Eau Du Evasion

I’m all about the non-toxic fragrance these days (seriously scary info coming out – check out your potions on the Skin Deep Cosmetic Database – i was so not impressed to find i had been spraying  expensive immune-fuqer and endocrine disruptor on each morning)

But i think we have to agree that Evasion is an excellent name for a scent? For the Mutable signs? This one is extinct now but we could reformulate a poison free modern scent and add in a whole suite: Duplicity, Vampire, Pass-Agg, Neurosis, Fraudulent, Hysterique…Thoughts?

When i was a Love Zombie once, i craved the Tuberose family of scents – Fracas, for example. I reeked of that shit. Also Narcisse Noir. At the airport at 5am. No sleep. People turning and sniffing. Few people realize that when you’re a Love Zombie, you get some super-humanly vampire style powers. Sleep is for the bourgeois. Plus you R.E.M dream when you’re awake anyway so why bother?

Anyway, thoughts?

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39 thoughts on “Eau Du Evasion

  1. I know a Gemini this would suit very well. He’s not a Love Zombie, but he sure makes Evasion his middle name.

    When I was an LZ I wore lashings of Bpal’s (100% chemical free) Conjure Bag scents. Some, heavily redolent of Tuberose. I smelt of tears, tuberose, ink (hours of compulsive journalling) and nervous sweat–eau du Love Zombie.

    (Which is not to knock the awesome love-drawing properties of Bpal’s hoodoo scents, they’re really effective, but as a LZ I believed them capable of drilling holes through the walls of nuclear power plants…in a Love Context, of course).

    (scroll to the bottom for Conjure Bag).

    • This is fantastic. There are planetary scents as well as.. well heaps and the names are fab! I’ll be lost here for hours and just know I’m going to oscillate in my choosing.

      I’m waiting on scents from ‘For Strange Women’ so that will tide me over at least. They should be here any day now :)

  2. as a heavily mercury’d Pisces (in a planetary context of course, not heavy metal contamination), I like Evasion in a positive context too. Evading energy drains, non-joyful types, angry people, obstacles, rabbit holes filled with blue devil hoochie juice (although last night attests to my intermittent inability to dodge those rabbit holes!), people in my circle who don’t really love me.

  3. oooh yes LZ powerz! they are amazing! i think its rather addictive. Returning back to mortal status is just boring. Everything is so hard, greige, and dull. :( Saturn on my Sun has been 2+ years of that slop…meh.

  4. “… we could reformulate a poison free modern scent and add in a whole suite: Duplicity, Vampire, Pass-Agg, Neurosis, Fraudulent, Hysterique…”

    Mystic, this cracked me up! Thanks so much.

  5. Since I quit smoking, I have become particularly self-conscious about smell. Now that I am recovering my sense of smell, I realize how bad I must have smelled like tobacco. But I probably never reeked as bad as the smokers I encounter. Even when I smoked, I hated secondhand smoke, especially my own. Nobody was allowed to smoke in my car, or my house. I always went outside to smoke, even when it was 20 below, and I always tried to stand upwind. I hated the smell of smoke on my clothes. But some of the people I meet must have just come out of their car, chainsmoking with the windows rolled up.

  6. My very first 16 year old me LZ fragrance was Dior Addict. Next was a home blend of Jasmine, patchouli and amber which my lover loved until he was standing in line at the bank and the senile old woman behind him smelt like me. Needless to say I changed my scent quick smart after that. Now it’s a blend of Vanilla and Bergamot oil.

    • I love essential oils, even though the scent doesn’t always stay for long enough. My fave combination is orange and geranium, incredible!

    • patchouli is a lz scent. I remember the groupie chicks always were drenched in a cheap patchouli oils to cover up bo and the smell of booze and piss.

  7. No need to go any further than the asteroids. Juno, Eros, Psyche, Terpsichore, Sappho, Ceres, Lilith. Names galore. Erato, Calliope, Urania . . . .

    The Muse Collection

    The Centaur Range (for blokes)

    Terpsichore smells interesting already.

    I was very spoilt very early with fancy French perfume when my first boyfriend bought me a bottle of Joy. Nothing has been able to live up to it since and I’m now no longer interested in fancy French perfume. But I do like interesting smelling stuff and it’s usually what I’ll blow my money on when I can’t think of anything else I need or want but my remaining lucre is burning a hole. . . .

    My mother an Arpege person was somewhat arch about the Joy ( iwas 13) and admitted that it was also her favourite but she was much too polite (and too miserly) to make mention of it to dear old Dad.

    • do you then remember ‘Eau Jeane’ from about 20 years’ ago in a black bottle from the French supermarkets. However contained the memories of my youth! And a sexist French-Swiss guy called Thierry. :) (very small bits) but whom I adored for ever – well, a year.

