Post-Eclipse Astromancy

Tres emo? Well, it’s apres Eclipse – two in fact – and there is a LOT to process, right?

The Grand Water Trine between Pan/La Luna, Saturn-Psyche in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces is also huge, like non-stop therapeutic insights.

So cut yourself some slack, pay down any sleep deficit & be on high alert for beautiful breakthroughs in amongst the ennui.

Oh and remember i was going to review For Strange Women’s Astral Projection Oil? (my Interview with the awesome Jill McKeever here)

Well i tried it and here is what i think: It won’t knock you out if you’re frazzled & with your mind racing. It’s more hypnotic than sedative. BUT it is epic if you’re relatively serene to start with & open to some lucid or helpful dreaming.

Whenever i’ve used it, my dreams are (a) easier to remember and (b) i feel more in my dreams, able to control my actions. Plus the communications in them seem to be a lot more direct and clear. So hey, I’m a fan. It’s become like a magical, pre-sleep ritual.

And remember i don’t accept freebies or advertising – if i write about something, it means i’ve bought it for real and am saying whatever i want…


Image: Saskia Gutekunst

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97 thoughts on “Post-Eclipse Astromancy

  1. I don’t know anyone with Pisces in their chart who doesn’t have a pretty full on dream life. Hey, even sleeping with a Pisces vivified my dreams–that was weird and interesting. I always had vivid dreams when I slept with this person.

    • with a moon in pisces I concur….Also when I was dating a pisces and sleeping with him…OMG, my dreams shot to a completely different cosmos. so vivid and multi dimensional

      • The ex Pisces and me, we had ghosts and all kinda shit going on…A window closed right before our very eyes…Things would crash in the other rooms…

        When we had been brand new and while I was camping in Chaco Cyn he came to me in a dream and told me he loved me. When he went to actually tell me, before he did I said “I know, I love you too”.

        Isn’t that sweet? Or as the Church Lady would say, “isn’t that precious”… :)

    • yeah i sleep better with someone by me, probs so i can offload half my 12 house energies… i communicate with them in sleep, or take them with me on my travels. Hey Sag in the 12 house means i’m friendly :) 12h ruled by Scorp means..well

      and Pisces Sun 5th trines all the 12 h Moon Jup Nep. Don’t say you won’t have fun! Perhaps a bit cheeky and tricksterish but definitely fun.

      It’s quite hilarious when your partner wakes wide eyed in the morning, amazed. Sometimes i go wide eyed too, disingenuous, “Wow, what are you talking about?” But then i dissolve into giggles i can’t hold it.

  2. hey i know exaCTLY what you mean! When i was with the Uranian, my dreams were full ON, like Inception type stuff, messages scrawled on walls labyrinths, flying etc.

  3. Got to get me some of that!!! I am also experiencing diamonds of insight on a long chain of ennui, after fighting and winning all summer, now getting some serious medicine from this water trine. And since the sun conjuncted saturn in scorp at the end of october I have been remembering scratchy fragments of dreams after years of nada. I would love to dive deeper into my dream world, what I have managed to remember has led to monumental shattering of crappy dead snakeskin cloak. also I have just learned that mothers need to take cues from their children’s moon signs and my peanut is a pisces moon, so pisces me up with some lucid dreaming asap! (btw I am aries, gemini rising, libra moon. peanut is aries, cancer rising, pisces moon)

    • MM, as a fellow Libra Moon, I have to say that I have ALWAYS, ACTIVELY, HATED, PERFUME. I find the majority of non-food scents unappealing actually, with the exceptions being things like farms and my own B.O. fourth house libra moon conjunct saturn and jupiter, moon opposite mercury.

