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Pop Art in Arabic styleThe astrology of asteroid Scheherazade should be interesting.

We all know the story of Scheherazade and the 1001 Arabian Nights do we not? I always found it rather creepy in that there was a Sultan who bedded a different woman every night and then had them executed in the morning. To stop the situation, Scheherazade – renowned for her wisdom, stories and wit – volunteered herself for the Sultans bed. She then regaled him with stories so entertaining that he kept her on for a thousand nights, fell in love with her and changed his slaughtering ways. Okay so go Scheherazade but when i first read this story, i did not want Scheherazade to be married to this cruel despot but rather to somehow depose him and become Empress.

However…Scheherazade is an Asteroid!  Number 643 and she has just joined Circe, Pan and Venus in Gemini.  Gemini wiles are peaking this week!  As with all the asteroids – Lady Godiva etc you can use the Extended Chart Options on Astrodienst to throw them into your chart. Also, check out the Asteroids category.  They’re all in there.

So my Scheherazade is in the relationship sector and sextile Moon in Libra which makes TOTAL sense for reasons i am  not going to go into right now because i need to actualize the Moon in Virgo – not go on an asteroids bender lol. But what of YOUR Scheherazade and is there anyone with planets/something at Zero Gemini so we can test the transit?  Asteroids are always open (way open) to interpretation so what do we think of Scheherazade?  Brains, guts & an element of self-sacrifice?  Loquacious?

Yes, Catherine Z-J once played Scheherazade in an apparently nudity-heavy French version of the story. She looks like she is trying to think of what to say next. Also, she totally suits copper lipstick and kohl lol.

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101 thoughts on “The Astrology Of Asteroid Scheherazade

  1. Perhaps the lesson of Scheherazade is that sometimes we *can’t overcome, we can only dodge and survive through wits. Sometimes avoiding the killing blow is winning. The ability to make the best of a very crappy situation? I hope Scheherazade is in my 7th house!

    • Ooh yes, that’s a good interp, its a way of surviving isn’t it… I feel like I’m pushing myself to do better than survive and evolve and I’m really stressing myself out, trying to deal with all the offenses from the external w an empowered self, well sometimes one just has to do scherherazade.

  2. OK – I feel absolutely compelled to respond to this one. My weekend has been very … scheherazade/pan/venus, etc … and I have Mars at 1 degree Gemini. Just checked my natal scheherazade with is conjunct my Ascendant at 17 Scorpio. Natal Pan conjunct Jupiter in 8th trine Scorpio Moon. I’ve had something of an erotic re-initiation this week and it’s doing my head in – lol. Words that spring to mind: frisson, desire, incessant communication – help! lol I’m trying to ‘write’ it out; physically work out, etc. but can’t concentrate, can’t eat, feel completely consumed. Which is kinda good but I do have work to do …

  3. This particular asteroid is at 3 degrees Pisces and in my 5th house.
    This is either completely amazing or completely diabolical. I am not sure which o.O

  4. In my chart she is 11 Virgo inconjunct my Aries 11 degree April foolness so doubt my Virgo parts would have much patience except maybe for the foolness to play with his head maybe … :)

    And Kat J. does look great in those colors but yes, like an apprehensive She H who maybe could not think that fast on her feet…She MUST have had it goin’ on just a wee bit more than that…

    Oh, and don’t forget Icehouse’s No Promises…Iva sings about the Arabian NIghts in there..Maybe that’s why the Sultan couldn’t make any promises since he killed them in the morning….

    Iva has Gem Sun at 0 degrees (and Moon at 3) …maybe we should ask him if anything is going on….Any more songs about the Arabian Nights?

    • The Sultan obviously had to be amused…wonder what sign ~he~ was? haha…Maybe he killed the women as he was afraid when they compared notes and they went into jealous rages he would be next on the chopping block…lol

      • Scorpio! He had a vendetta against women after he caught his beloved participating in a full orgy of ten men and ten women. Jealousy, sex and murder.

