All Sagittarians Are Chaos Magicians

Model Dovima in evening dress with elephants prancingYes it is SO hard to sit still during the Saggo Moon. It’s like it demands perpetual motion.

AND Mars is Void in the run-up to a Full Moon so there is a lot of pent-up tetchiness out there. The streetscape is crazy-bats today.Β  I dished the need-to-know in the Daily Mystic today AND there will be more. This is very finely calibrated astro-weirding. Stay sane. Up the cardio. Ignore stalkery/control-freaky impulses. Beware Love Zombies.

The pic above is the Ultra-Model Dovima – she vibes and WAS Saggo…Hence the insouciant attitude* amidst potentially stampeding elephants.Β  Sagittarius peeps have an enviable Zen stillness when the merde goes down.

In fact, let’s take this further – All Sagittarians Are Chaos Magicians.


Image; Richard Avedon

* And she is wearing the first evening dress designed by Yves St Laurent in his capacity as assistant to Christian Dior.

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48 thoughts on “All Sagittarians Are Chaos Magicians

  1. So grateful for your advise and scopes right now, def feeling the stalkery impulses and afraid I’m morphing into love zombie territory – eek no!! I’m following your advice in the scopes so I’m hoping I will stay sane in the mean time…

  2. Being a Sagittarian, I do agree. I seem to become calmer around the crazy energies that others carry around. I always thought all of my Taurus helped me with this, but I also have a lot of Sadge: Sun, Venus, Mercury and Saturn. A lot of 8th house stuff too, so I like dark wacky energy.

    What a lovely photo! A great illustration for this beautiful post!

    • I thought of Toro straight away too but maybe the distinction is that Toro is calm in most situations (unless you’ve really pushed us too far) but Saggo is calmer in chaos than normal day to day situations?

      I know a Sagg that I wouldn’t trust most of the time but I’ve seen her morph into a completely different person in weird situations – It’s like she’s home or something. Girl thinks well on her feet. She does lots of things well on her feet tbh.

  3. Sagg rising here, and I am definitely so busy right now. I feel like I can just keep piling things up in front of me and getting more and more efficient, flowing through tasks and energy. I barely sit during the daytime. Leo sun, too.

    And it’s often true that in the midst of crisis I’m the one operating from a calm, center point while everyone freaks out around me. Taking the zen of chaos and making it transformative is something I’m working on a lot these days.

    Off to read the scopes.

  4. I have known three Saggo sun-peeps very well, and this is true of each of them. I even nick-named one ‘the magician’.

    Unfortunately, if you happen to be close to one, as super-endearing as it is, this is not as great a quality as it first appears. Their tolerance for chaos can make them resistant or insensitive to the desires of others for them to make changes and unaware of their own deeper desires.

    • That’s a really insighful observation. I’m a multiple sagg and just started to see that pattern in myself… So used to chaos that things have to be *really* bad before I change, or I use chaos to destract from what’s going on on a deeper level. I’m trying to be more aware of this and change before the sh*t hits the fan. But now I notice this in saggo friends and it is very frustrating.

      • …Or you get a bad one who *generates* chaos in order to get their own way/keep people off-centred/distract (sleight of hand) from some other action.

        I have a saggies sun and a stellium in scorpio and I have been tempted many, many times but am proud to say I have never used my powers for evil.

        You know, I’d LOVE to use my powers for evil. Every now and then I get sick of trying to play nice and do the right thing πŸ˜€

        Ultimately I’m too softhearted – I hate hurting people’s feelings, even accidently. But gee, I can spot it a MILE off in other people….

        • Yes! Maybe this is a low-saggo trait… the generation of chaos to distract from deeper issues.

          Honestly, I think I did this entirely unconsciously when I was a young and tender sagg. It was like “okay, I know how to feel zen when everyone else is in panic mode… so if I want to feel zen now, I can create panic?” LOL.

          Maybe that’s more low-sagg in the 11th house. My sun is in sagg in the 12th house, but my Mercury, Venus, Saturn, and Uranus are in sagg in the 11th house….

          But the good thing about being more self-aware of this tendency is that, as you said, you can spot the manipulation in other people a mile away! I’ve got finely-tuned BS detector now. :)

    • Ha! Actually, Mitra was in front of the elephants and the Saggo, and then the elephants shimmied around the Saggo (who was still keeping up his/her pose very nicely) …. and accelerated.

  5. I think it’s a lot of “been there, done that!” Everyone say Saggs love to travel, but I think I travel a lot more through the different modes of life than I do a distant country. I’m a woman, and I walk through alleys no problem. What is some looser going to do to me that I haven’t lived through before?! I’m just as comfortable living in a broke down neighborhood, as I am hanging out with the wealthier sides of my family. I could tell you how to make some of that devil juice in your bathtub AND point out the salad fork. lol It feels lot less like chaos when you carry around a huge grab bag of experiences.

      • wtf??.. standpoint! view! .. or similar but not.. I repeat NOT that word, whatever that mystical word could mean.. and maybe we shouldn’t speculate lolol :)

    • Agreed. It’s less “oblivious & high-functioning in chaos” as … well, this is chaos. How do I power through? (At least for me).

      I will say … holding back the rad candor today (in LOVE especially) will be difficult, as I’ve been building up to a point with the beau where I’ve been understanding / patient / kind / figuring out my emotions and my part of the drama. And now, I’m ready for him to know / own / fess up to HIS.

      But I suppose … I can at least wait one more day.

    • Also, random … and I don’t mean to hijack this particular thread. But wondering if the Supreme Court / Obama / healthcare decision was somehow part of the Zap Zone? Will be part of a major shift in the economics of health policy here in the States. Hmmmm.

