You’re Always The Phoenix

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With Uranus (the Trickster) Direct on a New Moon in radically candid Sagg of COURSE the Moon goes Void the moment it’s New. Of COURSE the truth, realization and inspirations are coming to us all in the weirdest of ways. Synchronicity is switched back up to beyond-high again.

Did they re-set the Large Hadron Particle Collider yet? Thinking that would be so totally NOW and Uranian if they’d turned it back on with Uranus Direct and found unicorns in Dark Matter or something, i checked. Nothing doing with the Dark Matter (which you KNOW i think is just sci jargon for “magic”) but they are filming a Zombies movie in the tunnels of the Large Hadron Particle Collider.

Thoughts? Rad Uranian Realizations? Moments of Candor? Insanely Honest New Moon Resolutions? Stray Synchronicity That Led To An O.M.G Moment?  Marvel Girl? Large Hadron Particle Collider?

Above Image:  Marvel Girl – X-Men “I’m always Jean. And I’m always the Phoenix. I died. I scattered in a trillion directions. And then started to pull together again, outside the White Hot Room. But I’m starting to see now. Parts of me… Parts of me never came home.”

Bottom Image:  CERN – Independent

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47 thoughts on “You’re Always The Phoenix

  1. A couple of opportunuties to be investigated in future, but mostly a renewed optimism, despite being aware of the odds of success. These are my lot, this time.

    • I knew I was thick – so my realization has arrived later than the usual time-schedule.

      It is difficult to explain what this might be – whether it is Rad Uranian realization? Candor thoughts? Marvel Girl? whatever it may be, it is an understanding of the saying “To me, this cup is already broken. Because I know its fate, I can enjoy it fully here and now.”

    • That whole blurb is amazing. All morning (pre-mystic reading) I’ve been looking for images of shattered mirrors. I want to make some sort of shattered mirror mobile or something. Shattered glass ceiling? Or shatter the glass ceiling? YAY!!! No need to lose parts of yourself though Marvel. There is room for everything, no?

  2. Woooooooohooooooo!

    I’m alive, in a first world country. Really, I can’t ask for much more. That’s my realisation.

    Apologies to all who have had to read my moanings of late.

    Also. I think my house has otherworldly beings residing.

    • ahhhh cheers to that woohoo, nice to see you on the up – I knew that girl was in there. time at home alone is good yeah : )

      • I’m goin to have to get used to it too! I have transiting Uranus in my natal fourth. I’ve moved house five times in the last year…. Luckily the whole Uranus retrograde I was in one home, but today I was told I’m moving again! This time I’m being put into a one bedroom apartment… No more shared accommodation. I’m sad to not live with my friends anymore.

  3. So happy Uranus is on the move again, means it can back the hell off my ASC finally. Each direct hit of Uranus on my ASC has resulted in a really bad outbreak of acne on my face, I’ll be really interested to see what happens with my skin when it goes. Have had a simultaneous Pluto Sq ASC transit and had literally no skin problems at all before they both started. I never really paid much attention to health related astro transits before this but the pattern between flare ups and planetary action is too distinct to ignore.

    As far as the rest, it’s one long phoenix manoeuvre, a lifetime of. I’m still enjoying the astro times right now though, compared to most of 2012 this is nice.

    • Jesus! Pluto square ascendant as well as Uranus on your ascendant?? What was THAT like? Aside from your skin!

      • I have to say it’s been pretty horrid. No respite either as both are now about to make hard aspects with my natal Venus. Oh well!

  4. mannnn, I used to know everything about comics and would keep up with them and everything, it was an expensive habit though so I had to give it up going into college, avengers coming out was literally a dream come true, like as a kid I was like, that would be cool if avengers got a movie one day, and was like, no no but thats crazy, how could that ever happen? Neptune in pisces man, also more episodes of arrested development, its like neptune in pisces is granting some collective wishes just because

  5. Definitely feeling the shift in energy. Pulled a couple of late night marathons to meet a uni deadline, also prepped to write a proposal for a new creative venture, plus talking to someone next week about new work ops, plus current contract extended for another three months.
    Keeping my eyes peeled for omens. Does this count? Yesterday a beautiful big magpie spent the afternoon in my garden. Alone. Unprecedented. It let me get quite close. In the absence of other certainties I’m taking this as my sign.

