Astro Bats Impending

The Daily Horoscopes for Monday are up-up-up. 

We’re limbering up for the Full Moon in Aqua (sextiled by Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, just for some extra zing).  There is also the Sun trine Uranus & Venus trine Saturn to look forward to.  Pisceans are radically affected by asteroid Hygeia and Aries peeps continue to embody strangely statesperson like qualities, courtesy of Athena with Uranus in their sign. But no, the Void Moon in Saggo is not the time to go doing radical candor. In fact, if pressed, i intend to lie through my teeth. It makes them more white.


Image; Erin Case – Haircut 5

35 thoughts on “Astro Bats Impending

  1. Hmmm looks like maybe I’ve jumped the gun a little with something (relating to the Virgo/Cancer-Rising scopes) but it’s not entirely in my control. Matter has intensified so much that a ‘sorted first thing back to work on Monday’ sorta scenario developed. Hmmm, shall see I suppose.

  2. “I intend to lie through my teeth. It makes them more white.”

    Great quote, which I will deploy it with vigour!

  3. ha ha ha thank you for the portrait of ME this weekend. * Muay Thai * Falling Asleep In Yoga, * Drinking bottle of wine to write ten page letter to sister *television broke down – not getting another one. * asked “in” by 24 yro *doing tantric vagina exercises by light of iPhone app and candle. Vanilla.

  4. Love the picture. What’s it saying ? The right hair and the correctly creased clothes can get you places – even help you explore your past lives ?
    Pintucks get you places ?

  5. Best friend will probably be the one who benefits from this the most. Her sun and merc are in Aries, her moon is in Aqua and her mars and venus are each in Pisces.

    Baby girl’s going to be on fucking FIRE this week. Can’t wait <3

  6. this weekend was crazy. i acted like a complete psycho love zombie, got a new job writing online (for like no money but whatevs), and lost my high-paying job i hate.

    i want to run away.
    seriously, i’m thinking of just going on an extended road trip for a month.

    • I vote you find the nearest Dan Murphy bottle-o, and invest in Doubs Mystique authentic absinthe.It deliciously relaxes all your tense muscles and gives you a languid outlook, after only one glass. Louche it slowly to watch the green fairy form patterns. (Search engine it) Best not to pack a bothersome suitcase, fling inappropriate everything in the boot of your car, whilst phoning loved ones about a surprise visit, then borrow clothes. Invest in surrounding yourself in laughter, love and adventures, while you do not have to be at a job you hate. It’s not running away – it’s driving away (within speed limits) without looking in the rear view mirror (except for lane changing and the like). All nicely timed for the moon stuff. Ready -set -go!!!

  7. Hoping that I’ll hear good news about my job hunt this week. I have been searching since the beginning of the month after my boss told me he doesn’t have enough work to keep me busy. The ‘scopes sound promising, and Mars is going to oppose my Jupiter this week too, soooo . . .

    • Me too Anon… I received a surprise email from a contact who told me about a job at her company. I thought the hiring manager was not interested. It was surprise to hear from my contact since she is not the hiring manager.. so it would be nice to be considered for the final interviews so that I can do it again. Wish you Good Luck!! :)

      • Hey, Virgo Ellie, hoping your news continues to be promising! Hope it’s contagious and I get similar news soon. Your news certainly has a Mercury retrograde twist to it, i.e., news not coming through regular direct channels.

  8. Batty-er and battty-er-er…
    Two power outages in as many nights (which sh*ts me cause it blows my $7 light globes in my salt lamps – that I can’t get up here on the mountain etc. etc.)
    The one we had last night I FELT! Woke up in the dead of night and I was kind of ‘buzzing’ – I thought,”the power is going to go off” then… ..crackle – and it did!
    It was dead still outside too – no noise or wind – freaky.
    Then the dreams started – Oh my – the dreams…
    I was literally Phoenix-ing and flying everywhere. People were amazed and asking me how I could do it – to which I replied – “with a LOT of Work”

    • Saw the new LED globes in De-Lights light shop. The light is soft & beautiful and they last supposedly 8 years. The cost?
      30-60 dollars per globe! Wait a year and they will be 40% less than that i was told. Useage is 1 to 8 watts of energy only and glow like strong candle light.
      You live on a mountain?????With wild-life all around???
      Happiness for you.

          • Pegasus, I just downloaded FireFox since WordPress allows you to receive notifications when new posts are made. Internet Explorer didn’t work.. FireFox doesn’t work either. Do you get notifications via email when new posts are made to Mystic’s site? It works for other Blogs but not Mystic’s. I can’t find an answer from the site sponsor.

      • Yeah, I live on a beautiful Mountain – with a spectacular view and cute critters abounding!
        This Scorpy Eagle likes to stay high and dry – maybe because I have WAY too much water element?…that and the ocean freaks my sh*t out!

  9. Is anyone else experienceing an ANNOYING ARIES? Is it how I am being effected? (Our communication styles do tend clash) I seem to be groovy with everyone but the Aries. I keep repeating my mantra in my head. “Merc is retro, merc is retro, merc is retro…breathe… merc is retro… breathe… merc is retro”

    • OK I must be the completely BATS one cuz he’s a Scorp Sun-Aries Moon who is grating on my nerves!!! I didn’t even get it right in my post! Oh, yea, Merc is retro. Someone pass the Blue Devil Hoochie Juice!

  10. Who knows if it’s Mars out of Virgo and out of opp to my sun/saturn/Merc, Mars boosting my zap-zoned Cap moon, or maybe just that my poor exhausted neurotransmitters are finally getting the help they need. Who cares, I am on fire! Spent yesterday doing spreadsheets for scenarios A, B and C; identified significant savings; I start boot camp this week; and in a fortnight I’ve gone from being the dinosaur at my office to reinventing myself as the instant tech expert. New wardrobe coming together; massive home declutter continuing. Just got to get my nutrition sorted and nail my thesis.
    The whole time Mars was in Virgo and stomping its Doc Martens all over my Pluto/Uranus, plus my three hundred Mars returns, I felt like a pile of sludge. Now it’s bring on the bats, this babe is BACK. :)

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