Uber Eerie Elvis Astro

Saw this pic of Riley Keogh filming Magic Mike & thought for the FIRST time of how she IS kinda like her grandfather, Elvis Presley. So i was prompted to look at their astro and there really is a massive amount of astro linkage between them.

Here FYI:

* She is 13 degrees of Saggo Rising – Elvis was 12 degrees of Saggo Rising. That’s the same Ascendant.

* He has Sun, Venus, Mercury conjunct in Capricorn – she is Neptune, Uranus and Saturn in Capricorn.

* His Jupiter is on her Pluto in Scorpio.

* They both have Sun conjunct Jupiter.

* They both have Pluto conjunct Lilith.

* They both have Virgo Midheavens at the same degree – HE had Neptune on his, always a mass fame and adoration of the masses indicator. Marilyn Monroe had it rising.

* They both have North Node in Aquarius

* His Chiron is on her Sun, his Saturn is on her North Node.

Super-karmic, yes?  And here is a pic of him aged 23, more or less the same age she is in the pic above. He passed 12 years before she was born but betcha there is a potent sense of him being around in her life, you think?

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30 thoughts on “Uber Eerie Elvis Astro

    • My Saturn was on my Mother’s NN. Was very karmic. I always assisted her in some way and as a matter of fact I found her when she had died in her sleep.

      The year I brought her with me to move to the desert my Solar Return had her NN degree and my Saturn sitting right on the Asc. It was like destiny eventually was fulfilled.

      Saw a pix of Elvis the other day and had just been thinking gosh, he really was so gorge!

  1. Extra eerie coz Elvis really wanted to be a serious movie star.

  2. Wow the camera loves her! Beautiful legs too.
    No doubt he’s got her back as well as her heart.

  3. Wow. I was unprepared to scroll down. Just wow. Help.

    Young Elvis.





    *heart stops*

  4. Not a big Elvis fan but I get the feeling he adored his daughter and would have loved having so many grand kids.

    Speaking of his daughter – I’d love to know about Lisa Marie’s astro – I like her (maybe I’m an Aqua being aqua biased) – she is still on very good terms with Riley’s father, Danny (he was best man at her most recent wedding). After Danny there was all that wierdness with Michael Jackson. And Nick Cage. Then popping out twins at 40 with a new husband. She also has had some recent songs that some have seen as a swipe at the Church of Scientology – which is pretty gutsy. She has had such a full on life – I’d be curious to know her deal is – astro-wise

  5. Does anyone know, what does neptune bring when it’s in your Part Of Fortune in 5th house of creativity?


    • I have Neptune in Scorpio in the 5th trine Pisces MC by one degree…it is also trine my Sun-Mn midpoint…

      Anyway, besides what Mystic says, something creative holds your fortune perhaps?

      My Aries Point of Fortune is in 11th conjunct the Sun-SN….Kim Falconer once said that when I “share” that treasure (via Libran NN)…I will get the ~fortune~ also..

      • Just want to add that “the fortune” in my case was and is directly related to what comes from my Saturn square Sun-PofF-SN

        Another words, it does not come for free…I have to do the work first…

  6. Mystic I adore posts like these. I truly believe there is a link, a link to everything and everyone. It’s literally, all in the stars you just need to look.

    Love your bloody work MM!

    • AMEN sister!! Have never felt this so strongly since The Scorping got started!!

  7. I have a new style crush, for sure. Maybe it’s the bright & sunny sag-rising that appeals to me? (I’m also a sag rising, MC in virgo gal).