Transits Of Love

Love Birds art

Generally, i get one of two types of queries about love.

Query Type 1 is best summarized by  “How the Fuq Can I get out of this hideous nightmare of horrors that some would call a relationship?  I am typing this to you under the bed because his/her farts shake the whole house. Each time they do that awful pass-aggressive sigh, my jaw clenches so violently  i had to get physio twice this week alone…”

This person is basically hoping i will (a) astrologically validate the decision they’ve basically already made and/or (b) tell them about an awesome transit coming whereby Uranus or something will just handle the break-up, move them out etc. And actually, lol, this can happen. I know someone who managed to break up an awkwardly stale romantic scenario by getting a posting to Antarctica, out of phone range and all. All during a Uranus transit. Uranus is your get-out-of-jail card guy but it won’t be free.

Query Type 2 is essentially “will i ever fall in love in again?” Or, when? Obviously, any old Venus or Mars transit can scoot attractive people with whom you share similar values or even a degree of mutual lust with. Jupiter can = Awesome. But the actual “omg, i am in love” intensity are rare-as! 

Whenever it’s happened to me, there has always been Pluto. And November, the time of Scorpio. For more of a “What Just Happened?” vibe, you look to Neptune or Uranus. 

Figuring out what transit was in effect when you fell in love bigtime – even if it’s not happening any more – is a brilliant way to learn astro.


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189 thoughts on “Transits Of Love

  1. The only problem with figuring out when you fell in love big time is that there might be multiple huge transits going on at once. So how can one discern which one is it?

    I just want to BBQ the pink and blue love birds. bleh. Reminds me of the Taurus ex.

      • Well this looks sinister:

        Saturn and Jupiter were conjunct in my 5th house.

        It’s like whoa do those guys ever get together? @_@ Doesn’t seem that romantic but Jupiter is my chart ruler and Saturn dominates my 7th house.

    • Oh so funny, sorry, gee I never wanted to BBQ anyone, at least no ex partner. I have a pisces mars conjunct chiron…trine neptune scorpio..I am fairly forgiving, but then I have pluto in opposition…bit grim me thinks.

      have encountered some people who seemed to be somewhat interesting but very dubious…charming, maybe seductive…but not quite enough, something about them being too contradictory, false motives, potentially dangerous even to themself, and extricated myself from their scene fast…

      nothing like quick slippery disappearance for survival & satisfaction. Not saying I didn’t make a fool of myself…but I did vanish, kept my skin mostly intact & some hope for the future.

      In love only twice, 1988 and when it ended it was like being amputated…there was help and compassion for the grief…it was civilised, traumatic and also amicable…second time end 1994…saturn going into pisces? Neptune leaving capricorn?

      • oh it was mostly mystics blirds pic that triggered me. the ex toro liked to call himself a blue bird that was attracted to pink birds with pink birds meaning you look more like a pink haired suicide girl model. me im more of a purple fox so the relationshit was doomed from the get go. he was just trying me to be different but went right back to pink birds right after. i dont want him back. were still on friendly terms but i want that yr of my life back mooning over him. someday ill meet someone who values a purple fox. in love twice is quite noble. i dont get people who fall in love every year. i think they are aliens. that last one sounds so neptune related.

  2. So my big love today (as always) are my kitties, and today my avatar cat turns ten!! So I just thought I’d over share, cause I’m excited and she is super cute (and a Leo to the max!!) Partners might come or go but my furry loves are constant. Have a great day everyone!!!!

    • that cat has the most gorgeous fluff-ness about her. I want to smoosh my face in her soft, yummy feline Leo fur and feel the purr! Happy birthday kitty! lol xx

    • Happy birthday kitty! As long as you stretch, you are young in body, young in heart :-)

      signed: a 15 year old kitten :-)

    • Aww happy birthday to your beautiful hairy child!!! 😉 She is absolutely gorgeous!

      I am cat crazy too. I like singing pop songs to my cats and changing the lyrics to make the song about them. example:
      bee gees
      ‘more than a kitty…
      more than a kitty to me…’

      you can take it one step further and autotune it with the iphone app. it’s pretty funny, lol.

      • (Meow) thanks guys!!!

        ‘more than a kitty…
        more than a kitty to me…”

        now it’s stuck in my head 😀

    • Happy birthday LJ’s avatar cat!
      Y’know, I totally get this. I learned about what love really is, giving and receiving, from my dogs. They passed a couple of years back, but they came to me for a reason and I’m so grateful.
      I’m just about ready to commit again :)

  3. Nothing happens in isolation, but Pluto is massive. Funny since its not a planet but it packs so much power in astro. I had a love/transformation that got me into astro because it was so …massive. I had Pluto trine Venus going on for that one. When I met my ex husband, it was transiting Pluto square my natal Venus.

    Pluto progressed into my 12th house and is transiting my 4th. I keep my eye on him now. Its tricky because Pluto is such a slow mover and demands complete authenticity. Re-doing my 4th house at the mo.

    • Hi,

      I’m new to the website and this sounds all too interesting!!

      I’m just curious how do you know what’s ‘trining’ what and when you’re have a pluto transit etc.

      • Newbie, Astrodienst is a great place to start learning all those basic aspects and houses details. They have an introduction to Astro bit that outlines that stuff. Run your chart, get it in front of you and start looking through it and researching.
        Cafe astrology is also good especially for aspect interps.
        A trine is a 120 angle between 2 planets. It represented by a little triangle.

    • Yes I find the power of Pluto in the ‘scope rather confusing too. I guess this is partly where the bridge between it being an intuitive art and pseudoscientific exercise lies.
      Good luck with your Pluto/4th study! Mine is hovering over my 7th, but I can’t tell what effect that is having on my relationships.

    • spent my pluto transit through my 4th building a house, remodeling, homesteading. Then moved a few times and then bought a house…..whoa.
      Still remodeling new one even though it has finally moved onto the 5th, but I do have scorpio on the 4th house cusp with north node in scorpio conjunct the IC.

    • 12th house virgo, pluto trine venus is coming up for me soon — would be most interested to hear more about your experience — any words of wisdom?