      I liked all the lemony scents but my sister loved the eye-watering stuff like ‘Poison’, ‘Montana’, ‘Femme’ (Margaret Thatcher liked that one) and, up there at no. 1, Dolce and Gabbana’s one with the red top, that makes your skin burn.

        • I always though Poison was very appropriately named, it was way too popular. Subsequent try-hard who I was fool enough to marry, gave me a bottle of Jean Patou 1000. Hmm. it went ‘off’ unfinished.

          Since reading this blog I’ve become much more aware of cosmetic nasties. I am the Sagg Moon’s dream girl–although you’d never guess it. Coconut oil is my all. Eat it, swill it and rub it on your face to clean it and smell like . . . chocolate crackles.

  8. I’m liking and wearing spearmint or peppermint essential oil with Nina ricci le fleur de temps… Even though I hate perfume I love this combo, also add abut of patchouli or vetiver invthere too

  9. Dear Godde ! Not ANOTHER perfume thread !! My bank balance can’t take it !!!!

    (Having said that, I’ve been rubbing Astral Projection by For Strange Women onto my pillow at night and have been having the most AMAZING dreams….)

    I’m currently wavering between Weleda’s Wild Rose and Pomegranate lines. Can’t decide which I’d rather smell of ! I DO like rose though….

  10. I can’t believe I used to just adore Poison in the 80s – so Love Zombie Scorpio, yes?! What a name. My current favourite perfume name is Samsara – not a good look at all – I mean..! We are supposed to be trying to become enlightened and get away from the endless cycle of birth and death and misery and all that. Wearing junk like that every day would ensure that you never reach enlightenment EVER! Your brain would be fried for a start. Sorry… My birthday today and things have been, um, ‘intense’ over the past week to say the least. Damn eclipses.

    • I am a perfume lover and collector. Remember that the European Union laws on certain chemicals (some naturals such as lemon essence, jasmine essence etc – can make peeps hyper sensitive to sun etc), allergies, and chems that can potentially cross the blood brain barrier in larger quantities than one will encounter in their well loved bottle.
      Look at the natural perfumery websites, they are burgeoning, keep things in perspective. It is good to have some luxury and indulgence in life, some beauty. Smell is one of those things that can make us feel dressed, change our mood etc.
      I will be grumpy if I hear perfume bashing.
      ps my ‘buddhist’ uncle states “I eat to live not live to eat”
      I said that I felt the opposite. Food gives me pleasure in life and I love many aspects of it.
      I’m not ashamed to care for my body.

    • HAHA Poison – “so Love Zombie Scorpio”

      I still like it – saved only for the VERY HOT date when I know where it will lead… You just can’t wear that stuff during the day- with civilians.

  11. I want to know which scent to get a saggo who’s 8months preggers… I have no idea on baby and or birthday gift. She’s gone tea total cause of the little life about to spring forth. I know it’s unrelated but I was thinking bath products smells arghh.

      • I agree. I couldn’t handle synthetic fragrances at all when I was pregnant – not even scented lotions. I used olive oil to moisturize and found natural scents really comforting.

    • Many oils are contraindicated during pregnancy because they interfere with the hormones (even essential oils). Neroli and mandarin are nice, lavender is safe but the expensive floral oils like rose and jasmine are best avoided until the baby is due.

    • I’m 8 and a half months pregnant and while I COULD NOT STAND ANY perfume in the first trimester, I’m fine with it now. That said, everyone is different. Get her a cleaner to come and do the house once a week for a month. Much more useful, same cost as an expensve bottle and this way the house smells nice too.

  12. I would totally buy one called “Ghost Bolter”. Ghost bolters can’t summon sufficient commitment to even have a signature scent but it would be one of many favourites, I’m sure.

  13. BTW if a fragrance doesn’t appear on the database does that mean it is untested (as opposed to ok)? None of my favourites are on there. I’m not ready to give up layering Tea Rose and Aromatics elixir (they have an old cream listed but not the current frag) and I will be using the Theo Fennell scent until my dying day if I can find enough of it to lay down a good supply but I will deffo move to spraying my clothing only if necessary.

  14. Chanel mademoiselle and coco mademoiselle ok, old products not great, I think the love zombie jives on pheromones, and zips serotonin or something and the sex haze means you do not need sleep, ahh the memories…..

  15. A single note french fragrence called Gardenia is my all time favorite.
    Theorema by Fendi is second and please don’t tell me if they’re bad—lol

  16. capricorn reports: Rename it something like, “Later,” and revamp the packaging so it doesn’t look like the vials of yellowish scented poison that sat on my grandmother’s vanity. Basically, redo everything except the naked-roaming-the-desert vibe, lol.

    I actually own zero perfumes. The only thing I want to smell when I’m getting ready in the morning is COFFEE.