The Tantric Flasher- Monthly Scheduler For November Is UP Now

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Yeah right. Mercury Retrograde the same time as a Solar Eclipse in Scorpio. Who RUNS these things? Okay, so it’s dodgy data for the US Elections for sure – last time they held an Election with Mercury Retrograde was when President Bush got in, due to – apparently – some issues with the voting machines. The current crop of Republicans make George Jnr look benign by comparison. They’re a bit Handmaid’s Tale.

So anyway, INTENSE month and the Monthly Scheduler for  November is posted – i have not got the new groovy calendar format up yet but the info is ALL there, Mercury Retro/Eclipse dates etc + Neptune Direct which is always good news for Love Zombie relationships.

I am not being sarky with the latter, it’s true. Neptune Direct seems to correlate with some movement in the impossible crush stakes. I had an insight during Pilates, something about Love Zombie ‘relationships’ being like the romantic equivalent of the futures or derivatives market. But it needs development.

AND i am going to make the Daily Mystic email For Monday ALL about the Mercury Retro of November…The D.M email is sent out to subscribers Mon to Fri. It varies in tone from kindly & New Age to hectoring and with swear words. Depending on the astro.

I had a person complain about the ‘fuq’ word in one. He said he was a lawyer and it made him nervous, like something bad might happen. I said actually, when the astro is crap city, i am really NICE in the Daily Mystic email. If i start out saying something like “dear ones” and end with “blessed be” and a reminder to nurture yourself with lavender oil/self-love whatever, that’s when you don’t leave the house except for when you’re in your hazmat suit clutching crystals.

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52 thoughts on “The Tantric Flasher- Monthly Scheduler For November Is UP Now

  1. A Tantric Love Retreat on the Gold Coast sounds completely gideous especially with grey haired pony tailed men with suntans. Ick, ick, ick. Creep city. Your peeping Tom is probably quite demure in comparison.

  2. Oh lol! I’m on the GC and in peripheral industries. The police will be hard pressed. The grey pony tail brigade is alive well and quite possibly multiplying. What with the afore mentioned eclipse/retro they’ll be out in force. Fuq yeah! Xx
    Ps I’m rather fond of the nurturing it really does help!

    • I’ve recently moved to the GC – noted many weirdos and lost souls myself. It’s a weird place – within 1 km you can be swanning around to skulking around making sure you have your bag/wallet secure and avoiding eye contact with the oddballs. And yes re the ponytailed men – wtf? don’t they realise it’s 2012?

      • In defence of the GC and I live on the sthn groovy end, any beach,anywhere in the world has ikcy fake tan old guys sliming around.

  3. “that’s when you don’t leave the house except for when you’re in your hazmat suit clutching crystals.”

    love this. but you forgot to include the full-face respirator and sat-phone with “112” on autodial #1 and counsellor / bodyworker / bottle shop at #2 (case of beer is cheaper and lasts longer than a massage)

    this is what the past 3+ weeks have felt like.


    • except that’s what I needed to wear in the house I was staying in, and the normality was else where.

    • Big big love Pi honey. Condolences. Not much I can say that wont sound like cliche. It so rough when the peops you think should help aren’t there. But the reality is they just aren’t. And they couldn’t be if they tried. In my experience hired help in crisis is invaluable…. Set that sat nav phone of yours up!!! Your gp can set you up with free counseling ( seriously just ask) and there is an amazing supplement called neurocalm. It’s the absolute bomb! Find a naturopath to give you some. Sending epic vibes of support your way xxx

        • I’ll need to check but calmative herbs and happy neurotransmitter making minerals!!! More to the point it’s proven in trials to work as effectively as sleepy meds and antidepressants without all the nasty side effects :) I’m not a herbalist but work with them and In rough times gone by taken this to great functional effect. I think it’s a metagenics product xx

      • all solid advice Fire fish. Might see if GP can advise counsellor of some sort. Also just realised have not been taking B vitamins. Nature’s prozac.
        What I really need is a Scorpio or Toro older person who can see what I need before I have to spell it out. Wise, empathic and suitably third-party Aunty types are interstate but that’s exactly what I need I think. Or, a magical elf person who pre-empts and meets my every need, reads my mind, appears and disappears at the drop of a hat as needed, lolololol :) everything sort of OK generally but each day contains a small meltdown of some sort at some point :( oh well fuq it. the only way out is through yeah. and with a fistful of neurocalm washed down with a double long black :)

        • That’s the way kitten!!! Let the mini melt downs happen as they happen. Through baby through!!!! X

  4. Yes!

    Once you’ve figured it out please do a post on the Love Zombie / derivative market correlation.

