Dark Side Of The Venus

O.M.G it’s real, it’s happening. I feel like we are all inter-connected on this matter, right here, right now…Love Zombies, High Functioning Flakes, Fuqed Up Clueless Whores, Pseudo-Intellectual Astro-Bitches, Bad Gurus, European Central Bankers, Your Ex, My Ex…WHAT IS HAPPENING?ย 

Venus is stationing Direct – at an absolute standstill, astrologically speaking – and at 7 Gemini. This is an Eclipse point being triggered again at the end of Nov AND Jupiter is trundling merrily back and forth over it till April 2013, scattering juju dust as he goes.ย  So anyway, think strange w.t.f. communiques out of nowhere OR it’s just your brain doing the strange w.t.f communiques out of nowhere, messaging you with ideas or emo about a relationship so gone, it may as well be on Alpha Centauri.

Yes, it’s psychologically infuriating but probably good as a detox. Like a colonic that takes out lingering toxic-love-beliefs bacteria and leaves your tummy flatter at the end. YES! No you should not obey urges to power-stalk or make whimsical contact in a light-hearted and carefree not really giving-a-fuq manner. Yes if are Mr or Mrs Zombie-Hell right now, things are getting real tense. The penny is dropping. The final cliche may soon be nigh.

As always, some peeps are copping this more than others, do your Horoscopes for the intimate deets and/or SHARE HERE.ย  Is Venus Direct a hassle for you? Or does it feel like salvation? Thoughts?

Image; Steven Meisel

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287 thoughts on “Dark Side Of The Venus

  1. Yes yes yes! My natal Jupiter is 7th house Aqua. So thats a nice easy way to get over the f-d up past. Strange sirens appearing out of nowhere that tell me to love myself as I finish hating him. A very pleasant feeling colonic – bringing my sass back ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Your Jupiter is at 7degrees Aqua – that means Venus in Gemini at 7 is trining your 7th/DSC about now :)

      I have Uranus ruling my natal 7th (Aqua DSC too), and Uranus in transit in Aries is exact opposing my Libran Sun at 8 right now, as is Pluto exact squaring my Libran Sun at 8. Venus at 7degrees is trining my Sun :)

      But, I’m doing Zapping, pretty full-on, with my Leo Rising / Mercury moving into Leo + Saturn Trans Libra going direct and Venus – ruler of my MC and Sun/2nd house is about to go direct again.

      It’s morphing with grandurity (grand/Leo maturity/Saturn)!

      • wow, the heavens are certainly aligning for you!

        Interesting that the Pluto Uranus “Zap zone” is at 8 degrees right now…quite the set up for you at the moment,

        You probably won’t recognise yourself in a years time

        onwards and upwards :)

  2. I agree, ive had so much emotions and around the bend breakthrouhs the last couple of blog posts, i say who needs a shrink when theres MM?

    • For me its not a hassle, i learned how to better communicate on blogs as venus was retrograding my 11 of blogs, and i think it just takes time to earn peoples trust. Like a relationship i had to find the boundries and the social norms and restart from there.. Because this blog is more family oriented, nit like a city blog or youtube, And im glad i did, im learning alot here.

  3. yes! it would be whilst on damn FB, and the tiny yellow box popped up to inform me my former flame (Alpha Centauri indeed yet still vague friend/co-collaborator) ‘declined my invite’ … not a biggie at all, but o my god, knife through my heart.

  4. YES VENUS DIRECT IS FUQING WITH ME …. specially since it’s on my fuqing ascendant so I feel like a bit fat ginormous walrus, I have PMT which is making me want to stuff my face with scones and cream (WTF??? scones and cream? I mean fur-real) … AND it’s still mooching in my fuqing 12th house dredging up all this really really really really boring SHITE about the double-bullshit-artist-toro-ex (which was technically the last time I was an uber love zombie).

    Makes me want to punch non-intellectual-fuqing-retard-blog-trolls-who-can’t-even-fuqing-spell … and stuff.

    • : N) HA! you made me smile, when most make me frown…. I’m hot water bottling the arm that wants to lash out, destruct a few infuriating things….

      My sun is 5 degrees… but I don’t know if this is it, I have scorpio rising and between me and two other scorpio suns I know, major rage!!!!

      Am sedating self with love and orange food and orange hot water bottle…

      • Hey PG! What’s with the orange anti-rage cure? Haven’t heard of that one! I’m an Aries sun with a bag full of planets in fire signs .. I’d love a heads-up on this one!

      • People often say that! … that my moaning rants are amusing and make them laugh. I’m like a walking community service announcement! lol


    • Errg, we are on same Asc/moon phase/frequency ditto to all plus add questioning of all concepts of reality.

      Eg. Dave Chapelle on In The Actor’s Studio:
      What is your favourite word? “Reality”
      What is your least favourite word? “Reality.”

          • It’s ok, am over questioning reality now. Just accepting that my body knows everything and I can trust that. I was getting too into my head which is a totally unloving and schizotypal way taken to extremes. I’m back, phew.

  5. Strangely, today I had two things come up in conversation which reminded me of a long ago ex. I am totally expecting to see him in the street now. I should add that it is all over and there are absolutely no residual or unresolved feelings at all. And even stranger, this came after having a bit of a think about the circumstances of the end of that relationship this morning on the train. And he was – and presumably still is – a Gemini. And Gemini covers my 7th house and whatever the “DC” is.

    I’ve been thinking a lot about my patterns in relationships (which is why I was going over old ground this morning on the train) as well and in the words of Frasier Crane, it would seem I’m alone because I’m afraid of being alone…

  6. My sun/Merc/Saturn are at 7 Pisces in the 7th so I think that means the Venus bizzo is squaring all that?? Bring it on, I say. Yes I am getting my Saturn-sponsored escape kit together. Frankly I’d welcome some cosmic lighting of the blue touch-paper.

  7. FUQ YEAH I’m messed up at the MO and yes MM without my MOJO

    But I did schedule it in, plenty of warning for all the: heart twisting and squeezing, brain trips, tricks and justifications; dreams I would have preferred not to remember; and an increased sensitivity to all the unsaid crap from those I had thought done and dusted who appear in my head and face to face.
    But alas, even with the warnings, I still PINE and YEARN for what is obviously not manifesting but I am struggling to let go :( :( .
    So me thinks that from tomorrow as Venus tracks forward again along this tired path the winds shall clear my woes and take the past where it belongs tata.
    That along with being over Mars in Virgo and Saturn on my ass, I am in prep mode and so looking forward to the reveal which is as big a mystery to me as everyone else as I am down to my bare core ready to start a new, and I guess that has to include a clean out of the heart too.
    Hugs to all, loads of inpromptu tears here as I am sure there are around us all.

    • woke up ok, but then felt increasingly moody and as my live-in bf brought up the subject of the vacation we are or are not taking due to scheduling conflicts, I basically lost it. Was feeling sad and sorely in need of hug, too…feeling unappreciated. He left, I dissolved in tears, feeling miserable and lonely. Then I called him – ack – trying to explain – we did schedule the vacation – but I did end up explaining to him that I have felt a tad lonely recently, and not having an easy time of it. He is not really the talkative type, either…

      am worried that this is the beginning of the melt-down of the relationship. Maybe it’s meant to happen – certainly I felt it on and off in the recent weeks. And yet I do know I love him, that is the kicker.

      But the tear jag was actually cathartic – it’s like I needed to cry – I feel much better now. Maybe yes, kind of like a colonic, haha, for the heart.

      • You deserve those hugs when you need them. Tears can be so cleansing :) and hopefully clear our vision.
        Blessings for a clear path Elka xxx

  8. Wether Venus’ direct motion is to be a hassle or salvation that it yet to be seen but I’m definitely feeling a certain I dunno… distance from the romancey situation at hand, not sure if for better or for worse. I do need to make contact with the lady as I’m meant to be spending some time with her on the coming weekend but I’m just not in a mental state to do so right this very moment, so I’ll wait until Venus picks up energy and see about it then.

    Looking forward to seeing her though, I must admit. If Venus-Rx has really done anything, it’s given me wholeness again, and I’m really grateful to be at peace with the nastiness that lies in my romantic past. It’s wonderful to know intuitively that I’m ready for something new, rather than jumping into it because I’m too afraid to take time out to heal..

  9. Not me man!

    It feels like Sal-Va-Shon!!!

    This has got to have been the crappiest 7 months ever. And I started feeling really good yesterday, and last night I had the first really restful sleep for months, and its not quite 8pm and I’m headed for bed now. Happy. And I’m gonna wake up and do a warm vegie broth fast (winter’s answer to the juice fast) because it’s like 2 degrees here.

    It’s so odd. This has just been pure, unadulterated shit, since the beginning of this year. And yet just today I looked at my house and noticed, wow, I’ve chucked out heaps and heaps of stuff, (like, probably 3/5ths of what I once owned – I seriously own almost nix now…except for an exceptional if I say so myself collection of threads) and ALL my clothes are repaired and ironed and hanging up for the first time in about a decade – I can see every piece of clothing I own. they are not in trunks stuffed under beds. Ditto books. My cupboards are immaculate. Surfaces are completly clutterfree, and my house is big. Gosh, I just noticed how big my new house is, the one I’ve had for 6 months but been too swamped to even look at properly. And the garden. Big. And the inside of my head. Wow, it’s clean in there too. All the stufff I had to put down in the last 7 months, my work, my beliefs about myself, my money sitch, it all somehow got massively cleansed, along with enormous amounts of personal possessions and psychic crapola…. and I am now sitting in my house which I have just realised is totally Zenned-out, and I am seriously able to meditate.

    What the hell just happened? Man that was hard. Man, it’s so good now.

    Venus in 12th house where Taurus dwells, along with Chiron.
    Halla fuqing luyah

    • Oh Seabird, i am so with you! What happened?? Glad it’s released for you, after all the hard yards, so happy for you xx

    • Pretty much the same here too, Seabird. Even the weather. I can hear you dancing in your spacious abode!