      • Fearlessly embrace your creative self with no conditions. Cling to independence, acceptance, and equinimity. And if fear comes, stare it down and when it fades notice what’s left standing.

      • during this transit I felt love so strong that I can’t even describe, it was recreating me

        • That’s a beautiful way of putting it. Being recreated is exhilirating and terrifying, but you just have to go with it and trust the process.

  4. A big relationship that has changed my life began as my Progressed Venus moved within one degree of orb of my natal Sun.

    I think it’s also good to look at the nodes between you and the other person when it’s the real deal: inevitably there will be important node-angle and/or node-planet contacts between both charts or in the composite chart.

  5. OK – spooking me out because my last big love/ relationship storm began out of nowhere, during that long Venus in Scorpio, in November 2010. It ended (six months later) amid cheating, broken promises and total disillusionment/ disconnection – as Pluto & Neptune reached a conjunction & my ongoing Pluto trine Venus transit once again hit 0’0 orb. Freaked me out how exactly it coincided. It was a thoroughly Venus sq. Neptune relationship, in which he as an on/off alcoholic was looking for salvation thru unconditional love, while he was free to sleep with whoever he wanted. Talk about disillusionment. My Moon/ Jupiter conjunction, conjunct my North Nodes, on his North Nodes. Tonight I’m staying in & writing off my most recent romantic possibility because, well, he’s too young; I don’t trust him, & I deserve something, someone different. At least that’s what I’m thinking right now, sad as it makes me. Seems this Venus retrograde has thoroughly de-Love-zombified me!

    • I know this is cliche but you learn a lot from that kind of transit. I know because what you’re experienced sounds very similar to the run of nut jobs I’ve had the last…..jeezuz….15years plus. I blame Neptune taking its time through my 7th where my natal aqua sun, merc & Venus resides. Met someone recently when I completely detached from wanting any kind of involvement. It feels like the first real grown up relationship & man I’ve ever had. So, you never know Ariel, I was burnt out husk when this calm, mature, handsome Leo entered my life. I don’t know where it will lead, I’m just, for the first time ever enjoying it. Who knows what transit it is! Pluto? Because its turning out to be transformative for both of us. Hang in there! You just never know :)

  6. Ah! My first love was during a Toro Venus transit (his) and Uranus had juuust blipped into Aries, just a taste of later (2010). When Uranus was in his 7th house Pisces he wanted the great, transformative love, all romantic Disney soulmate crap. Two months after Uranus moved to his 8th Aries, aspecting his 8th Mars, BAM! I “happened,” with my sun-moon-venus-merc in his 8th house. Pisces dreams, Aries chest-bumps you and tells you to nut up. He scuttled all pass-agg Kataka, in the lowest way, and still a year later can’t even bump into me on an accident of fate without telling himself I’m a crazed stalker to hide his emotions from himself. He’s still scuttling. I’m not really sure why. (When Venus was in Aries back in Feb, he tried to use a rebound gf as an excuse to get me back as a friend – on his terms, of course. …then i hooked up with a Frenchman with an Aries mars conjunct my venus during this transit.)

  7. I don’t know what was happening in late Feb/early March 2005, but I fell in love with the delightful Stealth Leo around then. It was so mutual… There was no Love Zombie- ing and very little angst. We just enjoyed each other, and were very honest about what was going on for us. Amazing.

    I was also in the middle of my most fun, lucrative employment cycle to date ( that started in early 2004). Incredibly hard work ( and I got a killer virus mid year), but it was like I suddenly just knew how to be present, yet individuated in a relationship, and how to do more or less the same in my profession. I guess I should really look at those transits!

  8. When I ‘re-met’ my Gem guy I had Pluto & Jupiter stationed over my NN – just in case the Pluto alone wasn’t enough?!

    Also Venus was conjunct my natal Venus.

    • P.s. my NN is in the 7th House, so Pluto transit there a tad more meaningful.

      I did have Saturn on my Sun, but I daresay making my Sun conform isn’t a bad thing.

    • That’s funny because Pluto was stationing exact on my NN when I met my SaggEx, plus Venus was in Kataka again on my Venus.
      Mars on my Uranus.. sudden beginnings – we moved in a few weeks after meeting each other.

    • that’s interesting Creatrix. I had an experience many years ago when a Gemini man fell head over heels for me. We were both relatively v young (god i feel so old now). I was going through a phase of extreme self hate and couldn’t quite ever realise the attraction at the time. Lately I have been thinking of him a LOT, so I went back and did his chart with the transits from around that time as far as I could recall. He was having a mutual Pluto-NN transit – Pluto was on his NN and NN was on his Pluto. That must have been heavy. Anyway, maybe that trlate to momentous future-moments..? “Destiny”? poor fella, I was awful to him and wish we could have a conversation now…

      • What transits were you having at the time Pi? Were the pluto/nn transits powerful only for him? Wow, the self-hatred is an inward thing that rules all the exterior relationships too. So hard to believe you are adored when you have not basked in that self belief previous. *hugs Pi’s li’l inner pannikin pi*

        • aren’t you sweet…! hugs back!

          Well upon reinvestigating… I can’t recall the exact dates or anything, but Mars and Venus were chasing each other through my 12th and over ascendant, NN actually was conjunct my IC and Pluto, with Chiron approaching from the other side. Was probably still reeling from a moon-uranus transit (YEP) and moon-neptune transit was looming. Saturn was almost on my MC after coming off my Sun-Merc about 12 months before. wowie zowie. No wonder that was a tumultuous year… I had no headspace for love, nor know how to recognise it even if I did.!

          What was the sensation you felt when you re-met your gem guy? if you know what I mean, with that pluto-jupe thing. Ot was it more of a slow-dawning scenario?

          • Think I knew.. Was in the car with my ex of that time, he is Gem’s friend too. He casually mentions Gem is at the house now staying for din. I jump, then remember the psychic said my future love was dark, knew my bro had passed and I had met b4. I was yelling at Ex to step on the gas…so
            I could meet my future. :)
            You had NN conj Pluto too, very interesting Pi.

  9. I married my husband when i was 28. Iam now 56 and not really happy with it all. Its 28 yrs in between cant remember what its called.? Any help there please thought saturn return but not sure!

