Mercury In Awesome

Jerry Hall in bathing cap on the telephoneMercury is Direct sweeties! In Leo! Who suddenly just wants to say ‘fuq political correctness’ and devote their life to the Pursuit of Pure Awesome?

Okay, Mercury is now back at ONE DEGREE OF LEO – where it was on June 27.  So you know, situations from around then that have stalled may now stir up all over again.  But it will still be cryptic, unless you’re real Mercurial yourself and adept at interpreting crazy crap, bird omens and whatever it is that your hair is trying to tell  you.

And you know, it’s SO old-school but phone calls from people who end the call the moment you answer, have been HUGE this Mercury Retro. Why? I don’t know yet but there will be an extended rave re all this in the next Daily Mystic email & Horoscopes, obviously. 

Note that when Mercury was last at one degree of Leo – ie; starting this whole cycle – it was the day that Venus Went Direct! Yes – linkage. No – love zombying.  Mars-Saturn should have us all WAY too busy for that sort of nonsense.


Image: Norman Parkinson – Jerry Hall

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84 thoughts on “Mercury In Awesome

  1. Absolutely hilarious. My fuqing DAYdreams have been coming true, even to the point of someone i’ve never had a call from somehow getting my top secret number and calling me AS Merc goes direct. Um after i postponed meeting…just because. Ok just because i’m venus in aqua.

    I was trying to nut out a scenario and after a bit i thought well this has got to all be in your head, is this actually real, is it real? And i swear about a thousand birds in the tree nearby all went OFF at the same time! There were at least three diferent bird species, which is unusual because there are bird wars lately in this street, due to a crew of 5 picking on the lone bigger songbirds. Anyway the air was so thick with highpitched birdsong i couldn’t help but laugh and feel electrically delirious with all the sonar.

    …AND i DID work out what my hair was trying to tell me! Concocted a different hair treatment on a whim this morning, and it’s working.

      • That was me above, not anon.

        I got a job interview today. Two hours after putting in my application. After 6 months of trying to fit back into my old life, yesterday I stayed in bed all day pretending to be a snake losing all it’s skin. I decided to embrace all the stuff I’ve learnt, stop trying to tack it onto what I used to do, and just…morph.

        And what’s funniest bout this job interview…last week I walked past their office, it’s in quite an out of the way part of the city. I liked their logo on the window, and I peered through the window like a stalker and inadvertently I thought “i’d like to work in a place like that.” and then today they advertised a position which ticks all my new snake skin boxes.

        Anyway, the interviews tomorrow and whether or not I actually get the job, I’m feeling happier than I have done for a long couple of months.

        • that is qi – that happened to me with the first house i lived in out of my family home – was 16 and felt drawn to this awesome big house, knocked on the door and said i had come about the room for rent – this guy was like “how did you know, we haven’t advertised it yet” so i made up some bullshit story about where i had seen “the ad” and i got the room. i am loving your vibe here – please come back and report!

          • oh and of course i met the first Big Love at this house, just a few weeks later. Pisces, looked like a maori version of James Dean,

          • Don’t you just love when things come together so magically perfect and by using your intuition. :)

          • Definitely! I’m just looking forward to the interview. I want to see what the people who work in this company think of my very strange career path, now that ive stopped trying to compensate for it and am instead embracing and promoting it. I will let you know!

        • What’s not to love about this?? Hasn’t it been a shaking time of it, Seabird. So keen to know what happens at and from this interview you bagged, like a hunter.

          Love and shining, Seabird, love and big sunny shining on you xx

  2. This has been the Mercury Retrograde from Hell for me. Normally I don’t have too much trouble, but I lost my Gmail a/c as it started, took 3 weeks to get it back; lost microphone on my computer after Windows 7 was installed; our Digiturk TV has been more off than on; my Australian mobile ph. died on me; changed ISP and service was pathetic; and yesterday I heard that, if we’ve been in North Cyprus for more than 6 months when our luggage that’s been stuck in Istanbul for six months finally gets here we could be liable to pay sales tax on it. Unfuqingbelievable. However, things may be moving: techie turned up within an hour from Multimax, spent ages sorting it out and also installed a VPN so we can now watch BBC and ITV;he told me how to download a microphone driver for Windows 7 and it works and I’m back on Skype; our luggage is actually almost on the move; and shifting the Wi-Fi modem to the middle of the room has suddenly left us with perfect Digiturk service. And I’m back to writing my book. Please, please Mercury, be a bit kinder to me when your next crazy retrograde period takes place, okay?