      Not sure I am ready to rejoice just yet, maybe I am still warming up to Mercury in Leo. But definitely, last few days feel, dare I say it, joyful. After six months of poo…. Am I. actually… me again? Maybe even an improved ‘me’, since I got the urge to send the whimsical communique and was able to recognise the inevitable dissatisfaction before I even picked up the phone?

      • Was talking to one of my patients a few weeks ago…She is a Virgo and we always have tons of laughs..She is ten years older and wiser in many ways.

        Still, we were talking after her session and the conversation turned a bit serious…I could not see her eyes behind her sunglasses and apologized if it seemed I were talking to her mouth..

        She said “you need to rediscover ~her~.”

        Meaning ~me~, after my mother’s death, after the leaving behind so much of which I beat myself up for…

        Put my hand to my face and said “omg, you’re making me cry”…

        Do get the back to being “me again” and
        a new an improved version. x

        • that’s beautiful Sweetpea. love the being back to me and shinier version also everyone. Venus transiting my third house today but it is alternating between my third and fourth house in this “mysterious transit” I am loving the fourth house whispers, have to say

        • Thanks sweet pea. I do feel like I a mini-phoenix is occurring. I have found a lot of inspiration from Mystic and others on this blog to work the workable areas of my life when other areas are in reverse.

          I am sorry to hear of your grief and do hope it passes soon. My friend referred me to a book on self-compassion. You probably know all this, but the thesis is that we often show others more kindness that we do ourselves. Be compassionate to yourself for doing what you did, because it was a valuable part of you. And you are valuable.

          • Thanks guys…

            Yes, one of the things my teacher taught, was as one sits down to meditate, is acknowledging compassion to self (and all other beings…for our ignorance…granted we are meditating and expanding our minds to not be stupid…Can’t say that always stopped me…hee)


    • i feel so similar. like the last 7 months (more) pushing it uphill. then the week before last i walked into a job interview wanting it and ready for it. i got the job a week later, everything fell into place for my psychological and emotional readiness for the job. then i realised that i had met someone that day for the first time who i really, really liked. it felt like venus had run me down whilst i was concentrating on something else. i will be intrigued how things go when i meet that person again. was it just an amazing alignment or have two worlds collided? and yes i heard from alfa centauri too, still keen..that hurts, i still have feelings, but i know i can’t spend more that 8 hours together without going crazy. it isn’t perfect but it is a hell of a lot better and the ‘personal’ way is clear for me.

    • Oh Seabird,
      I’m stoked to hear of your shift. You have been in my thoughts a fair bit.
      You’re a beauty Madame !
      If anyone can do an about turn, and kick on in a most positive direction of light, it’s those magical Gemmie Pies,
      Onwards and Upwards Wonder Woman,
      Blessings and Kick Arse-ed-ness !

  10. Salvation. From woe to GO, all in a day. It was like it all happened in one click of a cog. Filled with appreciation.

    And i’m thankful for MM and thoughtful commenters. Plenty of food for the mind and soul, keeps me on the straight and narrow IRL, though i may go a bit crazy here. Really, thank you xx

    • Yes, I agree Millie. This has been an amazing week on this blog, and some of the comments from people in here have literally opened my inner eyes.

      • wow, what a week. a few weeks ago i was unsure of my future, the last 7 months crapola. this week i have a new job in a field i was aspiring to, i met a lovely person who may be venus sent, may be a part of the magic zapping around or a figment, heard from alfa centauri…not that far away that my heart strings are not tugged but i know it doesn’t work. the right way to proceed has appeared, the way i wanted and worked toward when people just looked at me like wtf? now i am here because i was ready and i wanted it.

        • sorry, didn’t realise my first post logged, the internet disconnected when sending – doh!

    • Thank you! Yes – have felt the same – suddenly in the past 24 hrs some lightness after experiencing a relentlessly dark 7 months. Feel I have lost half the year, waiting for this time to pass, like an extended recovery.

      MM’s site has been my mainstay throughout – her astro therapy/insight and reading the generous, wise and heartfelt comments.

      The brilliance and power of the FUCWs and PIABs and everyone in between has been my light through these past 7 months, much gratitiude to all x

  11. i feel so much better. venus retro – good riddance to you. it has totally messed up my mojo. i have been to zombie hell and BACK. and yes, pennies dropping today.

    and sorry MM but your post was too late and i totally did send off a light and carefree not giving a fuq missive. oops. what happens happens i guess.

    i’m happy for this cycle to end, in whatever way it ends – most likely it will be in not getting what i thought i wanted, which i now realise i didn’t really want.

    what i really want is my inner tranquility, qi and self-esteem to be restored. venus retro has made it nigh impossible. i have learned some hard lessons but it has been crazy. i always fall hard for the ones i can’t have during venus retro.

    i don’t dig it and i am looking forward to normality resuming.



    • *picks up the salt* I hear ya Val cheers to you *down goes the tequila shot*
      We will all feel so glad we didn’t get who we think we want, hopefully.

      • haha ‘we will be glad we did not get the person we thought that we wanted’. us poor fuqed up clueless hos – in the nicest possible way!

        • …. I know aren’t we :).
          The thing I love the most (sarcasm) is when we stop wanting someone, then suddenly there they are – wanting US. Oh the power of detatchment!

      • well yes! solidarity to all of you, and here’s to us and getting what we need which will doubtless be better than we want during a bloody venus retro cycle! woot!

      • ROFL
        thanks that was a perfectly timed visual woopsee :). Ahh the things that give us the giggles hehe.

  12. Hmmm, maybe now the spam mails with names/adresses sounding similar to exes will stop, yes?

  13. Maybe……?

    Gem is true node at 4 degrees and Jupiter hangs in the 2nd house which is Gem/Kataka.

    I’m completely vague (in a non denial type way) on it’s acutal impact tbh but I’ve had ancient love merde which came back around April 2011 stronger than previously and mosty my trip not theirs.. Assumed it was all rolled into the Saggi/Gem eclipse stuff and during the last one I was back in Melb (the scene of the crime lol) and whilst we didn’t catch up there I did .. but that’s too hard and long winded to explain here.

    I can’t say. I’m well aware of a shift but it’s all inner and whilst that does change the external reality some elements of it have not changed at all. Maybe my relatiohship toward it has/ will change. Maybe this is due to imposed restriction or stories I’ve told myself or a combination. I can wryly smile at the notion of doggedly flogging dead concepts whilst refusing to see other aspects (yes, truth would be a good word to slot in here) but it’s all relevant to the mystery of the unique way each of us is wired so sometimes just letting something be without making it right/wrong and trying to end it before it will is just a waste of our vital energy also. Acceptance is one of the most efficient ways to release.. but getting to that point… well, that’s a whole other matter :)

    I think now I’m actually finding the process more fascinating and perhaps thats a brilliant distraction that’ll carve out a door. That coupled with the notion that I can be completely amused at my own madness when I’m not an oblivious victim to it!

      • A nice refresh Mille. I concur, in the main this is my view tho I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t the odd one I’d kick to the curb! Still, they were mere dalliances, mostly of the significant rels have alwaysl left me with that feeling.

        Regret.. sigh, yes it can roll in and out like the tide. Sometimes I couldn’t give a toss and sometimes I’m surprised by the feeling rising again. Sun comes up sun goes down analogy?

        Thank you big hearted woman x

  14. My natal Venus is at 7ยบ Gem and am feeling relief! Like I’m thinking clearer, some amazing psych insights in the past 24hrs – and not feeling the effects of Saturn on my natal Mars at 22ยบ Libra so hard – which has been making me feel a growing chasm between me and just about everyone I know!

    Fortunately the compelling urge to cut off all my hair and start again with (which has been nagging hard the past week) has dissipated along with an obsessive desire to be able to time travel and buy the amazing clothes of Blonde Venus (Melb) circa 1984!

    • Oh yes, my natal Venus at 7 Gemini too (conjunct my descendent). I feel like it should mean something important but I’m not sure what?!

      Although I feel like I’m FINALLY getting over someone. Just felt it over the last 24hrs too – what a relief!

      • I know – had that same thought, wondered if it would mean something more…but frankly I’m just happy for the relief and renewed energy!

    • Of course – if your Natal Venus is 7 Gem and the Transiting Venus is at 7 Gem that’s be full-on clarity and great breakthrough for you

      Are you zapping your life?

      Mars in Libra transiting will be great for you with Natal venus + mars Air signs

      • Thanks for your insights, it’s so helpful to me for making sense of it all from my limited knowledge! Yes working on my zapping…my Mars in Libra is in opposition to my Sun at 29ยบ Aries, I’m hoping Saturn direct will help me go full steam ahead…

  15. I DID just text message my best guy friend from back in the uni days. I was watching “Friends” and it was the episode where Monica and Chandler get engaged but the others are lining themselves up as “back ups”. So I texted my mate to reconfirm that we are still each others back up. Hahaha. So indeed I was the random bolt out of the blue. We don’t love each other though. That would be weird.

    Speaking of detoxes though…. I had my final feast today. I’m going on a detox. I know I’m about to over step the too much info barrier right now…. but I suffer chronic yeast infections and so now I have to detox and then restructure my diet. Not fun.

    Love detoxing….. I got that sorted now. I really had a think about it today. Right up until I was about 22 I was very que sera sera about love. Then I got all intense and psychotic and completely unable to control myself. Now I feel like the old me again. And I’m in an uncertain romance right now….. the kind that would’ve sent 22 year old me into a tail spin. Strange. I kinda miss being “intense”.

    • Ahhh… my old friend Candida. How is she ? She only visits when I eat too much cake and drink too much alcohol these days….

      Do you have a tame doctor you can order Nilstat from ? The Pau D’Arco, Caprylic acid, kryolic garlic etc are all good, but there’s nothing like a six week course of Nilstat to fuq her off good and proper !

    • Find a probiotic called Bio Kult, changed my intestinal world for the better and really helps stave off the candida in other areas if I use it regularly. Worth every cent.

