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For a guaranteed bit of O.M.G astro-fuqery – that will definitely help you plan your Awesome in 2013, btw – you can look no further than a good old analysis of Chiron through the Houses, specifically the Angles. WHAT am i on about? Explanation in a moment. But first: My dream last night.

I was in a kind of sleazy but upmarket boutique hotel that had – i swear – HOTEL CHIRON – in neon across the front. I have been keeping my dream diary devoutly and when you do that, your dreams start to get real clear. Because they know you’re listening & aware. Who/What is “they” – don’t start me. Anyway, in the dream, i’m having to pack real fast and i am going through all this stuff – plus my suite (yes, i have a suite at the Hotel Chiron) is packed with people…all relevant or capable of evoking an ‘aha’ moment. Even as i was having this dream, i knew it was important. So I ask some concierge why i’m having to check out so quick and he said it was time to move to the next hotel – they’re franchised. This is just hotel 1 in chain of 12. So i wake up, check the ephemeris and Chiron is just now leaving my 1st house. Cue insights, obviously.

I don’t buy any of the mainstream interps of Chiron – i don’t think Chiron = wounds or is like a Saturn that does Pilates. I like my friend Kim Falconer’s take on it – she says remember that Chiron trained warriors to be heroes. That’s the mythology. Chiron IS between Saturn and Uranus – like a bridge – so i get that. Chiron was discovered in 1977 i think – so a new vibe – and could just as easily have been called something else, you know. I think of Chiron as more like Promethea. A girl Prometheus.

But if you go through your life to date and work out when Chiron was on your Ascendent, IC (cusp of the 4th House) Descendant (cusp of the 7th House) or the Midheaven (cusp of the 10th) i am sure you’ll see some major life segues occurring then. It takes 50 years to go one full cycle so you probably only have a few of these to check out. Do all the house cusps if you want to blow your mind with these little five year cycles of Chiron. I feel like Chiron operates like Uranus/Saturn for sure – quirky and magic but with a distinct “it’s time” vibe happening.

To figure this out for yourself, you need your chart (Astrodienst) and an emphemeris. There is a great Chiron ephemeris here if you don’t have a coffee stained & well-thumbed holy bible of astro sort of thing like i do.   So you go through and note down the signs and degrees of those Angles/House points mentioned above and then figure out when Chiron was on them. VOILA INSIGHTS.  This will then you leave with an amazing idea of how Chironic energy operates in YOUR life.

As always with D.I.Y Astro, those more erudite will help the newbies – no question is too dumb but you DO need to be willing to learn, look at your chart on Astrodienst or whatever, not just say “I have Pisces Rising – what does this mean for me?”  And then SHARE – i’d love to know how other peeps experience Chiron in their lives…THOUGHTS?

Oh and for the purposes of this post, we’re not doing Chiron transits to planets…

Image: Uwe Duttmann Flair Austria

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137 thoughts on “D.I.Y. Astro – The Hotel Chiron

  1. “Chiron had said once that nations were the most foolish of mortal inventions. “No man is worth more than another, wherever he is from.”
    ? Madeline Miller, The Song of Achilles

    I wonder if Chiron is heralding/mirroring Zap Zone stuff? Great dream MM – and great book too (i.e. ‘The Song of Achilles’).

  2. It never ceases to amaze me, the effect of venus or anything transiting my 7th. Chiron especially on vertex and Descendant is pretty momentus. So now that you’ve dedicated a post to it, Chiron is transiting my 7th and Vertex, natally, and on my ascendant/1st, solar chart. I’m pretty sure it was also a player in the recent FM astro.

  3. Thank you for the post, it is a brilliant shared insight and the dream anecdote is highly humerous, cynical & spiritual yet it is revealing to you what you probably don’t want to financially succumb to yourself…Isn’t chiron currently retrograde? We all could be revisiting past pain, conquests and tests…

    Have chiron conjunct mars pisces (7th) in good aspect nearly exact to neptune scorpio (3rd) trine to uranus /pluto conjunct virgo (1st)…So I should have drowned twice, (saved by a strange person) been burnt literally in flames once…all as a child…and survived a fatal car crash…Was going to try and forget that…My daughter and I both survived severe pre-eclampsia…Saturn in virgo transit truly nearly sealed our fate…

    My mother has a terrible burn from her childhood too, from when the servants put her into very hot water as a child…

    Needless to say some karmic concerns here…but chiron lives = more mini eras = various incarnations of the self/ selves…continued…

    Impossible not to know chiron when it is attached to your physical being, release. However has been useful in times, when I suddenly encountered upset folk…nothing like honest exchange with an unkown…

  4. Great point about Chiron being the bridge between Saturn (limits and tradition) and Uranus (innovation and risk).

    Here’s my take on it. Warrior training is what Chiron is about, but from the inside out. And of course, that will touch on our deepest fears and vulnerabilities.

    But Chiron wants to get you from Saturn across to Uranus in top form. Chiron wants to see you transform the tough lessons about structure, boundaries and limits from Saturn into something fresh and original. And that can only come from a new sense of depth, through your love being tested and really getting to know yourself.

    Looking at the ephemeris is very powerful – immediately I could see the major themes of my inner life over the years jump out at me. (Aha!)

    Just starting on the return now so the “Hotel Family of Origin” is the proverbial neon sign flashing on the other side of the street. Already seeing some pretty odd behaviour in Reception. 😉

    • Wow.. Thanks Deep. That is exactly what I am dealing with regarding love. The “boundaries” and how do I set them. Yes, my love is being tested. I love someone but yet I am at a place where I can’t do this anymore and I think he will contact me so how I set a boundary to see if he will stay.

      Thanks for your thoughts on Chiron. It made complete sense to me and what I am dealing with. xo!!

    • I’m loving that hotel chiron is now going to be a thing and we are going to do chiron in hotel metaphors

    • ‘Hotel Family of Origin’ – love it!

      I was there over Christmas. My mother runs Bar Neptune :)

  5. in my dream last night i was talking to james franco and a thin jonah hill about a potential screenwriting project for me. they both were being ‘friendly’ (it was a dream, lol) and i was trying to figure out which one i liked more. i can’t remember who i chose!!! i have a soft spot for 21 jump street-era jonah. i LOVE that movie!!

  6. Just did mine with astrodienst. Travel (and ex-husbands) seem to be the theme here.
    Chiron was first on my MC in March 1982, the month when I was 6 years old and moved with my family to Indonesia. Then Chiron was on my ascendant in July 1991 when as a 15 year old I spent 4 weeks in Italy with an Italian family. The first time I travelled overseas on my own. Then in October 1998 Chiron was on my IC and I was preparing to leave my first husband and travel to the UK to stay with my grandad. In July 2005 Chiron was on my descendant the week I unfortunately became enmeshed with my later second ex-husband. A situation which has set chains around my life and my soul.
    Due to an incredible amount of retrograding, it appears that Chiron will not be on my MC next until 25 June 2031. Unless I am wrong, this could be when I will make my next migration.