      • It’s good to have things starting to fall into place. Forgot one snafu: Due to the delay in forwarding our gear from Istanbul to Cyprus, we will have been here over six months and could then be liable for tax on the contents of our luggage. The transport lady in Magusa is contacting Customs to explain our situation and hopefully get an exemption. I must admit, I felt like sitting down and bawling my eyes out at this latest piece of absolute crap!

    • Fantastic post on your site. (btw).

      Sounds like classic Merc Rx, but I’ve got an inkling that some longer term transit is coming to an end for you? Maybe a Progression somewhere.

      Well said that girl in the Grecian Isles.

      • I do have the feeling that this episode has been closing off our time in Australia, really cutting us off from our old life, time to get on with the new. And I’ve been so frustrated with all the hold-ups, that I am really eager now to write my book. Glad you liked the comment on my site. At least we don’t get Ignorance Chic on MM’s site!

    • Red tape after red tape. Am glad things are moving – literally and figuratively :-)

  3. Ugh, phone call randoms! A “private number” has called my mobile every Saturday night (twice a night – quite late too!) for this Merc retro period. They don’t leave a message nor send a text so it’s very frustrating – but I refuse to answer private numbers. i just don’t like ’em, especially on a Sat night at 11.45pm.

    I’ve asked my big burly Gemini man flatmate to answer next time it happens! See if the mystery gets solved…

  4. A freind of mine since high school is married with lots of kids and the owner of a nice sized roofing company. He calls me all the time, especially at work, as he cannot call from home. If he gets another call, he basically hangs up on me. I’ve asked him to not do this, to no avail. We have not talked in a couple of months, cause of schedules, and as soon as Mercury went retro – Ding-A-Ling, he called four times on a Saturday – in one morning and on the fifth call left a message. I stopped answering the phone. My cell rang yesterday, and I picked up, it was him, all chipper and happy to finally talk. Right in the middle of my sentance, he literally starts talking to someone and hung up on me.
    He called this morning and I picked up. He started talking about stuff and I was cheerfully going along, and then I said “Got a call on other line, Got to go.” and hung up on him. I know I should just ignore it or not pick up, but it felt so good. He got the message this time. That’s what happens when you have two left handed Aquarians dealing with eachother during mercury retro. YIKES thank goodness it’s over!!!

    • Love your left-handed Aquarian Mercury direct story – ‘he got the message this time’… brill!

  5. I was getting multiple wtf missed calls no message from private number last week. Turned out to be my phone provider trying to sign me up for another 12 months.
    I was disappointed.
    Not the cloak and dagger stalking I was hoping for…

  6. I just got a weird call from some dude who sounded like he was calling from a pub, he asked for Mr or Mrs Saturnalien, so I asked who is calling, he wouldn’t answer my question, just said “is that Mrs Saturnalien” so I said “no” and he hung up! Fuqing time wasting fuqer… I wish I’d said, “no, it’s Lady Fuqing Saturnalien to you, dipshit” and hung up on him first.

  7. oh good – i’m working on becoming *unstuck* – hope that merc will help (sun and merc conjunct in virgo) – also tried Mystic’s advice of yesterday to write the LZ-object a letter – and that seems to have worked too, with me feeling more empowered and righteous – yes, not always a good look but in this case, it IS!

    • I did the letter thing yesterday too. I really felt I had come to the unstuck bit at last and felt quite proud of myself for finally reaching the Zen stage, only to be assaulted by his name, image, synchronicity and reminders everywhere (I’ve got rid of all traces of him btw). What is that all about?

      • oh dear – maybe a ‘test’? you know how they say the universe sends opportunities or tests? I had a similar experience after writing the letter – felt better yesterday, then a terrible night’s sleep, then starting stalking on FB and found ‘evidence’ of him and a mutual friend. 1 step forward, 2 steps back – hope you are feeling OK??

          • Hmm… sounds like a test to me. Over the past few months I have seen so many ‘signs’ – Neptune transit, lol – including having a break-up convo with my husband while the name of my lover flashed up repeatedly on a TV news story – not the actual guy but another guy with his name – I mean, wtf???? Yet that guy is not here in front of me. My thinking is, if I can’t touch it and smell it (and pash it, lol), then it must be a test. Zukav says that when we challenge a frightened part of ourselves by doing something brave, the universe responds by giving us more chances to practise being brave. In my case the ‘signs’ got so frequent I actually asked the universe to stop sending them because it was too hard for me, and that’s helped. Hardly a single one since then.

