Astro-Beauty: Beyonce Has Mars In Leo Rising

Yes, yes we KNOW Beyonce is a Virgo and all but let’s face it – she TOTALLY works her Leo Rising. Sorry…MARS in LEO rising. She works it so perfectly and with such flair that i think she figured out or got advice that she was Leo Rising and that looking it would really rev her Mars energy.  Looking like your Ascendant is a genius styling tip. So you get fashion Flow.

A lion would the the most awesome possible Leo Rising accessory – failing that, think high concept buttercup/sunshine yellow in an iconic cut. Plus, obviously, supersonic unapologetic curves, a fine line in queenly feminism and big hair, no matter WHAT the hell you have to do get it.



Image: Jean Baptiste Mondino

115 thoughts on “Astro-Beauty: Beyonce Has Mars In Leo Rising

    • Follow the ruler- Pisces has 2 – if you want to be suspected nutjob, junkie or thief go the Neptunian look. If you want to attract good vibes and deflect the boring naysayers go JUPITER. I find when I dress almost Saggacious it really works for me. Could also be because if you have Pisces rising you would also have Saggo on the MC.

      For me, this is looking audacious, brave, sassy/street, basically adventurous and like devil -may-care, borderline ridiculous, and if sporting bedhead from hot tantric session with random just now I know I can get away with it MUCH more than if I had capricorn rising.
      I have Capricorn north node and a heavy Saturn so I can’t go as far as wearing purple, or large gemstones, or typically hippie scents, but anything that hints of the mysterious or unusual is typically the style zone of pisces rising, right? but BTW I think that it also embodies a power, not the waify airheady flowerchild look. There is something oft overlooked about compassionate Piscean types and that is that they will not be fuqed with, so black leather, tatts and punkish signals sit well here too.

      What do other Pisces risers think?

      • Yup Pisces rising Sago on the MC with Neptune!! I am so at home in the floaty flow! In my early 20′s I did do the the punk/goth scene lol! V not to be messed with…. scorpe north node helps! a smidge older I think i’m going for that sagacious look you mentioned massive Leo sun bed hair that some how people ‘admire’ but I do mix it with the hippieish mu mu’s + crystal jewelry. There really is a thing with the Fish rising that people mistake huh? I call it the bambi complex… there is always shock when intelligent cutting comments/humour are first experienced…..

      • So apt, twinfishrising! Indeed, MC in Sagg: TN conjunct Neptune, even! And, have Jupiter conjunct asc in Pisces. Yes yes yes :)

        Definitely lean toward boho with an attitude, gypsy nature spirit with an edge, flowing flowers with pearl-encrusted brass knuckles. Shazam!

        My style mantra: “People will stare. Give them something to look at.”

    • I think Pisceans (not sure about the risers) are one of the most womanly in looks, which isn’t to crap on about femininity etc. but almost every Piscean I’ve known, including my mother, really embodies the word Woman. It’s the softness and strength combined, without attachment to an age – they are almost never tomboyish, even if they’re not exactly dainty. They’re pliable and strong yet their eyes always seem to say they’ve seen something somewhere far we’ve never even heard of.

      Mystique? Hell yeah.

  1. Pisces rising–yes, I agree with the fluidity. My style wavers and flows. Always changing but somehow consistent.

    I’ve fallen in love with leopard print…Mars in Leo.

  2. I’m a Gem sun with an Aqua ascendant, mars in Pisces and a Cancer moon. I wear patterns with other patterns, it’s like an aggressive bohemian mermaid walked into a variety of thrift stores and expensive boutiques. I don’t think about my outfits, I just find whatever is lying around that “feels” right to how I am feeling. Have yet to not get compliments in a day on a particular statement piece (Gems love statement pieces) or combination one “would not have thought go together”. Classmate once described me as a gypsy from the future. I agree with that. I like to look intimidating and inviting.

    • How curious, you are the female version of my partner!
      A gypsy from the future… Actually I kind of get that. He would wear those futuristic sneakers that look like moccasins at one point.