    • You might have a chiron return…these are close to this time…I met my husband at 26 and we were together when I was 28.

  10. I remember reading somewhere about looking at transit charts of when you meet someone and then looking to the aspects highlighted by outer planets. I think the jist of the article was that this was a significant synastry aspect to look at, but I also think you could add in the outer planet influence to that.
    The three I’ve looked at in that regard to see – 1 had Saturn on our Taurus to Leo squares, and yes there were very Saturnian elements to that one. 2 had Neptune on our mars Venus square. Totally Neptune.
    A current maybe interesting had Jupiter on my Sun, but not sure what aspect that is, maybe his sun/moon midpoint. I think Pluto/Uranus may be a transit factor in his chart though. This ones still tbc.

    Another little recent ‘oh how interesting’ flash I had – looking at patterns in composite charts. Ie the composite charts of those three relationships all feature some funky aspects to Uranus. Like I’m subconsciously seeking out interrelations that are gonna be unpredictable. I do have 7th house Aqua, and Mars sq Uranus. But I kinda looked at the composite for the TBC one and thought – why do I do this to myself?

  11. Well, I enjoyed my time analyzing the placement of Neptune and Uranus (and Pluto) when I met my current guy. (sorry folks.. still connected to him spiritually). I was hoping to see some significant transformation from when we first met (again) to our longest time together to when it disconnected quickly. I can’t figure out what might have gone wrong. Pluto in Cap (3rd), Uranus in Aries (6th) / Pisces (5th) and Neptune in Aquarius (4th) and Pisces (5).. Not to mention Chiron has been stationed in my 5th house some of the time… I know I am missing something. Still holding my own with him but just hoping we can at least talk! Sorry! :(

    • Maybe have a look at the composite chart, which is a chart of the ‘relationship’ rather than the way each of you affect each other as individuals (synastry).
      It may have some stuff going on – you can look at transits to it too.

      • Thank you Anon… Just pulled it up. There are several composite charts but chose the first one. Will pick it apart to see what I can find / figure out. Great learning experience definitely. Thank you xo!!

    • Adjust your Feng Shui – i sense radical clutter – hoarding even. I really do. WHAT is under your bed? Cupboards with crap belonging to someone else?

      • Thanks Mystic!! Interesting.. Nothing under my bed.. I always make sure of that. but I need to evaluate the other areas. Definitely nothing from someone else.. but hoards of books in boxes in my bedroom closet (SE). SW section of my apartment is definitely not cluttered or hoarding. I was saying to myself “you have too much space that you don’t use up”. You have me thinking now! It’s funny I have been feeling uncomfortable at this place lately. I can’t sleep in my bedroom. I have been sleeping on the couch. It’s comfortable but just weird. It just happened. I had a meltdown with my dresser using a hammer. I am going through a major fashion meltdown with wanting to throw ALL of my clothes away. I have been eating out a lot.

        However, I reorganized my closet a couple of months ago and what an amazing job I did. It’s the most organized area of my apartment. LOL!!

        Hmmm.. :)

        • Getting rid of stuff is addictive once you get on a role. Sold my wedding ring at a pawn shop today. Wedding rings are such rip offs. Anyway. I got rid of an massive armoire, old TV, a worn out couch. Piles of books stacked and ready. Nick nacks and art objects – sold off and don’t even notice they’re missing. I’ve been making trips to charity each week with donations. This scaling back has been going on for months. I had no IDEA I was hording. But – I say this from one Virgo to another – I was holding on to crap hoping it would one day be useful again. And when I realized, I only need what’s useful to me now, I noticed a whole lot of crap that has got to go.

          • PS – the empty space feels really, really good. Also, cash travels well. Made about $500 selling stuff so far.

          • Thanks 12th.. You are inspiring me. I was just thinking of those books and think it’s time. It will also help when I move. I can reminisce as to why I have the book and then release it! LOL!!. I think that is a good place to start. I need my clothes for a little bit longer then I will attack that section.

            Thank you xo!!

            • Good idea. Start with what you’re ready to let go and enjoy the extra space it gives you. I l ike to think of the things I sell or give away as finding a new home, one where they are appreciated as new again. Good luck!

          • “i only need what’s useful to me now…” words to live by. *contemplates enormous wardrobe nervously*

          • I totes agree 12H. I was always one for ‘oh, you never know when the potential of this object will be realised in my actual life’. I’ve got really hard-headed and it feels exhilarating. A paring down: who am I really? It feels so powerful to own only what I love. And you’re right – it’s flowing into other areas. Decluttering is a spiritual practice!

  12. I know there are disputes about using name asteroids but my three-year heartbreak began when transiting venus and uranus were conjunct the guy’s name asteroid in my natal chart. This surname (an unusal one) is also conjunct asteroid nemesis in my natal chart – and that’s exactly the impact he had on my life. A great guy but I just couldn’t handle the intensity of my feelings and I very nearly wrecked my life as a result. Plus venus stationed retrograde on my natal sun not long after I met him. There were other transits and progressions to indicate this life-changing attraction would happen, like transiting saturn in my 7th, and my progressed mercury (he’s a virgo) stationed retrograde on Algol. It was the ensuing hard pluto, saturn and uranus transits to my natal moon that obliterated me emotionally. So all together I guess they make a pretty potent cocktail!

    Funnily though, I got married when my progressed venus and ascendant conjucted my natal sun. Pretty standard stuff really.

    My love stars have never been magical except for recently where they have been unbelievably good. However, there have been no blazing fireworks, just a very loving, sane connection with my long-term partner. Perhaps a reflection of the fact that my astro history has never really prepared me for such good stars and I have absolutely no idea what to do with them except be grateful and not squander them !… or that I’ve been sucked into thinking that the best kind of love is the one that drives you absolutely insane. Saturn in my 7th and 8th over the last 4 years has cured me of THAT :-).

    The lesson for me with all of this has been that there are no set formulas for predicting love – you need to know your astro stuff well and interpret the energies the best you can when they come up, all from the framework of knowing yourself as honestly as you can possibly dare to ;-).

