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Dark Moon in Scorpio along with asteroid Pandora, Venus, Psyche & Saturn brings a SHARP focus but it it can be a tad intense, yes? I mean, it is a LOT of Scorpio to have going on during a Dark Moon with Uranus stationing Direct. How are y’all doing out there? Subscriber peeps, check the Weekly horoscopes page in a couple of hours for a must-read Mercury-Neptune rant-alert.

Image; Real Housewives of Miami – Reality Tv Gifs.

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103 thoughts on “Dark Moon Scorpology

  1. Always to me the most obvious rejoinder to ‘burying the hatchet’.

    My progressed Moon moved out of Capricorn on Sunday, will take a while for that to filter through . . . other than that just my usual irascible, quixotic self. New Moon is on my . . . natal Okyrhoe. And I will be having an Okyrhoe return around the 27th. WTF? Indeed.. Not a great deal written about this one . . . but I”m hoping for a speeding up process a gazelle-like bound . . . .

    • Weird, I was just recently reading something about Okyrhoe, Saturn is currently conjunct it natally for me. It’s intriguing and I don’t fully have my head around it yet.

      It’s # 52872 for anyone wanting to check it on Astrodienst.

    • Just looked up my Okyrhoe – and guess what, it’s in my Cap stellium, lol :)

      Also I’m thrilled to announce that I’m currently having my Betelgeuse return! Cake and champagne, anyone? :)

  2. LOVE housewives of Miami…

    I’m finding sooo much inner peace. I’m done with everything that has been making me cry for the few past months. Must be all that Scorpio trining all my Pisces. I’m devoting all my love to myself and hoping that this little piece of happiness stays for a long time…

  3. Well alot has happened in the last 5 days.

    My ex who I hadnt seen since we had broken up in April came innocently fluttering into my work Friday night. It was an abrupt breakup something I could NOT get over and was in my head every single day. He came up to me and said hello.

    I went home completely dev and exhausted but then realised you know what, he’s fine, I’m fine, I didn’t want him, there was a friendly exchanged of hello’s and I felt like that chapter of my life was truly closed. In the dailys MM did say that Mercury was going over my North Node and this guy and I have a lot of aspects regarding out south nodes and north nodes.

    • Aw, I’m sorry. :( Sometimes even just seeing someone can be so painful, it’s crazy.

      • Oh my heart fell to the floor and the world stood still. It was the most intense feeling. I knew he was there he knew I was there. Just so intense. x

    • What a shock. But also sounds like you were able to resolve it clearly for yourself right then too Steph xx

      • It was like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. One of the hardest things I ever had to do was get this guy out of my psych. He’s finally leaving… x

    • speaking of ex’s, was asked to perform at a private party only to find out my ex who is also scorpio rising. But he is a double Scorpio will be there also djing. We get along fine, we are cordial. He is too much of a hipster to hold a grudge, but his jealous current gf who is a rich “daddies’ girl” assaulted e last time I saw her. He hugged me at a bar and simply said hi and she threw a drink and a bottle in my face.
      I have a lot of Scorpio planets transiting my 1st House right now, honestly not in the mood for angry, violent drunken drama.
      any advice to say cool and zen in this situation? or just bail?

  4. Going Good ,Scorpio moon good for finding out what stuff has to go.yet I found myself in conversation today thinking i was going burying the hatchet. I had a desire to chop the legs off . I will not . It goes show me how this person has not honored me.

