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Sextiles are sexy – i secretly like them more than trines. A sextile is an aspect of 60 degrees between two planets or the Sun and Moon. eg; If you have the Moon at 16 Taurus and Mars at – say – 18 Pisces, those two are sextile. It’s an opportunity for sure but you have to make it happen.

Whereas trine aspects happen so easily, you most likely take that energy for granted and square, oppositions or conjunctions are always in your face, sextiles need to be jumped on and worked up a bit.

Sunday’s Jupiter-Uranus sextile was a zinger – whenever my horoscopes say stuff like ‘don’t be a shut-in’ or seem like they’re a massive call to action, it’s because there is a sextile in effect and you need to be in the right place to cop its awesome benefits.

And no doubt you have some sexy little sextiles operating in your chart.  As an Astro D.I.Y. mission, get in there and identify your sextiles, are you making enough of them?

So there are sextiles like the Jupiter-Uranus one on the weekend – it’s happening, like the weather – and then there are sextiles you were born with, your assets if you choose to exploit them. AND there are sextiles via transit. An outer planet sextile to your Ascendent, Moon, or Sun is especially powerful.  Someone embodying the qualities of that outer planet or whom evokes them in you, often enters your life at this point. New options open up real quick.

Get to know your sexy sextiles!  Thoughts?

Image: Mansync – Medusa’s Emerald

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79 thoughts on “Sexy Sextiles

  1. Pluto sextile ascendant,transit happening as I write this. Deffinately sounds positive from what I read, although Pluto transits are intense. And scorp ascendant is intense anyways, so its getting backing from Pluto atm.

  2. Have a Uranus in 3rd sextile NN in 5th which has Mercury transiting Uranus right now and Mars on the NN.

    Am itching to get my own computer out of repair this week so can get on with things…No wonder tho have been so chatty with the posts altho was in seclusion this weekend at the Scorps place..

    LIstening to Level 42 song “Lessons in Love” that says “if we lose the time before us, the future ignore us”…

    I have often not paid too much attention to sextiles so thanks Mystic for the inspiration…

  3. Sun Sextile Ascendant 0°27
    Moon Sextile Mercury 3°03
    Mercury Sextile Venus 4°01
    Mars Sextile Pluto 1°00
    Saturn Sextile Neptune 1°04
    Saturn Trine Pluto 5°08
    Neptune Sextile Pluto 4°04

    “all that raw talent…..wasted” (davidl’s mum)

  4. All my sextiles are to Uranus – Ascendant, Neptune, Moon, Jupiter. That’s pretty sexy in my book. I find Uranus energy exciting! Mind you, it does trine my Venus in Aqua (Mutual Reception – as Mystic put it, a menu item in a high class brothel?) Nothing is sexier than freedom, the space born of trust and true respect, equality, innovation, uniqueness, a scientific mind and electrifying genius. It’s probably true that when i work Uranus well and allow myself the respect of being who i am unfettered by any need for public acceptance, i actually gain that acceptance. I prefer groups that don’t try to suck my energy into them and don’t bind. People with space between them, to listen, observe, appreciate and learn. Otherwise i find boundaries soluble and am bombarded by too much information on different levels about other people, without even trying. Then i get idiosyncratic often purely in defence. Hold myself apart. Hate crowds. Uranus in 11th; the sextiled planets in late12th conjunct Asc.

    • I too get bombarded with too much information. I need to happily withdraw to my lofty quiet space of peaceful solitude, sometimes – regularly as I get older. My 12th house planets require a tub filled with warm water and oils, lights down, surrounded with candles, strings playing, softly.

      I agree – nothing sexier than freedom. Uranus on my descendant trine sun.

    • Saggo moon here… of course my fave word is FREEDOM :) Someone told me recently that was one of the main reasons for his attraction to me – I oozed a sense of freedom. (His Neptune conjunct my moon).
      I had no idea I was OOZING that quality. And here I was thinking I was super Saturnian. It’s interesting when you discover how others see you.

      I have moon Saggo square Uranus
      Uranus sextile Sun
      Uranus sextile Neptune
      Venus sextile moon
      Neptune sextile Pluto
      Saturn sextile Asc
      Mars sextile MC

      Lovely post Mille. Food for thought. :)

      • Beware, soaring angel! They often tell you that your independence and freedom is what draws them, yet they often cannot cope with it either, and start to draw lines around you (starting as suggestions – how to dress, what to play with, who your real friends are) or suck away at your energy with no idea how to keep up and keep evolving. It’s always subtle and gradual. Sometimes, too, there are those who read freedom as their own freedom to lie.