      • Virgo Ellie – the long way! I just entered a whole heap of different years and then just narrowed in on the dates when I got close. The retrogrades had me tearing out my hair though.
        It appears that I has retrograding Chiron in the months leading up to several other major changes in my life. but it always turned away before the actual date.

    • yeah, it’s got a hell of an elliptical orbit it seems. 2 yrs a pop for leo through cap then 7 or so for pisces-aries-taurus? works for me …won’t hit my next angle until 2037. on my 60th birthday actually. well ok then! the 2030s seem sooooo far off. you have plenty of time to plan your move… :)

    • Natally I have Chiron exact (completely) on my Jupiter in Aries 9th house, conjunct my moon.
      I have often wondered what this means but all I can come up with is that my fortune is linked to healing in some way. But now I am thinking that travel has to be in there as well.

  7. Great post Mystic! Chiron is really interesting to me at the mo as it’s conj my sun/Merc/Saturn stellium and heading for Chiron return in a couple of years. Love the concept of training warriors to be heroes. Once again I can’t believe how spookily insightful this is.
    MC – mid 1980. Work experience. Fell in love with the work (radio) and my supervisor, a much older married man. My first relationship. It had an impact on me for many years after.
    Asc: 1993. Major turning point, dumped fiance and associated circle, met creative friends who are still my best friends.
    IC: summer 1997/98. Moved in w now husband. Vague rumblings of discontent about my work direction.
    Dsc: Couple of years ago. Met the man who became my lover, brought me so much clarity and love. We ended this year, he went home to his wife. Lamely, I still miss him so much it hurts, especially this time of year (his birthday in a couple of days). He really was the catalyst for me to change my life.
    There may have been other things going on at these times, but it’s the lovers I remember.

    • Yes I noticed that Chiron on my DSC also meant a crap love situation. But since Saturn is also conj the DSC it pretty much guarantees both of these thugs are going to town.

      • Ha yes. Saturn in the mix. Saturn was squaring my moon at the time, plus Neptune and Chiron were conjunct on my Venus which is conj my Dsc. I never stood a chance :)

        • i love how you’re honoring these loves and what they brought you, even through the pain. nothing lame about it. xox

  8. I’ve got a “bucket” chart lead by chiron natally so I’ve always found it to be quite significant in my life. Myth of chiron is one of my fave. I love the hotel chiron dream mystic. Had a house change only recently from 8th to 9th but I had Pluto Saturn conjunct also. Have chiron in trine natal to Jupiter with loose trine to circe and lilith.

    • actually there’s a point. I just got home and checked my astro, chiron is just about to change signs into my 9th from 8th (natal 11th toro) and is opposite Jupiter right now. Which might be an interesting time to return to self employment now it’s leaving my 8th and off my south node yet still conjunct?

  9. Yes Chiron, the only body in my aqua 8th house 26 deg. I had my chiron return a while ago and till that point had never really taken it too seriously. I had a good look at it’s movements at that time and realized its impact straight away. I have a new respect for it no doubt.
    For some reason I always think of The Fisher King myth with Chiron ?

    Joseph Campbell called this myth the monomyth , possibly the most influential myth in western culture.

    • Me too!! Both. Chiron in my 8th (Aries) and makes me think of the fisher king myth.

      • I also have Chiron (rx) in the 8th Aries 16 degrees. I have Pisces intercepted in the 7th so I imagine it will have some affect upon my relationships, would love any interps going around x wishing you all a beautiful new year x

    • Greeetings David,
      That was such a beautiful image of you and the boys on the beach watching the sea…if i would have been on the beach i would have turned around and walked back the other way so as not to disturb such a moment between Man, and young men. Gave me a tingle to read.
      Those young men will be grown men one day, and what a stunning flash back you’ll have of that time…great painting.

      • Hi Cosmic, just spent the whole day at Murrays and watched the early fireworks at Huskisson , where you there ? Hope you have a great night and a happy new year x

        • Oh that sounds smashing !
          Back home to Sydders before New Years Eve, one week by the sea ….The Piscean Stonemason going back to work tomorrow, to work at a school, whilst the little people on hols, so not so much rest for the wicked this time round…have come home and booked 2 weeks for this coming year end though !
          Enjoy David ! xx And Happy year ahead, with much laughter, light, exceptional conversations and warm fuzzy feelings…xx

  10. I have Chiron natally in my 5th house (PIsces) and Chiron is transiting the 5th so I guess it is hitting my Romance area of the 5th. Right now what I am dealing with is detaching from my toro/gem and honestly I feel nothing for him. When he is away I can lose interest. It’s when he reaches out to me that the sparks fly. Since he doesn’t want any obligation for someone he didn’t want me to be around for the Holidays. No problem. So on I went during the Holidays enjoying myself. I don’t sit around. Now I have a date for New Years. An unexpected invited through friends who think their friend and I would get along great. So, I am taking a chance. But I have a feeling the toro/gem is paying attention. I am feeling sorry for him. He knows he treated me wrong and I know he’s beating himself up for it but it’s up to him to correct things. I am gonna lay low and just get through this Holiday season.

    How do I through Astro.com get the history on when/where Chiron is placed during my life?

    I wish I knew more about the positioning of my chart. Yes, I know the signs, houses and figure out to have a planet show up but I just get so confused with the IC / MC etc, Nodes.

    • not sure if this is the best way, but here’s what you could try

      – go to astro.com
      – go to ‘extended chart selection’
      – the select ‘natal chart and transits’
      – adjust the date from today’s date to when you want to look at. (eg backdate the date two years) – then you can see the transits for that date. you could draw up different charts for for lots of dates.

      could you find a way for the toro/gem to not be able to keep tabs on you/see what you’re up to? at least for a bit? otherwise it can be hard to detatch and the emotions are always being wound up.

      good luck with your date! :)

    • Mystic’s link above is easier than going through astrodeinst – give it a try. x

    • Ok.. just checked out the link. I guess I should look at each time with 1 degree?? I am so confused. Or do I look for the specifics Mystic posted 4th house, 7th house and 10th.. ughhh.. Sorry. This is a foreign language to me. I need some elementary steps to dig further. Thanks!! xo!!

      • First, look at your natal chart to see what degrees you AC, IC, dc, and midheaven are. It the thick cross lines on the chart, not house cusp, per se. Then, go to the chart MM shared an look for when Chiron hit those degrees in your lifetime.