  5. Well, being an 8x Scorpie, I guess I’ve just got to respond here. I’m always sensitive to dark moons, and can tell you to the minute when the moon crosses into Scorp (I get that warm, secure, intense opiated feeling). THIS ONE is not like anything I’ve ever felt – to the point that I’ve decided to “park” myself for a couple of days, since I feel like I’ve lost my identity entirely. The atmosphere feels very dense, and packed with layered intensity. I’m in a kind of shut down mode, feeling at once overwhelmed and confused by the fact that everyone around me is having emotional meltdowns, and I just can’t relate to the auto-response of the human emotional structure. I think it’s time for a major update on that one, frankly, like: this could all be quite a blast if everyone would stop fucking crying and taking things sooo seriously. Oh, and I can read everyone’s mind like it’s on a computer screen. I wish I could disappear for a couple of days and everyone would forget my name. Well, I usually feel like that, but this is triple. If this sounds like the confused rant of a Saturned-out (4x Libra as well), Pluto-bombed (massive character dissolution last 6 months, deconstructing EVERYTHING I could find), Uranus-crazed (Pluto Uranus conjunct 10th house in Virgo), I guess I’ve done a decent job of answering this query.
    Oh, I feel obligated to say just one more thing: sex has been off the charts recently, unstoppable and powerfully intimate, Total Scorping.
    Something’s gotta work, right?

    • Sounds totally intense and Scorpish. I used to know a guy like you, who could read minds. He was uber Pluto too.

      I was one of those meltdown people. And I’m actually in hiding for a bit atm. No people, no actual conversations just small talk, no reaching out to anyone because they all seem to have their own shit, etc. I’ll stop the hermit thing on the new moon.

      Thank fuq for the sex though, right?

      • Sounds like we have a similar plan Steph – hide under a cool rock til the footsteps go away.

        My dear daughter, Sun, asc, and moon in Pisces, has been in the “where am I, who am I” thing for a few days, but decided to find a bit of identity (along with her mom) by ripping into me within minutes of the moon going into Scorp. I have to give them credit for being on cue. Now my son is lying in bed, sick as all hell. Curiously, my beautiful lover is more Plutonian (and yummie Venus in Scorp) than anyone on the planet, and she’s never been more gorgeous and clear.

        I hope the sun rises bright and shiny for us all on Thursday, and we find that we’ve released things we’ve carried for a long time, and they’ve somehow been lofted to the cosmic recycling bin.

        • Can’t wait for Thursday/New Moon/Uranus direct, I *do* miss plutoboy when he’s hiding out in honor of this dark moon passage.
          Meanwhile I’ll keep myself busy with yet another round of home decluttering. Must be prepared for the incoming New. Should be fun to ride the Uranian waves later this week….

          • Oh!!! Must amend this. As it turned out, I didn’t have to miss plutoboy at all. His ‘disappear for a couple of days’ plan included my Venus-in-Scorpio lair, where we were diligent and thorough in our Dark Moon rejuvie work. How is it possible for one person to hold such intensely Scorpionic energies? Mmmmmmmm…… (Mars/Moon/Venus/Asc./Neptune/Lilith etc etc.)
            I hope everyone else enjoyed their Dark Moon in Scorpio passage.
            A very happy Virgo here…..

            • Thank you, ms. vervain………what a dark couple of nights those were. But at least we had some, er, therapeutic methods to ease ourselves through it all………And might I add how surprised and disappointed I’ve been today at NOT feeling very phoenixed at all, more like a fast food bag tossed out the passenger window (nothing to do with ms. V). Today I’ve felt like thick clay being forced through a sieve, but I’m figuring this is the feeling of chaos amidst a major shift in direction, where all the swirling shyte I’ve been cooking of late is in my midst, hopefully dematerializing, and the smell is just a bit strong with so much of it rising up all at once. I think the pivotal understanding came when I starting thinking “fuck it, so what if I just utterly fail or even die”. At that point, there’s noplace but up. And I have a few things that are really working, so I’m grateful. They are: Coffee, sex, my eliminatory system, and my laptop. Also, the cats still like me, and Ms. Vervain (aka plutogirl) is the best friend and most perfect lover a superscorp could ever dream of. Some cash would be nice though.

    • I’ve got all thy going on too except for the awesome sex.

      I bought a black leather jacket today on impulse. I haven’t had one of those in years and am not sure I want it. But being wrapped snuggly in something hard to penetrate seemed necessary for the moment.

  6. everything has suddenly fallen into place. i don’t really get how but it has. have been taking bush flower essence and feeling bolstered. there’s no hatchet that won’t be placed squarely and firmly between the eyes of those who dare to cross me. I want them to know who they were fuqing with.