      • Im on some atm will check out the name, love your health tips charley :)

  16. nothing about my now is heart orientated, its all about money career and direction. Venus is opposite my moon exact, stationing in the 12th. Being trumped by greater forces of astrology. I was much more excited about saturn direct myself

    • Interesting, I was wondering if the sense of relief I felt was more Saturn direct or Venus…

    • I’m much more interested in Saturn direct too. 22 Libra is my first/second house cusp. I wish I could say I used the time of Saturn transiting my 1st house to develop some rad health routine. I didn’t. But, I have for the first time in my life set some boundaries in my relationships. It doesn’t look like much materially but its HUGE. As for Venus – well, my love life is….(sound of crickets). No exes popping up, no obsessive fantasizing or messaging or e-stalking on my part. No, no, no.

      • Ah ha! My natal Neptune is at 7 Sag, so I’ve got a Venus-Neptune opp going on. Feels like clarity, not ambiguity. Mars is on my AC – finally getting the hell out of my 12th house. The corner has been turned! No idea about the future, but glad it is not the past. Onto Mars in my 1st and Saturn in my 2nd – business, creating, me.

        • that sounds really awesome. personal boundaries and biz works is nothing to sniff at. Saturn in the 2nd is like become your own accountant and values door bitch. :)

    • I felt Saturn direct instantly, like the whole days was just pow pow pow with realisations/insights/lessons and a sense of liberation.

      • yes oh yes saturn direct was the best! the long months of loneliness, indecision, and soul searching coalesced into a magic wand of direction! i’ve got a PLAN. it is so perfect and mature and practical and good for everybody! apparently this is what happens when you do the work! brilliant~ thanks so much to all you PIABs! xox

      • it’s been reversing into my pluto to conjunct rendering things a bit tough though yes the insights and debris loss is ‘great’ I feel like I have been tied to a track blowing out the bomb fuse.

  17. oh yes… that’s right

    my ex is coming to visit town next month. should be interesting.

  18. Hmmm… looking at kitchen gadgets & fighting off the desire to go an buy a bottle of bubbles, which I know will make me feel wretched and make it hard to get up tomorrow…. *sigh* want bubbles….

    No complete exes for me. I’m still friends with all of them – except the ones whose hearts I carved out & buried at a cross roads with a stake through it…. mmmmm Zombie Love Exes….

    *rushes to the kitchen and breaks out the garlic*

    • Got bubbles *happy*

      You know, I’d like to go a bit mad. That Love Zombie thread has set me off. The thing is, I know I can’t have a mad affair, or fall in love, or pack my bags and travel the world, or run three lovers at once. That would be mean to the people I love….

      The really dumb thing is that I didn’t do all those things when I could have….

      Some of you will be sick of me banging on about Portofino, but the reason it sticks with me is that I lived IN POMMYLAND for two years and never got as far as Calais. I had friends saying ” Let’s take the overnight ferry to Amsterdam” and I was like “Oooh that sounds a bit full on”.

      I wish I could get to my younger self and tell her to go for it. I do spend time on here telling younger selves to go for it, but its not the same.

      Maybe quantum jumping ? I need to find the life thread in which I said “Yes” and then jump into it now ๐Ÿ˜€

      So, how am I saying “ooh that’s a bit full on” *now*, and how would my 50 year old self look back and say “GO FOR IT” ?!

      • but your fiffty year old self will look forward, not backwards and say WOW I am doing it now, I bet it will be a blast…

  19. Can someone give me some advice here?

    I’ve had my house on the market for over a year.

    My IC @ 6 Gemini.

    I’ve uncluttered, Feng Shui-ed and plan to have a space clearing ceremony.

    Venus direct @ 7 Gemini would be a good time for such an event?


    • Astrologically it sounds so, since Venus can also be money, but there’s a lot of real estate advice coming up again recently that talks about not leaving your house on the market too long. I’m going to try and find one of those such articles if i can. It was on a mainstream website so quite a few people will be influenced by such, not just sellers but also buyers.

      Hey i just googled “house on market too long” and couldn’t immediately see the article i read (may have been print?) but plenty of articles there. Perhaps there’s some advice somewhere you may not have considered before? After all, the planets may land something cool in our laps, but often after we’ve done all we can in the mundane. Good luck, current.

    • My astro knowledge is limited but I do know property marketing…astrologically the ruler of Gemini is Mercury – communications – I think the key is in the communication – the marketing of your property.

      Milleunanotte’s article sounds like a good start. Basically a property on the market too long (6-8weeks generally) becomes ‘stale’. Buyer perceptions of its value diminshes the longer it sits on the market, an effect of ‘social proof’ not true value.

      Without knowing much about your property, if your situation allows, take it off the market till end of August, when Mercury goes direct , relaunch with new marketing – photos and copy – possibly a new agent too! Good luck!

      • Sorry I meant… late August or when Mercury goes direct – not sure of the dates when Mercury is direct but I think it goes retro in a couple of weeks…

        • I would like to think that Venus Direct on your IC would help a lot here and the 2nd thing is that you’re meant to let the house go, walk through each room, really feel what went on there, thank the house for the good times but yes, say GOOD BYE…

          on a more pragmatic note, you may need to drop the asking price, the market is the market, you know? And without any knowledge of your circumstances, in general, it would be good to do what you have to do to shift it before the next ZZ hit

    • Mystic’s astro/Feng advice is great – especially for timing your sale!

      Just thought I’d better clarify – the reason I said late August was based purely on the seasonal trends of the (Aus) capital cities – less buyers around from Easter till end August – then Spring and late Summer more properties transact (only time I’ve experienced an exception to that, in Sydney, was Sept 11 – that was the quietest Spring!)

      So very basic advice from me that may not apply to your situation, a valuable asset and care required, all the best with it!

    • Thanks for all of this feedback.

      i am always amazed at the generosity here.

      And yes, to have a house on the market for a year IS stale..but I’m living Northern NSW semi-rural where it all “takes time”.

      I’ll take it as a yes, a space clearing when Venus turns Direct is a good time to “space clear”, thank the house and say goodbye…


      • Do you have any planets in Kataka/Cancer, Current?

        My reason for asking is because (a) the Sun is in Cancer now, (b) Cancer would rule your 3rd house if IC is Gemini, and the Sun (in cancer) is triggering the Zap Zone – so perhaps get your message and communications out there more now, and via your siblings, and neighbours (3rd)???

        Cancer, likes to hoard and cling, and it also is the traditional/native ruler of the 4th/IC – the home.

        ..Just some thoughts I’m throwing around about it here, I’m no astro expert, just a PIAB, and just making some random and wild connections re. the Sun in cancer and your ‘home’ comments..

        Good luck :) :)

      • As Gemini rules my IC….I move house often…

        Cancer seems to “straddle” 4th/ 5th house

        Vertex (4th), Part of Fortune (5th) and NN (5th) are all in Cancer.

        My reading of this is….as a PIAB myself

        My karma is to “nourish others” (4th) through Art, Creativity (5th)

        Interesting what you say about triggering the zap zone?

        • Can we please get Mystic Medusa t-shirts?
          I want PIAB on the front and a small logo with the pic of MM on the left hem. Sub-tle like.
          Awesome advice, it’s always nice to have a tangible sitch pop up on which to attach all the amazing knowledge here.

  20. I hate shopping and for the past month I have been obsessed with internet browsing for a room that is being renovated. Today I feel all groggy like I am just waking up with a hangover and the urge to splurge is fading fast. Yay! Back to my real non-materialistic life.

  21. Circa 2006/2007 – It was a good love. A pure love. A love without expectations. No anger , no doubt. A year of showing me what love can be, or perhaps what love should be……..bordering on the miraculous.

    Then ( this came to me with absolute clarity driving to work this morning)……………….his wife found out and he dropped me like a piece of #$@*! No harsh words, no nothing. Just, The End.

    WTF – 5 years of idealising a hell dodgy ‘affair’….. or maybe a moment to realise that love is good ( if not the purest good) but perhaps i should direct a little more of it to myself.

    I think i’ve cracked it ( at long bloody last says her mother and the universe….”she is saved” :) )

    • Sometimes it takes a lot to realise that you miss the feeling, not the person.

      But once you realise that, you can try to find that sort of happiness with someone else without feeling dragged down by the person who did that to you before.

  22. I’ve been throwing hexagram 38 of the I Ching of late and today finally with a changing line. Something’s cracking through. The creative dramatic tension is great. A positive resolution is possible when all struggle is given up.

    • You might be interested in a book i found last week & bought, called The Astrology of the I Ching, very detailed explanations that i have never seen before & i have followed The Ching since i was 16 yo and this version is excellent.

  23. Venus is forming a trine and sextile to my natal Venus-Saturn opposition. It’s definitely loosening up the dictatorial messages I tell myself about my desirability and worth, which are making this Scorpio feel slightly out of control. Got a confirmation yesterday in a brief interaction with a friend that needy, codependent behaviors aren’t working anymore under this ZZ. Best let them go and just be my real self, instead of trying to hold people to me with what I think they want. Also. No more alcohol for the time being. I’ve never been a big drinker, but even one cocktail at dinner with friends is bringing the energy level down.

    • Me too, I just can’t take alcohol at the moment and even one drink makes me feel miserable for days. Just why bother?

      • I can have a few drinks after work, but just the idea of binge drinking – I’ve never been into bringe drinking, but have crossed orbits with people who (still) are. So gross, so high school, so unfortnuate that I know so many people who are still into that kind of “socializing.” It is a MAJOR turn off…why do people think drunk is somehow sexy-cool? Whatever. They’re getting zapped.

  24. So this explains why i am simultaneously thinking about current o/s man, unresolved crush man from 2005, potential fling man on the side who likes the same music as me, and major f*&kup ex-man from 1999 that took me yonks to get over and who I thought had actually finally let go, with an urgent desire to connect/reconnect with them all at once?!

    I have wasted an entire day online stalking all of them (pisces moon of course) but will go no further- thanx for the memo mystic……talk about raking over old sh*t!

