The Truth About The Next Eclipse

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The next eclipse is a Solar Eclipse (New Moon) in Scorpio and on Nov 13/14. It represents a massive renewal & i am calling it the Reset Moon. But guess what…for various reasons – our new plans and resolutions in November are most likely completely secret…And maybe they ought to be. Stay tuned, i am obsessed with this thing and the mega-bats Retrograde, the Horoscopes are going to be all OVER this astro-weirding. Share your secret plans (you know this is a clandestine coven, right?) but obey instincts to keep them more generally quiet i.r.l.


Image: Eibatova Karina

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134 thoughts on “The Truth About The Next Eclipse

  1. If it was mentioned would it be secret? If it is out there then maybe the universe will endorse it! Either way its more about going with change…

    So have some health issues, and wishing I can recover so I can contemplate the possibility of a 2nd child…maybe it will better to choose not too if my 1st is to have a healthy mother, at least neptune will be direct!

  2. Quitting, quitting, quitting a job that I hate. Not the job so much but my batz boss. Looking for another job meanwhile so there’s a nice transition. I don’t think she knows but she really should have figured … She is beyond difficult and petty and has since lied about or denied me several benefits and reasons I took the job for.

    • I think almost all bosses are BATS to the max.

      They’re demanding, wilful, foot-stomping overgrown toddlers usually.

      That’s what got them where they are, I think.

      • True enough but she is constantly bats. She has barely been there 2 years and 5 people have filled my position.

        • Same plan over here GC! But my boss is not really the problem, just OVER my job. Plus I want more money. Like $20k more.

        • Ps I hope you say something to HR about it/her in whatever capacity you are able to…

          • I work in HR :-)

            There is absolutely no one to report her to. She is the director and our department reports directly to the President–who is wrapped around her finger (they’re both Saggos). Reporting her to him would be like reporting her to herself. Nothing will happen outside if retaliation. I’ve watched it happen a couple of times.

            Good luck with the job hunt!!!

            Hopefully we’ll have good news before the New Year.

            • Similar sitch…My boss is best friends w her boss who would be my next port of call but she is scary… More scary… High turnover of staff also… Eeek… I gotta find another job also….

              • It really is the worst. I’ve never been in such a situation. My colleague and I have made a pact to quit on the same day, no matter what. We realize how pathetic it is but neither one of us can stand the thought of working alone with her. We’re already understaffed because others have left.

            • that is the worst! You *work* in HR so can’t report her…aaargh.
              Not worth it at all, hope you get out of there!

              • It’s not but I need the security of employment so this will have to do until something else comes along.

                Thank you!

            • I’ve worked in HR on and off and find that despite what you’d expect the people at the top there often have the worst people skills and no idea of how to manage, motivate or empower staff. Good luck with your job searches Lucy and GC. I’m still debating whether I’ll hang in where I am for another year and a half or look for alternatives.

            • Been there. I had to finally quit with nothing lined up. Unemployment initially denied me but I appealed and won. Almost two years later now and my life is completely transformed, definitely some rough times getting here and I’m not quite where I want to be yet but I’m a million times happier and somehow truly miraculous things keep happening to help me move along.

              • And I meant for this to be inspirational, in case it just sounds like empathizing in a braggy way. If it’s truly terrifying, just quit and things will work out. If you can manage to hang in there until you find something else then do that.

                • 100% agree. I once gave up a fab job because of an overblown ego (you know that narcissism is statistically more likely at the higher end of organisations right?). I took it to HR for private advice and somehow it became all about my emotional maturity and how I should handle myself. I left with no job to go to. The guy went on to decimate this small office, losing all the talent in a year. It is far, far better to sacrifice money than your self worth and trust in others. (BTW – I didn’t even have to apply for another job.)

  3. Struggling not to Love Zombie it up right now. Totally fallen for mr unavailable Virgo, triple earth divine being, outrageous chemistry. Feeling the urge to end it to save my sanity as its been 6 months and things won’t change on his side :( do I act on the impulse to end it now ? Or wait for the eclipse on my Gemini stellium in November to pass ?? Help!!!

    • Oops I meant eclipse falls in my 7th house, so quincunxing my gem stuff. Same day Venus conjuncts my uranus, and Jupiter conjuncts my Venus. Argh, crazy venus Love love. What are you doing to me?