    • OR, maybe the Virgoness ~knows~ what she is doing duty wise to help the situation and she’s somehow tryin’ to reconcile that with the crazyness of it all…

  5. maybe the fable is more like a sort of symbolic thing, meant for people who go through a lot of partners, kind of like “killing” each relationship with whatever problems, and then this girl represents a different attitude, taking each day at a time, and eventually it works out, or something

    • I’ve always been impressed by the cut of your jib young man – whenever that affirmation you put out to the universe about wanting a relationship a while back happens + whoever answers that psychic phone call will be very lucky indeed. You come across as having the kind of mind that will allow others to simply be who they are without making value statements about them or judging and that is rare. You appear to have mastered the art of less is more as well! :mrgreen: Difficult for someone with such a broad range. You reek of powerful Jupiter and mercury placements.

      I like to think it’s symbolic as well – but I always thought of it as symbolic of transits of planets or similar and then there’s one hell of a retrograde where she gets to sit around and chat while staving off the dawn. Or as an allegorical kind of story about waiting for the right thing to happen rather than flitting from flower to flower like a butterfly – allowing the depths of a person to be fathomed. Some kind of air sign cautionary tale.

      • ‘cut of your jibe’ wow that’s so old skool it totes flipped me out.
        I like the Kid too.

        • aww, I like ya right back Pegasus, pegs, peggy sue, even though your usually correcting my grammar I know your just trying to be nice, one day I will settle into adulthood and start using my periods,
          one day,

      • aw shucks, im really flattered you would think so. :)
        And also thats kinda weird you were able to pick up jupiter, and unless you remember some offhanded comment indirectly evincing how mercucial I am then you are picking up on mercury too. I dont even think I have ever even mentioned jupiter, but it aspects every planet except for saturn and mercury, and even then technically a pisces mercury is co ruled by jupiter anyhow. So jupiter and mercury are the biggest bad boys in my chart, so its weird you were able to pick them out, im kind of impressed even.

    • Well, mush as I love your interpretation… I’m an Arab personally, and this is about a king from the Dark Ages of ‘Arabia’ or whatever so lol no symbolism there, a story like that could very well be true coming from that era. The people of the time were known for their violence that combined a bit obscenely with their love for opulence and grandness. So no offence but your reading of the tale is very Western, but it is a beautiful one.

      • Are you sure this is a real historical person? I am a tiny bit familiar with my world history, I am aware a murderous leader of sorts is possible, as well as said leader having his way with a harem or concubines or whatever, even though its possible I feel like the story has a ring of a fable to it. Its simplicity, the very specific numbers, and the odd ending. There is a latent possibility it is based on a real king I am sure, but such an outright murdering each gal sort of deal I think I would have remembered reading about, they mentioned all the remarkable leaders and what not. Its possible its based on a real king sure, but every culture has its fair share of fables, and on top of all that, I think I remember this as a fable, cuz I remember reading about a graphic novel spin off, of fable, based on an Arabian fable, in which the female lead has to tell a murderous king a story every night to stay alive, one of those stories being Aladdin or something, essentially its a mother goose sort of set up for more stories, so pretty sure that was based on this, a fable
        feel free to prove me wrong, hope this wasnt too pointed

      • and also, the dark ages were a European affair, who were culturally saved by… the arabs! The Muslims didnt have a dark ages, during the dark ages they were the best most intellectual and advanced civilization in the world, the ottomans didnt even teter off till pretty recently, so pretty sure the arabs didnt have a dark times back then, back then they were actually doing pretty well for themselves, and were very progressive and tolerant to boot, within reason granted

