Asteroid Magdalena Is Back

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Sexy Nun Fashion ShootRemember asteroid Magdalena?  And how she is obviously associated with the repression of/return of the Divine Feminine etc?  Plus possibly the Madonna-Whore complex and how it plays out in society, attitudes toward women from the Church…?

So i just realized that asteroid Magdalena is moving up to conjoin Uranus and square Pluto…that’s right. She will be right there in the Zap Zone that is the Uranus-Pluto square in a few weeks time.

So you’d anticipate some sort of major merde involving an established and powerful Church type structure, right?  Well, there is always the (so sad) Emanuela Orlandi case that has involved, i gather, people protesting outside the Vatican in recent weeks. She was a citizen of the Vatican City when she disappeared, aged 15.  And now a top-ranking priest (the one who denounced Harry Potter and yoga as the work of the devil) says she was kidnapped for “Vatican sex parties.” 

I know, right? But what do you think of asteroid Magdalena being all messed up there in the Zap Zone?*

* Do go back and read the original post for more info on this fascinating asteroid.

Image: Brian Ypperciel

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49 thoughts on “Asteroid Magdalena Is Back

  1. This also goes to the Church’s new inquisition against it’s own Catholic sisters that they are, according to a recent Jezebel article, “radical feminists”.

    • whats fucked about that is that being a “radical feminist” is seen as a sort of attacking insult or accusation!!…….. so like, women SHOULD accept the unnattainable standard of having no sex but still fulfilling, according to patriarchy, a womans “”””life purpose””””” as MERELY a vehicle for someone more important to be born. namely, jesus, the father, that ghost. did you know god has the biggest dick of all? patriarchy is tied to a lot of whats fucked in the world, and its just not a coincidence that christianity the religion of spreading itself like a plague promotes slavery to that ideal. and attacking feminism as being too radical ??? yeah no one wants to be radical, youll have no friends then, no social order. so agree with us, women should wear heels, and makeup, and be self conscious of every single hair on their body being taken off or glued down instead of being self conscious of their life’s true purpose. but that wouldnt support the status quo. real emotions are bad because they dont promote stability and the hierarchy of power. dont trust yourself trust the ads, trust coca cola, trust the TV

      • by the by, i go to university in n america and two white frat-jock-type boys sitting behind me once said[after our female teacher just mentioned something about it] : “women’s studies? oh yeah we have to pretend like people take that seriously ha-ha-ha-ha” just goes to show that people might not care at all what the vatican says, but that their ideologies are more permeated and disseminated [mostly sub/unconsciously] to society than people realize…..

  2. What a fantastic find, Mystic! The return of the Divine Feminine seems to be THE topic in the metaphysical world. Makes sense that she would be a big player in the Zap Zone. Off to read more…

  3. I believe her presence marks Salvation in the Zap Zone. I will host her in my early 8th house, conjunct my natal Uranus-Mercury. *score*

  4. Natally she is at 0 degrees Capricorn, 7th house. 0 degrees any cardinal is considered an Aries Point..a point of initiating something at large…

    I think she is gonna kick someone’s ass…

    She is currently 4 degrees Aries and my Mercury is 5…can you tell? :)

    • And the ZZ Uranus and Pluto both 8 degrees square…

      My Sun is 11..Medusa 10…hello?

      I am in no way shape or form laying down to die (surrender) at this stage …I HAVE COME TO FAR!!

      Matter of fact…just getting started quite frankly 😉

  5. Magdalena and Child conjunct Pallas Athena and Uranus. I suppose these two– Magdalena and Child always track side by side.

    I think of late there’s been a more realistic resurgence in the idea of just how repressed women have been and still to a large extent are. The dumb, white, middle-aged , male power base is being seen for what it is and all it isn’t.

    Juno out on her own in Scorp, I liken to a Republican/Stepford wife, trying to stand by her silly man. She’s been feeling the heat from Lilith, Vesta and Ceres ganged up in no-nonsense Taurus.

    When I saw that Pallas Athena was conjunct Uranus I knew that a lot of this zap zone biz has to do with women.

    • Interesting Link, I hadn’t known that Pallas is currently at 5 Aries and conjunct my Mercury as well.

      I have Pallas along with Juno conjunct Libran NN opposite all my Aries stuff natally and I an HUGE on what is fair in relationships, etc.