  5. oh yeah re the derivative / zombie correlation. As I was reading , my thinking went like this:
    hmm, love zombie > love predicated on assumed match > v distant or tenuous links > one person is banking on giant success > except there is far greater risk of massive crash into reality > other person highly unlikely to come to the party > gigantic emotional investment / risk > payoff distant and unreliable > reality only hits when the love zombie goes to cash in > no dice

    which sort of sounds derivative-ish or whatever to me.? not bad mystic. keen to hear your most likely much more articulate and better-astro-informed version xx

  6. Can you please tell your friend NOT to go I repeat NOT go. This will FUQ with her sexual energy which is perfectly aligned – she’s too sensitive and WILL take on some other crap if she goes. Better to loose the money spent than spend time money undoing this – will cost more in releasing and bad decision making due to this energetic transfer. If she is committed to the Gold Coat with flights should just have chill out time alone. This is bad I repeat bad – P.S course is not bad or bad for everyone lots of people do it and get it – but I don’t like two participants in her course and her energy is just too sensitive for this.

    • Funny that, there was a woman offering 2 day tantra on meetup los angeles, thankfully you can scan the other attendees/members of the group. Frightening. It may as well have been retitled, Middle-Age-Men-On-Viagra/Horny Goat Weed-Trying-It-On-After–They-Made-Money-Off-Derivatives/Social-Oppression. For some reason, I had a flash that this would be the type sweating profusely while going soft on top of a woman repeatedly going, “can you feel my qi? Feel my qi?? Feel the potency of my qi?”

      Perhaps they’d have a bit more success with the workshop if it went a la club/orgy promo i.e. women attend for free. And even then I can’t imagine anyone sane putting herself through that.

      She could perhaps encourage female phd students to go for a case study :0

    • IMO I’d suggest tigress yoga class no strange pony tail men and no need to fly to the GC although it is a gorgeous day on the beach right now :) x

  7. Has anyone else stopped receiving the blog updates to their email? I have missed about 10 posts!

      • Ok. Not sure what to do, I have been receiving your blog post updates for 7 years and they stopped earlier this week. The wordpress page looks like something for setting up a blog? I have to put my glasses on…

        • A few people have said this – i think it occurred when i got the site mobile optimized – but apparently the solution IS in that WordPress page. However i just emailed dev guy so will be bk to you. If i dont comment here in next 24 hours pls email me xxx

        • I mean I am not getting your blog posts sent to my email (as opposed to replies on replies). I just put Mystic Medusa in their search bar and got sexy costumes????

          • Ok, I will keep hunting on the page, but I can’t find any sort of reference to blog subscriptions via email or similar…. will be back to check fo sho.

            • contacted their ‘support’ which means my question has gone to an open forum which sounds pretty dodgy. I have been getting posts from other wordpress blogs, so it is just the MM site that is playing up…Is it merc retro yet or what? So tired but can’t sleep…

              • I just emailed Mystic as get logged in to read the scopes but can’t access. Still do get the DM tho…

                If you read my post below, you’ll note I’m having technical difficulties of all sorts …lol

  8. Well I’m totally in limbo love wise – yep me with trans Neptune on my Asc. My (totally) gay bestie/flatmate has told about 5 times over 24 hours that I’m his perfect match except I have “a V and tits”! We do have Venus in Gem exact conj and both have Moon/Mars in Kataka and Pisces rising – he’s a multiple conj Gem (4th house) and I’m a Leo but our synastry/composition charts are amazingly compatible. My LL (formerly Libran Lover is now my Lost Libran) is history due to his umm , uncontainable alcohol abuse. No LZ here but being so watery I still ache for the dream and what we had together without all that shit. But I’m not answering his calls and have taken an APO out against him and he’s moved States as he’s exhausted all his family/friends in Qld; (he was super verbally vicious to me when we had our lost month in Noosa on 2 occasions) so I’ve gotten real.

    But now I’ve developed this friendship with our 25 y o neighbour – an architecture student who is lovely and v friendly (txts me a lot). He’s cute as and we talk for hours but really I feel 23 years age difference is going way too far for more than friendship, though I am tempted. Mystic said in my Zeitgeist that as I have progressed AC in Aries I’m catnip to Aries men so that must be the explanation. Aaarhh, I’m hiding from men for awhile. Looking forward to moving to our new apartment in 5 weeks – bigger, brand new, and more space for my kids to visit. FOCUS :-)

    • I know it’s probably uber complicated in your real life, but brought a grin to my face (not the bit about the messed up ex tho.. :( ) – hope it all works out for you FF x

    • Oh, great. So we get to deal with the ex-LL? I swear the US is like the go-to-ground for Lovers/Hubbys gone haywire. Recalling the Wayne Carey affair and his immediate flight to Vegas, the Sewer etc.

      I think it’s lovely to have a little attention FF, and I wouldn’t worry about the age gap for now, just enjoy it. I’m sure the move will take a lot of your time and energy but doesn’t hurt to be reminded you got it no? xx

      • No no FA – LL has moved to SA, another state in Oz, fortunately for US citizens :-) Sorry to peeps in SA :-(

        And yes it is nice to have some attention from this lovely Aries guy, but after all the turmoil with LL (15 years younger) over the past 6 months, I just want some peace and serenity for awhile. xx

        • FF, sounds like with Neptune on your Asc, you are a true “dream girl” (for men), no? :)

        • haha.. ah ok, glad you let me know before I called border patrol :)

          Ah of course, p & q are required, am sure if you keep it light and lovely you can reap the anti-oxidant benefits of a good flirt-on without having to go further. I seem to have lost interest in love, which I think is more an aspect of my accepting it’s not happening so I tend to treat my current cadre as “activities”. It’s mutual so it works.