      Maybe it’s a guy thing, but I think it is a Mars in Pisces thing, he likes to be wear his muscles like a suit yet he is very quiet. Intimidating..but inviting?
      I can truly he say he doesn’t think about his look and picks up whatever is nearest too, lol ;) .

  3. not sure how you “work” the “aqua rising” look, to me I look best when I look like I am not trying too hard (just jeans, tshirt, shoes, but all well cut and well fitting so you wouldn’t know I put thought into it). The more I “try”, the worse things seem to look.
    Seems to be – go for simple and streamlined (but definitely not formal – I have bought a few corporate jackets in my time, none of them have got any wear whatsoever as I just don’t feel good wearing them).
    Boho to a point, but it still has to work together and be relatively simple (best = a simple dress in a simple print). Not too many pieces to it.

    how do other aqua risings work this?

    • Def non fuss. throw it on and run out the door, No brainer clothes. Now I have enough jewellery to match anyhing thats no brainer too. Altho my leo sun did put togther 5 rock chick outfits for Bluesfest one year- took weeks.

  4. I think my Aqua rising translates to me looking best in simple, classic, structural silhouettes. I’m tall, with an hourglass figure, tho I am much more ample on the bottom than the top. Small waist tho. So, I know that I look great in simple sheath dresses, anything form-fitting, long, wide-legged trousers, maxi-dresses, and simple jewelry, if any. I’ve also never worn a lot of makeup…I think it looks weird on me if there’s too much. Most days I don’t wear any jewelry…a cuff bracelet or a necklace at most.
    I also tend to be ahead of trends, I pay attention to them but mostly do what I want. My Gemini sun is a bit more trendy, but I really go for a very specific “tough girl” look, with leather jacket, interesting, layered t-shirts or sweaters, skinny jeans, tough boots or crazy,multi-strapped dominatrix wedges. My formal look can be quite different as I’ll go for full-on glamazon.
    The one thing I can’t do is anything too girly or fussy. I don’t think I’ve ever owned anything pink, minus the white shirt I took from my old college roommate and attempted to dye burgundy but ended up with a light raspberry instead. :)

  5. Leo rising here and the times I’ve been MOST in my element have been when I’ve donned major statement dresses in red (yellows in general do not work w my complexion)….notably a completely off-the-shoulder vintage satin ballgown, and an ultra-feminine DVF number with ruffles.

    Libra moon has helped refine my aesthetic over the years, but I still dream about Scarlett O’Hara dresses and sequined sheaths, and always err on the side of being overdressed for any occasion:)

    • Mars, Venus and Uranus conjunct my ascendant in Leo. Yellow doesn’t work for me either, but love red … always feel right in it.
      Have just won the battle with my hairdresser to get my hair cut short short again … but hate it neatly coiffed … got to have volume and movement.
      Now I’m working on my overabundance of curves – aiming for trim toned and strong, while retaining the soft curvey woman elements.

  6. Gemini rising here! I love something in every style and if I can look like a totally different person the next day. Or maybe could? I think my Virgo sun is taking over so I start dressing more stylishly with more clean lines and few accessories.
    And might be because I am quite mercurial or people just tell me that but I “get” the trends before everyone around me :)

  7. I have Crab rising but I’m Aqua sun and can relate more to what peeps have said about Aqua rising dressing…..simple, not too much jewelry or makeup, that’s more ‘me’. I’ve never dressed super feminine, though in the past maybe had a few ‘motherly’ dresses I’d wear, not anymore.. I do like pearls and moonstones, though…..
    I guess I give off a bit of a ‘soft’ vibe, even if I’m not dressing feminine. People have told me I have a soft, non-threatening, hippie sort of vibe.

  8. Yes, not too girly. Girly really doesn’t work for me. I can’t go shopping in department stores in Asia, and I think me trying to pull a schoolgirl in stripey socks look (I don’t think I ever have, except when I was an actual schoolgirl – even then it didn’t work) and pigtails cutesy poo would ever work in 100 years.