        • basically I hate to hear you generalize your own people,
          before world history, my impression of the arab area was the same as yours, violent, opulent and what not. But what I was surprised to learn was they were really on it in as a civilization, they supported art, culture, and scientific thinking(they single handedly preserved the intellectual tradition of the greeks and romans in fact, something we take credit for) and on top of all that were decently tolerant, they taxed people of other religions sure, and had spats of killing other ethnicity in spain I think, but for the most part they were pretty tolerant, and if you go even further back they started out matriarchal and very good about woman (Mohammeds wife(a woman previously married if i remember right) was a business owner even), eventually they were culturally corrupted by there persian neighbors and slowly lost their humble bedoin ways, even then there opulence was not really at the expense of the poor really, they had the most cutting edge clean hospitals in the world, and instead of enslaving their enemies or putting them to slave labor or something they actually assimilated and educated the defeated peoples children as janissaries(granted only the ottomans did that), they still had some excess, and did actively participate in slavery and what not, but at the time they were the best civilization on the block, and if they were really violent they could have totally wiped out europe if they wanted to, instead they were content to fight amongst themselves, but they werent viking violent or anything, they werent barbarians, they were pretty on it if you ask me, or at least at the beginning anyway

          • 😀 and you wonder how it was that your jupiter / mercury was showing – it’s like a cat hiding under the bed with its tail sticking out wondering how you found it.

            I suspect what r is referring to is ‘orientalism’ the western tendency to glamorise or idealise other cultures – usually those in lands that have been conquered or diminished in some way by western colonialism, be it territorial / economic / cultural. All that stuff you say is true though – they had it going on and were far advanced as were the chinese. Also little known is that Ireland held great libraries and knowledge during the dark ages due to their relative geographic isolation and if it weren’t for those libraries a lot of the knowledge protected during that era in europe would have been lost. Christians committed some pretty horrific crimes during the crusades too – spit roasting captives and eating them etc. So I don’t think it’s just r’s culture that were hard-assed. There is a hegemony tho and we only ever hear one side of the story unless we go looking for the other. Which is clearly what you do. Balance is key. History is always told by the victors etc. Some theorists even think that history can never be anything other than a mythology because it’s an interpretation in retrospect.

            I agree it’d be good to know who that sultan was if he was the real thing. Fascinating.

            • actually you all got me wrong. first of all, what I meant by the Dark Ages was the Age before Islam and before all the scientific/mathematic/philosophic advancements that brought Europe out of its own Dark Ages. In Arabic it’s called the Age of Ignorance. In that time, girls in most families were buried alive as soon as they were born- no one had any qualms about killing. So a king that literally kills every woman he sleeps with in a fable wouldn’t be too harsh on the pre-Islamic Arabs.

              Secondly I was afraid I didn’t make it clear enough- in no way did I mean that this character is an actual historical character, lol 😀 He definitely could be based on a real king.

              But mostly, I’d like to say that I’m really happy with your replies and that you didn’t let me mar my own culture and applaud me for it or anything. I don’t know how to say it but…it’s like you showed idk integrity. So thank you David :)

              And Wolf, i’d love to know if it was based on a real sultan after all too, and yes, the times were violent, which matches the violent plotline.

                • r your words just sent me on such a lovely tangent. i started with violence and despots and thinking about how they never really ceased to exist and i ended up here:

                  I love the way this blog works. It’s such an amazing catalyst.

                  re the killing of the girl children – i wonder if that was because they had to have dowries so they were considered to be a liability? along the lines of that old curse “i hope you are blessed with many daughters”?

                  • ahh cosmic redundancy, the indans were pretty far out, besides the caste system I think they got the furthest spiritually

                  • 😀 I think that’s the best part about this community- and honestly it can only be called a community at this point. The eternal return- one of the /very/ few things polytheists and monotheists seem to agree on!

                    Oh god there were a thousand reasons- girls are evil, girls are witches, girls are costly, girls can’t work hard, girls won’t carry down the big family name, girls this girls that. It’s a miracle ‘girls’ are the only way for them to create more men, or else we may very well have been wiped off of their portion of humanity. :s

              • well, the “western” fairy tales are violent as well, the original non Disney versions anyway, violence seams to be a main ingredient in most fables
                hmm, maybe it wasn’t a fable for the pre-islamic but for the post islamic but about the pre-islamic because it would be a better setting? I dont remember the age of ignorance so you got me, I thought it was just Persians and desert people, its been a while, thanks for clarifying then

                • You have a point there…. I guess that added bit of over-the-top violence gives the stories their fantastical edge, so no one would confuse it with reality (or the ramblings of madmen?)
                  No hard feelings at all though, if anything your comments restored my faith in humanity, as the 9gaggers would say. And anyways that was really impressive for high school World History o_O

  6. That must have been a very stressful, walking on egg-shells type of 1001 days/nights for Scheherazade — seduction, desire, life or death situ.