  7. Definitely feeling some intense passing Scorp-y revenge vibes…but choosing to have some dark moon chocolate mousse and go to bed early to get an running start at making life awesome tomorrow instead. Revenge fantasies are fun, but actually acknowledging this persons’s existence and being connected to them in any way, even psychically, is foolish. I win by walking away.

  8. LOL, this is exactly where I am at. Trying to bury a hatchet that may end up in someone’s back. or I’ll just take it out of mine yes?

  9. Scorp is my 5th house and it’s living up to its rep extremely well. The house of fun ? Serious fun.

  10. I’m beautifying everything. Have a great design concept for a floor lamp using fallen trees from out back. Realized being well dressed does more to win admiration than my Virgo work ethic. Feels like a hollow win, but consistent and controllable.

    I’ve been spending a lot. New wardrobe. Remodel. New life. I don’t get how I get by. Work feels like school in that I’m not quite sure why I have to go. Sometimes I love it but it’s been slow.

    In the deep, down heart of me I don’t give a fuck. I just want to work with my hands while I’m alive.

          • she still goes to this school yah, I meant find as in what I put up the other day, what with the list and all, essentially, I went back to the website we use for classes and even though it was a semester ago I can still email the class, so I went to that option and it had a list of all the names in the class, I wrote down all the names of every girl, looked them up one by one, and she didnt turn up, she could go by a nickname, go by a different name, could have weird privacy constraints (I used to have that, unless you were a friend of a friend for some reason you couldnt find me on search) or any other number of things, all I can think of to do is maybe ask one of my more connected freinds to help me out, since they know more people maybe something diff will turn up on search, and if that doesnt work my roomie is even more popular so I can ask him if I have to, although, I would rather avoid such an odd request, I just hope she turns up

          • also, a possible plan is constructing a fake “study” and just emailing everyone, and somehow make it for blondes only or something(I am creative ill come up with something), and to respond back with the name they go by and some other info if they are interested, but even then it might go to spam and more than likely she would ignore a random email for a study, and it would be realistic to because students really do do studies and email whole classes so it wont look fake

            • David – fake study concoctions to find someone may make you feel quite icky afterwards. If you are really that keen on her and think you want to be in an open, honest, emotionally connected relationship with her, then why not start as you mean to go on – in an open and honest fashion? Openly acknowledge what you are seeking to do and ask the person you think can best help you with that for help. Rather than giving it a kind of sneaky, unhonest beginning.

              • that was just my last case no other option months from now plan, the last best hope, also, I cant just do that idea right now because then they would see my name(its in my email) and it would give me away, so I probably cant even use that idea as is, I still got some more normalish things to try dont worry, I was just showing the extent to which I am freaking out is all

                • normalish is preferable david phoney baloney is bordering on love zombie stalkerish if you know what I mean… thumbs up for dedication to matter of the heart but the first anon is right. have you considered this might be serving the purpose of being a lesson in seizing the day before the sun sets next time? I’m not saying it is, just that sometimes stuff happens as a way of showing us something but we can’t see forest for trees. My experience is that people you feel this strongly about always come back into your life somehow. I’ve never had one that didn’t.

              • I actually already asked a friend for some help too, like the exact thing you said, thats tomorrow tho

    • thats how I thought things worked to, that they just had to be fated and would just sort itself out, but when I brought it up here some other time, a commenter came forward and had the exact same story as me except she was the girl, same situation, journalism class, guy couldnt do anything for same reason, except it happen to her a few years ago, she said she too assumed she would see him around again but just never did(unless she will again one day), so now I realize I am just assuming things for no reason, I dont want to risk it, I assumed I would just have another class with her or see her at a party, but if I can find her I should

      • David – first anon here – go read Kim Falconer’s post on many worlds. It may be interesting to you (the 11th house blog).
        Whilst I really like the idea of ‘what’s for you will not go past you’ – I do think we can take that sometimes as a reason to not act, not break down those barriers, get past the fear etc – as in, oh I’ll get another chance.
        Maybe we make assumptions about the ‘subject’, it may not be a person but instead a circumstance – that is for you and thus will not go past you.
        Maybe your paths will cross again, maybe they won’t. Maybe they will, you’ll take a risk, get rejected, and then next time your path crosses with someone else really interesting, you will not pause so long. This is from someone who has probably done too much prevaricating and not enough acting … there is more to lose in the former position in my opinion.

