Astro-Bitch: Cosmic Love Tips 2013

Pay Whatever You Want (Anything from $0.00 Upwards) for the awesome e-book Astro-Bitch – Cosmic Love Tips 2013

Astro–Bitch – Cosmic Love Tips 2013 is an instant download, 21 pages and 4000 words of Awesome…

 * Your LoveScopes for 2013

* How Not To Be A Love Zombie

* Rad Dates To Mate, Date, Marry and/or Seduce In 2013 – these are the BEST.

* Love/Sex Drought? The Fast Feng Shui Fix To Scare Up Some Action

* The Truth About Astrological Compatibility

* StyleScope 2013


63 thoughts on “Astro-Bitch: Cosmic Love Tips 2013

  1. Thanks, MM. Wow. There is so much synchronicity going on these days, its weird. The dates 1997/8 and 2005/6 really resonate. The first is when I got married, the second is when I had my daughter. Maybe soon will be when I find my partner. I feel so much new energy coming in. I’m going to spend my dark moon time taking the remnants of my old life to the dump.

  2. Hi Mystic….tried to pay but paypal wouldn’t take my plastic. Is there another way to get you some monies?

  3. Really great stuff Mystic, have forwarded the email to some peeps I think will be interested/really need it.

  4. Cool! You’re right, this Libra DOES need a new bag. And its going to be oh-so high quality.

  5. NOT working for USA orders—can’t put our addresses in—–yikes!!
    No love-life for 2013 –OMG

  6. Thank you ! I haven’t read it yet but looking forward to it ! I owe you because I am so broke I paid nothing but will make it up in the future ( also haven’t fixed my yucky ridiculous Paypal issue ) .
    I appreciate your advice !

  7. Couldn’t adjust the price in checkout. Keep the Bitch Books coming! Fantastic stuff!

  8. Why the combination of ‘bitch’ and ‘love’ in the title? It seems a bit at cross purposes.

    • I could be wrong, but I’m guessing it has something to do with Mystic and her blog commenters being dubbed “pseudo intellectual astro bitches” by some lamo hater a while back.

      • yes and it’s bitch as in Lilith & empowered not – like how the book skinny bitch means it. I was going to make it Astro Witch but did not want to be confused with sad arse peeps moping around in lilac polyester kaftans being sleazy whilst preaching mindfulness…SADLY that is a strand of the new age – see post about Gerberas and pterodactyles.

  9. Just wanted to note for anyone thinking of downloading – it is a quality e-book type document and definitely worth paying for!
    A lot of work has obviously gone into this, so I would recommend paying some $$$ for it. :)

    • Absolutely :-). So rare for someone to offer something great for nothing when they can make good money from it. I know it’s a rough time of year re cash flow but it’s definitely worth scraping some dollars together if you’re able.

  10. bought it. love it.

    was having an astro compatibility convo at work only just the other day.
    you get brought up on girly mag astro simplicity from the 80’s only to get revelation that life is so much more interesting and complex through wonderful sites like this one :-)

  11. I emailed Mystic today with this re: love tips:

    One came to mind that I tell everyone when they want to know why the Rockstar Scorpio and I never made it “official” in the almost decade long dalliance we had:

    “When a man marries his mistress, he creates a vacancy.”

  12. Do you have something in 2H? Very much money conscious, which I am. I actually think I’m generous-‘pay as you want’ I hate free stuff.

  13. The Mayan apocalypse will be nothing compared to the barren wasteland that is my love life, so will I read these with interest and optimism! I am hoping the drop-down menu will refer to more than just my payment options, lol

    • Just read it over lunch – Mystic, it’s brilliant, thanks. xx

      Paid particular attention to the Scorp rising. My in-denial gay partner is Scorp rising w Neptune conj asc and I am about to release him back into the wild. I think he’ in for an interesting year :)

  14. I just bought mine! Would it be poor form for me to forward the link to a friend and recommend that she buy it and pay particular attention to the Love Zombie section? lol

  15. I just ordered the book and paid $10 but I’m not sure if it was processed. I didn’t get an email or anything. I’ll do it again if it didn’t work??

  16. I also wanna say that – for the peeps getting postcards from me – i am LOVING doing them, the stamps, the hand-writing, the stationery fetish. They are totes recycled paper btw, so a semi matte finish.

    I was thinking about psuedo intellectual astro bitch mugs as well – with the pic and that slogan – also stay stuck and u r fuqed BUT most peeps drink coffee from glasses yes?

  17. MM – I’ve just purchased and downloaded the Astro Bitches :-) YOU ARE AMAZING …… and yep, I’d go for a “stay stuck and u r fuqed” mug too …. T*H*A*N*K****Y*O*U xxx

  18. I’m using explorer & I can’t get the page to load. Booo!
    Suggestions, anyone?

  19. Thanks so much for your generous gift MM. It comes on a day when I really need one!

  20. I needed this. My lover and I finally ended it. I’m sure this will be the last ending. He finally admitted the whole ex/no longer ex deal which is all I really wanted to hear. He finally told me the truth and we had out last night together.

    I feel like the weight of it all has lifted but still a little but sad. (I didn’t end up telling him I love him though. I figured it wouldn’t be right… Even if it is how I feel)

    • Hey woohoo – i am totally in the same boat as you. I feel your pain. probably the right thing for boat of us. right?

      what sign are you? I am taurus/scorp rising/sag moon

    • Ah. I know from reading here that you have struggled with what to do re your feelings for him.

      FWIW, I reckon with love and indeed all the big feelings, that mostly what we need is someone to bear witness to our experience. It sometimes isn’t necessary for it to be the other person. It can be a friend or indeed a community such as this.

      You sound like you’re in a place of acceptance, which is so important, even if it’s not the outcome you wanted. xx

      • I think it really helped that he admitted that he got back together with her. The lies were gone an that dissolved a lot of the hurt.

  21. Oh Mystic this is fab! I wish I’d paid more for it lol! (I guess I could always just buy it twice…?)

    There was a line about Saggos in the style section that made me just want to sprawl on the floor of my office in my well-paid-but-boring-as-fuq job and cry with joy. :)

  22. Looking like a brighter year… well maybe not ‘that’ bright lol.. stylin ;)

    Just paid for mine and happy to contribute to ad-less flash burn my eyes with meaningless guff annoyingness.

    Just done the Mercurial initial scan. Will go back and ‘read’ it later.

    The Krista Huot image is a standout! Love it.