        How others see you is often the quality they most desire because they can not attain it.

        Still, your man may be honestly appreciative. Just if the word “oozing” is his and not yours it clearly looms large in his mind. He’s never met anyone whose freedom was noticeable before? Why, i would ask? Of course, it must be one of your shining qualities, but do you see such a quality reflected in him too?

        Sag Moon here too. And since 1940 – 2040 is the time of Neptune sextile Pluto, you’ll find we all have it, spanning some generations. We tend towards feeling that humanity is progressing towards a goal. However the orb of inexactitude may have a bearing on an individual.

        • Your whole first para, Mille, sums it up for me. I’m always told that my independence is attractive and yet sure enough, the reining in begins. Or as you observe so eloquently here, they mistake independence and freedom for someone who’s happy to be fuqued around on (soz, prepositions in all the wrong order but you know what I mean). Lovely words as always Mille x

        • “How others see you is often the quality they most desire because they can not attain it”

          Very true Mille!

          I think he was being genuinely appreciative but he was also married!! After the glow of the flattery wore off I realised that he loved my freedom because he probably felt trapped (married young, teenage kids etc). ‘Oozing’ was his word, so he was must have been yearning for freedom. Not my problem. I nipped it in the bud and haven’t spoken to him since. Not interested in married men, thank you very much. I’m no love zombie.

          And Chrysalis, you’re right when you say “they mistake independence and freedom for someone who’s happy to be fuqued around on”

    • I am really feeling this description of what feels like my own head. “Otherwise i find boundaries soluble and am bombarded by too much information on different levels about other people, without even trying.” I’ve never read anyone describe it quite like that; thank you for freeing that part of me today!
      -Natal Uranus sextile Neptune and Ascendant

  5. I have Mars-Venus-Asc sextiles and saturn-pluto-neptune sextiles. Also sun with lilith-jupiter. Pluto is also transiting sextile my natal uranus in 5th house scorp, which might last long enough to zing up my 5th house when saturn goes thru it.

    My question is – mystic – do you mean sextiles are like cars, I.e. become super useful if you get in the drivers seat and make things happen?

    • .. And mars, NN sextile my descendant from opposite sides, with Saturn +1 on that atm too. Blimey, these things are everywhere. Time I stopped sitting around bludging like a Pisces.

  6. This picture is so earthy and beautiful: the wing’s bone structure, the finely detailed orchid, the Medusa’s serpents and the warm loving colours. I’m experiencing the magic of earth and science, natural structures through Capricorn in my life right now and it’s almost magic, though not a bit of it supernatural, just old fashioned earthy nature. Plus a bit of financial learning through play. I’m so in awe of Capricorn energies at the moment! Can i change sign?? And i adore this artwork.

  7. Moon sextile Jupiter exact
    Then the Mars/Asc/Saturn pile up is also in a tight sextile to Sun/Merc (and Venus loosely)
    They are both cross sign conjunctions, so it’s not very clear cut, but let’s just say I can get and hold people’s attention if I so desire.

  8. I find sextiles quite interesting especially in transit. Atm I have Chiron sextile both my Merc and Venus (which is interesting as Pluto is trining them as well). Lots of transformation re love and the ways in which I communicate at present. HUGE for me. I also never really took notice of my moon in Gem sextile mc in Leo before 😮 Weird I know. Just read a bit by Robert Hand and a few others and it reads more like a trine. Either that or I’ve been grokking them all along.

    People close to me would say I already utilise my Lilith sextile Neptune and Jupiter lol I can however see room for improvement re Chiron in Aries in the 5th sextile Mars in Aqua in the 3rd.

  9. sun sextile chiron
    moon sextile mars
    mercury sextile lilith
    uranus sextile NN
    pluto sextile rising leo

    never really paid much attention to those aspects and therefore I’m now totally new to their sexyness…but I’ll find it. thanks Mystic! this moon in Virgo today is so intense. it’s really analytical and productive. today is like you can find meanings in every little detail of the universe. or maybe is it because I Crab Appled :) all chez moi and that freed the zone of my mind as well? mh hm mh hm … amazing!, again, thanks for the insight MM !

