An Astrology Lesson With Prince Harry In Vegas

Prince Harry in Las VegasCourtesy of TMZ, here is Prince Harry partying in Vegas just now…WAIT there is an astrological take-out from all this. Several in fact.

* Prince Harry has Pluto about to hit his Capricorn Rising – probably the Queen with a suitable bride for him lol. But seriously, Pluto on the Asc is the most intense transformative astro-passage of all.

* Harry’s lack of judgement letting someone who is going to snap pics/sell to goss sites — Neptune is currently on his Mercury.  You have gotta watch that.  The Queen’s face when she got this news?  Uranus is on HER Mercury.  She would have been genuinely shocked. Prince Charles? MARS is on his Mercury. Absolutely berko. Can you see how this all works?

So Prince Harry is a Virgo with Capricorn Rising and the Moon in Taurus – sensual but sensible, right?  But note that Mars-Uranus in Saggo – that wants an OUT.  And Jupiter is currently bugging the hell out of it. Also, you can see he has the Jupiter-Pluto aspect that is the signature of people who are born into wealth or acquire it.

Here is Prince Harry’s birth-chart – i think it would good to discuss this and some of the astrological issues around this night in Vegas. Important Point: Whenever there is a ‘night in Vegas’ type event – blame Neptune.

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74 thoughts on “An Astrology Lesson With Prince Harry In Vegas

  1. had no idea we had such similar astro. Cap Asc, Virgo Sun, Toro moon here – and his Uran on my Mars too.
    cameras / vegas = bad idea v. neptune. . . interesting post MM

  2. OMG, this is my niece’s astro signature: Sun Virgo, Rising Cap with Moon in Taurus – a Grand Earth Trine. Mars in Leo. She is decadent and wilful – but very powerful in an emotionally integrated way.
    Can see her becoming a total beserker in teenagehood.

    I can’t help liking Harry.

    *watches comments with interest*

  3. OMG I love this kind of analysis!!!

    And yeah, GO Harry!

    (though a bit silly re: the pix thing. If you’re gonna get inappropriate photos taken and you’re, like, a prince, get on the phone to Annie Liebovitz or David La Chapelle and you’ll at least LOOK GOOD while lying in a pool of your own vomit on a casino floor…)

  4. busting out after all that jubilee/olympics hooha? I love the that picture has him titled as ‘princehotginge’

    South node on his north node too – highlighting things he should be moving away from?

  5. I always thought that number two son to the throne had all the fun! And I agree, Go, Harry!

    Just be careful, I read that there is a case of syphillis in the American porn industry that has it currently shut down. Make sure the girls are not on hiatus and partying in Vegas!

  6. Vegas + Neptune = Strip Poker
    Go Harry !
    Honestly – if the ”people” still love you after you stuff up by dressing as
    an old German Dictator, then surely they will forgive a little nudity ?

    I picture His Royal RedHeadedness (from one Ranga to another),
    as a ”real time” re-incarnation of his Grandfather, Prince Phillip – the Blooperist, only with actions rather than word.

    • too true!
      He seems to be a little red devil. Maybe, a bit rebellious from his mum or his ancestors. Harry Hotspur perhaps?
      Dressing up, drinking and partying nude is nothing.
      Sounds like fun!

  7. my thoughts on this “lesson” thank you mystic

    Capricorn rising? Really? wouldn’t capricorn rising have all his tarts and fellow party animals sign ndas and hand over their phones before letting rip?

    he can put his mars on my uranus anytime, swear to god i’d have a crack at him if i was 20yrs younger

    i think this will tip queen over the edge and she will abdicate to “spend time with philip” they will try to make charles king but brits will riot at thought of queen camilla and there will be king wills with a pregnant queen kate. Or it could be the end of the monarchy.

    is it too early for a gin?

    • Two of my best work buddies who were also ready to turn into rabid party animals were a Sag and a Cap. Both very good at their work, whip smart, and the Cap extremely reliable and goodnatured. Also both loving fathers.

      But after hours! Whoah! Don’t you know Capricorn can be Satyrs? And have you ever heard the expression horny old goat? Cap bestie often speaks of her need to simply go out prowling for hot stuff.

      Too early? You can start drinking when the hotel opens. Which is 11am, traditionally.

  8. i have this pluto-jupiter thing too. but just 10 euro in my bag and depts on´my bank-account – transits for achieving wealth? 😉

  9. Geebuz there’s gonna be hell to pay. Mars crossing his Pluto imminently says massive power struggle back at the Palace. Dad and Granma’s Mercury transits . . . lol.