        • I wish I could post a screen shot. I don’t think I explained very clearly. But on the astro chart the lines you are looking for are thick. The IC and mh could be in your 3/4 or 9/10 house depending on your chart.

  11. I had a dream two nights ago that I would love to share… It was based in the town I’m currently living in, small inland Australian town, in the dream I was driving around the corner to go to a church service, it was meant to be something very special, not to be missed, (i don’t go to “church” in waking life), I parked the car not one block away from my work and the church (which isnt in that position in waking life) as I was getting out of the car a number of peanut m&ms fell out of the car, I then noticed a couple of kitchen utensils in the grass and picked them up,one was used and one brand new. I was frustrated w myself for parking so far from the church and got back in the car and drove around the corner to the church…. I thought the service was at 12.30, and I was early. When I arrived at the church there wad no one there for a big service but a couple of elderly people leaving the church… I went to the kitchen and found a coupleof people finishing off the wake for a funeral of a woman named ‘joy’ …. It has been interesting to contemplate this… The death of joy! Could this be my “hero making”? Or just Saturn on my ascendant? Funny Saturn, not!

    • Ok, so…some ideas
      Car = life direction, how you’re conducting your life / driving things
      You’re getting close to something u see as a “must-see” gathering but maybe not realising how close you really are? Besides, you have plenty of time?
      Junk food falling out – peanuts choc coated – what’s peanuts in your life (dressed up as something fun/ more than it is??) That you might jettison on this mission?
      Kitchen utensils – tools! brand new, and something already in use. Note that you go to the kitchen at the church, that’s where you find people ..’in the wake of joy’! (Just realised that literal translation?!)
      That’s all I got. Xx

      • I love your interpretation – especially of the peanuts and utensils. Brilliant!

        I have a car theme in some recent dreams. Sometimes its a car from a different period of my life and seeing if it is my car now/car then/car of fantasy or whatever helps me get the context of the message.

        I like the idea of it being her wake, like Lazarus being raised. Maybe Joy is coming back life?

        • Yes, maybe joy is coming back! I saw this meme on fb this morning that said something like “everyday I choose joy” I thought I need to paint that big somewhere I see it every morning : )

      • Lovely, thank you, it is always great to get some objective translation… I love your interp on the.m&ms, something peanuts/junk to be jettisoned from my journey… V. Interesting that u identified the “wake of joy” within the context of what I thought was the death of joy! Gorgeous… Yes I felt it was instructional… I need to use the tools I have, get rid of the junkto find my joy…

    • What a cool dream!

      My take on it is that “church” is a sacred place for you, even if you don’t go to church IRL. I also think it represents your body or some sacred aspect of self that you are hoping to meet up with or have more contact with hence the rush to go to service.

      Parking problems? Unsettled about your goals or yourself? Missed making a recent goal?

      Food and kitchen tools falling out of the car. Food is life sustaining and kitchen tools help make more food.

      A woman named Joy died? Are you depressed? :(

      Making any new changes in your life to eat healthier or enrich your life in other ways lately? Your subconcious mind might be interested in doing that. =)

      • Yes I think your interp is also very accurate… Yes some confusion, uncertainty about direction, yes a loss of joy literally, yes depression shows itself… I agree it is about the sacred relationship w my self/body, the tools I have and new ones to be found (in the grass in this little town) this is wonderful analysis for.my new year manifesto I will make today : ) thank you

        • So the exciting thing is that the new tool may have been discovered already… I was watering my garden yesterday contemplating everything, well mainly all those ny reflections, and also this dream, it became obvious that with the prolific growth of rocket in my garden much of it is also growing in the grass… So I think this is one of the tools I found in my dream…. I was also talking to a friend today and mentioned I was confused about my situation – should I stay or should I go etc – a nd she reminded me to ask the universe for a clear.message… So after my massive walk just then I asked the universe/ higher self to speak to me clearly, the immediate clear message was “green smoothies” I was like wow ok ill do that with all my rocket! So I’m currently drinking my first green smoothie with my home grown greens !

            • Yes cheers, I’ve done green juices for years and smoothies with spirulina in them but not the green smoothie where you just blend up fruit and veg together… Other clarity was that I should do three times a day : )

  12. Ha! Literally JUST bought Clow’s “Chiron: rainbow bridge between the inner & outer planets” on BDUK…then see this. Amazing!
    Anyone read it?

    Chiron in Aries, 11th H.
    In Grand Trine with Mars & the Galactic Centre – trained to be a galactic amazon society girl? 😉

    • Being in front of groups makes me feel really uncomfortable, I feel like the local freak wherever I go! Chiron is transiting my 9th & I have been doing more ‘spiritual work’ in a leadership capacity. Apparently I will do more of this like it or not. Ugh, why does the thing we avoid so often become our destiny? Sand of the pearl? Yet inside you know you’re just sand, lol.

      • Yes but no sand.. No pearl.

        That which we resist, persists. If you can find a way to make your situation manageable so you can still achieve without experiencing unease, that would be cool. Be objective..You can’t be that much of a freak if people are coming to learn from you! Xxoo

        • You are right, it’s just an old pattern that needs breaking, there is neither sand nor pearl – I like that about what resists persists, so true Pi.

      • Do you ever meditate in front of a mirror or take photos of yourself? Building an objective, realistic view of yourself – not through visualization, but through observation – may help you remind your mind that you are a lovely human being, worthy of compassion and grace.

        I don’t know. I am convinced that how we feel we are seen by others is a problem and I have that problem too. At least, being able to spot the falseness of it is a start.

        • OMGosh, I never take photos of myself, even when I was slender & young & hot NEVER! I am the Leo with only a hand mirror to look in most of her life who had to wave the mirror over herself to see if the clothes look ok.
          Meditation & mirrors seems like char sui bao accompanied by cream cake.
          It’s so interesting, ‘cos I would never imagine yr suggestions would bring me peace! Maybe I should try it!!
          If I am objective it’s all fair enough as you suggest, it’s not lack of compassion, it’s more fear of all eyes on me, y’know that Leonine conumdrum. Don’t tell me you would be totally at ease? :)

          • I never had any photos and post-divorce going through albums, felt like I was missing from my own life. Doing self portraits actually gives you total control over how you are seen. You learn about good lighting, good angles, your good side, all of that stuff. And no one is there but you. You don’t have to share what you see. But you get to see yourself. Helps you learn how to hold posture, style yourself best (according to your standards). I found it really empowering and, yes, uncomfortable at times. All of you is worth attention, don’t you think? Not just your amazing inner spiritual goodness. :-)

            • Asc Gem: I was in a new primary school. I joined the local Catholic Church Choir where a paedo duo of priest & choir master (only interested in boys) operated.
              Chiron on my Asc for me relates to the fact that I suspect I was kind of bait as I was a cute girl and all the boys had crushes on me and was the only girl hired for the choir. Well, regardless of whether it was intentional, I became the agony aunt/witness/crush for my male classmates (persephone in their underworld?) at terrible time. I was just learning about the differences between boys and girls so this was formative.