    • well, I thought about my mercury thing sextile lilith:
      I value freedom of thinking as one of the most important thing in the world. at least mine.
      I hate, detest with all my forces when ppl tend to give free advice, or restrict my points of view.
      I love to have space to roam and dig into thinking, and I also like when I get input that open up and add flavour to a concept.
      I detest to be closed down into a settled mindset. I hate the common sense transformed into pearls of illuminating advices.
      I recently had a really pep pep talk with a good (maybe ex) girlfriend of mine because of ideology and ethic about tarots.
      i don’t like the old bad witches ways of fortunetelling with tarots. I think it’s useless and non-ethical, let alone, quite impossible to cast prophecy to one’s own personal things.
      I see tarots as a way to ‘play’, use immagination, and inspirations to convey words and meaning through images.
      I also, like to see the present situation, and to dig into it, as for the most part of us, while living in our own present, it’s hard to see all the way around, so, tarots, when asked, for me, illustrate what the consultan doesn’t see in its own present situation, and what I see is just what he/she allows me to see. ( I’m persuaded that if the consultant doesn’t want, or is not ready to see certain things, the flow of image-words doesn’t occur, it is blocked by the other, and I feel it, and I respect it).
      said that, I was with my friend, a month ago, asking her to see what she could tell me about a person I was dating at that time. I only asked her (three times) to please give me an insight to what were his intentions, thoughts or feelings about me at the present moment. I did tell her, please, don’t say anything about the future.
      she shuffled the cards, the cards went down the table.
      she did it again, I choosed the cards that were posed onto the table and with careless effort said to me: “uh..hmm….he ….I don’t know, but sure the story will end”. full stop.
      I got pepperlike face and hated my acqua friend with all my ancestor reptilian brain cells.
      I told her not to tell me about the future!!!!! I thought that happened because I made it happened, and I no longer have any angryness with my mate, but, I felt so badly. It was like I’d been invaded, and rubbed of my free will. I told her, but she refused to admitt it, and, this is the fact the we don’t speak to each other anymore, she will continue this way, and she says that this is what ppl want, and what ppl needs when asked for tarots.
      I couldn’t be more distant from that.
      but, again, this is only my take on the situation.

        • UNsolicited advice gives me the shits too. But i think it’s worse to make a clear request from a friend, especially in the trust of a reading, and have that request ignored or violated. My belief is that it’s ego: the reader feels they have a “message” they must give you, like they’re a channel. Lest that sound judgey from me, i know it because i have felt like that in the past (though not reading cards for anyone; it was with random messages/words/song/scent) I learned that whatever insight i may think i have it must always be welcomed and have gone back to my original way of keeping my own counsel when channels open. Unless i’m asked, and even then i tend to be careful in expression. (if you can believe that of a Sag Rising with Merc in Aries :D)

          Love how you put this: “I hate the common sense transformed into pearls of illuminating advice.”

          • thank you Milleunanotte!
            this episode made me think and ruminating for days…I was kinda surpised by my friend behaviour and by my self repulsive feeling about all this (shit)!
            I wondered if may be it was me that was being too much sensitive or touchy.
            it’s nice to hear your words commenting exactly as I do think about the story.
            al least I’m not the only one who thinks this way out there! (what instead was my now ex-friend wanted me to think!)
            thanks for the support :) ! xx

  10. Sun sextile Neptune, Transiting neptune currently near to a sextile to my Moon, Lilith sextile Ascendant, Eros sextile Uranus — that one is my FAV!!!

    thanks mystic, love this post.

    I love the picture too.

  11. Mercury in Leo Retrograde has unblocked my creative block. Since June 2011 I have had creative block which has been awful. Mars in Libra too, I bet, is also the key to the locked door, now unlocked.

    Sextiles are curious.

  12. My sexy sextiles are:
    Sun sextile Pluto – Passionate, fond of growth, dislikes superficiality.
    Sun sextile Asc – friendly, likeable, air of authority/charisma
    Pluto sextile Neptune – delusions of digging? spiritual phoenixing?

    Well I will definitely need some practice at working the sexiest aspects of my sextiles. With Gem Rising I apparently seem superficial (until my Scorpio Moon shows her fangs) so people always believe I am this crazy, extrovert party girl. Even I believed it! Until I realised that 99% of my free time is spent with my family, two best friends or in bed with a book. But such a misleading 1%.

  13. I’ve always suspected that the many trines in my natal chart is what makes me lazy and overrides the many sextiles I have. When I put my mind to it I can achieve some pretty awesome things but getting to that place is extremely hard most of the times. It’s only when I have a transiting square (have none in my natal) that I make things happen. And that’s only because I have to been in a painful place. Oy.