      • You’ll know when the exact time’s right – but eclipse in your 7th does seem to indicate a shake-up in your relationship realms – especially when you throw uranus in the mix. I had Jupiter conjunct my venus last year too, but didn’t really feel the effects until months later either. Time to move on, make room for better things – but yes know how hard it is – that was me anon below – so hard trying to extricate yourself when your heart’s involved…but we can do it! And emerge like the Phoenix stronger & brighter after!!!

        • Thanks Hummingbird. Curious to hear more about your Jupiter transit to Venus experience. As I’m having the second hit with retro Jupiter now, then a third hit as he moves on by soon. Does it bring big love? Big money?? Lol. πŸ˜‰

    • Do the Sleazometer :) I had a wicked crush on a Virgo and found out our Mars and Venus where only good for that – a crush. Apparently it would have fizzed in bed. That really helped me get over it quick smart :)

      Here’s hoping you have out of wack Mars and Venus’ :)

      • Mel C, unfortunately my Mars in Pisces loves his Venus in cancer. Check this: MARS IN PISCES WITH VENUS IN CANCER:
        A super-strength, solid gold pair-bonding of palpable love, intimacy and erotic bliss. These two so often meet and before you know it, they’re living together. Things go from zero to full-mating-life-partner very quickly. Mars makes this Venus more secure than anyone else ever has. No games, no crap. Venusian bedwork genius kills the Mars in Pisces illicit affair urge.” Erotic bliss is a perfect description for our chemistry. DAMMIT!!! Add to that he’s also mars in Virgo (therefore opposite my mars in Pisces) just like my 3 previous long term partners- crazy pattern, but ridiculous attraction. Don’t even get me started on our synastry chart… πŸ˜‰

    • Ha very funny – I’ve had on-off-on can’t even quite call it a relationship proper for the past year with multiple-Virgo and I’m a gem…every time I end it he somehow manages to inveigle his way back in (and oh yes I let him more fool me!). Crazy sexual chemistry. It’s like when he has me he doesn’t really want me, but as I soon as I do my disappearing act he pursues me relentlessly (I’m aqua rising, gem sun & merc, moon, mars sag, Aries venus, virgo stellium outer planets) He’s moon in sag too so we understand each other but his is conjunct neptune – blah, slippery. But what’s up with all these virgo men I keep reading about here?!! They all seem to be having major commitment issues at the mo. Anyway, I think I’m finally over mine – I may not know exactly what I want right now either, but pretty sure it isn’t what I have with him…

      • ah, interesting to read as the karmic crab who really is so his virgo moon has just scuttled back into my life. everything you said, disappearing act with irresistable chemistry, absolutely. i’m resolved to be smarter and more self-protective this time. i don’t think it’s a game but apparently must be played as such. mercurial meetings are tricky it seems…

  4. PS. Cosmic Fleece, are you out there? I just listened to “people ain’t no good” c/o the link you posted. I love it!! i shall keep it as an anthem for the not-so-good times :) thanks xoo

    • Excellent ! I love it too….it’s defo a lighter way to skip through dissappointment, i love the little kids singing it. Also comes into my head when people sharing peeps behaving like turd stories too… mwa. x Enjoy.

      • kudos to whomever used the word turd the other day. popped up in convo with aqua neighbour yesterday who can’t shake off a qi vampire, was able to say ‘she sounds like the turd who won’t flush away’- defo had the aqua-naut in stitches and able to be not get too down about it. (she had recently taken the womans name out of the freezer !)
        got a great dance downpacked with that song, poison ivy kicks in with that twangy guitar and im off with hool-hoop hips and gyrations..also a little egyptian walk with it…the piscean thinks im nutso-im not nutso, im pisceas rising with a bagful of gemini ! it’s s hoot. much love you saucy minx !

  5. Actually DOING something about working for myself in an area that is crying out to be met for those who don’t quite fit the criteria of ordinary shape and can never find anything to fit or wear that suits their personality.

    Just gotta wait for all the hold backs re property and moving and a MONGREL real estate agent. Deciding whether to initiate payback so others do not get burnt by such appalling behaviour or just let it ride and let karma take its course.

