Major Mercury-Neptune Mojo Download

Mercury is into Saggo & squaring Neptune AGAIN.ย  Not that i wish to be immodest BUT the Major Mercury Neptune Mojo Download lecture rant i just posted on the Weekly Horoscopes page is not only a must-read, it’s quite profound & synchro.


Image; Tamara De Lempicka – Taurean Fabulist

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79 thoughts on “Major Mercury-Neptune Mojo Download

  1. Yes to all the above…just pondering the personal significance as I type…fluctuating between yes I can and no I can’t. No midway point just now…

  2. Had not renewed my sub Mystic…heading over right now..x

    My gawd, over slept this morning…other therapist took my patient as her’s cancelled anyway….Pisces Aries Merc gave her two week notice as she has lots of privates now and making huge moola…

    • Aqua Aussie blonde blue eyed tall cute as hell popped up when I got outta my car this evening…Asked about my battery…said got it fixed..

      Yeah, the toro is beginning to pale…**sigh**


      No, the Toro has issues…the tarot lady told me that and he is sensitve but darlin’ you gotta come out and play to stay in the game luv…

      • Am going to bake some cookies and write a note to Toro for Crissy..this on advise of Toro co-worker

        Time to get real and finish this karma…I mean a
        power struggle over a massage…The massage is just the symbolic glue..

        But really, how come a man can come up (like initial meeting) and put the make on you and try to dupe, but you can’t do the same…hmmm?

        Fuq that bullshit but, I am willing to reach out to heal…And if the Toro wants to fuquin’ continue to sulk then so be it..

        I have a fuqing book to finish this coming year..Have no time for this shit .

        This is what happens when a man picks a woman up from a friggin’ five and dime (drug store)..haha, just never know what you’re going to get…

        “Drive thru karma”…lol

        (sorry for cussing so much…lol)..

            • His Aries Venus got his conquest…and I didn’t even have to open my legs…

              This is hard core fuqin life peeps..and mind games…

              Exact reson why I said I don’t call men..

              Be self sufficent and save yourself the headache…x

                • Have calmed down since my hissy fit…

                  On advise of Love Doctor (Toro female co-worker) am going to see if I can coax Toro out of hiding..

                  Yes, he has wounded pride and is ignoring me on purpose. I understand…

                  I am going to kiss ass one last time and then thats it…

                  • Yipes, she wants me to put “love” before my name…

                    Oh honey I do want that man tho.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

                    Tell me it aint so (Tea for One)

                    Such a cool cool song..

  3. Arghhh, now I get today.
    I am mostly optimistic but I had my hopeful delusions lanced like pestilential boils on the surface of my reality.
    “Your son’s language delays are significant, this is not Aspergers, this is Autism”. Followed up by him tearing apart a friends house with me hurdling furniture a step behind him while kids half his age mimic their mothers & gossip while pouring each other cups of pretend tea…
    Fuq you Mercury in Sagg! Big mouth.

    • Oh my Andromeda, solidarity, both of my boys are on the spectrum and last night my eldest, sometime in the wee small hours, left home, leaving a note, I think to go try and be a survivalist in the bush. I knew there was something wrong last night when he said “I love you” for the first time in years, but I didn’t listen to my intuitiion, I asked him if anything was wrong but didn’t stay up and watch over him even though my senses were saying there was something amiss.

      • Oh my dear Anon, blessings on you and your precious boys, may your eldest find his way home healthy and safe soon. Thank you for sharing, please don’t beat yourself up for not ‘listening’, you probably do so much intuiting you get frazzled. When ‘I love you’ means to be alert that is a hard thing. So sorry for your troubles.

        • Thanks for your well wishes Juno and cosmic and for your generosity at this challenging time Andromeda and I’m so glad to hear you have funding to start ABA and speech therapy, my two are teenagers now, in some ways the hard times are in the past for us. I’m hoping my boy is camping in forest quite close to us as he was on foot. It’s not quite 24 hours yet, I’m so hoping the rain we’ve been getting brings him home again.

          • Please comment how things go Anon, I feel for you. And thank you, it is good to hear that despite events like this you feel it is better than it was, appreciate you sharing. Best of luck.

            • I just wanted to update the very kind people here who have offered me support; the police are searching today and will get SES out tomorrow, his photo and description are going into the regional news bulletin tonight.

              It turns out there was a lot I was missing about my son, including that he had taken on board that bloody Mayan calendar thing, even though I’d told him it was all rubbish and he had agreed with me. Conspiracy theorists have a lot to answer for, my very literal, trusting and yet paranoid son has no way to screen this crap out.

              Thanks again, even though I’m nameless, please know that the simple gestures of support here mean a great deal to me.