  13. Mystic strikes again! I’ve just received a posting to Antarctica!! I’m not in a relationship, so no one to break up with/escape… actually, I’ll probably meet someone just before I go, it’s the way my life seems to roll :)

    • Congratulations! How weird. Wow. Umm if you see my mind somewhere when you’re there could you post it back, please?

      • Thanks! The expedition I’m working on is pretty wild and exciting. If I see your mind travelling solo in the Weddell Sea, I’ll attach it to a whale and send it back to you on it’s next migration

        • Tell us what your up to ? Sounds exciting.
          Personally I’d need a large humidicrib to go anywhere near the place. One I could walk around in.
          Good luck Toro.

          • Thanks David! I’m involved in an expedition that is going to use the old-timey ways to adventure around the Antarctic for a few months (eg. navigating by compass and the stars, using an old sailing boat etc). It’s kind of scary but kind of exciting. One of those things you just can’t say no to – no matter how terrifying it is! I didn’t pursue the opportunity, it landed in my lap via a strange kind of beautiful kismet, so I just have to do it !!

  14. ooh, i adore this kind of detective work! scorpionic crab ex- jupiter on my toro stellium, squared by neptune and trined by venus. um yes, illusion and excess! uranus sq. natal jupiter. pluto-lilith conj. opposing my natal lilith, his juno. saturn opposing my natal juno, transiting nn on my natal saturn/his mercury-jupiter. juno/chiron on his asc, uranus on his psyche, eros on his venus, saturn opposing his uranus. we were wild and free, and it was beautiful and real for a long time. then life and addictions and responsibility caught up, and all that uranus/saturn stuff… well… it did what it does, always, with two ultra-fixed toro moons…
    current ultra-crab appeared at the very end of pluto trining my toro stellium, pluto and venus were conjunct on my eros/his nn/dsc. mars also trining from virgo and on my psyche, psyche on his moon. jupiter once again a few degrees approaching toro stell. neptune trining it again. holy fuq, i see a pattern. juno in scorp again, yep. nn/mercury on my neptune, sun on his neptune/ceres/juno, saturn on my nn. uranus opposing his pluto, pluto pluto pluto pluto pluto! wow it’s been intense. but interesting- i’m coming up on my pluto square next year and these are obviously the lessons i’m meant to learn. not that you can ever say you’ve “learned” a planet per se, but i’ve done uranus, and neptune, and some saturn (have not learned saturn, no no will not tempt fate! love you saturn and your lessons!!), but pluto is the planet du jour. love x100000000!

  15. I met my wife the day saturn got off my sun. Previous to the meeting Saturn had moved me 100’s of miles, eliminated my work situation and basically destroyed what I thought was my future plans. All in an effort to get me to that cafe at the right time, on the right street in the right state of mind. I have saturn in the 7th and saturn transits have always been my guide to relationships.

    • Whoa…awesome story. Like Saturn kicked your ass and then you were ready..

      • I had been totally saturnized to an inch of myself. I knew her when she walked in the door. We had our first child about 10 months later. That was 14 years ago. Saturn has just now opposed my sun from libra , only 14 more to saturn return.

    • I’m taking notes! As a fellow Saturn in the 7th person, I’m hopeful!

  16. I’ve heard it said that Antarctica is a place where people go to get away from their partners.

    • Soooo. your saying that Antarctica is full of people who are escaping bad relationships ? And isn’t Antarctica a place where basically your trapped with a bunch of people in confined cabins etc for months on end……interesting, hmmmm. I think if it was ever necessary, I’d escape to the Bahamas.

    • That’s curious. My submissive Scorp mother is married to a narcissist Piscean she nearly divorced (yes my dad).
      Her dream is to go to Antarctica. She wants to experience the blinding whiteness, emptiness, purity and silence.
      I always thought it was a kind of deathwish thing – stop the world I wanna get off.
      But I suppose it’s also a Plutonic experience, what with the deep sea creatures and ice-bergs reaching for the depths

  17. Nooo don’t say that!
    Pluto was on my Venus when I met the man I thought I would marry…two years later and we’ve just broken up and can’t find a way to fix it. :/ I blew my chance.

    • His moon was on my south node too! And the whole beginning was like a total fairy tale.

      • You obviously don’t read many German fairy tales. 😉

        “His moon was on my south node too! And the whole beginning was like a total fairy tale”

        I think you said it all there ? You didn’t blow your chance Rachel, you experienced your fairy tale from the past. Go North young girl !

        • I love that you’re in here being the bloke offering love advice David. Great to see!
          xxo shell

        • the man has a good point there. to make this about me again, I think that’s why my south node Piscean encounter sort of ended before it even began. That, and the fact that I have two heads and wear an eye patch and have a debilitating stammer and a limp. and a lisp. oh who am I kidding, this is just procrastination now there’s denying it Pi get back to work!

        • Gracias and amen. Have the fairy tales of Hermann Hesse and I prefer my beauty with a side of truth and sadness…so you are right. :)

        • I’m doing mars and mercury (mars exact) south node pisces right now. exhausting.

      • Moon South Node synastry is a shocker – so intense, aching familiarity, ususally the moment you meet but some might say that you had something to settle – i agree with david!

        • ohh, hmm. Might that apply to Venus too, Mystic, and would it also perhaps be a mutual thing..?

          I am asking as that is exactly the sensation I felt with the Pisces Scientist. His venus is 1 degree off my SN (mine is 5 degrees off). his moon might be there – is definitely close – but I wasn’t about to start stalking his birth time.

          I don’t know what we had to settle. I felt as though I was going through a breakup when everyone went their separate ways :( even my lovely beauty therapist asked me – mid-facial !- if I had just broken up with someone. odd.

          • I did venus south node synastry with my pluto venus trans(h)it person. Totally past life cleanup.

            • that sounds like it was not a fun experience… sorry to hear that Ms. Had you expected a trans(h)it… or something a little better?