  8. It was an exercise in nerve control, but good to know things can move now. No phone calls, no contacts from people past.

    ATM, Saturn rules my heavens by squaring my Cap Moon. Until Saturn is out of Libra, my plan is to suck it up and finish as much as possible. So far, I haven’t seen any rewards whatsoever. Once in Scorp, I am sure it will mean new lessons.

  9. While I was reading that I thought I might get my hair cut shorter for the 40c+ months coming up in October. It’s hot here for at least 7months. A first in years that idea. Had acupuncture today first time in months because she has been overseas, my little witch has zonked me out, she punctured 2 celestial points on my belly….for “potential”. She, a Toro, was grinning wickedly….time will tell….

    • I had long hair and had it cut short 36 years ago, not by design but by casually mentioning to the top hairdresser I happened to make an appointment with that I’d like a layered look. I got that alright, about an inch all over. I nearly had a nervous breakdown watching my long hair drop to the floor, but it’s the best thing I ever did and I’m eternally grateful to that hairdresser. Never had long hair again. I feel so cool, no bother with styling, get in the shower, towel dry, liberation. Try it – it’s fantastic!

      • Lol I’d kill my gorgeous hairdresser if she did that! But I admire you! I look funny with really short hair because my heads small. I’m thinking shoulder length.

        • Well, I have to be honest, I as contemplating ripping the hairdresser’s head off at first, but he was a brilliant guy, one of the top hairdressers in Perth, and he really “got” how good it would look on me. I got fed up with them trying to charge me for a blow-dry when my hair was already dry, so I watched how they did it and from then on I’ve cut my own hair. Also got to admit that I went mad last week and gave myself a buzz cut as it’s so horrendously hot here, so much cooler.

      • Thanks for the hair story. i got a hair cut today and am a bit depressed about it.

        The last time I went there a couple of months ago, they did give me the style I wanted – short and messy – but WAAY shorter than I asked for! Rather embarassed to be suddenly very unfeminine. Oh god, and I had an awards ceremony the next day with publicity photos to pose for. And a colleague there who I prefer to look gorgeous in front of because I had been super attracted to him for months. God. Very disappointing. So even though I have an award in my hand in the pics I haven’t shown them to anyone.

        So today at the hairdresser I say all the same things and add “but can we keep some of the length?” Gorgeous gal who worked on me. Not blaming her. But now I see I should have said I liked texture AND a bit of length. I am being rather a sook over my look now. Why is it so depressing not to have a fabulous haircut?

        Regarding Mystics wonderful post above, after approx 7 years of trying to be/pretending to be demure, and/or cannily keeping my mouth shut (my Aries rising had gotten me into trouble) I find something in me involuntarily said “Fuq Political Correctness” about 3 weeks ago. I am rolling with it. The lesson is being okay with it if people hate you for disagreeing with them or having liberal attitudes. Some can be very vitriolic about it. For example my religious relatives and colleagues.

        The other lesson is remembering things only get better if we all feel free to say what we really think.

          • My mother used to sticky tape a pink ribbon on top of my head because I really didn’t grow much hair until after I was 2 years old. Sick of people asking if I was a boy. Don’t hate your head, use hair gunk, those clip things et al, and a nice big red lipstick so you can enunciate clearly when you get lippy with the god botherers. Integrity – one size fits all.

  10. i love this shoot of Jerry Hall.

    a great Mercury retrograde quote I heard: “It’s not you, it’s my horrible choice in men”.
    Closely followed by: “I’m sorry, did the middle of my sentence interrupt the beginning of yours?”


  11. Merc has been retro through my 12th and I have also been revamping health/admin in line with Mystic’s scopes. All going super well, upbeat, heaps of energy and focus – until today. Vivid dream of LZ guy last night and so it’s been Return of the Living Dead in my psyche today. I wish I could move on. My patheticness (I know, not a word) is annoying even to me.

    I have written pages of letters to write him out of my system and I thought it was gone, I burnt them, all good – but crapola, there he is again. *Repeats mantra: he is not leaving his wife, he is not leaving his wife*
    Hopefully this was just the psychic ring around the bathtub, and a good night’s sleep will banish him once more. (Soz, bad mixed metaphors. It’s been that kind of day)

    • You poor dear. My empathy for you is so very real. “This time WILL pass” springs to mind ( and is actually true). Also, from a dearly loved family member, ” whats meant for you wont go by you”………………….and you know (him/her/it/they/ what) just dont pass by if they are meant to stay!!

