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Bullett Magazine

“…Two days before her BULLETT photo shoot, on a national holiday in Spain, Marina Abramovi? writes an email from her suite at the Tryp Madrid Ambassador Hotel requesting the following items: “1 oversize white men’s button-up shirt, 1 simple large glass of water, 1 white candle, and 1 very sexy man in a tuxedo (whom I can potentially carry around).” These are, of course, perfectly reasonable requests, but there are more. Abramovi? would also like “2 ravens and 1 eagle and 1 baby tiger.”

After the shoot, where, by some small miracle, she was greeted with a menagerie of zoo animals and a body-hairless model named Alejandro, she calls during a break from rehearsing for her latest performance, The Life and Death of Marina Abramovi?, a biographical quasi-opera that premiered last year as part of the 2011 Manchester International Festival. (The Madrid version ran from April 11 to 22.) “The raven is a symbol of bad news and death, the small tiger is an image of strength, and the eagle is an image of power,” she says. “Each of these elements represents the Fall of Man, but everything that is negative has a positive side. Everything that is black is also white. I am so many things at the same time.”…”

If you don’t know her, Marina Abramovic is a Sagittarian Performance who is a few years past her SECOND Saturn Return.  Yes peeps she is 65.

And clearly a totes individuated woman. She has Sun and Mars in Saggo opposite Uranus in Gemini, Moon in Aquarius, Mercury-Venus-Jupiter in Scorpio and Saturn-Pluto in Leo. A lot of these are technically ‘hard’ aspects (Mars opp Uranus, Saturn square her Scorp stuff etc) but as you can see, you polish these up enough and they come out great. 

Sometimes i think being batshit insane in that high-functioning Uranian-Aquarian way IS the secret to ageless aging or whatever we call it.  What do you think?

31 thoughts on “The Saggo Performance Artist

  1. i’m guessing these pictures have been well photoshopped/well lit. I saw her a couple of years ago. IRL while she looks good, she doesn’t look 35. At the time i didn’t know how old she was but I had guessed 58/60. being passionate about your work, curious about what’s going on in the world and trying new things goes a long way towards radiating young.

  2. She really is stunning.

    My partner is uber Uranian – Rising Aqua with Jupe in Aqua trine his Sun and Uranus.
    He is half Chinese/French with dark complexion – he will always look the same age forever and ever amen! Jealous.

  3. I always love minimal makeup women…. dont know why. I mean I never read fashion mags, and some of the art that is created with make up is really cool, but taking it to the streets is not my style and wouldnt be if I was one.

    i just hope to one day see the use of organics in all makeups.

  4. Im born in the Week Of Youth and Ease, people would see me at the gym years later and say dang u still look like a kid. Ive also met other aquas born in the same week and were all Lazy and look like kids. I would say letting your freak flag fly and actualizing freedom part of your chart, does contribute to you not holding the energy of such conformity on your face or other parts of your body.

  5. I am a MASSIVE fan of Marina. Thanks for featuring her here. Her new film, while I haven’t watched it yet, looks impressive. I am sad I missed her performance at MoMA.

    • I know I’m bringin this post back from the grave but I’m a fan now too and those hard aspects make total sense having discovered how she works. She works insanely hard, every performance is utterly gruelling in its stillness. She’s my new hero.

  6. Marina is Cancer rising and on great terms with plastic surgeons since she dated a Brazilian.

    I sat with her in New York. Scorpionic austerity and Sadge decadence. Fire and water are a hard combo to beat, in some ways.

    She’s never been more airbrushed than in that pic, though.

  7. As a pro I can say that image is obviously retouched to the hilt but I don’t really care how she looks, I just freaking love her. She gives great quotes and is one of the very few truly interesting performance artists.

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