              • was about 8 years ago so i was not anywhere near as transit savvy, only knew magic was afoot. Good lessons learned though. Even though it was shit. Changed forever and not in a love alchemy way, in a close the door way

        • I religiously dated pisces south node people in my early to mid 20s, serious work. I am all for virgo NN now :)

          • hmm. Yes I am sort of coming to grips with the NN side of things. Although with Venus and chiron natally on my SN and in my 10th house, sometimes I wonder if it indicates that this incarnation of mine is nothing more than a clearing-house. Or maybe all my ancient romance and attraction “issues” or “wounds” will be in full public view for all to see! could be an interesting career choice. hmm/

            get well soon ms. x

            • My latest soul crush – we have Saturn on each other’s SNs. Strange dynamic. I feel him as an equal. But also feel we are each on our own path. Anyway, re – life as a clearing house. I was told my life is a clearinghouse by one astrologer who cited my being born under a balsamic moon as an indicator of such. Do you know your natal moon phase? Does anyone else agree that it matters?

              • hey 12th house, yes I do know, it’s the one just before Balsamic. Disseminating? last quarter? Laste quarter I think. (i love that term balsamic, I guess it means dark, you know, like the vinegar.. and balsam ? :) ). Maybe it matters. I am not sure. the ‘last quarter’ interp makes sense for me…

                • You could google the moon phase and read the interp and see what resonates with you.

            • I don’t think my situation is representative of a natal placement esp with chiron there. My experience was very transit/synastry relevant.

              I would think a venus/chiron aries 10th is a lot more about ones own self esteem and creative gifts to be used in a goal sphere and an attraction to successful people with all the 10th house trimmings. 4th house libra NN is so much about interpersonal relationships and creating a home and foundation of beauty. Venus lessons like your libra IC no?

              • yep there;s probably a world of difference between aspects that are by transit vs. natally. Someone said somewhere if there’s something important in a chart, it will be repeated in several places, and I think the creativity / suppression / healing / self-expression thing is definitely a theme in my chart.

        • so true…..intense.
          something to settle. I know this sounds so fatalistic, but I swear he killed me in a past life, and maybe I killed him too. This time around, we didn’t. So even though it was horrid, we progressed.

        • That explains a few things – SN conj moon, pluto + jupiter. It was just a little intense.

      • You’re lucky you escaped unscathed. The psycho Scorp I was with had his moon on my South node and sure it felt karmic, but it certainly cured me from ever wanting anything “karmic” like that was in the same way again. fuck. give me a shallow unimportant throw-away relationship if the alternative is something that hurts this much.

  18. Ok.. I am working with’s composition chart for both of us. What should I look for? I checked certain time periods for us and the only thing I find is Chiron in the 7th house for us. I was looking at the 5th and 8th house also. For us nothing is in those areas.

    • I really feel for your situation…you sound so hopeful. Chiron is the wounded healer I think, I have it 7th conjunct mars with an asteroid too…if there is nothing in the 5th house (leo) or 8th (scorpio) I wonder if you have a karmic lesson of sacrifice?

      May I suggest If you have time & support maybe take it gently with the clearing of clothes, possessions…you might be feeling a bit exposed or amour-less as it is.
      Only you will know where it can go…good luck.

      • Thank you Aqua! I like that interpretation of Chiron because that is how I have always felt with this connection. For me AND him. He is trying to release his pain from his ex from almost 12 years ago. I know, I know.. long time ago but he is dealing with a lot of pain from childhood also. For me, he healed me back in October 2009. So unfortunately, my heart is still with him. Even though since 2009, when we started, it has been a connection a lot of women wouldn’t even tolerate I have enjoyed it. I have learned so much about myself and like what I see. I feel like he and I still have something more to learn but that might be my strong “hope” for him to come back. He’s a good guy! <3

        Thank you xo!!

        • Virgo Ellie – in October 2009 I was a making plans to meet a married guy in a hotel – he is with out a doubt (one of my) soul mate(s). He has a lot of pain to heal – from childhood and all that – and I was quite determined to be his healer. You know what? I regret that. Not because he was married, not for the time I had with him, but because it is pure arrogance to position myself as the healer of someone else’s soul. That’s God’s job. I am 180 degrees from where I was in October 2009. Healing is God’s business. My business is to love and value my self and my own life so that I accept and reflect the blessing and grace of the Creator.

          • I refuse to value or excuse the people I love through their pain and my service to that pain. We are blessed here and free to participate – or not – as we choose. Soul mates or another mate – freedom and autonomy first.

          • Hi 12th. I know what you mean.. I just don’t feel it’s me healing him. I think God brought us together to do such. Again, I might be in dream land but for me I am learning so much about myself hence healing me to a new level of love. Loving me and still loving him. Just saying. God is the lead in this entire connection. I don’t challeng Him. I let him tell me what to do. I feel good about every step of this process with my guy. Hurt that he can’t be with me but I pray that he is happy, is healing and realizing that he is a good guy. Onward and upward to the new adventure whatever that might be!

            Thanks for your comment! xo!

            • Virgo Ellie, but how is the guy you refer to “yours?” It is a rhetorical question, but one worth considering, imho.

              • My apologies.. wrong words.. let’s use “my interest”.. He is not my guy. No one is ever mine! :)

  19. Never been in love.

    Further detail: That is to say, nothing that I can officially validate / define as head-spinning, no-appetite-for-weeks, staying in bed the whole weekend kind of love e.g. through returned sentiments. The rest I could legitimately call a strong crush. My feelings for the Amazing Pisces Scientist probably came very close but he shows Nil interest (like my bank account, HAHAHA) so scratch that one. ah, love, go fuck yourself.

    • In case it helps soften the above, when I met the Pisces Scientist I was having a Jupiter-Venus-Mars transit, all conjunct my Venus, Chiron & South node in Aries. And incidentally, his Mars too, I believe. *stomps off to immerse self in study*

    • At the same time (and same place) I also met a Gorgeous Toro Wild Dude, much younger, and taken. Extreme chemistry but this fella was totally not an option. his Venus is on my gem Asc. ok, I’ll stop now, this issue is clearly confusing me. 😀

    • never been in love either..though i have venus trine neptune as well as venus opp pluto??

  20. What if we promise ourselves to have BIG LOVES only ?
    Is this practical ? Is it naive ? Is it so rare we’ll have to become nuns in- between romances/eras/decades ?