      • This is perfume made from plant extracts– nothing like synthetic perfume! If you only love natural scent, I think u should give it a chance :)

  4. tres emo indeed. what the hell is going on right now.

    house going to shit:
    -librian I live with outing all his inner wtf and projections
    -woke up to find the electricity dead in my kitchen/no hotwater or heating (its -winter where I am) and the cooker. **fingers crossed this gets sorted today or I am going to have to schedule showers again**
    Men being dicks part 2:
    -previous aqua I was with asked me to move in with him as he now suspects he is wheat intolerant and can’t cook for/look after himself and sited this would be good to fulfill my kink domestic service needs
    -being randomly phone stalked by another aqua trying who has a gf that I am ignoring and hung up on last convo when he wanted to come over and “chat” when he was in a cab asking for my address
    Just awful:
    -newly coming together virgo (with a lota leo) biz partner and new bestie has friend dying of MS all of a sudden a week before launch and she is looking at getting visa evicted in march on top of this now utterly full on experience so she is getting massively wacked right now and her poor dear friend
    -seeing new hypno lady after totally not clicking with last one and her super weird unprofessional hippie/jesus issues and I wrote a whole piece on request about home and people consistently trying to cut me really out of order deals in which to thrive ontop of me whilst giving nothing back.

      • I know. or a robot stand in mother>? he is living with his ex right now because she will look after him. Revolting. I am a super caring person to my friends but this is just nuts and toxic.

        I say this typing in 2 jackets waiting for the agent/landlord to send someone over who may or may not be the friend of someone who might know 20% about electronics and fuck it all up again. AH gotta love life at the bottom shelf.

        • Stepford wife? – WTF?

          There’s a bit of this going around, I’m stunned how often I hear of similar batshit requests and even more stunningly, women who fulfill them, grudgingly but geez, unless they are absolutely all Virgos on a martyr jag, I really can’t understand it. (Virgo here)

          Q: Would you like to come and cook and clean for me even though we are kaput?

          A: Let me answer your question with a question, would YOU like a smack upside the chops you UTTER ARSE?

            • Yeah, reminds me of when the Pisces actually did want a relationship more perm after he camed back three yeaars later and he had even more baggage than before…

              Like try a three yr old son with the woman he cheated on me with while I was going thru back surgeries.

              He now had crap credit, money problems, etc and wanted to live together…

              Yeah, guess who’s credit would have qualified for some place to live…

              I sorta treated him like I have the Toro in that I didn’t lower my standards..

              Last time I talked to him, said “sorry, I don’t shack up with men”….lol

              I mean really, I went thru hell by myself and I was going to cook and clean and help with his child….pfffft bye-bye baby…

              • ps, told my girlfriends at work that if the Toro can’t call and ask for a date then “I don’t want him”..


                • Think this is just a his Venus on my SN thing and that I best “stay the unobtainable fantasy”…

                  Cuz male Venus in Aries like that anyway…

                  I mean would he be willing to take a blood/hiv test anyway…

                  Have no idea where his weiner has been…. πŸ˜†

                • Yep. When I found I was crying alot again…and my double Leo Mother was furious I even bothered with him…

                  One evening I came home from a Shiatsu class and it must have punched my buttons cuz I knew it was over….

                  Sometimes we grow and others don’t, no? But in reality, it’s like Don Miguel says in the Four Agreements,

                  “Thank someone for that” (doesn’t mean we have to be with them), but thank them cuz they helped heal the pain in your Soul.

                  Teacher said “better a friend hurt you”…(than say the dark lords of yor..)…

                  Geeze, it’s hard to tell which is which tho, eh? x

              • fuq no. That is asking way too much of anyone.
                St. Theresa would have booted his arse. let his ex he cheated on you with raise the child with him alone. ugh. so wrong.

                • Yeah, even Venus opposite Neptune has it’s limits…

                  And that is exactly how I felt…

                  “asking too much”

                  Interesting how some cay say you’re asking too much when you need some kind of committment but they want all the committment in the world from you..

                  Ha, yeah, fuqed up.

                  It took me years to heal from all of this..but trudging on because there were spiritual gifts because of it.

                  thanks doll..x

                  • “The gods may throw the dice”…

                    ABBA – The Winner Takes it All..

                    Not that my heart feels a competition..

                    The prob is that most peeps do..That’s in their head and not heart.

          • I know. He said it in a jokingnotjoking way that is his thing but it pissed me off to a level I have not felt in sometime. I could have burned a hole through him with my eyes if he was present. (i think of them as lasers sometimes..)
            And on the back of that I have another Aqua I was with 3/4 years ago doing the whole I made a mistake thing, sure but he lives with his gf so no you can’t come over.

            I am so much more interested in art and my future right now this is just like yapping dogs at my heels preventing me from walking around properly

            • Me too…and this is why this can be fun actully…I HAVE MY OWN LIFE..

