and all my asteroids and vertex. This time of year is always witchy for me, I’m launching again very soon so I was curious to what all the astro would be around that time. Did not plan for so much Aqua..

    Really interesting social vibe around right now. Connecting and reconnecting at warp speed.

  14. well i am loving this aqua energy. it is keeping my latent LZ tendencies totally way cool. i could be going nutsy goo goo over how well the lusty leo and i are travelling along but noooo I’m keeping it real.

    • Me too Leogroover.. since I have ben actively going out to see friends and meet friends.. I don’t feel alone hence leading me to think of the toro/gem. I think of him yes, but not like I am a loser for not being socially fun etc. This would given anyone the impression that I am sitting around waiting for him. Which I am not and never have. xo!!

  15. So, I have responded to some to say that I have been having a blast of time hanging out with friends and making new friends. It is amazing. I so needed this and that was one of my NYs resolutions. Well, it’s happening… So, with the sun in Aquarius I like it so far. This placement is in my 4th house so I wonder if I will face those effects soon. The one I am worried about is emotional ground. My 11th house is in Virgo with the sun.. so with my limited understanding of placements does this transition mean this:

    Virgo natal Sun (11th house) friends
    Aquarius transitioning Sun (4th house)

    Does the placement of the Sun in Virgo (11th) get hit by the transition as well? Then it would make sense to me as to why the over abundance of friend activity. (Hoping I understand this correctly)


  16. This energy for me has just been ridiculous. I’m overwhelmed.
    Realisations left right and centre and I’m dumb founded how I couldn’t have seen it before.

    Pluto aspecting Venus. Everything is clear, I know what I want out of a relationship I’m not going to continue punishing myself by dating these low life freaks who give me much less then I deserve! Love that that chapter is closed now.

    This Aquarian energy is much nicer then cap, although both equally rule my birth chart I’m much more light hearted take it as it comes go with the flow in my own little Uranian world. Love it.

  17. Finally getting with the Saturn-in-my-2nd-house vibe and devising a plan. Savings, exercise, daily routine, all of it (loosely) spread-sheeted. My washing machine sprung a leak, I blame Pluto. What is it with Pluto transits and plumbing problems? I know Saturn pays back when you learn, but Pluto just seems mean. Authenticity. I get it. Now, Pluto, leave me alone!

    • Me too 12th. I have had a spreadsheet for my budget for the last 2 years. It is great control for me over my spending. I have it set up for the entire year.

      With Saturn transitioning and hitting me hard from November 2011 until October 2012 I should have learned enough about not having money. Now that I have it.. I feel like I am utilizing my lesson. However, I still have money in my savings that placed their last week. So to me that is a good sign. Now I have to pretend that I don’t have money and live with what I have in my spreadsheet for a week.

      I am little worried about my fight with collectors over my termination fee that I WILL not pay to my old apartment complex. Almost $2k (2 months rent) that is considered damages by me leaving before my lease is up and the impression is they need the money to cover the vacancy of the apartment. Ummmm.. they found someone before I left and the new renter approached me. “DING”… I just don’t feel it ethical that they can accuse me of leaving them financially distraught when in fact they aren’t. Oh well.. my fight that I have chosen to participate in.


  18. The owls in that pix just reminded me that I saw an owl in the corner of a market parking lot the other day. It let me approach a bit (slowly and gently of course).

    Will have to brush up on the totem as it’s been a long while since I saw an owl. The last time one was dead on a dairy road and the Pisces had left for Iran to get into his somewhat arranged marriage. I pulled over and got the owl.

      • I did that with a dead owl I found. I noticed it by the side of the road when we were driving to the supermarket in a nearby town. Unusual as I don’t normally notice stuff like that, I’m off with the fairies usually. On the way back I got my husband to stop, so I could pick it up, he thought I was quite off my rocker. It was a barn owl, took it home and kept the wings which I use in ritual work. I thanked it for its sacrifice and then got my husband to dig a deep hole in our backyard to return it to the earth. Trouble was, our little Jack Russell, Rosie, could still smell it through the loads of dirt and kept trying to dig it up. So we had to put a slab over it in the end to protect it in its resting/nesting place.

        • Hi LL, Nice to see you…

          Yes, I would keep crows too and put them in a brown bag and let the ants eat everything and then keep the wings or heads and make rattles and such. I don’t have any of my stuff anymore…Guess it got lost in moving or something.