    Honestly I can’t handle tepid scenarios with fraidy cat I’m- so- wounded-can-you-save-me or promise to boss me around so I can work on my power issues types, (inhale), no, no mo.

    • Yes – for all the damage and pain and tranformation – yes, I only go for the big ones. Currently, I am a nun.

      • Only do big loves. I seem to find them often….venus and moon in the 12th house. Neptune rules 7th house and trines moon.

        • Big Love seems to equal just that, 12th. :( Nun and a Newb? Things can only get better, right? 😛

          • The secret to enduring the big loves while in nun status is to realize and accept that love is a feeling, not a possession and not the right to control another person’s life. I fall in love all the time and as often as I can. Sometimes with places, buildings, or objects even. Not the same – but as personal love, but intense feeling. I’ve got 12th house sun/venus in Virgo, Neptune in Sag in the 3rd square Venus, Jupiter in 6th house Pisces.Not sure what it all means, but I have to love/accept/embrace my Neptunian side or I will critique myself into a 12th house prison. Or, critique my lover into one, honestly.

    • I thought there was no other variety! Tepid love is not love, it’s tolerance and forbearance (or lack of). In my opinion.

        • Well, that’s a different matter entirely. Food Love occupies an entire universe that mere human love cannot even hope to equal.

          • oh yes indeed to the universe of food love – where the moon is made out of triple cream brie, where Mars is made of quince past and the ancient lakes are really tasmanian pinot noir and saturn is surrounded by rings of crackers.
            Blast off!

            • ooh, now THAT’s a solar system I can handle! I didn’t get the mars cucumber thing.. unless you mean.. *giggle*

            • Ha, well I was actually referring to a dream I had a few years ago that we all giggled about quite a lot. Kind of a super hero planet party, Saturn wasn’t invited and Mars was ‘cucumber man’ then later in the dream I had to go off to some old lady church lunch thing and took cucumber sandwiches (cause there were plenty more in the garden).
              I think that was also around the time we invented Joe Uranus, who was a plumber if I recall correctly.

    • I only do big loves and yes…it means a lot of waiting around and no dates. ugh. Going on 2 years of no dating and no sex! I tell myself it is worth it.

      I wish i were that sort of girl that could be satisfied with meaningless little flings to fill up my time. I envy that sort of person.

  21. ps. LOL. With Sun and Merc in my 9th house, Mars in Aqua and Venus in Aries, my IDEAL love scenario – I think – would be to be in Antarctica (or other remote beautiful place) or have a lover who was there, and coming back at some stage, who is preferably faithful. hahaha

  22. Have Quer 1 problem but, not with a love relationship. In fact it’s with a “friend” who won’t stop bugging me. She has gone from being friendly to trolling my fb pages and blogs and fighting with my friends and fans of the page to get my attention.
    I just want her to go the FUQ away. A Love Zombie banishing spell?
    She obviously wants more from me in a relationship. I see her as a drinking buddy not a love situation.
    Please is there an astro spell to ban the creepy trolls? 😉 Besides having to just hit block?

    • you can just unfriend her and avoid. you owe her nothing it seems. tell her that she is not your type/not comfortable with her friendship if you have to. sounds like a love zombie or qi vampire.

      • Easier said than done. I am trying to keep the peace not start a war. She is mutual friends of my music business associates.
        I have asked her to stop posting inflammatory arguments and starting fights with my other friends and fans on my fb pages.
        She apologized said that it was my issue not hers, she waited a week and started back up again. (She studied psychology in college go figure!)
        She’s argumentative and will argue just to argue. I think she is desperate need to being center of attention at all times.
        She tries to disguises digs at my looks and/or intellect with I am just joking or ribbing you, “geez don’t be so sensitive.”
        I am not close friends with her in real life or online.
        I feel like she is disrespecting me, my friends and fans.
        She’ll point out typos, grammatical errors, argue facts until she is blue in the face and post to say you are incorrect or wrong.
        If I post I am eating lunch she’ll call me a lazy fat-ass.
        If we were best friends and teased each other all the time I’d be ok with it but, I barely know her.
        I’ve had friends upset asking me to remove her comments.
        I feel like a refer on my fb account, it’s no longer fun.

        • MM sorry for going off topic. I am dealing with a troll/love zombie that won’t take a subtle hint to go away. I’ve amped it up to a straight forward request to back off and she came back even stronger.
          Any advice fro your astro readers would be greatly appreciate.
          Desperate to ditch Love Zombie in a Trucker Hat

          • You have to enforce borders. If you – for social reasons – cannot do so publicly than do so energetically by not letting the fuqwit get to you. Let her display her fuqwittery for all the world to see.

              • Could you call her out on the site / page itself? I mean, that would be throwing down the gauntlet, but if you have friends recognising that she is behaving like a dick, then maybe naming it – like @whoever, your comments are not helpful or appreciated by me or others who read this page. Please do not comment any further unless you have something constructive to contribute…’ I don’t know, it’s a big call a but an option maybe, if it comes down to the wire and there’s no other way. what a painful person. good luck.

                • Pi- I will take your advice and do so. Yes, she is being a total dick. Not sure if she is self-aware og her dick move or not. Annoying none-the-less.
                  Thank you again to all for your advice and listening to my rant. It helps!

        • unfriend this person or block them. out of sight. out of mind.
          She’s already started the war if you ask me. Is there a way to not see the comments she posts?

          • FB isn’t very privacy oriented.
            It may come to deleting/blocking next.
            She likes to say I was just kidding, don’t be so sensitive after each trolling incident.

            • thanks for the advice. I put her on a restricted list on fb but she still someone can see my posts. Is this a mobile phone glitch?
              I really wish she’d just take the hint and go away or get some tact and better manners.

              • With FB now you can view other people’s posts if you are not friends with them or restricted. Let’s say you post something, this friend is restricted but she is friends with a mutual friend of your and that mutual friend comments or likes’ your post, with chat open you can see that activity and highlight that activity to see what it is all about. I have done it when a friend was waiting have their baby and I saw someone make a comment on his post.. It was quicker for me to highlight the activity to see if was the birth of the child or something else. AND, sometimes the same activity can appear on that friends page because she / he is friends with at least one.