    Agree – classic streamlined shapes seem to work, maxi dresses. Very rarely makeup or more than 1 piece of jewellery. Maxi dresses do seem to work on the Aqua’s I know.

    Can do dressed up occasionally, but to be honest I rarely get the occasion, and feel self conscious when I do – even then, they are generally fairly streamlined pieces.

    Just don’t do high maintenance. Even heels are only for rare occasions.
    Do like crystals but just one at a time is enough (currently, sapphire).

    • This Aqua is definitely a fan of the maxi, streamlined shapes subtle make-up and no or min jewellery and flats!! Partly about high maintenance, partly that anything else all just looks too much on me. White and soft shades and delicate but simple flowing dresses are the best for me. I have a thing for gorgeous fabrics.

      I have Mars in Aries rising, and true to form, look great in red and can work quite well the elfin look. But otherwise am not sure how to maximise this. Any tips for working the Aries rising fashion are welcome :)

  9. as to the “do you look androgynous?” comment above.

    The more I try to look like a GIRL, guaranteed the more masculine I will look = Yuk-O. The Hair won’t cooperate either.

    The more I play it straight down the middle, simple pants (sometimes even skirts, dresses, but simple and generally unadorned) the more I start to look like an actual girl. Which is what I try to achieve.

    If I try to do anything to my hair = disaster. Beach hair is my best look. If I blowdry it, that’s about as much as I can do to it. Don’t even think about trying to style it.

  10. Capricorn rising.
    I played a small experiment at work a few months ago, changed nothing about my actual job, work style etc but dressed super corporate to make a statement that my team does not define me( ditzy bogans is probably the best description of my team at that time), and to see how visual the management team actually is. Dress for success style.
    Won an award for professionalism,a new position, changed the way I am perceived by management but also had some catty comments that I was obviously chasing a man.

  11. Cancer Sun, Virgo Rising, Aqua Moon, Venus Leo – the words “precise” and “unusual” are often amongst the typical descriptors I hear about how I dress. I’ve always dressed by mood, but with the Zap Zone, I’ve come to my own in wearing red – clothes and lips. And I don’t mean sodding burgundy, I mean red, blood, flame or fire.

    It’s a color I wear well but I used to feel uncomfortable in, like I didn’t quite own it yet. Now I adore it and I can’t get enough. I also love any color or print that brings out the shine in a woman’s skin or hair. Highly saturated colors are great for that and are amazing for mood.

    • Oh, I have been forcing myself to buy red lately, maybe it is a ZZ thing! I wore some today, I felt like a different person. Saturated colours are important to me as they are such a tonic. But I don’t like patterns.

    • I love that your astro signature conjures ‘precise’ and unusual to me and you dress accordingly. Living your fashion blueprint!

  12. Pisces rising – deep green, and ocean colors, coupled with pearl earrings (Gem Sun). Fabric choice: silk if I can afford. Shoes must be comfortable. I can’t wear skirts, so it is flowing linen pants. No make up, other than well-defined brown eyebrows – a nod to Uranus in Aries. Next year my Sun progresses into Leo, I am letting my curls grow. I need to change my eyeglass frame but I am waiting for my hair to settle.

    • lovely….deep green is a beautiful colour to wear…. I have scorp rising but love wearing blues and greens… find i do wear a lot of black…. but my gem sun would love me to be wearing more colours… my heart wants me to wear browns and greens… I would love to wear soft soft fabrics on the top and chunky pants and skirts…. but alas I cant really pull that off….. I find i enjoy wearing excercise clothes the most : ) ready to run!!!!!!!!

      • Once I found that the best is first find a style, then work with colors, life was easier. And I think style is simply the kind of clothes that you forget you are wearing :-) Honor your Pisces moon, but as Mystic said work your rising :-)

  13. Gem Rising, Leo Sun, Scorpio Moon, Venus in Cancer, Mars in Virgo..

    My Gem Asc dresses as each archetype according to mood, weather and colour therapeutical necessity. My fixity means I don’t blend looks much, I go for one aesthetic and stick to it.