  14. Mars sextile Pluto (1 degree orb) natally. It’s interesting to notice when it turns on. There was an emotional confrontation and I just remember feeling this surge of power as I was talking heading straight for the core, the other person involved didn’t really want to face the issue.

    Generally this sextile switches on when I am honest with myself.

    astrofix calls Mars-Pluto “killer instinct.”

    There’s also the interesting way this plays out sexually.

    • I have Mars on my Pluto today! Am LOVING it- what a rush of empowerment!! How fabulous to have this natally!

    • Yes i read that in AstroFix, too, as i have it in a t-square. It’s difficult to trust my killer instinct… but that’s when i listen to others… or fall with the heavy self doubt of Saturn… or the fog of Neptune on my Ascendant.

  15. Hardly any sextiles so I’ve never paid much attention to them. If they’re sexy I’d better start!

    Neptune sextile Pluto – everyone has this one, so it’s not really significant, right?
    Neptune sextile Lilith/Pallas. Not sure what this would do. It makes a yod with Mercury in the 9th which is cool because I’ve always wanted a yod.
    Mars sextile Ascendant – supposed to make you more assertive and energetic. Not much of that elsewhere in my chart so I can really use this one!

  16. I have 2 main configurations- Eris sx Jupiter sx Saturn sx Pluto sx Neptune in fire and air. Largely unconscious, much good luck, much potential. Mars on Pluto today and Pluto is the earliest with the widest orb (3*). Definite feelings of empowerment and wholeness after a month of snivelling smallness. Erase victimhood! I am excited for Uranus to get to 14 Aries and enter the mix! My hiding ways just may change…

    The other is more thrilling- Eros sex Uranus/Vertex sex Psyche. Currently being lit up by Pluto! Freedom is the name of the game! And I am glad, glad I say! that the Karmic Cancerian is AWOL. I am single for the first time in 15 years, and I am STOKED. Remembering that I adore being unattached and wild, and dreaming of stilettos!! Which will make me 6’2″ and scary. LOVE.

    • WHOA. electric insight. i have a kite. with uranus at one end and those sextiles and my taurus stellium at the other. alchemical LIBERATION of my emotional/bodily self via merging of the soul with another in the realms of partnership and home. (eros 7th/8th cusp, uranus 6th, psyche 4th) which is the key to unlocking my intercepted 5th house libra pluto and NN! and exactly what my 11th house aries SN actively sabotages. and, since the bowstring is the key, yes? uranus/vertex… uranus went direct in my progressed chart this year and pluto is activating the whole thing. wowza.

  17. I actually like my sextiles. They seem to actually do something instead of act broken. They are like a swing that just needs a little push to get started.

    • nice metaphor – I swung two of ’em open today as I am doing an application for work – my jupiter sextile mercury and mars sextile MC – defo under-utilised!

  18. I’m so pleased that you’re doing this post Mystic, as I’ve never quite got to grips with my sextiles & semi-sextiles. So I could do with some help here please.
    Jupiter/Pluto Virgo 10th sextile Asc/Neptune12th/Venus1st/Ceres1st/Juno12th Scorpio all semi-sextile Sun/Mercury Libra 11th opp Saturn Aries 5th ( yes it’s a yod! )
    So I’m a bit confused – so many energies, Argh!
    I’m currently doing the spiritual agricultural thing but I am considering what else to do for additional income.
    Suggestions please :-)

  19. Mars in Libra (6th house) sextile Venus in Sag (in 7th but right on 8th house cusp)– but of course, Venus Rules (Taurus ascendant). This pretty sextile is the best thing in my chart. :)

    I’ve noticed that the midpoint between them at 21-22 degrees Scorpio seems extremely sensitive, even more so than either planet.

    I also have Pluto sextile Neptune at 2 Virgo/Scorpio.

    • I also have a couple of sextiles with venus…. in capricorn (10th) sextile mars in aries (12th) and also venus sextile neptune in Scorp (8th)

      Danger, danger. I’m just warning myself. :)

      Some others with jupiter, moon, neptune and uranus. I think the Jupiter-moon one must be jolly.

      • venus in cap in the 10th sextile mars… are you the elegantly cool yet extremely assertive owner of a high-priced art gallery? CEO of a beauty products company?