      My personal mantra is, the universe loves you so much it constantly gives you the opportunity to be who you really are. If you decide to be ‘kind’, you will be given every oppportunity to be kind ( esp in those moments of obvious fuqwittery). If you deicde to be angry, you will be given every oppportunity to be angry ( esp in those moments of obvious kindess). The universe is presenting you with the oppportunity to be “upbeat, energised and focused” – through your dreams you have been given the ultimate challenge and most marvelous opportunity. Enjoy :)

      • And why the universe has insisted i spell opportunity with 3 p’s, 3 times is beyond me!!! But i am grateful :)

      • Hello “me”
        This comment is beautiful. I hope you don’t mind if I copy and paste bits of it into a word document for my future encouragement.

        • Im a gem asc, gemstar. Copy and paste to your hearts content. My quotes are from others and i love the learning………. the ability to be (or at least contemplate) a better me. Blessings :)

      • Me, this is beautiful. Thankyou. I am copying this wisdom to save when I’m having a down day xx

    • oh my dear – I hope things are better today. sadly i’m in the same boat after feeling strong yesterday post letter writing. But very wobbly this morning and lowered myself to FB stalkery – there just seems nothing but work work work in my life at the mo’ – maybe its saturn again….?

      • Oh hey quintile… I hear you on this. Much of yesterday’s ‘thesis work’ was in fact Oracle abuse and a bit of FB stalkery – his wife, his band, so you get the picture. Very low Pisces.
        I had a better day today, in the office masquerading as a functional normal human being :)
        I hope your day got better with some distraction through work. If it’s any consolation I’m finding that embracing Saturn is actually helping me. Rock that to-do list :) x

        • thanks Chrysalis and good to hear you had a better day. That old Goethe saying: create the mood by doing, rather than wait for the mood to come along. I nearly didn’t go to work last night but did, and felt better for it. Damn that low pisces side (me too) but you are soooo right – really trying to work the boundary stuff and the strength of saturn. At least I have not “acted out” which is a huge consolation. Off to PhD seminar today having met the last of 4 massive deadlines rolling in since May. Your situation sounds horrendous and here’s sending you lots of best wishes and ever-strong boundaries!! Maybe one could start a Piscean detective agency – I’m super at cross-referencing twitter and FB to glean where he and (the new?) she are. urghhh. Hope you go ok today :)

          • Haha yes. A Pisces detective agency :)
            Good on you for going to work and feeling better. That Goethe quote’s a gem, isn’t it. A friend of mine always says that the first 24 hours after a major resolution/letting go ritual are always the worst. So hang in there.
            My sitch is difficult but without being all ‘oh I’m so grateful for my misfortune’ about it, I accept my own role. I made decisions for good reasons when I got married. So there’s no blame, and that’s helped immeasurably as take responsibility for my choices, past and future. I am probably behaving like a real grownup for the first time in my life. I am finally returning Saturn’s calls. Better late than never :)
            I’m pretty sure the married guy also has days like I do, but choices were made. He’s a decent guy. I was his Pluto-Venus transit, so while I may occasionally weep into the gin bottle, he will never be the same again :)

            • great post Chrys – you are wise and strong. I was thinking the same re the day-after-letting-go – it makes sense that if one has done this properly, there WILL be some sort of fall out. For me (piscean asc, moon), if I am brutally honest, its the loss of the de/lusion, the hope and the fantasy.

  12. Yeeaas….. Things have become a little clearer… Just a little…. Am up to something, but won’t tell just yet. This fragile little bloom needs to be watered a bit in secret first 😀

  13. Well, it is early morning in the US so I guess I will keep a Pink Panther eye upon me as I go through the day. I think I posted about a call I got at work that when I answered and said hello they hung up. Yesterday I got another call on my cell phone from a number near my home town. This call I received before but no message. Yes, it could have been another mistake for them but the land line is not too far away from my hometown. So, I thought it weird. I don’t know of anyone living in that town but it brought me to someone I met last November who works in that town, She would have been a great friend! Any who… tis will be interesting. And if nothing happens I can’t wait to read everyone’s posts!! Enjoy! :)

    • PS:. She is connected to my Love Zombie situation. So, it was more hoping she was reaching out to me but I should know better.