                WOW, was that thread of craziness. Did it make sense? Or is there a smartphone glitch that tells people who is viewing your page. That would be freaky!

                • Friends of friends can view posts. I even turned thta feature OFF and it still happens. FB is super glitchy and no real privacy. It’s an illusion.

                  Yes, what you wrote made strange sense to me! 😉

        • did she do honours in psychology or get a placement as a psychologist? also an undergrad degree in psych does not mean that someone is emotionally mature or emotionally intelligent. this lady is poison to you. you can unfriend her and just blank her – if your band is going well why do you need to be nice to her anymore if she fuqs up your impression management (you are the star here- that’s what probably gives her the merdes). As far as ‘you are so sensitive’ goes – how would she react to similar BS from others?

          • Good point.
            She was a rehab counselor, but doesn’t practice anymore. Not sure why either.
            She is used to be center of attention all of the time. Which is fine but, I don’t want her causing fights on my pages with friends and cool fans. (I feel odd saying fans, they are cool people who support my art/music).
            She’s very man-like and arrogant. Not sure if she would even listen to me long enough to hear what I have to say.
            She told me if I have problems with what she posts on my page it’s my own “issue” not hers.
            Proceeded to troll my page again.
            I am giving her one last chance to fly right, calling her out on it and removing her from my pages.
            I really hate confrontations and fights, I prefer people stay cool and don’t be a dick.
            Thanks for your advice, it gives me a better perspective.

  23. LOL! Just at the end of a 10-year mid-f**** of a ‘not’-relationship. So pleased with the escape progress as I thought it would never stop! Was married for 19 years before that til Mars came crashing into Pisces in 2002-2003 and blew up everything.
    Now, I’m thinking I could go for a new relationship but really, everyone just seems a bit ‘meh’, whatever.
    Glad to see there’s so many of you who are happy with yourselves and your cats, as this could be my future. Working on the self, making space and happy to steer own ship.
    Good luck to all! Obsession over not-happening things be gone!

  24. interesting. pluto is indeed huge. it was transiting both mine and the lovely’s 7th houses when we hooked up – conjunct my descendant. There was an eclipse that day. We dance to the beat of uranus and are undeniably plutonic. His pluto is on the degree between my uranus and sun. North node was conjunct my mars that day too. Opposing his venus. Lucky we know how to take turns at leading.

    Astrodienst just went down!

  25. 1st love….our birthdays only 2 days apart….
    north node, uranus, neptune, lilith, juno, eros all in my 5th house. Eros on my vertex
    mercury on neptune

    met ex husband and kids dad……
    Pluto exactly on my north node and pluto on his venus…..!!!!
    sun, mercury, uranus, and neptune in my 5th house
    lilith on my south node
    saturn in my 7th house
    mars in conjunction with my venus and ascendant

    we broke up with uranus in our 7th houses….

    got together with scorpio psycho who I thought I really loved, but now don’t think so at all…..blame it on uranus in my 7th.
    pluto just entering 5th house, mercury in 5th house
    mars, jupiter, juno all just had or about to oppose my moon, with south node having passed over it already.
    We broke up at my jupiter return. Thank you Jupiter!!!!!

    Now the new love, The Taurus, whom I feel wonderful about.
    Pluto in 5th opposite my juno conjunct his north node.
    venus conjunct my south node and his sun
    neptune conjunct my descendant and opposing my venus
    mars conjunct my ascendant.

  26. Meh – Pluto transits only ever bring me hell-ish situations :( I’m contemplating sending some kind of nuke thing out there to blow it up and stop the transits. Do you think that would work? If everyone else is having soul mate fun with their Pluto’s maybe I’d better not though 😮

    • I wouldn’t say its fun, but Pluto does bring intensity, if you’re into that sort of thing. Sounds like perhaps you’re not, being Pluto transits bring you hell.

  27. All of the “OMG I am in Love!” 20ish things happened when Pluto smacked my Jupiter, Neptune, Saturn, Venus in two years. Lesson: First Saturn return can be a b!tch.

    Marriage was when progressed Venus conj my Sun. Lesson: “Never get in a relationship thinking if you become the person your significant other wants to live with, your significant other will be the person you want to live with”

    Met the last spectacular wtf? heart-break when Uranus was on my ASC, Saturn on DSC, opposing, in 2008. It was Love-Zombie’ing to the max. Needless to say, I eventually grasped the horror scenario, and dropped the whole thing.. Lesson: Saturn is about boundaries.

    Lately, a brief fling with an Aries ended abruptly, he trampled the boundaries I worked so hard to weave. I said, ‘leave’. Lesson: Better be alone than in a frustrating relationship.

    I don’t know what stars might be telling, but l am happy with good friends, good books, my kitty and evenings of writing – strike “happy”, it is “exceptionally, deliriously happy” :-)

    I think it is Saturn for me.. But I have Cap Moon.

  28. In regards to the current/incoming Venusian weather. I gotta admit it has already taken me by surprise and whipped up unexpected progress of sorts… On saturday I have a ‘half-kite’ aspect of sorts happening with the venus-neptune trine, and neptune opposite my natal sun. Within the last few days i’ve had my seemingly mystical other of significance pop up and enthusiastically wish to see me, timing it to be right as this is happening..

    I can’t help but see a lot of opportunity in this, especially for healing and reconciliation, which of course is a good thing. I’m holding no solid expectations but I don’t really deny that intuitively I know that there will be a lot of emotional depth in whatever does happen in her company, which ultimately is what I want out of it. Deep emotive progress please, I expect not results but I certainly welcome pleasant surprises! ;p

  29. I just wanna sing = when I fall in love, it will be forever.. da da dallaaalaaaa… skimming through this blog with a smile on my face, putting a little mental note to check out what was going on when i had the last big loves… but since then the biggest, learnt to fall in love with life!!! woah

    • “When I fall in love…. it will be forever”… the Donny Osmond version, I hope! lol

  30. Transiting Mars was tightly conjunct transiting Saturn in my 7th. (And that was conjunct my progressed NN and jupiter conjunction in the 7th – he was a foreigner with a few extra pounds).

    Oooo, wonder what the Mars/Saturn conjunction on the 15th of this month will bring!