  25. Gemini Gemini Gemini
    My boy is a Gemini, he is breaking up with his Aquarius wife! She wanted to pursue fire dancing and he was tired of funding her way and waiting for her to come home from such events! Well the last time she came home from her spiritual retreat, she was late! She wanted space..
    He looked at her phone history and found that she had begun talking to someone in Chicago..dang man..I am like what do you think would happen if a bunch of fit people started dancing around a fire half or all naked? How come you didn’t go with her i asked him..and it ranges from i have to work, to I don’t really get into spilling my guts to a bunch of strangers around a fire..
    He took it hard. I am realizing how emotional Gemini could get. But he has been very strange..meanwhile they are going to therapy and maybe away together because he is keeping it a secret!
    I feel for them. How am I a Libra Capricorn Moon Sag rising babe all of a sudden being involved so deeply in to other’s pain? The whole thing made me cry to see him so shaken.
    I wonder if that is some fucked up form of possessive compassion? (The Empress comes up a lot!))
    Plus my electric gut instincts are on fire because of the zap zone..plus I have Mars in Gemini in the fifth..oye!!!

  26. Is it just me or are people commenting more since Uranus squared Pluto?

    Also, i have had to fend off the desire to address the Daily Mystic email just now “dear fuqued up clueless whores and pseudo-intellectual astro bitches” as (a) some of the subscribers actually don’t hang out in the comments much and (b) it would have the email banned from half the corporate and govt addresses quick smart. Pity.

    • Hahahahaaaa… I would love to read that first up in the morn.. but I might not be the majority tis true.

      In your face humour still seems to be relegated to the realm of successful stand up’s but I think we should tear down that assumption too. After all, chefs are a dime a doz household thing, so are muso’s and every other thing these days…. and it’s all just part of the shake down.

      If you’re not printing the tee’s MM then I’m seriously thinking about doing one for myself x

      • Maybe it’s part of the unashamedly me revolution?! We all need to be wholeheartedly on that ride :)

      • well, I have a friend who is a subscriber who doesn’t comment much here anymore and I don’t think she’d like to read “dear fuqued up clueless whores and pseudo-intellectual astro bitches” first thing in the morning!! She’s a gentle soul.
        Not everybody’s gonna appreciate the sentiment even though they understand it and not everybody is loud and shouty and hi-energy. I’m just a bit over it all to be honest and it’s really not THAT funny anymore.

        • Yes it is, it’s hilarious , apt and surprisingly powerful. Be honest you didn’t find it funny in the first place, poor petal, it will move on but I’m afraid it is now burnt into our collective mind.

    • I was going to comment yesterday on the number of comments on “Lady, you don’t need astrology” but thought twice about going off topic. Over 450 comments there right now … !

      • yes but the topic is a raw nerve, esp to some who seek astro for the wrong reasons…

    • I think its the love zombie topic…who can’t relate to the pain of overcoming fantasy relationships? Venus/Saturn direct and all that – it is the topic du jour.

    • People commenting more, more people commenting…there’s change in the air, a restlessness!

    • I think it’s also to do with Venus in Gem going direct. Gem’s are known for their chattiness :)

      • Gem rules my 11th of networks and groups of people — so this blog and blogging in general is very 11th house for me and now that Venus is going to function healthily across my 11th – yes, I’m back to commenting now. :)

      • Empress, I feel you are really right about the Gem direct thing.
        Also re the blog being too aggressive, it just the thing about perfection and loveliness is that it is sometimes distant and dull.
        I think there was a joyful swooping down on the commenter who started all this because people need some grist to the mill (apart from the topic being something we can all relate to at some point I guess).

    • Yeah, I’m commenting more :)

      …and David L is back commenting which is great to see and Ms has a new gravatar! But where’s Baristagem?

  27. My Venus weirding strange pining for my first major love has … calmed. For me it was at its height this winter past and on into spring. Without me shelling out real money his all too pedestrian name and mellow style make him impossible to find (yes of course I was trying) and well, that is for the best. Though I’ve imagined him in all sorts of wretched states needing rescue by me and even dead having never recovered from the loss of moi. Practical me – I’m sure he’s doing fine in Sometown, Somewhere with a sweet lil’ family of his own.
    For me I believe this is the work of Neptune transiting conjunct my 12th house Venus. I wish him happiness and love.

  28. Feeling strangely liberated, I thought perhaps it was Saturn direct in my 7th. Feel like I’ve learned a lot in a relatively short space of time. Realised that my instincts are always right and I should always, always trust them. I’m lucky that my suspicious 8th house Scorpio sun means I wasn’t taken in by a Cap/super Sag/Venus-Uranus in Scorpio who seems to actually have a harem of women at his disposal and be a total liar, I just feel bored and whatever about the whole thing. Really, whatever. I think I’ve finally learnt that in these situations it’s not me who is broken and I don’t have to plunge into self hate. I might have issues but at least I’m honest.

    Also been having the mosssst intense lucid dreams about the Virgo which I’m sure is a Venus issue. I know it’s not an ideal situation but after this last experience his Virgoan integrity and grouchiness just seems massively appealing (more so than ever) it’s been a year of caring and stuff happening in ultra slo mo. I don’t have an answer but I’d rather have this than someone who offers hot air. Actually it’s most likely neither situation and that’s ok too, more lessons, endless lessons, more to come no doubt.

    • Charley, any day you can congratulate yourself for being honest is an awesome, amazing day. Because YES, we all have issues, not having inauthenticity as one of them however is significant.

      It’s not just about lying to someone else and getting one’s way, it’s the fact that the more peeps do that, the more they buy into their BS and the cloudier they get. You nor I may be perfect, but being in the truth of that imperfection attracts what can be truly soul and life expanding, vs yet another dead end road.

      Better suffer the heart break than live the lie. Even if it means it takes a few detours, mishaps and adjustments to get there. So kudos for you for NOT beating yourself up. The Virgo sounds awesome, even more so next to Harem Man.

      Plus Virgos are closet kink artists right? :)

      • Thank you so much FA. I really feel like it’s a true liberation actually, he made me feel like I was crazy for a few days but then I realised that I wasn’t. Yeah I totally have some issues with rejection and not being able to get truly close BUT I’m trying, at least my head isn’t stuffed firmly in the sand. I don’t even think he’s a bad person to be honest just truly delusional and in need of an enormous amount of validation from an enormous amount of women. I was lucky not to be taken in for very long so I don’t feel heart broken just disappointed (and very relieved)!

        The Virgo is awesome. It’s funny, he looks so bad on paper (much older, grumpy, probably not going to change etc etc and on) but compared to the dastardly Cap who looked so appropriate he’s a dreamboat. I don’t even mind if nothing finally happens with us anymore, I like knowing him. Although the thought of him being secretly kinky is enough to make me pass out, phew. Ha, can’t see it but who knows, they kind of confound me these Virgos.


      • Hmm, I wish Scorpalicious reads this – Virgos are her domain so to speak.

        To be honest, I don’t know of any over 21 Virgo males who aren’t slightly grumpy, maybe their er..astute and critical nature just comes off that way? haha.. But the closet kink bit is true. I had a a thing going with a Virgo Saxophonist for about 4 months and my could he give you a tongue lashing – fortunately in more ways than one! Blush.. but trust the closet kink bit. They’re precise, I’m pretty sure he googled half the stuff he did haha..

        As for Vive le Liberte, surely! We’ve ALL got issues with rejection babe, and relationship is forever a dance between closeness and distance so no harm, no foul. Even IF the Cap engaged Sagg Candor by being honest, it’s only a matter of time before being one of many is satisfying enough – not because of you but it’s just normal for humans to attach to each other. The idea that we don’t is preposterous and well, naive.

        At least now this does cast the Virgo in a new and less craggy light no?

  29. And cue the random text messages from unknown numbers………. of course I respond with “who’s this?” And they proceed to ignore that question and instead ring constantly. Is it not clear that I’m not answering the call until I know who it is?

    • it also bears the hallmark of the people blockbuster get to do their overdue fines collections – they don’t tell you who they are and make random evasive text/mobile calls and then in about 6 months you get the letter saying you’ll be charged penalties for ignoring those anonymous attempts at contact and you’re going to court if you don’t pay your $20 overdues plus the $90 penalties. Then when you try to work it out because you realise they are a legitimate business and not some crazed stalker they’ll ignore YOUR calls and emails and slap some more charges on the bill. And you sit there thinking I could’ve bought the entire Buffy collection for this!

  30. I don’t have any relationship dramas going on in my life. Oddly, I am hosting four houseguests next week who all have relationship drama with each other. Hmmm.

      • Hmm.what would you name a soap opera that involved a married Gemini couple who have a Gemini girlfriend but Gemini hubby has a “I could marry her” crush on a young Saggy? “Three is Not Enough?”

          • Uh oh. I realized I am a Mercurian Mutable. But I am no love zombie. Gem man obsessively sharpens the knifes around my house. I suspect he must be Scorpio rising.

            • lol

              As for Gem man; could have Aries rising. Mars rules knives. Is he an action jackson kinda guy?

              • Ah ha! That makes sense. He has Mars near his Midheaven. Action Jackson guy? No. But he did pack his own knife set in addition to sharpening all of mine.

                • Sounds familiar. An ex loved sharpening all the knives he had. Plus whenever we went for dinner at someone’s house and helped in the kitchen he would shake his head if asked to use a blunt knife. Drove him nuts. And yes, he would sharpen theirs too lol

                  • blunt knives!!! hate hate. everyone, do yourselves a favour and sharpen your kitchen knives! it makes food prep much more satisfying. PS I am the least scorpionic person I know on this blog. but I am very food oriented and don’t like rundown equipment. maintentance! maintenance! lol xx

          • So, now I know about Mars and knives. Gem man and young Saggy have a Neptune/Sun synastry. How can I not warn them? They are annoying as hell to be around. She looks at him as if their eyes speak a secret language. He looks at her with longing and a willing desire to keep up with whatever mystery she thinks they’re sharing. Its like, I see traffic accidents all around me, but I’m not supposed to shout “look out!!!” I’m a double Virgo? How can I NOT go about popping people’s bubbles? Mainly, my concern is the Gem girlfriend. She’s got Neptune in the 5th. The wife is WAY more into her than the husband is. Husbands about to elope with a Saggy – if only polgyamy were legal. Gratefuly, its not. Or else I’d be uber Virgo on their asses right now.