              • Soz, iphones.. Meant to say, that I have been checking this space hoping to hear from you. So sorry that your lovely boy hasn’t come home yet. Saying prayers & sending light & love. Strength to you.

          • He’s been found! Completely oblivious to all of the anxiety surrounding his escapade and also absolutely determined to continue on his adventure and so after much back and forth, a relative has gone to join him on the trip so that at least he’s going to be safe and I know where he is. I’m overjoyed and a little in awe of his bush skills since he was found quite a long way away. Thanks Andromeda and everyone, I’m so grateful for the generosity of people here, and for the wise words and experiences of others, they really helped to calm my worst fears. It really was quite a lot like My Side of the Mountain after all.

            • That’s such great news! I loved My Side of the Mountain too, plus read heaps of survival books when young. Keen to learn how to make fire without matches. The urge for self sufficiency. :)

            • I knew it would be no drama. It’s not like he’s a 2 year old for gods sakes. You have to trust in peoples abilities instead of viewing them as weak and not capable.

              As a kid I was quite interested in self sufficiency and nature skills too.

              I also loved My Side of The Mountain.

    • This is so hard Andromeda. It really tears you up when this is your child and you want them not to have such as hard a time like it seems right now. Hoping tomorrow is a better day for you and your son.

    • “boils on the surface of my reality”

      You have always been a gifted writer since day one you came here.. xo

    • Hello Lovely Lioness,
      Sorry you had a doozy of a day hun.
      Lots close to me also feeling a sinking-ness.
      New day tomorrow !
      Umm, my little ones were late late late to get started on their talking Dromie, and i mean not to Saggie Mercury my foot in it, truly.
      Would like to suggest a DIR Floortime based speechie, if youre looking into one…i googled for Melbourne
      For some reason i thought you a Byron Bunniee but if i recall correctly, there was a Melb mention once (funding through Facshia covers a speechie more or less for 12 months- are you onto this babe ?) …anyroads lovely, these guys are not into flashcards etc, they are play based and fun based, so not to scare the voice away ! … but to bring it forward with fun and games…good stuff man !
      Praying ive not Saggiesaurus Mercurified myself onto you !
      Thinking of you beautiful.. xx Blessings

      • Thank you kindly for the tip Cosmic Lady. Don’t worry about Saggi-mouthing it with me, I appreciate your advice and know it is hard won. Frankly I don’t understand when peeps write here & then are offended by well intentioned advice!
        Got my Fachsia, doing ESDM & starting with ABiA therapist next year + speechie! I have been on a waiting list so far, so I will check out your speechie peeps, I love how they sound – thanks so much.

        • Good Morning Lovely,
          Good Resource link –
          (there is a day talk coming up with Tony Attwood – highly regarded dude in spectrum circles) .

          I found the Hanen book – More Than Words a cool work book too, lots of pictures and ideas, pretty sure funding can cover the cost of a training course ( autism advisor could talk with you re this) … Google The Hanen Programme.

    • Feeling for you Andie x could I just mention something that went down with my 3rd child Noah. He was born with a condition that needed immediate and long term treatment , won’t go into it here. The first 12 months of his life were incredibly stressful and thank god the treatment worked and we all moved on. At 3 we were told he had speech issues and he was quite the out of control fellow at kindy, they were made out to be quite severe problems. 2 speech therapists and psychologists later on our first visit to a new therapist she noticed something about his eyesight. Cut a long story short, he was basically as blind as a bat.
      One set of spectacles later everything changed, nearly immediately. At 9 he is way ahead of his piers in reading mathematics comprehension etc and behaves pretty well. My point is that you can find solutions, and they way not be that far away. You have to keep looking for the healer that can pinpoint the treatment that will work for him, don’t give up ! The solution is out there.

      • Bless, love Noah’s success story, so happy for you. It’s an interesting question re ‘the right healer/strategy’. His energy field is pretty flawless imo as I have done spirit journeys re him. Because I felt I should get a second opinion, I took him to a kinesiologist who asked why I had brought him, he was perfect.
        I don’t know why I am on this journey with him yet, the information comes slowly. I do believe in transformations, I don’t know if it is his destiny though. He is a huge energy field with a tiny body. Despite my bitching here today, he is the most remarkable being I have had the honour of knowing. Whatever successful living means for him I’ll be there. I hope to be open to the information needed for transformation that’s for sure.

        • When i was about 10 years old i saw a movie called ” My side of the mountain”,
          resonated with me in ways that were both partially fullfilled and at other times corrupted,
          but the time at fireside and self-reliance is a rite of passage thing,
          just like camping, most of the time thinking, why didnt i bring…

          No jest at your concern, all be well for you and yours

        • A mothers intuition is a powerful force. You got buckets of it Andie. allow it to take your hand and guide you gently.