        • hmm… that never occurred to me, she isnt the first girl to affect me that way either, I have to admit, she was the most extreme though, but its of the same stuff, that oh my god I am terrified and on fire, there were two other girls that made me feel like that, one was older than me, popularish, and hung out with the soccer kids on varsity who even though they liked me, they kind of intimidated me, and she seamed to be dating one of them, the other I would see while playing soccer across the way my senior year, she was on the orienteering team and one of my best buds was the captain, I couldnt really do anything about that one though she was engaged(in highschool!), it sounds lame, but the fact I was in the same class as someone like that and actually looked at her instead of pretended not to see her or something is actually kind of progress, and I have seen her around twice, those other girls I would see around every once in a long while even though it was a small school, maybe I am making some sort of progress, and will be ready next time, if I can manage to, I will make next time happen on my own right godam now, but thats comforting though, I never thought of it that way, I knew I was chickening out though

        • love that 11th house post, thanks – shell? – am 100% down with the multiple realities theory.

            • yes I think I would am having a linda nochlin fiesta and my usual scorpio moon symbolist phase but will def have a look at the massey one when I’m done. feels kind of luxurious to read these books for no other reason than to pass time. No one to answer to.

      • yeah if you can find her then hoorah but fallacious scenarios are not a sound basis for any kind of relationship. Although I am remembering that the mercury square neptune aspect is potentially at work here : ) and i’m not so much talking about fate as some kind of passenger scenario I am talking about the constant cyclic flow of energy. someone I met 23 years ago just popped up after no contact for the entire time. I knew they would come back, the ones I feel that feeling from always do. we’re not even in the same country that we were when we met and I have no context for the current appearance, it’s just happened is all and it feels as though nothing has changed – we are just at one with each other as we were when we first met. I don’t know how it is for other people but when I feel an energy as strong as what you seem to be experiencing with someone, they have always returned. Maybe it’s not like that for everyone. who knows – and maybe my attitude is self-perpetuating – I never regret letting people or situations go if it doesn’t feel right at the time because there always has been this return. Ever since i was a child it has happened this way. It’s like magnets. I can only speak for myself though. dunno what your life is like in terms of that kind of thing but i do wish you best of luck.

        • haha, just getting to 23 years seams like a long time away to me ha, I dunno, it feels less like an omen, and more like this thing I am cowering in the corner to scared to confront , less like a, next time when its more meant to be and more like next time I wont be so scared and feel more worthy, but maybe I am perceiving it wrong though who knows, I havent been around long enough to be able to tell if these things pan out or not, well see, maybe its like that, when the student is ready the master appears kinds of things

          • I was wondering if you had Mars in Cancer, so caution is kinda going to be your watch word. Perhaps explore ways to feel secure before you take risks. Look at the house too, and any supporting/constraining aspects.

            • ya I already kinda know its my mars’s fault, I was thinking maybe getting more muscular would help, and that was before I even knew that was a thing with cancer, so, thats the only plan I got, otherwise mars in cancer has to sneak in, but sometimes there is no such opportunity, but risking things for extreme emotion seams right up that ally too

            • Not ‘fault’ just the way it works,and about how you have to work with it. Funnythe bulking up thing, I know a Mars in Cancer who totally does the muscly arms and has this quite blokeypublic persona, but lots of emotional sensitivity. Bloody tedious trying to coax him out though. You’ll work it out David.the fact you are on to it early bodeswell for working with it.

              • Two thumbs up to anons comment re there being no ‘fault’ it just is, there is no right or wrong to it. It is how you choose to manage the latent energy at your disposal that counts – that’s what this is you know? It’s just some energy – you get to modulate and harness it. The emotional intensity of your mars placement combined with what I suspect could be the 1990s uranus / neptune conjunction opposing it is a hefty source to have at your disposal.