    So it’s near Lilith and trining uber libra stell.

  7. I suppose he had an ED problem. That president of italy who had all the call girls, might have the same problem ! !

    • hahahahahahaha!!!!!
      you’re right!
      he indeed reminds a lot our nightmarish ex prime minister!
      let’s be catious and not pronounce his name…..for heaven sake… brrrrr!!!!!!!!! the low low Libra puppet who has been destroying the brain cells of many Italians for decades.
      we all are waiting for the new here, with hope and strength.

  8. I have sun at 1 Gemini, and Scheherazade at 17 Gem – so Venus is conjunct it right now!
    Being light hearted and entertaining, taking it one day at a time and trying to not dwell too much on when I may get the chop, or any other potential future outcomes, is actually exactly the approach I think I need to adopt right now.
    Although I do also feel a bit like getting my Pan on …

      • mines @ 11 Gem with my MC.
        Wanna tickle??
        It would be tricky one bcoz Shazza sits right in there with my Aqua sun merc :)

        • cue..wheezy snicker from ‘Muttley’ of Wacky races.
          (Pans probably got the pips with me anyways for taking the year off the juice :( )

    • have been waiting patiently for the waves to wash you back on to the shore – how’s tricks? Or is that best left unsaid what with your impending cloven hoofed campaign? 😀

      • I have been waiting patiently for the aliens to bring you back from wherever they took you as well. :) Okay, yes, and I haven’t been paying enough attention properly see through the new mask.
        And I’ve been feeling anonymous.
        But I’ve missed you!
        Ah, the waves have been doing as they do, up and down, back and forth, riding high, then dumped on the sand hoping like hell you’ve not broken your neck.
        But this week I’m feeling cloven footed ish, so it’ll be good to roll with that wave for as long as it lasts.
        The rest is much the same.
        And you?

        • PS am kind of glad all is much the same for you, you mutable thing you : o) means nothing has gone tits up right?

          there was a comment in the last few days that made me sense your presence – you were doing your good works astro fiending…

      • I do love that I saw your post thing on the side and knew that it was you talking to me though :)

        • You know I saw a thing of goats surfing last week – maybe its on youtube, might give you some inspiration re what to wear 😀 yup my point re the necessity of monikers has been thoroughly explored although I do now agree with the sticklers for consistency that there is a need to become acquainted in order for a long-term recognition sans a constant nom d to work. I am now on to whether the machines are accelerating our psychic abilities – I can always tell when someone’s replied to me even if I’m not in my house at the computer. Am wondering if the modern form of “putting it out there” is part of an exponential evolution in consciousness… erratic bouts of field work are taking place as we live and breathe

          Apart from that god saturn irks – can’t stop right now but will be back in next few days – don’t go to hell without me :O ) xxx

            • If thats how saturns making you feel I reckon you’re coming through it pretty well :)

          • Yes, I’ve also pondered the neccesity of monikers, though I think my theoretical framework would be different to yours. I’m anon mostly because the new website refuses to remember who my phone is and I can’t be arsed one finger scrolling up to one finger type my name in the box every time. Merc in Taurus afterall.
            But yes, there’s layers to the sensing, and the identity thing.
            Have a good couple days xxo

  9. I have natal Scheherazade exact on my Asc in Pisces, and conjunct (?) Jupiter. Squaring Neptune, trine Mars. 0d Gemini is my 3rd house, and I have nothing there.

  10. Its sitting right on my descendant / 7th house at 4 degrees Pisces. According to the chart graph, it’s conjunct both Jupiter and mars, quintile Neptune and Sesquiquadrate Pluto… I’m eager to read how it ties into everyone’s char because I cannot read into how it is affecting my chart, lol.