  6. Just saw The Perks of Being a Wallflower what a powerful coming of age film ………. we accept the love we think we deserve .

  7. Liking this!

    Yes, I am ” the Phoenix. I died. I scattered in a trillion directions. And then started to pull together again… But I’m starting to see now. Parts of me… Parts of me [haven’t come] home.” This is pretty much me since mid year.

    However, some bits I don’t need any more so they don’t need to come home. I learned a tonne while in that strange melted down mode. Am coming together now better than before. Its not complete yet. Nearly a full gracious adult woman again =) And yes, sudden and major mojo injection occured by Wednesday morning of this week. And clarity. Very nice.

    • ie metaphorical death (not an accident or anything) and death of some expired goals (after achieving them) and not wanting more of the same, but needed to melt down to realise it ! I’m grateful.

  8. OMG guys, I’m already feeling like I’m in the love zombie warning zone. Uranus direct in my 7th.

    So weird how my life has changed since Saturn went through my sign. I mean, oddly, even though Pluto is transiting my 4th, my residence or day-to-day routine hasn’t changed at all. I got a better job, but same career. The weirdness is that my experience of life has changed dramatically and permanently. Result of Saturn/12th transit? Now I live in half dream, half manifestation, always aware of duality. Living now is not what living before was.

    I had this really weird dream about two years ago. I was love zombied out over the married Sag. But the dream was about Uranian Scorp. In the dream, I went to my sister’s house. She’s passed and it was Uranian Scorp’s house in the dream. And he was there doing what she’d do – which is setting up the buffet and making sure everyone had a hot plate. And his family and friends and his son’s mother were there. And I just touched him on his shoulder to say hi as I came in the room, and another him split off. It freaked me out a bit and I remember being surprised by how much respect and seriousness he treated me with. Anyway, me and second him took a seat in another room and his son sat on the floor by his chair. But his son was like years older. Anyway, as I am talking to him, I noticed a frog under the chair stuck behind some webs. The frog was black and white speckled with rainbow colors. And when it made eyes with me, it started eating bugs out of this web and I kept thinking how gross and wrong for a frog to live like that. I should put it in the pool out back, or rescue it. But I felt powerless to intervene. And when the web was clear, it jumped right at my face and I woke up startled.

    I feel like I am waiting for the frog to arrive. I did Dark Moon “research” and realized I had that dream when Uranus moved over my DC. I’m a Virgo, I want a plan, but Uranus…what to do about Uranus.

    • Uranus is in my 12th and Saturn in 7th, a revers situation with you. With Pluto in 9th and a rough Saturn opposite Uranus has had me questioning my faith in just about everything. Oddly enough I’ve made been unusually creative and the flow of Qi has been excellent. Must be all those sextiles and trines transits = gosh, that’s what having a freaking bit of harmony feels like? Anyways, the prevailing two month theme, has been to destroy old habits and outdated ‘isms’ and ‘quos’, and arise. The warrior is back. Ong Bak baby.

      Your dream sounds complicated. Maybe your toad is ‘de-bugging’ your nebulae in dreamscape? Oddly enough last night whilst dreaming, I had a more than healthy close encounter with my ex-virgo fiance. Was sad, but we forgave each other….ah what could have been.

      • Last night I dreamed of accounting – multiple accounts. $$ not sex seems to be in my future.

        Thanks for responding. I’d rather LZ out here than contact some guy who is, at best, a long shot.

        For two years I’ve been thinking about that dream. It *is* complicated. Who/What is that frog? Not necessarily a guy, you know? Maybe some process in me. So odd that it was the night Uranus crossed my DC. So odd that he has Uranus conjunct his Mars and Venus. So odd that last year at this time he asked me out on a date the night Uranus went direct, even though he lives a thousand miles away.

        So what?

        When I was young, my mother threw birthday parties for me every year. A themed thing. One year we licked icing of barbies who wore cake dresses. That sort of thing. And I used to complain that I wanted a surprise party. And when I was about 13/14 and she stopped having parties for me, I asked why she never surprised me. And she said it was because I always insisted on knowing what the plan was.