                You might find this book interesting – the section on flower essences in particular – http://www.amazon.com/Practical-Guide-Vibrational-Medicine-Transformation/dp/0060959371#reader_0060959371

                • no, i dont have that aspect (phew) but mars is in a t square with venus and jupiter, trines my sun, and makes a “fist of god” with my pluto saturn square, ill look into that book tho, it looks interesting

              • your probably right, I need a healthy dose of worrying too though, that is also probably mars in cancer ha

                • : ) yeah I can relate to the relief at having given that one a swerve – I missed out on having a 5th planet in virgo by the skin of my teeth. the thought of that makes me feel constipated… well you’ve given me something new to learn about – I’ve never really considered t-squares before everyone I associate with does the stelliums & conjunctions to the max. Where’s your moon was something I was wondering? The book is written by a medical doctor – the flower essences were invented by a medical doctor too – the doctor who hypothesised ‘germ theory’. So there’s less of the flakiness to the way the book is written that you often encounter with more ‘new age’ books on vibrational healing. I prefer there to be a balance between spirit and science – eyes and mind open to all possibilities without getting caught up in half-baked dime-store philosophies and dogma.

      • ya, t-squares can be interesting, so for example mars in cancer square jupiter in libra, square venus in aries, so mars and jupiter are 2 different types of risk processes, mars is risk based on confidence in your skill to overcome, and jupiter is risk like rolling the dice, randomly doing something lets say and hoping it turns out, so, mars in cancer has to have it feel just right, and incrementally and very carefully act out its intent in a sneaky way, jupiter in libra has to make sure everything is perfect, polished, planned ahead of time, not very decisive, it has to make sure everything is just right but on an intellectual level, that it intellectually checks out as the best risk/best way to risk, so not only does everything have to check out in your head before you do something, while your doing it it has to feel just right, two levels of having to feel just right before risking, although depending on the type of risk affects it too, if you think of it ahead of time and have it polished, your willing to try your luck and say fuq it, and even if you dont have a plan, but it feels right, then you will already be instinctively going for it, then it gets weird because venus in aries means you enjoy just going in head first on some level, kind of how I play video games, just randomly go head first periodically, but it comes in to play only during certain circumstances, I have tons of squares going on, so, its something I have given some thought, my moon in 10th house gemini, and ya that book does seam pretty neat

        • also with venus in aries sometimes in life while dithering in non action, I just say “fuck it” and just do it, but mostly in social situations if I already know people, which makes sense

        • Interesting – thank you for taking the time to explain that David, I’m going to read up on that a bit more. Gaming techniques are an interesting way of considering astro influence on personality – because you are able to observe people behaving in ways you might not get to see in ‘real life’. But so enlightening on both a basic all or nothing primal level and also on that strategic level. Full immersion in a virtual environment where anything goes. People are so often quick to dismiss gaming but it has so much more going on on so many more levels than those people will ever begin to know. FPS or RPGs?

          • I like both, havent played anything lately, but I am coming back for gta V, ya its a good way of thinking of it, games are competitive and have diff mixes of skill and chance, the more chance it has, the more jupiter comes into play, the more skill, the more mars comes into play, as well as your personality in general just coming through, sports are a good way of thinking of it too, but sports have less jupiter kinds of risk, but if its one on one risk, technically thats within libra and explains bein risky, its weird because planets are the style of certain processes, but also over what themes those processes play out, so jupiter in libra can be polished balanced fair risk, but also risk involving someone else for someone else or for/concerning libra things, mars in cancer is the style of assertion, but also being assertive over and for gooey ideals and sentimental things, so mars in cancer might cower in the corner usually, but given the right subject, will stick up for that theme

            • mars in cancer parks and snipes? 😉 I’ve always thought uranus, neptune and saturn get a look in as well with the gaming – sometimes you get one that can be played really simply and then there’s other layers that you never thought of – tricky ways to leap out of harms way, secret passages, good places for booby traps etc..