    Mystic, you rock. I learn something new every time I come here.

  11. Um…..hell yeah. Scheherazade natally conjunct my Sun in Aqua wihin 4 degrees and my Vesta within one degree. Fairly defining, i think. I’ve always been protective towards other women and women’s rights.

  12. Scherezade conjunct Jupiter & Juno – Pisces, 9th house.
    Am guessing she is a dogmatic, talkative, spiritual kinda gal.

  13. Scheherazade is transiting my 8th house.. interesting. As per my birth placement it is stationed in my 12th house. But obviously the story behind Scheherazade relates to the 8th.. Let’s see what transpires! LOL!!

    • 8th House is Gemini. And the guy I was seeing is a Taurus / Gemini (on the cusp).. I am not the type of girl he has dated in the past therefore it has been hard for him to understand me. He has tried several tests on me but I never freaked out or caused any drama. He is use to that type of reaction. So, let’s see what happens.

  14. My sense of Scheherazade is risking your own neck for the greater good and using your gifts to transmute dark to light.

    My Scheherazade (23 Aries) is conjunct (3 deg orb) my natal Mercury, and nearly exactly conjunct Abundantia 151 (awesome! had to look her up), Ariadne 43. The interpretation of the Sabian degree of my Scheherazade actually makes great sense here and is basically giving and receiving unconditionally.

  15. I’ve never commented before but am an enthusiastic reader compelled to comment as I have Sun, Venus & Scheherazade at 27 Gemini, 2nd House on natal chart, and Scheherazade is currently at 0 Gem in 1st house. I have no idea what this means!

  16. Scherazade is hanging with my lilith on the ascendant right now – those two are a riot after a few drinks.

  17. How interesting, how did I know I had Scheherazerade in Gemini 16 degrees, while I have Venus in gemini in 6th house 22 degrees and mars in gemini 26 degrees. My rising is in Sagg. I’ve always been drawn to Scheherazerade…What could this all mean?

  18. Scheherazade in Libra, 7th house. Makes sense, since I sometimes “lure” men into relationships with my silly/entertaining stories. Usually without wanting to. It’s squared by a few outer planets in Cap.

  19. Natally she’s conjunct Saturn and Jupiter in the 4th house, currently transiting my (empty) 9th house. No idea what she’s up to… :-)

  20. Conjunct Neptune, in Scorp. I would totes be up for what she did, only I WOULD have topped the bastard at the end of it…

  21. Good golly – Scheherazade conjunct ascendant in cap – trining saturn/NN/MC in virgo.

    But I’d also want nasty despot to be deposed.

  22. Yeah, I’ve got something in Pisces :-)
    4th house opposite moon/mars /mc in Virgo. I think it’s what makes me more fluid/snakelike when dealing with difficulties. Always thought it was a little more than Virgo efficiency at it’s best, I glide round obstacles rather than just sidestep them :-)

  23. Ha ha! Thank you for this. It’s a tale i adored as a girl, and as an adult was delighted to find the full version was sexier and more full of humanity than the watered down version i read as a child.

    Then i saw the film by Pier Paolo Pasolini. Evocative, sensual, nudity that was natural and ripe, gorgeous bodied actors. This is of course where my moniker here originates: Il Fiore delle Mille e Una Notte. A time of travel and freedom and love and sex, tales of intrigue and laughter and the supernatural, with human foibles and the resulting destinies forged.

    Asteroid Scheherezade is of course conjunct my Leo MC. She opposes Venus and Tru Node in Aqua. And she, like my Venus, squares Saturn.

    Of course the tale ends when she marries the tyrant but do you seriously think her story ended there?

  24. She is all alone in Scorpio, my 6th. Ha! Currently Schezzie is conjunct my natal ascendant and Saturn.

  25. Sheherezade conjunct my sun in acqua in the 7th! mmhh…..what to think about?
    I’ll brainstorm myself and then come back to tell.