            • Things like this only seem to work if everyone’s on the same page and honest about what’s going on. Interesting they’ll all be staying with you. The voice of reason perhaps?!?

      • LOL! Did I? I feel like I should own the 12th house after Mars has been stomping in it for the last several months. lol

  31. Ugh, my creepy ex came back from Alpha Centaury and re-entered in a grand style (crashed a work party where I was mistress of ceremonies). I didn’t want to go back into it, but then my beloved granddad died and I ran back into his arms and bed a few times for him to then tell me he wants to be friends with bennies :( I’m really sick of this because it’s the third of such entrances he’s made (he used my birthday late last summer as an excuse for the second return)…

    …I’ve been reminding myself of creepy beaus I’ve gotten rid of in the past and to assure myself that my life will go on once i get this person totally out of my system!! Oh, yeah, and moving (me or him) and not leaving a forwarding address seemed to help quite nicely with these types of relationships.

  32. Oh my god. Finally kicking it! Salvation indeed!! Lightness of being over letting go. Taking the driver’s seat in my life, letting go….!!! Finally of my past that was weighing me down. Looking forward, looking out to the future. Getting my game together, & I mean it’s only inch by inch ambition right now but it’s almost like the universe is listening to me now, or maybe I’m listening to the universe, finally seeing possible possibilities. This is good. I’ve got to remember this feeling of things being correct/right with me when things quiet down to the usual murmer, or if setbacks occur.
    Today, life is good.

  33. What the hell has been repressed and what the hell wants to be expressed.

    I believe a lovely yod formation ties into this with Mercury/Pluto/Venus coming up July 3. Finger of Fate. What needs expurgation or revelation right here right now?

  34. I don’t usually do this, but I am sharing a link to a post I just wrote–there is a paragraph toward the end of the post about letting go of the biggest obsession of my life, and how I have come to be grateful for it–


    Venus is on my vertex write now, how appropriate to call the post “Turning Point.” And of course, I titled it before reading yours!!

  35. THOUGHT I was in the clear. Have enjoyed some light-hearted flirting during this Venus transit (which has suited this Gem Sun/Moon just fine for now) which may or may not lead to something. All was good. But strange WTF communique happened Sunday leading to brain WTFage since then. Have Venus and Jupiter conjuncting my Sun right now ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  36. “The penny is dropping. The final cliche may soon be nigh.” Brilliant.

  37. This Venus Retrograde has been a thorough mix of amazing and painful. There was a guy I’d had severely fallen for beginning of last year, we’d stopped talking after a few months, and I was a total “love zombie” I guess, which is very unlike me since I usually get over someone in a matter of days sometimes. But it was actually me contacting him that made me get over him. When I did, I didn’t expect him to respond (which he didn’t). But I needed some sense of closure, and I got it.

    However, there’s another guy. I don’t even know what we are, We started dating in April, and lo and behold, things get messy once Venus goes Retrograde. But instant of storming off and never talking to him again (which I normally do), we’ve been talking the whole time, and still seeing each other, minus anything that would imply a relationship. Of course I still really like him, and things were going much better until this past weekend when we had a fight. Again, I was ready to just never talk again, this time, zap zone style with extra oomph. But really, he’s a better guy than that, so Venus direct is calming me a little on this matter. Still feel like I should distance and seclude myself for a bit though.

  38. Venus is definitely bringing weirding moments, to the tune of The Twilight Zone. My relationship will be ending too, but it’s a good thing and a fuqing huge relief. The charades cannot go on any longer.

    She’s transiting my 9th house, bringing lots of opportunities for travel, which is a totally unexpected “weirding” balm.

    • I remember the day my husband finally moved out of the house. I literally went running through the street with joy. Its amazing how good it can feel to have a dead relationship gone. Good luck!

      • Thanks 12th House Virgo! Congrats to you! I may just do the same and hope it’s sooner than later. I’m glad there are no more doubts thanks to Venus Rx.

        As Will Ferrell said in Talladega Nights, “Thank you Baby Jesus!!!!”


  39. I’m wondering – are we done with Gem/Sag ecilipses? Looks like the ones in November will be in Scorpio but its kind of close to call on the chart.

    • The eclipse in mid-November falls right on my Sun and Pluto makes its last pass over my progressed Sun a month later. Fun times ahead!

      • Scorpio? My NN is in Sagittarius so the eclipses in Gem/Sag have been…releasing with no building, just releasing, releasing, releasing the old life. Looking forward to a building phase.

        • Yes, the eclipse in mid-November is in Scorpio. And the NN is moving into Scorpio some time this fall, along with Saturn. Yikes!

          Perhaps the eclipses had to trigger all that releasing in you first before the building could begin? Do you have any planets in Scorpio? Saturn will be sextiling your Virgo over the next two years, so that should be nice. A lot can be easily mastered and assimilated when Saturn trines and sextiles are active.

          • Well, that is welcome news to me. Saturn transiting my 12th and 1st houses has been challenging. Non-stop releasing from about 2007 to now. Looking forward to a time of slow and steady progress. Nothing in Scorpio but Vesta. Nothing in Taurus either.MM is always talking about spreadsheeting…it must be Saturn moving into my 2nd house because I feel a budget coming on after years of what has felt like bare knuckle survival mode inside.BTW – I really, I don’t know why, but I don’t think – with Pluto in Cap and Saturn in Scorpio that Scorps – are going to have such a bad time of it. Challenging – yes. I just don’t sense it will be bleak. I sense it will be phoenixing.

        • me too. so much destroy I just want to build. MC/IC itching to create a new world

  40. i have venus in sag 1st house 7 degrees, so venus in gem is opposing it in my 7th. as a libra perhaps this has something to do with why i’m so tired? or is that saturn station near my 29 degree libra sun? eh? can’t for the life of me figure out what’s wrong!

    as far as relationship goes…well its interesting…my guy has venus and the moon in gemini, and being an aries rising has saturn transiting his 7th. so there should be some drama going on on both our ends, no?
    not really…

    i’ve been easily irritated, very worried and inexplicably exhausted and uninspired. trying to find any reason to nitpick and fault find in what is probably the best and most functional relationship of my life (i’m 27)

    he’s been an absolute angel (a sometimes annoying double aries angel), but i can see him secretly grappling with the mighty lifestyle change of being responsible re another person for the first time in his life, of having to give up some of his “bohemian” freedoms to make sure that he and I are “equals”. thank god all that gemini is trine saturn in his chart. thank…god!

  41. That probably explains why I woke up this morning with the worst taste in my mouth from a dream I had about confronting my feelings for a guy I built up a flirtation with over this past semester and haven’t seen, despite exchanging numbers, since.
    Not sure how to deal with it, honestly. Pretty sure he’s not done being in my life — just a gut feeling I had — but thinking I might have to wait until August or the new semester before I talk to him again. Funny — I recall something being said about things starting in the Spring having a distinct soulmate-y vibe but then not going anywhere in the summer?

  42. Argh! Fuq you Venus station or whatever else makes old emotionial crap patterns come back from the hole. I so did NOT need to be a meek and lame thing tonight. Argh

    Had to ask Mr. Crab/Taurus Moon&Venus about something me and another girl wanted to do after our official class is over next week and urgh, he said something along the lines of “well but someone has to watch you” and instead of being ubercool “well why don’t you do it?” all I did was making sad puppy eyes like he already said no? WTF? Really? And that after boldly returning the stare 2 weeks ago? Good grief. Thank heavens one can always fall back on the Scarlett O’Hara Mantra. And wait for friday, that’s when I will get a reply if it’s actually yes or no.

    Meh, at least venting makes it a bit better :p

  43. nothing much happened during venus retrograde. i am curious about what to expect during mercury retrograde in leo however. my venus is in leo and, despite the double virgo thing, it seems to be at the forefront of just about eveyrthing that happens.

  44. a sort of resigned sigh and then resolution
    to swap coffee for twigs
    beer for water
    chocolate for… better chocolate
    television for typing
    yenning for loving
    and resigned sighs, for dry joy
    for a time

  45. Saturn in Libra was all over my natal Moon/Uranus conj. Venus in Gemini is all over my natal Saturn and Sun stellium (whole lotta planets there too).. I’ve been Saturned even when I should be getting Venused. To say I feel ripped off is an understatement.

    FB’d the ex/idealised-to-the-max lover from ’94 (yes, I’m learning impaired). To my surprise he responded and proved how annoying he actually is. Huge blinkers removed from love eyes.

    Am still attracting BDL’s (beautiful, dangerous losers) by the bucketload. Shiny, pretty glimmering ones who may or may not be psychos.
    Also was at a wedding with old friend as my plus one on the weekend. Sitting across from him at dinner having the best time I had a flash that I loved him (I do, as he’s awesome). Would be great really, except for his wife and mistress.

    All the exes out of the woodwork. All.

    Someone, please shoot me

    • As I’m a Sag rising this sounds like Saturn and Venus have done you a favour. Getting rid of the dross and crap ready for the AWESOME. I do know it’s not that simple when you’re the one experiencing it. To me it reads like the Universe has given you a gift. xx

      • You’re right Empress, but yes, in the midst it was crap. That said I just reread my own comment when I spotted yours and lol’d. Even I thought I sounded like a whiny bitch!
        Sometimes I think the act of writing down your bitcherel in a public space and the heavenly catharsis it generates is so what gets you through and past.
        Bring on the awesome!!! :) xx

  46. I don’t know if I’m feeling this or not. Surreality, yes, and I think it’s my Neptune conjunct NN/Neptune in Pisces asc talking. Or is it? *shrugs*

    No old relationship emo stuff popping up for me, no exes… No strange communique. I would welcome some strange communique! On one hand, I have this fantastic yet vague sense of surreality; on the other, it’s like, “Well, I have some admin shit to do. And I kind of feel like a nap, too.” Yawn!! Too little commotion and too much routine biz really leaves outer-planet, 8th house Scorp, Inc a Dull Girl.