        • Gosh, venusrules, what lovely ideas! It’s like I’m sort of that person, but not quite all of those components. I was a film CEO and a dancer, definitely elegant, but definitely not very cool and I’ve mostly been in the media and justice spheres. Maybe its an Aqua sun thing.

          You have made me think though. How would life be if I was doing more of my Cap?!

            • I have Cap moon… I wish I knew how to work it, it challenges the hell out me. But I see many Cap Venuses who have a lot of, well, what they used to call moxie. I think it’s a powerful placement. Not sure how the Aqua sun would mix it up!

              Re the midpoint, I just find that whenever there’s intensity in my life, there seems to be something transiting that midpoint. Pluto was on it when I met the person who changed my life most profoundly. And it extends less so to 21 degrees of all the fixed signs, I’ve noticed. Maybe Mystic has some midpoint insights?

              • Mystic’s Luna Luxe for Cap Moon – resilient, resourceful and wise. Sounds wonderful.

                I think the Venus Cap also means a Cap midheaven, which is a really ambitious position, hence, yes, your moxie! I do have a capacity to push through barriers and get myself out of tricky situations … and hence get myself into tricky situations :) I think the Aqua sun in the 11th adds a strong social element to my ambition. I’ve never been inspired in the corporate world and left it pretty young after accidentally falling into it.

                I will think more about your midpoint experience. I haven’t got my head around transiting planets at this stage.

  20. Here are my sex tiles….shit ii really have been wasting
    Sun Sextile Jupiter 6°40

    Sun Sextile Neptune 1°17
    Moon Sextile Neptune 3°07

    Mercury Sextile Jupiter 3°00

    Mercury Sextile Neptune 4°58

    Uranus Sextile Neptune 0°1
    Neptune Sextile Pluto 1°33

    Thanks Mystic. I had this spontaneous reading yesterday of this guy that had a bear energy, his name was Eagle and yes he is a scorpio. He could see that i had a lot of negative thoughts around me and had caught ross river because someone did not tell me that their place i stayed at was ross river heaven. I was sso angry at this guy. The reader helped me to see that i have to get rid of these energies and once i did, i would cultivate a new life and magic would occur , rather then tower, neptune 8th crap. So positivity is the cure for negativity. Sounds so trite but those abraham hicks books etc. Thanks Eagle for healing my soul. He did offer a massage option but said he knew a lot of people were scared of scorpios. LOL
    when i read Mystic Post about the horrific shooting in the States, was connected to mars activating the zap zone. I

  21. Well there’s a few on my chart, and i must admit to being completely green as to what it all means.

    I was told off an old Indian sage like dude that i fire up easily but forgive just as quickly – would this be bit Mars and Venus (conjunct) sextile Chiron ?

    I’m going to have to do the Gurdjieff thing and read above three times to sink in / click in/ get it.

    Sun sextile Moon
    Merc sextile Saturn
    Venus sextile Chiron
    Mars sextile Chiron
    Jupiter sextile Asc
    Jupiter sextile Lilith
    Uranus sextile MC
    Neptune sextile Pluto

    Any insight off you cosmic lot would be muchly appreciated.

    Tootle pips !

    • There have been ”blocks” of time that i have have drug dependencies going on, narcotic and weed.I guess its hard for me to admit out in the open that i loved being on another planet. It’s a focused effort at the start to get clean for me, it’s all on on on, or the only substances are coffee.
      It took till umm, the beginning of this year to go (again), wow, the world truly is still magically and amazing without ”help”.
      Would this show up in sextile form as Neptune sextile Pluto ?

      • Neptune Sextile Pluto – Generational – Of Course !
        Put it down to Pisces rising me thinks, not a biggie, best to look forwards rather than back.
        Thanks Catfish Moon – (Below) x

        • I always like the interpretations on – they are generous and optimistic (not that sextiles need much optimism!)

      • On the Neptune – Pluto sextile, here’s what my cafe astrology report had to say…hope it helps !

        Your higher ideals are the continuous recipient of forceful energy for change. Your long range
        perspective (even though this may at times be unconscious) is always toward your ideals winning out through deep self transformation.

        • guilty as charged re the neptune sextile pluto
          @fifi I wanted to say about your daughter with uranus square jupiter – look to the houses for guidance. my uranus is in leo in the 6th, so i need to do things differently, BUT jupiter in scorpio in the 9th means that my desire to do things differently has limited my success at work. a little parental guidance would have gone a long way as these traits were evident very young. i’ve learned the hard way 😉

          • Thanks Quintile : ) although she’s at an age where not much of what I say gets through ; ) Almost 19! Her Uranus is Cap, 2nd and Jupiter in Libra, 11th, some challenges are certainly evident in those houses (partly her age) but hard to know how to advise.