              IC Virgo: First time at Uni, first boyfriend, first taste of real freedom & independence. The reins were loosened & I realised that I had all the control and that it didn’t change my behaviour or situation.

              DC Sagg: At this time exactly I was in Asia with Sagg Ex celebrating NY and feeling amazed at the life I was living. We didn’t know where we were headed and life was an unbelievable adventure as were penniless and hunting for work.
              The decision to go with the Sagg on his travels was a mistake.
              He didn’t beg me to come. I had set my intent on ‘finding myself’ and in the moment I followed him I lost my way.
              He was a test on the road. But with my NN in the 7th in Sagg, and the Sagg being basically my dream come true, it was nearly impossible to pass this test.

              All up, they were all scenarios where I was adjusting to a massive change or experience that would be sustained throughout time.
              I had made the decision and now I was in it and Chiron was mapping the road ahead…
              Truly Chiron was a bridge in time towards a possible future now made certain.

              • Oh well, posted in the wrong spot! But a nod to you 12HV, not so deeply interested in my physical atm, I will work on it.

    • Yes Andie, have read that book, am Saturn and Chiron in Pisces in 6th, opposite mars,pluto,uranus virgo. In her book it says that type of opposition is an indication of healing abilities… At the moment I’m just feeling having chiron and neptune transiting through my 6th is really helping me balance out the tight natal virgo stellium.

      I like really Barbara Hand Clow’s other works also. I meant to ask you, have you read any of Patricia Mercier’s works on Crystal skulls?

      • I love BHClow, I don’t believe or not believe everything she says, but I love her powerful and persuasive Mercury in Capricorn.
        Her past life memory work is written so superbly too, had me bawling my eyes out.

        No I don’t know anything about Patricia’s Crystal Skull work, is it any good? I wouldn’t mind giving the skulls a go myself!

  13. i have chiron and neptune transiting my 10th house – no wonder i can’t figure out ‘what i want to be when i grow up’. 33 now and feel like this, like me, is getting a little old. will keep working and studying and going for goals, trusting that all will be revealed. looking forward to writing up my plans for 2013 tomorrow!

  14. Natal Chiron in Aries, first house intercepted. Last month I bumped into this:

    “To gain your own voice, forget about having it heard. Become a saint of your own province and your own consciousness.” ? Allen Ginsberg

    As soon as I read it, I knew where he was coming from, but checked anyway: He too has Chiron in Aries, intercepted, first house. Enough said.

    Chiron works like an amplifier in my chart, whenever its transit conjuncts a natal planet. .

  15. Hmm. I have Chiron transiting my 12th house til late April 2015. Zap-kapow-zone, but I’m already on the path of transformation. Also other than the IC(which won’t happen for years), when Chiron hit the cusps you mention there was definitely some life segueing (sp?)going on.

  16. Chiron in my 8th Aries at 23. Only thing there. Chiron opposing Venus transit right now, but I can’t really feel that through the Uranus square Pluto action in my chart at the moment.

    • Chiron on my IC coincided with a job change after the only time in my life (knock on wood) I was unemployed for months after the company I worked for tanked. Getting laid off was really, really painful.

    • Chiron on MH – My Dad thought my mother was a whore intent on having him murdered. Sounds like a comic book. But – that was the only year he took us back to school shopping because he took all her credit cards away. It was really scary. I’m still not over that crap. Set my intention to be financially independent in life.

      AC – time I met the Moroccan I would marry. Spent years in that crowed – totally cut off from all who came before. Almost like a moved to another country without moving.

      IC – laid off job transition put me in a place with a bunch of internationals fitting my Sag NN. I met a lot of people I really loved there, but they’re all about the globe now. That job was a blessing I had a long time.

      DC – who knows

      All this Dad shit is kicking my ass right now. I wish Pluto was a guy I could marry.

      • he would just kidnap your daughter and then there’d be all kinds of family court issues over custody for 6 months of the year.

        • I ate pomegranates today and told my daughter persephone’s story. Freedom is always best it’s…just…so…free.

        • Also realized chiron on my IC was when I told my husband I wanted a divorce. It didn’t seed with him then and we ended up moving to the city. Mystic is amazing. Never saw that pattern before.

      • is there something specifically fatherly in the astro lately do you think? saturn-pluto mutual reception, this full moon, or just capricorn and this time of year i wonder? a lot of people dealing with these issues here and i got unexpectedly smacked down today with a big dad breakdown (or breakthrough)…

        nothing scary though. your story is awful. was he just wacked out or was there more to it?

        • I think MM mentioned Pluto unearthing dad issues for all. It’s transiting my 4th. My dad was just crazy. But he controlled the local reality. It’s really impacted the way I communicate or understand communications. I don’t feel very flexible on that trait of mine. And I see now what my transit is bringing up like a preview of the wound course I’ll be working on next. Perhaps the same for you? Maybe we’ll all feel better when the full moon wears off.

        • I don’t know if you’ve ever read Seth Speaks. Great book. He talks about some people being like projections of other selves and – hard to explain – not fully manifest here. I see my Dad as that – a training program of sorts. But he no longer has any power over anyone. Not me. Not anyone. That really resonates with the Uranus-Pluto-Saturn-Cap astro, yeah? Just knowing in safety that the patriarch no longer contols us. Whew. Blessings to you on healing your wound in that space. I’ll be working on that one too.