    I usually only wear blues, greens, turquoise and neutral tones.
    But my Scorpy Moon likes to do her Amy Winehouse/Goth-in-Boots look. Must admit I have my Kataka Kaftan days.
    Mars in Virgo is my raver sports-wear. Leo Sun yes to big hair & simple chunky jewellery.

  14. ha! who gives a darn! shes still Virgo, n ill go with that hotness. :)
    btw libra rising here n ive never been able to work it… :-/

  15. Im really happy for Beyonce… she is super hot and living her rising…. that is great!!!! But can we have a saturn in scorpio advice session please!!!!! MY Goddess!!!! saturn is not on my ascendant until the end of november according to astrodienst, I already feel like Ive had two weeks of saturn depression, I now have aching teeth, and all I do is discipline…. I mean shit…. do you know I had venus square saturn today and tomorrow… now thats not very nice…. what is one meant to do with this? fffs…. so if Ive already got the saturn crunch coming down, how will i be in a month’s time????

    • transiting pluto is 1 degree away from my north node…transiting jupiter is 2 degrees away from my venus… oh its mental… i dont know….

      • Hey MM… Oh I do I do, I cant imagine what I would do without your daily scorpio horoscopes…. arrrrrrrghhhhhhh… an astrologer um what’s her name…. ah Mandi Lockley has written an e book just for saturn in scorp, am going to download it…

        I guess by the time of the eclipse I will know what shit saturn has thought of for me…. may all beings be well may all being be happy may all being be free from sufferring….

  16. Lovelies, as a Scorp with Scorp Rising, I find it very difficult to dress according to my ascendant! I can’t wear latex, black leather and red dessous for work (and I wouldn’t feel entirely at ease, I’m afraid). When I look at magazines – I had a Vogue in my hand at the hairdresser’s – I prefer simple, maybe even a tiny bit androgynous clothes. My favourite colour of the year is dark blue. If anyone has an idea how I could incorporate Scorp better (without being a ridiculous cliché), I’d be so happy to hear your advice! :)

    • PS: If there’s one (pseudo)-celeb whose looks I like, I’d say Olivia Palermo! I know she’s ‘just a socialite’ but still. It’s a bit like falling in love, you can’t choose who appeals to you.

      • Don’t know who this Palermo person is lol but I must say I adore deep blues! I say cut your hair really short, don your andro wear, and go killer drama with your eyes: work that Scorp laser stare!

    • scorp is about extremes so wearing white lace is just as extreme as black leather but on the other end of the spectrum,

  17. i have Leo rising, with Neptune and Pluto aspecting it. i have been passing through ALL the colours in my mane schizofrenically ( included fuchsia, blue, green, orange, light pink) now, after the long, exhausting transiting Saturn in Libra squaring my Venus, I have it done a very serious,politically correct dark-brown. i still feel that is almost correct for me, although the bright pink i adored it, and i felt that was my true soul colour. but, you know, i’m getting serious with the coming of age. sigh. and eventually i realized i don’t live in Camden Town. 8-) |-) sigh

  18. I’m v much looking forward to the next Virgoan’s of fashion, of Libran’s of the arts posts ~ it may be mercury about to conjunct my natal mercury or neptune doing something but am dying for some chic haute Euro style astro pseudo intellectual posts :) !! xx Just sayin

  19. You think that a Gemini ASC with 12th house Mercury conjunct Black Moon Lilith has any luck in being styled? I mean so many things that are in the backdrop.. the First house full of Cancerian goodness Mars/Sun/Venus.. but still… my ascendant styled? What would that be? My tailored suits? Low key androgyny trying to hide my Cancerian womanly form? I don’t know.

    • Gem ascendant and moon (12th house), with cancer Venus, Mercury, and Sun in the first housr here.

      I dig retro. Not granny lace but 40s, 50s, 60s chic. Think Mad Men and Jackie O. I loooove a well tailored blazer. I think I read somewhere that while Gems are fashion forward they also tend to like/favor certain eras.