          Imagine your grade schooler tho coming home from school and saying “Mom, theres a dead crow down by the bus stop. I covered it with leaves for you”.

  19. i’m so bored i could scream. my classes are tedious, there’s nobody interesting in them, i have no single friends or music loving friends for that matter to hang out with on weekends, the city is too far away to drive to on a whim by myself, my paints haven’t arrived yet, and there’s nothing creative or intellectual or ANYTHING that makes me sparkle even the teensiest bit. my path is quite clear- all work and slog through and get through each moment but i’m so empty and hopeless. i feel like i’m on mile 2 of an underwater 50k with 100lb weights attached or something and no idea why i’m even in the race. this is the point at which i have always run away. my soul wants to riot and smash and sing and it needs a fuqing partner to do it with. this is the message coming through loud and clear via pluto and venus and mars these last few weeks. i need to share before i explode. i have been adopted by a cat so that’s a bonus… now i just need someone of the human variety.

  20. The Sun at 0 Aqua is actually conjunct my Pscyhe 1 degree Aqua, 8th..

    Texted the Toro..11:22 am.. “Do you feel like company? Can bring pizza”

    Uranus exactly conj my Merc right now.. making me a bold mutha…Far, far from Cappy Moon and Veenie in Toro…

    Found 70.00 in my scrubs pocket as went to do launry. All of a sudden wanted to be out and about (after spending four hours this morning at Starbucks..was up at 5..)

    Anywho, noticed the Toro was home…alone…he always is. I respect that…I’ve needed plenty of space and alone time over the years. He is healing from something…don’t know what it is (yet?) Someone broke his heart or the other way around…

    Anyway, just reaching out as a friend first and foremost. When I saw him, even tho I was affectionate, it wasn’t all “hot and bothered” in that way. His Libran Moon opposite my Sun..I genuinely care about him.

    Bruce Springsteen “Theres a Darkness on the Edge of Town”.. Yes, the darkness is on the edge because the light obliterates it front and center…

    Ran a chart for time of my spontaneous test to the Toro…Rising is 5 Toro,..his is 10….His Progressed Venus is 6 Toro right now..

    And you know, will sound defensive, and you all here,. except for a few exceptions are most gracious…but I don’t have to share these most secret and sacred things of my being…So I don’t want to hear any shit…

    Less it’s good shit…And really, while he has not texted back, don’t want to hear anything…until I hear from him…if so…

    Will let you know.. x

      • Well, I texted the Toro a goodbye essentially..

        Said “understand you may not be emotionally available. Didn’t know how much I was either”

        Yadda…but the crux of the …like the way that that the fuqer ignored my text all day…

        Good fuqing bye baby… have no time for this shit

        Thank you Uranus..x

        Now watch his Aries Venus in 43 yr old immaturity try to get me back when he sees me in person around town..

        Umm hmm..

        Do I love that prospect?..well, sorta lol..and so does he… ;) x

  21. Parked my car, opened the door, found a two of hearts playing card right there. I like signs…. What can it mean!? Haha, although it does make me think of Sex and the City…. And now considering buying the box set.

  22. I just wanna know when this sad old Aquarian is going to stop being a pathetic love zombie over Gemini “I don’t do love” cancer Venus moon man who has deflated my self esteem to almost non existence. My Aries moon Venus can’t cope! Louise

    • Giving love always has its rewards.
      Your gem friend is quite aware he’s accepting your love. So how can it not exist ? Now that’s the mindfuq only a gem can explain.
      Once your love focus softens from laser like to lamp like and other objects come into view your love projection will have its reward x

  23. Here’s an aqua 0 deg statistic I heard yesterday. For all you aqua trippers.

    The one year income of the richest 100 people in the world would feed every hungry person (over a billion) in the world for 3 years. 

  24. Feeling quite a bit concerned about the full moon coming up! Feeling some fear around it, not sure what to expect, not feeling equipped to deal with anything troubling.
    My birthday is coming up too….Jan 31st, 11 degrees Aqua, so it’s nice to have the sun, merc, eros and mars there in my sign, feeling energized, but still wary of this full moon……I’ve had a lot of trouble in my life in the last few months and it has finally subsided a bit and I can’t take another catastrophe on top of all that’s gone on already. I will be on the look out and try to just lay low and be ‘objective’…right? We Aquarians are supposed to be good at that….a certain detachment….. I hope I can pull it off. Everything just feels so precarious, so dangerous, for some reason…

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