              Hello? xo

              Lasers…haha…. of course you huge Scorpy

              • No, “I’m sorry bull”….Pisces said he was sorry and even got down on his knees in my kitchen like he was fuqing praying…


                But time later, when he said “what do you want me to do, get down on bended knee?”

                Well yes, quite frankly…

                I dumped him pronto…Like next day pronto…Where is the honor?

                I slept on the couch…

                So why at this age now and the contentment I’ve cultivated, have no room for drama whatsoever…x

                • Hey. listening to Beatles ~Magical Mystery Tour~

                  Think we can still make that bus luv… πŸ˜‰

                  And Good Morning, Good Morning…love the rooster and farm animal sounds…lol

                • Want to qualifyb that his arrogance was more his Mars-Moon in Leo and not his Pisces…

                  His Pisces was always disappointed in himself that he did not “measue up” and that was the person who got down on his knees in my kitfchen…

                  And, why ai loved him…

                  Geeze, I’ve taken two walks today but this this water trine of late has me stirred up a bit..

                  Chiron on MC and Sun-Mn mispoint, opposite Virgo Pluto….

                  Okay, so it sorta sucks but will survive… :)

              • No sweets, not me.
                Time off, but still working only on other things. Taking to bed early with mobile will catch up with the above then. Epic dreams lately and events crashing into one another. Surreal growth spurts like when a teen and legs hurt all the time. Now it’s Aries head – uran on Aries Saturn Rx ruler got some herbals lined up my asprin and damn near everything has palm oil – I am boycotting.
                love to ya xo

                • Sweet dreams darling,,.,rest easy and watch that mobile in bed with you 😯

                  lol xo

    • retro jupiter on the ascendant + the eclipse had me musing on two words the other day – booby prize

      I think you have neptune opposing your mars right now – gas, fog and I suspect ailing/delusional men are part of this. For me it’s manifesting as shonky business dealings. Slippery people. Eyes wide open is the only way.

      Good luck with your new Hypno lady your other one sounds like bad lady guru xxx

      • retro booby prize lol :(

        yes.. mars opp neptune. all aqua’s with pisces as well. doing saturn instead. Shonky biz deals in there too don’t worry I don’t take them as personally as people with stupid toxic lives hitting on you. What is the best thing you can do in neptune oppositions or more specifically neptune mars? its my 2nd/8th house. I looked it up ages ago but the interps were really naff.

        Previous hypno lady is just like every 2nd hippie with a christian background from the 90s. Deeply unresolved issues affecting her practice. and really cheap incense lol

        • Love, Neptune probably still vaguing on your sun too. I’ve had 4 fucking years of shitty Neptune, and still don’t think I could delineate a strategy (which is fitting of course).
          Count the days till it ends? Think and feel before you act? Try not to over feel the thinking and over think the feeling? Get a cat to scare the yapping dogs away?
          Only some of that is meant to be flippant. I’m not certain which bits. I hope your electricity got sorted. Being cold doesn’t help other stuff. Much love to you gorgeous xxo

        • Righto, I’m inspired to add that there is something in the ‘caring for others v caring for self’ dichotomy which neptune wants to dissolve.

        • I just wrote my story about the christian homeopath but I realised that entertaining/acerbic little missive was potentially feeding a few people’s untethered monsters so I deleted it. I’m not in the mood for distractions. But I know exactly what you’re talking about with the unresolved issues of religious types trying to make a go of it in the healing realms as a misplaced way of ‘tending to the flock’ read ‘projecting’.

          The icing on the cake of my experience with that flake was her holding her arms out like jesus on the cross and telling me to get up every morning and welcome the love of the lord into my heart and after that I would get better…. needless to say, troubling.

          Oh well, they do say laughter is the best medicine. So I laughed at her and left without paying.

          The A2 poster of the iceberg with the aspirational saying bothered me too – A client had used the exact image in a campaign years earlier and it was bringing back repressed memories of that office where I had suffered from chronic diarrhea which I now realise is a food allergy but at the time had no idea. I had to walk the length of the office to get to the stairwell where the toilets were 2 flights below. It was so embarrassing I ended up never eating during the day or timing breaks so I could have my diarrhea at lunch time somewhere else.