    • done. well….I think that perhaps it has to do with the fact that what I like, when dealing with others significant ones, or in a relationship, is the fact that I can use words, and talk, a lot, about everything. and also, I like the mutual exchange in the speaking/listening. I always thought, also, that If I can get a very interesting chat session with someone, it’s almost like making love, or, like sex in some way, it all starts with words. also, this Sheherezade archetype, made me think about James Hillman, and his archetypal psychology. He wrote that “the storytelling method” is one of the way to access the unconscious and therefore storytelling is sort of a healing method. I think Shezzie would agree, cause in her 1001 stories he managed to convert a killer king into an amazing loving husband. so, maybe Shez is a function of the feminine that deals with dark Animus side and
      conveys healing and light through telling, and re-telling…like a tv serial. LOL :)

      • Yes, words to me are a crucial part of turning on to someone….Have you read the original stories ? All about people finding paradise and losing paradise. She depicted lives far more interesting and dramatic than the King, and used analogy to relate him emotionally to virile young men having epic adventures etc.. Her words were enough to keep the old fella horny and happy without the aggro.

        • nope, never read the originals, I just quick-googled them. interesting point of view ! thanks:)

  26. Natally she sits in Saggi – like so much else in my chart, but currently is conjunct natal Chiron in the 10th House. Hmmm…

  27. hmm..Think I prefer to reinvent this dudette’s namesake as yet another sugary-caffeinated “sports drink” . As if any wise soul would sacrifice themselves to that tosser. I hope she stood to gain a fortune . Ye olde wives’ tales about holy women reforming waywardly criminal men make me want to puke. …

    the asteroid is nudging up to my natal moon…note to self – do not entertain women seeking to stay up all night yabbering for the next month.

  28. She is in a loose conj with my Pluto in Virgo, 3rd house…. The story of the THREE nights. Night one, serious story telling, Night 2, I’ve sussed out the ‘situation’…more stories, ha, no worries…Night 3..The king is found slumped in his chair, dead..with a blank look on his face…while she’s schmoozing the staff as an alibi, and setting up his Chief Vizier to take the wrap. No one ever finds out.

    • I also have pluto in the 3rd. never understood it really well. I know it’s not in the topic, but, can I ask you what that position means to you?

        • Have Plutio in 3rd…I’ve found it means I can often delve into something (research…seek to understand…may it be astro, enlightenment, MEN, psychology) quite intensely.

          Some say it means you got a profound mind…Well of course! 😉

          When there is something I want to get to the bottom of, there is no stopping..

          • If I have any healing ability , I think that’s where it is. I think we care about things and people in a way that as you you say, gets to the bottom of the issue. The seed of the problem. It’s scares a lot of people off when you touch on those deep issues.

            • YES, it scares….I agree.
              a very good boyfriend of mine (a scorpio) says that when I come to close, intimate relationship I go like driving a car at 360km per hour down the hills. he used this metaphor for me to make me understand why it happens that sometimes MEN mainly (but ordinary ones!) get shocked from me after a bit.
              I learned to drive at a more convenient speed with those.

        • well, maybe, it’s the “mollybloom” effect: another famous storyteller:)

          • Don’t worry molly she’s laughing at me…and she had me laughing earlier today with the daily email mentioning the tension us aries have with leo..hehe..its so true x

            • love it when that Gem Moon pops outta your 12th accentuating your Gem rising daveyl…lol

              She is loosely conj my Pluto too and IC but like your interp…

  29. another off topic comment but I needed to share my thoughts on it:
    never found anybody who really suits the copper lipstick effect, a part from Catherine ZJ here and some Lisa Eldrige’ models.

    • Wore some lipstick like that back in the 80’s….At work this guy comes up and tells me it doesn’t suit me…

      haha, gee, thanks…More a “cool” color gal with the skin tone

      • oh, the insolence!
        you had better remembered this guy he’s not Karl Lagerfeld, so, his comments and thoughts are inconsistent:)

        • ha, well he did pay me other compliments like calling me “Snow” as in Snow White with the dark hair and fair skin….Yeah, he had a crush…what guy would really care what color lipstick you wear if he were not paying attention? lol

          One time my bangs were cut too short and another guy came up and told me he didn’t like it….What the heck? The Fashion Police I guess..