    A Saturn return with Pluto transiting his first house, should sort this young fella out. What an idiot. With Cap rising silly sod well knows this. It would be interesting to see where his Pallas Athena, BML is. (I suppose)

    As Gurdjieff would say:

    “A toast– To the idiots.”

      • I have been reading a lot about the nodes these days. To me, it’s interesting that he has the node conjunct the Moon. A lot of books say that shows the influence of a mother/ mother-figure, which would make sense in his case, due to Diana’s unexpected and tragic death.

  10. I wonder if the palace PR peeps place bets on the worst possible news headline combos? Wish I’d had money on ‘Harry Vegas nude sex romp’.
    I too have a grand earth trine – Cap moon, Virgo Mars, Taurus Jupes – but I don’t appear to be working mine in quite the same way as Harry 🙂

  11. Poor Hazza

    His grandfather got away with all sorts of stuff because it was pre-Twitter time. Hazza’s stuffed it.

    But I think the greater problem is that Grandaddy knows it’s a joke and has the intellect to keep just this side of the fence. Harry’s damned if he do and damned if he don’t, and he hasn’t got the brains to deal.

    I just think he’s a bit of a dong-head. Mind you, he really has some very good company amongst his more distant forbears. It’s only the advent of smartphones that has really stuffed this royally. Totally inbred. I think he needs to get a job in a post-office or something.

    • I’m not going to launch into a spirited defence of his intellect, but he does actually seem to have found his calling as an Apache helicopter pilot. Apparently he graduated best in his class in whatever pilot-y role he trained for and I understood that he has seen active service in a combat role, and wants to serve in a combat role again (if the media can keep its mouth shut long enough not to make him and everyone around him a target). I’m pretty sure that I’ve read/heard people describe him as a very talented pilot too.

      I suspect this is just a youthful work hard/play hard thing, and he’s certainly not the first kid in the world to lack judgement. (I just thank my lucky stars I was too old for this stuff by the time digital cameras and camera phones arrived.)

  12. Interesting how he has the Moon all lonely in the bottom half of his chart. And opposite Saturn too. Ouch. Poor boy needs the love of a good woman. But with South Node-Uranus-Mars-Neptune in Sagg he’s going to do a lot of partying first.

    • I find the nodes interesting here. All that Saggi being SN affected and yet so present in his chart.

      It’s like he has to submerge all that Saggi blather and leave it in the past to an extent. Or at least control it.
      I suppose the move forward is to a exciting and mulifaceted yet domestically oriented future

      Just his Moon is keeping company with the NN in the 4th, so the Moon is important to his destiny – the Moon is at home in the 4th. So not so lonely as a distinct feature?

      • True, the Moon is at home in the 4th, and Taurus is a good stable sign for it too. It’s really the Saturn opposition that looks painful. He needs to balance excitement and fun (NN in Gemini after all as well as all the Sagg) with some kind of really stable domestic life (NN and Moon in 4th). Maybe he should just find a nice Vegas showgirl and run off with her?

        • If he can regulate his emotional needs for trust etc. I think he would find Saturn a strength in being opp his Moon? Apparently it is often to do with feeling that love is conditional. I can imagine that in the context of his upbringing.
          Yes, a nice showgirl with a heart of gold could be the ticket!

  13. Poor dude, just trying to have some fun. Him and his brother were interviewed during the olympics and came across so well, very nice chaps. William was teasing Harry about his tightness haha oh naughty frugal Virgos.

    He has the same Sun, Moon, ASC as my favourite man, got that Saturn/Moon hard aspect too, it’s a difficult one. The Jupiter -Pluto aspect of wealth? Does that work with a conjunction because I’ma still waiting to scrape of the poverty line.

  14. hi Mystic, I love your blog & the astrology you show for wee Prince Harry but the outer transits of Neptune and Pluto are a tad wide to be relevant right now. They’re both 4 degrees away and as they’re slow movers, they’re only really hot within 1-2 degrees. Now, next spring looks interesting for Harry once the outer planets really cosy up to his ASC and natal Mercury!

    • I agree with Mystic. When Pluto started to conjunct my Sun, his presence was felt 4-5 degrees before being exact. He’s now 3-4 off it but I’m still not done with.

  15. thank you! But i disagree – i think when you’re Prince Harry things show up early PLUS Neptune has a massive orb – honestly, you can see neptune coming a kilometre away, like a drunk staggering home down your street crashing into hedges, or an oil tanker gone awol…But yes, the posts i do are not meant to be super intense astrological analysis of their chart or else i would only be able to post once a week!

    • I disagree too I think that because they move so much slower their effects are felt more intensely earlier than a more personal planet transit. Absolutely been my experience. Stephen Arroyo has a good bit about wider orbs of the outer planets in one of his books, I forget which one.

