Insider Mercury Trading

Hello Mystic,

Everyone around me is shitting themselves about Mercury Retro and stuff (worthless stress and pointless shortcomings) that I’ve processed that with your help and heads up about Zap Zone tests.  Notice a pattern repeating in your life, choose a higher path or be doomed to repeat your mistakes.

I am like a pile of Zen rocks in a chaotic room of headless chickens. Absolutely clarity, and sheer joy resonate from my corner office while everyone
preps for a Mayan Apocalypse just outside my door.

Just now, the Head Honcho was irate at Telstra stuffing up their order by accidentally cancelling half their services for their residential. I believe she was on the phone with a probably-stressed-by-now customer representative for over an hour. At one point, verbatim the CEO sounded like a broken record having to repeat a simple question, “Well, why can’t I cancel my services with you RIGHT NOW?”. She didn’t seem to be going anywhere so I haute-ily piped-up and offered from a stone’s throw away, “Maybe you have to wait till they accidentally cancel it!?”

The humor seemed to defuse some of the office tension.

It all just reminds me that not everyone is on the same path of development, nor has your assistance. I’ll have to leave subtle hints regarding your advice, or lead by example, or post up posters of your quotes – however “stay stuck and you’re fuq’ed” isn’t exactly appropriate for the office environment. :p

Kindest Regards,
Phoenix Wolf (Aqua, Cancer Asc, Aries Moon)

P.S. Still fuming the boss could be heard asking loudly to no one in particular: “WHY is *THIS* WET?” and then a moment later: “I *HOPE* that is water..”

Phoenix Wolf – lol thank you for this and it is my pleasure to be of assistance. Thank you for subscribing. You and the other spunky subscriber-peeps are funding this site & helping me to keep it advertisement free! 

Knowing the astro-weirding of the times is like insider info – Mercury Retro is still a pain but you’ve expected it and can rationalize it. 

Ditto with the Zap Zone – it’s still super intense but once you get what’s going on, you tap the enormous energy of Uranus-Pluto and are unlikely to be caught hanging out in the tar pits with the dinosaurs waiting for normality to resume. I don’t know what kind of office you work in but i think a big Stay Stuck and You Are Fuqed poster would be a fab idea – i should make some – yes? I’ve already got the awesome Mystic Medusa postcards…

Tell your boss from me that telecoms PEAK with inefficiency during Mercury Retrograde (they really take it to a whole bizarre new level) but she should be able to meditate and understand her dreams better, if that helps.

What does everyone else think?

Image: Remedios Varo

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62 thoughts on “Insider Mercury Trading

  1. Phoenix wolf… You have explained my feeling at work to a tee. Like everyone else is going batshit while I’m managing to channel the disassociation gene.
    Is it an aqua thing ?
    Other stuff is doing my head in but at work I find myself wanting to ply coworkers with camomile and hand out “get a grip” post its.
    The number of times I’ve said, ” really, THIS is what you want to make a monumental war mongering type stand over?” Xyz is going to pot and you’re starting conflict over someone asking a polite question or moving your coffee cup two inches to the left.

    Mystic, your insights are a life jacket in in these crazy waters.

  2. you know, as someone born with merc retro (and my bday clock just turned:) I have to say that yes, it can create a hell time in telecoms, for you I can imagine but man such a great time to delve if you get the chance. reflect and rebuild. I see so many posts about freakout merc retro but tbh its the most retro planet of them all. 3/4 ? times a year you get this so you are probably well equipped. This is just upped by other massive swat of astro right now.

    My friend working in media right now is in the best merc retro poster of the now snafu and its more zap zone post eclipse with a chaser of merc retro imo.

    Use your aqua powers of awesome to sedate your corporate beast. when did corporate do anything innovative anyway? it dies under any snafu x

    • happy birthday babe. had a funny nude dream last night and when I woke not long ago thought of you and the sky-clad paper shredding cabaret, so its nice to see this and be able to send birthday (weird I just wrote witch) wishes to you xxx

    • Happy birthday gorgeous, I hope you have a fab day and I hope stuff is zooming well for you xxo shell

      • come dec it will right now I am arranging dominos for world domination, (sort of) love to you too x

        • Arranging dominos sounds like a very calming way to orchestrate world domination. I’m looking forward to hearing what fabulous pattern they make when they tumble xxo

          • like a kaliedascope thay may fall Ms Birthday gal. whichever way hope its magic for you.
            Love da groove

    • Happy solar return Ms :)

      I am born with Mercury rets too and basically finding this a non event for me .. but oh, all around is chaos. I watch amused.