  11. So true that questions of how worthy of attention I feel I am is coming up! The massive internal shift & name change by deed poll has stirred up issues re how others see me.
    Saturn transiting my 5th!

    I only just now really accepting me as I truly am & not getting shy & awkward about my new name!
    Ugh Leo issues of ego & pride always make me cringe regardless of whether I am actually guilty of them. Like seeing a police car & freaking out when I haven’t been drinking! (Leo Sun here)

    • I’m thinking about changing my name. I never changed it when I got married, but didn’t change it after the divorce. I don’t want my Dad’s name back, so I think I will just drop my last name all together. I do have a middle name, so that can be that. Ooohh…the paperwork, email changes, ugh. But, I think its time. Wish I could get it all done before the new moon, but am feeling low-energy and low on time.

      • I’m changing my name too, Andro and 12th-h-v. Been researching it, and thankfully in Victoria it’s pretty straightforward. I’m doing a self-birthing ceremony on a particular date, which came to me, and a particular time. It’s the actual legal stuff I still have Qs about, since I know that when it’s done, its astro, will have an influence.
        Good Luck Andromeda with the new name!! :)

    • I used to blame that on being brought up Catholic Ando. Guilty of everything ha!. Not anymore tho

    • Changing my name is on my list, too, Andie, UPV and 12HV. I changed my name to my married name a few years ago and now I want to ditch it along with the marriage. Not going back to parents’ name either. I want to have my new name official before I a) graduate uni and b) renew my passport. Where I live it seems you can just start using a new name without legal docs, but uni seems to require something more official. Starting the legal research – and the change for easy stuff like email – in the new year.

      • Congratulations to all you name changers!
        It’s not that hard to do once you put your mind to it. Paper work, we are all used to it really.

        I do love how people stop, think and roll my new name around. It’s very evocative and not just to me.

        It reminds me of who I want to be spiritually, not to get lazy & irritable, but to deserve the beauty of the name and all it implies. It truly is a name to grow into and I am not quite there yet, but in time I will be.
        It’s great – when some random person yells it, as in when you order a coffee – it’s like you are half-asleep thinking of your bills then it’s as if Spirit in the form of a barista calls my inner self and I don’t just hear the name, I hear ‘wake up! you are alive, you are on your journey, keep on it lovely!’.

        I also changed to my husband’s name, so I have a completely new i.d. I feel rather incognito which is freeing too.

        U&PV, I love that you are having a ceremony to acknowledge the change, that’s gorgeous.

        • “It’s great – when some random person yells it, as in when you order a coffee – it’s like you are half-asleep thinking of your bills then it’s as if Spirit in the form of a barista calls my inner self and I don’t just hear the name, I hear ‘wake up! you are alive, you are on your journey, keep on it lovely!” – what you said there, I’m looking forward to it. It’s beautifully put too, a call from Spirit. Aw…can’t wait now!

          Blessings to the name changers! <3

  12. Still floating around. No hatchets that I can see in my hands or others. Same issues remain (living/$) that I am attempting to look at from different angles. Slowly approaching idea that maybe I really can divest myself of some things to loosen up qi and cash flow. Nothing essential, just my car, some furniture.. Lol. Keeping an eye out for neptune wierdness in me or others.

  13. everyone at work was serious tonight..and I could tell they all wanted to go home and have sex.lol…..all I wanted to do was rest and not talk to anyone..and…a couple women had really bad breath..I kept backing up..they wanted to get real close..probably because I smell so good. I wore cacao absolute and one drop lavender..

  14. Oh my fucking gawd, make it stop already. I’m fed up to *HERE*!

    “Do not pretend to love me then patronize me and tell me I deserved every form of violence I’ve suffered.” Every lie is being exposed but I’m tired and just want to sleep for a few days. I feel I’m suffocating.

  15. Five planets in Scorpio reporting in for duty. For me the last few days have been about past life ditties and figuring how to drive this Maserati of a soul in a world of Pintos. I also have moments when a love so big and massive hits me like a ton of bricks. Sometimes it’s from the universe en masse and other times its from a beautiful soul who lives in a castle far far away.