      I don’t think you’d hide the Cancerian-ness. You’d work it in a unique/retro fashion forward way. Peplums, form fitting dresses, pencil skirts, heels, etc. Dare I say it even pearls…

      All that is old is new again (eventually) after all.

      • Thank you for your perspective… all my crazy suits are so in another era so I know what you are talking about.. I really dig those 1940′s styles.. and own a number of things due to the fact they have always attracted my eyes.

        Yet I really love the updated recycled stuff too.. like when someone takes old wool things and reuses the old fibres and makes new things of it.. that kind of thing. Even realize I did that with a dress of my own, silk from my grandmother, re-dyed and then added layers.. not like a Stevie Nicks style yet very layed and one of a kind..

        Oh thanks for your enthusiasm.. that was precious!

    • gem asc with 12th merc-lilith too. the problem with your query (said in love of course :) ) is the phrase “being styled.” style thyself, girlfriend! 12th gemini lilith-mercury has no master, and no stylist beyond her personal vision of the moment! :) i’m much mellower in my old age but i used to wear some kooky shit. it was fabulous and it worked, but the girl who wore 70s lime-green polka-dot polyester bellbottoms and boy scout shirts and wooden flip-flops (not together necessarily), that was me. and layers of shifting identities, tried on for a while- clothes as costume. i tend to dress for the astro these days though color is an accent to black, 75% black. hiding but not. flow-y skirts and plain tops and jewelery- i adore jewelery. big magickal rocks and stones. everything has a meaning. OH everything has a story!! if it doesn’t have a history i don’t wear it. never realized that till now. :)

      • You’re right, even if I got myself styled.. its not about that. Its about finding the self.. and taking it from there.. they say, its not what you where, but the way you wear it.. and there are some people who can wear anything and make it not only look good, but make other people want to wear it.

        Me, I understand there is a psychology to all of it yet there is a weird part to me.. not just the love of the retro stuff.. but the weird stuff.. the stuff that would make a “Lady Gaga” look puzzled.. yet I like comfortable.. (maybe its that Virgo moon?) LOL..

        I just had this conversation concerning one of my regrets about fashion, and my regret about school not taking one course in shoe making.. but when you come out of a performance art background.. and even video, we forget that we pick out what we wear also on the levels of impacts that they create.. so rolling around in a retro 40′s evening gown, is not unheard of.. but wishing it could be modified so that it would have all these qualities and yet flutter just a little more when you move.. that kind of thing..

        You are way cool and thank you..

  20. virgo sun and virgo rise with mercury on the rise as well…yet I have to say i honour my pisces moon more when it comes to my look. However, i think it may be virgo but i cannot where something twice without cleaning it and always have to match.

  21. How bout some advice for a young guy with Uranus in Cap Rising? Id think with Cap itd be Tailored Suits from Saville Row all the way, but Uranus, well lets just say thats not the way it plays out lol

  22. Beyonce def. works that Leo rising!

    I have Mars on my Saggo ascendant. I may not ever know where I’m going or what I’m doing, but by god try to stop me.

    Shoes that don’t allow for walking are a no-no. (How do you think sag rising’s get those great legs after all?)

  23. Scorp rising with Saggo Sun. There are times when I’m boyish / jeans / turquoise / flowy jewelry Sag and I look fab. People chat with me. Complement me on my skin tone. When I Scorp it up (cliche … corsets, dark eyes and false lashes, and maybe even a red luscious lip) I’m almost too intense. I get long looks, blinks and then eyes dart away. It’s kind of fun. But not useful for corporate life. :)

    • Leo sun with Scorp rising. I’m the least intimidating person but I’ve been described by too many as just that. I guess it’s the black, and not in a goth way, either. If I could re-do it I’d wear florals, I guess, but that just isn’t me.

  24. saggo rising. homeless boho chic look works for me. give me cozy stretchy clothing that can travel and look like i got it 10 light years away while on vacation.