          It’s ages since we workshopped one of your aspects :) I’m going to go make a coffee and come back and add to what the other lovely anon has written.

          • wiping my eyes reading this – thank you so much for sharing. if i never see another iceberg motivational poster again… but the chronic diarrhoea…and you had me at christian homeopath xx

            • :) it was some kind of ironic therapy – eyes glazed not listening to her, reliving the memory of running up and down stairs desperately trying to make it to the single toilet and hoping no one was in there or would arrive while I was ‘busy’. Awful. I’ve heard similar stories from friends who’ve had endometriosis. And all the while you have to keep you work face on, lest ye lose your income. So not right.

              • dude. I replied below but that is hilarious. You are an angel as always babe. Off to the dreamstate now. Big hugs xx

                • more often than not I am painted as devil, which I always put down to the lilith conjunct ascendant so angel’s a refreshing change xxx

            • ever since typing the words christian homeopath I’ve experienced a proliferation of ads for christian mingle dot com – single and christian? find god’s match for you…. I’m almost tempted to browse for free.

          • hilarious.

            I am not even remotely pissed at previous lady I wish her all the best just not my thing, she told me off for swearing last time as well. hehe.

        • Yup the other anon is right about over thinking and over feeling. And it’s good to do Saturn, but nothing happens in isolation, the chart’s a circle right? So an awareness of the misty periphery may help to understand why some of the saturnine issues may prove harder to bring to fruition at this time. Especially when it’s the mars neptune opposition and saturn marches relentlessly onwards toward your natal venus neptune conjunction. Please forgive disjointed nature of this, I stopped and started a few times.

          According to Ebertin – whose work I love and recommend – one of the biological correspondences of Neptune is the solar plexus. Solar plexus (also known as the coeliac plexus – digestion and the point of your fight or flight impulse) is associated with self-esteem and how you view yourself as an individual as opposed to as a member of the collective. So this is about individuating.

          The fact that your mars (ie energy and will-power) is natally in the 2nd house of self-esteem, ability to earn – essentially self-preservation – and values being opposed by transiting naptune (ha! nice typo) from the 8th house of inheritences and regeneration feels significant to me because you are currently dealing with familial issues not only materially but also with your work towards maintaining good health and not manifesting the physical miasms inherited.

          Combined with all the other transits of the now, this is the opportunity to delve into familial attitudes towards expression of compassion, how you attract those who need it and self-nurturing. Also those inherited thought forms that may have eroded self-esteem, clouded or hampered your ability to be who you see yourself as. What YOUR core values really are. That person you know you CAN be – where you get to stand alone on the stage under lights with the statue in your hand saying thanks to everyone who helped you get there, but something always seems to stand in your way.

          We’ve all got self-limiting beliefs we’ve picked up along the way. I see this as a time to pick apart the locks of the submerged treasure chests – cliche metaphor but it’s what I saw – how can you do good saturn if you are living by other people’s unwritten codes? I think you’re already working it by being motivated to do the hypno and not giving up when you encounter an unsuitable practitioner. If you do saturn in your everyday by attending to the details and do mars and neptune on that axis in your hypno I suspect you’ll have some amazing breakthroughs.

          Obviously we’re all different but to illustrate, my experience of this transit has consisted of moments of realising I always put others first – always make sure they are OK before I do my own stuff. That I am never the first person I think of when making choices that will ultimately seal my individual fate in life – Libran SN wants everyone to be happy and transiting uranus conjunct NN and MC right now may, I suspect be part of this epiphany – none of these transits are happening in isolation.

          This trait puts me in a position where I start to resent those close to me for always getting what they want and seeming to be so lucky, they always fall on their feet. It had never occurred to me until this transit began that they don’t get there on their own. One day I sat down and tried to work out how they were doing it and was amazed to realise that I, and others are fundamental to their abilities to succeed by giving support, be it financial, emotional or practical – natal neptune in the 6th in scorpio square mars in the 3rd in virgo which naturally rules the 6th – relates to how I give service – unquestioningly but then along comes the martyr.