          • Thanks BG, I had heard of her book, but I will def look into buying it, sounds fascinating!

            And Pegs, thank you. I do believe many with autism to be rather amazing creatures with with whom it would benefit others to build a bridge of communication. Pure joy. Now to find his bridge so others can transverse it. ๐Ÿ˜‰
            And congratulations on your wonderful turn of events recently. So happy for you lady.

    • big hugs for you sweetie. it is hard to comprehend the level of worry you must be going through but it sounds like you are the most amazing mother and gift from the universe for him. as he for you. my little brother is an aspie which i know is not the same but the first 12 years or so of his life were absolute pure hell for the rest of the fam. huge energy in a little body indeed. he’s now 28 and one of the kindest, most interesting, wonderful human beings ive ever had the pleasure to know. who will at what seems like a drop of a hat decide to go hiking the appalachian trail with minimal gear and no phone and scare everyone to death but he is massively protected it seems. strength and endurance and love to you. xooxox

      • Thankyou so much, I’m keeping that thought close to my heart, he and his brother used to scale what looked like vertical cliffs to me, without holding on to anything, and walk along verandah rails high above the ground, I’m hoping that magical protection holds out. I’ll leave a message when he’s found as he must be, I’ve just been speaking to some roadworkers near the bush behind us, just hoping someone will have seen him.

      • Thanks for sharing that HDQ, what a joy to hear that arc of growth can result in such great skills & personal wealth of love. Endurance def key for me!!

    • What a challenge, Andromeda! Strength and understanding to you xx

      It’s a bit light, but Kristin Neff describes some of her experiences in her book ‘self compassion’

      • I think I get upset that I worry he won’t have the skills to survive without me, but I do have compassion for myself! Living it is really different to the concept of what others say is needed. Walk a mile, y’know?!
        The effort required is relentless, even if it is a blessing, lol.

        • I can imagine you have so many worries for him. And you are right, only you know your life.

          I wish for both of you a safe and rich journey ahead. xx

  4. Amazing that John Keats shares some of today’s astro. This week will clear a few delusions such as finding out today that the course I am taking cannot be shortcut (damn!). Am taking a short break at the beach with family and ex (Scorp at 25deg) on the new moon and the astro has plenty of natal connections that will reinforce new paths for both of us (damn!).

  5. Watch the omens, um, yep, ok….I burnt the back of my hand 2 days ago leaving a neat little crescent moon scar & it fits nicely with the 2 indigo crescent moon tattoos I have on my upper arms that I sometimes take for granted. I just picked out a top to wear & it has a crescent moon hiding in the design on it, my daughter just made me a christmas card with presents hanging from moons on it. New moon magic!

  6. thank you mystic. very true. its this kind of stuff that keeps your head above water xxxx

  7. Well I’ve decluttered all the love objects of my recent past, so I await the omens and communiques. Come on, universe. Just a weeny little hint. Sigh. Honestly, I don’t need grand love or soulmate encounters or bedspring-busting 8th house action. I’d settle for a bottle of Jacobs Creek, a pizza and an hour of workmanlike enthusiasm :)

    • After all the smacking we got from Saturn square Moon, no wonder we are already away from potential delusions. I agree, a sign – a push on the shoulder – will be appreciated. :)

  8. I am feeling run down. I have a cold that won’t quite step up enough to justify sitting in bed with tissues and a big bowl of Pho. Even if I left work early, I know I’d end-up hauling heavy items to the dump or something else physically taxing. New work project kicks off on Thursday. I know its going to be go-go-go after the new moon. Ugh. Not feeling physically rejuvenated at all.

    Another astro blog suggested the degrees at which our planets are placed in our chart indicate when we first became aware of the energy. So, for example, I have Uranus at 25 degrees Libra second house. That’s when I turned info tech into my career.

    I’ve got Mars at zero Libra first house. That’s tough. That means I was born Mars, right? Plus, its right next to Pluto (6) and Mercury (11). I really don’t know how to handle all the energy I have sometimes, but am learning to accept there aren’t many who match me with it. Trying to be less of a bulldozer to myself and others.

    If I had a hatchet to bury, I’m sure I’d find a back to split and my hatchet would be lovely. What could Mars in Libra be good for? I don’t get it.

    • Yes, I second Pegs. You seem to have a keen beauty aesthetic too. Justice & proportion & balance – and all of that is perceptive about you just from looking at you. Lovely.

    • Thank you both! I like that interpretation. I was wondering what haute Mars-in-Libra would be. I know the pass-ag version of it and don’t want to go there with my vibe. Yes, I do feel everything must be beautiful, now!