          Female co-worker said “whats the difference between a good hair cut and a bad haircut?

          Two weeks….and she was right…This is why I cut my own hair, esp my bangs….

          • ” the Fashion Police ” :: lol lol lol !!!!!!!!
            the FP should have arrested me when I bought that fuchsia dress on sale last week:(
            wtf I was thinking? looking like a marker pen is not that gorgeus.

  30. Scheherazade is near my mc in Leo 😮

    As for all these asteroids they are creating a lot of sparks. With Circe on my moon in the 7th, Venus and Pan conjunct my Pan on the dc, and now Scheherazade (having recently gone over my saturn) about to flirt dangerously with my Sun it’s making for a very interesting time.

  31. She is sitting directly on my Leo IC. I come from a long line of strong women and weak, occasionally power-crazed men. It’s a fair guess to say there has been a lot of long, drawn-out talking down of these men when they get into fugue states, and a lot of putting up with nonsense. A pattern which I have continued. Ouch.

    I have Mercury at 2 Gem- will be watching to see how Ms. S manifests! Hopefully better than Jupiter just now when I literally could NOT shut up.

  32. The gift of the gab… Saved herself and others after her… Oral contraception?

  33. Due for Scheherazade Return in early Sept. Will try to remember and report back… I think this runs on multiple layers through my life. I find the asteroids bizarrely synchronistic.

  34. Goddamn .. no surprise here – she sits right at 15 degrees Gemini in the 4th house, where I already have a stellium: Venus at 19, Mercury at 20, Sun at 26, and Chrion at 29 Gemini. Have always charmed men with my writing, storytelling, and always was demanded to tell stories for them to fall asleep to. Married an Aries Indian-Pakistani. Totes Apropes, yes?

  35. 15* Taurus in my 9th house. It sextiles my cancer sun in the 11th.
    Hmmm. NOt sure what that means.

  36. I have this in Libra rx house 5
    trine my asc
    square Uranus
    sqaure Chiron

    And I do know about this story thanks to an episode of the Simpsons. lol :/

  37. conjunct my sun in Gemini in the first house…makes sense, or will do, someday soon!

  38. I agree with David, definitely has a fable-like feel to it. With that being said, however, she has a very warrior “I have a plan, it’s gonna work, and let’s do it” kinda attitude. Though I wonder if she was happy in that marriage. If she was able to look underneath the womanizing, murderous exterior of the sultan and find the hurt young man that lay underneath. Maybe she felt it was her job to help save lives. (I should read the story.) Lol

    Something they do on, is they look up the discovery chart to see if any themes pop up having to do with the myth. Sept 8, 1907 Heidelberg. Sure enough! A yod! With Chiron at the apex and a sextile between Neptune (artistic) and a stellium of venus, sun, and mercury (self expression through artistic words) in the section of the sky Diana Rosenberg says “crusading, missionary fervor…adventurous yet sensitive and keenly perceptive, they love nature and their native land.” Well that certainly fits in with the story! She just wanted to save her people! And with the T-square, she would have had the drive to do just that.

    And where is she in this chart? Scheherezade is squaring Uranus on Facies. Which to me just adds some oomph to the t-sqaure about breaking free of tyranny and oppression.

    So I think this is a for the better good sort of thing. It could mean where you’re willing to take one for the team perhaps by using your wit, words and social graces to evade, distract and conquer!

    For me, she is in the 3rd house in Aquarius at 9º. Since the bulk of my chart is at 9º this only adds to that diamond pattern. Lots of crap going on in my life right now with the Uranus/Pluto square. 😉 She recently passed over my mean lilith and will be coming up to my Chiron/Psyche conjunction later this year which she will then retrograde over. Blrff… lol