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For some of you, these points have already been made at length but still other peeps are emailing wanting to know “what’s up?” or “what is the Zap Zone?”  So here are my thoughts re F.A.Q.  Soz if they seem repetitive to you. And no, i am not an economist, this i.m.o.

What Is The Zap Zone?  It is what i call the Uranus square Pluto scenario.  Uranus and Pluto interact with relative rarity. The last time they met was the mid 1960s, when they formed a conjunction, bringing forward many new societal and geopolitical paradigms. Now they are squaring one another, testing that structure as well as any system that is not inherently valid or functional. Yes, it is drastic astro. 

When Is The Zap Zone?  The square aspect will be exact several times between now and 2016 but i would consider it “ON” the whole time, just to be safe. This year’s exact hits are on June 24 and September 19. An example of a hypothetical classic Zap Zone event would be if Greece defaulted and exited from the Euro, with obvious consequences. 

When Is The Economy/Real Estate/Retail Going To Get Back To Normal?  It’s not. But there will be a new normal. It’s not just that Uranus is squaring Pluto. Pluto is also trundling over the Neptune in Capricorn territory that was most of our 80s and 90s. Remember economic rationalism? The rise of futures trading, casino capitalism and credit derivatives? Cheaper debt available for all? Ever-growing real estate values? The luxury goods market going mainstream? That was all Neptune in Capricorn. Neptune creates bubbles. If you have ever had a strong Neptune transit and come to a few years later going “w.t.f” with a really sore-headed, hard comedown, you will know that Neptune can give off a dirty signal and that Neptune bubbles cannot last indefinitely. Pluto is going to painfully prove this by pricking the Neptune bubble…until 2024. Uranus is just an extra catalyst and adds an anarchic, rebellious edge to the process. 

What To Do? Not freak out or go hide in the hills. Deleverage. Pay down debt. Educate yourself re finance. Independent sites like Macrobusiness are brilliant.  Not be employed by or involved in industries based around dying paradigms. If you’re in business, recreate your own form of cooler, now capitalism. Get that even though it may not be a pleasure to read the finance pages or fear redundancy etc, this astro-passage is ultimately working toward a more fair and equitable, reality-based global financial system.

There is more on all this in the Global Financial Fuquery category of the site & my Zap Zone rave on the Monthly Horoscopes page.


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63 thoughts on “Zap Zone Refresher

  1. I read this just an hour ago, and my first thought: Zap Zone. Zap *Zone*! I don’t care what they say, I’d be evacuating asap:

    Scary Uranus square Pluto biz…

  2. I subscribed to the Macrobusiness newsletter earlier this week… Good to know I’m zeitgeisting.

    These days the finance papers/ websites are the only places where I see a real analysis of world politics.

  3. The explosive population growth in many areas has severely strained the ability of many communities to evacuate quickly and completely. Cities were usually laid out for less density. This causes trouble even with something less dangerous like unusually high levels of rain flooding. Evacuating in waves is one way to work around this, but take a life threatening emergency and how many people will calmly wait their turn? I am of course talking US here. That FEMA is not telling everything is not a bad thing. Security and protecting vulnerabilities is serious.

    Two suggestions:

    Don’t live by a nuclear facility

    Join the Red Cross and be a part of their disaster relief services

    The US was being pushed by some scientists reporting that Nuke power was the only way to sustain our future, and that new Nuke plants were a neccessity. Fukushima has slowed this down. I am very anti-nuke power. I try to reduce my own energy use as I can, certainly a reduction over each previous year. Manufacturing is a different thing all together. And now I am going to go weed my organic garden and stop boring you all with this!

    • I live within a 60-mile radius of one nuke plant, and down-wind of it on most days. I am vehemently opposed to nuke plants/power/weapons, and have written area reps, gone to rallies, and the like. Consume as little as possible, live clean, all that.

      Within the not too distant past, one plant near me (there are several, after all) was closed down for months because inspectors found a crack in something important– a crack that they suspected had been there for awhile, but one they didn’t discover until much later. They fixed it, no obvious/immediate damage done (or so they say), plant’s back online.

      And that’s my biggest problem with nuke plants: Humans. Human error. I do believe that US powers-that-be are making a Huge Error by deciding to not prepare people for radiation leaks, and I really question the wisdom of not having an evacuation plan for people in that situation.

      Thank goddess for the AP, because without their reporting people would have no idea that US gov’t decided to scale down its nuke emergency preparedness plans for communities. And I think the US gov’t needs to be taken to task for that: why scale back preparedness, and why keep it a secret from the American people? Who’s running things, politicos in DC– or First Energy?! Grrr.