          • iiinteresting. crazy and controlling and manipulative is not such a good combo to grow up in. :( recognizing the patterns he instilled is so key… your training is for a reason far beyond the whims of a damaged man. so many blessings to you in your healing! pluto in the 4th is a transit i will thankfully never have in this lifetime. intense. i find it very interesting though, and please don’t take this wrong, that you free yourself from the chains of the domineering patriarch but yet want to marry pluto. i mean, he is a sexy beast, there’s no denying it, but also as rigid and controlling and crush-you-under-his-bootheels mean as it gets. and yet we looove him. oh life. 😉

            my issue is actually the opposite- my dad is also crazy, but couldn’t control a hypnotized robot even if he wanted to. he’s scattered and non-involved. he’s an aspie, and i just figured this out a few weeks ago, and all of a sudden his quirks that were so embarrassing growing up made sense, and i forgave him for everything. the other day i counted out all the people who have ever truly “gotten” me and they fit on one hand. 11th house insight from the astrolabe chick. anyway, the more i think about my dad the more i realize that everything about him that bugs me is in me, and really he’s the most similar person to me in the whole world, and could easily be on that hand of precious people but i’ve never allowed him that chance, i’ve pushed him away as hard as i could. we have interesting synastry- juno on each other’s dsc and my saturn on his saturn-pluto- and everything i’ve ever learned from him- poetry, music- has spoken directly to my soul. yet still i reject. it came to a head this morning as i woke up ready to NOT spend the day chain smoking on the couch like i’ve been doing the last 3 days and received an email from my uncle to the whole extended 3rd cousin network informing us that oh joy, today is the 2nd anniversary of grandma’s death, let’s not anyone forget, and btw lets pray for my dad as he has a medical procedure next week- WHAT?! so out of the blue- my dad has never been to my knowledge to the doctor in his entire adult life. he breaks fingers and toes ultrarunning and sets them back into place himself. so now i’m crying doubly- for my grandma and for the looming mortality of my dad which i had never even considered. and all the people who’ve lost their fathers lately and pluto’s now in my 8th so who the fuq knows what that will entail and all i want to do is actually sit down and drink beer and hang out with him before it’s too late and waaaah. waah waah waah.

            we need the character count police on this one. sorry!! going to go read seth speaks. xoxoxox

            • Can you reach out to him and maybe have the beer when he’s out of the hospital?

              • I think its really beautiful that you are recognizing the values he brought into your life. Thanks for sharing that. My Dad too brought a lot into my life. Like my relentless need to get to the hardcore truth in any situation, no matter how shallow. Its a talent, but one I need to use with more discernment. Wishing you and your Dad loads of healing! Don’t let Pluto in the 8th scare you. Pluto does have an upside – he def follows through.

                • that’s a huge power to be able to wield. you seem to handle it very, very well. discernment is hard- you win some and you lose some. what can you do? thank you for keepin’ on.

                  did not mean to imply dislike of pluto. i’d have a hot, steamy committed relationship with him in a heartbeat too! open to his magic for sure, but also wary…

                  • I was thinking perhaps if I married Pluto, I’d get out of this coming-up transit. In a way, I feel like I did. I get my girl half time too (her Dad gets her the other half). Perhaps not beer with your Dad, but a new beginning that works for your tribe. Happy New Year!

              • ah no, my mother would never allow that to happen. she is the reality controller, albeit in a loving libran way. took me years to disentangle the chains, they were so invisible. my training program perhaps. my dad walks her straight and narrow line, so no beer drinking will be had. someday though. thanks for listening. :)

  17. hmmm, Chiron on the IC, my father died. The following year, Chiron conjunct Uranus in the 4th, met the love of my life/most intense, messed-up relationship of my life. Natal Chiron is in Aquarius, so I’ve been through the return.

    Mystic, some astrologers like to assign Chiron as ruler of the 6th house. My 6th is packed – I’m curious what you think about this. Thank you and happy, happy new year!

  18. MM-that is the cooooolest dream! My cars are my dream symbols- Chiron in Aqua in 3rd- I dreamed my car crashed and vaulted me to the home of a frenemy- into her son’s room! I wasn’t sure if he was at my house- or where I was. I bolted out the front door like a gazelle. LOL! She was on set in her living room making a movie.

    We had loads of boundary issues with parenting, spouses, betrayal- entanglement- envy- codependency- I cut loose and we are cordial and not more. Truly I miss the good stuff but it was too costly.

    Chiron and Neptune just cruised my IC – healing and shoring up home, drawing parenting boundaries. Posting signs of being in my own business- no enmeshment with kiddies, clean your own mess first, etc.

    I have lots of close calls in the car- but always maneuver safely. Uranus is opp Chiron in 9th. My Chiron return 4 years ago -a car crashed into restaurant where I was lunching with my daughter- no one hurt! Felt our angels that day! They would not let us up from the table. We were near the back- it bonded us forever. She never cried- little Pisces Sun-Aqua Moon toughie! At seven she was comforting the adults.

    Chiron retro in 3rd opp Uranus in Leo helps me feel/notice incongruence between the stated message and intention. Not always the most popular girl at the table. LOL!

    Happy New Year!!


  19. What a great idea! I hadn’t thought to plot Chiron on the angles before. Turns out whenever Chiron conjuncts a major angle, I MOVE, like a HUGE MOVE usually coiniciding with career or studies changes. The first time it happened, I left my home town moved like a 1000 miles. The second time it happened was a only like a 150 mi move but still significant. Chiron will tightly conjunct the next angle in 2016. :( I wonder if I’ll move again. I just bought a stupid house; I’m tired of moving. Grrrrr!

  20. MC: 26 degrees Gemini, passing into Cancer. I’m about 3 or 4 years old (some retro movement) and I begin learning to read. My mom is thrilled and as Chiron moves through my 10th, she and others predict I will become a writer.

    Asc: 27 degrees Virgo. I am eleven. I begin taking an interest in astrology. I enter middle school (ages 11-14 in the States) and emerge three years later with good grades but very little self-confidence.

    IC: 26 degrees Sagittarius. I am seventeen and I decide firmly to move away from home for college, settling in New York City. As it progresses through my 4th house I decide that, in fact, I’d prefer to never live in my hometown again.

    Desc: 27 degrees Pisces. Not quite there yet, but Chiron will spend the next few years dancing over my Sun and Mercury in the 6th house. It will conjunct my Sun almost exactly on my wedding day next May. (Interestingly, it was conjunct my fiance’s descendant the day he proposed. We started dating in 2005 right as Chiron entered Aquarius.) I’m also starting a freelance career (as an editor/writer, ha!), and would expect that “growth via partnerships” will indeed be a theme as Chiron moves towards/through my 7th house.

    Never mapped this out before. Very interesting!

    • We have a very similar chart. My IC is at 26 Sagitarius too. I hope Chiron in the 7th is kind.

      • Likewise! We can only hope. I don’t think the effects have ever been hugely dramatic with Chiron, though. I’ve got other powerfully-placed planets (hello, Mars in Scorpio) that generally take more of a lead. But there are definitely some patterns there with Chiron that I hadn’t really pieced together before now!

        • Looking back, its like each quarter slice of the astro wheel has been its own life, which started with Chiron transiting one of the corners. I can’t say its the most dominating influence of my personality of day to day, but certainly there seems to be a pattern of healing embedded in the Universe for us all. Hooray for healing!