    • Ms may your birthday dreams come true… and may your Turkish bath bring you a male harem xx

      …oh all soulmatey harem of course…

  3. Yes! to a ‘Stay stuck and you’re fuqued’ poster. Like those ‘keep calm and carry on’ posters. With some kind of witty visual homage to Mystic where the crown usually goes.
    When does Merc retro end btw? I can’t say I’ve noticed it much. If anything it’s amping the synchronicity factor. Beyond weird is my new normal.

  4. I wisely (unwisely?) took leave all this week – booked as I was planning to avoid guts of Merc Retro as Virgo who works in Communication.

    They made a staff member redundant and then reduced the hours of two others resulting in very uncomfortable hysterical sobbing during a meeting last Friday from a staff member who is clearly now out for my job while I am away and clearly believes she has not been given a chance to shine! Vibes anyone?

    • Uncomfortable hysterical sobbing in staff meetings prob means she hasn’t a hope in hell of getting your job unless you’re actors in some savage swedish psychodrama arthouse chick flick?

        • totally… major laugh out loud moment!!!

          Everyone’s jobs are on the line at present it seems and everyone is behaving like it is their moment to shine, whereas I feel like I could easily walk out the back door while no one is looking and REALLY Shine!!! or just keep constant and zen and let everyone else fark up… but it was me pre eclipse bawling in the toilet despite the excellent advice it has still been a rough trip, thats how i grow compassion, wish i didnt have to, but now i can feel for everyonelse about to go through it!

  5. Of course! Telecommunications=Merc retro nightmare!
    (Something I’ve evaded by cutting myself off from the world thereof lately, with excellent “unsticking” results).

    Stay stuck and you are fuqed is the most singularly resonant piece of advice I’ve encountered for these turbulent times, and heeding it has turned it from turbulent into WONDERFULLY turbulent. Positive changes abound!

    YES, subscribing feels like insider trading, it really does.

    SO glad to hear knowing the astroscape is working for you Aqua Wolf!! Brilliant!!

  6. I too am bobbing along in a sea of zen calm while same ol same ol flaps around me in my work zone. I have one more week in this job and then move back into work which aligns with my heart and soul… Why am I in this place? Because I take seriously the message of ‘stay stuck and your fuqued’, kick my Saggi hooves and give momentum to my goals while others hang their heads in self pity. You gotta make your life happen guys…are but here’s the trick, the zen.. You’ve got to find your life in the moment..sit quietly and listen and calmly roll with the intuition…

  7. I’m pretty zen and having a lot of long-term creative/career goal/skill-learning success and psychological clarity, but the day-to-day job stuff is not coming together at all.

    So I might be forced to be a stripper, again. Gawd. It’s good money, but I quit four months ago and burned up my savings thinking something would come along once I completed my degree, but nope.

    Should I hold out, or start working again before I’m screwed? I don’t hate the job, in fact it’s fun a lot of the time and my old club is clean and the girls are friendly and together. But I’m trying to change…arrrghhh. Living in Silicon Valley is such a paradox, there’s great jobs but then so many people moving here to take them!

    • Sell your art. Get the money Honey. While you can.
      There’s change and then there is pragmatism.
      Degrees don’t fill up your tank or help you at the bank.
      (maybe later)

      • Money is simply energy – like the flow of energy through your chakras – you need to let it. Resistance causes blocks or unnecessary hurdles that you need to meditate or detox later. Be comfortable in, and love what you do, and suddenly it all flows and works.
        If it seems too hard all the time, it may be a challenge to grow, or let go. Decide what it is for you, and then put only positive energy to it.
        “Love grows where Love goes.”

        Nurture what you love to do, and it will look after you. Loathe it constantly, and all you’ll get back is something to loathe constantly.

  8. ya mystic you really help, I always know what party to skip, and then end up hearing how bad it was and what a total waste, and when I should just take it easy, usually im so torn between vibes and what I think I should do, it helps knowing which vibes are okay to feel and listen to

    • Greetings Phoenix Wolf,
      Love the posters, however, might i suggest bonsai pic maybe not so great Feng Shui wise – it is a tortured plant not able to grow/blossom to its full potential…
      Just a suggestion, quite happy to butt out now !

      • I don’t believe in Feng Shui so much as having a clean place to work, sleep, etc and putting positive energy (via emotion) into the room.