        Do you know how tempted I am to tell that story to Uranian Scorp? And WHAT does he have to do with me? What part of myself am I hiding from in that fantasy? I mean, all I REALLY know about that guy is what he was like when he was 15 (really shy) and that I’d have to get a notarized doctor’s note on his current health status before I had sex with him now.

        I’ve been a love zombie all my life. I’ve learned a lot over two years from Uranian Scorp. Like – he’s such a whore and sex means – in and of itself – nothing. But I woke up this morning from my accounting dream thinking “All you really need is a good fuck.” And I stared at myself for extra long in the mirror feeling really old, feeling I am 40, which is technically 2 years off, but I am there. And I wore my new leather jacket to work and an outfit that made people wonder if I was missing my pants or not.

        At least my client likes me :-)

        Uranus in the 12th. I haven’t had that one yet. Sun and Venus in the 12th natally, but it wasn’t until Saturn in Virgo that I really met them.

        I can’t begin to articulate what life is – how different – when you wake up in the 12th house. It isn’t something you can ever control. Its a surrender, at least for me. Do you have planets in your 12th that Uranus will hit? I’ve learned loads about the 6th/12th house axis lately. My daughter is teaching me about the 5th/11th house axis. Thank God for astrology.

        • Would this be considered zap zone. 12HV your hair must be fuzzy from the charged and electric cage you are in. Maybe the frog really is a dream metaphor for sex and your subconscious expressions, suppression, fascination or fears towards it. It makes sense given your need for controlled and planned encounters? So Uranus Scorpio is the sandman prince say who is trying to liberate and release you from said restraints. Do you have a phobia or extreme dislike for bugs? Embrace his way. Alas, he’s a ghost to remind you that sex is just a release and to enjoy it for just the physicality, detach from the spiritual side of it. Let your hair down and go dancing. You got your outfit, now go kill some froggy suitors :) And multiple accounts may be a metaphor for salicious encounters and maybe even pay for it LOL queue up gigo-hoes.

          I’ve got a neptune square and a venus conj uranus in 12th currently. New energy, along with a bunch of harmonious aspects in other planets boil down to wanting to explore again, have new adventures with someone with a little bit of edge, down right innappropriate, but I know I’m just not quite ready. Have to invent fire first to launch this shit.

          • Well, I have realized after years of being submissive that I am dominant. I’ve finally stopped projecting those qualities on to others (or so I think).

            I tried dating. It was a mess. I tried the BDSM message boards – but being paid to be dominant isn’t quite the same as just being it. I don’t want to be a kink waitress.

            I need the Universe to step in and help me figure the rest out. There’s only so much I can figure out about sex without having any. Its been 3 years. But, I do like the idea of the frog expressing that process. And, no, I don’t have a bug phobia. It grossed me out because a frog should eat bugs from the air, not those half-dead things caught in a web. Perhaps that last line sums up my mating history quite nicely. Time to catch something fresh!

            • You virgos generally are, and I mean that in a most reverent way. Maybe you need to capture some real life ballerinas and lick icing off their tutus! that’ll give the frog some fresh bugs to chomp on.

  9. Saw lots of butterflies yesterday – came swirling close by me while I was out walking to the shops. I love watching them – as I’ve written here before, their flight trajectory isn’t smooth but they get there and with grace and style.

  10. Yes to phoenixing, so glad to read this today. Had wild dreams and awoke with that sense of ‘oh wow everything is different now’. Still working through the dreams. In one I was house sitting for a not very nice ex, who I have no contact/desire for contact with. Was also taking care of some of his things at my house, including a small leather bound gift set of arcane writings. It was not unlike one of those xmas lifesaver books from the 70s/80s, except for it being leather bound and containing small scrolls of writing by ancient popes and philosophers. Many details to sift through but the relief upon waking that part of a difficult phase is ending/ended is so palpable. Phoenixing FTW!