  25. Uranus in Scorpio rising. I life the unusual and black & red are my colours. I feel like nothing can beat me when I’m wearing red, but I could use more advice. (Gemini sun, for what it’s worth)

  26. i’m a Scorpio sun, Asc Gemini with my moon sitting there as well. anything other than band t shirts and bell bottoms and i totally feel out of my league fashion-wise…and sometimes i feel like i’m getting too old for it, you know? where is all the Gem fashion sense i’m supposed to have? my Taurus/aries moon/Cap rising is an absolute fashionista though..

  27. Virgo Sun & Mars
    Scorpio Rising

    Like clean, crisp design. No fuss. No excessive jewelry, or overbearing prints. Classic makeup in day. Drama at night. Red lipstick. Femme Fatale retro film noir. Black, leather, dark denim. Dark Shades. Fishnets. Leopard coat (Leo MC).

    • Almost! I have a Leo sun, but abhor animal prints. They look cute on everyone else, but I don’t think I could pull it off. Perhaps that’s Neptune conjunct my Scorp asc. And fishnets? Not I. No leather (except accessories). Very simple style, minimal jewelry, precise makeup when warranted; no overbearing prints. In fact, very few prints. Lots of black and other dark colors, but I have recently thrown in some bright colors here and there.

  28. Leo rising too. (taurus sun, sagg moon)..
    I’d like to think I am a little more stylish in some ways than Beyonce is known to be though I do admire the body and diva-vibe.

    My hair is a big thick blonde mane a lot of the time and I have a hint of a cat’s eye shape. I don’t know how I feel about leopard print, copious gold and designer labels — I’m hoping there is a more subtle leo rising aesthetic I can rock.

    I think my taurus sun comes out a lot in my love of rich fabrics – silk, furs (faux or vintage) and my layering of colours. My sagg moon is definitely the boho & vintage streak that runs through my wardrobe.

  29. Aww no wonder I have that feminine mystical sexy fairy look – Cancer on my ascendent and my moon is in aries. So I have the muscles and toned physique to rock cute dresses or booty shorts and boots. Most guys immediately can guess I’m a free spirit too – blame it on the sag (5 planets!)

  30. Kataka rising. Love vintage but can’t afford it. Cute dresses – Yes. I need a bit if a wardrobe overhaul, it’s all become a bit frumpy lately. But you’d have to take my velvet and corduroy from my cold dead hands. I have a thing about deep brown corduroy, I have a little jacket with a slightly Victorian riding jacket line which I just adore. I’ll be mending it until I’m 70 : )

  31. Virgo/Virgo rising. I will say – one consistent thing I’ve noticed about human behavior – people treat you better if you’re well dressed. I don’t think that’s right, per say, but it is consistent. I recently scored a pair of ridiculously tight faux snake skin pants, you know, for the Scorping season. Going to pair them with a long belted wrap cardigan for casual Fridays at the office. Fashion helps me face the collective.

  32. Gem Sun with Libra rising here.
    I am like the other gems in that I can be mercurial a la bohemian one day and completely proper the next but with Libra I think whenever I wear pink or pearls I’m working it well. That and being girly (which is a little hard for my gemini-go run and play tendencies) and/or symmetrical and even a bit matchy matchy always seems to get compliments!

    • Virgo-Sun, Libra-ASC, Gem-Moon

      Totally agree with an irresistible Gem tendency to balance contrasting styles and be free. I’m blaming Virgo for a love of ice-queen-cometh 40s femme-fatale a la V. Lake and replete with pencil-skirts, sharply-tailored blazers, plunging necklines and severe peek-a-boo hair.

      On the Libra side I love to flounce around in corally-pink obscenely short, layered skirts, bouncy hair and warm peachy eyes. With both styles I crave ultra-femme, achingly high d’Orsay stillettos though not sure which sign to blame, amazing really since I love comfort in everything I do.

  33. I am Leo rising, and have, er, ‘sizeable’ hair. It’s the same colours as the lion in the pic above, dark with a yellow (sorry, ‘golden’) halo :) My triple Leo husband has big hair envy and gets upset on its behalf when I tie it up or otherwise constrain it, “look, it’s straining to be set free!”. Gotta love some leopard print and some yellow, sometimes together :D

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