  9. I have what I suspect is a stupid (but genuine) question about the Mayan apocalypse thing so please don’t hate me for my ignorance: everyone is freaking because the ‘calendar’ ends right? Is there something else to it that I’m missing? Because maybe the poor Mayan’s just got tired of writing it out and thought ‘seriously, if they haven’t figured out the pattern – the way this calendar is structured – by 2012 then they are way too stupid and can make up their own damn calendar.’ Maybe there’s nothing more to it than that. What am I missing? There has to be something.

    • That’s the gist of it 😉

      Regardless of the apocalypse or a bad day, thanks to MM’s and my own inner guidance, I feel I could survive WW3 without losing a step in my stride.

      • Thank you! I thought there must be some massive piece of the puzzle I just wasn’t seeing.

        I know. Amazing what solace one can find on this site.

  10. Phoenix Wolf I so get you. Maybe being Aqua sun, Kataka asc too. I’m finding that being being Kataka moon and asc wants to jump in and assist, but this is not always good. Draining and really it’s THEIR thing to work out. A lil guidance seems ok.
    I’m finding Mars is fuqing with my sleeping at the moment, it always does. Up an hour or so before I need to be and I wake early with my work. C’mon give me a break!

      • I knew it! My sleep is being unusually interrupted whereas only stress would keep me up; whereas in reality, I’m just a floating glacier – cooly going with the flow.

        I suppose the best plan would be to stay-up-anyway and keep productive in those hours – De-cluttering inside (soul-mining) and outside (house tidying), and readying a new plan of attack for work (may include a new song playlist. Something with drumming (or bass) to keep work moving on at a steady pace).

        • ahh good to know others are having a hard time with sleep. Hoping I´m not getting back to old bad habits on that score.

        • ice berg? nice analogy PW. I feel the same but a bit more ducklike. paddling furioulsy under the water working opps but doing it seemlessly and gliding efficiently. Go 2 new prospects for my new business in past week. The universe is opening up for me as I open to her wisdom and support.

  11. Love this post.

    And also so reasurred by MMs advice, I am so much more relaxed about the uncertainties in my life – of which there are so many, because of it.

    Apart from the ´stay stuck and you´re fuqed´ one, which is almost a mantra these days, the MM ideas that are most useful to me at the moment are (and I am paraphrasing here) – don´t just have Plan B, have Plans B-E, and – whatever you do, don´t be a victim. Dream big and follow your bliss.

  12. So, relatively unphased by Mercury rets even though it started right on my sun. Mercury rets born so this may be the innoculation for it?

    I have seen plenty though, cross wires, people melting down or checking out because it’s getting hard. Then there’s the techo stuff, equipment fails and a bunch of peeps complaining on fb about posts not showing up rah rah.

    I had no MM email this morning (thank you Telstra) and I have communicated with them to attend to things at their end. Annoyed .. yes, but not to the point of it affecting my zen-ness.

    I did ‘pretend’ to loose my phone last week. Had a freak out moment (literally a moment) and then thought effit, if it’s gone I’ll just have to replace it, whatevs. It wasn’t. Someone put their crap on top of it and hid it. I must have felt left out of all the Mercury rets action and needed to feel included lol.

    • Yes i have found this Retro carries the usual tech and electronic glitches, just when you think you’re clear, but nothing shitsky. Do you remember that hideously long Merc Retro at the first quarter last year? What was the sign? That one was all like be careful how you talk because everyone thinks they’re George Foreman and almost wilfully misunderstanding. (Or am i remembering Mars Retro or something this year?) I have been really bad with time retrospective in years lately. I’m getting better with the clock minutes and daily time so i guess something had to give.

      • I think it might have been Aries like it was this year also. That might ‘feel right… for the description you gave 😉
        It might have been worse from memory but I also share the amnesia for lots ot things past now. I take that to mean they are irrelevant or not worth holding on to consciously.

        And lets face it with the information overload era we are in it is natural that something has to slip or we’ all be … well mad I daresay!!

        ‘getting better with the clock minutes’ in general is great, under a retro, even more notable I’d say particularly if you’re not running late a lot… blush, like me!

    • I thought I’d mention the daily was in today too MM!!

      The reply from tech support @ bigpond was generic and useless yet friendly and informative about nothing, suggested that they try to accomodate every enquiry in one reply, like to mitigate any abusive responses up front and that they didn’t even read my email. LOL. I am in no mood to ruin my day by pursuing this further if it doesn’t happen again…bigpond you are safe… for now 😉