  21. Quick glance at link to table and see that when Chiron was on my MC was the year I was in my dream job – working in an epidemiology cancer research team, totally loved it. BUT I was highly conflicted as my first-born was aged just 1 when I got the contract and I had to put her in day care. In my first week I was nearly killed when a truck collided with our car on the way to one of our research sites in rural Queensland. All I remember thinking was my daughter will have no mother. But I was so lucky and escaped with only severe bruising and shock; and ended up with 30K later in damages. But it was a struggle of a year between doing what I loved and knowing I needed to be with my daughter full time. I ended up pregnant with my son and didn’t renew my contract. Absolutely no regrets now but remember the angst at the time.

    2012 has been a WOW year – unbelievable year – so many changes, met some really great people and the love of my life (Pluto also transiting my 11th and Neptune conj my Asc). Love who I am. T Chiron conj my Asc Jan 2012.

    Mystic you are so on the money re the angular house transits!

  22. Thanks, that’s a great explanation.

    It’s in my 12th house currently, not really sure how that’s working but I can see the transit through my 11th house was a time of intense change and progression in my friendships. The Virgo I almost loved had his Chiron on my ASC exactly, still don’t really get what that would mean, mine was conjunct his Moon, actually three men I’ve been involved with over the last few years had their Chiron conjunct my Moon so that’s gotta mean something.

    • Changing your perception of how you relate to others? Perhaps the sticking personal insight you had recently? I’m sure all is right on schedule and wish you loads of great relationships.

      • maybe thats it, and thanks 12hv, sure hope things start panning out, not that thats as important now

  23. Wow, beautiful dream Mystic, love how you asked the concierge why you had to move so soon..paints a picture from a cool arthouse flick.

    Ive had a peek at a few big shifts in life over 40 years.

    Have Chiron Sun and Merc in Aries Natally.

    The most beautiful correlation i found, was when my Aqua son was born, (due a Piscean but arrived 5 weeks early)
    My transitioning Sun, Chiron and Mercury on my NN – 0 degrees Aqua 12th House, His Sun 1 degrees Aqua, (my transitioning )Chiron on his Sun.

    I hope i’ve typed that right, and its not incomprehensible ! Words a little struggle for some reason, maybe still a bit shaken from dreaming i was in bed with the Toro neighbour last night (wtf? – seriously?) felt sheepish when the Piscean came out for coffee this morning – this will not be a ‘sharing” dream !

    Been reading up on Chiron in Mythology, this past week.
    Will have a read of Davids link to the Fisher King – thanks David,

  24. I’m really bad at this – basically only a very scant idea of what I’m meant to be doing. But I can see ALL of the majors using Mystic’s direction. Marriage, work, travel and growth. But my question with all the Chiron in pisces coming what am I looking for if I only have Pisces on my true node? Help anyone?

  25. Fascinating thoughts guys! I am agreeing with Deep Sea Bloke – once you track the movements of Chiron, you get a whole new respect for the guy – trainer of heroes indeed.

    But hey for everyone saying they’re having probs with Chiron ephemeris – i link to one in the post where it says “great Chiron ephemeris” and is highlighted. It is WAY easier to use an ephemeris for this sort of forensic back tracking to “prove” transits via your own life than it is to keep generating different charts.

    • And you can copy all and paste it into an Excel spreadsheet to make it easier to read.

      Also – re not the transits – some of the interps of Chiron transits on Astrodienst seem a bit heavy. I’ve got several going on at the moment as Chiron wends its way through Pisces (end of my first and start of my second house) where Saturn (4 degrees) , Chiron (18 degrees) itself and my moon (26 degrees) reside. Last couple of years have been a period of evolution and growth, though tight $$$. Creatively strong. Sorting out relationships and letting a lot of peeps go from my life. Getting deeper with those who are still part of the inner sanctum.

      Chiron was on my Asc in mid 2007 and again in Feb 2008 – times of not feeling strong in myself but I came back from this point.

      Chiron on my IC 1979 and 1980 – was at highschool and don’t remember much from that time now, other than it was a successful time

      Chiron on my DC in 1992 – walked out of live-in relationship but a strong time in career. also had two episodes in hospital with an infection that took a few months to recover from (would have been Chiron 6th at the time)

      Chiron on my MC in 1997- a strong time in career (working for mining company and about to head to ex pat role) – also first diagnosis of lymphoedema in right leg – changed my whole body image (and was beginning of period of no close physical relationships that continues to this day – largely because of change in self-perception of body image. Curiously when i dream I have two normal and gorgeous legs, not one normal and gorgeous and one heavy swollen leg like the reality)

  26. So I’m figuring from my reading that with Chiron across my true node Pisces in the next few years that finally I’lll reconcile my life and literally be able to ‘let go’ of these contradictions of my being. I seriously have no idea of what to do next except sit in the universe and this is scaring the crap out of me.

    • I have Chiron so welded into my chart that I can’t distinguish its effects so can’t advise. I so totally would love direction, I would love to know what I love to do so I could travel in that direction, but for me for now, it’s seeing what doors are open, checking out the lobby and maybe visiting Neptune’s bar occasionally. :)

      • Ha! The bar! I’m going more there for the pure social than the lubrication but yes, I’m a compulsive door opener. My Chiron journeys are like brands in my life – marriage work divorce kids peace. Like wow!

        • This hotel now, you can walk outside one door onto the beach, with the surf rolling, forested hills behind. Another door leads to something a little more Uranian ….

  27. Currently, Chiron is transiting my ascendent (Pisces) and I do feel like the sun is finally coming up. I’ve made brave new plans to deal with inept bosses, I’m resolving to leave lost love merde behind and I’ve wrestled with childhood angst. I’m certainly more zen about it all.

  28. Maybe one of the generous souls here can give me a hand with this – Chiron is approaching return, 4 degrees away, in 4th house/Pisces. My natal Chiron is opposite Pluto/Uranus, conjunct in 10th house/Virgo, and square Venus/Neptune/Moon/Ceres in 12th and 1st/Scorpio.

    I’m thinking “Christ, now I have to set a place at the shaking, quaking table for Chiron?” It’s been such a ride as it is, esp. with Saturn crunching away at my stellium (8x in Scorpie, it’s never going to end. Feels like I’m either going to die outright, or (yeah, I know) I’m on a very rapid growth trajectory. I’m afraid a lifetime of prayers are being answered, and I’m being stripped of everything non-essential, but I’m at my limit most of the time. Much of my life is undone, a process I’ve tried my best to enjoin consciously (more bonus points). The things I love and want stay just out of reach, can’t quite stabilize much of anything. So I’m learning to let go, and fly a bit. No choice.

    Much gratitude to anyone with wisdom on these placements, and best to everyone here.

    • Oh, also square my AC, forgot to add that one. Will I even make my 50th birthday in October? I’m already pretty lean!!!!