          So many people through the years have referred to me as their muse, or the elf or fairy who comes in and fixes everything during the night. Always those kinds of women who stand behind successful men and little people analogies. We all know the muse never gets anywhere and the faeries can never live among mortals. Whatever name they want to give it, it’s not working for me and I am in the process of changing it. So that’s how I’m doing mars neptune. It’s also helped me get some good creative work done – that I see as the physical or material manifesting of this energy/transit. It’s a creativity boon, but you have to watch the energy levels and maintain proper nutrition.

          Back to you. Because your natal Venus conjunct Neptune in Scorpio – in the 5th? – means you have the ability to attract others to you easily and in multitudes, that along with your personal ‘kinks’ and proclivities will also, I’m thinking, place you in realms where there are some potentially mercenary types who are motivated to use and abuse innocents. Please don’t take that the wrong way – I’d say the same about someone who was drawn to merchant bankers as a rule πŸ˜‰

          My feeling is this time is a definite phase of working out for yourself what the benchmarks are for filtering in terms of who you choose to spend your time with and why – 2nd/8th axis + 5th/11th. If you work on the mars neptune and the solar plexus you may find it easier to work with the natal venus neptune aspect.

          The old-school rulership of Mars over scorpio, making it the lord of your 5th will mean that during this mars neptune opposition you will encounter partners who are not who, or what they seem. This could be exciting a la the masquerade, or tedious a la the wily coyotes. This natal thing is definitely being tweaked by the current transit of the 2nd/8th axis. 8th being the house ruled by scorpio. I see all of this being connected and I suspect fundamental to your ability to move forward and achieve your personal goals career-wise while successfully maintaining healthy boundaries with friends and lovers.

          As mentioned not sure if that all hangs together coherently but let me know if it doesn’t make sense.

          This link might help re solar plexus pg 85 to 90-something,+what+does+it+govern,+caroline+myss&source=bl&ots=QWTmVYzy89&sig=AObHoPDNVfE9Jc2gWIns-DulWRI&hl=en&sa=X&ei=1ca6UMGtOOSaiAekvoCgAw&ved=0CFQQ6AEwBQ#v=onepage&q=solar%20plexus%2C%20what%20does%20it%20govern%2C%20caroline%20myss&f=false


          • oh, and relocate your chart on by putting the time you would have been born if you had popped out where you are now (ie, what time it was there as opposed to here) and also change the location of birth to where you are now. Then look at that chart and forecasts – you will find some interesting things there no doubt.

            sweet dreams hon – and sorry to others that the last post was so long.

          • I can’t read all this right now because I’ve been drinking red wine in the sun to fill an impending hole in my life with some lovely people and then driving about listening to check your head really loud (I was the passenger don’t worry kids) anyway brain somewhere else. BUT. Solar plexus stuff – ser interesannt – I wouldna thought it was Neptune. And um, what else. Oh, the ocean and indecision, funnily I was pondering monikers and then just liked the way it sounded. Um. More wine for me. That is my neptunian solution. And I was thinking about caring actions (men wanting you to care for them etc). And um right. Now I’m going to go back to playing with my super Saggo Scorp pal (Jupiter and Nep conjunct her Saggo rising, Scorp sun in the 12th, I’m sure she’s been one of the great outcomes of my Neptune adventures)
            Much love to you both, and particularly to you way over there Missy xxo

          • Aspects of this response, particularly the solar plexus self esteem stuff very relevant to my Neptune sq Sun experience. This is the end of my mammoth Neptune transit but obviously not yours Ms, but I’m thinking that it’s firstly about the self, and then about the actions you undertake to reinforce that self.
            It took me too long to cotton on to the whole malarkey. I think you’re onto it early on and can probably use it to fire through. Saturn in Scorp should be in your side in that respect. He’ll be happy to do the digging (or contract it out at least).

            • so in case you haven’t realised yet MS, there are two of us here – astro nerding anonymously on your chart. possibly a bit confusing. but you’re a smart woman in the grips of a neptune transit and we’re not asking you to cook for us, so I’m guessing it won’t phase you. hehehe

              • lol. it’s pretty amazing to logon here and see though I seem to have hogged the page. Kisses to you both anons.