    Scheming really…………………..abouts lots of things

    • Oh my God, if you mean ACTUALLY MAKING CLOTHES THAT SUIT PEOPLE OVER SIZE 12…. I am so in. I for one cannot understand how the “fashion industry is so bitchy and competitive”, yet for 50% of women out there, there is nobody catering to them.
      And “larger size” clothes seem specially designed to make people look fatter, at least in this country. Whereas simple attention to cut and detail can do wonders for any woman – and maybe men too.
      If this is your dream, you should SOOOO go for it and let us all know how you get on… I’ll promote you to the max. among people I know. (Provided, as per Beyonce post recently, clothes are not overly frilly, girly stuff, at least that doesn’t work for me).

      all the best, you go girl,,,(sorry assume you are a girl, you might not be !)

    • My landlord gets an extra Elle magazine and she leaves me one. She doesn’t know I scarsely skim thru the thing and/or take a sniff of the fragrance samples then take it to work for the office…

      Nice of her tho (Libran)….She’s usually quite the fashion plate. Cute, small and Brazillian so for even mid 50’s she gets away with

  6. First rule of fight club!

    I want to get super stoked re Rad Reset Moon, but I am suspicious that rx Merc is going to be a big old wet blanket on the event. Maybe suspicious isn’t the right word… More like realistic?

    More than anything, I’ve been feeling the rx Merc coming around the bend. It’s gonna be a fuqer of a retro for me, I think. Will be spending the whole time holed up and painting. That’s my plan for Nov.

    • I reckon call merc retro’s bluff. Just do whatever, but always have a backup plan and remember never to lose your patience. .. one just smiles and goes on one’s way or waits calmly until dust settles / traffic jam eases (bring something to listen to) / goes to cafe until computer system resumes normal operation etc πŸ˜‰

      • Right on, Pi: I hear that. Can’t go to the cafe, though, as it’s only accessible to the fully ambulatory– which I am not (yet). I know what you mean, though.

        That reminds me of the other thing I’ll be doing in Nov besides painting: physical therapy. So apt that I’ll be spending the rx Merc relearning how to walk, isn’t it?

        By the way, I Hate virtual keyboards. Just sayin.

        • Ah, so that’s two scorps who mashed their legs – was it Scorpbot who smashed her ankle – Or was that you? don’t tell me I am getting my Scorpios mixed up.. *trouble* πŸ˜‰

          But yes, Maybe that merc retro will be wonderful for Art and phys therapy. nice to schedule in the simplest stuff and that is all we wish to expect of ourselves. gives us space. xxx

          • Getting Scorps mixed up. Its not hard. Tee hee :) Nah wasn’t me. I did smash my wrist 10 yrs ago tho (was running in the rain & slipped on a slab of marble – ouch). I had metal pins keeping broken bones together. So cool! Disappointed the little scars are fading. I like scars…

            • ah so i was mistaken.

              scorps would like scars :) besides, they’re conversation pieces in the sack.

              PS yes scorp inc i too hate virtual keyboards.

    • “Will be spending the whole time holed up and painting. That’s my plan for Nov.”

      sounds dreamy! i can’t imagine anything better … :)

      • Well, I can think of a couple of things that would be better bwahaha but, yeah: holed up and painting is pretty damn sweet. πŸ˜‰ I ought to set up a lemonade stand… hmm…

  7. well, whatever I am scheming is so secret, even *I* don’t know what I am planning. Typical Pisces mercury… the ideas don’t exist until they do. then there are zillions. The cone of probability is wide with this one.

    • If I know you Pi– and I don’t– I’d guess your scheme involves complete world domination in 2013.

      We are waiting. πŸ˜‰

      • haha. Well, I’ll start with dominating my health routine, then academic life. I’m on the verge of contemplating buying (first-timer) two sets of really yummy stockings and garter belt / skirt thing. Also for some reason the ‘little voice’ is telling me to get back on the Pill after a long absence. Does Inner Pi know something that Other Pi doesn’t? Probably. Preparing for whorish (in the best sense of the word) 5th-house Scorpio transits no doubt, lolololololol

  8. I LOVE the picture sooooo much!!!!

    Um, I might be with Pi…. It’s so secret I don’t know about it.

    Get Victoria’s Secret model body? Yeah, I work overtime – doubt I can achieve that by then.

    Major property investor? Yeah, don’t have a deposit yet.

    Marriage? Yeah, don’t have a man.


    • P.s. I hate glitter anything but if they made glitter nailpolish that looked like that image I would apply twice daily!