      Sorry! Anywho,

      Imo, this has Zap Zone written all over it, from the defunct system to the Uranium to the dirty money to the big gov’t hush-hush.

  4. Something i just read on Pluto-Uranus square: Better to be the driver in the front seat than the hostage in the back seat’.

  5. Thanks for all your clarity giving re the zap zone Mystic.

    Outer planets take time, yet there is already evidence of bubbles being burst and redistributions of power all over the world. Social inequity and injustice cannot continue to be ignored if we want to have certainty and security in the future. I’ve seen a few bubbles burst myself and with Neptune conj my sun and squaring my moon, i am trying to be as ethical cappy as i can and sometimes that means facing uncomfortable truths.

  6. Am zapped!!
    Trying not to get upset by the slowness of old paradigm shift and it is clinging on for its decrepit life in my town at the mo’. The newly landslide elected Qld gvt and the mayor of Brisbane are throwing their weight around , doing the old 19th century muscat-raising ” chase off the blacks ” routine over an aboriginal tent embassy set up with a space sharing agreement with other park users, who welcome the tent embassy. Its just disgusting to see the political , media and now police storm in on a Murri gathering on their own land in a suburb where they have good relationships with the residents who come from 90 different nationalities . The political aggression and low level dealing at the moment in Australia is depressing me, literally . Am sorry to bring this to this blog but I just dont see the bull$-*t crumbling here at all. Rather , gaining a stronghold, and I am more than a lil worried . Especially wondering what kids are picking up.
    Freaked out and deeply sad 🙁

    • Hon, the whole of Australian Government is OFF, way
      outta line. No faith in the leadership. No-one to admire.
      Believe in one Scandinavian, they head hunt the brightest
      stars from Uni for the government, then pay them shitloads =no corruption & intelligent guardians.
      Most of ours are previous Lawyers and we know all about
      their slithering and desire to outwit, confront & confuse.
      Don’t let it bring you down, it’s bound to get much worse before it gets better.

    • Hello Lovely TwinFish,
      I wonder, was there something on that they wanted the tent moved for ? Much like moving on all the homeless people when the olympics where on..Don’t give up hun, we’ll get there, apparently there were lots of supporters there, outside the barriers on their side.
      So easy for a fat-cat pen pusher to give an order from the comfort of their office, what the grown up thing to do would have been to go and talk to the Elders and let them know whats happening or what they want to happen instead of releasing the hounds.
      Bloody Coward Pillock Pollies !
      xx mwa beautiful.

    • 😯

      Just to add to this and I apologise in advance if some peeps feel I am making a generalisation. I have read that right wing govts generally don’t like protests – hence the Abbott comment regrading the tent embassy. Even when the Howard government was in they spent much of their time pulling funding from orgs that assisted in social movements i.e feminism and of course indigenous movements. Oh and the right wingers like to use the full force of the law because they essentially believe that people are no good. I wrote a blog post discussing this in regards to the UK riots.

  7. Well Kids i have had Pluto all over me for how long??? First in Sagg now in Cap (rising & Venus), no wonder am questioning EVERYTHING.
    Constant reality checks, editing my life, wondering where to now, being dragged kicking & screaming into ageing. The bliss of being long sighted now instead of shortsighted so helps when applying the marquillage, like looking thro’ a fine silk stocking or vaseline on the lens, using soft peach lighting on every globe (colour them myself to obtain a soft apricot, avoiding fluorescents & dressing room lights of boutiques.
    Forget LePrairie & Le Mer as i’m here to tell you good cleansing & Nivea
    work the same (ok almost) add perfect fit jeans, tees, being well shod & a trusted hairdresser, work as well as wearing thousands of dollars in designer labels. Beautiful lingerie will enhance your well being the same as a cupboard of multi-vitamins. Never compromise on lingerie & shoes. And SMILE :-).
    Yes, definitely testing structures & systems, what grows corn & what does not and lastly asking myself ‘What’s in it for ME & am i getting what i NEED’ & will that honour me for the next 10 years. So over putting pearls before swine. Can you make a silk purse from a sow’s ear?
    Question everything is my mantra, believe nothing you hear & half of what you read (‘cept Myst & Kim of course).

    • sound advice pegs. And anyone under 25 living outside the antarctic / arctic circle, wear sunscreen ALL THE TIME, hydrate, lots of sleep, you’ll thank yourself once you turn 30+ (no pun intended lolol)

        • is that you PUNM? 😆

          Mystic can you PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE have a look at the login issues????