  29. this is pretty interesting detective work.
    ac- 10 years old. the defining moment of childhood. family moved from comfortable urban setting to snippy surburbia, splintering my self-conception and rendering me perpetually alien. beginning of life as ethnography. progressed pluto went direct that year too. hello warrior training.
    ic i don’t particularly remember- early high school, massive embarrassment about family of origin, awkward and non-queenly self. guess those would be leo wounds- ha! probably bad hair.
    dc- post-gutter punk, post-heroin identity crisis. another loss of “self.”
    mc- birth of 2nd child and the recognition that being known/seen as “mother” by both myself and the outside world was slowly leading to a soul death. the roots of the liberation that finally came this past year, 4 years later.

    intense bit of transit analysis! thank you “them.”

    • Dealing with that “mothering” stuff is hard. Glad you are able to enjoy the role more now. And, yes, thanks to They who gave the brilliant dream to MM. I’m going to start keeping a dream journal.

  30. My natal Chiron is 5deg from my ascendant in the 12th house from where it opposes my sun,natal mercury, pluto Uranus. It is currenlty to-ing and fro-ing over my ascendant.
    I feel drawn to the Chiron energy and have often felt the warrior archetype at work in my life. Chiron transits to the angles in my chart figure largely in my life, a few also coincided with big geographical moves as others have mentioned.
    My eldest daughter (Sun Cancer, Pisces Moon) has figured in many of my Chiron angle transits and during this current to-ing and fro-ing had her first baby, my first grandchild. To see your child as a mother is an intense and deeply moving experience. There is definitely a feeling of handing on the warrior baton.
    Today Chiron sits within 1deg of my asc. I am currently processing the end of 16 years of continuous employment within the same organisation, a new year coming up, and anticipating a visit from my daughter and grand daughter next week.
    This transit over my ascendant has been months of intense joy and anxiety, definitely time to warrior up and see what’s in store.

  31. When Chiron was conjunct my Asc my little Aquarian sister was born and I was no longer an only child <3

  32. wow Mystic! What an awesome dream! That’s epic! Totally epic! Love it.
    Need to check out that Chiron stuff. A girl Prometheus, Promethea!
    Hell Yeah!
    Writing up a storm on this side and reading Natalie Goldberg’s “Writing Down The Bones” and Steven King’s “On Writing” Real game changers. Like you.
    FB page and twitter feed up n running. Give us a heads up when you have a mo for astro ketchup. You da bomb lady.

    • And more power to you Woman. Would your Chiron be in Scorpio by any chance. a Chironic Scorpionic Coach?

  33. Ah…the ol’ check-out at The Soul Hotel.
    I have been visiting this realm since I was a child. I believe it is a place where our souls go to rest, holiday or in my case, go to ‘conferences’ where I receive information and insight.
    Often, I too have been told it’s early check-out – and I’m frantically rushing trying to pack – my suitcases have disappeared and I only have a small ‘carry on’ bag (pun intended) to take with me and my daughter. I’m anxious and very aware that I am loosing precious time trying to decide what to hang on to and what to let go. What do I really NEED where I am going next, not necessarily what I want.
    I have learned – if I wish to evolve it’s best to leave my useless sh*t and baggage behind, and travel Light.

  34. I have Chiron and Jupiter both at 10degrees in the 4th house -Pisces- of my natal chart.. Does anyone have any ideas what effect this doubling up would have?

    I have checked out the dates for Asc, Desc and Mid and cant see anything yet. However, last year I had pneumonia for the 1st and only time since I was a 2 month old baby . I couldn’t work out why that would happen exactly 50 years after my original bout.! I am guessing that it was Chiron related.

  35. Oh Yeah, without going into details, Chiron was significant at the opening and the close of some extreme life circumstances – conjunct Saturn at the start, then conjunct my Node when I got up the strength to resolve a circumstance when the adults around me were complicit or simply too weak to act. Then it went across my Vertex at the beginning of a very similar set of circumstances which reopened the wound, conjunct Eros when I applied for and was accepted to tertiary study, conjunct my moon when I finished studying earlier than I’d hoped, partly because of the emotional burdens I was carrying and trying to heal myself. I left with a degree but not the one I’d originally hoped to complete.

    It was crossing my DC when I met my future husband, conjunct Jupiter when my first child was conceived etc etc. I feel my entire life has been Chironic in the extreme, which is a bit disturbing, because I have just been reading a Liz Greene book about tricky Mars/Neptune natal aspects and how people with afflicted Saturn (retrograde, in the fall and square my moon) or Chiron (retrograde) tend to handle the mars/neptune particularly poorly. *sigh* Still learning. I’m not Charles Manson, LOL, but still I have some very bad defensive habits I’m still trying to crack.

    • Well, I think it’s admirable you notice them. Can’t beat yourself for being wounded. It’s hard to be open hearted around here but clearly you’ve made it a goal. Good luck.

  36. Chiron is transiting my 4th House in Pisces.
    Family issues hitting hard. Getting to the root of all my family problems.Or I should say I can see the roots but it still really hurts still after all these years.

    • Right there with you. Chiron transiting my 6th but somehow my 6th/2nd/4th houses are all vibing off each other these days shaking out all the old stories.

  37. Love the Grail story and Parsival becoming about something bigger than himself. What I aspire to.

    Love Chiron as a symbol of training warriors to be heroes.
    Also a purpose which is much bigger than the self.

    Have a wonderful Twenty-Thirteen Everyone !

    Love, Lucy.

  38. Magi Astrologers say that chiron conjunctions in synastry are a necessity for longterm marriages (helped by saturn conjunctions too of course), and point much more toward longterm than juno conjunctions do – they say juno entanglements don’t usually lead to marriage. Juno is the sign of the mistress.

    So in synastry, when I saw Chiron stuff, I used to say ‘run, run for the hills’ because I would see nothing but pain, but now I am starting to rethink – it’s how to interpret the various chiron possibilities that is difficult, because you get the opportunity to go deep with this shizzle but it could just leave you with a gaping wound too.

    When Chiron is aspecting in the current astro, I feel different in my body, like I can feel people’s pain hovering and feel delicate, it’s hard to explain, but I know the feeling and know that chiron must be at large during that time.

    I have Chiron/Neptune hovering on my pisces ascendant. Just moved back to my home country after 4 years away. Single and only have fantasy boyfriends atm. You have to be kind of special for me to take a nanosecond of attention off my journey.

    When Chiron was in my 7th, I had so much pain in high school with various people. I actually left the school it was too much.

    Mystic, when are you going to post on progressed ascendants, mine is two degrees away from being in Aries, and I am already fantasizing about getting up at 6am to run via the HIGHWAY to the beach, swim and then run back.