      It’s a life theme actually as my prenatal eclipses (there is a book I have..the name eludes me presently)…but both my Solar and Lunar eclipses are conjunct in Libra and I simply cannot abide lopsided nonsense…I’ve done it…My Venus opposite Neptune did it for years and I was miserable and how dare I be expected to take a back seat,eh? Yet, it was all in order to heal some stuff and take my power back after I got royally miffed enough to do so.

    • Interesting, link, Link, thank you… re: the stepford wives – def. agree on the fact the female principle has been too long surpressed, our Earth thrown over rampant pillaging for profit. I usually picture Juno as the fertile Empress of land and growth, though to some she is also a warrior.
      Then aren’t all women when pressed to the wall.?

      Hi Sweets, I have Juno at zero Libra and fairness is a biggie for me too. Now I am single, and fair with myself and my creative desires. (Aries NN) I hermit and work, basically. If romance reveals itself, ok, if not, also ok. Your eclipse info is intriguing, definately mirrors the aspects you describe.
      I have been meaning to look up mine, you have piqued my interest again, thank you !

      • Forgot, Magdelena conjunct Hephaestus in Gemini. Interesting, yet more revealing is Magdelena in the synastry. hmmm..

      • Hey Rox, cool…I was going to comment on your previous post as you sound like you are working hard…Hang in there luv, but sounds like you got it under control…xo

        • I was thinking of you Cappy Moon (hug) when I wrote it. Merc getting Saturn Rx comin and goin is a toughie the depression tries to press and twist the mind – I thought how does she do it with Moon ? Hope you are well, your daughters shindig soon ? Good to see and chat with you, I worry. xo

          • I have not gotten my computer fixed yet (but will soon…just been taking a reprieve from the grid a bit)…Using computer where I’m house sitting..

            Just looked at your chart and transits..Yes, you certainly do have Saturn on top of your Mercury right now…Sorry it’s been a pill…

            Think what helps my Moon is that it is sextile Jupiter and Ceres which ties into my work quite a bit. Have often recogized that if I were not working or doing what I do I would feel most depressed indeed.

            Kataka’s shower in August but Gem’s birthday this 15th. Thanx for asking x

            • ha, yeah and trans Saturn is actually square 26 degree Moon right now…

              Add to that the ZZ square Sun/Merc/Nodes/PofF

              And Pluto on natal Saturn square that whole lot and…

              What is everyone cry babyin’ about?

              (just joking.. :mrgreen: )

              • Think the freedom feeling (trans Uranus conjunct Mercury) started for me when I started losing weight and began walking back in Jan…

                41 pounds later and I’m happy and on my way to transforming other areas of my life but getting that under control and under my belt was a big boost to confidence and self esteem long layered by a bunch of crap. x

            • I care. xo Oh yes sextile Jupiter, (am peeking) oy how is Uranus treating you ?
              No computer, phooey – but the trine to Leo is great for creativity, yes ? Uranus found me craving a portable mini recorder for ideas, Saturn hands just won’t go fast enough. :) I agree, work is keeping me sane and out of trouble, if not a bit bleary eyed. ha

  6. Interesting timing! Am being interviewed by someone writing about the enquiry into how the Church handles complaints next week. I have diaries from my childhood detailing certain things and a document I made up with all the conversations, situations I witnessed.

    • Well done Creatrix. Recently, I saw a UK paedophile on an internet site in New Zealand and reported him to police. Now he’s back inside for breaking terms of his parole.

  7. Hi Mystic, I searched for my Magdalena after your first post and found her in my 5th house at Leo 29.37. My Pluto is Leo 29.52. Is that a bit odd do you think? Anyone else found anything similar?

  8. She lookin’ like little red riding hood Mystic cept she got on a white hood and she aint got no knickers… 😆

  9. Natally, she’s conjunct Neptune and trine BMLilith.

    The Zap-Zone happens on my Mars-Venus Midpoint which ist 1″ off Pallas Athena. Funny, friday when Uranus hit my Pallas on the minute, I barked at my other MA instructor for calling me by the name of the Libra 😉 That’s after months of having flaunted in my face by them how much more lovable Libra behaviour is and how it gets you boni instead of just being you know good, working hard, trying your best to keep up the evolving, showing loyalty. Eff that, it’s the same shit as back in school? Have I been zapped or did I zap? A “Tower” moment?

