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Good morning Mystic!

I have this bracelet that I think you would love, photo attached. My Dad gave it to me, he is a Leo, complete with amazing mane of coiffed black hair at the age of 61.  It’s so funny, as I get older, I realize more and more how similar I am to my Dad. This bracelet is just one more sign of that. He is interested in the occult, in the unknown, in the other worldly, in the stars, in the  Earth’s core and all the other in-betweens including the hard facts, truths and the answerless questions. 

One day a few years ago he was wearing this bracelet and I just thought it was the coolest and told him so. He unlatched the hinge and placed it on my wrist, giving it to me and telling me not to lose it.  As you can see, its friggin aweome.  It’s so tactile, the black is fading and the gold is shining through. I am Gemini Sun, Leo Rising and the face of the lion is staring right at the sign of Gemini. I love it and it makes me feel really connected to my Pops. This is one of those pieces of jewelry that that makes me feel GOOD. Its energizing.

Also, a bit back I wrote you a post about my moonstone jewelry and its invigorating and comforting qualities. In that same email I said I bought this beautiful owl ring which has emerald eyes. I said that i took it off the minute I put it on bc it was not feeling right or good…I felt whammied by it and overwhelmed. Today I feel curious…like an answer is around the bend. Perhaps something I don’t want to know but need to know. It feeling a slight bit paranoid but I slipped this ring on because I felt the wise owl was here to guide me today.
(pic also attached).

Anywho, hope you’re well and enjoy your weekend. Thanks as always for all you do!

Emily the Gemini Artiste in New York.

Hey I love this (and thank you for the validation, i need it today, my lymph nodes are like two giant golf-balls lol) and YES the talismanic power of jewellery or body art, for that matter can be sensational. I have often thought it would be good to wear a little symbol of the sign you want to strengthen in your life. Eg; Saturn & Capricorn for help with worldly affairs, business confidence, getting your shit together….Venus for love obviously…But it is important that the jewel/image speaks to you.

Your Leo Dad sounds incredible…I love the pic you paint of him and the Owl is Athena/Minerva…the Owl symbolically flies ahead, seeing patterns in the landscape and routes or obstacles that you cannot see from where you are. They say that wise witches, druids and shamans et al would go on trance journeys to fly with these creatures and others. Witch-wise, it always comes back to mugwort lol.

Also in Feng Shui, they say that some people are enervated by stones and may need instead to wear wood or metal. It depends on your Gua or Kua number which you can calculate here – eg; mine means i do better to wear metal but not gemstones (Earth) and loads of white. My friend Not the Typical Virgo does well in Green & Wood jewellery which, oddly enough, she has been desperate to wear lately, during a time of major transition. Some peeps find red fires up their Qi whilst others wear scarlet and are merely scattered. Once you know your Kua/Gua number, you can google for all manner of batty sounding but fascinating fashion/color/jewel recommendations.

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31 thoughts on “Leonic Talisman

  1. I used to wear a lot of cheap wooden and semi-precious stone jewelry – when I was around 15-18.

    Now I find it close to impossible to wear jewelry. I still buy it, but never wear it. All I wear are small gold sleepers in my ears and a silver bar in my nether regions.

    So many times I’ve tried to wear my pearl earrings – never lasts longer than a few days. I’m trying to wear my new carnelian ring. But even now I’m not wearing it. I do work outdoors a lot and suncream damages pearls and I fear I’ll damage the ring; but even now I’m at the desk and I’ve only got on my gold hoops and silver bar (which is likely to come out soon too).

    I wonder what the source of my aversion to jewelry is.

    • Are you Aqua rising? I am and altho I love rings and big cuff bracelets, I can’t really wear then when I’m working cuz they get in the way of typing on my laptop….at least it feels that way. I usually only wear one piece of jewelry at a time – only recently bought a slew of necklaces and cuff bracelets but I’m still wearing them sparingly.

      I let the two holes in each ear close up like over a decade ago, tho I used to wear 2 tiny hoops in each ear. I don’t like anything that looks too gaudy or cluttered on my person and can’t stand anything that’s jangly.