          • Darling , amazing as always, So much of what you said rings true esp looking after others. I have a very love is self sacrifice and for eons and I know this is weird I have this seer thing so ‘looking after the clan’ is like a duty and I know that in my youth I won some amazingly hard battles to come through with love is like an education but people just want to take the juice and run not learn or evolve. My nept/venus exact is actually in 6th house sagg with moon so I am more like you in the 6th house with this and it is all about service. My 5th house is the sunmerc/uranus stellium scorp but all still fantastic relevant and good advice. The things I am taking to hypno right now are my pluto 4th and my mars/neptune esteem and service roles. Cleaning the blood. My nn is virgo conjunct mars/jupe though jupe is 3rd its all virgo. I have a lot to reflect on over this and will def research the link. I love that you are aries NN. what an amazing astroscape for you right now. Muah!! xxxxxxxx

  5. Too bad the internet is only there for eyes and ears mostly and there is no way to have a sniff of that oil to see if it is revolting or glorious or what. Does it smell like p-hatchooo-li or not, is what I actually want to know, or moth balls or anything to make one say oh, what great dreams I had but ugh! the smell!!! But with moon in the 12th, in a fire grand trine with Mercury and Selena, and square Neptune… I usually don’t need any lucid dream encouragement, lol. I sometimes can pick up on scents empathically as wierd as that sounds, so maybe that is something I should develop… what a lot of money I could save!!!

    • Yes I demand smell-a-vision like yesterday, come on we had scratch’n’sniff in the seventies, pull your fingers out techno-dudes and dudesses.

  6. emo to max. bailed early on my work party wt? jsut cant do the only single gal amongst too many couples scene. feeling it this party season with no one to take to 3 parties again. its been years since i’ve been with anyone decent. sigh… sleep is a comfort and my cat.

    • Maybe rent a man for the engagments? :) Was just joking about that at work the other day.

    • I’m avoiding a party tonight for the same reasons, I’m pretty darn independent but sometimes I just have enough of it.

      • know it charley. having said that i did get up on stage and do the go go in front of 200 people sans hooch last night. next party is all nurses who don’t take their partner so they can have a good time. lookn forward to that one.

    • Ha ha. Reminds me of Bridget Jones being asked by smug couples, ‘why are you single’? so many smug couples seem to feel unhappy about or threatened by singles… maybe that thing about judging/competing with others if your own life isn’t that great??

  7. This grand trine = Chiron smack on MC – trine the Scop placments right about Vertex,5th – opposite Venus and the Cancer Moon in 1st house.

    Despite broken down car, taking the bus yesterday, I’m going to walk down and get a coffee as I walk almost everyday anyway.

    Went to bed at 8:30 last night and now up since 1:30..Layed in bed and read for a couple of hours then of course play on line and music…

    I’d say it’s been a nice sorta watery thing.

  8. Monday, a Piscean associate had a massive melthdown and did his level best to take me down with him, or at least severely undermine the vaue of something I hold to be important. Sort of got there, too. Is it any surprise that my Mars sits in PIsces, not far from where Chiron is now.

    Tuesday night / Wednesday morning I slept only 2 hours (from 4.45 AM) so absolutely in sleep debt until it finally caught up with me this afternoon, when I slept for four hours. Now I can’t sleep at a time when I really should!

    Dreams are lucid; lots on my mind. I am going through one of those times when there is not a lot of distinction between dreams and reality because I am dreaming about real life peeps and situations.

    Feeling calm, though. Will get through OK I think.

    • Best wishes saggmelib. Feeling wiped out myself. Eeverything in disarray but i don’t care. We’ll rest when it strikes us and get up when we need to and slowly readjust, yes?

  9. Emo, concerning my offspring. Saturn’s humping my natal Mars in Scorpio; my natal Chiron is already in Pisces, 5th house. It feels as if all the astrological weather is happening in my Scorpio 1st house, where my Neptune is located, in exact opposition to my Natal Moon. I do keep in mind this is all internalized.

  10. My daughter and I tried the astral projection oil. I enjoy the smell, but neither of us had more intense dreams as a result.

    Had tremendous insight into my relationship patterns – tremendous because I discovered what I can change for/in myself. Was thinking about my dream from the other week – no oil involved – about twins getting married. In the dream it was a red haired woman in a white wedding dress, upset, talking to all her friends about what an asshole her beloved was for not showing up. Meanwhile, her beloved – who is her twin – a red haired woman in a wedding dress – is trying to sneak in, to get her attention, to say, sorry, I want to do this but I am just not ready yet – or wasn’t ready the moment the other twin had randomly set her heart on.