      • Things show up early for me aspect/orb wise as well and well, how can the astro not be relevant for him when this has already happened!

        Apparently, what happens in Vegas does not stay in Vegas…

        Big advert promo over here (Cali) a couple of years ago…”What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”… apparently not.. 😯 lol

        Eh, lighten up people!

      • Maybe if we could get a pic of the actual stars in the sky at the moment of his birth, we could connect the dots and get a bong. A bong constellation.

  16. Ooo! Channeling PRINCE HAL, for the Bard’s sake! Now who’s the Falstaff in the picture?

    I expect that Pluto/Saturn transits will school him in the difference between faux-royal fantasy and real leadership. If so, should be interesting to see who he turns against when he suddenly grows up.

  17. Capricorn moon hugh??
    Virgo? He seems so adventurous and sort of an eclectic fellow..
    A grown man taking his panties off! With all the smart phones everyone has!
    We should laugh with him..
    I am sort of glad he is having fun, he is so cute..

  18. Think it might be that Uranus and Mars in Sagg in 11th that makes him, er, sociable. 🙂

    And then Uranus-Mars square Virgo Mercury/Sun (Uranus wide with the Sun but not Mercury) and he probably loves a little shock value.

    • Too true Sweetpea. I’m a Cap Asc and usually very sensible but I have moon in Saggo (11th house) square Uranus in 8th. Once I get a few drinks in me and the music starts going, I’m up for anything!! 😛

    • how killer is that saturn returns going to be though? 😉

      he is welcome to come find me after that with his mars conjunct my venus neptune and moon uranus. Make vegas look like creche

  19. The Sun just crossed his vertex and his natal Pallas Athene is at 11 degrees of Pisces. Not quite sure how Neptune conj Pallas Athene would manifest. Confusion is a word that always come to mind with Neptune. Probably fairly typical of the kind of rite-of-passage, who-the-hell-am-I stage we all go through in our late twenties, Saturn return notwithstanding. Pluto conjunct Jupiter; has gotta be a tough one for a young Prince exuberantly rebelling and subsequently clashing with the very ultimate in symbols of authority. Poor bastard. He’s got Chiron square Chiron and his natal BML is @ 1 degree Aries and transiting BML is about to cross his North Node.

    There’s no way out for the little bugger, he’s a bit young to become a recluse and a bit young to tell them all to go to hell.

    I feel sorry for the lot of them. Mere (very mere in some instances) mortals occupying symbolic and archetypal positions of power and trying to live like ‘normal people’. Not that they ever can live like normal people, but normal people they more or less still be, especially nekkid.

    To the Tower wiv him.

  20. Pluto on the Cap ascendent is the most intense transformation of all.
    So i shall consider the Pluto on Sagg Sun and now on rising to be extremely
    lucky for me through all the trials & tribulations entailed.
    Well i’m certainly hitting my stride (sans the tripping, falling & splattering)
    with my new career. The Astro for Cap& Sagg have been mind-blogglingly accurate. What a team my Cap Guru & me make, am bouncing off his energy which is immense and he off mine. A match made in the heavens.
    Am glowing & buzzing with appreciation of life away from my cave.
    No desire whatsoever to return to my work. What i have now IS MY job.
    There is a saying: if you see something that needs doing-guess what-
    that’s YOUR job.

  21. Harry’s hot body…….but Vegas? Mustique no longer The Place?
    In regards to James Hewit being dad NO WAY, his colouring comes from
    Diana’s side, her brother is an orange person and don’t forget Henry V111.
    Or was the BlueBeard?

  22. Another Prince Harry thought – i put this on facebk but here it is here.

    1 – if you were 20 something in vegas with cash and a hot bod, would you be in bed by 9pm with chamomile tea and reading Eckert Tolle?

    2 – When Leo Di Caprio was in town recently the security at the club he always hung at AND his own guys, routinely confiscated the phones of girls around Leo. You wanna party with the dude, you give over your phone + they politely deleted pics. U think that is a violation of your human rights, fine but you won’t be invited to the nude pool party space dust extravaganza. Prince Harry’s help did not have their game on. In their defence, they are ex SAS guys or something, not media minders – their only real job is to ensure the non-mortality of the 2nd in line to the throne. They are there to nab bad guys and shield Harry from bullets, not prise phones out of the hands of drunk naked chicks.

    • Interesting about Leo’s security measures!

      Speaking of such measures I read that Madge has teams that wipe the room of all DNA after she leaves.. It’s a Brave New World of Fame.

      And I was wondering why we dont hear more about Leo: he is too smart!

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