  2. It is funny how these elements will play out. I was running an errand downtown and bumped into a friend from work. I haven’t seen her for a month since we are on hiatus, and oh I would very much like to see her more. She’s an Aquarius and I’m a Taurus. We chatted and she mentioned she was going shopping. She mentioned a shop that sells new agey stuff, I said hey let’s go, I haven’t been there in a while.

    So we were browsing around, I was immediately drawn to their shelves of semiprecious stones. I pointed out some of their amethyst crystals, and mentioned I have a huge chunk of it on my mantle at home. I was inspecting some of the purple crystals, picking them up and holding them in my hand to gaze at them while she drifted off to shop. After a few moments, I looked up, she was standing in the middle of the shop, she had picked up a purple lotus flower shaped candle holder like this:
    She was holding her hand out flat, with the lotus flower sitting on it gracefully, like it was floating on water. As I set down the heavy purple crystal I was holding, I thought, now that is Earth and Water personified.

  3. I totes believe in talismans. I think of them as a conduit, a piece of the personal and tangible that converses, draws from and amplifies with and from a more universal power. While I do own some valuable jewelry, some handed down, some I bought – it matters most to me how I feel wearing it.

    Like I can’t feel as if I’m grasping for something or trying too hard while I have it on, it has to really belong. Since 2008 I’ve been having a snake and star moment (sloughing off anyone?), snake rings, pentagram/star type pieces. It’s a bit witchy, people are both fascinated and threatened by it.

  4. I have a collection of five silver chain bracelets that I like to wear all together, but I lost them a year ago. I had given up on ever finding them again. Last weekend, almost a year to the day, I uncovered them from under a pile of clothes in a drawer. I felt like I got my power back :-)

    • yay! I do believe that sometimes our jewellery (or crystals) need a rest from us and so go hide somewhere for a while, until they’re happy to get involved again :)

      • yes. i carved a faerie star (acute septagram) necklace out of soapstone last year and wore it every day and infused it with a huge amount of power until it disappeared in may. tore the house apart as i was moving out, gone. tore the house apart when i returned and moved the rest of my stuff… nada. a month or so ago i had a clear thought one morning- faerie star necklace needs to return. consciously called it in, and that afternoon as i dropped the girls off at their dad’s he came to meet me with a “look what i just found…” apparently the necklace didn’t want to travel cross-country or was on its own vision quest or something! with my talisman back i feel more whole.

  5. Interesting- I go through long periods of wearing my owl jewelry (long time owl person here, back to age 14), then long periods of not wanting to wear them. I also went though a period at one time when I simply could not wear any diamonds (odd for a Leo), or any pearls (Cancer rising). At the moment I always wear a cat ring on my right hand, and am frequently wearing one of my lion pieces or my gold Sekhmet pendant. I am also wanting to wear sapphires, but that may be because my it’s my favorite color.

    I have a few “family” jewelry pieces, and rarely wear them. Some of them make me feel very uncomfortable. I have my grandmother’s pearl necklace,and am seriously considering giving it to a niece who was born after Grandma Dearest passed,and therefore has no memory of her. Maybe it won’t bother her as it does me. On the other hand, I have my other grandmother’s cross pendant, and it is just fine.

  6. My father recently (November 6) passed and I cherish every random item of his. Emily you have got a really snazzy jewelry collection. Love both pieces.

  7. This is off topic but I’m just about to do a 2 week road trip through the middle of NSW via Sydney (wide open road kinda trip plus national park stops) and I need a theme. Something inspiring, to help with ideas for my new buiness. Colours, astro signals ???

    any help peeps? Music? Name?

    • views, horizons?

      Every time the kilometre indicator ticks over another 50km, stop and take a photo no matter where you are?

      only listen to artists whose name starts with a certain letter? change the letter every 200km / 400km?

      take a picture of every red car, piece of litter, little old lady wherever you stop for a break?

      hamburger testing ‘on the road’? NO fast food chains?
      alternatively photoessay of all the fast food stops on your drive?

      interview one family / traveller at each national park you visit?

      • tres groovy Pi. Im into vidoe vox popping so interviews would be great. i ahve my own business facebook apge now so I can load em up.