    Saw my chart in a whole new way – squares versus trines. It sure takes a long time to grow into one’s self.

    Had tons of projects lined up for the weekend, but caught a cold and am moving slowly. Still determined to finish painting my girl’s room even though I added in a sky-blue ceiling and and color change of all the doors, trim and moldings. Got to run out for food supplies. Happy Saturday to all.

  11. Fantastisch! I was looking at her website just the other day thinking that one of her perfumes would make the perfect Xmas gift to suggest to someone to buy me :) This weekend IS emo & I’m knackered. Cancer also rules my 12th house so you can imagine the sense of isolation/ tiredness/ need to retreat & process.

  12. I ordered a big sample of different scents from the website last week. Can’t wait to get it!

  13. Tired and cranky. I’ve been feeling exhausted from past few months of absolute shit… it’s been a really tough year and feel I really need some rest… haven’t been sleeping well either so frustrating. The only thing keeping me going has been doing Deepak Chopra’s meditation challenge and venting with good friends. / whine

  14. Glad you recommend sleep catch up because I think that might be the only thing I achieve this weekend…. Sometimes I feel the stress of not doing all the other things I could be doing, and get down about it. It can be a real balance between being energised by doing things that make me feel good and knowing when to rest….

  15. Spent last night in another hooch haze w good mates, had a big cry about the crapness of life atm… haven’t cried for ages so it did me a power of good. Trine is hitting my Pisces sun. No wonder I’m feeling watery.
    Another roadblock from the universe re Virgil…he has changed his email address. The new business owner replied to me and sent me Virgil’s phone number. So some random stranger now knows the guy he bought the business from was playing away :)
    Obviously I’m not going to text him. I need to accept the universe’s decision on this one and let it go.
    I need more fun. It’s all relentless goal setting and self actualising right now and I’m knackered. I mean fun that doesn’t involve getting hammered and needing a packet of codeine to get through the next day. I’ve let my music fall by the wayside… maybe I need to pick that up again. Soz to rant. Back to work now.

    • Oh no prob with the rant darl…

      One of the cards that came up in a reading I had a bit back was about playing more. Seems I am always being encouraged to play more…

      Since my car broke down, I’ve actually been outside more and walked down to the store three times today and tonight, at 10:00..Got home at 11:00 and drank a Fosters on the way…lol..and the stars in the desert sky…lovely…Love sort of slinking thru the dark of night clandestine like.

      And now, ABBA…Love so many of their hits…Was but like 18 back then…

  16. And just have to say this lovely illustration is just beautiful, super apt for my kataka moon, it’s ME when I was a wee thing, up the tallest trees I could find, dreaming away, willing those storm clouds on. Virgo sun didn’t even murmur about the ill-advisedness of tall trees + storms, I was totally a moon child. Wish I didn’t have to grow up, really.

  17. I gave Astral Projections a try last night. I have some interesting things to report.

    Initially as I was about to sleep a whole lot of people came in and I was dialoguing with them, who are you etc. They were pretty intense and close up but I wasn’t phased, just moved them then there was like this violet flame ball, more than any third eye chakra image I’ve ever experienced and I was in a dreamscape (?). This was then very lucid, real and clear for the duration and then I could literally feel myself come back into my body in a much more gentle and tactile way, like I just eased into a comfy chair.. then I woke up. All that was about an hour. After that I slept very deeply until the morning.

    It was a completely different type of ‘trip’ to what I’ve experienced. As this is the the first run I’m not sure how it will continue. Interesting, oh and it does smell quite lovely and unusual.

    • I wondered what might happen to a Traveller on it. Interesting lab report, Scorchy.

      • I wish I could recall the dreaming or encounter/s aspect better Mille! It was clear upon waking the first time but was gone in the morning. I couldn’t be bothered writing it as I felt I understood it enough at the time. Wasn’t all fun as I think it was traversing the lower astral realms prior to going someplace that wasn’t exactly chilled either though not scary. Definitely the best landing I’ve had!
        Just been reading your posts on the other page and working through some impressions… hugs x

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