          Have you noticed how many Anonymoussssss’ there are now?.

          • Mystifying how many problems with gravatars & log-ins happening to regulars. Wonder what it is exactly?
            Perhaps from I-Phones-Androids?

            • I don’t know! The dev guys say nothing has changed…Pls can u email me and also pin point an approx date it began to happen, thanks and you are not saying logging in to scopes, it just comments, right?

              • ME again: Definitely email me as i need more info BUT this site is built on wordpress which is totes gravatar friendly – and its enabled. There is an issue with the Chrome browser (some versions) and gravatars tho but email me, it’s way easier to figure out thnx

        • 😯

          Guys do you happen to use firefox? I’m having the same trouble but I think it is firefox not Mystic. It is happening on all the sites where I have to log in, uni, work, bank etc 😯

    • Pegs, all I can say is SNAP!!

      Pluto through Sage, then now in Cap moon and Venus and Mars are also there in the mix.

      Yes.. and yes. It gets easier non? And less complicated although a little gritty at points but the realness appeals to my truth seeking soul so I prefer it to rose coloured glasses although I like to don them occassionally for a reprieve and an alterered view of all that is 🙂

  8. Not sure if it’s my zap zone talking but, I swear anyone who tries to fuq with my zen is getting their arse kicked.
    Just so burned out and hyper negative, cynical, unhappy online “friends”. (Not on this forum) Toxicity levels too high must hide.

    • I’m in ice mode..can’t be bothered with the arse kick but am getting an almost unfeeling stance on culling and it’s sitting well to do so but am also mindful of being generous and gentle with those that aren’t zapping the zone too well if they are in fact friends that I may want to keep.

      • Not sure but, I am noticing how self=centered crisis junkies some of y “friends” truly are. If it’s not about them they couldn’t give a shit. Really tired of being a punching bag or an arm they can cry on at hours of the night.
        True colors of some people are showing and they are truly ugly. Always a disappointment.

      • I think going in ice mode maybe what my zen guru ordered. I am angry at others for being so self-centered and selfish, but, I can only change myself and my reactions not others.
        I am thoroughly sick of others that are vibing low nasty energy.
        Dealing with two self centered bullies. One thinks she is a “princess” and demands to be worshiped as such the other an angry bully.
        I just don’t want either in my life right now.

          • Ha ha Pegs,
            Just popped home for lunch between gardening jobs and have been thinking about Carlos Castaneda, and what it would have been like being round that time with him…

            Popped into local corner store, man, the owner has got to ba an aries, whilst waiting in the queue i read a sign on the counter next to a collection tin, it read ”No Whinging !! Instead of whinging about how cold the store is, do something productive ! Donate to the womens cancer council ! ..”” Ha ha ha…

            Peace lovely one.

    • Yah check the Neptune category and also The Transit Lounge category or you could use the search engine above and search with Neptune as a keyword

      There are about 100 posts on it and lots of good stuff in the comments too

  9. Aligning yourself with a greener life is future-thought, too. Get that natural rubber mattress, buy organic towels, change how you use energy and the source you get it from. Definitely eat organic. Grow something, even if it’s sprouts. Get rid of your household chemicals. Mrs. Myers eco cleaning products are available at WalMart in the US and they work well, so convenience (the reason most resist change) isn’t an issue. Grow the New World industries. Little steps count!

    • Working the organic, green, all natural foods and essential oils. have to admit I feel so much better and my skin radiates.

  10. Tks Mystic as ever 😉 I feel like I’ve been waiting an awful long time for those dying paradigms to finally die…I’m on a roll to do self-employment in a radically new and visionary way…but the waiting for it all to line up has been hellish…so very glad it’s all finally moving!! New paradigm for business and capitalism? Bring it!! This SaggoSorpVirgo Moon is on it already ;-)…

  11. I am getting good at this zap zone, i swear by it for conquering the worst personal crap (any personal demons that only the owner can put a torch too). the new people, like structures, coming through in my life are (thank you universe, at long last!) trust worthy, supportive, honest, good for me!

  12. Very cool how accommodating you are Mystic in repeating & refreshing the Zap Zone info to keep peeps informed. Interesting times indeed.

  13. Urgh! Neptune transit really is a big arse hangover when it ends….then there’s a whole new gorgeous world. Been following your financial “advice” another whole new world opening up both are very liberating Mystic 🙂

  14. 😯

    Mystic my brain is in LOVE with this! 😯

    Btw I’ve just finished reading ‘Outliers’ by Malcolm Gladwell… 😯

    I highly highly recommend it. It really is fascinating! 😯

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