  9. i was going to post a massively emo post but decided not to …!

    instead – any tips on generating the mother of all new moon rituals for this eclipse? i mean hardcore. i am taurus sun/libra rising/gemini moon. i won’t go into too much detail, but being caught in the headlights of the zap zone (0 degree libra ascendant) and having pluto dance the tarantella over my neptune conjunct IC and scattering little bits of (actual, not astrological) cancer over both my parents in the process, we all need a refresh and rejolt. wild plans are in place that i never dreamed possible but there is a strange inertia slowing everything down and i think i am ready to jetpack off into the unknown (the rest of my life – move cities, move friends, move jobs …).

    maybe i should be careful what i wish for? but i think i’m sick of being reactive, i want to be ACTIVE in my life.

    i keep thinking of einstein’s quote: “a problem can’t be solved by the same mindset that created it”. i’ve asked my sister to write a poem for me, to reimagine my life so i can see it anew and then take steps forward …

    • also realised i never replied to people about finding four leaf clovers! i never used to find them, until one day classmates found a patch and i discovered it too. since then, i’ve had the talent. i think it’s something you can ‘switch on’. also, they tend to grow by roadsides and paths, places where people walk, not so much random fields. whether this is due to them wanting to be found, or just being mutated from contact with pollution, is hard to say! finally, i only really find them in that big, green with light-green patches, round-leafed kind of clover that gets really large in wet patches (maybe hence more probability of mutation?). the bigger, the better. good luck xoxo

  10. Fuq me dead, I don’t think I’ve ever been more shit-scared in my life.
    Things at home VERY weird. Hub and I having amazingly honest and open and loving convos, yet so much emotion. He is so distant despite my pain. I have cried more than I thought possible. Actual screaming anguish.
    The hot lover I think has completely gone, too long a story but some email blocking issues I’m too tech un-savvy to figure out. Crushed about this. Feeling vengeful.
    No job. Council of war at uni tomorrow. I can’t believe this is my life, yet it’s all my own doing. Thank god for red wine!

      • Thanks Nic xxx and you too. Sounds like you are going through much worse. Read those books, yes? What’s first on your list?

        • First up is “The Places That Scare You” by Pema Chodron. Buddhist techniques for fearlessness and compassion :)

          And it’s all good, the odds are in my favour that it’ll be benign. Sometimes you just need a wake up call, you know? A little reminder that we’re so lucky to be here.

          • Another great little book is “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway”. For when you are seized by fear and are consumed by “the world is crumbling under my feet” moments… Not a monument to great literature but inspiring and motivational.

          • The book sounds like a good place to start. Will chase up a copy myself, sounds like just what I need :)

    • Sounds like a roller coaster dear – good to cry – it’s big loss/transition. Very painful but it will leave you cleansed. Walk it out? X x

      • Thanks babe… one day at a time as they say. Walking helps. Need to get back to yoga, that will help too. So much confusion makes it hard to see what’s the next right thing. Giving up the illusion of control is proving rather difficult for this control freak xx

    • awww, hugs. in my experience the waiting was the hardest part. cue tom petty but true- after the deed is done and life must move on but NOT JUST YET. the burning to ashes takes longer than we imagine, i’m realizing. BUT your roller coaster has left the gate and is climbing the hill and at some point soon you’re going to fly!!. <3

      • Thanks so much HDQ, you are right, the waiting has kept me awake for months on end. It’s a relief to have it out in the open. I feel like crap but I’m already sleeping better.
        Talk about zap zone! Will tend to my emotional wounds for a few days, get back to some proper eating, drinking water and stay off the sauce as we say in Oz xx

      • Thanks hun. xxxx
        Hope all is ok w you. I am taking big notice of your ‘life is too short, live it and do what matters to you’ vibe around here at the mo. It resonates. x

        • Yes. Let your head and heart work together and be where they need to be. Time and relationship are precious – it’s become vital for me to be able to look around me and know that this is 100% the way I want to and need to be spending my time right now, including spending it with other people important to me. I want to be able to look back and only have love and peace in my heart, not unanswered questions, not doubt or regret. And, if by chance those things do linger, then trying to account for this philosophically.. allowing it to become part of the texture of my life and maybe forgiveness eventually can help to smooth it down.
          Too soon for me to say for myself, but I know that you are doing what you can to release yourself from a difficult and complex situation. lotsa love xx

  11. Currently dealing with a potentially cancerous breast lump which has made me think about the things I would want to do if given a time limit on life. On the list is:

    Read more. Read all the books I’ve bought and half started and never finished and are sitting on my bookshelf.