    Anyway, back to the love transit:

    Transiting Juno conjunct natal Neptune.

    Transiting Sun conjunct natal vertex – the vertex has been SO important. His mars conjuncts my vertex and BAM. Game changer.

    Usually happens during July for me when all the lovely planets transiting cancer are in my fifth house, where my vertex is too.

    Jupiter was transiting natal anti-vertex.

    Progressed Venus changing signs. New love era.

    It was Saturn Return.

    Now that Saturn has returned and gone all over my Libra stellium, we have divorced, I have eradicated major love zombie tendencies from my 20’s, and I am single and won’t Settle or lust after douchebags.

  31. Hello to you all.. I love you gals / guys.. You brighten my day so much. I now get the email notifications for your posts and what a smile it brings to my face as well as more interest in learning more about astrology.

    Thank you and God Bless! <3

    PS: I JUST got a txt message from a guy who I was getting know via FB, it got a little too much for me, I stopped interacting with him a couple of months ago. [sigh]!!

    • Virgo Ellie,I thought about one poster said awhile back about there being “clicks” here (geesh, very high school..jimeny crikes how long ago was that? lol)..

      But I thought “no love, just jump in…we all can’t read everything but we’ll make ya our friends…we all gotta start somewhere and so you did…x

  32. In need of a Love Zombie Repellent that can be directly sprayed on my FB account to ward of stalker ex’s, trolls and crazies! Or an astro mantra.
    I am not feeding the trolls, I am ignoring and deleting but, still the zombies advance.

    • Hi I can’t help wanting to say that I bet yr associates are wondering why you don’t dump this troll chick off yr FB! She is abusive. I wouldn’t like others – particularly business associates – to think I would put up with that level of abuse from anyone.

    • I think you could call her out on her ‘sense of humour’ being rather dependent on barbs and personal criticism. Clearly state that whatever her intention, this is not how you have fun and not how you form friendships. If that is simply her personal style, it doesn’t match yours and it is not welcome.

      “Sensitive” is not a negative trait of itself, not one that anyone should make you feel bad about. If you feel like it, you could even own that “sensitive” comment: Yes, I am and these kind of comments are inconsiderate and unwelcome on my FB page.

      Then block/delete/wait to see if she changes (not likely, i’m thinking…Qi Vamp).

      You want to be kind and considerate, respectful but some people are thick hided or so determined to get a rise that one simply has to be clear, staright up and SWIFT. Good luck, darling xx

  33. Ha, Aqua…or maybe he’s Cap, patient…Very Republican, bible thumping…told the office girls I do what the Kataka, Moon in Aqua doc had done…don’t talk politics or religion in the office…

    So today said I neither agree or disagree with them…take the middle road and don’t commit to anything as in some instances it save much grieve and mental gymnastics.

    Never the less…Aqua or shall I say Cap patient..who looks like a Greek God..said “now that you’ve lost the weight, now you’ll have all kinda guys interested..You don’t want to be alone forever…”

    Dude, you don’t understand…I gained the weight partly so the fuqers would leave me alone (protective mechanism I wont’ go into here)..but also..what makes you think I’m not essentially content by myself?

    Soz (for another link) but very into Martina lately…And country..

    When was it never my time?

    • grr. the last thing I’d “want” is some bible bashing type, no matter how hot, to tell me what I ought to want or not want! but well done you for exercising restraint re the ‘hot topics’.

      • Yeah, it reminds me of my 6’2 gorge ex…One day I looked up at him and wondered how someone so beautiful could be so ugly….

        • Hey, but no victim here…

          Recently been reading “The Companion to the Four Agreements” by don miguel Ruiz..

          Great book and highly recommend for a touch up reminder to how we view reality…x

          • the four agreements, someone I know introduced me to that but I have not read it, altho it appeals to me immensely. might add it to the reading list.

  34. About query type number 1, I wonder is there a good time to breakup a relationship, excluding the uranus transit. I found online that venus retro and void moon is not a good time to breakup, for we need to resolve the problem or reconcile the relationship again.

  35. Hmmmm……. love. At the mo, I am not sure I even know what it is. My new theory about love – well it’s possibly not new, and very probably not even mine – is that it can only ever be, at best, a reflection of where you’re at / who you are at the time. I spent a lot of years looking for The One, buying that whole crock of merde about being rescued etc etc. So while I thought I was in love at times, I wouldn’t describe it or even recognise it as ‘love’ now. I note when I met my first love it was 30 years ago, so Saturn was squaring my Cap moon as it did last year when I was in love again for probably the second time.
    My husband’s SN is exact conj my Sun/Merc/Saturn. Our relationship has always been warm, familiar and very safe. Now , tho’, my concept of ‘safety’ is completely different. We met with Neptune going into Aqua and yes it is very much a meeting of minds.
    Neptune and Chiron are doing my sun/Merc/Saturn for the next couple of years, in 7th, so everything I feel about love is kind of up for negotiation right now.

  36. If there’s a transit of love, then I’m currently in a transit of career and change/growing.
    It’s such an intense time for me and I’m learning / growing through practice dealing with turkey’s at work. In my line of work people should be in pursuit of truth. But they’re in pursuit of mediocrity and ego. I loathe dodgy behavior to get ahead. Yes, folks, plenty of planets in House 2 of values, so it’s frustrating that I have to deal with unethical idiots.
    To go back to the transit of love: saturn, ascendant and my 5th house always has a lot to do with big good love. whereas neptune, 7th has a lot to do with dodgy love zombie helpless messy types trying to influence me.

  37. I experienced love at first sight (best to be described as noticing him all night, he just stood out, when I approached him and looked into his eyes my initial feeling was KNOWING that this guy was going to change my life in a big way, and I felt like I knew him). We met on his 21st Birthday, October 26. Scorpio Scorpio. He also has 4 planets in Scorpio.

    Our composite chart has Scorpio Asc conjunct Pluto. Synastry his true node is on my ascendant.


    I am experiencing so many new emotions.

    I would have replied to this earlier, but I was in Germany, visiting him :)
    (he lives in Germany, I live in Melbourne… I never thought long distance relationships were for me, but this is just too big to ignore.)