    5am is still too early for me, but I’m still Piscesesque.

    • My daughter’s Venus and NN conjunct my Chiron. Its intense. She makes me keep my heart open. But, if she was just some guy, maybe I would break up with her because the connection is so intense! I’d love to learn more about Chiron in synastry. Also, Nessus, the dark centaur. He’s on my MH.

      • I also have Nessus on my MC! (Thereus is there too) I think we sort of get looked at as being in the right place at the right time, and being the catalyst for stirring things up. The Dark Knight maybe?

    • My boyfriend’s chiron sits right on my DC! Can be wounding, but no pain no gain. And what gains have I made! I wouldn’t trade him or everything we’ve endured for the world. :-)

  39. Thanks for this idea! not long ago I asked the oracle what aspect of my chart I should be looking into and it said chiron transit… Chiron is 3 degrees away from transiting my MC… woah…
    Just used the ephemeris to list the dates of house transit and at first glance it pretty neatly carves my life into it’s major phases… still trying to wrap my mind around the meaning of the houses… reading recommendations for grasping the houses appreciated!

    • ok my natal chiron 11th house taurus, sandwiched conjunct prometheus and theodora.

      Transited ASC June 1988, my family moved from the bay area to rural oregon, I was 7.

      Transited my 4th house Moon at 9 Libra, Chiron’s entrance into 5th house coincides to the day with my suicide attempt, ICU four days, psych ward two weeks. I was in the 9th grade. what this has to do with the 5th house I haven’t a clue.

      Chiron in my 6th house covers age 18-20, asshole white-collar bf, alcoholics, ganja smuggling, antidepressants, got fat etc.

      By the time Chiron in 7th house I was single, in community college, new fun friends, lots of good memories from this time period, expanding horizons, belonging, loving, getting heart broke lol!

      Chiron 8th house University years, my 8th house is half cap/half aqua, and I have to say during Chiron 8th house cap I had no sex whatsoever, chiron 8th house aqua I had all the sex on earth.

      Chiron 9th house coincides with when I met my kiddo’s deranged capricorn dad mid-2007, and was emotionally abused for several years before the violence extended to kiddo and I had to get a restraining order. won full custody not three weeks ago and am looking forward to Chiron crossing my MC very soon…

  40. I have Chiron at 26 degrees Pisces in the 10th, exactly trine Neptune at 26 Scorpio in the 5th. It’s not too far off my MC at 17 Pisces, where my Mars also sits. My moon is at 7 Pisces. If Chiron had been at 27 degrees, it would have been 7 – 7 – 7, all ten degrees apart. Almost…… But….. Piscean energy upon Piscean energy………
    So, at some point in the not that distant future I’ll have a Chiron return, if there is such a thing, since Chiron is in the early degrees of Pisces now.

    I will have to have a look at when Chiron transited all my angles, because I think Chiron is significant in my natal chart…….

    Thank you for these insights…. :)

  41. Chiron is now on my natal Saturn (11th house, in Pisces)…
    Getting close to a return (natal Chiron 18 degrees Pisces, currently around 5 degrees).

    I once met a guy called Chiron, of course he lived in a shipping container, in Byron Bay. LOL.

  42. My Chiron is on 10Pi in 4th trigon Moon in Ca(8th) trigon Neptune on Asc 13Sc. Plus opposite Uranus 10Vi.
    DC 13Ta – I’m 16, 17 years, I met new people, very different from my school friends. With whom I am till now.
    Moon -I’m 26 and moved from flat I was living in for 7 years
    MC25Le – I’m almost 30 and started to live with future father of my child
    Asc13Sc –I’m 34 and bought my first car. And for the first time we rented apartment together.
    Sa17Aq – I’m 44 and that one was tough. First transit, my aunt died, his father went to hospital, and soon after passed. Second transit we went on holiday in hope that we will mend our relationship. Third transit, it was incurable so he left and I was alone with my child. And I quit smoking during the third transit.
    IC25Aq – I’m 45 and I’m living like a robot. Going to work, cooking for child and playing online game through which I met some very nice people. All that year is in the mist. If I didn’t play that game it would be the forgotten year. And third transit was like a someone washed my eyes and made me look at myself. So I realize I’m still a woman, and there is still life around me. It was such an awakening.
    So, now I’m almost 50 and my Chiron return is very close. When he enter the Pisces I start a relationship with much, much younger men and moved from flat I was renting for 11 years. When it was on 1 degree to natal, I moved again. And what will happen in March 2013. , who knows! Let’s see. I’m waiting.

  43. Immersed in a spreadsheet concept now.. can already see a couple of things emerging but need to make some more notes and sit with it for the real revelations to crystalise beyond images and feelings.

    Interesting stuff Mystic!

  44. Chiron crossed my descendant……My wonderful Torro lover came into my life.
    Chiron is sitting on his mars right now.

  45. I’ve had chiron cross most of my chart and I haven’t even had a Saturn return yet! lol. The first was the MC in ’93. Around this time my sis and I took a trip back to Texas to visit my step father and his new wife. The abuse that he put our mother through during their marriage, his new wife put us through. We called our mother saying that she was horrible to us. On the first call, I think she thought we were exaggerating. Said wife then starting leaving us at home alone and taking the phone with her so we couldn’t call our mother to complain about her. When we finally got through to our mother and tattled like any child would, our mother was there in a heartbeat. The MC is a parental Axis, otherwise, Not really sure how that applies. But that is the only thing I can recall from that time period.

    When chiron passed, retrograded over, and stationed direct to pass over my Asc ’98, I started to realize I was gay, but growing up in a VERY conservative rural neighborhood, and having been brought up with those conservative values, this was very difficult for me to reconcile. I loathed myself and contemplated suicide thinking something was wrong with me. When I eventually came out to my mother in an argument and realized this is just who I am, I sought counseling and became very empowered. I became the first male colorguard in my school’s history, joined choir, theater, all the things I had previously been afraid to do due to teasing or bullying, but after that transit, the name calling, the bullying didn’t phase me and I was determined to be myself regardless of what anyone thought.

    Most recently Chiron crossed my IC. ’09, I was randomly laid off from a job and hired working overnights by myself where I have LOTS of time for self-reflection. Retrograded over IC, I met the boy of my dreams, my soul mate, my muse, my future husband, Brian. As it stationed direct and made its final pass over my IC, my apartment got bed bugs and so I had to temporarily live with Brian. This went exceedingly well and we moved in together the next month. Been together and happy ever since.

    Chiron is now transiting all the personal planets in my fourth house. It has been healing, inspiring, and a spiritual workout to say the least. But, despite the difficulties, I will always have the immeasurable support of Brian, my family, friends and online communities such as this. Much love to you all!