  14. “phone calls from people who end the call the moment you answer have been huge this Mercury Retro” Yup, spot on. Also people who ring up, say what they want to say, then hang up as soon as the topic moves onto you, and away from them. Or rude oddballs from the past who abuse, you then ask why you haven’t called for so long?
    Let ‘s hope the shadow isn’t too bad. I remember one retro a few years back and the shadow period was double the Mercury agony for me…

    • yes, getting texts, messages from annoying people demanding I contact them or why haven’t I invited them out.
      I just don’t get it.

  15. What a weird trip it’s been. Had Mr. Mercury retro in my 7th House. Last night around 9P (PDT) I received a batso message from a fellow I had deleted out of my FB friends. (Well, I blocked him. There’s no other way to eradicate the fuqwits.) It was quite desperate and just, well, WEIRD. Poor guy (he’s a Virgo) this astro passage must have worked a number on him :)

  16. Ok so today is my birthday and yes phone calls are ending abruptly…as in me hanging up in mid sentence….like when the ex calls but he never mentions the bday but for sure that’s why he’s calling right? No. He’s calling to ask you when you can reclaim your stuff from being stored at the house and has completely forgotten your bday…..also no mention of visiting with the dog he bought you for your last bday….which he has claimed as his own….Taurus much?

    • But! Your colorist has also called to make time to touch up your not so platinum roots-free of charge! Fabulous awesomeness since all I really care about is my hair and apparently my hair has amazing karma and fantastic luck in all things….and generally attracts a better audience…unlike my…but not really ” lol “….yes…fuq all…my hair reigns supreme…and Fuq u usps for delivering my package(from my new younger lover) too early and forcing me to go to the dreaded post office to pick it up on a day that is NOT my bday…(cue rage)

      • Thank you.!!!!
        .I’m in the states and it’s still the 8th of august…..funny how it’s already the 9th somewhere else in the world

  17. Well, not to toot my horn too, too loud re “the awesomeness” (and noone need respond…thats not why I’m mentioning….but speaking of awesome….hehe

    Luckily my weight loss needs no explanation as patients going all ga-ga-goo and fussin’ (which Aries loves of course)…but as of today…yes, I’ve lost 50 lbs exactly since starting in Jan. Not done yet…Haven’t even started the weight workouts yet…wanted to get some of the blubber off first.

    Feel great tho and new lease on life… x

    • p.s…am SO, SO looking toward the Mexican combo platter, guacamole, double margarita, chips, appetizers, I’m going to have at my daughter’s shower!!

      And Gem daughter’s homemade cupcakes….Of course stomach has shrunk but will take leftovers home and make a weekend of it…lol

      When Uranus was in Pisces co-worker’s 1st house (still is) but when it began a couple of years ago she lost 80lbs.

      She gave me a hug and got tears in her eyes today…She’s 27 but I told her she was an inspiration to me as well…So sweet!

      Told her I never want to be that fat and miserable ever again….Told her you can fix fat but not ugly (was joking…there is even a fix for that nowadays, no? lol)

      But my Aries parts were just beaten down and Cap Moon in 8th is really alot more senstive than anyone would ever imagine…

      NEVER..let anyone ever project their shit on to you and you believe it…GOT IT? xo

      • You sound awesome Sweetie, like an Aries pulling themselves off the mat and getting back into it with gusto. Enjoy the guacamole! :)
        xxo shell

        • Transformation in the air…

          Pisces and Toro co-workers made up today (after a huge long debacle)..

          Toro got engaged this week to her Virgo and so they were hugging in the parking lot….sweet…and finally!

  18. this last mercury rx has been a real doozy for me. my job is pretty much 100% about transporatation and communication, so you can imagine. today (after mercury direct of course) i discovered a huge issue i’ve been dealing with was mostly due to some miscommunication with our warehouse. too many people involved and they weren’t paying attention to detail. now i have a pissed off customer and an order that will be shipped late. it’s been a super “fun” day.

    oh, and i am a gemini with mercury in gemini.

  19. This mercury retro, I received two voicemails for “Greg”, in regards to verifying some info for a “Cheesecake Factory job application.” Quite funny.

  20. Hoorah! I feel grand just thinking about Mercury Direct. FUQ political correctness, let’s go chase pure awesome.

    And on the subject of weird qi, I have a picture of a vintage norton motorbike and a 1950s red and white holden in my “helpful people” section (for no particular reason) and now I’ve met a gentleman who owns both. In exactly the same colours. Feng Shui you are FREAKING me out!!!

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