  11. ” Stray Synchronicity That Led To An O.M.G Moment.after moment after moemnt.” Fuq yeah. My new business name is Phoenix Digital Marketing. Howzat .and it has been any amazing uranian week with many amazing moments. Everything has been working in perfect order for my first week of buiness and the Universe and astro and planets have been lining up to make the journey very smooth.

    I am so blessed.

    Even met a gorgeous man with a lovely heart I am def not going to chase. If the universe destines we should be together he will ring me.
    Biggest lesson? Don’t push, remain calm at all times and allow it all to open up ,tread gently, pay attention.

    • Awesome :) very happy for you
      Completely agree with your approach to this beautiful man and men in general

      • Thx SSS its a new approach I’ve jsut discoverd after a lifetime of doing the opposite. ha

  12. Run ragged, sure, but still willing to GET MY FREAK ON.

    Bring it on! Everything on my Mars in Cap 2nd. Going in to the bosses with a new plan for my awesome. It’s all on: tax & $, new health support, housewitch, hair, holidays, lucid healing and growing dreams, connections & realising the love is not out there, it’s right here shining in my face, because boy have i worked hard for it this year.

    Venus-Uranus child LOVES Uranus direct, and 5th House Merc in Aries can definitely talk trickster :)

  13. “weirdest ways and synchronicity”

    After goof around talk with Aqua co-worker yesterday about menudo and my condo mate who doesn’t always have his teeth in…

    She could not believe that a patient came in today talking about menudo and then another one with no teeth…

    Funny as hell and said “that’s what I call manifesting your reality”…

      • omg, just saw that Libran landlord put up a small, very seductive pix of a half naked woman on the wall in the bathroom…She has a phd in sexology

        Universe, what are you trying to tell me…Have thought about sex a whole lot more than before in a long time..Okay, so will throw myself at the Toro…what the hell… 😉

        Think I’ve only had issues with sex and respect since relationship with the Pisces as that’s where he manipulated me.

        You see, we have to bring that energy up through the chakras for enlightenment and so there is a struggle and battle to do that.

        After doing so, that energy changes and the urges are not the same and why the heart is opened in a different way. And why one does not go back to being manipulated by those who play on that level.

        In Atlantis, the human body was genetically altered so that peeps would stay earth bound instead and the upper chakras being so opened.

        This is where Barbara Hand Clow does not have a clue as to saying that this month, Dec 2012 is “the Transfiguration of our species”…Humanity as a whole is still quite a ways off from that yet…

  14. O my Goddess, i just remembered that i am not sexually obsolete.
    Vibe me 4 kilos, my magical friends, faster than quick, the Sagg Adonis is tarting to paw the ground or is that ME becoming wide eyed bushy tailed.
    Is there a way of receiving a massage gauzily draped.
    Didn’t think so :-( maybe he loves me for my soul-spirit, not just my body like the last Centaur.
    Male defined much? It’s a 50’s thing passed on in the genetic memory, not my fault.

    • Ha Pegs…

      Well, that was one of the things I liked about the Toro as I was overweight when we met and so it was not just my body, it would seem.

      Toro female love doctor seems to think it would scare the Toro if I were too honest but, I can’t not be real…The Sun and Mercury will still be in Sagg this weekend…

      When I write my Chrissy card, he needs to know that when you don’t call to set something up like you say you will, then when you approach a woman in public it makes her feel like an afterthought.

      Thats it in a nutshell.. Not sure what he thought I was supposed to do with that and he needs to know. “Just keeping it real”…

      It won’t do him a favor if I am not honest with him and he can take that and do with it what he likes. I am a grown woman for godsake, not a little girl and I have to speak my truth.

      Will still say I would love to see him again. If he chooses not to, well maybe he will have learnt something and when he sees me in public again I will have my dignity and he can steer clear…lol

      Just need to finish this properly.


  15. Been having fantasies about wanting to pilot a spaceship to the Galactic Centre. Apparently it’s in Sag. Apparently it’s also meant to be the throne of Isis. Am now off-setting said fantasy by reading The Left Hand of Darkness. It doesn’t have as many spaceships as I would like, but it’s discourse appeals to me right now. Must be Uranus about to conjunct my Midheaven feeling a bit out there to say the least when it comes to science, fictional or otherwise.

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