            I’ve always done my learning the hard way. Maybe sometimes not getting the sort I needed and sometimes not hearing it – my real transformations have come thru experiencing the pain and finding a way through it. x

      • Darling i’ll admit openly i LERVE being off the planet, tripping the light fantastic, numbing down, drinkin an not thinkin, communing with the spirits, whizzing off my dial.

        I still miss it sometimes. But honestly those Piscean influences (and 12th house ones for me) really mean i live there anyway. What i loved about hangin with the crew was that given substances, a few people could actually join me for a time. Was it Elton John sang “it’s lonely out in space”? Rocket Man. What Piscean type wouldn’t love “such a timeless flight”.

        Now i realise i’m so sensitive it’s amazing my body survived my – what? Twenty something years? – of consults with Dr Ugs.

        • Thanks Millie, and i hear you , re 20 years in space, you’re right re living there anyway, and this way is much more economic ! You Saucy Minx you, and Quintile and Fifi too. x

  22. I have…..
    mercury sextile venus
    venus sextile uranus
    moon sextile pluto……intense emotions, deep emotional psychological transformations
    pluto sextile neptune…..a generational aspect.

  23. Love these astro-lessons. Never given a thought to my sextiles before but they are all to my Cap moon-Lilith exact conj, which seems to aspect just about everything in my chart. Sextiles to my Merc, Neptune and Chiron. Also Mars sextile Neptune. Is that bad? 😉
    Interestingly tho’, I’ve got Pluto action going on! Pluto is currently sextiling my Sun, Merc and Saturn. No wonder I am finally getting with the zap zone and evolving by the hour. This must have been going on for a while now. I have met a few people in the past 12 months who continue to be transforming influences.
    Also, Chiron is sextiling my MC and Saturn is sextiling my asc.
    Now I realise I have just written ‘sex’ about a zillion times, snicker

      • :)
        Such is the state of privation at Chez Chrysalis, quintile, that I am reduced to fits of giggles or smirks whenever the word ‘sex’ is mentioned. *Snorts wine through nose* See? There I go again. Heaven forbid what will happen if an actual man ever wants to actually shag me again. Forget the Mayan calendar. Something’ ll tilt off its axis for sure.

        • :) :) good to have a laugh about it – seems weeks ago since the LZ thread – so I guess things do move on! its totally *work* over this side of town so no tiltin’ whatsoever

          • Yep – same here… the upside is I seem to be in love with my to-do list, and getting lots done. I am smug, but short-tempered, lol

  24. Natal sun sextile Saturn, Pluto sextile ascendant (Kataka), Jupiter sextile Uranus, Uranus sextile Neptune, Neptune sextile Pluto. Is that a lot for one chart? Which chart in astrodienst is the correct one to check current transit?

  25. Got sextiles. Just not really sure what they mean…

    The sextile is the little star/asterisk symbol right?

  26. thanks M – inspired! a great DIY and a real light bulb moment for me – I can see how I can really work those sextiles (can you see the video tutorial now?) and – funny ’bout that – they are the areas where I am somewhat lazy. Now I know the secret :)

    • Yes to the lazy part though i’m not sure why cos when we turn them on they work SO GOOD! What are we, crazy?

      • interesting mille – something about ourselves that can come to the fore when needed, latent. but somehow that extra effort of consciousness is needed to bring it to life.

  27. Dear Mystic Medusa, How I do enjoy reading your work. It may have happened that I’ve bought the Australian just for your column! Thank you for sharing your gift and knowledge with all of us.

    • Also love the artwork/illustrations that you choose. Do you do any of the work yourself? :)

  28. My 12th house Saturn in Sag textile my mid heaven, Sun, Venus in Libra is one of the best things in my chart.
    I must channel “alone work” and humbleness to find success in life..

  29. Moon sextile Venus
    Sun sextile Saturn
    Jupiter sextile Ascendant

    Pluto and Uranus sextile Neptune

    Mars quintile Venus
    Pluto quintile Ascendant

    Could we speak about quintiles as well? Aren’t they some ‘creative’ aspect?

  30. I have to say, I so do enjoy my Pluto ascendant Trine! People are always so caught off guard ;^)