Susan Sarandon – Haute Neptunian

“I think the struggle is to live an authentic life. Often, being comfortable and courting the illusion of safety cannot coexist with being authentically who you are. Anytime I have drastically changed my life – which has happened a number of times and, I hope, will happen many more – it’s always been a mixture of terror and exhilaration and discovery.  But I believe that being surprised and being somewhere that’s uncomfortable because it’s unknown is really one of the main rules to live by.”

Fuq yeah Susan Sarandon – can you believe she is 66?  Her second Saturn Return was a few years ago, she’s attracted some media crap for the fact that her new partner is 35, is still in good solid work mode and is a tireless advocate for a number of causes.  I like how she recently came out against casting couch exploitation of young actors, telling her story to help empower those with less clout in the industry.

She’s Sun-Neptune in Libra, Moon in Capricorn Rising (Cap Rising ages brilliantly) and Pluto-Saturn in Leo square her Mars in Scorpio. She is super-Haute Neptunian but it’s that Saturn-Pluto square Mars in Scorpio i hear most of in the above statement. Thoughts?

Image: Alexi Lubomirski Elle Magazine November 2012

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49 thoughts on “Susan Sarandon – Haute Neptunian

  1. I love Susan Sarandon – I think she’s so inspiring in her approach to life and her politics and her grounded-ness – and she’s also just a really cool chick. But, hell, there must have been a LOT of photoshopping (or worse) going on in this photo. I mean… look at her hands? Has she never washed a dish in her life? And her neck. (Always look at the hands and the neck, says my dear hairdresser, if you want to know how old someone really is)

    • well i thought that too but click thru to the article with pix of her out less than three weeks ago – i would be very interested in her skincare etc regime. Plastic surgery, sure but that glow is inner…

      • Me thinks you are as old as the one that feels you:)
        Also dermal filler, retin A do wonders!
        Black and white photos generally more flattering!

        • P.s. confidence grows with age, she looks great regardless of anything most would do if expense was not an issue, go girl!

    • Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! She’s an amazing woman. Why do we feel the need to judge/ critcise/ suspect her looks?? Who cares about a woman’s hands or neck when she’s so fabulous in every other way??

      (Not a criticism of you, Sagg Girl – just sick of our culture that’s programmed to judge women superficially like this and we never judge men the same way. We need to stop it ’cause it’s horrid and silly and if I have done such amazing, creative, intelligent, pro-active things as Ms Sarandon at 66, I don’t want ppl bitching about my skin – especially because my hands look like shit already!! And I don’t do even dishes, I just have crappy hands! Rant over.)

      • sadly i do. i have looks standards for men and sure they are more slack than when i was younger but im not going to starve/eat healthy and work out for some fat ass.

      • Totes agree Eq girl!

        Who cares if she looks great because of surgery? I’ve seen people who’ve had surgery and look like crap, you still need a natural beauty and inner sense of something fab to shine through. Anyway, she’s a Libra with Cap rising, I really find those two signs have a real that ability to age with grace and beauty. Go, go Susan!

      • I agree Equilibrium Girl.

        We need to honour each other for our many great qualities. If these shine through it is beautiful.

        It really grates when someone starts bitching about someone’s looks as she ages. Come ON, guys. Girls and women of all ages are shrinking or dying because of not knowing that we are not our looks.

    • Why would you say that and point those things out?

      She’s absolutely fabulous and you tarnish that by commenting on her physical lol I don’t get it, it’s funny. Are you jealous?

      If I looked like that at age 66 I’d be a happy girl.

  2. god woman you must be eaves dropping – SS was hot topic last night … the condo centred on friends kept inadvertently bumping into here when they were collectively at the Vince Art Beinnaly & IRL she is, by nature heavy, deeply political & not to be swayed by fun filled chat.

    heavy was the word that kept repeating.
    & bingo you post on her1

    looking at that pic so much surgery – looks younger than she did 15 years ago …

  3. These are words of wisdom, and most pertinent at the moment. Change can be so scary, but it can be a good thing. Helps us be more authentic, for sure.

    Some of the most awesomely attractive and downright inspiring people I know have been in their 60s, and I’m not talking about smooth skin here. It’s the wisdom, the personality, the centredness that makes them SHINE and I’d rather spend an hour in their company than anyone elses. Awesome is awesome, regardless of age. May we all work on our awesome!

  4. I have drastically changed my life – which has happened a number of times and, I hope, will happen many more – it’s always been a mixture of terror and exhilaration and discovery. But I believe that being surprised and being somewhere that’s uncomfortable because it’s unknown is really one of the main rules to live by.”

    Wow I love this. I live by this. And I can relate to it on so many levels. The mixture of terror and exhilaration and discovery = an authentic life, a life well lived.

    I also have a Capricorn moon :)

  5. With that much plastic surgery and dieting anyone could look good at 66 no matter what rising sign. I admire Helen Miren and Judy Dench they look great and they are keeping it real. Brave in a world of fakes.

  6. The lady is playing the game, by her rules. That is my understanding, at least, of her Saturn-Pluto square Mars.

  7. She is super-hot & I don’t think that having work done has betrayed her at all…she’s in her power & yay to that.

    This is according to studies
    re:the effects of plastic surgery on the face… that results in limiting or inhibiting natural facial movement and expression can actually inhibit that person’s ability to mirror the emotions & feelings of another person; the capacity to fully empathise is subtly compromised.