    Yep im madly ga-ga for someone who might as well live on the moon. And while it all seems impossible for mere mortals I am unbelievably happy. Perhaps it’s the woff of imaginary perfume. I don’t care. I feel lucky to feel so deeply.

  16. I have my moon in Scorpio – it’s at one degree and as someone who’s an air sign, I admit that there have been times when I wish I could have come into the world just a tage earlier and it been in Libra. But then again, all that air might make one wishy-washy. I guess the point is, grudgingly or otherwise, Scorpio makes its demands of us. It is the only astrological sign that carries poison, and I think that is worth thinking about. It is self-protective, and defends the indefensible and it is armed for a reason. It exposes, pulls apart and doesn’t accept injustice, and can be a zealot at times with regard to this. Sometimes in order to know the darker aspects of life we must also endeavour to see the light. Symbolically Scorpio is not just the scorpian, it has two more evolved levels, that of the eagle and then the dove. Worth considering in terms of self-protection, wisdom and peace, symbolically speaking of course. Body, mind and spirit might come into it as well. Such is our evolution.

    • I have the Moon at 29 Libra conjunct Neptune and Scorpio. I see myself as a bitch but my friends think I’m so nice. I don’t forget ANYTHING. I tell people hard stuff in a nice way. My mission in life is to stay out of my kids’ way and support them on their paths. I toughen them up and I get soooo impatient with anxious, pampering mums. I keep it real with my kids- I help with all their stuff but don’t shield them from consequences of failure. If I was gone tomorrow I would want them to be self- sufficient, have a sense of gratitude and find work that they love.

      I lovethe eagle/dove aspects- but sometimes you gotta crawl through the gunk on the beach!

      Re: Scorpio inundation- I am dreaming of guys of long ago- that I connected with on a soul level. Nothing overt- just that deep understanding of matched energy. My Scorpio vibe is all sublimated!Saturn now between Nep and Jupiter. Heading for my Scorpio ASC. Yeeee ha!

      Also- big AHA regarding early life and staying off mum and Dad’s radar- constant scrutiny and vehement commentary. I lived a life off their grid to avoid verbal battering. Have continued that pattern with volatile, controlling spouse. Working on changing the game. That’s why I do MMA with my kids.

      My humor is a bit dark right now- I try to laugh at myself first.

      Another très Scorpio Pluto in Cap event- in our fair state- HUGE Pro- Union rally to protest Right to Work laws. Some schools are closed- thousands are expected.Last week, right winger lawmakers locked the Capitol doors for a few hours to avoid scrutiny by protesters until a judge ordered them admitted.

      Our Republican Party has been jacked by far right wingers who bully and smear any opponents. They control some of the media- ordinary people are fed up and marching.

      Hope that Pandora rips the lid off the dirty dealings!


  17. Scorpio moon conjunt pluto…
    Had a productive day, but work in the evening drained the life out of me! I took a nap…talked on the phone. Wasn’t friendly. Decided to give my self a boost out of ice tea…so I had pop I usually crash shortly after from pop! NOPE, NOT TONIGHT! It’s 4 am over here. Crap, and I have work in the morning.

    Want Christmas break now…

  18. bang, smash, scream … fuck you ..fuck this fuck fuck fuck ……day two of warring couple next to me who have given up smoking and not have much work…co-dependence warning!!
    Meanwhile a friend writes telling me how great her holiday is in South America….oh well…my time will come and its been a long time coming. bring on the new and exciting please

  19. I’m of two polarities – started up an exercise/stretching at home regime, which I used to do aaaaages ago, since the moon went into beautiful Scorp and find that it suits me. Focus, focus, focus, all that intensity.
    Am going to sign up with nearby Pilates place, which I’ve always wanted to do.
    The other polar, my body is asking of a LOT of sleep, although not quite of the extent when I slept for 34 hours (not entirely straight through, but still mostly through).
    So am just taking it as it comes, and not berate myself for what my body is asking of me; that’s part of the old me I’m shedding. It’s like, I can be unkind to myself but I only have say 30 secs, and then I snap out of it and back to being/doing the Phoenix Awesome me. And I’ve finally found an approach that works! This is a ‘being kind to myself’ that works! :)