    (No, I don’t consider some tacky whomever attempting to shame everyone on this blog as “commotion” so, that didn’t do it for me, either.)

    I’m better at appreciating the quiet times for what they offer than I was, say, in my 20s thru mid-30s… But still, I have my times when I’m tired of the same-old same-old, and I’m ready to Cut Loose!

  47. Speaking of the dark side of Venus, has anyone read the Inana’s Descent? Inana’s one of the many goddesses associated with Venus. She goes to hell to see her sister. When Inana’s trapped in hell, nothing on earth has sex. So other another god negotiates her released. Her sister is left with the pain of giving birth. Its like Persephone as an origin myth for seasons, only sex. I can’t believe there isn’t even an asteroid named after her. Venus does go to hell and back.

    • Sure did. I did my Inanna Stint in 07-09. The Meat Hook, the Naked Vulnerability and the Screeching. Its like required course work for the Pluto Transit non?

      Not fun. But obviously one mines the depths.

      • I read it after mine and was like “Whoa. I did that.” Ha! Still, the idea of Venus going to hell and back – its just not the popular story that gets told. And yet, here we are :-)

    • Wow, relevant ! Do yo have a link about that you can share? It’d be great thanks :)

    • I’ve just made a copy of your comment in a word doc. cause there’s so much there I need to think about .. dark side of venus, yah

      • Sure thing! My favorite bit is this:
        “If thou openest not the gate to let me enter,
        I will break the door, I will wrench the lock,
        I will smash the door-posts, I will force the doors.
        I will bring up the dead to eat the living.
        And the dead will outnumber the living.”

        That’s from a version called “Istar’s Descent” http://www.sacred-texts.com/ane/ishtar.htm. If you google inana or inana’s descent you can find other versions. Google is amazing. Unfortunately, from a historical/social science accuracy perspective – all the goddesses turn into each other eventually. Hard to place origin on origin.

      • hmm, I’ll have a look at that: currently Pluto Sq my Sun while Uranus opp it, all exact at 8degrees and I’m doing nothing other than zapping my life into a forward flowing waterfall of fabulosity!

    • It’s so beautiful, Inana’s Descent.

      Like so many of the myths, I find the bits where the gods save/spare the goddesses totally irksome. Getting my PIAB on: some theorize that many women have struggled historically, personally, because of the lack of sisters doing it for themselves in traditional Hebrew, Greek, and Roman myths. I second that hypothesis.

      In “Paint the sky and dance: Women and the new myths” (2001), Castronova suggests that we need to write new stories for a New Millenium, full of female heroines: “to guide us in the New Age… to inspire the new vision for a new world.” Agreed.

      Castronova is Zap Zone compliant. (Also, I like that she has “nova” in her name.)

      • I think Enki was a cool god. I mean, he’s a man, but all about fertility. Myths in those days were much more gendered balanced. For instance, Inana puts her lover in hell in her place, but his sister fights for him, so the sister and he take turns in hell.

    • Women didn’t record those myths. Silly old things weren’t taught to write back then, were we? So who recorded ‘our’ stories, the mythology of women? Yes old men. Notice the gods use their powers heroically or in ambition, while the goddesses use theirs to manipulate, wreak vengeance or look pretty and probably suffer violation. Genderised morality mythologies of the patriarchy… no wonder they all morph into one woman, original distinctions lost. Or polarised – the good Venus is sexy and beautiful, the others go to hell or are sinner harpies of some kind.

      • You know it, mille. That’s why, this time, *we* need to record our stories– so our great great granddaughters will have a map. \m/

        • Every gender every culture every kind of child… yes they’re not easy times in some ways but we are blessed… i like to think that grandsons and daughters will read the myths of people, as fascinating individuals, heroes of all genders.

      • Tell me about it. Young Saggy got me a book on Crete because I was so amped I was ready to get a second mortgage on my home so I could go visit the goats there. Anyway, the book goes on about Zeus being born in a cave there and how it suckled on the breast of the goat woman. So its all about Zeus, eh? Author only causually mentions all the goddess figures unearthed there. Whatever. To me, it isn’t the story of male domination. Its the story of the introduction of the false economy – the one where a gatekeeper figure (male) controls access to fertility. Men and women are both fertile, creative. Here’s hoping we can return to that knowing – all genders – all times!

    • Asteroid Ishtar – 7088

      Very connected to her story. Have her on my NN. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Pluto transiting my first brought a lot of it into focus.

      • Ha, thanks for that, I just looked it up & I have Ishtar in warrior Aries ruled by Mars on the house cusp of my 9th of higher learning.

  48. All I know is I am confused. But I get the detox-idea. Some delusions are being killed off.

  49. Erm, venus…?

    I’ve come home to a more attractive version of Jake Gyllenhaal come to stay with hot swedish designer housemate (almost wrote housemeat)

    My previous housemate from Sweden was a dead ringer for a young Nick Cave. If things don’t work out with the Aqua, I am moving to Stockholm..

  50. Venus direct – Amazing and Cathartic!!

    Venus direct on my venus… kinda (11 degrees gem)

    Ex contacted me… we had a difficult break up years ago when I was outta the country – he has a new girlfriend now and we never got to properly discuss everything without a sense we can’t be totally ourselves which might freak some people out as we still have a real connection. It felt unfinished.

    Crazy coincidence and we got to have an evening together where we could speak candidly and honestly about everything. How we love each other but we’ll never be together. We let it go. Amazing ….

      • Ditto!!! I just wish that if my guy was done with me he told me! Yes, I am detaching but I think it would make our lives SO much easier if we spoke since we have the same friends, went to school together , from the same hometown and we have HS reunion next year. Ugh.. why can’t it be easier!! Get me through to.. when????? How long do I have to go through this?

  51. The Dark Side of Venus. I’m still in love with the Cancer Rising La Leo who’s now on a health-alcohol detox since last week, confessed he’s been feeling out of sorts and whom I’m not actually sure when I’ll see.

    Thankfully, I’m now at the point where I’ve stopped pestering the Oracle and I am actually SCARED enough of my feelings to stay the fuq away. I invited him to my Going Postal Bday Dinner but realized I was doing it to be polite and happily accepted that I knew he’d find it too soon to do a mingle with my peeps.

    The signs are writ large enough for me to see that he isn’t actually in a position to commit to anything (he’s not looking for a GF but as the Frugens point out this is a standard safety statement issued by men to relieve pressure), but I’m also for once, feeling really connected to someone I’d call one of my own but who could very well choose not to proceed.

    My arrival in his life prompted him to face up with his current casual squeeze whom he’d told me (prior to getting involved) he may have fallen for, but who doesn’t seem to return his feelings as intensely. This man dilemma’d over this, and who knows, maybe the Venus Retro bingle has brought her back a-sniffing.

    This is one of those moments I’m both proud and sad to know I can accept the world as being all sorts of beautiful and all sorts of broken and unexplained.

    But never mind, like I said to him, you may cage a bird but you can’t make it sing to you. And I my darklings, want, need and honestly, deserve a song. Make it an aria.

    Instead, Venus Retro cues the return of the Cappo Comedy Writer on his annual sojourn of apologies for yes, having abandoned me three, yes THREE years ago. This time he’s fallen for a co-worker (figures or how else would you ever see a Cap Man save for at work), thought they were going into a relationship at least until she swanned into a party last Sunday fully boyfriended.

    So now he wants to know if PERHAPS, we should sleep with each other?

    Wow, I wrote back, how enticing of you to make me into an option. Really, thanks. You’re actually creeping me out a bit. In the end I just said what I’d begun with, the time has passed, you’re in love with someone else and so am I.

    • Well Venus RX is still jerking about. I think there’s a lot of flip flapping abut mentally and physically, lots of people torn, confused and not feeling very stable. Hang in there with the Leo but you want to be able to be out and proud with someone you care about, always. That’s the only way!

      The Cap can bog off though, really? What’s up with Cap men these days (don’t worry I know, Pluto etc), I have so many as close friends and I’ve always found them really respectful and great but every single one has acted like total twit over the last few months. Not cool.

      • OMG Yes! The CCW just made me feel like having a shower, and I’m recently migrated from Pluto so that’s saying something, shudder. The whole point of my having liked him years before was that he WAS utterly respectful and sweet.. now it’s like, Hello, Sleazy.

        Well, I was giving myself a hard time over possibly coming on too strong by inviting La Leo to the bday dinner but then I thought, wait – this is a LEO, of course he needs to know I’m proud enough of him to take him to the Ball so to speak. But of course, also in true Leo fashion he politely declined. I do hope I see him soon but it’s quite interesting that I don’t find it hard to give him space. I think probably because I know he undoubtedly needs it right now.

        I’m engaging my FUCW powers and blissing out.

          • Yes, a delight to read FA!

            Rox wrote a blurb yesterday about how “don’t make someone a priority if they treat you like an option”

            Wow, so glad you did not go there girl..

            And what the hell you doing up at this hour in LA? Same as me perhaps and tomorrow I’m gonna paaay!

          • I agree with quintile FA, do enjoy reading your words. so …. measured / balanced yet engaging. xx

  52. I’m in suspense right now! I might visit the guy…he is trying to figure out when he can get time off. I’m gonna call him in a while…but right now it’s a 50 percent chance that I will fly out to see him Sunday. He just text me and is gonna call me soon and he is in a silly mood…so up the likelihood to 60 percent now.

    I’m not even his girlfriend. (yet???????who knows) He wants to know how long I want to be out there. (I’m thinking as long as possible!) But I feel weird doing that since we are not official…but I am definitely going to be out there more than just a week, cause we have so much passion, affection, romance, and a cool spiritual connection between us.