      • Just listening to a program on NPR this morning re Obamacare, and thinking the same! Zap Zone: popping all bubbles in a city near you. Love it.

        • would love to know more about this from you astro-erudite peeps – is it a positive aligning with uranus pluto square values you think?

  6. Well, to this I will certainly attest some truth. I may or may not be displaying the same amount of grace that is apparent in this beautiful pic but nevertheless I am conjuring it up in a anticipative manner. I have news about some treatement I’m now on the countdown to hitting and it’s totally fuq’d with my serenity and chaos theory manouvres and I find myself scrambling for a centred place within and each safe ledge seems to crumble when I rest upon it.

    Ah yes… the chaos theory… I am magician/alchemist.. after all I created this just so I could see if I could get myself out of it. Or so the story goes…

    • Treatment… hoping your bod will love you for it. You ARE a graceful Sagi magician… let it rock about… you will settle into it in your good Sagi time xx

      • Absolutely, of course. Can’t envisage any other outcome except not enjoying the ‘live in the mo’ feel right now and not hung up on giving myself any particular brand of wisdom.. there will be time enough for that I’m sure. Thanks lovely xx

          • Thanks DT! I intend to. The reality shift is a changing landscape paradigm switch. Just got to dial the channel to a new flow and get antennae that filter out the static :)

            I appreciate you words x0x

  7. Progressed mars exact on my mercury atm – I only seem to be writing v narky responses on this blog. ‘Not engaging’ is the way to peace for me right now I think..

  8. How long are Dovima’s legs?? She’s beautiful. Classic picture… first dress by Dior’s young protege, Yves Saint Laurent? Glorious.

  9. Ahhh Chaos magick… Apart from the deeply silly language, it makes a LOT of sense. I particularly like Kitchen Witchery – one of my most longstanding tricks is to summon people by making a pot of tea. Works like a charm (tee hee) on my tea-obsessed pommy family; but the best bit is new friends coming into the house and saying “Sorry I’m late ! How did you know I was coming now ?” – the answer is “I summoned you using the Rite of Dilmah” πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    I’ve always said that Magic is using your Will to work change upon the World. (The Magician) Ritual merely helps you focus that Will. That being said WARNING, LONG ESOTERIC RAMBLE COMING UP if we are indeed spiritual beings having a human experience and Godde helps those who helps themselves; then in a very real way when we use our Will to work our Way on the World Godde has indeed given us the most marvellous tool to accomplish our aims – the pink wiggly things on the ends of our arms.

    I always ask myself, before I start a ritual or cast a spell “Is this something I could accomplish by actually getting off my arse and doing ?” Nine times out of ten, a motivational poster ( I LOVE making motivational posters) stuck to the back of the toilet door and on the fridge will accomplish as much as a gram of copal and some green candles lit on a Wednesday under a waxing moon engraved with the Fehu rune.

    Don’t get me wrong – I do believe in the energetic currents of the Universe, and have just very successfully had my house Feng Shui-ed, but I do often find that magick ritual tends to be used as a lazy shorthand for actually DOING something. All the ritual in the world is not as effective as 30 minutes solid meditation every day without fail. If you do Buddhism you learn not to need magick at all, which I think is a very satisfactory outcome.

    I mean, really, why would you doing magick ? Really ? I have come across some fairly powerful spells for meeting higher beings and carrying out healings and sending power and healing to people, but honestly the same things can be accomplished with Reiki and Journeying. And the dark stuff (and even the light grey stuff) just makes me shudder.

    I am always reminded of Mystic’s acupuncturist (I think) who said that desiring stuff is like sitting naked in the middle of a thorn bush – any time you reach out for something you are hurting yourself. The best thing is to sit quiet and still and be content in yourself. Dark Magic shows me, painfully, the lack of contentment and hurt in other people’s souls. Its disturbing. Whereas using magic to manipulate family and acquaintances in to being more punctual is *completely* acceptable.


  10. This is a gorgeous shot, definitely: the contrast of textures between the elephants’ skin and the gown/lady skin/her black hair v. white dress. Black & white for this photo: excellent choice, Avedon.

    Once I was able to stand eye-to-eye with an elephant, and touch his face. I was in awe of his ancient wisdom and intelligence; his empathic and compassionate abilities were obvious. The elephant’s way was in such contrast to the thick, rough and wrinkly hide of his exterior…

    Look closer at this photo, and it’s grotesque: the elephants are chained. Chained and performing parlor tricks for what? For a fashion pic? Nothing personal, Mystic, I know your intentions are good, but I find this pic to be total yuck.

    We’ve had fireworks and tornadoes here– literally. Now, I’m slipping on my crocs and heading out to my garden: it’s time for worship. Happy July, all!

    • They were my sentiments exactly, adore the look of the model and shot but performing animals…shudder. Hadn’t even noticed the chains, my reaction was formed at a glance!

  11. I believe it. My little brother manages to get the world to work exactly how he needs it to work, even if the way there is fairly messy.

  12. If by “Chaos Magician” you really mean Narcissistic Mistress of All Evil who wants to alternately keep me on a shelf while forever holding me captive as her personal drone, whipping post, scapegoat and indentured servant – then yeah, the main Sagittarian in my life can correctly be described as a Chaos Magician.

  13. Most insightful, MM
    As a Sagg Sun /Vesta I’ve been a testy bitch these last couple days. Bring on the full moon to conj my mars/merc and venus!

  14. Moon in sag

    Is this real time now, or has precession preceded us ?

    Chaos merchants we are, and not by choice.