  8. a faux friend kept a ring of mine and it ended badly.
    i ny i got the ring back but a few nites later i left it somewhere and
    the next day i left the door unlocked but anyway the ring just GONE
    it was a rainbow moonstone. feels supernatural as i went thru a losing everything time. After i wrote to this guy who claims to be a tao magic master for help and i fear he may have something to do with it. I have been unwell but NEVER have i lost so much. So i have no jewels and i once left a gorgeous blue antique stone with a holygram of a butterfly. I went away for two weeks and the owners were really weird and they took it. I am dying to get hold of a credit card and buy ruby to strengthen my mars which in VEDIC is in cancer means waste a LOT of time arguing with other peeps that say, mars in cap would not have even gone there. I need a moon ring as i have a weak moon so prone to mental illness. Thanks god for exalted mercury and jupiter or i would be fucked i tell u

  9. *Sigh* metal allergy – neck rashes, earlobe oozing and swelling, I’ve had the same right ear re-pierced 14 times – gold/sterling/platinum plating helps though I’ve never been in love with metals, especially yellows and reds or anything high-luster.

    Wood, pearl, filigree not my taste either. In fact I’ve been a jewel nun for 15+ years now, me and Toro ex- didn’t even indulge for our wedding (last-minute ceremony, my ‘dream’ ring remains a fantasy). But vibrant gems have always been a weakness, especially a luminous lime or canary peridot set in a muted finish. They just symbolize Virgo to me, elegant, understated, underestimated and with fascinating mythical heritage. I feel ready to leap tall buildings when I’m wearing them.

    My Kua is Earth – perhaps my peridot fondness is a Pele connection? What a delightful story surrounding the bracelet! And absolutely fascinating topic, I’m inspired to learn more!

  10. I have worn two of my favourite and most precious (green) necklaces lately. One turquoise that my mother gave me many years ago and another of glass beads given to me by my closest cousin. Both are pretty and both broke within weeks of each other. Haven’t had either fixed. Not sure whether to or not. The turquoise always symbolises the end of something. The glass beads, the beginning.

  11. I have two rings which I always wear and they mean the world to me: they belonged to my grandmother, one is her 18-carat gold wedding ring, and the other is her diamond engagement ring set as a flat flower with six diamond petals and one diamond centre. They remind me of my lovely grandmother but also of my female ancestors including my aunt and mother. The funny thing is, I used to have an amulet which I got as a Christmas present when I was six at the convent school I attended. It’s stayed with me all my life but since I got to North Cyprus it’s disappeared, as if it’s brought me safely home and now can return to the world of magic.

    • So nice to see you pop up Lovely Libran…Was just thinking about you yesterday and thought that after moving to Cyprus you must be busy and blew us off…lol…x

      • Hi, Sweetpea – No, still around, had a bad fall on our marble floor (the marble won hands-down, it was I who bounced a few times), left me with severe bruising. And we now have taken on board two rescue puppies and four rescue cats – one mum and her two kittens, plus another kitten with only one eye. They not only keep us busy, Sadie, the elder puppy who is growing to massive proportions, was chasing Ziggy, our latest male puppy and they collided with me, knocking me off my feet. So I had a close encounter with the marble again, no good doing this a second time around, did my back in badly. I’m still recovering so not much on the internet. I pop in from time to time, but only in the past day or so felt like surfacing to post again. Hope you’re doing well and writing your book in full steam ahead!

  12. I have some jewelry, but almost never wear any. I find it uncomfortable – even stud earrings irritate me after some time. But I did recently buy a four-faced buddha brass paper weight. I like to carry it around with me. When I hold it, it feels like it cuts anxiety-static. But I misplaced him! I’m so bummed. I ordered two more online, but am not sure my order went through because I got no confo email. I guess I’ll wait it out. I hope I find him soon.

  13. i have a lot of my late grandmother’s jewellery and wear it often. a real ivory necklace of elephants in which the memory of her overtakes the guilt, a silver cuff she wore all the time, a giant black hills gold bracelet thingy, loads and loads of pendants. when she died almost exactly 2 years ago my grandfather pretty much cleared out her stuff and gave it to me. then promptly remarried. it hurt, but i’m glad to have it as it keeps her with me always. she was a gemini with taurus venus and we were very similar. :(