  9. so not the best day for a final perhaps? or dealing with shysty car dealership arrrgh. neptune moving forward to square natal merc again too. but a big hells yeah to doing the rest haute! i did it i did it i did it WOW. thank you SO MUCH mystic.

  10. I’m gonna buy a house. My job could be better but I need it and it’s the best I can get with my skills for now. I’m happy and I’m young and I’m free. That’s as insightful as I got.

    Oh and she’s going to dump him (I have nothing to back this claim up. I don’t even know her. But it popped into my mind) And if he doesn’t get his shit together soon he’ll be back at square one again.

  11. Born with Mercury in Sagg. Have learnt to use the art of silence as it can say more.
    The ability to talk to everyone & anyone in my youth has been tempered by discretion.
    Have just been reading what Thomas Moore says about Mercury in ‘Care of the Soul’..’a dose of Mercury is necessary to keep our work honest, so don’t strive for sincerity so earnestly’. mmm.
    Am never ever without a pen in my hand or within easy reach but they have to be mitsubishi uni-pen 0.5, any biro seen is binned as they are a pet irk.

  12. OH MY GOD for the last two days I have been like the still point in the midst of a shit storm where all and sundry are airing their grievances or accidentally letting slip why or how so and so ‘left’ – to ME who has nothing to do with any of it. NOTHING. I am astounded by the deluge and the crazy random facts I have been able to add to the secret file my moon in scorpio keeps tucked discretely up my sleeve. Sometimes all you have to do is stand still for long enough and something will happen right in front of you.

  13. its the mark of a profound person, who considers the consequences for all pedals thrown into the river.
    I have a distinct lack of air in my chart so need a mental tatoo to
    cultivate more forethought.
    I am in a major transition as in a womb waiting for the new moon tom nite and URANUS goes forward tom morning. It rules my 6th house and transiting my 12th .
    The coupe living near me have given up smoking for good
    i hope……….which has spurred me on to look at my own self defeating habils….
    NEW MOON in my 9th and its manifesting as regret( Moon square my saturn)
    as a few close friends are o/s
    and it feels that they are free
    but i am not organized
    but anyway it is a hectic time to try and travel o/s in this busy time of xmas
    putting it out to the new moon that i embrace a new diet, lots of healthy smoothies and detox etc.

  14. Lesbian Love Zombie sounds excellent – i love alliteration

    Now i am back blogging when Uranus Direct…

    But fyi Weekly Horoscopes & Daily also obviously x

  15. I am sooo low energy right now. I went to bed early and woke up around midnight from the sound of a stray cat yelling outside. I’m worried about it and the nights are getting colder. I really want to find a way to help this cat and I don’t know what to do. It fights with my cat, so I can’t really get it close to my house. A neighbor has been feeding it and said she was going to take it to the vet. I lent her my cat carrier for that purpose but clearly that hasn’t happened. I have a 12 year old 12 pound dog at home that already is bullied by my savvy 14 pound black cat. And Arlene, my cat, likes to sneak out and fight the stray and came home once with a claw stuck in her face. I don’t understand cat behavior. I’ve called around and no one is willing to come trap it. Like I said, my neighbor has been feeding it and said she was going to trap it, but that’s not happening and its getting cold outside. Should I build it a bed? How do I get it medical attention?

    On the upside, my housing refi is ready to move forward, so I will have some cash flow, thank God. Folding in cost of home repairs and lowering monthly payments. Should have cash for the vet, if I could get the cat, poor thing. Anyway, I guess that’s the version of Uranus direct I’m getting – money, not sex. So be it.

  16. Oh yeah, BTDT. I’m good. I can breathe again. I’ve cleaned house literally and metaphorically.

    What happens to those peeps who don’t grok the changes and are still drinking the kool-aid?

  17. this is a very hardcore dark moon. I don’t know this whole year has been a bit full on but yes, right now it rains hard.

  18. I can’t wait for Thursday to come. The last two days have been long and draining. I’m exhausted.

    No matter what time I go to bed I wake up in the middle of the night and find myself falling asleep in the middle of the work day because of it. It doesn’t help that my job isn’t the most exciting (not complaining, kind of love my new job; just deals with really dry topics at times).

    I just want my 2013 Grand Water Trine :-(

    • At birdcall for me which is shaving off an hour and three quarters from sleep each morning. Major factor in maintaining good health..uh oh.

  19. I partied/hooked up with my logic professor and found out he has a girlfriend…which he did not mention until AFTER the aforementioned hookup. x_x

    This seems like a very Mercury in Sagg square Neptune in Pisces event. Like too accurate. Ugh.