    The whole thing was more of a “I HAVE A DAMN NAME AND YOU BETTER START REMEMBERING IT”- ring to it, for myself I value it as a moment where I also acknowledged myself, as a not-doormat if that makes sense.

    Of course, it wasn’t the most glorious display of self control and I am not overly proud of it from a certain point of view, but I don’t feel shamely guilty either.

    Anyway, Zap-Zone Hit Nr. 1 will see also my Pallas Return, Magdalena being in range as well. Urgh, let me write down little notes to watch my behaviour 😉

    • P.S. BMLilith is part of my 12th Aries-Stellum and la di da, I ment to say Pallas is like 1 minute (or second or parsec or whatever) not degree away from that midpoint.

  10. Interesting . I have a deep fascination with the Magdalene Laundries , which continued right up until the sixties I believe . Somehow hearing such horrors prompts the psychic awareness of misused power over women and prevents me becoming complacent about our value in future and reminds me of the gut power to live liberated with that awful memory ever present.
    Thanks guys, interesting topic. Gonna checkout where this rock whirls in my natal chart.

    • What is going on in Syria….Women and children being murdered…

      Enraged, saddened..mute…

      What we have to remember tho is that this is karma being moved because of the Goddess and that as she moves (shakti again…coming out of The Source), in order to move creation and balance it, we will first see all the demons that mankind has created as she stirs them up to be looked at and healed.

      Keep your faith and perserverance All…All will be balanced, of that you can be assured but we must do our part as well in bringing in as much light as possible through our loving endeavors toward our fellow humans and creatures and praying and meditating. x

    • …squaring Jupiter, opposite Uranus and trining Neptune , 2nd Hse , Aries. Intrigue and inspiration explained ..

      Lately I have experienced the zapzone drama and pulled away from it , phoenixing quick, through needy women with incredibly low self esteem screaming ” like me!!!” . Not literally but I could just see it allover the words and body language of two women in particular , both very overweight and out of touch with their own sexuality. The first is turning to Islam and is seriously nuts. Even reading one of her text messages to a friend of mine illecited an ” OMG! (followed by fits of disbelieving laughter)”. Her infatuation with me became toxic weeks ago and I keep zapping it. The second has turned to online bargain shopping for cheap shit she has nowhere to put that probably will break in a week and then never break down organically . I can’t help but see the parallel with her food – sex- self-depreciating choices. My Scorpionic friend met her and we tried to identity what was up with her making inappropriate sexual gestures one minute then sulking the next followed by saintly giving gifts and favours . I thought perhaps just immature but Scorpio suggested ” she just hasn’t explored her self within and so she’s relying on external cues ” . Not sure if I made the connection clear to Magdalene there, but dealing with it has felt very zapzone.

      • ~she just hasn’t explored her self within and so she’s relying on external cues~

        Unfortuneately most of the world exists this way..

        In my twenties I wrote it as “living on the surface of self”… (please noone steal that…it is in my book! Peeps in their twenties know what is up for sure…I felt like I was going to die if something didn’t give).

        When it gets painful enough she will turn somewhere…lets hope that somewhere is her True Self. x

  11. Oh mint, my Magdalena is right in the middle of this conjunction of mine:

    Moon – Eris – Magdalena in the middle – and Chiron. All within 4 degrees in Aries.

    I think I was probably a feminist as early as I can remember, I was certainly thinking about these things way back in kindy (we had a little “house” to play in, some part of my knew it was very stereotypical – 70’s Aquarius mother – but I still preferred that to bashing around trikes outside with the boys).

    Ok, interesting – I did notice today I’m attracting rants from last-generation spent-my-whole-life-as-a-housewife-and-I’m-proud-of-it- person. Great, well lucky you met your true love when you were 20 and were lucky enough to be a kept woman for the rest of your life thereafter. Not all of us have it so good. (I did not say this but I did wonder what brought this all on !!)

    ok – Forewarned !!! Not that Mary Magdalene strikes me as a housewife type in any way.

  12. *looks a little confused* ok so kidnapping and murdering a 15 yo is ok but yoga is the work of the devil, yes f course makes perfect sense to me, explains why i told the Church at age 14 to go and get f*n f*d. No place for a female that institution.