    I also have a new job consultant, and we get along well, she and I get each other, and there’s mutual respect. She gets where I’m coming from and where I wish to go and what I want to manifest. Hell, I actually *asked* for her as I was unhappy with the previous consultant! Ain’t suppressing my throat chakra thank you very much! And I asked/put my case forward for a new consultant in a professional manner, I figured I had nothing to lose. I asked, I received – thank you Multiverse! And I asked from place of being authentic, I made sure I was doing it in a grounded way, that it wasn’t driven by ego shit.

    And thanks Mystic, for the love zombie alert for Dec 15-20, I wrote the dates down and propped it up, AND put the dates in my mobile too. Fantastic stuff! :)

  20. Right on cue last Friday–when MM said we would receive important information regarding our future because of the North Node-Mercury conjunction–I was offered a new job opportunity that would entail massive change in my life. Positive, but massive.

    I’ve been asking for change, but now that it’s finally here it feels like I’m at the edge of a precipice. This Scorpio Dark Moon has been really good for thinking through next steps and mulling over the pros and cons of my decision. Also have had lots of intense dreams involving death and killing.

  21. i WAS having the most mellow scorp moon in ages, then i went to sleep really early last night… aaand… cue the murderous dreams. not by my hand or involving the crab but my ex and someone else which i had to witness and he was pure evil and it was one of those dreams which just won’t end. woke up feeling disturbed and dirty and would have liked nothing better than to smudge and bathe it away but alas it was the most rushed morning in ages and furthermore, for the last week, baths have been making my skin burn like crazy. hoping it’s a skin-shedding thing as i am somewhat freaked out and don’t have insurance or moola for natural healer of any sort. but the sun as of this morning is finally out of my 6th, so that’s good. one down, all the rest to go…

  22. No zen here today :-(
    Cann’t believe I forgot!
    Outburst at teenager this morning – for well – being a teenager :-(
    Not like me at all.
    By the time I reassembled myself & remembered twas done. Felt relieved that it was OK to spend all day recovering from my anger & not be superwoman today.
    Still have headache.
    Saturn over Pallas in my 12th too so this warrior is already shook up and waiting for clarity.

    • It’s ok to be annoyed at teenagers occasionally – if not abusive then some sincere irritation is a reality check. I certainly wasn’t brought up by Buddha.

      Some well meaning but patronising as fq guy interrupted me when i was desperately trying to finish something and not stay back any later than i was already…”time for good girls to go home.” WTF???

      It was all i could do not to reenact the scene from La Femme Nikita, where she finally speaks to the magistrate who’s been creeponising her into telling him who she is, first cajoling then sneering – she lunges forward and stabs the pencil through his hand and yells, “Je m’appelle co-co-o-o-o-tte!” (yeah my name IS sweetiepie)

  23. I am still in keeping a low profile but being as proactive as I can at work. I am getting a little insecure about my job which I think is somewhat normal. I am laxing a little bit. I hate making mistakes. But I guess that goes with the territory.

    Visited family this past w/e and it was a blast. Blew off some friends but I honestly didn’t want to see them. Drama, Drama, Drama and I think she just started more with my toro/gem guy. A little disgusted right now. Don’t know how to process it but maybe this is just the beginning of walking away. Even though I have broken it off with him 2 times he still comes back. I feel like I just don’t have any solution. Have major discussions with myself, comparing him to my ex who harassed me. I am disgusted thinking back to the “ex” and somewhat feel the same for the toro/gem. I thinks it’s a good thing. Let’s hope it does dissolve my feelings for him. That is the issue. ME!!

    I just want to get through the Holidays! Bring on 2013. :)

  24. Everything is sunshine & lollipops but these last few dark moons have felt well dark lol.

  25. Very optimistically self empowered and then very irritable. I have some brilliantly hands off but supportive mentor types around me. And also some dipshits whose dipshittery is barely tolerable at the mo.

    So, you know, i’m swinging between presence and strength, and full bitcherel.