    I still live with my parents and they are gonna let me do it, I’m an adult after all…but I have a feeling that they are gonna try to give me the birds and the bees talk. “are you using birth control?” and blablabla. ha

    Gemini Rising 11 deg
    Venus Pisces 6 deg house 10

  53. Have north node and chiron at 6 degrees Gemini. Have new love and a new house of cardinals. The Cappy, Cancer and lil Aries.

    Have become more relaxed after leaving Toro, put on weight and smiling more, but low self esteem led me to stoop to levels so not me, like a love zombie, too ashamed to write what i did late last year to try and get back with the him. Wish i could say i was one of those who wrote to Mystic…lol
    it all comes down to what you believe you deserve. We have all been there. Its a horrible place to be.

    Currently sick, have had no motivation to hit the gym since Venus went retro in my first house.

    have missed everyone. xxx

    • Missed you too Sassy..but I go in/out all the same – Uranus is on my you know.. anus now so I travel by Zap so to speak.

      Don’t worry too much about putting on weight, you won’t be there forever and it’s probably understandable through the transition.. xxoo

    • Hi Sassy, good to hear from you – I was just wondering where you were then saw this!

      Hope your self confidence is back up to premium levels. So glad you have a lovely Pan Man to support you, they are great at that I think. Hugs.

  54. Love it Mystic – I have been contacted by loves that love me but cant get out of their rut relationships. I have lovers asking me to move in – peeps be going crazy – which is ironically the very old ME..

    Now I am owning my space, heart and body sexy soul and it feels awesome. Hope this continues to 2013!!!!!

  55. I woke up in the middle of the night after an amazing lucid dream about the ex married guy. Been thinking about him a lot with the anniversary of our breakup looming. Shamefully I ticked a few ‘love zombie’ boxes yesterday but it’s amazing how clarity can descend at 3am. I know I have to throw out the last few things I kept and get with the Now. He wasn’t a player, we were both blindsided, he went home to his family and I went home to my Arctic relationship.
    Venus retro, plus a big dose of Neptune and Chiron on my sun, brought a constant stream of weird signs of him and I need to accept they were ghosts.
    I know I fell so hard for him because apart from the fact we were really compatible in so many ways, I have been so starved of intimacy of all kinds for so very long. This I know is the real issue, not the missing him, which comes in waves.
    I probably sound like I’m going around in circles but hopefully am getting there, slowly. So much to do. *Befriends Saturn*

  56. mystic o.m.g the daily for leo TOO apt but this also – just discovered that guy i have been crushing on has JUSt come out – my fault? he bi apparently but still…double the competition, sigh. And this has caused a relapse into mooning over married man who smashed up my heart a while back. sorry, opened my heart. need to be more new age. all i have left is stage mothing, champagne and my revenge makeover but what if you do a revenge makeover and no one is watching? HATING this venus thing – when is the next “good” astrology?

    • LS, IMO an unobserved Revenge Make Over is a bit like the Field o’ Dreams, you know? Build it and they Will Come.

      It’s really never wasted as admirers, even if non-viable and short term peripherals are always good rehearsal for the Real Show.

      Ouch on the Bi Thing but trust it is NOT you by any measure. Whilst yes, twice the competition, Bi can also be a state of mind nowadays – at the end of the day, they settle with whoever they feel truest with, regardless of gender. Literally.

  57. yes, ahem, well i noticed a sneaking crush possibility flaring up in self yesterday…so unreal i can believe it, decided to not dwell on and imagined how taxing it would be in reality.

    this morning in dream state i got ‘dream emails’ from Mystic 4 flashed up on a white screen in my head. they were saying forget everything you’ve known before, or thought you knew, be fearless and get excited because life is going to be better than you ever imagined.

    in reality, i’ve been strutting around fabulously organised, after massive home declutter, kind of all dressed up with few places to go, and have taken some bold first steps in setting my dreams on fire for real. i alternate between insane excitement at what i’m doing and freaky insecurity, i think i’ve realised when you take a chance on yourself, there are no guarantees, you’ve just gotta go for it and work like a demon at it. starting from scratch, but loving it.

  58. Man, these last two years have been the least romantic of my adult life and I’m struggling to shoehorn myself out of an honest to god freaking AFFAIR with a taken man. Never, ever thought this would be me. I’ve tried and tried and know the answer is that I just have to be tougher but so far… Venus is melting my brain and soul…

    • Saturn and Uranus are good for zapping yourself out of anything you know is not in your best interests. :)

    • Would it help to know that the advantage Taken/Married Men have over the Singletons is that they are actually tres emotionally available by comparison??

      This is hard won knowledge from my own stint as the Darling of Every Man Married for ages. I mean if IT had a ring on it, trust me, it would adore me. I did the whole It Must Be Me/My Commitment Issues/My FUCW Childhood etc. but when I got stuck in Pluto with nothing to do but screech my head off, I realized that a huge magnetic pull for me was that these men were open and you know, welcoming.

      Single men by contrast are naturally more defensive – in the sense that they don’t want to be too open with their feelings as they are still in Warrior Stance, that is trying to win you/the war/the colony while struggling with feeling hemmed in and feeling constrained. They want to tell you they love you but that means leaving the Island of Fun or some such thing.. Whereas Taken/Married men are past that battle – so they tend to be softer, and less afraid of connecting. PLUS remember, they already have someone at home so if they fuq it up with you, no probs you know? They GOT back up.

      In conclusion, I’d like to say I’d never judge you for loving who you do, the heart wants what it wants and truly we know better than to argue – however, do know that anyone leaving a relationship for you (and not just themselves) will have a LOT of expectations, if they even leave. Most don’t because there always seems to be a reason not to, at least not until they can really go through an authenticity crisis and bite the bullet.

      Best of luck Leafy, try to leave the moral judgments at the door and focus on what this situation/time is telling you about yourself, what you need in relationships and your belief in love.

    • Hey Leafy, I echo FA’s wisdom here.. I’ve been there and also never thought it would be me as the ‘other woman’. For all the pain I went through in leaving him, I am very very glad he didn’t leave the wife ‘for me’ as such. They have issues that are nothing to do with me and I would not be the scapegoat for their ending. Plus, being put second is crap and nobody deserves that. I wish it hadn’t been so painful to leave him but I’ve never lost sleep over the fact that I sent him home to sort his merde out. I know he will never leave her and I’m glad I got out when I did or else I’d still be waiting, organising my life around his availability, deleting texts, etc etc. Good luck Leafy.. you are stronger than you think xx

    • I haven’t quite shared the same affair-ish experiences as FA and chrysalis, but I have been the other woman at brief times, many many yrs ago barely out of my teens la la la la etc but anyway, my point / 2 cents is, I refuse to come second to anyone. Don’t demean me and what I bring to this connection by assuming I’ll be happy to play second fiddle so you can root around behind your wife / girlfriend’s back. Sort your shit out, then get back to me. No matter how strong the chemistry. I despise the weakness of people (I was going to say Men but it’s both genders I guess) in relationships in this regard, possibly from examples in my own life. It’s a case of ‘don’t drag me into your sorry unfulfilling relationship troubles’.

      this might not help at all since you’re sort of enmeshed by the sound of things, so good luck – value yourself above anyone else.

      • Sorry, let me clarify. the ‘despising’ is of the person in who can’t or won’t deal with the clearly giant problems in their own, existing relationship. not the ‘other person’. Face the music! have the conversation , or whatever! Bite the bullet! Life is too short to be mired in unhappiness and shit love connections. Maybe I am being harsh. I don’t know. Maybe when I am 50 with two kids and a husband who looks right through me, I’ll meet some dreamboat, or he will, and the whole house of cards will come tumbling down. ?? I’ve seen all the different sides of infidelity maybe not as extreme as some but they all come with their own special brand of personal hell. yuk. sympathy for everyone I guess.

        • hoping I don’t sound like a jerk here. My attitude comes from wanting to protect myself from shite behaviour I guess.

  59. Actually, I am wondering (desperately) if this is the reason that I am suddenly feeling so much anxiety -mostly about my appearance and “social identity”. Could this be Venus direct and/or something to do with Saturn? Just started happening in the last day or two and is nearly unbearable.

    • hm , something transiting (squaring?) your ascendant, 3rd house? what’s bothering you as such?

  60. WOW.. I finally had the time to read this. I want to say for me I am going through a detachment. I hope it is.. Although painful I am feeling the need to detach. I can’t believe it. Yes, I am grieving. BUT, I have such a great opportunity with work that I cannot focus on the need to hear from my guy. Although I know where he is through FB I am NOT directly reaching out to him. I am actually trying not to care. So far so good. What good is it gonna do for me. I honestly wish him well, peace and comfort but I can’t let me continue this way. As I say to God at night “God, please help him heal his heart and be happy”!! SO, to your question at the end, Mystic.. I feel like it WILL be salvation!! I need the rest!! <3

  61. I am contemplating and so close to action. My idea is genius. Instead ‘of just wash this man right out of my hair’ concept that never works for me I’m going to clean and sage smudge my mattress out it’s bad ju ju and HIS VIBE and THEN turn it over for a completely virgin mattress never before bounced on by anyone.
    I feel like there wil be no turning back after such a massive effort and done with lots of intentions and white light etc etc etc.But I have to build my forecfield first for he will try to infiltrate (his mars in taurus) but I’ve got to be STRONG ( my Mars in Libra plus Saturn in Libran)

    • oh yes….smudge and flip the mattress.

      I had smudged mine, washed the cover of my mattress. Over a year after my ex was gone I flipped my memory foam top(3 inches thick) and was HORRIFIED to find his pubic hairs had worked their way down to the other side.

      • O.M.G. Pubes worked all the way through it?! I would have to torch the foam top! Did you burn it? Tell me you set it ablaze!!

    • I think your strategy sounds iron-clad, leogroover. Smudge and flip that man right out of your force field!

    • Hmm, I tried the Smudge & Flip with the Sewer, but it took a whole new mattress in the end. I was trying to be financially prudent.