  9. Funny post Mystic!

    Geeze, I have Merc Rx natally which doesn’t mean I’m spared I suppose.

    Last week my blow dryer blew up AND I got my THIRD ipod wet at work. Been there 6 years as of the 2nd of Nov so three ipods in 6 ain’t bad no? 😯 ( problem)..

    I was merrily eating my salad in the staff room after having gotten my room all ready to go…all organized, set, etc…Super on top of things can relax, read a magazine and munch…

    MEANWHILE, the water fountain was overflowing and my ipod was laying there next to it…

    Back to cd’s for the time being and do have that little match book sized ipod thingy.

    A few weeks ago it was the tv picture going out.

    • Oh hey, the good news is that I’m having a Moon Return as I speak! (26 Cap)

      Is a wonderful day! Finally cooling down out here and took a walk this morning, organized my papers…did some mending with thread and needle…remember that?

      Opened old mail…..There was a check in there for $3.00 that I didn’t even know about! Hip hip hooray! 😆

      Meditate for 45 mins and go to a meeting…I’d say I’ve done my Moon pretty well today…

      And it feels like Fall…yay!!

      (ps, the washing machine went bonkers….add that to the techno crazy list…lol)

  10. Brilliant Daily Mystic for Monday!

    But am curious why the Scorpio Sex Academic is bitterly regretting have signed up for the tantric workshop

  11. I’m having that difficult Cap moon weekend you referred to in your Friday email.

    I’m having a financial crisis and feeling bad about myself. Worried that rent won’t be made by the 1st of the month, can’t get anyone in to rent out my other room…..everything feels stuck, and weird…..everyone is so flaky……
    I’m not feeling ‘strong’ in the situation. Not sure what else I can do…..I’m kind of collapsing on myself. That moon was conjunct my Cap Venus at 6 degrees which is also in the ZZ hot zone……I can’t really take any more of this…….I think I’m going to lose my place to live, and that’s what’s worrying me most. I don’t have anywhere else to go…..totally destabilizing……I just can’t be homeless again….

    • Good luck, anonymous, that is such an awful feeling, to be worrying you will lose your home…sending you best wishes that something beneficial will unfold for you soon xx

  12. Your flasher reminded me of a most memorable member of the flashing fraternity. It was 1987, october 20, 25 years ago ?I was travelling for business, in Chicago, had just arrived and a few new associates took me down to Rush St. for a couple of drinks. We were in a bar with windows to the road and I was standing there, looking at the first time at a Chicago street scape. The street was busy, it was about 4 in the afternoon. I catch a glimpse of a large afro american guy on the other side of the road. He stood out because he was so large in stature, not fat, built. He had no shoes on ? and seemed to only be wearing a grey overcoat. As I watched, he claimed his first victims, he sees 2 women walking down the road, he stands in front of them and pulls back the coat. There it was for all to see, the biggest, hardest black coq that certainly I’d ever seen. It took me a while to realise what I was watching, and I grabbed one of my assocs. and pointed to this amazing figure, standing proudly, face with a knowing grin, 12 inches of rock hard muscle out front, she just laughed and said “oh, yeah” thats pretty normal for around here…
    Must say that was an extremely memorable night. Chicago at that time was a fun city. The stock market had just crashed big time, people were going bats.

  13. Yeah,

    Reaaaaaaaaaaaallllllyyyyyyy concerned about this election in theUS..merc Rx and all…..anything in the stars about when financial fuqery will climax? So tired of bankers buying up our gov….and now reading more crap about the republican candidate has a son who owns voting machines in a few states… :/

    And counted electronically …during retrograde????? Yikes….and will these wars ever stop? We don’t support it but it seems only the banks have the ears of lawmakers :(

  14. Very freaky regarding Neptune… I had an interview this morning for a fantastic new job that will hopefully move me back to a city. Anyway the car park I used had 9 floors and each floor was named after a planet… It even had a bizarre robotic alien type voice announcing which floor you are on in the lift. After I parked my car on Neptune I noticed that a guy I knew as an associate, who I always thought was cute but very married, left me a message updating me on where his career had gone over the past couple of years. He then announced that he was divorced and he would like to catch up some time.

    Very unexpected, but also in another state so is unlikely to evolve very quickly. I just hope the parking on Neptune will also give my the same type of shift in my career. Lol!

  15. “..I had a person complain about the ‘fuq’ word in one. He said he was a lawyer and it made him nervous, like something bad might happen… ”

    totally agree on. Seemingly fresh reading the ‘fuq’, but it gets people to easily react to each other when someone says differently. They don’t get to respect the other but just saying fuq’ right away. Annoying as if dealing with a bunch of gals who need to take MIDOL. Reaction is very RAW here. ended up there has been many people pointing out the comments are NOT balanced. It found that interesting. Peeps are just echoing whatever chief said. Exactly like Rama. Exactly like Scorp group., which get me to skim through mostly. So stuffy in air.