    Travel. See the great works of art produced over the last few millennia.

    Call my friends more often.

    Spend more time exploring the amazing forests that surround my home.

    And that’s really all that matters. No big house, no fancy car, no prestige. Just family and friends and reading and learning and art. And my cats. They are awesome :)

    • Oh my dear, take good care. I can only imagine how you are feeling. Hope you have good medical care to help you xxx

    • I think the rx Merc will be the perfect atmosphere for conquering that To Do list. Regardless of whether or not that lump is indeed malignant, you must begin that list: Life is short, and regret is a B. Get in the driver’s seat and Live. xoxo

    • no time like the present…do call your friends. relationships count. forests count. life and art on earth counts. xxxx

  12. So the house build that’s had multiple delays is due to start on the 14th.
    I’m fearing the retro astro and that it’ll be cursed

  13. sheeeeeet! I’ve been up to secret plans since June 2011! I feel like if I say it out loud it will diminish the return. It’s been so hard to say nothing and to have no one to talk to about my losses but I swear things are changing and the playing field will be forever different after this.

    • ok now im scared. i just looked up what degrees of scorp it will affect…21 deg.. which is on my moon. plus so far other astrologers have painted this event so negatively, grump.

  14. Wow.. someone wrote about being scared. I have GREAT things coming my way and everything is falling into place and I am so emotional about it. I have been working for a company that has beaten me senseless. If you have ever been in prison, I haven’t, I can imagine what it is like because that is what it felt like. Or maybe a physically abusive relationship. OMGosh… so here I am getting ready for a bright life of relief and I am scared. I have friends offering to help me and I am afraid to let them. I am afraid to get close to them. I also feel like when someone helps me I have to own them my life. So, what is my secret? I don’t know. I am too caught up in my planning, starting and hoping for everything to be ok.

    Health is a big concern for me and I picked up a juicer over the weekend. This is a big step for me. I need to get my health back in line with energy building and confidence. I have been not happy with myself. Up and down…

    Wishing you all the best. I love this site.. Thanks Mystic!! xo!!

  15. Also packing it just a little, eclipse bang on my pesky mars/neptune conjunction. Shee-it!

    Pluto is also trining my sun and I’ve been phoenixing to the max with, I’d like to think, the help of a little bit of pixie dust sprinkled by Neptune on my progressed Ascendant. Whatever the eclipse brings I’m soldiering on.

  16. Getting my health and wellness back . Getting rid if anything toxic people , food , wrong thinking . Working to make new work . New designs . Containment if ideas !

  17. I vow to take no prisoners. The fact that there is a battle going on at all is the secret.

  18. It’s funny because, I mentioned to my bf last week, I might go back and study teaching and prompted him that it’s a secret. Besides that, I’ve been brewing streams of consciousness where I KNOW that there is the creative in me developing and about to burst out. I’ve been honing in on that. The other thing I daresay I’m hiding from is myself, but I feel in mid Nov there is a chance I’ll bump into someone I have intense feelings for, and am afraid because I know we have Karma. He pops up in dreams and was even there this morning! But it could also be a Scorpio thing, the more I try and deeply bury such things away my psyche drags them right up to the surface.

  19. I’m secretly studying for the Cisco CCNA exam (my dad used to work for them and I haven’t even told him…I want to surprise everyone when I finish on my own) and have started to work on an old draft of my book after months off to focus on school (13,000 words so far, so a start). Doing prep work now and I have word count goals and a study guide book for the exam that I’ll be working on all November…over partying, over my old job, scheming for a major career/$$$/respect makeover in 2013. Next summer is going to be wonderful, I can feel it. But for now I’m actually really enjoying the hard work and being Saturn-girl (Venus in Capricorn trine my ascendant and moon seems to be more activated now that Neptune is out of Aqua, Uranus in Aries finally kicking in on my Mars = let’s do this!).

  20. I don’t know what my plans are any more. My secret plan was to move, but my shrink pointed out that uh…I have been in denial and am just not gonna move this year no matter what, probably, because I am not up to it and I don’t exactly move fast on this shit (Taurus).