      But honestly, never a better investment.

      • I agree. Sometimes the best remedy is to toss the old mattress and start afresh.

      • Yes, when you’re faced with Bad Man Stinky Juju, honey you better gas that mattress up and set it aflame.

        It’s what they did to The Precious and obviously it worked? :)

        • You are so funny fallen x The precious…love it….still giggling to myself re: the crack of whorus stuff… Absolutely brilliant..xxx

  62. Last week heard from the narcisstic ex scorp for the first time in months…..even called back after we got disconnected and left me a message saying he missed me. wtf?

    saw multivirgo for a minute, us both going seperate ways, who touched my face. wtf? Now he is stalking my dreams.

    But my heart and love flow to another….who I have grown so fond of and feel like I have known forever.
    Saturday, the Taurus love and his leo daughter, both scorpio moons, officially moved in. I am thrilled as is my daughter.
    Today on my way home, I pictured myself pregnant on the beach and then immediately saw a huge hawk, low in a tree by the road. One of my totems.
    It blows me away and I know that we would have never even considered each other in the past.

  63. strange communiques from your own mind……..the other night I was busy doing stuff in the office when thoughts about what feeds crystals and how their shape is determined came to mind. The thoughts were so strong that I had to write them down and I have no idea where they came from.

    They were along the lines of:-

    It is not the source of growth that shapes a crystal, it is the feeder factors from the outside that cause the shape a crystal will end up, the confines of the ‘space’ to be filled. The source of growth has nothing to do with it.

    Umm, for some reason it doesn’t seem to be anything about crystals. Rather, it is about personality or the soul and after I wrote the garbled message I looked at it perplexed. WTF?

    • That’s a very interesting meditation you have there: the sizes/shapes of crystals are determined by their environments…

      I feel a Bjork song coming on…

    • huh, well if you want to stick with the straight science of it all, it’s not too far off the mark – crystal growth is determined by how rapidly the magma / medium is cooling and if there is a void it can grow into …. things like that… its specific shape is determined by what minerals are in it (e.g. compare calcite, quartz, mica, hematite) I have forgotten much of my uni geology but I don’t doubt that there is a mineralogist out there who would clarify further. but that wasn’t your point obv.

      PS I love the random arrival of thoughts and ideas. pen and paper or notes function on phone essential at all times… it’s my oxygen.

    • it’s quite exactly what the French philosopher Gilbert Simondon wrote about. He also talked about crystals as metaphor for individualization.
      I was studying him years ago…

  64. I had a dream last night that was vivid and special, but not extra special. Just a nice dream, no big woop. I thought of it a few times over the course of the day, and wondered why it kept coming back to me: there was nothing profound about that dream.

    Then 12 hours later, POW– it hit me! Very Profound Dream! The dark side of Venus– into the light. Amazing, enlightening, my head’s been spinning ever since about the capabilities of the human spirit! Just incredible.

    Happy Venus Direct (almost)! I’m so looking forward to what comes next ๐Ÿ˜€

  65. have been an official venus-pluto love zombie for almost 8 months now, with a healthy chunk of neptune for good measure. finally consummated the relationship two weeks ago. two weeks!! two weeks of every past love failure and preteen insecurity i thought i’d left in the dust roaring back with a vengeance. massively horrifying obsessive behavior, emo out of alpha centauri… that was me. i broke every one of mystic’s sensible and self-loving rules, knowingly and with cyborg (and smart) gemini side screaming to JUST STOP! figuring, i guess, that it would either make us or break us. got to the point where i said, well, if it breaks us, thank you for being the vehicle for my liberation, and i will let you go. saturn lesson. so painful and real. and yet he stuck around. sober realization is that triple crab man with 4th house virgo moon just moves more slowly than me (heck, maybe EVERYONE moves more slowly than me), he is scared by the life-changing implications i bring (pluto on his NN, uranus on his mars, i am agent of zap zone!), and all the little impediments to us being together 24/7 or at the very least (!!!!! arrrgh!!!) spending the entire night together is life telling us to slow the fuq down. slow down ’cause it’s worth it, he’s worth it, and (most importantly) i’m worth it. saturnian venus station… it’s what the future is made of and i don’t like it one little bit but it does feel right.

    now about that closet kink virgo comment above… please please tell me that goes for moons too… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • If it feels right go with it. My period of uncontrollable desire towards an unavailable male did not end well. But I don’t regret a single second of it – as a matter of fact I love to mull over the memories. We are still friends. My time with him completely changed my psych and I reckon he was a lesson from the universes for me to meet my husband and be able to love him properly.

  66. Venus retro has been cool, for me at least. Gone right back through my 12th. I am one of those people who emerges from an abyss of silence to contact friends during venus retros. Happily, I only contact the good people, not elusive would-be lovers or exes, whom I frankly never speak to again after it’s over (I don’t do the “staying friends” thing if it was serious). Lol and they never contact me either, so everyone wins!

    Anyway, so Le Leo came to stay and I had a little personal breakthrough c/o him. An old acquaintance also made contact; we’re on the way to becoming friends. Met two men randomly last night, both seemed a bit come-hitherish, also rather backward in mentioning they had girlfriends, lololol see ya later alligators. A few flash-insights and a big old realisation re what Pluto on my IC in Libra might mean.

    If anyone’s interested, it’s this: I always responded to (still do, whatevs) things like marriage, “starting a family”, falling pregnant, living on someone else’s terms and conditions etc etc as “fuq, I might as well die now, my life’s over”. and then!! OMG! Lightbulb: Family, caring, dependence, commitment, ….. Like DEATH?!?!?! LIFE OVER?? Uncharted Territory??? hellooo Pi, Pluto in your house / angle of icky, cloying / family / relationships / ties that bind, much??

    also that might simply be me recognising that the messages I have picked up around 4th house things are quite negative. I have made some effort to reconcile my ideas but haven’t managed to get very far.

    Anyway, that’s it.

    However, I also decided that I don’t need to force myself to NOT feel this way. It’s not illegal to want to be free in this way. If the sensation I have at the thought of these things is one of panic and nausea, well, who am I to argue? Uranus opposite might light up some fireworks, I don’t know, we’ll see. But being able to NAME where / why my perspective is the way it is.. well that was most enlightening.

    • Pluto and Saturn stuff take TIME, like more time than you think is possible, just one day feels like a year. What you have is awareness. That is basically all you need. If there’s something to “fix” or alter you’ll just start doing it gradually; if it’s something you need to realise and love about yourself, you’ll just get to know that part of yourself gradually.

      Me, i’m a pusher. “Oh what’s that? It must need fixing!” But no. Imagine how deep a Piscean can go… well what we have hidden from ourselves is even deeper. Time works differently there.. I always imagine the deep unexplored parts of the ocean where light cannot reach and the weird fish that live there…then i imagine the wet floor beneath that sea…and the caverns of darkness below that. Well, Pluto is in my 2nd now, on Mars sure but it’s still different from the angular houses.

      Congratulations on your sudden insight :)

      • thanks Mille. Also, was Saturn going direct on my NN (also Libra, 4th house) as well.. maybe helped.

        My home environment has also changed as of this morn, but in a ‘real-life’ way. Not moving house, just other things. a new idea about where I can establish a little creative work-space: the attic! Needs some cleaning but should do pretty nicely…

      • and, you’re right about the time stuff I think. Pushing things can have its benefits – I am less adept at that! lol. How does that work for you tho – maybe it’s good to actively hunt results. I’m a kind of ‘let’s move around to the other side for a bit, do some studies, note our observations, give things time, see what emerges, let the system be itself but observe closely’ – maybe it’s the nature lover in me – you can’t hurry (human) nature..? Probably makes me a shit business-hustler-type person ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • Oh no how i envy that, Pi, it’s a fantastic quality! i’m well aware mostly i can’t leave well enough alone. It does have its upside but you know life is not a constant battle it’s for living ๐Ÿ˜‰ I think that part of my nature is connected to all the squares i mentioned just now to emmaru on the other post (title?) But you know i’m still a Piscean and procrastination can also be my dirty li’l secret tho i prefer to call it kairos.

  67. Had a great day. FINALLY felt like I’ve overcome my commitment crap and felt proud that I had done so well with Saturn in Libra issues. Put the shut down on all the vampire men in my life. I’ve taken things very slowly with Venus rx and Leo (Virgo Stellium/Libra Moon) I’ve been seeing, who has been wonderful to me….

    …until I realized that he stole money from me today.

    …yay life.

  68. Gemini is in the seventh house of both myself and my ex husband. We dated at 14 years of age in high school. Marriage ended badly (in 2004????), but we have gotten back together after years of getting to know each other again during this retrograde. Gemini seems fitting as we both spent a lot of time over the years trying to figure out if our relationship was what we really wanted. So is, and I feel like this is the person I will be spending a good portion of my life with. If we could work our way through that I imagine we could work our way through a lot of things.

    As a side note, a couple of particularly toxic friendships have been axed out of my life. Feels like a sigh of relief.

  69. hey…..I’ve just said goodbyeeeee to my gemini first love. we met 20 years ago…it has been in and out of my life since now. I can’t believe I had the force to do it this time. his sun is just on my south node in gemini and saturn retro. my mars in taurus on his north node and venus. oh my……I feel like breaking into pieces and a huge huge hole in my heart now. can’t believe it’s finally OVER…but it better be…now I just have to take all my pieces back and to go on…maybe one day I’ll find an answer to all this nonsense pain.

  70. Venus just about to go direct means I stumble across old journal and get lots of insight into about 9 years ago. Then wake up and buy, without knowing I would…, a vintage chinese silk cocktail dress. And daughter who just got home is sleeping VERY late and I am drumming nails b/c need to get on with my day!:)

  71. yes, I’ve lost the fuqn because mercury is in leo and I decided it was dรฉclassรฉ at best and profane at worst.

    I just had a whole post about how this venus thing worked for me but then I realised none of it matters cos it’s over.

    Let us all move forward bathed in radiant light.