    BTW I’m cap rising & doing fab, I dance everyday. Creativity keeps u young!

  8. Don’t care for the dress but I DO want those shoes!

    Hell yeah I’m going to look like that when I’m 66! Both my parents have aged like geniuses…. I guess it helps that both Father and I are Cap rising!

    (p.s. I SWEAR I read in an old book at my university that a study was done on natural born children always having the same rising sign as one of their parents. I’m same as Father, my brother is the same risky sign as Mother).

    I looked up some pictures of Susan and her man… One of the comments: “has Susan sucked the hotness out of toyboy”…..

      • Woohoo, in general I’ve noticed that children often have their Sun on one of their parents’ rising sign – in my family it’s the exact degree (both my parent’s and my children). Also big hits on NN’s too.

  9. Susan was my first ‘older woman’ crush. When I was in my 20’s and she was 40 something she really opened my eyes to older women. She is yum. Her intelligence, beauty, strength, woow..

  10. I love her, love her, love her. She’s really so great and gives fabulous quotage too.

    I’ll tell anyone who’ll listen how much the thought of living an inauthentic life makes me want to vomit, conforming, compromising, I’m physically incapable. Perhaps that is a marker of heavy Scorpio and Pluto.

  11. 11 yr old daughter of office worker told 41 year old Toro co-worker that she thought was younger than her…

    The Toro admitted this…was big of her and geeze, kids can be cruel lol

    Everyone is getting older every moment as we speak…short sighted of some ignorant folks.

    I went thru menopause a couple of years ago (what freedom is that?) and told female patient “I’m dying as we speak” and then we laughed.

      • A male defined woman friend of mine, a Leo, said menopause was a pause-in- men. My other friend,the hard core Kataka feminist replied, it means me-no-pause.

        • haha, yes, love that “men-o- pause” phrase and esstentially feminist me, thinks that “me no pause” is also, as you said on another post, “succinct”

  12. she looks a lot like my mother actually, so much so I used to call her Janet for a laugh 😉

  13. First saw SS in a movie called The Hunger with David Bowie & Catherine
    Deneuve in the early 80’s. A vampire movie with some radical scenes for the times.
    So she’s not with Tim Robbins anymore, but a lover 30 years younger, ha, she’s still radical and a totally gorgeous personality plus.
    Here’s to the the women who keep on keeping on regardless of chronological age :-) says she with Cap rising with a half smile her dial.

  14. In my 30’s, there was a book I read by a psychologist called ‘Getting To I Do”

    Sounds like an man trap kind of thing but there was some great advise in there.

    The Pisces and I were too far gone for me to now back track and apply her advise…He, being Iranian, had tried to please his parents by doing an arranged marriage and me, I had tried (Venus opposite Nep) to please him.

    A dysfunctional recipe for disaster and utter emo chaos but quite frankly, I cleared alot of karma with that one and it was, even tho I felt completely off my spiritual path, more a part of my path than I had ever imagined. Like I said somewhere, that’s the trickery of Spirit…We have to stumble blindly sometimes because if we knew ahead of time, we simply would not do the work…

    So anyway, the Getting to I Do book…What I learned is that a woman has to set the standards as a man is essentially wanting to become a better man…

    How can he do that if we take that away from him by not letting him be the man and/or chase him in an obvious way or act like hoes…

    She said that a man likes to idealize a woman and so there you go, ditto.

    I am not saying that I or anyone else’s ultimate goal is to get to I Do…lol

    But if you would like a man to cherish and protect you as a man will do, it takes patience and a measure of discipline to act like a lady. Now a days, seems like so many want instant gratification (and yes, in my younger years I had my mometns with that)…

    The psychologist stated that men give love to get sex and women give sex to get love…How the wires got so mixed up is probably lost in the annuals of time..

    But, that if a women simply gives sex and does not require a man to be a better man by setting her standards, then, “you learn to hate each other”…

    And by doing that, we then see, without having to say a word or cry or fuss, how much a man may or may not be willing to give. Of course I could have jumped into the bed with the Toro but that is not good enough for me at this age..If he can or did not step forward with more, thats okay and his call and I did not have to lose my dignity over it…

    Was it Eleanor Roosevelt who held a brave face to the world, but then went in the toliet, flushed and then had her cry?

    I know it sucks..Being a strong woman can suck sometimes because it requires so much, but we have to be the leaders in that way.

    And hey, meanwhile we have Myst’s to hash thru it all…x

    • The psychologist spoke about a hormone called “Oxytocin”…

      This gets stimulated when a man pleasures a woman and so she feels bonded to him…

      He might be down to the next pasture as he is not affected in the same hormonal manner. Meanwhile, the gal has given her treasure and is going psycho cuz she did not require anything of him…

      We can’t man hate because we did not communicate certain needs like exclusivity and so forth..

      Psychologist said that if you are a woman and those hormones don’t effect you and you can be with men and not get bonded then, “you’re a better man than me”..

      lol…but not so funny, really. Just stuff to think about.

  15. she’s doing Uranus op her libran sun. Uranus 7th 35yr old man in relationship. Her Sun – Neptune is ruled by venus and just means shining through creative pursuits.

  16. hmm, wonder who the new bf is, i worked for her ex hubby years ago and wondered what she saw in him

  17. She can Rock! that dress and shoes, it really does suit her giving a classic edge look. She has an inner sexy…