    • I know right? I’ve become obsessed with this much weirdness. Like a macabre horror movie. This is prob a really dumb question but WHAT was the Vatican City site in Rome before it was that? I mean in ancient Pagan times? I am thinking they built it on top of something

      • huh. good question. there’s a few wiki links… while not exactly an academic reference are a good starting point. Apparently the first church was built in the 4th century AD over the tomb of St peter (one of jesus disciples, which I can accept). Another wiki page says that “Vatican Hill was the home of the Vates long before pre-Christian Rome. Vaticanus, also known as Vagitanus, was an Etruscan god of prophecy, and his temple was built on the ancient site of Vaticanum (Vatican Hill)” …

        (on wikipedia the info is on ‘christianised sites’, ‘st peter’s basilica’ and ‘Vatican Hill’ if you’re interested…)

        I mean the jaw-dropping amorality of the behaviour of people in the thrall of power – any sort of power – is proof that religion, as one mechanism of social control, as they see it is generally complete bunkum. I mean Christianity has shaped modern Western society and there were probably benefits in some ways, but…

        • Thanks Pi! That explains a lot, building the Vatican on top of what was a power spot & sacrificial area… Odd that they kept the name of the god Vaticanus alive this way too, it seems the kind of place a victim could easily go missing.

          • it’s just so blimmin’ fascinating, the way that religions, identities and even nations are shaped and that power is created and maintained. so much effort goes into it. sometimes it *is* with the goals of peace and harmony, but the problem is that our idea of peace (or social unity, whatever) changes all the time and is sort of contingent on the people you ask and include in the whole process.

            but yeah, crazy cover ups, maybe mystic is onto something with the magdalena / zap zone scenario!..

            • Pi, have you seen Agora – starring Rachel Weisz? It covers a lot of those issues. Fabulous movie!!

  13. magdalene and Neptune on my ascendant opposition Lilith and moon. and thus church hatred and abuse of women has been written so cruelly and personally into my narrative.

    I pray to all that is holy for a realignment that re-empowers and honours the divine feminine: in myself, in Syria, in our earth…

    • Sorry to hear that Aquabat & I echo yr sentiments for change and empowerment of the Yin Principle. Om!

  14. Is it just me, or do a lot of people have Magdalena conjunct a planet in their chart … the martyred planet in their chart? Does she back said planet?

  15. Magedelene is in my 12th house. I wonder how many other women they kidnapped for sex parties or did they just need one?

    I’m working on my goddess story. There’s loads of sex in the story, but it is anything but “50 Shades of Grey” where a young male billionaire is in control of satisfying sexual desire (ugh!). Instead, its one women with about a dozen men at a time, lots of group sex, lots of homosexual acts, not sure any of that will be well received, but that’s how it was. And, oddly, she was kind of a virgin whore character. I mean, she was kinky as hell, but she was “pure” because she was a goddess. Interesting to revisit the archetype and realize how much power women had and how much of it resonates with rituals still in play now, but under different guises – guises of male power.

    I wonder how “ritualized” they treated the woman they kidnapped. It really harkens back to a much, much earlier and extremely pagan archetype – access to the divine feminine, mother earth. I suspect the Church does have institutional memory of these rituals and the power and consensus dervived from practicing them – as much as they claim distance themselves from the “pagans.”

    • oh, i know! 50 shades of grey, eugh, i suspect that i would read the first page and then throw it across the room in disgust. then again my Venus in straight-up aries makes me a fairly easily satisfied creature, more or less. kinked-up power plays sort of annoy me i think, too much artifice. but hey. to each their own..

  16. just saw this post. hmmm….my natal asteroid 318 is in libra just opposite where she is now.
    i wrote the skeleton of this track while reading about mary magdalene. our producer/musician extraordinaire, mike keneally, helped to flesh it out on the album. take a listen.
    all of a sudden the crescendo at the end of the song sounds very, very aries…

  17. Can see where Magdalene sits in relationship to Queensland? Since the last election there has been a fairly unrelenting attack on arts, community and specifically, women’s organizations. It’s beyond rational.

  18. I can’t wait for the catholic chuch to sink so deeply into it’s own horrible mess that people finally stop believing in this crap. how can anyone worship and give money to an organisation with proven child sex history, war mongering, burning of millions of women, supporting racial genocide or any of their other fantastic contributions (dark ages was their point of power, note the title of history) to humanity and be able to justify to me or yourself that this is a system adept to provide for spiritual guidance.

    I think they should sell a few gold goblets and get italy out of it’s current status with the EU considering their citizens have invested so much money over hundreds of years to provide their wealth.

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