  21. My first thought was “another reset?Really?” .Resets are my remedy to boredom and it can be a bit extreme to live like that…then when you mention it might happen in secret I was relieved.

    Certainly feels like something is brewing in the watery dark depths at the mo’

  22. Think that’s happening on my ascendent – slightly on the 12th house side ( well that is until I get it rectified πŸ˜‰ )
    Coupled with Neptune and Saturn – Hmmmm, I am experiencing synchronicity like I haven’t had for over 15 years and it seems to be leading me somewhere that I’d thought I’d dismissed since then…….
    Spent the weekend with a Scorpio friend, her Scorpio daughter, my daughter sun conjunct Pluto and me scorpio rising…………… lots of Gemini around too ……….. I mean it was an ordinary weekend, doing ordinary family things – with that much scorp? Nice to be with the Haute crowd for a while :-)

    • Same here eclipse on my conjuncted neptune (12) / ascendant / south node (1) and experiencing syncronicity, being very intuitive and telepathy. I was aware of it when I was a kid but my family treated me like a freak so I put a lid on… and it’s popping now, welcome back! Yes tend to attract like minded people, at the moment what a relief!
      Keep with the Haute Willowwolf :)

  23. Secretly working on a book in the month of November for nanowrim. I just want to take the challenge not sure I want anyone to know I am working on it either. i work best in private w/o prying eyes until I am ready to show off my work.
    Lots of other projects secretly brewing behind closed doors in my cauldron.

    • I’ve never participated but I was thinking about officially signing up for that too! It’s like a cerebral marathon. And yes, I keep my writing stuff secret until I’m ready. I’m very Dr. Dre with it. lol

  24. 😯

    The eclipse will conjunct Natal Uranus 22 degrees in the 9th house… 😯 Also Gemini Sun, Sagg Neptune and Leo True Node are all at 21 degrees… 😯

    *Drinks from a bucket of coffee*


    • I hear you. I have several plantes around 21 degrees! Including Uranus ( third house ) amongst other… I’m feeling a bit ???? myself.

      That being said, I feel like I’m already in rx mercury. Massive failing in communication from my workplace regarding my pay. Mercury is conjunct Uranus at the moment for me,too. I am NOT looking forward to the upcoming Rx. Eeek.

      • Conjunct my natal jupiter in the 4th.
        So many things I’d like to focus on … improving my relationship with my older son (easier said than done when he’s interstate and I think space is what he’d prefer … so just ensuring he knows I’m here if he needs me), improving my work environment (at the fix it or fuq it stage), and nanowrimo too.
        And communication problems hitting here too. Broke the ‘j’ key off of my laptop, and my mobile phone’s gone haywire … people phone and it doesn’t ring, and when they do get through unless I’m listening with an ear piece it sounds like they’re talking under water … though sometimes that can be a bonus :-)

  25. It’s all going crazy!! I can see I am not alone reading the previous posts.
    About to ditch my job, after 5 years of total laissez-faire from management they now want me to justify all my moves despite the numerous awards won for my work. I don’t have access to my budget anymore and telling me there’s no money left for new projects which is bullcaca. Anyway too draining for me to hang in there.
    My dad who lives in France (as my whole family) is in hospital with serious heart conditions and I feel so useless being so far away and my family telling me not to come over :(
    All my rejection issues are bubbling up … to be delt with I know but so overwhelming!
    Love Zombying to the max too. Met this over charming crabbess 8 months ago and we get on very well, do so many things together as friends which is fine most of the time except I still want more!! (my mars in leo and my jupiter in kataka conjucts her sun while her virgo venus conjuct my virgo sun.
    My 13 year old daughter hates school and just has very poor results she went from top 5 of her year to bottom 5 in 6 months, school tells me it’s normal, makes me scream!
    On the good side I have started energy work to centre myself and going for a meditation mastery course. I am hoping to see through all this fog and sphinx into …. ME.
    Wishing you all the best. Namaste

    • i have no idea of your family situation but if you want to go to France and see your dad, Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and take your fabulous 13 yo daughter – maybe this will be a good thing for her. tell school to take a hike for 2 or 3 weeks. everything matters. just do it. don’t listen to anything else except what’s in your heart.

      • Thanks Pi!
        I would love to do so but it’s financially not viable (got to take leave with no pay) and don’t have enough saving for 2 tickets. Working on getting there in 6 months from now :)
        Dad’s condition is better after an operation and everyone is confident, so let’s save so we can stay over there for longer :)

        • aww that’s cool. I am glad he is better after that. As long as you both can be in contact, that’s the first thing. xx

  26. Woooooweee! A big freakin month for so many peops! And yes MM I figured this was a not so covert covern lol.
    SO Um I’m with Pi when I say that I really do think its not so much that I have a bunch of stuff to keep secret as much as ‘the universe’ hasn’t told me yet and is planning to drop bombshell on me ala Scorpio jumping out of a cake shouting SURPRISE!!

    The eclipse is happening at 22 Scorpe, my north node is at 28 and on the same day mars will be sextiling uranus……. Help!

    I’m thinking maybe just pack a bag ready with an outfit for all possible climates and get my affairs in order and sit tight? :)

    Big hugs to all you brave awesome peeps transcending breaking down and breaking through xx

  27. Up until a week ago i had been feeling like a ran a race, got to the finish line and no one else arrived, it stopped me in my tracks. Ive been transforming all aspects of my life since November last year. I went from lower neptune long distance lover, good but soul sucking corp arts job to self starting, single, fine arts student with increasing good health (thyroid, pyrolluria) to boot! My biz and uni have been going great guns then me and my momentum swung low and the pendulum stopped just after the Uranus in Pluto extravaganza. Its coming back and i have plans to build the biz, the bod and the lovin, a little travel and a lot of creative enterprising in my dreams and waking life…x

  28. I do need to leave this job before it leaves me. Have plans for NaNoWriMo and writing a novel. Also have plans to get myself back into some shape other than round. Trying to find ways to get myself to exercise and eat better. Just ’cause Whole Foods is a good brand does not mean what I choose to eat there is good for me….

  29. I am so there already! I have some secret plans hatching as I type and I’m not sharing them with too many people because they’re just secret right now. They’re going to take a little time and they’re pretty darn big and I’m excited as hell but I don’t really want to talk about them too much because they’re THAT big and they’re so pretty in my head.

  30. My current relationship has been somewhat secret since it’s inception (it is the HeadTeacher at my daughter’s school) for professional and personal reasons, so whilst I don’t have any secrets or secret plans that I’m hatching, it would be interesting to see how the Eclipse and Mercury Retrograde affect it!

  31. Never mind the eclipse…tho it’s nuzzling right up to Neptune in Scorp so I guess it could be…well, noticable.

    I’ve just become a little more attuned to the Mercury rets at 4 Sagi and that’s precisely where he resides in my natal chart, also retro.

    So this Sagi is not usually much phased by Mercury rets but.. whaaaat??

  32. plans- 1. already in motion, going to start my new job on a gorgeous island 30 mins from the mainland with subsidised accomodation and good hours.

    2. be healthy be organised. Wall planner for 2013 already purchased. regular food shopping for healthy, protein and fibre rich meals, smoothie blender purchased for my breakfasts, exercise gear and yoga mat packed.

    3. stop worrying about money/repeatedly getting involved in real estate. leave my little nest egg in a high interest savings account, and using my extra cash for beautiful holidays and travels

    4. meet a lover and love them

  33. Some of my best things have come from me being quiet about it.
    That would be all my Scorpio stuff, my Libra, Gemini stuff want me to tell the world everything as soon as I think it:)

    I am so excited this time of year!
    It is a mysti morning here in Glorious Michigan and the leaves have fallen in every color from gold to red to aqua greens!

  34. My birthday is on the eclipse–Nov 13! It is my 48th birthday and the numbers 4 and 8 have been really prominent in my life, turning up in all sorts of odd ways and places. Part of me is really anxious. I feel a sense of impending Something–like, is this going to be my last birthday ever? That is my Neptune conjunct Sun in Scorp, I guess–always imagining the worst and preparing for it. But fundamentally my chart is airy and mutable, so in the next minute, I go– that’s BS. Anyway, I am glad to hear Mystic is calling it the “Reset” moon, not the “Crack of Doom” Moon.

  35. i SO need a Reset… made great changes, took mega risks – some of which came off, some of which did not … now the end of my Year in a Very Foreign Place is coming to an end and somehow my confidence about the wisdom of this move, and of my being able to manifest a future that suits me, is kind of evaporating.

    So bring on the Reset.